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Sync Buzzer

Supplied By SAX    On Sept. 23, 2014    Comments(32)

APP for iPhone Sync Buzzer version1.01 Download

If you need an App to plan Quizz with your friends, Sync Buzzer is made for you.

Actually, It's just a Buzzer, but it offers a little more. You'll know who buzzed first, just like in a TV show.

But how did it work ? You just have to follow these few steps :)
- Connect all phones (Manager and players) on the same local network, for example, a WIFI access point.
- Let the manager create the Game.
- And the players just have to join this new Game and start Buzzing :p

The manager will have to manage the Game with the buttons available on his phone :
- Reset : Lock all the Buzzers.
- Unlock : Unlock all the Buzzers, and allow Players to Buzz.
- Right : Lock all the Buzzers and grant one point to the player who buzzed (This button is available, only if a player buzzed).
- Wrong : Lock the Buzzer of the player who buzzed and unlock the Buzzers of the other players (This button is available, only if a player buzzed). This feature is there to lock the player who have answered wrong, and let only the other players Buzz and try a new answer.

The Buzzer can take three colors :
- Red "turned off" : Buzzer locked, you can't Buzz.
- Red "turned on" : Buzzer unlocked, you can Buzz.
- Green "turned on" : You Buzzed first.

You can plan two types of Game :
- Free for all : Every player joins the game by giving their name. And each of them have their own Buzzer. (Let's hope you'll have enough phones :p)
- Team : The manager creates as many team as necessary when he creates the Game. And when the players join the Game, they have to pick one of the team created by the manager. You can connect more than one phone to a team, and when the game start, they will be like connected to each other. For Example, if a player from the "Team 1" Buzz, all the phones from the "Team 1" will Buzz.

The app allows players to join and leave the Game when they want to, but if you are in a Game "Free For All", if you leave the game, you'll lose your points.

Above all, don't forget to connect all phones on the same WIFI network, or you won't be able to join a Game.

Have fun ;)

SAX part of our Entertainment and have average installs from 10000 to 50000. Last Update Sept. 23, 2014. Appstore play rating is 77.7778. Current verison is 1.01. Actual size 1.6 MB. Download sync-buzzer.apk 1.6 MB


Just what i was looking for Very nice, playing family feud at home at it does the job well :D Simple and efficient the way it should be. Keep up the good work.... Looking forward to the updates

Good tool This worked for my game. It has room for new features.

Works like a charm!(pun intended) .. Because I used it to conduct the Harry Potter quiz at office, could manage 16 teams without breaking a sweat! Awesome app, a must have for any quiz master! Keep up the great work:-)

Good App, with a few limitations This is a very good app and works as an alternative to an electronic buzzer. However, a few issues such as connectivity with devices of different brands and functionality in terms of an auto score sheet would be really helpful.

Awesome Good work. You can make it better. It says what it does.

It's really good for other games

Great App. No Problems It works and is functional. Little bit of a learning curve however it functions well and it was enjoyable to use.

Doesn't work!! It doesn't work work at all! Even though my devices are in the same network it does not detect the game.. And i tried this with different networks.

This is THE BEST buzzer system out there and I tried them all. #1 realize you must all be on the same network (but with a phone that can tether or use the personal hotspot it will work) It has all the features I needed and wanted for my personal jeopardy like round with students. Unlock question on click (when done reading Q) Notify which player buzzed first lock out others etc. I didn't notice any lag and even worked on an ancient android phone I had. Simply put if you were considering another "buzzed first" app... DONT

Glitchy I loved the idea of what this app would do for my students jeopardy game but when we started using it, the buzzers wouldn't register no matter how many time it was pressed. I would see a student tapping away and it was quite apparent that some phones were lagging and some worked instantly. We were all on the same network WiFi as well. Too bad cause I liked the app

Nice Exactly what I am looking for. It helps me greatly to perform my daughter's classroom quiz.

Worked once It worked great the first time but now not all players can see the host. Then we use one of those players to host and now all can join. Hmmmm

What's it do? Exactly what I need it to. We are having a Jeopardy-esk game and each team will have a tablet equipped with this buzzer. I monkeyed around with it enough that I know it has super quick communication with linked devices (at least down to a 10th of a second's accuracy, I can't manually estimate better than that). Eloquently designed, which is something hard to find in apps these days.Thanks for the simple functional app!

Awesome Always wanted a synced buzzer like this for family trivia games. Slight delay at times so would be great if that part is improved but love it as is.

I tried to use this app for Quiz at work but none of the people with the app were able to find the teams I created despite being connected to the same network

Can my friends with iPhones join in for the fun?

It's a pretty ugly app, but it works and that's what matters. You can have a host and several participants, which is awesome. Wish there were more customization options.

Great for teachers Great teaching tool for quizzes, review, etc. Works exactly as advertised.

Rubbish doesn't even give you a buzzer

Works great. I used this at work for a jeopardy-style game and it worked flawlessly.

Very nice. Works as expected

App that I've been lookin for!♥♥

Great Simple and effective

Just what I needed Great app! Love it's simplicity and usefulness. Question - what is the floating button with 3 dots do? I see it on my phone, but not on my tablet.

Awesome app, very good fun This is an awesome app that makes those party quiz events so much more fun. Love the app. Great job

Set up is difficult During whap, my teacher couldn't set up a game for our finals week as review but nothing showed up.

What to do I dont know what to do!!!

Great App, saving thousands of rupees... Request: Rather then blocking the buzzers of other users once pressed, can we allow all of them to press and note their time. This feature will make this app PRO...

Excellent Nice app... well done. Could you add a qr code so it's easier for people to download in big groups ... besides cast, would be nice to display screen on big TV for the whole group to see score scree. Thank you *** we could not use this app on Apple phone ... is there a way ?

Really good It is really good but can you record who pressed the buzzer in turn as 1 2 3 4... And when someone presses the buzzer there should be sound in manager's account as well

Not working :( Loved the app when installed but it worked only once....than whenver i create a game all the other mobiles keep searching for the game...tried it again and again in different mobile and by reinstalling the app...but in vain..