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Block Puzzle

Supplied By mToy    On Aug. 22, 2016    Comments(254)

APP for iPhone Block Puzzle version7.2 Download

Block Puzzle is the tangram-inspired puzzle game sensation that’s taking Google Play by storm. Fill the board by dragging different shaped blocks into the correct place to make a single larger shape. If you think it sounds simple then think again! There’s only one correct solution for each level and pieces can’t be rotated.

Block Puzzle is amazing value, packed with over 6000 FREE mind-bending levels of increasing difficulty that’ll keep you busy for hours. For even more replayability, there’s also Time Attack Game Mode - play against the clock with millions of automatically-generated combinations that need to be solved. Block Puzzle is incredibly intuitive and fun for all ages and skill levels. Once you’ve tried, you’ll be hooked!

Key Features:
★ 6000 FREE puzzles!
★ Three game modes
★ Each puzzle has only one solution
★ Five difficulty levels
★ Infinite Challenge against the clock
★ Rank up in the leaderboards, challenge your friends via Google Play Games
★ 25+ achievements to win

mToy part of our Puzzle and have average installs from 10000000 to 50000000. Last Update Aug. 22, 2016. Appstore play rating is 83.8896. Current verison is 7.2. Actual size 3.4 MB.

What's new

    Adaptive board size
Download block-puzzle-1.apk 3.4 MB


Puzzling This is a fun little game that will keep you guessing. Every puzzle is different (or at least it seems that way :). There's no sound, which is fine by me, & they don't ask for ridiculous permissions. I give it it 2 thumbs up.

Simple app that is as advertised It's a simple app that'll help you kill time while you wait for someone or whatever. Doesn't require you to constantly check up on it to advance either. Simple, good, puzzle app.

Difficult Some levels are difficult, others are easy. It's a fun game to play, perfect for sitting on the toilet and figuring it out.

Great for the brain This game can be challenging and really got the brain working all my kids love to have a go we found some levels harder than others but its all fun that we can share and even compete against each other see who can complete it quickest

Love it All I do now is sit and listen to us it whilst playing this game. Only thing is some levels are to difficult and others are to easy... but it's still a really good game.

Stuck on 25... On novice... Such a fun game! I recommend this for whoever likes brain teasers and stuff like that. It's also very time consuming and addicting. And, I agree, its a very good game for when your stuck on the toilet. Or anywhere else...

I lost all my saved levels after new update Not only did the new update erase the 100s of levels I've already completed, the new UI looks terrible. Originally a 5/5 now I'm thinking about uninstalling.

Awesome and a good game for the brains I love I it. Love it so much although I'm kinda stuck on a level. But it is still good.

Block Puzzle This app is good and great fun if you are bored or in a long car journey! I think you should download this because it is entertaining and fun! Me and my friend play this and we both believe that this game can get a bit boring after a long long time but is worth getting it as the fun during the time is really good! SO DOWNLOAD THIS AMAZING APP

Addicting!! I love the game! Very easy to learn; I love the simple concept. I get a very satisfied feeling when I beat any level, and there are enough levels to last a lifetime! The expert levels are not too easy and not too difficult. I've had the game for about for months and I haven't gotten tired of out yet, and I don't think I ever will.

Kathy Love it play it in bed as im disabled and cant get up some days keeps me active in mind very addicted best puzzle for me.

Best time killer of my life I've been getting a little tired of Bejeweled, and my mom recommended this to me. The entire office is playing it. Simple and fun and requires enough brain power to keep you focused but not enough to frustrate you.

Endless Entertainment Hours of calm puzzle solving. A great way to challenge yourself, but take a second away from your busy day. The endless puzzles are a relief for someone who Burns through them. It is a simple game therefore free of glitches. The adds are placed in areas that are easily ignored. Your progress is saved immediately. All in all, wonderful game.

Block puzzle I loved it because I am great at it and not to hard for me and not to easy

Fun Game It's fun keeps my mind busy, but some levels are really difficult.

Mind Consuming A nice little puzzle game to take up the dead time. No glitches that I have come across. All in all good puzzle game.

Rab Fraser Great game keeps the mind thinking. More challenging than first thought 5*

An enjoyable frustration! I adore how progressively harder these get, but they are never too hard. Great way to relax.

It was good but level 21 I couldn't do and please can you get fee hints and collect coins to get your hints thanks Rachel all of my regards and get more block games thankyou

Excellent I love puzzle games and this one is really fun and challenging I really recommend this puzzle game to any puzzlers I am really good at this game so far just running thru it I already know and believe it is gonna get harder as I go done beat 900 got 5100 to go I am too cold for the game the best puzzle game ever

BE CAREFUL! This game is very addicting. With tons of free levels, there is times I can't put the game down.

Block Very good app and very good challenge and keep me busy for hours on end none stop if I get stressed and stuck on a level I leave and go back later and try again

Block Puzzle It's addicting. I love this game. I sit thinking I will work 1-3 puzzles but it turns out to be more like 50-100 puzzles before you know it.

LOVE IT I always play this when I'm bored, and really keeps the mind working! I am now addicted to this game, it just sucked me in. ..

Brrrrrrrrrrilliant. Check this game out it's absolutely brilliant and I really like how this game gets harder and how the people/person made the game

Awsome This game is like one of my games that I use to play when I was 5 .brings back many memores

Great game Except for not enough room outside of puzzle to move tiles good game.

Ol Timess Easy as far as I have gotten. Nice colors. Pieces mostly move smoothly. Mindless?

Block Puzzle I like it....lots of levels for challenge..good game to play while waiting to help pass the time!!

Fun no cost A game that doesn't require time or money to continue. Zen. Challenging but not impossible.

Short, fun puzzles Only one ad each time you open the app. Gets addicting!

Good game to... Pass time and work your brain!! Like that there are not too many ads!

Really love it~ Many level, less ads, more brain stroming, more the fun! Never get bored! XDD and I beat nearly 600++ levels already :3

It's great! It's SO fun but tiny bit hard I sujest you guys get this game it is for free by the way.

Puzzleisious I know that's not a word, but there are no words good enough to describe this game so had to invent one. Your life is incomplete if you have not downloaded this game, simple as that. Get it, play it, love it, then hate it and finally love it again.

I love this game soooo muchhh I had is for like 2 days and I'm on lever 157 so must have

Cool game :-) I've been playing this game for a few weeks now, surprisingly enjoyable for such a simple idea. It has heaps of levels, lots of fairly easy ones and the occasional frustratingly difficult one. Yes it has ads, I've not found them too intrusive so far. Considering that it's a free game, I'm very happy with it.

Good but ads so fun but so annoying. Mtoy plz get rid of ads I move a puzzle and then I clik on ad cause just pops up and I go on inter net but good game excersize brain.

A quick puzzle There are many games on each level so it is hard to run out of puzzles. It is like a puzzle but is quicker to finish, less pieces, and has a cubic art style.

Good app Love the puzzles. Very addicting. Good way to exercise my mind. But the ads associated with this game pop up randomly even when I'm not playing the game. These ads are loud, obnoxious & intrusive. This needs to be fixed. No ads have the right to wake up my phone & begin playing without my choosing it to do so. These ads will be the cause of my installing a much loved game.

Love it Sometimes even the simplest puzzles can drive you nuts.. The only thing i would change is the fact that all the puzzles are square or rectangle..mix it up a bit with even a single block or two outside the edges a bit or go crazy with ridiclous puzzle shapes..same puzzle blocks but odd puzzle shapes and you'll get 5 stars

Block puzzle Can be quite challenging, but keeps your brain cells active!

Block puzzle Good game, a lot of the puzzle repeats the same puzzle, I'm not quite shore if that is to test to see how well you can member.

Block Puzzle Fitting blocks into square space. Is fun & challenging, though still on novice level

Great time suck This game can be pretty addicting. Before you know it, you've been playing it for twenty solid minutes and it went by in a heartbeat.

Block Puzzle I use it to keep my mind active. Crossword puzzles and word search puzzles have gotten boring.

Simple but fun. Time attack makes it even better.

Fun way to pass time These puzzles make you think especially when you're trying to beat the clock.

Best game ever ..... It gets challenging but I still can pass them.

MelKel Such fun.Some too easy but some difficult. Very theraputic.

Fun This game is very addicting. Exercises the brain and doesn't have that many ads. The puzzles are very very easy so you don't get frustrated. Loved the game and you should get it! ♪\(*^▽^*)/\(*^▽^*)/

It's ok Its good but hard to move pieces plz fix

Block puzzle Keeps brain active, stratigizing at all times. Love it.

Omggs Love this App soo good I am on level 458 on novice

Block Puzzle Very challenging. Makes you think, which is good for all.

Interesting Its so addicting and easy... well in some parts in other ways there is no bug or ads its amazing.

It needs free hints I love it but I need free hints!!then I would give it a ★★★★★

Super fun!! Sometimes frustrating... but, if it were easy... it wouldn't be fun!

Block puzzle So good for passing the time and using the brain for any age or capabilities

Wish there was an ad free option. They pop up at random.

I love this game it really makes you use your brain

Matt Really like it very epic time waster

Good Mind Game But hints should be free... then I'll surely rate it 5 star.

Great way to keep your mind active while resting. So many levels to choose from depending on if I am in the mood for a challenge or just having fun.

A Nice Pass Time How quick can you solve it?

Amazing How did you come up with this idea. I am addicted to this game. You guys made a good discussion.

I don't like this, I love this Game I always Love games like this one.

Great game to play, sometimes it feels like I'm repeating the puzzles just in a different way. Same shapes, but good time filler.

It's fun and challenging my type of game. ?

Great way to keep your mind healthy This is my go to app when I have a few minutes to spare. As the puzzles get harder, the satisfaction really increases. A great app! I've downloaded this app on all of my devices.

Great game!! Love that's there soooo many levels to play!!

Amazing! Nice puzzle game that makes you say "one more level" at least 20 times in a row! :-)

Good I like it simple is best.

Helps pass the time. Really enjoy the game

One of the best Love the challenge

Awesome Very addictive. Great way to pass time while waiting.

Fun, looking forward to the harder levels.

Very good This is a very good game there is nothing wrong with it other than u can only get hints every couple of days this needs to improve and if it does I will consider giving you a great 5 stars

It's AWESOME! I like it! It's a fun game and there are many, many different puzzles. The puzzles can be really hard, too!

Bad update The latest update wiped out my entire progress in the game and now I have to start all over again. Very, very annoying.

Aggh More updates than BBC News24 and as for "free hints" whoop de dooop a whole ONE every 24 hours

Block puzzle Fitting irregular shapes into a rectangle. I do 3 - 4 at a time as some are harder than others, obviously. Similar to a boxed game I had as a present as a child. Is good for using brain.

I finished it before the free hints But I understand why one might need them

Best puzzle ever!!!!!!!? This is the best App ever. Best brain exercise. Love it.

Me and my 7 year old son is enjoying this puzzle game. ..

Fun time When you're stuck somewhere bored and need to kill some time this is a great way to do it

I thought its really good and there are a wide range of levels to choose from

There should be harder puzzels but its still a good game

Why so many updates? The pace of updates, with unexplained changes, is worrying. I think we even had two in a row today. At least add some release notes and specifics... Are there so many bugs that you have to rush so many releases? Maybe take some more time testing before pushing out buggy releases. The game is good but tell me why I need to constantly use up my bandwidth downloading yet another update for this app.

Lovely puzzle ..keeps you busy all the time....never boring

Block Puzzle It's a fun app for keeping your mind occupied when you have a few minutes to kill. I think it's good for you.

I loved the game it was hard at first but then I got the hang of it. I think that for the clues there should be a certain amount each day and then if you need more than you buy more. It would be great I think that this game should keep being rated

Challenging and Fun!!!! It challenges you,but its fun at the same time!!:):)

Had hours of fun and logical thinking. Great app for keeping your brains fit:)

Block Puzzle Very fun; addicting fast moving

Excellent brain workout! I use it when my brain needs to escape from a challenging problem. Great way to recharge my brain. And, it's free! Thank you...

Love this game! My girls aged 7 and 11 take turns playing with me. It's interesting to see how they go about problem solving differently. Something we can play together when waiting somewhere.

Great App Simple, relaxing and challenging all in one.

Block Puzzle Very addictive, recommend it.

Fun puzzle. Enjoy playing at my pace. No time clock. Great game to slow you down.

This game is challenging at the same time fun

Great app!! Keeps the brain busy.

Great game! Its really fun

Dg Excellent and lots of combinations to work on.

Block puzzle It is a truly great game that you can play for hours on end.I love it.

I love this app I love this app because it's so fun and challenging!!!!!!!!!!

Way too many adds! Other then that it is a fun game to pass time.

Great game for when u have free time.

Fun game The different levels make it both fun and challenging

It is challenges, I liked it.

Enjoyable Good way of whiling away a little spare time

Very fun and addictive!

Good game very absorbing

Liked, it 1 reason I don't like it 1. Some take ages to complete but really edited to it a-lot. So yeah.

Block Puzzel Fitting different shaped pieces into an oblong area. Very good for eye hand coordination.

Nice n fun game Easy to play wid a lot of levels?even sometimes becomes additive love d game n is a good Brain exercise?

Great Game If you want a game that is fun but very challenging this is it. It is so addicting. Hard to put down.

Awesome I have never got so addicted to any game like this before.

Hard to put down :-( I would advise to not install unless you plan to play for hours on end

Fun Addictive Challange This game is addicting and very challenging! Is my go to game when I'm sitting somewhere waiting on someone. :)

Lot's of fun - chalenges your mind to see things differently!

I truly love it It give a good practice skills to our brain

Good game Addictive, gets harder as you progress through levels.

Great game This game gets your ticker, ticking.

This game... I love this game because I like to figure out where pieces go. And it kills those passing times between life Lol.

Good game but the ads are frustrating A fun game to pass the time but the constant video ads come up too often and stop any music playing on your phone

Great way to keep your mind healthy This is my go to app when I have a few minutes to spare. As the puzzles get harder, the satisfaction really increases. A great app! I've downloaded this app on all of my devices.

A lot of fun Multiple levels of difficulty, many puzzles per level, and best of all, you don't need to be connected to play.

Good app Enjoyable but not addictive. I love it and so do the kids.

Great game! Love it! Great fun distraction. Its a good game to play with others too.

Fun and challenging I love this game it has levels of all skill levels!

Good stuff Plenty of puzzles, no issues. Get beastly hard at higher levels.

Brainy Can be quite challenging especially 1st thing in the morning. Improves as the brain wakes up!

Block puzzle Challenging and fun! Addictive.

Cool Love this game, so addicting!!!!!!!

Interesting It is very convincing and fun time with Mind developed

Just started..but haven fun

It give a gud practice skills to our brain.

Love this app Love this app I do wish you could get free hints after so many games played.

It is great, make you think a lot. Love it, just love it.

Lovely little time killer:)

Fun Its kinda easy yet fun I would say

Interesting. Makes me think.

Good good very good - awsome

Great game! Very entertaining.

I love this game so much The best game I ever played in the world

Addictive Good puzzle, warning- can be addictive!

Amazing I've only just got it and it's really amazing (also easy for me I'm on level 40)but something about it just is annoying that is thay you have to pay for hints you should at least get one every day as I'm sure I am ot the only one that doesn't want to pay apart from that keep up the good work

Excellent for traveling Perfect for killing time while in commute. Like that it is colorful and has different difficult y levels

This is a great app, lot's of fun!!! I am totally addicted to this game!! Love it, I now have my Son playing it!

Imposible to shut up This is the best Block Puzzle but the impossibility to shut up full volume commercials makes it unlikeable

Some hard some easy some ready completed bit really good and fun with its of challenges along the way. Their is also a new game thing you can play called time attack were you can play novice, normal and expert and you have for minutes

Excellent I love puzzle games and this one is really fun and challenging I really recommend this puzzle game to any puzzlers I am really good at this game so far just running thru it I already know and believe it is gonna get harder as I go done beat 900 got 5100 to go I am too cold for the game the best puzzle game ever I'm stuck but I will not Uninstall because I know I can get I will never give up

Great Hours of fun, some hard some easy but great fun

Everyone I like this game it is a very great game to have and to play and if you not have this game you need to get it because I am always available to work out it and I like to know what you think about this game and if you want to be able to a different news about it it is up to you

Time. It's honestly the best game to pass time with without any type of stress

Good puzzles. Not always the most challenging, but is a great way to kill some time.

Brill, just ads that made it 4 star But then that's what you get if the app is free!

Makes you think I enjoy this app. I have had it for several months and every once in a while I try five or ten puzzles to keep the brain from rusting over. Still in beginner mode but making my way through it.

way cool game !!! it keeps me busy n i just can't put it down ... :-)

Just my speed The novice levels help get you thinking and the expert levels are good enough to keep it always interesting.

Well done Enjoyable games that can be difficult. If you like block puzzles this one is for you

Hints You were able to get a hint once a day now you have to pay for it ? love the game but......

Best game to have I love this game I javd it on all my dives only thing is once I am on it I don't no when to cone of it its good bit sometimes I get so mad because it don't seem to work would tell By one to give of a try bit if you get moody quick I would say give it a miss some of them are a little hard to to

Best puzzler I love this game it's challenging I just wish there was a reset button because I some times make the box messy but that takes a bit of time to clean up its just to help clean the box

Cool, Its fun and addictive. Its simple too! You know, ): I'm, not that smart

Good Brain Work It really makes your brain works!!

Game is AWESOME, but all of the advertising is NOT worth it! It's too bad really. If they take away the advertising I'll download it again!

Dont like the changes you've made to the look of the puzzle

Fun yet frustrating! These puzzles are fun t play and have helped me pass the time while in the hospital. Frustrating at times because I just can't find a way to make the pieces fit!!! I highly recommend this to anyone that likes this kind of entertainment!

Wonderful Puzzle Nice range of difficulty.

Ronnie lucas I like it to bits it is a very good game.

Easy to download Its so easy to download you can just wait for 1 minute

It's good to play if you are bored. Nice game.

Why so many updates? The pace of updates, with unexplained changes, is worrying. I think we even had two in a row today. At least add some release notes and specifics... Are there so many bugs that you have to rush so many releases? Maybe take some more time testing before pushing out buggy releases. The game is good but tell me why I need to constantly use up my bandwidth downloading yet another update for this app.

Awesome game This an amazing game which is so fun to play.I love it.

My purchase... I bought 10 hints but I bought a new phone and I can't restore my purchases... I need my hints back, I spent money on them.

Flash back This app reminds me of tetris. I was very good at it and upset the guy friends we played against. Great game to keep the mind sharp.

Challenging/Fun/Time killer : ) This is a awsome game please make more games like this. Everyone should get it.

Amazed It is asome and just fink ita good game

Love it I just like it within less than an hour

Mark gill Works well and it's a good time passer

Omg This game is do not need wifi

Oh my brain block pudle It is so fun

I loves this game I gives it a 6 star rating I love this block game I gives it five stars

Amazing I think it's a good game because it's great for the brain because it's a puzzle game ?

I love it. It is really good. You must get it! Why would you not get it?I play it every day!

Fun and challenging It is sooo addicting! I have to keep playing, even though I keep messing up, which makes me sooo mad! But I spend hours on this game anyway! Compared to other games, this is exceptionally better than others. Thanks for reading!

Option to restore levels There used to be an option to restore levels but now there isn't. I'd hate to have to do all of those levels over again. I spent 2 years slowly making my way through and I was about halfway done until now..

The perfect game Excellent, it gets you thinking and has challenges to pass the free time and entertain much is excellent.

Amazing This is an amazing app. There is a few apps, but they are easy to close and the game doesn't crash. This game is good if you like fun, chalenging brain games.

Love it! Update: I still love this app after using for a couple of years. The only thing that could be better is if it allowed more free hints (like 1-3 every level like another, similar, app I have).

Game for the brain! The puzzle games helps to keep your brain active. You get so many puzzles that you are puzzling for a long time.

Fun and a nice challenge It is a nice brain workout it also keeps my little sister quite while I do stuff like chores I love it it is so addicting no problems so far love the app keep up the good work

A lot of fun A really good 5 minute distraction, and a solid enough puzzle game that you can spend hours on it without getting bored. Edit. Still playing this game, after nearly 2 years i still keep coming back to it. A fantastic free puzzle game, and enough difficulty modes that even Mensa professors will be held up occasionally.

I'm having fun, but... Flashing ads while I play are tolerable, but the total interuption by ads with high volumes are not acceptable. I keep the game sounds off most of the time, but the ads explode with volume!

Excellent I love puzzle games and this one is really fun and challenging I really recommend this puzzle game to any puzzlers I am really good at this game so far just running thru it I already know and believe it is gonna get harder as I go done beat 900 got 5100 to go I am too cold for the game the best puzzle game ever I'm stuck but I will not Uninstall because I know I can get I will never give up

Great game!!! I love it, because it's CHALLENGING!!! It gives a lot of challenges, so it's fun to play...

Fun and challenging A great, free (with ads) app with low overhead. I am sometimes surprised to find myself playing for an idle hour. There's a certain 'thrill' in solving a tough puzzle, and no one has to know how many tries it took. :-)

I love this puzzle!!!! Still awesome as ever!!! Love it love it love it!!! Thanx for challenging my brain ♡!

Love this game So fun & addictive! I would give 5 stars when the app makers make it to where you can log in & sync! I am SO tired of having to start over from square one because I get a new phone or have to reboot a current phone! Just this month I had to start over twice. Please make this change!!! ?

Block Puzzle Fun to play along with my 11 yr old. Some brain stimulation! No flashing or noise.

Ultimate puzzle A bit like Tangram but with blocks. Good ole old-fashioned game. Annoying and frustrating at times, but only because I get stuck!

Awesome app..good game even my kids love it ..we like the levels, and that it goes back where you left off, we love this game app please take it easy on the ads, don't ruin it...THX...

Challenging This game is definitely one of the best games I have ever played!☺?

Great! Excellent time waster:) Easy to use, but challenging. Been working my way through the hardest level and play at least once a day.

Simply awesome!? I totally love this game, challenging, frustrating but certainly powerful exercise for the brain. I think everyone should give it a try.

A lot of fun Multiple levels of difficulty, many puzzles per level, and best of all, you don't need to be connected to play. Edit: more than little disappointed my progress was lost with the last update. It's fun, but not Do Everything All Over Again fun. -1 Star for that.

Love it! It gives my brain a workout when I work on the tougher ones :^)

Superb for Studying! I have had to download an app and this is an amazing app as it teases your brain and it makes you think of things in a different perspective (way)! Plus there are so many levels, which help you to expand you knowledge further! Hope this was helpful! XO

Tough Yes, it's addictive... Some puzzles are tough and you will have to pay to get a hint

Very addictive game! I cant put it down sometimes. It is a real fun game.

Awesome The best game in the world so fun i can sit at the bus station an check the time every two seconds waiting for the bus to come and even great at home to do for fun. Love it it is great

Easy Way too easy a 1 yr old could play this game I give it 2 stars

Block puzzle Arrange various shapes to match a larger outline. Great workout for an aging brain!

Loved it I love this game, it is soo fun and a little bit challenging. I loved it.

Love it!! My mum and my sister started playing it and said to me "You should try it" so i started trying Block Puzzle and now i'm addicted to it.

Worse update Not only do I now have to start over again, but apparently the full page ads between puzzles wasn't enough. Now there's the annoying, epilepsy tests flashing on the bottom of the screen while I p!ay. Since there's no option to buy a subscription to remove the ads, I'll just be uninstalling this app.

It is so fun ????????????? I love this game because it is so much fun and way funner than the last one so fun love it so fun. Yea you guys should go and like my youtube channel and go like the brataley if you already are good if you aren't go do it they make such cool musicly,s and make really good videos so yes love you guys ??????????????

Love this puzzle game. Challenging, but a mind tester, not a mind twister. Great time filler for those appointment waits and travel times. It can be a bit addictive and hard to put down - great game.

Block puzzle There's too many levels in each section of the same type of puzzle, so can become quite boring after a dozen or so.

It's way too easy. Like that u don't bug to often to rate it. Still don't like all the game adds.

Very addictive Absolutely love this game. Many possibilities and it's a never-ending boredom killer.

BLOCK PUZZLE Lots of excitement in every stage except in Expert & Hardest if you're having capable to solved that in a days...

Would've been 5 ☆... Favorite game but after all the updates now you can't start next level until you complete the one you're on ... I always had that one piece left that would be just a mirror of the space on the board and I liked not HAVING to maneuver them all when I it took forever already!!!!

Block puzzle Endless it seems, can't stop playing it though. It's a great, challenging game.

Great relaxing brain game. Whether you have a minute or an hour of spare time, this game fits. Great to an on the bus or while listening to music.

It is great I thought it would be just another free game with loads of adds but there are hardly any??

Abusive puzzle There advertisement of sex being shown. Cheap app.

OMG Can't believe how much you can do so quickly as of the first time I have ever heard of this game and I will be on it for the next few weeks no disappointing problems that I have been able to see

Player Fun puzzle. Like the minimal disturbance by ads.

Luke Being of the older generation I have a bit of time to kill, and it keeps my brain active, which can not be a bad thing, glad I found it.

Super Fun. I love this mind bending puzzle game. Really makes you think. Easy to get hooked! I also loved Block Puzzle Mania. Good exercise for the brain.

Good The game is simple and straight to the point. However, there is not a single free hint for players.

Relaxing game Great stress relief game as you can work at your own pace. Enjoy!,

Pretty good Simple. Doesn't need lots of brain power. A good game to play for 5 minutes here & there

Awesome A great time spender, plus a puzzle to really challenge your mind.

Block building fun. Enjoy the app. Good for the brain too. Helps when have anxiety too.

Love it I like Gamez this be this one is amazing to me

Fun time killer Solidly gradual increase in difficulty

Can't get enough Good challenges. Exercises the brain. I got my kids and husband playing too.

Challenging and enjoyable I've enjoyed playing this game. Lots of levels, so it can be challenging, but not impossible.

Some very hard, Good game, But very hard, keeps your mind active

I like the way it makes me think about how to solve the puzzles it's lots of fun keep my mind stimulated

Good game Great game but too many ads appears during game

Good Game I love this game, it's a good time filler and a good brain teaser :0)

Great brain exercise! Love these puzzles. Feel like I'm giving my brain a good exercise.

add Add a make you own levels plz so I can share it and give you 5starts plz ?

Brain exercise and relaxing This game make your brain exercise and relaxing because it's actually a smart game like it ??

Gets your brain cells working Great game for filling in a few minutes whilst waiting

Love it Love it think everyone should get app

Block puzzle It's really fun to play and it helps you to think and solve the puzzle.

Fun If you're looking for a slightly challenging puzzle, this one is great.