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V – Live Broadcasting APP

Supplied By NAVER Corp.    On Oct. 17, 2016    Comments(144)

APP for iPhone V – Live Broadcasting APP version1.8.1 Download

"V" is an app that lets you watch the personal broadcasting videos of celebs on your phone. You can follow your favorite celebs, watch their videos, and use comments and ‘hearts’ to share your thoughts and feelings with others. Your activity such as watching videos will affect your "Chemi-beat" for the celeb; we plan to provide benefits to active users who enthusiastically participate in the activity. Scheduled shows will be listed on V before they start; however, shows that a celeb personally broadcasts can be on air without any advance notice. Enjoy watching live broadcasts of your favorite celebs on V!

* Follow Celebs
Pick your favorite celebs and follow them. You can receive the notifications of upcoming broadcasts of celebs you follow on V. The more you watch the videos of a celeb, the higher you get "Chemi-beat" for the celeb.

* Popular Channels

* Upcoming
You can see the schedule for all upcoming broadcasts on V. Don't miss the broadcast with your favorite celebs!

* Popular
In the Popular tab, you can see the most popular videos on V. Videos containing a lot of hearts are automatically displayed in the Popular screen; tab the heart as many as possible if you like what you are seeing.

* What does "Chemi-beat" mean?
As a short form of "chemistry beat," the V team coined the word "Chemi-beat" to express the relationship index between a celeb and me as beat count. Following celebs and watching videos (live or recorded) are ways to increase your "Chemi-beat." We plan to provide additional benefits based on "Chemi-beat" in the near future.

When APP could not be installed, device setting ->
Selecting Google play from APP menu and retry after deleting data.

NAVER Corp. part of our Entertainment and have average installs from 10000000 to 50000000. Last Update Oct. 17, 2016. Appstore play rating is 83.5685. Current verison is 1.8.1. Actual size 26.0 MB.

What's new

    Stability Improvements
Download v-live-broadcasting-app.apk 26.0 MB


PLEASE MAKE IT WORK I've downloaded the v app ever since you first released it but still,until now,the video is not working. everytime i play a video,the audio is working but the vid is stuck. I've reported about this case since the very first time but still,no reponse. my phone's model number is 0+ 8.91 android and android version is 4.2.2. Please fix it already because i can't keep up with my favourite artist. Thank you for your hard work.

I like it but... Everytime theres a live broadcast it always says 'A temporary error has occured' can u please fix this issue? so that I'll rate 5 stars

Where's the english subtitle??!! Every time i open v app when i clicked a video it keeps loading then it will go back home pls fix it i will give 5 stars anf the subtitles too~T_T~~T_T~

Can't play videos I'm so excited when I saw this app but then BTS' videos are lagging on my other phone even the signal of our wifi is absolutely great. I'm looking forward to fix this prob for me and for the other users. Thanks so much!

Notification comes late I would give 5 stars. But the notification feature is a big lagged. Sometimes I get notification that live has started. But when I click, 5 mins have already passed. I wish notifs were really prompt.

I know that is important reports but it's not fair if you get reported for no reason!! Somebody reported me for no reason :/ You should improve the report system

Love it I really love it but I really hope that the comments that we can comment is unlimited cause i comment halfway they will say I reached the comment limit . It's annoying . And do fix the problem of notifying us at least 5 mins in advance if there is a live broadcast for the groups in our favourites list

happy but sad I have to admit, the first 5 mins. was amazing...but after that it always crushes down..I don't know why..i'm happy to be able to watch live beoadcasts now but it always crushes....hope that you could help me with this problem...

Too much temporary errors I like the app, and would've rated higher, but these days there's always a 'temporary error' after playing the video for 2 seconds :/

Thumbs up ! Very nice app. Easy to use, good streaming and fast yet carefully translated subtitles. You got it Naver! ???

I wasn't able to watch live for several times. It always says that there's a temporary error. I've been waiting to watch those in live. Before, I was able to watch live but not now. I actually love this app til it becomes like this..

Is there any way to change my login name so only my first name shows instead of my first and last name when I sign in? If I can edit the username I'll give this 5 stars

I love it But recently notifications stopped working. No live broadcasts notifications, no non-live either... please try to fix it. Also I find one thing really annoying: when watching any video/broadcast when I want to read subtitles the progress bar is covering text and makes reading harder but when I take it off, the heart isn't loading. Also dark vinete, the title and the rrestw of buttons takes to much space and covers too much video. I wish just heart button was visible.

LAGGY First i really like it cause i feel like im closer to my idol BIGBANG . But the sad part is it wont play continuosly it will like play 5 seconds and then youll wait again for another 5 seconds to play .. it keeps on saying please wait .. my connection is stable though .

I love this app I got to see my favorite band perform the last concert because of it . I do recommend this app if you love kpop they updates you on new things of your favorite bands it's really cool . MADE IN SEOUL FINAL BIG BANG FOR LIFE ✌

The Chat box doesnt load This app is awesome because we can watch live and communicate our idol . but my problem is whenever my idol have a live and i want to chat them , the chat box doesnt want to load and it just steady. I hate it because my possibility that my idol can see my message to them will be waste cause the problem is my vapp cannot load the message. they will not see it . and i too cannot also read the message of other fans because the chay box is steady . I hope you fix it very soon . i want to be notice by them too

My idols ... i am very happy i can see them live Being an internayional fan is really hard but this app is bringing my idols closer to me thank u i love it

Keeps on updating Why does it keep on updating. It also needs to be updated before i can even use it. It takes too much time and just annoying. Fix it soon. Updates are fine if there's really something to change or be fixed. But i just keep on seeing the same reasons for the nth time and it's not funny anymore.

SO SLOW I dont know why but the player of the videos load so slowly. My internet connection is actually stable and I can watch videos from other apps up to 720p with no buffering. Please fix this. I cant watch a video in just one watch because it always takes too long to load.

Easy to use and awesome! I love this app cuz u can not only watch ur fav idols LIVE but u can chat with them as well! And now there is a multi-cam feature, where u can see each member of ur bias group on a different camera! That's so cool! I only have to update the app to the newest version :)

Wrong time?? I don't understand. When ever I try to use this app is tells me that I have the wrongntime, it then brings me to my settings to change it. My time is not wrong though?

dont receive notifications I never get notifications although all my settings are active.. please fix this :)

Too many temporary errors on mobile. Annoying and constant errors , but awesome when it runs smooth.

Best App for Kpop Fans I delayed downloading this app for the longest time because I didn't want to cram up my phone. Boy, was I glad I finally succumbed. I like to wait for when subtitles have been added to videos so that I can fully enjoy watching them. I think the subtitles are professionally done. Kudos! Great job! Love it!

Late notifications I get late notifications. It would notify me 3 to 5 minutes late. It would be great if this would be fixed because this is a big issue to fans. V APP is a very great app though :)

Disappointed Disappointed becoz I can use it only ones and the next time I try to use it it says network error while I have a fine 3g/4g network. Please correct the mistakes or I might have to uninstall the app.

Love it! But.... I get to see EXO live! What can be more excited than that??? When they live, I feel magical. On that day, that time, they ARE ON V-app & I could watch, they actually there, live! Woa ~ But, an English subtiles would be nice. I could understand what they say when they live. So, although it's hard, PLEASE add subtiles. Okay? =>

I hate the "please Log-in" EVERYTIME i open the app Its already updated, and its still the same ,, please fix it, ill change my rating :D

Thanks Thank you for broadcasting BIGBANG FINAL LIVE . It's really nice to have the function of multi-cam. Thanks to it I enjoyed the concert very well ❤?

The app all k-pop lovers need This app is great! You can watch all your favorite groups and idols live with this app.

That one problem It is good to use but sometimes, the videos I really want to watch always says that there's a error please fix it up thank you ASAP

Subtitles This is very amazing! Thank you for this! But I hope you could put subtitles (English) during live. ?

Pleaseeeee I hope you guys add like a special alarm for when our favourite celebs do a live show because I miss it sometimesr. Since BTS usually broadcast when im asleep I think it would be easier to watch them live. PLEASEEEEEE V APPPPPPP DO THISSSSSSSSSSSS.....

I'm very saaaaaad!!!! I give 5stars cause I love this app and I can't live without it BUT the notifications always came late. When I got a message that there is a live broadcast , it' s already finished. PLEASE FIX THIS PROBLEM!!!!!

I would like to recommend this app but please please please we want a version of V APP for windows user as well!! Please!! I would like to watch my favorite celebrities in my phone rather than going to my dad for his android!! Please please please!!

Good app Oh really i almost crazy because can't download this app. I like this app?? if you kpopers, you must download this app!!

Wrong Time? What's going on? Even i have the RIGHT time in the Philippines. .. -___- how can i watch if every time i open the app is always "wrong time"? Help. :) Pleaseeee responseee..

Late notifications I love V App, but recently the notifications comes late. It always says that a broadcast has just started but when I open it to watch, it says that the broadcast has ended or 17 minutes ago.. Please fix it.. Thank you.

PURCHASES ON V-APP? I don't like the idea of paying for a v-live broadcast. The v-app is one way for international fans to get closer to their favourite groups and now y'all are taking advantage of us. Ugh.

MY PHONE IS NOT ROOTED When I tried to get my free 150 Coins , Something poped up then it like I cant access things in V APP if my phone is rooted and I was mad about that pls fix this coz BTS festa is supsr sooon ???

I hate the purchase system It want to buy the coins but it said rooted device, vapp please repair this

Why the level up stop working? I stuck at lvl 3 for like 6 months now. I keep sharing, watching, give hearts, comment though..But the chemi beat just dont go up. It is also up to date too. If you gonna make it payment, at least let us level up. I thought it was suppose to be a platform for fans to communicate with artists. Oh well..

But... I love this app soooo much but with the new update I can't get my coins. It's telling me to update to get my coins but I already updated TWICE(no pun intended) will update when fixed...

Paid premium? I hope your videos don't suck if we have to pay, some are only a few seconds long. Why are you doing this V app?

LOVE IT I was one of the peole who downloaded Naver V app as soon as it came out!! Now im back

REPORT OR CONCERN??????? I download this up so I can see my favorite group live on V app But now We need to pay So that we Can watch Them Live! Like EXO comeback! Pls WE NEED THE OLD V APP WITHOUT PAYING! thank you Pls read my Concern?

MY FAVORITE APP! :) but I didn't get notification when they have live :(

Was great until you had to start paying for it. As much as i love my idols I cant afford to pay to watch a video. I already spend enough on albums and merch.

Works but crashes Works fine but i can't open videos because it crashes every time i try to.

Its Not working anymore because Of your Update I used to love this up Before you updated it. it easy to open this up but right now it doesnt work.

I don't get notifications although im checking all of its notifications in settings

Wtf Why are you making me buy videos... -_- REALLY

I love it before I still like this app but bcoz of the new updte and paid broadcst it gave a limit to those fans who can't affrd to pay?, plus i can't get my bonus coin coz its rooted? i want to buy coin but i keep on telling me not applicble for rooted dvice

How? Download Videos to watch offline

Love this app! I can now have a video call with my boyfriends JOKE HAHAHAHAHA

BTS I love every updates in here. But you need Internet connection always. Buts it's good.

Love it Easy to use so fun

Payment Why do you make us pay? It was almost the only way for us international fans to somehow communicate with the idols and now you're taking it away from us :( Besides that, the leveling doesn't even properly work.

Love this app This is so much fun! It keeps me in some more of the know of the kpop world and have let me meet new friends. The only thing I wish is to be able to see our previous messages and conversations.

Watching broadcast needs money? Erm.. V app has a purpose of fans being able to interact with their idols. But what is happening now? Only rich fans can interact with their idols? What? Change this premium and whatsoever thingy please

My chemi-bead won't grow I watched all videos shared many times, 7 times live and i'm still level 2! And i've had v app since the FIRST RELEASE! i see others already level 7! Please fix this! I've had this problem for a LONG time!!! (ఠ -˓̭ ఠ-్)

The thing is Im not able to watch videos live. my Wi-Fi's working well but whenever actually everytime I try to watch a video live it says "temporary error occurred." so I reload it but it still says the same

For EXO I've rated this 5 star! Because I love them Well, this app is good. But the chemi-beat thing is really hard. And also the coins stuff,, how do you earn that? Its just so hard. But yeah, I'm still Lovin this app cos Its fun to watch real-time broadcast of my fave artists.

Its getting better Although sometimes its lame but its better than the last upgrade. Keep up the good work!

Old version was better This was such a great app but it all went down hill after the upgrade. The only reason I'm giving it low star's is the notifications don't work when i enable it and I end up missing all my favs live.

Cannot get Chemi-score/ Chemi-beat Even though I watch the videos and comment/ like/ visit/ share , there is no increase in my chemi score or chemi beat, thus I cannot level up. Please fix it as I would like to reach a higher level :)

Issues Streaming is usually too laggy, and these in app purchases are bullsh*t. It's a pretty interesting concept for an app, but again the quality of the stream is not exactly high and the translations lack a lot as well.

Entertaining It's awesome to be able to watch your favorite idols stream live whenever they want and also see them in fun videos that do eventually get subbed. The hearts and live commenting is a cute way to show your love. If you're a K-pop fan, the app is a must have! The only problem is that the live streams don't raise my chemi score anymore. I've watched and shared lots of live streams; I've even had the app since it's launch and there's people already at level 7 while I've been stuck at level 4 for a long time.

THE CHEMIBEAT WTF WTF (Sorry for the language) WTF!!! My chemibeat is so low like fvck and i've been watching them since last yr wth and I'm still on lvl 2 but I had watched them live for like 30 times and watched videos for 100+ times (i'm serious) and also i shared for almost 200+ times wtf and I'm still on lvl 2? But the others is on lvl 3, lvl5 like that but why?!!! And to add i have visited them for like a hundred times!!!! And also why the others lvl 1 only but their chemibeat is 1000+? But me im lvl 2 and my chemibeat is only 200+ why?????

still same i have updated the latest version..the the problem is still same..the video cannot display..only audio that can be android version is 4.2.1..

U need good interpreter Some of the scheduled shows have very sporadic (?) Engsub but it seems to be done half heartedly (kinda like how ASC did their Engsub, if uknow what I mean). It's bad and it doesnt seem like they even TRYING to sub a live show (if u dont want to do it,, just don't. It's better than being half-assed avout it). I'm sure it won't be too hard if u want to translate the *message* itself (dont hv to be word by word) if only u want to DO it properly.

Languages! Thank you so much for add spanish, really. Even if some sentences don't make sense, thanks♡

Videos need better encoding I can stream Youtube in full HD but this app struggles to play 360p. It would be nice if we could rotate the subtitles as some broadcasts are filmed the wrong way round.

I really like this app. But why we need to buy coins if we want to watch some video? Please that is my big problem. I don't know how to get coins.. and how to use the coins. I really want watch exo channel.. this app can make me feel better because i can see my idol live.. please take action about this.. and one more thing.. v app want give free coins yo who level 1, 2, or 3 but i still not get that.. please

Problem with the notifications and being reported. I never really get notifications on time! Sometime I receive the notification after the live stream has ended or sometimes I don't receive a notification at all. Please fix. This is a great app just has a Few minor problems needed to be fixed. Plus why is it possible to be reported on comments that aren't rude, disrespectful, or harmful in anyway?

Feel like to get closer with the idols. Moreover when the idols reading the comment from the fans like DAY6 haha. But sadly my username is still the old one, even though I edited my username is sns alr, please fix it ;;

Can't watch anything (Samsung a5) Every time I try to watch a livestreams a pop up appears saying that a temporary problem has occurred. I can't watch purchased videos either

SLOW NOTIFICATION I want the notification pop as soon as my idol start broadcast it. NOT AFTER 1 OR 5 MINUTES !!! THAT'S SO STUPID!

Loads slow It's okay, it's just need to be more fast on loading the app, because when you're opening it. It loads slow, please fix it

Love and Hate it? It's an awesome, awesome app. LOVE that you can interact with your favorite idols..LIVE! However, videos need subs, About 80% of vids don't have subs. Notifications are always late. I always receive them when the live broadcast is about to end. Also, Vcoins needed to watch popular vids (now ALL new BigBang vids need Vcoins to watch?). I know you guys need to make some money from this app, but at least give us 2 or 3 freebie vids to watch. Give us ways to earn coins.

I loved going on this and watching the streams. But now if I want to watch some off them I have to pay. That wasn't something I wanted to do used to be free...

Problem with not getting notification from live stream I really love this app as it really connects idol and the fans and allow us to be closer with them, but there is this major problem that is making me dislike the app. Please fix this problem, I didn't receive any notification when the band I follow went on live and I often miss the stream.

Great app It's a great app , however my profile name won't change with my SNS account , please fix this

Hate that you have to pay for everything now. Wish it'd go back to how it used to be...

Downloaded Videos When i watch my downloaded videos offline, it kept showing up the loading sign and lags abit after watching for a while and it eventually stops loading.. why, does this happen ?

Comments are negative abt the app I'm uninstalling this app bcoz I don't have any of the accounts to login. As per the comments •I need to pay to watch my fav idols vids ........ •This app don't have subtitles.... •the notifications are late

The notification dont nvr tells me when its on Live. so ive been missing out all the Got7 live broadcast ?? pls fix it..

I hope you can add in woollim too. So that woollim can promote their upcoming new rookie boy group.

It's probably good Well its probably good so I gave it 4 stars but I can't use it as I have none of the accounts you use to log in -.- please add Google account or something

Very Nice I just hope that the notification pop up as soon are idol start

Captions????? For some reason it doesn't have English captions anymore..? It totally would be helpful if I could understand what my favs are saying ?

Amazing!! I love Got7 and BTS and its really amazing that I can watch them live!!!!

Please add full immersive mode (hide both top status bar AND bottom navigation bar) when watching videos!

Notification Why i'm never get notification from v app????

Can't get notifocations I can't get notifications when there is a live broadcast!! ????

It notifies me 5 minutes after or by the end of the stream that a live has started please fix this.

...can't sign in cause I don't hv those accounts..

I like it But why this app always have stop and stop while im watch it please fix it,,,

My chemi beat is not increasing even i watched alot of live streams.

Chemi beat drops too fast I love the new update but the chemi beat drops too fast and requires a lot to keep it up. It'd make more sense if it dropped every 2 weeks or monthly rather than daily. It's especially annoying to keep up the score with people who don't post or go live often.

How sad Do we have to purchase it by coins? I really loved this app back then, but time by time passing and I hated it even more because these purchases blablabla. And the worst part is sometimes when we already did purchasing some vids, it won't load and is really lacking. I really wonder why you won't allow us to watch our precious idols by free, what so fun about purchasing? It isn't fun, it is annoying.

Disappointing So it's better watching the idols from television than purchasing here. In televisions, we never bought episodes. V Live was really great back then, to be honest, not until now. It's like you introduced this app to us as "free" and after we got it, you suddenly said it was just a "free taste".

What the fvck is going on? First I don't mind paying but why can't we download the video on our own SD card? So we still need the app to watch it? We paid for it we should at least have a right to it. It's even available at YouTube the next day. We're getting ripped off here. What's more why did the chemical beats dropped all of a sudden? What the hell is that. This is ridiculous. Can we at least have an explanation?

Changes U Need To Do 1. Give SNSD, 2NE1, RV, F(X), SHINee and more groups a channel! 2. I went from lvl 2 to lvl 5 and then dropped to lvl 4 while I was active and watching their videos! Plz fix that ish! 3. I have 200 coins on my Computer but when I go to my mobile I have 0! Plz fix that also! 4. VLIVE+! Why do we need to pay for the best videos?! Like wtf?! Why did you come up with that?! Make em free 5. Can't change my name! Fix that also!

Its nice until I use to fav this app until i cant open it anymore. Whenever i try to open it just shut off.. i dont know why and im so disapointed??? hope this problem can be fix??

Why make the fans pay? Initially, I really liked this app. It was a nice way for fans and idols to interact directly in a way that wasn't really possible before. I really enjoyed watching BTS. However, with this new update you have to pay to see the videos and really anything else. The users of this app are primarily young people who probably don't have the money to spend to watch a video. To go from being completely free and unrestricted to paying for coins is a bit unfair to the users.

Bought videos... I love this app, don't get me wrong, but yesterday, when I was finally allowed to buy BTS' 'Bon Voyage', I tried to do what I do with every other Vlive video I watch and stream it to the TV or my computer. But, to my surprise, it didn't work. I honestly just wanted to enjoy the show on a big screen with nice speakers but I couldn't which is very disappointing... Can you please fix this?

Can do. The notifications always come late but I guess that's understandable. There are other ways to know if your faves are doing a broadcast anyway. For example, Twitter, even if it defeats the purpose of the notification built within the app.

How can you not leave a notice when someone got reported for his/her comments? This is so questionable. I am still hoping for a good response regarding this matter. If a person got reported in one channel, everything is affected. Why?

The app keeps shutting down by itself I don't even know what's happening...I was tapping heart but then it closed by itself... I've tried a few times again but it keeps happening.. I can't even tap heart for B.A.P Noir Live rn?

Notifications problem! Previously when i havent update the app, i was able to get notifications. But after the recent update, i dont receive a single notification! it's annoying... >:( Pleasee fix this issue ASAP!

BTS IM IN LOVE! now & always. but.. cmon idk whats wrong. i buy all BON VOYAGE episodes but i can't download their videos to watch offline. & the app always shutting down so sudden. please fix this asap. ?

Only One Problem I like the app but I am always displayed as No Name. :( My Line account is linked so why doesn't my Line nickname show? I will give 5 stars when that is fixed.

i already turn on the notifications all my channels on vapp. but why when all my channels going broadcast the notif always came late????? everyday i had update but no one changed. pls fixed it

I dont know how to get the coin! And Im still in level 4. I dont get any notification anout my idols most importantly the BTS. The app is nice but theres so many problem about the app.

Something's wrong Whenever I open the app it says unable to access network.I was using this app last month without any problem,this is happing only now..please fix it asap

Doesn't give me notifications??? I turned on notifications dor channels already, but it doesn't give me any notifications. I keep missing live broadcast because of this. The main purpose of this app is to watch live broadcasts but now I can't. Please fix this problem.

Cannot connect/log in I've tried many times to connect it to facebook but it always says that something's wrong. So does with twitter, causing for me to not be able to use this app.

yeah. love it It's lagging but it allows me to live streaming to my fav celebs. Plus, I made a lot of friends via this app!

Broadcasts I absolutely love that I can interact with the other fans. Also Their live broadcasts that are unexpected are sometimes slow cause of the connection but its alright. ???

Money Why must we use expensive coin to watched just 1 video...and the main problem is the coin is very very difficult to get...please upgrade without using coins/money

The report feature is useless Too much haters but when you report them nothing's change. Please follow it up ASAP!

I don't know what happened I used to like this app very much but when I updated the app recently, I can't access the app at all. It always said 'A temporary error has occured. Please try again.' when I tried to access the app. I hope you can fix this problem. Thank you.

How to download videos step by step? I really love this app and it mentions I can download the video but I can't seem to despite the information they gave me on "how to download" please help :"(

Error Error please try again then crashes after update. Please fix! I don't want to miss anything.

But why girls generation and red velvet is not here I wish that they can use this too to have an update to their fans

Coins I really like this app but the problems are when it's live, it always says "please wait". The next is I really don't know how to earn coins. I updated my app but still, no coins are added so I couldn't watch videos that require coins.

I Want to download many videos but i don't know how? Anyone please tell me?? Bcoz i hobby is collecting my idol vid

?? stupid report.. two time i have been report without any reason..didnt tell who report you and what you do can report someone even you didnt doing anything wrong that just stupid...

never notified me even I have turned it on Whenever there is a broadcast going on, v live never notified me and I'm so up set about it..even I have set the setting to notify me ...

I love it BUT If the idol on LIVE, I hope this VAPP can subs it on the spot quickly. I want to watch a live video that WORTH IT. Hope u can fix it...

Notifications and Paying?! I like this app so much, but why we have to get the coins.. It's so hard to get the coins :'(

WHERE IS MY COINS AND WHY I CANT PURCHASE AND GET ANY COINS its a bit funny when you are reaching level 6 but still didnt receive any coins ? even though i make a new account , but still , didnt get any coins :') i hope you can fix it , cause i really want it and i need to buy the vlive plus for BTS , and ya its keep asking me to update my product , what is it ? its my system software or this app ? its up to date . ty ?

it doesn't change when I change my name. but other than that's it's working fine :)

Why do I have to log in in There??!! I only have Snapchat!!!! Viu is much better than V App!! V app is the worst!!! Viu dont need to log in!!! ???

I cant see it live..!! What?? why it is on when im not tap on it.. and i cant see it live.. how come??..

Still no notifications I still didn't received any notifications from v app, my phone ia xiaomi 3s pro, android marshmallow

The best app ever... get to see my fave kpop celebs live,Same time and

Intsall email sign up! Please install sing up via email, i would really love to use this application

Help My ranking wont show anymore. It will tell me what level with the color ring but it days I have no ranking I would really like to see the ranking so please fix it if possible

I cant open when i want to open it,it says that my time are wrong but if i change my time its wrong again,thats why i cant open it

How do I change the username? I gave only 4 stars because i can't seem to change my username and it's really bothering me :( can anyone help me please?

Why my v app keep loading? Other time it work then after that it keep loading. I don't like it keep loading. Please fix it! I guess after updated it will ok but not. Please fix it hurry. It make me feel don't have mood to watch my idol's video

Notifications? I often use VLive but after updating , it stopped giving Notification.This is not the first time happening and there are people on twitter that have mentioned about this problem too.And sometimes, it won'r show our ranking when it use to show our ranking out of all the user. Please do something about it!