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Wi-Fi Ruler (a WiFi Manager)

Supplied By Recursive Pizza    On July 18, 2014    Comments(42)

APP for iPhone Wi-Fi Ruler (a WiFi Manager) version1.7.10 Download

A Wi-Fi manager that can do all the regular stuff plus:

* Automatically connect to open access points as you walk by
* Skip "open" access points that are actually paywalls
* You can set connect priorities
* Differentiate between multiple access points all called "linksys" or "dlink", etc
* When connected will automatically check your connection (or say OK to click wall if that rule is set)
* Option to exit with or without Wi-Fi enabled
* Plays nice with access points you already have setup

Note: the option "Make Android Wi-Fi entry for APs we don't connect to" is enabled yet. Please just ignore that for now.

Recursive Pizza part of our Communication and have average installs from 100000 to 500000. Last Update July 18, 2014. Appstore play rating is 78.8797. Current verison is 1.7.10. Actual size 364.0 KB.

What's new

    * Minor fixes
Download wi-fi-ruler-a-wifi-manager.apk 364.0 KB


Does not work. App allows you to identify networks you don't know the password to. When you choose this setting, App requires you to enter the wifi password you just told it you don't know.

Not working Much too complicated and doesn't even work. My phone's wifi still connects to all the wrong networks, even when good and preferred networks are in range. Deleting this app now.

Nice one. Personally I find it it useful for me, at this moment.

Doesn't work Thought it worked, but I found it connecting to open access WiFi that I had blocked :( S4.

Doesn't work Still attempts to connect to blacklisted wifi spots.

Poor I would give 5 stars and buy the paid version if it had the ability to export for email my list and import it back after a phone format, and if it doesn't ask a pass word for the closed APs... It's closed, I don't have the password. Also a option to automatically disable the wifi when I'm not at specified locations would be great!

Rotten Documentation Couldn't figure to how to use it.

Wi-Fi Ruler! It does what I want, but a compass needle showing the direction to the current connection would be a feature worth paying for.

Works good For some reason my brand new GSIII will not stay connected to my home network. It's says disconnected because connection too slow. Using this app helps me connect for longer. No other device I own does this, only my GSIII.

Doesn't Word AND Keeps Disconnecting HotSpot 06/20/2014: Not only does this app not do what it says it will do, but it also causes my HotSpot to keep disconnecting and reconnecting over and over again, thereby causing anything connecting to the HotSpot to lose their connections. I've tried every conceivable configuration and tweak, and NOTHING makes it keep my devices from trying to connect to incorrect networks. So essentially, it's not only useless, it's HARMFUL. Devices: Note 2 & Note 10/2014.

Brilliant functionality Been looking for ages for an app that will prevent autoconnect to WiFi that is marked "open" but is not free. I have now marked BTWiFi with the "paywall" rule and away we go. :-) Interface feels slightly clunky hence only 4 stars.

"CableWifi" Hotspots are the Scum of the Earth I had thought of this app idea on my own due to the number of times I'd be walking through my city only to have my data connection hijacked by one of those savage cable network paywall WiFi spots. I'm glad to see it already exists!

Doesn't work at all Nexus4 still connecting to pay walls constantly even though they are marked as such

Awesome Finally stopped my tablet from connecting to the neighbor's unprotected Wi-Fi connection. Thanks!

rules cannot connect to a more preferred network if device is already connected to another netwotk

Excellent Cable wifi points are the bane of my existence, thank you for banning them.

Didn't work for me. Kept popping notifications that it's connected, but isn't.

Average Connects to locked networks even if marked as closed and no connect

rules for sure! This is all you need!

Keep up the great work. This app is great! It does exactly what it is ment to do.

SM-T210R Awesome........

Spam Very bad

Awesome app Does a great job. It has a bad habbit of trying to connect to the lower signal hotspot than the stronger signal hotspot on the same network. Trying to manually connect it to the stronger hotspot doesn't always work.

Best WiFi Tool ever Phone: HTC-1X. My WiFi always says I am Connected to my home Network, but can't get on the net, so I download this and it showed me the TRUTH, that my phone is stuck trying to aquire IP. Thanks for this Brilliant Tool. Now I know my WiFi Router or phone has a fault that needs fixing. that's my next job.

Not working for some network It fails to the EAP Wi-Fi network in my school (EDUROAM)

José A. "120413...tryout...thanks..."190413"

Pretty solid, but not for me. Pros: Works as advertised. Personally, I liked the "click through the clickwall" feature. Didn't check if it could be done automatically, but it would be cool if it could. Cons: The app is only useful if run as a service, which is a paid-only feature. It's hard to sort rules by priorities (you can't drag them, and priority is only shown by a bar, not a number, so you'd have to compare the bars in every open window, which is harder than it sounds). Lacked some of the "smarter" features I was looking for. So yeah.

Useful but... I find it useful but it has one thing I dont like. Maybe its a my phone feature. The problem is it doesnt get the ip adress before I open the application window. It stays in that stage (being connected) but Id like it doing that automatically.

need feature Very good application, woks properly, imho it need a new feature - scheduling or/and battery saving. Sometimes we don't need wifi (for ex. by night) but the apllication still running and by the same spending power.

2 developers: Guys I ask you for a single simple function - I want the Ruler to remember whether exact WiFi network needs a static IP-address to be us

No more BT WiFi! After constantly connecting to bt open zone every time I went outside, this app has finally allowed me to permanently block this useless network. No more automatic collections to open zones that charge to connect! (And no, just forgetting the irritating network in the settings doesn't work permanently).

Odd options After trying to get this app to work, I've downgraded my review. 1) Not only does the app require passwords for "never connect" APs, but it puts that password in the system settings for that AP, thereby breaking existing connections that also require a user ID. WTF? I'm telling the tool to ignore the AP, not connect to it. 2) It can't connect to my work AP that requires a user ID. 3) Why is there no option to not show the bad/blocked APs?

It works very well*after some time does not work I have used this for a week and does exactly what i need it to - only connect to my home and work wifi automatically and not hundreds of other networks! *****************************does not work after some time, reconnects to new free networks. In a busy city this makes my 4g unusable. PLEASE JUST ADD SIMPLE OPTION TO ONLY CONNECT TO KNOWN NETWORKS!

What an app should be Does exactly what I wanted: prevents connection to all those random open, click - through networks. Hint: in your settings delete all networks you don't want, then turn the app on. You're done. Going forward your phone will only connect to the networks you didn't delete, and any new ones you intentionally connect to.

Insufferable steaming pile of crap Forgets passwords I tell it to save, repeatedly switches to clickwall access points *while connected to my designated home network.* Useless garbage.

Android would not let us save this change... Unimpressed so far. I'll give it a few more tries.

How do I put it in "Closed" rule, if "password is required" when click Save ?

This would be a great program if it actually ignored the paywalls and clickwalls you told it to ignore.

App was last updated in 2014, seems to be abandoned. "Android would not let us save this change..." Quite glitchy on stock Nexus 6p with Marshmallow MTC19T version. I wanted control over the AP's my phone would auto-connect to, either by SSID or MAC id. I don't want to connect to XfinityWiFi while driving, but occasionally I do want to (manually) connect, so saving those credentials is desired. Uninstalled before it caused issues.

Appears abandoned Might work for kit kat. Doesn't work at all on Marshmallow.

Yes this app doesn't work any more on most recent android phones and hasn't been updated in years. Such a shame

Awesome Easy to use and very convenient. Thank you!