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Awesome Alarm Clock

Supplied By SoloSeal    On July 4, 2016    Comments(175)

APP for iPhone Awesome Alarm Clock version1.55 Download

A beautifully designed, elegant and stylish digital alarm clock app with the following features:

• different dazzling colors for your choosing: gold, silver, pink, red, blue, etc.
• digital clock
• analog clock
• seconds counting
• create multiple alarms
• 12-hour or 24-hour mode
• full date format
• option to dim backlight or set it to automatic brightness (may not be available on some devices)
• option for hourly signal
• option for keeping screen awake
• small icons at top of the display that indicate selected options
• supports both portrait and landscape orientation modes

SoloSeal part of our Lifestyle and have average installs from 1000000 to 5000000. Last Update July 4, 2016. Appstore play rating is 85.0342. Current verison is 1.55. Actual size 7.6 MB. Download awesome-alarm-clock.apk 7.6 MB


Look 5 star Looks great just don't like the adverts at the bottom of the screen takes that refined look away. Otherwise gold bullion looks very nice.

Alarm Clock It's good for if you need a multiple alarms for different times.

Alarm clock Fabulous I want to set it as wallpaper but cannot still highly rscommended

Fantastic app been looking for alarm that really works and gets me up in mornings.

Almost right.. A great clock, very elegant, ruined by the tacky adverts on the bottom, better you charge for the app than ruin it with cheap adverts.

Very very good.nicr.but needs development work like widget to be used on home screen

It's a nice looking clock but I don't like the adds.

I like Great alarm clock. Works everyday the clock needs a second hand

Note 3 Works great on note 3. Let me try it over night

Michael B I'm with Michael H. there are to many ads. I do not like the ads they take away from the clock which messes up every thing.

I love it! It really helped me. Set it and forget it

Nice looker Great but is there any way to get rid of the ads. I can't seem to buy this app.

Love that I can dim the background at night so i don't have glaring numbers in my face.

It wakes me up I've tried many. This is one of the ones that work. I like the fact that it has both clocks. My only problem was if I had my volume all the way down it wouldn't go off, but if u have it and the vibrate it will still go off so that is what I need. You can also use zedge ring tones with it too. I just wish they had more choice of colors. I don't like the fact that the little clock is still up on bar even if u don't have an alarm set. Ihavetotakeall myalarmsouttomakeitgo away.Maybethereshould be optionforit.

0 stars If u could. Love the fact they HIDE that it has ads. I'd be ashamed of it also.

Very nice, but better if display can be adjusted to full and dimmer. Thank you very much for your good job

Excellent Great app looks brilliant and does the job.

Good Friend For starless night this watch a good company !!

Paul cullen. Very nice and easy to get up

Awesome! ! Love this clock, can put up with the ads, no problem!

Kevin prowell Nice this app keeps me on time

Ideal Is identical to the old digital bed side alarm clock.

Just beautiful all around Get rid of the ads and I'll reinstall it in a heartbeat.

Beutiful , Nice and Useful CLOCK

I Really Love it,It Helps me to wake up Early

awesome clock easy to operate

Ishrat siddiqui Its very useful.

Very nice but, The ads at the bottom are not good, they take away the beauty of the clock. Please make a way so that we can pay for the app. to remove the ads. Thanks.

Don't like Can't set as wallpaper

Looks great, apart from add at the bottom spoiling it's looks.Reason why 4 stars instead of 5 stars given

It tight The right one

Good app please remove adds

Clock It's really Awesome

Would give it 5 star if you could put it on lock screen but love it otherwise. Well done.

Excellent look, thanks.

very nice easy to look forward to your time

Not bad at all. I like the way it actually stays on. most clock apps normally close down to desktop after a short while. this one has a nice little feature to keep it on all the time. wish you could change the fonts or background layout to satisfy.

Useless Good looking but can't use as wallpaper neither show in standby there are so many other good watch apps are available

Good Clock no WiFi to my brain yet Has all I need except biological telepathic capabilities to a singular entity. Me!

Hate it Can't set alarm. When I touch the alarm sign it just takes me to the normal alarm on my phone and when I try to change the alarm it won't reset. Apps like this are just hopeless attempts to fill your phone screen with endless adverts. Give this one a miss.

Needs widget to be perfect. Looking at icon on screen is confusing. Have to turn on to see time.

ALARM CLOCK Its desing is nice!Easy in use. Thanks!

This useful timer Easy going for me .not manbo jambo confusious. Finally thanks lovely developer's!

Alarm clock Best tool that could be placed on any phone.

SoloSeal Performance Reviews SoloSeal Clock is Good and Next Time Make the Numerical's at Roman Digits too........All other features are Nice....Stop featuring Advertisements.....It's Irritating,,,,,and am unable at functioning the Alarm Clock..Even if I activate this Alarm Clock..My Built-in Mobile Alarm Rings,,,,,How to Solve this Issue?

This is really nice . This has everything and its all free .

It wakes me up every morning. I just loved it.

I used the apps and I really like it because it alert to every time I set to do something

Great alarm clock Very easy to set, and lot's of good wake up music. Very good app.

Dennis So far so good I'd like a choice in wake up sounds.

Awesome ! Alarm clock Its the best, especially the various looks, thanks.

Mr E. Famuyiwa The appearance of the clock is fantastic.

Clock It's a great alarm clock I just wish it would stay on with out going into the app

Alley oop Great does everything I need!

Dis alarm clock is better by far I set d alarm & it was accurate kudos to d inventor.

Awesome... But how to set on main screen as widget ?

Awesomeeeee Pls,,,n pls d/load this app,,,very³ good,,,thumb up

Awesome Alarm clock I like the clock, But I don't like the adds. It destroys the whole clock. Charge for the ads if you must, but please get rid of adds. 5 stars if the adds go away. It really is an attractive clock.

Nice but... I'd like to de/activate alarms individually.

Very beautiful and effective love it Works very well for multiple alarms

Very useful. Still a new app for me but it seems to be everything anyone would need in a clock app. Only complaint i have is lack of explanations/descriptions of some of icons i've encountered on clock face. Otherwise a great app!

Time is now. A good time can be had by all if you were to download this time. Don't let time pass you by. The time is now for this great app to be on your smartphone. Time is of the essence.

Good and easy to handle

Ilike the way that it stays on and doesn't shut off.

Love it! Very flexible so it allows lots of good options

Extreme clock alarm Can,t use music for the alarm

Charge for an ad-free version . . . . and I'd give 4 stars

No help Will not stay ON ?

Nomore need to buy nice clock.

Good but can't use as wallpaper

Awesome It's help me a lot

Awesome Clock I just love it! I collect watches and clocks, especially casio digital watches. Awesome Clock hits it over the top. I wish this could be a real desktop unit, I would have one for every room in the house, including the bathrooms.

Alarm App This Alarm App is excellent and very easy to use. I really like the coloured themes. Thanks 100%!

how to set as wallpaper!? greetings. seems a gd app with all details. but how to set this as home wallpaper? neither it got saved as a widget nor opens up as an option for wallpaper. tried my best searching but of no use. pl guide.

Nice, but no good with blinking ads I love the clock, but immediately uninstalled due to no way to purchase pro version w/o ad bar. Too much of a distraction. Was a nice concept.

Alarm testing Cuz I can see I changed phones & everyone knows everything changes when we do that. So I'm in the process of looking for a new alarm. So far so good. This one I like!

Wow Wonderful Software No Substitute Keep it Up Always No One Mobile Screen, Innovative!

The name says it all! This is an excellent app. The ads are hardly noticeable. They merely scroll on the bottom. In landscape mode, you can barely see them.

Awesome Alarm Clock Great looking clock. The alarm is easy to set and the overall appearance of the clock is easy on the eyes and informative at a glance.

DOESN'T WORK Every time I try and set an alarm it tells me it has stopped running. I haven't got to use it once. I've gotten no response when I tell you about it so I have no alternative but to delete it.

Decent alarm. Doesn't let me set the time between snoozes, no worries make an alarm to go off a certain day but not repeat. Other than that, it's about as good as the built-in alarm on the Galaxy S3.

Alarm clock Great alarm clock interface. Cool colors and feel. Its a robust alarm clock app that's a little old school with a modern feel. Definitely like the color assortment

Great clock I tried over 30 different clocks. None of them do what are supposed to do. What good is a clock if it does not display the correct time, or no time display at all. Thanks for a fine working clock.

An excellent clock. The adds are not annoying, just appear in band at bottom, easy to ignore. This is best clock available.

Alarm clock I use this as my alarm clock every day. I like it, but can't give it 5 stars because it is a bit inconsistent. Sometimes the alarm will go off over and over until I turn it off. Other times it will only go off once.

Easy and great When I pressed the alarm button my existing clock with alarm, timer, stopwatch came up so I didn't lose any alarm info

Well designed and attractive Easy to see time and date. Light intensity does not work on my Galaxy tab 10.1 and ads on the bottom are a annoying. Is there any way to pay for it to avoid them?

Awesome! Love the gold colour. It's truly awesome as its name. I recommend this app to all those that love good things; this surely is one good thing. Job well one.

Awesome Alarm clock. Name says it. Gawd I love this clock. Got more than u need. Both kinds clocks in one design perfect, colors perfect. It screams "just right". Absolutely PERFECT.

This is the best clock ever U have everything showing date,hour,min,and etc. I was afraid I lost the clock with I got my new S7 edge cell am happy I didn't . If u want the best this is the one

Stunning Design I love this clock,with all its different colours: but , it's full-screen size and would be much better suited as a smaller widget! Uninstalling...

Awesome Alarm Clock Very useful and innovative application and very pleasing features

Awesome alarm clock almost 5 star's Alarm volume need to start low and gradually gets louder. This would surely be the greatest alarm clock ever, and get a 5 Star's rating

Beautiful app! But, unless there is an in-ap purchase to rid the ads, it's worthless. the author should be ashamed of him or herself for allowing ads without adding a pro app (with a cost) to get rid of ads. What a shame the author "thinks" this app is beautiful , when it includes VERY LARGE ADS AT THE BOTTOM 8TH OF THE ENTIRE SCREEN! And, the large ads cover the bottom half of the icons! I'm uninstalling it promptly! When the author gets serious and gives us a paid no ads version, this is nothing but crap!

The application was down loaded with the intention that it would have its own alarm tone But to my great astonishment it gave the same tone so it disappointed me most

CRASHES EVERY TIME I CLICK ON THE ICON This app should be called Awesome Crashing Clock because that is what it does each and every time I try to active the application.

Awesome App Easy to use, dependable and fully adjustable. So much better than anything that comes with your smartphone.

So cute The best alarm clock ever used.only problems l see is the ads,hope the premium version will be more better.

Can't get it to do landscape As I said if I could access settings perhaps landscape could be done but I see on access. Otherwise it is good

Based on Googles Clock I was looking for a clock that allows more than 9 alarm sets throughout the week. Unfortunately this look at alarms is based on Google clock and has that same limit. It does look very good though.

I don't care for Ads I like the design and look of this app, but I would rather pay a few bucks for an ad free app. I don't see anything that would let me do that.

Brightness and wallpaper 1) Light intensity not working, 2) can't set as wall paper, if all these can be done I will rate 5 stars

Retired Like it l would give it five stars but there is no sitting, (how do I stop the ads?).

Awesome Alarm Clock The best clock. Neat layout make it easy to see. Good if can used it as wallpapper. Anyway, it is still awesome and thanks developer.

Good app but would be better if it had a temperature setting. I found one that has a thermometer by same people but it doesn't work

Pretty But I wanted home screen clock,seems I need to click tiny widget,then massive clock fills screen,with scrolling ads running under it.

It's attractive. This looks pretty good. Doesn't hurt the eyes. Setting for brightness is handy.

Smart Easy to use, simple and well designed, I love it.

Awesome clock for yr phone. Love the different color available. Also has nice large digits making it easy to read.

@tyndaller Very cool screen saver love the different colours cool ? so far

Sweet This is a great app. Looks great works great

It's quite a marvelous app. The variety of short cuts makes it more endearing to users.

Voider All I want is a nice clock to look at to tell me the time and date without all the ad just tell me the time date when I need it

Gorgeous! This clock is absolutely gorgeous! I like the fact that I didn't need to recreate the alarms I already set with the stock clock on my device. The different colours are great. Just what a clock should be.

I can't see anyplace to do settings like coming on automatically when plugged into power source. Add that and it would be better.

Could Not Set Alarm Learned how to set alarm Beautiful clock that is why I downloaded it, but I could never figure out how to set the alarm

Very attractive n useful clock Superbly beautiful clock.what is the eye indicator for??

Nice concept, but not complete. When the app is closed, there is NO indication that an alarm is set - or not. This,, plus the ads that are a huge distraction, makes it get uninstalled.

I like it! It has both the analog and digital as well as a calendar great combination I was looking for and can change colors also just a few words to say thanks for this app!

Wow Super Software No Substitute Keep it Up Always No One Mobile Screen, Innovative!

Great alarm clock. Easy to read first thing in morning. Nice touch with changes of different colors very attractive. Nice work

Awsome! I love having the date & day at a glance. Plus the analog & digital clock that can be set to military time, all bundled together.

life lightening app if.. if u make it same appearance as background desktop too, i want it everywhere

As it says, it's indeed awesome. I use it in my daylong meditation classes, to keep track of time.

T.T. love this Awesome Clock! Awesome! please make this clock stay the full screen size and not have to tap small one to get full screen, really love this clock!!!!!

Does its job Its easy to use. However, some of the icons I'm not sure about and there are no instructions. Also, wish the volume was higher but it does its job

perfect,just like a physical wall clock,i like it,thank you very much

So far so good, love the display and all the info...we'll see how it wakes me up in the morning!

GR8 I was looking for an app like this.. Pl explain or have a brief info about de icons given below de clock for better understanding...

Great Works great for when you need an alarm somewhere other than home.

Clocks Awesome clock

Spoiled by flashing adverts Flashing adverts....delete. !!!

Mr Excellent app I got so far easy to use with calendar display very helpful

Like clock work!! Great app, works every time to wake me up on time.

Very cute accurate and complete Recommend it toanyone

Retired transit operator Something new to play with

I love this clock, but it had no allowable, functions except,the 24 or 12 hours

Wow, What a Clock So many wonderful colors...Keep great time...Awesome clock! Ilove it!!!

David Harris Love it ,really good well done to app team.

Awesome Alarm Clock Just what I was looking for. It work great.

CEO Undescribably easy!

James Well I just installed it now and I found it cool

it great best ever I love it easy to see and great to look at

Nice watch and calendar

Very good but sckin saver isnot ok

Awesome Clock I really love this app.

Best ever Easy to use nice to listen to

My daughter is traveling and this helps with the time difference

Awesome clock Really awesome. Great looks.

SNOOZE FELATURE QUIT WORKING, VERY AGGRAVATED! Snooze sometimes doesn't work (4:30AM) and WON'T SHUT OFF unless I shut the phone off. Can't even kill it by going into alarm settings and canceling the alarm. Aaaaaargh!

Smg5 This application is bad. So much design in it and all does show is my normal app from my phone when the alarm sounds. I don't see any feature of this new alarm coming up on my screen. Deleting it. No use.

Great app but Looks good. Easy to use. Love except for annoying Good Morning song alarm. Also use alarm in afternoon and evening. Would give 5 star if could select alarm not specific to am wake up.

Works as advertised Simple but laid out well. The only change I would like to see is an alarm that had an option to go off once that was created for later in the week

Great alarm clock n easy to use Volume is loud enough to wake me up from a deep sleep. Was easily able to create alarm off of a ringtone. This alarm is bad a** !

Android liminations This illustrates the liminations of Android. Windows or Linux OS provide a user frendly interface for the user. Android is a pain in the ASS, with Google Play requirements.

Top notch The best way to make a cellphone do a job that it's generally not expected to do. Of course it's expected to show time but that's not what I'm talking about. Now it serves as a decorative tabletop timepiece too & a very good looking one at that. Kudos to the developer(s). If there was a way to remove the Ads, I would have given it another ? at the title space. You let me remove the Ads at a reasonable price you'll see more of ????? these at the top. Also tell me how to make it give the hourly signal.

Can't upgrade to no adds If it were possible to get rid of the ads then this would be a 5* app. As it is however with the garbage annoying ads it is rubbish... Uninstalled.

Does what I need with a nice look I wish there were a few more color schemes. I also wish I could just make it my background so it would always show. Very easy to use.

Alarm add Maybe I am doing something wrong but I can't delete alarms. Uninstalled - this app is not good enough to want to find out.

Alarm clock This is a great interface alarm clock it uses your device alarm but it goid because some very good features you can set the lighting of the display and there others options by giving the time if you touch the screen if you are looking for a good alarm app then you should get this also i notice it uses less battery to your actual own alarm on your device i did do for a couple of nights and saw the difference. So look no further really the designers could create more interfaces maybe. It all there for you

Great app Never late works great deleted all other alarm apps I had

My favorite Great for appointment. I miss so many dr charge. Bills due late fees

Excellent Great app looks brilliant and does the job. No problems as yet does exactly what I require it to do.

Battery Just a little worried about eating my flattery. Will keep in going and check it out. Nice though

Nice one It looks so nice but it could have been very ok if you people can do something like this for screen saver or locked screen clock

Awesome Clock It is, quite simply, an "awesome" clock. All controls are on one page. You can change to whatever configuration works for you. One of the best clocks out there.

Really good alarm, does exactly what it says on the tin. Unobtrusive, accurate and easy to use.

OPS Specialist This clock is an absolute delight to use, it looks good, it's accurate and the level of the alarm volume is more than adequate to wake most people.

Solo clock This Clockworks totally awesome. It's very helpful time is right like I said it's totally awesome.

Awesome alarm clock Really great. Would have given 5 Stars except I can't make it display on main page ?

Great application Only addition I would make would be a different colour palette as themes. Otherwise this app does everything it days and does it well. Great stuff!

Very helpful Saves me the stress of hitting the menu severally

Very good looking clock. Very easy to use and very good at waking me for work.

Mojo Love this clock....alarm is continuous which is a great feature when you are hard of hearing! AWESOME CLOCK!