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Wiser - Simple Launcher

Supplied By UIU LTD.    On May 3, 2016    Comments(87)

APP for iPhone Wiser - Simple Launcher version1.4.1 Download

Enjoy a Wiser and simpler Smartphone experience.

Wiser is a friendly way for people who wish to enjoy a smartphone without the hassle of finding their way
in the complex smartphone environment. Wiser could fit the use of Non tech savvy people, seniors and more.

Wiser is a redesign of the smartphone applications allowing you to better communicate, friendlier picture experience and access to your favorite content.

and Now introducing the Companion application compatabilty - an easy way to interact and be supported by your friends and family from their own device. for more info please visit our website:

Your companion can easily add features and tailor the experience to your personal preference from his smartphone.

Designed by mobile expert, having you and your needs in mind.
No more generic experience that should fit all.

Wiser will replace your native experience with a more
suitable one for your needs.

In 2 easy steps (download and install) you could start enjoying “Wiser” on your Smartphone today.
Try it; it will change your mobile experience!

Introducing soon the Companion application - an easy way to interact and be supported by your friends
and family from their own device. We are in close Beta, for more info please visit our website.

Please contact us for any questions or feedbacks or visit our website for more information on Wiser
and Companion.

UIU LTD. part of our Personalization and have average installs from 100000 to 500000. Last Update May 3, 2016. Appstore play rating is 78.9505. Current verison is 1.4.1. Actual size 6.9 MB.

What's new

    Version 1.4.1
    Full online and companion connectivity capabilities.
Download wiser-simple-launcher.apk 6.9 MB


Can't change the home screen Even having different pages is too difficult for my mother. If I could change the home page I would use this. But Samsung's easy mode is better for her because it us more customisable.

Worth paying for however Best launcher hands down I have ever used. No crap easy to use. However few crucial changes necessary before Id be willing to pay. Option to change icons on home screen. Example applications not necessary to be there. Should be on third page a see all applications option. Also third page should have option for groups of applications. Like folders. Would be amazing to group games and media apps. Lastly just an option on first page to change icons. Like if I wanted to add a music app. Thanks good job.

Love this app. Would really love it if my incoming calls from my contacts showed just as large as when I view the contact via the app. In other words I'm still having a hard time seeing who is calling me. Can't shut off dial pad tones. That's really annoying!!

Simple and easy I am using this for the past week and I am impressed with the simplified UI and ease of use. I am 68 years old and did not want to constantly deal with various menus and screens. I was looking for something simple and elegant and this fits the bill perfectly so far.

Not Just Elderly Most people use this for their older folks but I wantws a minimalistic launcher. It is simple and retains more battery than the stock launcher. It lacks few functionality that normal users would miss. Besides a few nitpicky things, it offers a complete package for anyone looking in the minimalist category.

Fix these bugs and i will give 5 stars 1.when i add some one in favorite people there contact details disappear automatically! 2.whenever i install an app i have to reboot my phone to see it on the application menu

The best I've found of its kind... Has some bugs It's a nice app, that's simple and works well. Exactly as it should, though some glaring bugs really let it down. 1. When clicking on Camera it always comes up with a list of apps. Even when selecting always, the next time you tap on camera it asks for what app to open. 2. When installing an app, you have to restart phone or force close to make it appear in the app drawer. Otherwise it would be 5 stars. Keep updating and working on it please Dev!

No Home Screen Customization This app needs to have the ability to customize icons on the home screen. You should also have the option to have a fixed home screen and not different screens. Also integrate the voice search button on homescreen

Testing to make android more user friendly for old people.

Pretty good but... App list not updating when new app installed from app store.

Add more favorites pages Have the option to add more pages. For example favorites

Unable to open gallery Needed an app for my grandma! But after installing it phones automatically gets restarted and i am not able to use gallary as "unable to open gallery" error occured every single time.

Great Great fit for an old man like me

Right now I'm only giving this app 3 stars because on the notifications page it says if I accept they can read all of my text msgs and all of my contacts names and numbers. How is that going to help them? Also, in favorites I can only have six people. If VM is one that's only five. Even flip phones have nine speed dial numbers including VM. I want to have my three kids, two sisters, and three grandkids on favorites and would like to add more.

Just what I needed We use the Ting service on my wife's smartphone (my old smartphone) and she wanted it to be very simple since she only uses calls and texts while out. Wise makes it very simple for technophobes to enjoy using smartphones. Give it a try. My wife is happy with it.

Good but flawed missed call handling Really works well on all fronts except When you have used the dialler to call someone And then you have gone back to the homepage If you recieve a missed call, there is badge on the dialler indicating a missed call all good so far but when you clicked on it I expect to be taken to the missed call list Instead I am taken back to the last position im on in the dialler, which is likely to be the last person called. So instead of seeing the missed call, the user can be confused into thinking the person they lasted called gave them a missed call Could cause confusion for the less technically able. Shame, otherwise looks great

Great but You should let me add folders, widgets, more screens and let me uninstall an app through wiser, just like the stock launcher, and you should add themes or custom themes we can make

Hmm I wish this could have shortcut to WiFi setting I wld have given it a 5 star so plz update the app to include it

My first smart phone Installed on 3 first smart phones for the technology and visually impaired. Does a great job of masking phone complexity while looking good and being unobtrusive with ads.

Its good! I like the launcher. But, the animation transitions in switching from one page to another is too slow for me. Make it faster or adjustable and I'll give it 5 stars!

Applications page Hello, ☆love your app (bit like big launcher) however any plans to offer more than 2 application screens? That's 12 apps in total which isn't a huge amount. Also any chance to have a widget screen. Thanks

Best I've used, simple and straight forward, it just works great for my needs.

A bug I had set up two pages of most used apps and a day later they all disappeared.

Some flaws The dialer no longer let's me use the speaker option when picking up calls.

Fantastic. I used to work at a RadioShack for a few months and I would always show off wiser as a way to simplify their android phone. I even had people who didn't buy a phone install the launcher on the spot.

Indeed cluster free I need an in built app search.. and nothing stops it from being a 5 star app

Simple, but.. Can't add more phone number on 1's details?

Easy to use Best senior a friendly launcher I've seen.

Great and simple design! Please add Italian language The app has a great, innovative and smooth design. Ideal for seniors. Please, add Italian language for my parents ;)

Very User Friendly First time smart phone users like me need not look any farther. Wiser is what required. Please add another page for favorite contacts and apps. The notifications panel and notice board are not in sync. Even after clearing the notifications in notice board, the notification panel has the notifications.

Good But i deduct 2 stars because i cannot edit shortcuts on initial page, simple but so important for such app

Bugs Won't allow me to add new contact s

Good Simple interface. Easy to set up. Should be good for elderly.

Super easy to use Love the interface, so easy to use. Just a bit of an issue with new apps not showing up until you restart your phone

Not receving any sms The app is really amazing but it has a huge flaw, when i receive a sms i get a sound notification but never get a sms. The inbox is empty, please fix this issue.

Luv it Works fast and easy to use

Easy for old guys like me !

If only sms was large also...

The gallery button on the home screen does not open gallery Nexus 4 on 5.1.1. The gallery button on the home screen does not open gallery now that Google Photos is app associated with Google Camera. Please fix.

Could be very nice for my mother, but... 1/ incoming calls has no big interface, just a tiny overlay from the default phone overlay 2/ Dialer on home screen should take you to your Favourite people. Seniors, like my mother, would get confused by the dialler when they don't know a number off by heart, and why have TWO phone interfaces. It should go to Favourites, then with the option to go to dialler from there. 3/ Applications drawer is only a little better than default, the font is still small, should have fewer and bigger - again Applications shortcut different from slide to Applications page. 4/ prefer to have one touch to call favourite people.

I have used this app for 8 months (so its not awful), it does simplify the phone greatly, the reason I use it is because the icons are large and I don't see so well anymore. The bad thing is that you cannot customize the home screen, I need to be able to choose what app I use for my contacts that is located on the home screen so I am now looking for an alternative launcher app.

Wasted potential Can't pick up incomming call and I'm pressing accept button like crazy. Volume is always set to max with each call. Can't reorder favourites. Really, big potential wasted on silly bugs.

Your the best.... The best It's the best "easy mode" launcher out there. Easy to use and very stable. A must have for any person who is intimidated/unfamiliar with smartphones!

Very simple in most ways for seniors. I installed this for my mother. It is perfect except for 2 major flaws. Some apps are only accessible via the app drawer because the launcher only recognizes about half of the apps. The contacts list is not customizable so if you use something like youmail, all those extra contacts show up and are very confusing. It needs a way to customize which contact groups to display like the standard contacts that come with the phone.

a good launcher where you may not think about switching another launcher again ... its fast ... easy ...good .. my friends hates this because they are exploring but then ..they cant ... MORE OF PRIVACY! :D

One thing missing This is a great launcher for the elderly and technophobic. However, you cannot use any widget on it. Some widgets are okay even for such people.

Best suited launcher for Elderly people. With this launcher i could get my parents (80+ age) start using a Android touch phone. Needs more customization like adding and deleting of 'favorite people', 'Applications' pages etc.,

Perfect but 1 bug On my galaxy S3, pressing the home button on the bottom center of the phone will not return to the home launcher screen from the gallery. Changing the gallery app made no difference. Pressing the button anywhere else works like it should.

Big Icons, Simple and Easy to use. Wish I could re-order icons in the future. (Y)

Less space Contacts have only 6 places. Should have more. I don't just know 6 people.

Grrr Got this for Mom's smartphone. It does make the phone a little less overwhelming for her, however she can only access the default apps on the phone. She cannot access apps we downloaded from Playstore. Very frustrating b/c she can't use Facebook app, she has to remember how to get there via web browser.

Nice an easy to use. For some odd reason I don't get notifications from my btmail app. Otherwise pretty good.

lacking something lacks some finishing off. like when you download an app, it doesnt show in wiser untill you restart the app.

Excellent design This app does a great job at simplifying the front of Android. Very well thought out.

Works well but the screen display looks a like it was designed for younger folks than a man in his sixties

Makes it easy for my dad to use his phone I would like to suggest that there should be a setting to allow for the sounds to be muted. My dad finds the dial tone very annoying. If there is a way to mute it, I would be very much grateful if you can tell me how to do it.

Love it so cute But I can't modified everythinv... No menu setting.. Pls update and I will rate higher

Issues... Unfortunatly in vontacg the buttoms for sms and dial overlap the number meaning they cant be seem

Good for grandma!!! This is what senior prople really want simple and easy!! Love it

Contacts not showing numbers 1. Wiser Contacts app isn't picking up phone numbers from Google contacts - need to manually key in. 2. Missed calls not shown in the notice board - only SMS alerts are shown 3. Need to have a way to customize apps shown on home screen 4. Need to have a way to hide launcher panes

It is the most simple launcher ever. No ads. Love it

Good app but contacts aren't visible Hey I am using this app on my mum's phone but I cannot see contacts in the given contact shortcut . need help .post a reply soon or the app is uninstalled :)

It's good It's help me give up Facebook

Not working The app looks brilliant but keeps cycling between A Wiser Tip and the launcher selection. As a result it's unusable.

Crashes everytime I open contacts Please fix the bug

Crash Keeps on crashing.

installed this app for my grandma and defaulted it as launcher. she is unable to send out messages, but able to receive them. anyone encounter similar issue? any idea how to undefault it ?

Would love the ability to rearrange home screens. Serves the purpose.

Crashes opening Contacts This app was very user friendly and accessible until recently. It now crashes when trying to access contacts. Please fix this bug in an otherwise good app.

Promising home screen for some seniors, juniors, people with visual impairment or first-time touch screen users PROS: companion app to enable trusted third party to help set things up remotely (requires Google account); Notice board screen with large text instead of pull-down notifications; Immune to accidental long-press; Simple large text contacts; Simple large text dialer. CONS: limited configurability; Gallery, Camera, Calendar, Messaging and on-screen keyboard not replaced with simple large text alternatives; Font size in apps unchanged; No list view; No toddler lock; Long e-mail addresses truncated in contacts.

Please fix Contacts are broken, making this UI impossible to use for my father.

Love this great app

Wilc Easy to navigate

Doesn't shows contacts at all ! Very rubbish app . it is not showing the main motive of a phone that is CONTACTS. It is useless for a senior citizen .

Great intention, very poor implementation. -Launching the gallery from the Wiser app icon crashes, launching the gallery from the default app icon works fine. -Cannot customize apps on home screen, so the broken Gallery app icon cannot be replaced by the one that works. -Cannot remove unwanted panels. -Will not register an email for remote support. Says it's been taken, but it has not. -Notice board always shows, "Tell a friend about Wiser" button. -Wiser Contact App does not show physical addresses, only email addresses. -Do not see any user support. -Many more...

Good for 86 year old Good implementation of a simple interface for a phone which would otherwise bamboozle my dad. Sometimes stops and notifications don't always show, but still good enough.

Starts simple.. After a while it starts a bunch of dialogs. Very confusing for older people.

The app looks interesting, but doesn't work. It keeps cycling between "A Wiser Tip" where it tells me I have to make this my new Launcher, Always.... And the launcher selection.

Nexus 5X: I would love to use this with my mother, but it keeps crashing literally every time I go to "notifications". Looks promising, but an unstable app just isn't going to cut it.

Difficult to test Very annoying popular continually appears if you don't set Android to "always" use Wiser as the launcher.

Good to have This app saved my phone when the Android launcher crashed.

Lots of crashes On my new phone it crashes Everytime I try to go to the notice board and when trying to connect to the companion app on another phone

NAG SCREEN Might be a good app, but I'll never know: constant nag to make the home screen "always"--even after I did--means this app will be uninstalled.

Wiser was the best, not now. I crashes de phone...

Too many bugs It keeps crashing on Android 6.0

I embrace simplicity & this launcher definitely up to my expectation