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White Noise Free

Supplied By TMSOFT    On Aug. 29, 2016    Comments(217)

APP for iPhone White Noise Free versionVaries with device Download

AS SEEN IN CONSUMER REPORTS! Find out why the world is sleeping better with White Noise Free. Features ambient sounds of the environment that will help you relax during the day and sleep great at night. Download White Noise Lite for FREE

Do you have trouble going to sleep? Are you traveling on a plane and need a quick power nap? Does your newborn baby wake up in the middle of the night? There are numerous benefits to using White Noise:

• Helps you sleep by blocking distractions
• Relaxes and reduces stress
• Pacifies fussy and crying babies
• Increases focus while enhancing privacy
• Soothes headaches and migraines
• Masks tinnitus (ringing of the ears)

Even when you’re asleep, your brain is constantly scanning and listening for sounds. If it’s too quiet, unwanted noises such as faucet drips or police sirens can interrupt your sleep. White Noise generates sounds over a wide range of frequencies, masking those noise interruptions, so you can not only fall asleep, but stay asleep.


40 sounds are included as part of the application (no downloading required unless you want more) including all the color noises (brown, white, pink, etc), mechanical sounds like a bedroom fan or air conditioner, light to heavy rains, rushing water sounds, beach and ocean waves, and so much more. For the entire list of sounds please visit our website. No streaming is required for playback.

• 40+ perfectly looped sounds with free downloads from the White Noise Market App and website at
• Full support for Android 7.0 (Nougat) Multi-Window
• Record and loop additional new sounds with total ease
• Create new soundscapes by mixing multiple noises together like a DJ pro with support for adjusting volume, balance, and pitch of each individual sound in the mix
• Full screen digital clock with multiple colors and brightness controls makes it the perfect companion for any nightstand
• Advanced alarm and timer system that slowly fades audio in and out so you awake naturally feeling more refreshed
• On-screen media player and volume controls with swipe gesture support for navigating sound collection
• Star favorite sounds and mixes in the sound catalog for quick access using the Favorite view
• Designed to work on all Android-based phones and tablets
• Advanced Settings let you prevent interruptions such as notifications, tweak buffer size for optimal playback, adjust sound volume, balance, pitch, custom alarm snooze times, and more. All the pro tools you need for better sleep.

DR. OZ SHOW: 13 Miracles of 2013
"Revolutionary Sound App!"

AMAZING ANDROID APPS - Book by Daniel A. Begun
"White Noise can instantly transform a chaotic environment into a calm oasis."

THE WASHINGTON POST: Smartphone Puts Newborn to Sleep
"For the next four months, the infant slept with his father's phone in his crib and White Noise tuned to 'air conditioner.' The monotonous buzz kept the baby sleeping soundly and his parents happy."

CNET: Apps that can improve your life
“Trouble falling asleep at night? A little White Noise might do the trick.”


WAKE_LOCK: Used by alarms to wake device when activated
DISABLE_KEYGUARD: Used by alarms to unlock device
INTERNET: Used to provide web, news, and ads
READ_NETWORK_STATE: Checks if web available
RECORD_AUDIO / MICROPHONE: Create recordings
CAMERA: Assign photo to recordings


Download the full version of White Noise to get background audio, additional alarms, and no ads. Just tap the Upgrade button in settings.

Note: White Noise Free was previously known as White Noise Lite. We decided to add all 40 sounds from the full version!


Download free sleep sounds from the White Noise Market at the following URL:

TMSOFT part of our Health & Fitness and have average installs from 1000000 to 5000000. Last Update Aug. 29, 2016. Appstore play rating is 87.9081. Current verison is Varies with device. Actual size 0 bytes.

What's new

    White Noise Free 7.0 allows you to upload and share your own mixes and recordings to the White Noise Market! Make sure you have the latest version of the Market app and tap Share to Market from the share menu. This release includes tons of additional features including: Catalog searching, Spanish localization, UI improvements, hundreds of bug fixes, and more!
Download white-noise-lite.apk 0 bytes


Have used for years but now has bug I have used and loved this app for years, but ever since my lg g2 upgraded to lollipop the alarm feature is broken, sometimes it sounds the alarm but when you snooze it doesn't return to playing sound.....other times as soon as the alarm hits it completely shuts down the app! So frustrating....please fix!

This saved me from my little brother's snoring. Ideally, I'd like to get all of the sounds, and not run out of storage. But this saved my sanity. Thank you

Best White Noise App for Sleep Disorders This app lets you customize the pitch and volume, which enables you to find the exact white noise level and type needed to enable a restful night's sleep. This is very effective, especially for travelers trying to drown out varying AC system and ambient hotel sounds.

Very good sleep app, with one exception... The only thing preventing me from giving this app 5 stars is the wake up alarm function. It would be nice if you could set the alarm volume independent of the volume for whichever sound you've chosen to fall asleep to. I don't like my sleep sound to be too loud, but it does such a good job that I need my alarm sound to be much louder to wake me up.

Cuts off after a few minutes Quits playing After 5 minutes. It'd be easier to sleep if I didn't have to keep restarting the app.

A good night's sleep I always need noise to fall asleep, and this app does the job. just remember to turn off social media.

Excellent App absolutely love it I suffer from tinnitus. This app is just the thing to help drown out the ringing in my ears. For years I've had to run a fan all night even on cold nights. Now since phone lies on the nightstand serving as an alarm clock, this app runs providing the sound I need to drown out the ringing. Excellent!

Great consistent sounds Great sounds and all are consistent without breaks! You can set time frame with dimming. Best noise app!

Addicted but broken I can't sleep without this app and it keeps crashing since the last update. Sometimes I can get it to at least turn on but have trouble turning it off in the AM but other times I can't get it to open. Please fix! 5 stars when fixed

Liked it but... I wish there was a way that I could listen to the beautiful noises while texting my friends. Unfortunately, the sounds no longer play on other apps. If you fix this I will be overjoyed. Other than that minor problem, the app itself is wonderful. I'd tell everyone to get this app.

Love it I used to sleep with a box fan for the background noise but when its too cold for a fan, I use this app and I cant sleep without it!I love the rain storm best but now if there is a REAL storm i automatically get

Worst app ever!!! I use get horrible migraines for days and I didn't know what was causing it. I even had to go to the hospital to get medication for it. One night I forgot to turn it on and I felt fine in the morning. This stupid app is what's been giving me horrible headaches. I recommend never downloading it ever.

Better better better!! No other "White Noise" equivalent!! This is the most fully effective, comprehensive, customizable app for sound I've ever seen... And I've tried them all! (3.30.2015 Update: Consistently Better Better Better!!)

Always need help sleeping esp away from home I found this while having trouble sleeping at my son's, he had a house full awaiting college graduation the following day. I'm an extremely light sleeper and wake from the smallest noise. I slept peacefully after downloading this app. This app is awesome, u can make your own mixes/recordings or use the prerecorded sounds, download more from the site, and set timers to switch between them during the night. Its very versatile. I've been telling everyone n they love it!

Cure for homelessness. If it were not for this app my newborn would not sleep which means I would not sleep which means I'd lose my job which means I'd lose my house and my car which would leave me to do yucky sexy stuff on the street.... No one wants that. Basically this app keeps me from being homeless. Thanks white noise!

Good but can't play minimised Please fix! I want to block noises while I study and the white noise sounds turn off when I minimise the app! Very frustrating.

2nd Update - Stopped working again The shut off problem is back, even though I have disabled remote controls. This app used to work very well and I like it when it works. However, it now shuts off after about 10 minutes when I go to bed. I have made sure to white list the app with all task killers too.

Great app! I can tune out the world and concentrate. Love the app. My only suggestion would be to add sounds that are not overpowering. Simple sound like only birds chirping or only light wind. This will help people make better custom mixes with more options like this.

Good app but one frustrating feature The app does what it's supposed to do and does it well. I love that I can set the white noise to turn off after a certain amount of time. But I'm frustrated that it regularly changes my lock screen image without my permission. There may be a way to manually override this, it's not easily accessible.

Simple and effective There are lots of choices of sounds to play. I like rain storm and stream. You can set how long the app plays for. Works great!

Life saver My white noise machine broke while I was on vacation and this saved my trip. You can adjust the volume to be loud enough to cover up a busy street and your alarm still goes off. The white noise continues until you turn it off

Love this app. Love the mixing, has great volume and lots of great feature and few glitchy things.

Simple, relaxing, perfect I love this app, especially the ability to customize the noises to my tastes. The timer is great and the sounds are so soothing, I fall asleep fast and easily.

Works sometimes. I want this app to work. I like the brown noise. I like the clock set so dim you can only see it when the room is dark. I like the alarm that fades in. I can can only get sound sonetimes.

Love I have never seen a white noise machine with purring cats! Puts me right out every time, just like live cats do.

Needs an update I love this app, but I think that it should be made so that you can have your sound playing while minimised.

Pretty good.! SUGGESTION - Now that there are so many more free sounds it would be easier to select if the image list could be presented as a grid instead of having to scroll the long list -- same for composites. You can combine soundtracks to make a composite. Cool feature!

Fire + Ocean Waves If you want to feel like you're camping near a beach, this is what you want! Sleeping like a baby these days, and I'm 36! A+

My favorite app. I use this app every night, it even has a great function to transition to a more energetic sound in the morning to wake you up!

White Noise Free App I cannot sleep without it. As with numerous others, would like it to run when minimized v. cutting off. The updates are excellent. So many noise choices 2013

Ultimate app I was not able to read well. S o i uae this app to concentrate on reading . Thank u

Amazing •tons of sounds to choose from! •stays on even when you turn your phone off so you don't waste battery. •used for 2 years, not one problem. •ads are minimal. •built in clock that can be turned on. You pick it's brightness and color. GET IT YOU WILL LOVE IT

Love it Love the app, just wish I could easily use other apps while it plays in the background. I use it for my daughter to sleep but it ties up my phone. Otherwise I love it!

HTC One M8 In the last two days I can't open this app. It opens and then immediately closes. I've tried resetting and force stopping it but nothing is working. I love the app normally and have never had issues prior. Please fix!!

Program closes at night, alarm gone I love the white noises available, but the program is unreliable. I use the alarm and, lately, it works only 50% of the time. The program crashes at night...leaving me without an alarm. I will be replacing this program.

Don't leave home without it I travel and am challenged by unfamiliar noises and this app has saved my sleep, plus the large clock read out is great!!

Lasts all night . Plenty of ambient white noise effects to help those of who use white noise to fall asleep by. Still trying to figure out if I can adjust separate volume controls aside from white noise app. Bluetooth pairing a plus!

Simple and works Several free choices. Not many issues with it, and sure beats counting sheep or bottles of beer on the wall!

Playing all night It would be nice if the app played without it having to be open, like switching screens

Oh yes I was so stressed so I decided what I needed most was the relaxing sound of a train on rails passing by a large crowd of people with vaccums. I fell asleep like a baby.

The best Perfect app for sleep. Use it every sleeping time

Very nice app! It's better in your class!

Life saver at work This is perfect for drowning out loud, irritating co-workers in the surrounding cubicals.

Great for 6 months All of a sudden full screen ads come up that interrupt the noise. Our little one has woken up screaming twice now without noise. Time to find a replacement app.

The fact that you have to buy the full version just to have background play is plain ridiculous. Plus the loops are very short which makes them quickly more annoying than relaxing, and the option to avoid burn-in should be the default, rather than the opposite. Am not impressed at all.

Very useful and easy to use. Clock interface is very nice! I used while on vacation to drown out some irregular sounds that were bothering my 12 year old. He said it was great, so both my wife and I added it to our phones. Nice selection of "noise " though we only use the brown noise setting. Closest sound to our air machine at home.

Nice app Going to bed in a hotel is awful...NOT with this app. Totally drowns out annoying noises from the surrounding area. Good night all!

Great App - terrible bug I am very easily distracted while studying so I downloaded a couple of white noise apps. Found this to be the most comprehensive in terms of features and variety of noises (most effective for me is the brown noise setting)... However, sometimes an add will somehow open up in browser as if I'd clicked it - when I clearly couldn't have! If this is fixed I will 5 star. Over to you TMSoft!

I'm going to sleep better tonight! The sounds are clear and crisp on my Samsung 10 tablet. Great settings for adjustments. I can't find anything wrong with the app so far. If you are freezing your partner out by having the fan on all night try this. One of my favorites for calming my nerves is the sprinkler of all things. I always did love that sound.

Best Noise App. Best noise app, great selection of soothing sounds and being able to listen offline is great! Would recommend to anyone who needs noise to sleep, or help relaxing.

Stops after a few minutes I really like the noises, especially the rain, but the app stops randomly and goes to play store straight away asking you to download another app. Such a shame because it was working well when I first downloaded the app 5 days ago. Very disappointing!

Saved my job I am surprised how well this works. I use the heavy rain / storm mix with earbuds which do a pretty good job of not falling out as I sleep. I can't control my roommates but with this app I can sleep. I was concerned about my job and having to relocate to a quiter home but this app solved my problems. I'n curious if you could subliminally learn as you slept.

Sleep helper Great set of high quality sounds are standard and you can even make mixes. Plus the ability to record your own soothing sounds a big plus.

Finally, a good nights' sleep I love the verity of sounds. I wish the sounds bites were longer and more varied but the loop edit is flawless and for the price I won't dare complain.

Wonderful I used to suffer a lot from restless legs when I tried to sleep, but when I started using this app, that all stopped. I adore the variety of sounds available, there is something for everyone and every mood.

I've only used this a few times but it does genuinely seem to help sleeping in the presence of extraneous noise, such as the obnoxious little creatures that my next door neighbour has seen fit to spawn.

Best app out of all the ones out there. I cannot sleep if I hear any kind of breathing. I tried a fan and sleeping with the TV on but it keeps my husband up. This app helps both of us sleep peacefully. Awesome!!!!!

Best for babies Works a treat for my baby but I wish it could work in the background so I can still use my phone to text and browse.

Good but could be great I like the variety of sound choices, and timers are fantastic. My biggest complaint is that this must be the "active" app for the noises to play. Fit example, I like to use it to calm my son while feeding him, and if I switch to the nursing app then this one stops.

AWESOME! I've always had a hard time falling asleep. This app has many different sounds that make it much easier to fall asleep to. THANKS!

Vastly improved my life FOR FREE I used to have trouble sleeping because any noise would wake me up. Thanks to this app I always get great sleeps thus my life has vastly improved. This app changed my life for the better. Thank you so much for creating it.

It's very relaxing and it really does help me sleep

Doesn't play in the background I use white noise apps so I can read on my phone while others are talking around me. This one doesn't keep playing in the background, so it's useless if I want to do anything else on my phone.

Love this app I use this every night...the ambient noise and alarm. It is also handy that you can decrease the brightness of the clock at night so it is not glaring if you get up to use the restroom at night. Makes it easier to get back to sleep.

A must Can't believe how I used to sleep in peace before

"I don't know how we ever lived without it, frankly" The title of this review is an exact quote from my co-user of this app.

It's great Really puts me to sleep on those bad sleeping nights

Thankful and use it every night for better sleep

Love sleep Need this to sleep!

Works well but beware it sucks your data if left open in background when not in use. Also remember to turn off your data and location/GPS before you go to sleep (when not connected to WiFi). 500+MB of data after 2 weeks of use at night.

Well done This app is great.  I repurposed an older Samsung tablet as my bedside clock and sound machine exclusively using the White Noise app.  I see some posts mentioning sounds dropping when Android performing background tasks.  I had this problem, but fixed it by turning WiFi off at night.  No more problems.  I do miss the larger clock display of the older version, but no biggie.

Stops playing sound It's got a wide range of features but I need it for studying and if you leave the app the sound stops.

Excellent Have been using this for 5 months, never had a issue with the app and it has helped me get right back to sleep and helps "cover" distracting noises. I wake up to everything and this does help a lot.

BEWARE! Pulls ton of background data. This thing chewed through 4GBs in one night displaying ads. Thanks for costing me $15 in overage charges.. It would have been nice to know you use copious amounts of data to display ads for the free version. Uninstalling.

Can't sleep without this app No Joke. .. I turn on my favorite mix. . Heavy Rain / Thunder... and I'm out like a light. ..

Lovely I love this app for helping my baby to fall asleep. My only complaint is that it stops if you try to do anything else. I'd sure love to have it run in the background while I fool around online.

Cannot sleep without it I can't sleep without it.i carry a lot of stress on my back and at the end of the day,it is hard to sleep with stress.if u get the market it is so much better.the zen spa music is so relaxing and soothing.

Almost perfect Love this app. Just wish I could have it running in the background. My baby is rooming in with us and I would love to be able to read a book on my device while the white noise continues to run.

It's the only way I can sleep! I have severe ringing and ticking in my ears (tinnitus ) and this app has helped me sleep so much better than when I did not have it! It's amazing that the rain and thunderstorms can take away from the noise In my ears enough so that I can relax and sleep. I also have sleep apnea as well and have to wear a mask and hook up to a cpap machine. This app also helps with relaxing enough to hardly notice I'm wearing it! THANK YOU SO MUCH! I suffered for almost 2 years and now, I don't have to! <3

Nice, but watch data Good app. But it streams sounds... a simple collection of files on a loop.why stream? Just drains everyone's data needlessly. . Not much data?!?! Try 1 gig over 3 weeks, just for this app

Used to like it I love the sounds and had been very satisfied with this app, but in a hotel last night, it sucked over a gigabyte of data in the space of 2 hours. If it hadn't been for the late night text alert from my cellular carrier, it would have pushed me over my monthly data allowance! I had to turn mobile data off for the rest of the trip, which meant I couldn't use my gps to navigate. 1 GB is inexcusable, ads or not. I am uninstalling this app, and no I am not paying $1.99 to keep it from maxing out my data.

Does what it needs to do. I play this every night on heavy rain. So much easier than buying a sound machine

Big help I wasn't able to fall asleep at the hospital until i used your brown noise. Thank you!

Awesome app!!! I seriously about fell asleep creating my own mix of sounds; rain on car roof, cars, rainstorm and thunder. Very effective, thank you!

How does this use up so much data? I used to LOVE this app and used it whenever I traveled to combat those noisy hotel rooms. Imagine my surprise then this morning when I discovered it used 1.46GB of data during its 8 hour run. Seriously. I saw the response about some data for adds but who's looking at those adds while we're asleep! In addition wouldn't say 1.46G is small. PLEASE fix this or I'll have to delete it.

It's pretty good Lots of options of sounds and infinite combinations. It's a little annoying that you can't have the sounds playing in the background while you use other apps but that's the only thing keeping me from rating it 5 stars. An update with this feature, and it'll get 5 stars from me.

Nice to use abroad. I'm used to my serenity of living alone, but when I'm abroad or in the city, this app really helps. I even made one noise of my own, "Maine peepers."

Great. Would prefer if app offered puzzles/math problems to silence alarm, then 5 stars. Otherwise awesome.

Love it!! So many sounds to choose from and i love how u can combine the noises... However, i give it 4 stars because sometimes i want to play a lullaby but i have to use another app. If they can add that, definitely a 5!

Best white noise app This is my favorite white noise app. I use it wherever in traveling to sleep better. I like all the different sibs and the different timer/alarm options.

Variety Great variety, some loop too fast, but overall one of the better ambient noise aps I've tried.

Amazing app I love it so much! It helps me fall asleep in a matter of minutes. I just wish there was an option for the playlist to play on the loop instead of stopping after a while.

I've been using this app for a year and loved it. I've installed it on two different phones and didn't had any complaints. The only thing that had stopped me from upgrading to Pro was that I would need to recreate all my audio mixes. I thought I'd found a great app. That is until I updated it a few days ago. The first night after the update, it used over 4GB of background data. 4.0GB of ads in one night! The two weeks before that it had used about 500MB. For my current data cycle it's sitting at 5.00GB of data use. The year before that it hadn't even registered data usage. Now I've got to spend the next few days consciously limiting my data use until my cycle ends. What should have been a 5-star review is absolutely a 1-star review with an uninstall now.

White noise This app helps me relax after a long day! I keep it on all night long while I am trying to fall asleep.

Oh well Good user interface, nice selection of tracks, but this app has one fatal flaw. It can't be used in the background. So now I am uninstalling and will search for some similar noise mp3s to loop in my audio player.

Helps with screaming babies The white noise actually helped calm our infants down and often put them to sleep. Even our youngest was diagnosed with colic and she will stop crying and sleep through the night while running the white noise, fan, and crowded room noises. My wife has also seen major improvements in her sleep patterns on her fit bit tracker after using this app. Works wonders and I would recommend it to anyone that has sleep issues and/or fussy infants.

Galaxy Note 5 Love it. Plays all night, can adjust volume. Wide variety of sounds to choose from. Doesn't drain my battery. My husband has sleep apnea, and his machine makes noises every so often. This works like a charm, and puts me right back to sleep.

Not happy since last update Stops several times throughout the night. Plus strange pauses happen here and there- quick ones that remind me of something shorting out.

If I can't play it on background, what's the point? Edit: I take it back. These past few months, this app has saved my sleep and my studying countless times. Also, my initial review was uncivil (I could have said "I consider background play a basic feature" or something) so, sorry about that and thanks for responding with civility. I'm impressed :p

Lots of sounds to choose from Great free sound machine. I use the fan sound every night to help get to sleep. With two little kids and a baby monitor that randomly crackles, this ap helps me minimize the false alarm disturbances and wake-up through the night. Highly reccomend this sound ap.

Awesome!! I connect it to my blue tooth speaker when I'm traveling and need to sleep at hotels. Brown noise is my favorite to drown out maids, doors slamming, and traffic noises. Ahhhhh

Great, just... This app is great and does wonders to help me sleep, but I wish that some of the noises were not as repetitive because sometimes it's a distraction. Ex. The train ride has a click that plays at the end and makes it clear it's on repeat

Can't sleep without it I love this app. It helps me sleep no matter where I a car, at a friend's house, traveling. ..the same sounds soothe me to sleep anywhere. My 6 year old daughter loves it too.

My Sanity! This app is literally my sanity... I especially love creating my own mixes, and it is the only thing I have found that combats my snoring partner. Also great sleep timer and alarm features. 10 out of 10!!

Can't leave the app The noises are great but the fact that I can't leave the app without it pausing defeats the purpose for me. I use white noise to limit distractions and increase my productivity. I can't do that if I'm not able to use my phone for anything besides the white noise. There's not reason for this, today's smart phones are fully capable of multi tasking. I'll find a different app.

Excellent I use this for white noise on a regular basis but there is a large selection of background noises to pick from. All of them have good quality sound. I've never had any faults associated with this app, runs like a champ.

Really like this app, it always helps me get a good night's sleep. My only issue is that it automatically changes the orientation of the screen, regardless of whether I have that switched on in my screen settings or not. Considering I'm usually lying sideways in my bed when using this app, I want the screen to remain portrait, not landscape. It's really not a big problem but it does irritate me. Apart from that though, this app is absolutely marvellous.

Love it! Slept with fan for over 20yrs and one night it died friend told me about app and I never thought I'd be so happy to not have my fan(white noise) I have Amazon jungle and ocean waves together its soooooooooo amazing how awesome it is to listen to even if I'm not going to sleep! I also love the different colors for the clock, love the purple one! Thank you for helping me to relax and sleep like a baby!

Great for napping in the car I am a big believer in not driving while I'm drowsy. Because I commute about 25 minutes to work, I often consider napping before I go home. It helps me to have the background noise when there's a lot of traffic. It works great. ***Update: I also use it when flying to drown out talking and flight noise. A big advantage is that you can use it on airplane mode, so you don't use any data.

A good app but ignores sleep timer set It's a good app, and helps me get to sleep, but it completely ignores the sleep timer that I set on it each night. It turns off for like 5 minutes but then turns back in again, which is annoying for my dad as he has to come and switch it off manually instead of it turning itself off. Also if I manually stop it but don't close the app and a notification comes up that reactivates it as well. Would like to see this fixed - thanks :) PS loving the app - these are the only problems I'm having with it

What? Hair dryer? Clothes dryer?? Who finds those noises "relaxing"! Lol... Most of the other sounds are cool though.

Perfect for its purpose This does exactly what I need it to do and nothing too much or too little. It comes with pre made mixes so you can get started right away before figuring out all out. Only takes a little time playing with it to get more used to adjusting and mixing the sounds. I love the options and how much you can change them. Great for meditation, teaching (when you need background noise for kids to work), sleeping, or other noise breaks. I use it every night and often in my classroom. Solid product.

Versatile I originally downloaded this app for the white noise, but I discovered how much I like the other sounds, too. The night clock feature is also a huge plus, as my wife does not like a bright alarm clock. It would be nice if the loops were a little bit longer. My favorite noise is "boar swaying in water", but it repeats about every 10 seconds. On the whole, it's good, but there is room for improvement.

Sleep with it every night I am a very light sleeper and this app drowns out irritating noises and helps me get a peaceful night's rest. Love it!!! Been using it for more than 2 years.

Fab Why haven't I found this b4 now....soooo relaxing. Has so helped with my angry, annoying, debilitating tinnitus....thank you??

Love it I've used this on 4 upgraded phones and it's still my go-to! I love the different options, but my favorite is brown noise.

Great Basically a nice, functional app that does what it says on the box. It really helps (for me) when there's distant intermittent noise at night. Putting on a sound loop that's regular and louder than the background masks it well. Good core sounds for users of the free app, interesting bells and whistles for those who'd like to pay for more.

Works like a charm! This does a great job of drowning out an annoying coworker, thereby keeping me out of trouble. :-) The rain sounds so good you can almost smell it. I'd give it 5 stars if it didn't stop when I check messages, email, etc.

disappointing unhappy with notifications/calls stopping the app even with my "do not disturb" on the phone and "prevent interruptions" on the app. I also used to have an app that could play in the background while I used our apps but this one just stops. if the old app didn't mess up their sound bytes I would have never kept this one... frustrated but will have to make do until I find something better.

Great sound quality I can't believe it does all this for free! Try "Create Mix", you'll get just the sound you need. It even has a section to change pitch and volume of each sound separately in your mix. Great for sleeping in loud areas, or just to get to sleep. Has timers for sound to go on and/or off. Can play much longer than 8 hours.

HTC One M8 Absolutely love this app! I use my phone as my morning alarm, so it's nice to be able to use this as background noise while I sleep, and also set the alarm within the app to wake me up! Also, it's nice to be able to turn off ALL notifications/distractions if I want to, so napping mid-day is more convenient...

A good 'go to' for sleep Really like that I can combine sounds (make a mix). Definitely helps with deep sleep. Occasionally cuts out for a quick moment, which can be interruptive; but overall it really is a great app!

Helps me sleep! I won't fall asleep with any repetitive noise like a clock ticking. White noise machines & some apps had very short recordings and I could hear the loop. This app allows me to mix my own sounds, which masks the loop. I also love the timer feature which automatically shuts it off after a certain length of time, and the ability to fade out. I've used it everywhere. Love that my white noise is now mobile. App does "hiccup" (sound stops & starts again) especially when other apps update.

It works! My first white noise app and it does wonders. My baby fell asleep in less than 10 mins. My only concern is that it wont play while using other applications. But pls do something about it.. would be great.

Really helps I would have to have a fan on every night, even in the winter and my wife would always complain about it being too cold. This not only helps but gives options to what we can hear.

Fantastic I love several of the clips. Camp fire, thunder storm, frogs at night, beach waves, and a few more. Honestly the ticking clock, and bells and chimes drive me nuts haha....Add the sound of wolves howling:-) if you ever upgrade. I used to have a tape when i was young of thunderstorms and howling wolves. Very soothing. Love this app so much thank you for bringing me sleep

Love white noise!! Love that you can make custom sound mixes, and even adjust the volume and pitch of the individual sounds in the mix. Love all the features of the clock- choose style, color, and how dim or bright it is. Also, you can have notifications silenced when the app is running. And I love the alarm- you can choose from so many soothing sounds to wake to, and have it fade in. Only drawback is that the alarm doesn't work if the app happens to randomly shut off during the night, which I have had happen a couple times.

I love this app. I can't sleep without it. A wide variety of sounds as well as timers make this app very helpful when it comes to falling asleep. And the fact that it plays when the screen is off is great for battery consumption. (It also helps drown out my husband's snoring!)

The only app I use every single night This app puts me to sleep faster and sounder than anything ever. No longer kept awake by my own annoying inner monologs. So happy I found this app. Now I can sleep.

Awesome app I use a fan at home, but when that is not convenient, this app is perfect. My favorite sounds are white noise, fan and extreme rain.

Saved my sleep & sanity! We use this app to help put our newborn baby to sleep. If she's grumpy or won't settle the white noise or ocean sounds put her to sleep instantly. This app has minimised my sleep deprivation and saved my sanity. Only improvement would be if it could stay open in the background so you can use other apps while it's playing.

used to love it I used to love this app but after the last update I can now hear the loop. I never used to be able to hear it but now I'm noticing it when I'm trying to fall asleep. I've been using this for years and this week is the first time I've been bothered by the slight hiccup in continuous sound. When trying to fall asleep, that's a problem.

My Sanity I especially love the ability to create mixes to block out various noises. And the ability to record your own, download others from the web, the massive selection and the ease of use. Brilliant. The only thing I wish is that I could multitask on my phone with this app remaining open. It closes if you try to do anything else. Still give it 5 stars and highly recommend.

Relaxing Love this app! There's so many different sounds even without the add on's. The timer is great. Very easy to use and with so many different sounds it's easy to find one you think is relaxing.

Wonderful App Easy to use, great choices of sounds with the ability to mix and change everything to your liking FOR FREE. Love it!

Love it It helps me sleep and thats all I need! Its an amazing app! Now I can finally wake up refreshed from a nice night sleep! ?✨

Use it every night! I love the customizable options. I love recording custom sounds and mixing them with other sounds. Another use idea: my wife and I are used to falling asleep to the sound of a particular fan. In the middle of winter, we don't want a fan blowing, so we play our looped recording in this app. Disclaimer: if you have a bad phone speaker you may not have good results. My phone has a ln above average speaker so I've really enjoyed the experience.

Sound continually cuts off and on The point of the app is to provide soothing background sounds. However, whenever a new ad is downloaded by the app, the sound stops playing for a half second or so. This happens every 45-60 seconds. That is just enough to destroy the soothing background sounds the app is attempting to provide. I would think the paid version is ad free. So this free version is more of a trial version. Otherwise, the app is highly configurable to meet anyone's needs.

Great for babies awesome white noise app. puts our little one to sleep every time. love the variety of options. easy to use. only issue is it won't run in the background so you can't do other stuff on your phone while its running or it'll turn off. other than that, it's a great product.

Best app in the store Seriously, PLEASE give me the option to stop it from rotating alongside my screen. There's absolutely no reason why someone would want this to turn automatically, even when the option is off for the whole phone. EDIT: Sorry if i seemed aggressive in the review, wasn't my intention. Thanks for the feedback!

Great fan substitute! I use this app because I usually sleep with a box fan to drown out noise. There have been occasions when I did not have a fan available and could not sleep. Now with this app, that is no longer a problem. Great sound quality and best of all, it doesn't shut off after an hour!

Shuts off and brightens screen - AVOID This POS app shuts off and puts the screen to full brightness IN THE MIDDLE OF THE NIGHT in order to display an ad. It woke me up last night at 3am. My advice: never install unless you like being awakened from a sound sleep.

Excellent app I used to live in the city but since moved out with my girlfriend to dubbo. Ive always found it hard to get in the mood to rub one out and even my ejaculations have been less impressive. For some reason the city noise helps, like crazy good. 5/5 noise is spot on. dcd

Customization galore This is a simple and great noise generator. You can customize the sounds quite a bit to get an undisturbed sleep. The alarm is a neat feature but I still use the phone's standard alarm. The one thing I wish I the app would do is be able to run in the background if I tell it to.

The best I have this app on most of my devices. Me, my husband, and my two children use this each night. It has really helped me to sleep deeper. It also blocks out annoying neighbors and dogs, among other sounds. My favorite combo is thunderstorm and heavy rain. So relaxing.

Helpful We have been using this app for months to help our baby sleep. It was the only thing that would calm her down enough to go to sleep some nights. I enjoy the different options and how there are even some mixes. I use the Thunderstorm mix for her.

Works great I've been using this app to help me get to sleep for years now. The fact that you can listen to individual sounds or a blend of whatever you want is fantastic. For being free I can't recommend this app enough.

Helped me sleep! Downloaded this out of desperation. Was staying with a friend and it was so quiet and I'm used to hearing an air purifier. This gave me some white noise/ fan and helped me get to sleep, otherwise I don't think I would have slept at all. Five years later...still using it every night.

White Noise Rocks It helps me get to sleep by drowning out my husband's snoring! I also use it for counting out time when I'm doing stretches.

Has a big bug When screen locks up it takes a minute or longer to get to lock screen with the app running. Very annoying to having to have to wait that long. I reinstalled it several times and I give up now. I can't believe you didn't fix this.

Like it but... I would give this app easily 5 stars but the sound skips randomly. It's usually within a few seconds of starting the white noise but not always and for the me where every tiny noise wakes me up it's frustrating. Interface is very easy with a variety of sounds which I love. It's perfect when I'm not at home and need a fan running to drown out noises. Brown noise sounds the most like my fan at home so it's what I use the most.

I've been disturbed for so long from a good night rest since my problematic neighbor put their problematic dogs right outside my window and bark all day and all night with nothing to stop them. Been using lots of frequency generator apps with no avail, until I found this app and decided to seal my own ears with it. You're a lifesaver, although I'm still motivated to move away.

Best night's sleep ever Drowns out my neighbors noisy AC unit and his loud voice. Drowns out car alarms and street noise. I highly recommend this app.

Best sound app I've found Most other sound apps' recordings loop in an obvious, intrusive way. This one doesn't. I use the "Brown noise" to sleep with, and it's fantastic. The others I use occasionally for other things, but for just pure background, "drowning-out" noise, this one is the best I've found (after trying many, many others).

Its awesome Has helped me so much, with my messed up sleep schedule lately its been a huge help!

Great app! I love everything about this app except for the fact it will not run in the background. As soon as you open another program, the noise stops. Otherwise I would give it 5 stars.

Awesome app! So great! Sleeping much more soundly now. Being able to create my own sound mixes to fall asleep to is awesome. Highly recommended for anyone who has trouble falling asleep or has a partner who snores! ❤❤❤❤❤

Love, love, love this app I love this app. I work graveyard and need something to block out the neighborhood noise when I'm sleeping during the day. This works! It's loud enough that you don't need headphones.

God send for puppies Our dog slept about zero night ine. Each night thereafter I played the Amazon sound and she is instantly calmed!!! What a blessing!

App is fine, but take out the ads It's a random noise app. It's also something software developers such as myself and many others frown upon. Your app is not worth any money, literally anyone can make this. Various Linux distributons are free, entire operating systems are free, no tax, no charge, no ads. Take the ads out, they are a waste of precious bandwidth and peoples data plans. If you're so desperate for money, go get a job.

Can't Sleep Without It! Wasn't expecting too much when I installed this app--and the White Noise Downloader app--but boy was I surprised. Use it every night, alternating between a half-dozen personalized mixes. The only (minor) complaint I have is that it can't be run in the background. Maybe that will be fixed in a future update (hint, hint).

Best white noise app Lovely array of natural-sounding sounds to choose from and you can also download more. You can set a timer that leaves the app when it finishes, or sets an alarm off. I tried many and this one is definitely the best one I came across. I recommend it!

Stopped for Rating? Loved this app for keeping us all asleep until it stopped at 5 am waking us up to ask us to rate the app? Disappointed.

Perfect for hotel room's... ...drowns out the sound of closing hotel doors and people walking down the hallway. White noise is a must for me to eliminate little sounds that would normally wake me up and ruin my sleep...Still love it in 2016.

The only thing I dont love is that it turns off when you leave the application. Otherwise, its great! Brown noise is soft and the perfect one to drown out noise while you sleep.

Thank you This app is saving my life, literally. I live in a hell of a noisy road that drives me nuts.

Perfect for work! Downloaded this to drown out the clicking, chewing, slurping, sounds that drive me nuts in an otherwise dead quite office. Its perfect, not distracting, but covers up ambient sound.

So awesome This app is simple but has very cool features. It helps me alot when I am travling and I need to sleep. Must buy for me! You should get it too!

Really helps Very nice for stays at noisy hotels. Love the feature for doing your own mix (pink noise + hard rain), as well as the clock and alarm. Well thought out app.

Life saver. When I don't have / forget my fan, this is a great alternative. Thank you.

Good, but no real low sounds. Good mix of white noises but none that are really deep, low hums. And when I try to make my own it sounds jittery. I mix the fan with a medium sounding hum and its ok.

It's the only way my baby will fall asleep. It's so much better than spending $30 on a white noise machine because all I need is my phone.

Helpful This app helps me focus because I can tune out the sounds around me while I work. It also helps me fall asleep for the same reason. I wish it wouldn't automatically close the app if I open another app. For example, when I respond to a text message.

Works fine, but... ... Every time the sound loops to the beginning there's a brief silence every 10 minutes or so that wakes me up occasionally.

Travel necessity Love all the sound options. Just wish sound didn't turn off when using other apps. If there was a choice to have it play in the background, that would be ideal.

Doesn't play in the background It's a nice app but it doesn't play while using another app or the minute the phone is turned off. Which makes a good app useless since it won't run I'm the background .

Tinnitus Been using this software for a few years to help mask the sound of my tinnitus while I try to sleep. Works great and can highly recommend.

Truly is a Sleep Miracle This app is truly a lifesaver. I have battled Insomnia for the last couple of years, sleeping only 1 to 2 hrs. a night if I was lucky. My sleep study psychologist recommended finding something online with white noise..and all I can say is WOW and thank you. I'm now getting 4-6 hrs of sleep thanks to this wonderful app and the lovely people who took the time to upload these magical sounds. I'm starting to feel like "me" again and the impact it has had on my quality of life is priceless.

This is a very good white noise generator, with many desirable options. A favorite option is to set the app to function as a desktop clock. But a recent update resulted in a change of the font for the displayed time (within the Modern Clock Type setting). The numbers are now small and thin, especially on a tablet. Viewing the time, especially if one has impaired vision, is difficult. It would be helpful if an option to use the original font, which featured large characters that nearly filled the screen, was provided.

Easy. Love it. I do love it and use it all the time. Now my daughter loves it after she spent 6 days in the hospital... helped to drowned out monitors and hallway noise. I wish there were a few more tranquil, even sounds... for white noise... like a single light cricket, or horse hooves on pavement. I love the cat purring, very soothing. Some are creapy, like the boat rocking...but I'm sure some people find it soothing.

Data hog! Will never use it again! Liked this simple program initially since I researched it first and program stated sound files would be downloaded Imagine my shock the first time I used it without a wifi connection. I awoke the next am with a notice from my phone that this program had gobbled up almost a Gigabyte of my data! I'm furious. I was planning to upgrade to full version until this happened..

Mobile data usage Would have rated at least a 3 or 4 until I looked at the mobile data usage from this app, I use Wi-Fi 90% of the time, and it has used 2.65 GB since Oct 5, that is only 6.5 days. I'm furious!! It was nice to use as a sleep aid, guess I'll be finding something else.

2 years later and still addicted Love it! I sleep so much better since I started using this. Love that you can put on more than one sound at a time (I have beach rain amd thunder) love that you can set the timer to turn off. Great app

Huge Data Usage. Loved this program, then I got an alert that I was going over on my data usage. Looked at applications and found that White Noise Free has used 1.39GB of data for the few nights I used it! Watch out, this program can cost you money like it did me. Not happy. Check other reviews, I am not the only one.

I use this every night! Works for my kids also. I especially love to have this for when I travel and want to zone everything out. Therr are so many sound options, you will definitely find one you like a lot. I think my favorite part is that you can set an alarm that will slowly fade out the white noise to silence which is 100 times more peaceful than a loud alarm!

Swear by it I've always had wicked insomnia, but this app helps more than anything! Even when I can't sleep it helps to keep my brain from going into hyperdrive, and helps me focus when studying. Would absolutely recommend!!

Perfect Loads of relaxing sounds and the ability to mix them together to make your own personal sleeping soundtrack. Love this app. Can't make any judgement on the data hog issue as I use the app on a tablet that has no data to gobble up. Will certainly think twice before using on my phone though.

Samsung Note 10.1 tablet I must give this app a 5 star rating.. Definitely one that has a variety of the most unique sounds... from a White noise, pink noise, blue noise, violet noise to a hair dryer blowing, running water of different forms, wind blowing, grandfather clock ticking, shower running, ocean waves, the list goes on..... You must try it!!!

Very helpful for studying Great for when you need just enough background noise to keep your mind from wandering too much while studying. The mix feature is great too, for when you want to mix it up. Fire plus rainstorm is a favorite. The clothes dryer is really soothing too.

VERY Happy I can't fall asleep without it. I'm a night shift RN. The sounds help drown out city day noise. It's adaptable and user friendly too! A+

So far so good! Lots of options to choose from! Only used for 4 days on vacation. I don't like that the noise shuts off if I go to turn off my alarm before it goes off or that the noise stops if I change screens.

Perfect Downloaded for use on the road while traveling for work. Kept it and now use it on my tablet too at bedside. Love the alarm clock feature and time display adjustments. Now with a new baby it helps him sleep and filter out our footsteps at night. It's a godsend!

Hiccups/ Restarts Great app at first glimpse. You do fall asleep upon playing the white noise of any other sound but there's no point whatsoever if it'll wake you up as soon as the loop restarts (it happens several times a night). Been using it for the past four nights.. Never kept me asleep for long.

Couldn't Sleep Without It White noise drowns out all those background noises (dogs barking, cars driving by and planes flying overhead). Love it!

Use it every night I use this app every night and it works great. Some sounds, however, leave me scratching my head. Like there is the sound of a ticking clock. I'm like "who the cus is using this to sleep?" but then it occurred to me that while I may use it to sleep, it could also be used to torture someone you have captured. If that is the case for you then definitely install this........p.s. I use the crickets.

Keeps pausing The past several days especially, the app has developed the fun habit of constantly pausing/skipping. Just a split second, but it's several times a minute. So rather than helping me sleep, it now constantly wakes me up. No, it's not my phone or speakers. Been using this app for years. Time for a new one.

Tinnitus problem I have tinnitus. It makes falling asleep difficult. This app helps a lot. I'm getting more rest than I used to. Wake up feeling like I have actually slept. I haven't played with it too much. I like what I have experienced so far.

At first I loved this app. It has a great variety of sounds and settings. After using it for a month, I was notified by my phone that I was out of data. When I viewed data usage, it stated that this app had used 3.21GB of background data. This kind of data usage by an app is extremely shady. Use at your own risk.

Works great After a couple years of rating this a 5, after the last update the sound has begun to skip randomly throughout the night waking me up. I have the buffer set to max. Still no good. Also Norton says it is Malware and I need to uninstall. Downloaded a new app to try. I will check back in a couple months and hopefully I can restore my 5 rating.

Really helpful! Our house isn't soundproof at all and during the winter I usually have trouble falling asleep because I don't have the fan going to block out my dad's snoring, (from all the way downstairs - he's that loud!) so this app has been a life saver for me.

This is my favorite app. So why would I rate it 1 star? I woke up this morning and found it had consumed 0.9 GB of data! Will never use again unless airplane mode is on.

Careful for the background data I use this mostly when travelling or away from our house where we use fans on a regular basis. I stayed at a family members house and ran this overnight. I hadn't connected to wifi at their house on my phone immediately and overnight it used almost 400 MBs of data. Since I use Google Fi I pay per GB. Sucks that it needs network access to loop a sound. I restricted background data for the app but why need it in the first place and not warn users.

So many options and usually apps with nature things never have a fan in it also so now I only have to download one app instead of two finally. Great sounds so many options love it . Thanks for helping me sleep!! :)

pretty great i use the air con/stream combo to cover up any annoying sounds when trying to sleep. couldnt live without it.

I love this app! I am a VERY light sleeper and usually sleeping in strange places is difficult for me, to say the least. But with this app, I simply "make it rain" and whatever I am, I'm home and rest is so much better!

Brown noise is the best I've used other apps, and this is the only one that doesn't have a hiccup in the brown noise where the loop restarts. I like the alarm options too. I like to stop the sound and then start a slightly different sound a minute later. I usually wake up when the sound stops, but, if I don't, the change of sound does it every time without startling me awake.

Downloaded 1.6gb randomly... horrible program I used this program for almost a year without any problems then randomly it decided to download 1.68gb of data to my phone while i was sleeping. It caused me to go over on my data and costed me money. I had all data functions for the program turned off and it still managed to bypass and download something. I am not even sure what it downloaded. (Couldnt find anything in the registry) It may have actually uploaded information from my phone. Do not download this program... you have been warned!

Aid for Tinnutis I downloaded this App to see if it would help me sleep having had tinnitus for over 5 years. I've listened to the gentle sound of the sea up to now and it is so soothing. I eventually go off to sleep. I hear the tinnitus but the white noise helps to distract you to another sound, so you don't focus on it all the time. I thought It would irritate me. It stays on for 8 hours so when I wake during the night I listen to the white noise and go back to sleep. It's working for me up to now.

Helps a lot! During the summertime, between the air conditioning and fans, I get accustomed to some kind of noise in my room as I sleep. When it gets cooler and suddenly there is nothing but silence, it keeps me awake. The variety of sounds available ensures you will find something relaxing to you. I slept very well and the night time clock with alarm is great. Thank you!

Fine but... The sounds are not playing, after I open some other app! I want it to run in the background, as we sometimes use mobile to study; and use "white noise" to build concentration.

White Noise App Just what I need when I am in hotels and want to drown out background noise or the utter silence! Easy to use and created a nice mix of sounds !

Good but bogged my phone down It had a nice variety of sounds to choose from. Unfortunately after a couple nights it hogged over 300 Mbytes of space on my phone. Can't imagine why.

I sleep Good This works very well for me. It drifts me off to sleep and the other handy thing about this feature is it drowns out some noise so I can sleep.

Great Background Noise App! This is a fantastic app with a lot of different relaxing sounds as well as customizable timers. The sounds are seamless in their repetition which is fantastic. I sleep very soundly (see what I did there?) with this well made piece of software.

Use it every night! I love this app! Downloaded it to add background noise to drown out noise while trying to study and write a paper and now I use it every night to sleep! It has SO MANY DIFFERENT SOUNDS! It's so much better than having a fan in the room. I use Bluetooth to connect my phone to my ihome and play the sounds through the ihome all night long! It was especially a lifesaver while staying in a hotel and having nothing to drown out the silence! It works like a charm to help my young kids sleep through the night too

Great app I use it all the time to block background noise, especially when sleeping. I just wish it could run in the background while using other apps like Spotify does.

Love! This is a wonderful app! Very soothing and clear sounds. Also good for those that use a noise machine at night. My fiancè and I use a noise machine at home and this app when we tent, it works great! A good selection of white noise sounds to choose from.