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Tiny Legends: Heroes

Supplied By Triniti Interactive Ltd.    On Nov. 11, 2013    Comments(68)

APP for iPhone Tiny Legends: Heroes version1.4.3 Download

the DARK LORD has RISEN, and only YOU can PUT HIM DOWN in the sequel to the worldwide smash-hit CRAZY KNIGHT!


A sinister shadow stretches over the land of Kromdor. The dark lord Necralis has imprisoned the continent’s greatest champions and unleashed hordes of murderous monsters on a reign of terror. But into the darkness step brave new adventurers! Do you have the courage to lead them into a new age of heroes?


✓ Real-time 3D battles
✓ Epic loot
✓ Heart-stopping boss fights


✓ Awesome graphics
✓ Devastating skills
✓ 6 different classes
✓ 70 floors of nonstop action
✓ Strategic team combat


▶ http://twitter.com/TRINITIgames
▶ http://facebook.com/TRINITIgames

Triniti Interactive Ltd. part of our Arcade and have average installs from 500000 to 1000000. Last Update Nov. 11, 2013. Appstore play rating is 79.3518. Current verison is 1.4.3. Actual size 198.0 MB.

What's new

    -Bug fixes.
Download tiny-legends-heroes.apk 198.0 MB


I found a glitch or something Every time I try to get free crystals it doesn't work if you fix it I'll rate it 5 stars

Good@ bad---read on---- Graphic great**double screen @ times**controls flawsles **but u only control movement of ur guys**not the act of fighting*that 4 me not cool**uninstall**Kreitz*u.s.a.# 1***

What loot system? Wow... every respawn drops the exact same item. Just this is enough to discourage me from wanting to continue playing. Other than to gain levels and gold there's no real reason to farm in this game. Also, I'm having split up screen problems as with many others. Game is decent otherwise I'll play a bit more and see.

Potential Interesting concept, but a bit rough. Managing all the skills can become a bit fiddly and options for automation of certain ones would be nice. Haven't gotten very far but the lack of variety in loot is getting a bit dull, also the clipping of certain items on characters should be fixed (most notably helm and shield on the warrior for me so far). Boss timers requiring me to be in game to tick down kinda sucks. As has probably been reported already the aspect ratio with ugly sidebar overlap and artifacts is really annoying (Z2 Tablet for me). But, despite all that, I find the game fairly enjoyable with a nice style, but needs more polish for me to raise it over a 2.

Ok Dont get my credits half the time. And no matter how much armor or weapons you have its impossible to get past level 33

Ads problem Honestly the game is good..but why the f*** the ads about the dino game keep popped out while the game is in progressing?!? Spoiled all my gaming mood..it can pop out while im pausing the game or im about to enter the game n i dont mind it..but it just so freaking annoying n disturbing if keep pop out while i was enjoying the battle..uninstalled

Great game, fun You should not get discouraged when you get the same loot at the start of the game because in later levels you will have better items and it will be more fun.

Pls make easier to get gems I wish u could just click on a button that says watch a video for free gems, pls also make it so when u do watch the video u get about 2-3 gems.

Please fix The game is split on the left and right screen maybe yall please fix im having fun playing it but sometimes a little confusing when playing with the split screen. Thank you

Very Fair The game has fun play. Its like old time D&D farming. However, the commercial interup every scene (even if I play the advertised game) is fkn annoying. And I spent$ and the stuff I bough was outdated in an hour!

Nice game, bad support First - On the OnePlus, the screen doesn't stretch to fit so it has overlaps of the graphics on each side. Second - I wrote the devs about this and I got no answer. 1 Star until this is fixed

Buggy/incredible difficulty First - on the galaxy note 3, the screen doesnt stretch to fit so it has overlaps of the graphics on each side. Second - the boss difficultly scales way too steep. equipment drops and upgrades from normal purchases dont scale fast enough to conquer them forcing u to make in-app purchases for gear. It has potential but I'll be deleting this one.

A bit of a problem I cant play multiplayer on my galaxy s 3 but I can play online on my ipad if fixed il rate 5 stars

Good games Need fix some bug on display. My screen has 2 display on right and left. I will rate 5 if thia bug have been fix.

Good game Fun and easy to learn. Decent graphics and interface. Wish it wouldn't send me all the way back out when I have to quit playing for a while. But overall, pretty cool game!

Cool very cool If your a fan of knights download it ,great job

NICE XD Um can you add a monster that drop gems or please make this like lol or something I will be greatefull

PROBLEMS I have this terrible double screen. I cant even see half of the interface screen. Samsung Galaxy S3 is my phone I've tried reinstalling and such but no luck please fix? definitely get a better rating if fixed.

Decent Decent game, controls can be abit tricky and explanations aren't clear but after fiddling around and working it out i managed to play ok so worth a go if you want a decent time waster.

Graphical Glitch IDK if its on other devices..but on S4's it doubles the screen on the sides.

Tcrystal giltch I tried the free Tcrystal and most offers didn't give my Tcrystals. You owe me 68 Tcrystals.

free crystals button does not work I completed 2 offers and watch to 9 videos and didn't get anything

its good but you should put online co so you can be playing with your friends

Good GAME but I want my free crystals it didn't give it to me

wtf hard lvl im very pro but around lvl 44 i think theres a boss battle i tried to kill him many times fail i give him only a little damage! wtf!! cause when i started i got free 1000 gems yay lol but please make the boss weak i have all the pro stuff wtf all the cool stuff their limit stuff i all bought lol

Good just download and get unlimited gold 9999999 and crystal 9999 :D

Tiny Fan Love this game! Can I earn crystals by watching advertisements?

Its kinda easy level To easy to bored

Can not play :( After update now i can not play, after something after dev logo it turn green, uninstall this immedietly to avoid damaged posibility for xperia sp

Awesome! This game is very fun however can be difficult sometimes to advance floor to floor. Other then that it would be awesome if you added more floors and update it more often.

Best game ever I like this game its addictive ..i wish have dino hunter i like it so much when i watch it on youtube. ^ ^

Screen has boxes on the left and right. Uninstalled. Possibly a great game and maybe I'll reinstall after a dozen updates. Two stars for the ability to change skills and team

Display problem Nice game, but display problem on HTC Sensation XL device, please fix, thank you.

Cool game At first I sucked but bow that I've gotten better this game is my favorite and I like the story

Good app but trying to get free crystalls and you dont recrive thej. Fix and will rate higher.

Miid Anung Mckinney the best way to the next couple week and the rest of your Life is good for me to do 6 the

Awsome game This game is good cause if you like being op right off the bat then this is you game

Devs U guys should make a sequel for this game.. Its been a while since its last update.

I'd love to give this game more stars... ...but it only opens 1/5 of the time, and when it does open, the edges of the screen are a mess. It seems like the game isn't made to fit 1080p resolution screens, and instead of adding black bars to the sides, simply tries to duplicate the existing screen in a tiling manner. I really want to like this game, but I just can't like it until I can consistently play it.

whats with the display?? what is with the left and right edges of the screen??on the left and right edge of the screen i see things that shiuldnt be there...i dont know how to describe but there is 1 cm on each side displaying some parts of the original screen...please fix this and i will rate it higher.My phone is samsung s3 made for asia with 2gb of ram and 32 gb storage.Thanks in advance

Money It seems like a great game but the money issue is stupid. Im on like level 36 one weapon costs 162480 and you get around 3000 per fight on level 36. Lastly the gem items destroy the game you have a bow for gold that gives 2k damge and the bow you pay with crystals is 4k damge all the stats for all itmes are doubled stats. I can beat bosses with almost full gear with using gold only. Also make it so there are quests thay give you loads of gold and money. I dont want to grind for a whole hour for one item.

I love this game but gems are impossible to find the only way to get them is to waste money on the game if u add quests I will rate 5 stars But thank u for making this fun game

Tried playing but what should be on the right side of my screen is on the left hand..making it practically unplayable. .Samsung s4 mini

Its so stupid My wizard attacks after three enemie are dead that is stupid and I failed on my 2nd attack that attact was the easiest attack ever fix that now!Also I will never ever download this game again:( ; ( ¤(

Excellent Its way better than Heroes vs Monsters due to the fact that recourses like gold and equipment are easier to come by even if the variety is a little small and the new level organization is really nice but character automation would be nice maybe even a priority section in the options or team menu so we can change the players objectives with drop menus so we could apply our usual strategies without having to worry about constantly keeping them in check but overall two thumbs up from me!

I have played several of yalls games and so far what I have seen has been sadly disappointing with so many good ideas ud think you would try to actually get ur games to work right

Fun gameplay but... Why is the gamevideo in 3x1? Is that bug or something pls fix and I will rate 5* but for now 4*

Why we can't earn cristals wen we beat a lvl I'll give it five stars if you make that update so we can get cristals

Awesome 10/10. Would play again and I would like 69690 TCrystals bruh. Seriously. Please. #NeedsMoreMLG

Fix omg Good game but the healer doesn't even heal like what the fuuuuuuu curiously though

Tcrystal giltch I tried the free Tcrystal and most offers didn't give my Tcrystals. You owe me 68 Tcrystals.

I love this game but I didn't receive my 51 tcrastals and now I can't get a weapon

Great game Gameplay is smooth, you should rate games for what they are despite all the glitches

I love this game but gems are impossible to find the only way to get them is to waste money on the game if u add quests I will rate 5 stars But thank u for making this fun game

Awesome! But... Everytime I win or lose. Some adds will pop up such as mini warriors adds.pls remove, I really love tiny legends

PLEASE FIX! HI there, I wrote your support team but didnt get the reply mentioned on the page to send the screenshot via mail. I really want to play this game well, I think its a really good one. But I wont play it till the double screen error is fixed pleases !

Video glitches. On my Nexus 7(2013) the video seems to appear in 4:3 aspect instead of 16:9. The remaining space on the edges displays an image from the current screen, but its not what's supposed to be there. Some info and buttons on HUD missing/ misplaced because of this.

Loading problems I try to play it but when i turn it on it just sits at a blank screen plz fix. Then i will rate 5 stars.

Great game but... If im right there isnt anyway to get tcrystals rather then to buy them. Honestly if you made it so we could get the tcrystals without buying I will be more then happy to give you 5 stars. And if I am wrong I will change my reveiw. :) Also you should add google play acheivements

Loved these games on my asus gutted to find almost all of them fail to load at all on my samsung galaxy tab2. The company logo appears then just black screen. Tiny legends, dino, zombie, sniper, infinity, duo all do this. Only brawlers actually loads. Is there anything i'm doing wrong or are the games simply not compatible with my tablet?

bad control's It's a good game but I don't like the control's if you fix it il give you 1 perfect star of justice!

Ehhhh good Good but every time I click on the free crystal thing and when I get the app and load it and stuff ,when I go on the app the first thing it does it says I got it,but when I got to the real game its not there plz fix and I give 5 star

Full screen is still fckd Game looks promising except for the screen bug. Keeps on flickering also the sides are glitchy. Even after the update no work done for the display bug.. they still havent fixed it

Why Whenever I play it does 3 things 1. It shows the company 2 another game made by the company that you can download 3. The skein goes completely blank pleas fix it:-( :'( :-[ :-*

Very Good I love the game overall good controls. The graphics are good. Last I like the difficulty of the game. I play it over and over again doing something different every time.

Listen up All your games suck balls. COM infinity-imposible to get new wepons & tcrystals- also goes for every other game you make... the only simi-fun game is COM-Zombies.

It's a great game but The graphics are pretty bad its not like on my old phone but it's a fun game and what happen to the multi-player ? but it still is a good game ?

Bra this is awesome Y'all should like this game ok at least it's online y'all just won't to be mean and noobs at every thing y'all just say those become y'all have a crappy iPhone and to much apps