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Beautiful Drawer

Supplied By Yossi Segev    On June 24, 2014    Comments(40)

APP for iPhone Beautiful Drawer version1.7.2 Download

Beautiful Drawer is a different take on the applications drawer concept.

We put a lot of time and effort into customizing our phone home page but our applications drawer is left untouched.
If you, like me, feel that using your applications drawer is a chore, Beautiful Drawer was made for you.

Beautiful Drawer allows you to sort your favorite applications under categories and display them in a gorgeous, fresh and clean layout.

Main Features:
* Organize your favorite applications under categories and select a header image for each category.
* Black and white themes.
* Show or hide the applications icons.
* 3 different categories transitions.
* Free (no ads)

Yossi Segev part of our Personalization and have average installs from 10000 to 50000. Last Update June 24, 2014. Appstore play rating is 82.0734. Current verison is 1.7.2. Actual size 1.6 MB.

What's new

    Version 1.7.2:
    Fixed bug: Crushing when disabling the header image on some devices.
    (Thanks for reporting!)
Download beautiful-drawer.apk 1.6 MB


Simple, beautiful, fast! But the biggest problem with this app... is that it's not a launcher! (Yes, I'm aware it's a drawer app.) Why is that? Seriously, that's the one main thing that's holding this app back. Please, make this a launcher. I'd love to use this as a default launcher. Or make it a default drawer. I don't like hitting home & being taken back to my launcher when I want to be back in Beautiful Drawer instead. Other things needed: allowing us to customize our app icons with our icon theme packs & more customization options/choices, please.

A Truly Beautiful Drawer I am the type of person who loves to have my apps meticulously placed in folders. Using Beautiful Drawer allows me to reduce the real estate on my screen while simultaneously indulging in my OCD tendencies :-) Overall, it easy to navigate, extremely customizable and, of course, BEAUTIFUL! The only real suggestion I have is a search bar so I can search for the apps I need without having to go find them in my folders every time. Other than that, thank you for a great app and for continually improving it!

Great! It is exceedingly simple without deception, making it surprisingly kid friendly. I'm going to download this for a particular someone. I'd like to suggest a category of hidden apps however. I love that the app size is under 2 MB, perfectly complementing the simplicity. Did I mention it looks nice, and the transitions are enjoyable? Support for icon packs would be nice too.

Great Looking - No Save or Refresh S5 g900f Omega v5.1 ROM; Fantastic looking but no refresh feature so you have to go thru and remove uninstalled apps one by one (and most times I've forgotten which ones have been uninstalled). Also about 20-30% of the icons are mismatched and there is no save feature (save to Titanium and restore from there). But it is good looking and one of a few that works with this Rom, which is most likely something I've screwed up not Indie).

GREAT APP! I've never bothered reviewing an app before, but I was so impressed with this that I had to. Nice looking alternative to using folders.

Please make backup option This is a very useful and gorgeous app! My request is for an option to backup this app to an external place like Dropbox or Google Drive. Also, it would be great to have the categories appear as a floating list when the app is first opened so that the needed category could be chosen quickly.

REALLY NEEDS SHORTCUT OPTIONS Its great if you want to launch everything from the drawer but in order to replace the stock app drawer it should have the ability to create a shortcut or uninstall from long press instead of just removing from the page.

Absolutely wonderful!! Gone are the days of app drawer freezing simply because I have a lot of apps! This app handles everything like a pro!! Thank you so much!

Ideal solution Works great. I tried different launchers but wanted to keep Blink feed on my HTC one . But I also wanted to have a better apps drawer. This was the answer I was looking for. Tip - dock the icon for easy access.

Does not update When I uninstall apps, I have to manually remove them from the category. Otherwise it gets displayed with the icon of the app above or below in the list. Five stars if you correct it.

I loved it BUT... I use SYMPHONY Xplorer W66 with jelly bean 4.4.2. i did not find built-in camera and phone app. fix this bug...

Gorgeous!!! Loving this app drawer... I tend to theme my phone as soon as I get it... And this makes it even more cool!! Great job

Awesome App.. Can I make it as my default App drawer at my HTC sensation xl x315e???

Beauty Realized :) I cannot imagine a more beautiful and simple app to use. Gorgeous in every way. Thank you.

Could use some work to be awesome 1. Give option for no image. Thus using the full screen for each category. 2. Give a default all category and app should be added to this one after being installed. 3. Give smart categories. For example if I installed "angry birds" it will be automatically added to this smart game category. 4. Give a top 10 uses smart category. 5. Icon theme support.

Beautiful Drawer Terrific way of organising the app drawer in a much more useable way. Only 4 stars due to one reason. When an app is deleted from phone, Beautiful Drawer doesn't recognise that its been deleted. If that could be sorted then I'd have no hesitation to up my rating to 5 stars

Awesome But it's not a launcher otherwise 5 ☆ from me.

Nice work! I enjoy my new app drawer. I really like the way you can personalice header and categories. You should add the option to replace or hide the stock app drawer. Think about.

Eye candy without the bloat Although it's no deterrent, icon pack support as well as close after launch would be greatly appreciated. I'm a little picky visually and the icons ruin it. Hiding it works for me but confuses those not familiar with my apps. Anyway, impressive work still. I'm keeping an eye on this.

Why aren't more people using this?? I have about 120 apps to looking for something through the menu can suck. This app is exactly what I was looking for. It takes a while to organize everything but once its done its so much easier to find things even if I dont know what im looking for

Great app! Was looking to add folders or similar functionality to the app drawer and found this. Not exactly what I had in mind. BUT I'm running CM 11 and set this app to one of the slots in the quick launch shortcuts. Works really well!

Little annoying While starting the drawer it shows white screen for 2 to 3 sec which is annoying... Otherwise nice concept....

Awesome! Hands down the best app organizer! Especially if your phone has the option to move your default app drawer icon around to replace this app with. Only suggestion is the ability to choose the app icon color from purple.

Nice app Please add ability to open app by swipe up from navigation bar

One more step You should add an arrange icons feature.

Perfect not beautiful it is very beautiful drawer. two minus points no option for sorting applications of user's choice. no option for toggle shortcuts like Home , wifi , bluetooth etc.

Just brilliant Your app is perfect! That is what i was looking! Keep it that way!

Great app Allows you to create your own menu selecting only the appd you want. Please create a launcher version

Beautiful indeed I'm not the biggest fan of the app drawer and this app had made searching through other apps bearable and at times, even enjoyable. It would be really awesome though if you could edit app names or change app icons and have more options on long press of applications like uninstalling, etc.

So far so good! (Updated review): Kinda slow I mean it works but it doesn't feel light and when I'm swiping through the pages it feels heavy.

Please add icon pack supoort

Fantastic! One of my favorite apps. Saves me a lot of time scrolling through my app drawer. Highly recommended.

Why not this app become a launcher?!. Is the simplest and beautiful app I've used but if this app was a launcher it will be more fun and easier to find an app. Plus, app search feature and icon theme support is totally recommended features I want if this was a launcher. Good job to the developer of this app. Wish I can help making this app better.

Great but was looking for something to on main screen

Exactly what I've been looking for.

UI could be better.

Beautiful but one major defect. The text in the side menu remains black in the dark theme so obviously I can't read it.

Excellent Offers a lot of customization and easy to use.

Very good!!!!!!!!!!

Nice, but... Switching between folders is made in stupid way: - side menu isn't good place for folder list, since it always was for options - left/right switching sucks when there are more then 3-5 folders (e.g. i have 12), so, it also can't help - it opens last folder on lauch, but most of times i need another one So... Can there be a "superfolder" what shows all folderls like it done for apps? (And appears first?)