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Change Hair Color

Supplied By PIC EDITING TOOL    On June 27, 2016    Comments(99)

APP for iPhone Change Hair Color version2.2 Download

Change hair color -makeup tool is free and easy to use makeup tool which change hair color instantly.
This hair color changer create stunning visual effects without applying makeup. This is an ultimate hair color simulation application just take a picture or import from gallery and choose the best color that suits your hair this tool will convert your hair color in that chosen color shade.
Features of hair color changer:
-Use 70+ kinds of hair color for free.
-Apply multiple filters to give a dashing look to your pictures.
-Draw and erase unwanted region.
-Import photo from photo gallery, camera, etc.
-Save photo to gallery and Share photos on Facebook or other social network.
Try out different hair colors on your photos. Many colors to choose from, and all are free.
Look different by using different shades daily on your photos and be stylish. so friends Download and shape your hair with these realistic new shades.

PIC EDITING TOOL part of our Photography and have average installs from 5000000 to 10000000. Last Update June 27, 2016. Appstore play rating is 69.3457. Current verison is 2.2. Actual size 9.6 MB. Download change-hair-color-1.apk 9.6 MB


Amazing! I love this app because I want to get my hair died and I didn't know how I would look with it died. But with this it really helps a lot.

Could be better I like the looks you can get from this app, but it crashes before I can complete one image. I like the fact that the tracer is off set from your finger so you can see your outline better. Would be the best without the crashing issue.

False advertising!! This app is NOTHING like what is seen here. The whole layout of the app is different. The color swatches are completely different than what you see here. Once you've applied the colors it looks like a paint project!! I have a lot of blonde hair, and I tried many different colors. Every color looks like I put see- through paint on my head! (Even the dark black)

Not the best Can't figure out how to work it but maybe it is just me♥

Need a steady hand, creativity/style , and patience. Still I'm addicted. Best app for hair color planning Way too many ads they get very irritating though

Hair Color fun! Its great and for those complaining about lag THATS YOUR PHONES PROCESSOR. BUY A BETTER PHONE!

Cool It could be better it looks more fake but otherwise its cool and one of my favorite features are the magazine thing that's pretty cool so I rate this five stars but I could be better

Love, love, love, love This is it Michelle Barth this is her grandbaby adyson I love it you should get it to you will have lots of fun remember I love it you will too.

Cool Awesome but I don't like how the color gets on the skin they should make a app that scans the hair and colors it without u trying to make it perfect but this app is cool

The app is AWESOME!!! I rate the app 5☆ because there no ads and it makes my little bro laugh but how do u make it two colours

CAN DO BETTER The brush only equipped with hard edge no soft brush option which means the work will look pretty sloppy, so download PICSAY pro and use your imagination and you can do all this and more no edit app can touch it

Good but lowers the quality I like this app , it's easy to use. But if it wouldn't lower the quality of my pictures , it would be perfect !

Great for trying funky colors You can preview funky colors before going through the process, which is cool. Easy to use. Natural colors (blonde and brown) don't look accurate, though.

Great fun. Works well, ocassional crashes from random images but mostly really good fun, would like few more colour options please.

Good After saving of image, i want to save it in different hair colour too but it exits itself right after saving n again I hv to repeat the whole procedure again. :/

Love It is amazing it works perfect but....we can only choose 1 colour so i was so sad in the pro pic it was beautiful and a lot of colours i was going to make rainbow if that worked i could have gave it 5 stars

I don't know why but, Whenever I edit I save but it does not save and while editing,it just stops which means I'll have yo restart. Pls fix did...the app is fun tho..

Like it I would give this a 5star but if you could make it not ruin the skin part then I would prefer to add another star

Wow it works at first I though it wouldn't now I know I look good in blue and red so far

Amazing Its really fun. If you actually try (unlike some people) it can be so useful and believable!

Hate it hate it hate it I hate it

Not the best app it could have some improvements, last time I used this app it looked fake and not natural like in the picture I'll give it 5 stars if it looked more... realistic.

Great app I love this app it's amazing I LOVE IT??

COLOR ON SKIN!?!?! REALLY!?!?! It took me like 20 minutes to erase the color off the skin. So boring. It was even hard to get the color ON the skin!!! ?????????!!!

Well I think it's good but I don't know how to use different colors at once

My 2 yr old can make a more realistic Picture edit with his cayolas.... Total crap. It looked like it had promise but just another ad ridden crapware

I'm dead This app is awesome like I might get a strip of pink or something when I'm older this is amaze

Perfect It's really very cool .. I mean the distance between the pointer n the brush is totally awesome.

Incredible Install it u will never need 2 go2 a salon 2 show off 2 uo friends

Not User Friendly, poor color range Rudimentary color range, which excludes blacks, greys, and whites. Hair selection tool is not very user friendly. App has ads. Not a fan.

It does not work well. They should really work on improving it

Awesome but........ I can't put my hair color of different colors. Or if there's 2 people in the picture I don't know how to put the hair a different color each. Please please please fix this problem and show how to put it different color on the "help" part.

Veryyyy good Tnxxxx it's very good,,,but i wanna make hair with some colors...but i can't plz add it to new version tnc

Hated it I absolutely hated it

Effect is great. But the app crashes, brush gets stuck on the border. And I am only able to apply one colour not more. Please make this more mobile phone friendly, I really like the app.

This is not bad editor. its 2much bad I bothered this app. I suggest you never download this app.

Very amateur Much better stuff out there. Does what it says though.

cant even open the apps crash and report from the first click after install, never been able to open it before on several devices I owned.

Not working It's kinda good but really it's a waste of time. It makes you look terrible.

Terrible It doesnt change my hair color ive tried everything even help button iy dont do anything I dont have a brush icon

Great I love it it's definitely cool

It's awsum x It's a really good app my hair dye looks so real thnk u?

Great Although highlighting hair can be tough. Could you make maybe different sizes of tool used to highlight so you don't get highlighted the face as part of it

It's nice..but It always said that "Sorry Changed Hair Color has stopped" I always repeating it download,delete,download,delete..How many times!Pls fix it?

Crap This app makes it look like you tried to use marker on you hair. Does not blend with the shadows or hairline.

Hate it I hate it it doesn't even color and I am so sad that I gave u people that star..for me I should give u at least 1 star so I can comment..u stink...don't install this app it's just a waist of time

This is an awesome app to see what color your hair could be but why on your skin too:-) :-) :-) :-) :-)

This app sucks I hated this app so much and I would give it a 0 ☆ but I am feeling nice today. This app is soooo bad. Don't get this app

Does not work at all!!!!

Helpfull This is really helpful if you want to dye your hair

Took forever to get it to work 20 minutes.

It's Great If you're unsure of getting your hair dyed,and want to see how it would look.I suggest this app.It will help a great deal.

Can't turn the pointer Why can't I turn the pointer to color the other side of my head? So I'm one side purple one side black because it won't turn to let me color the other side.

I love this app

It was amazing

hard to use

Horrible Adds every other mins for at least 30 secs and hard to color the hair especially more than one color and especially without getting it anywhere else on the picture deleting already

Rubbish I can't even open the app! It just said: change hair colour has stopped working!

For those people who dont have brains.Its Great and looks real.You just have to figure it out

Horrible Quality The reason i have to buy a second phone so i can have ios, because all photo editing apps are so garbage, especially the hair ones, extremely poor quality, gets the job done but barely.

Great It is great and u can change the color of any thing and it only crashes when u use the camera on the app and it is really realalistic I sent a pic to my mom and got grounded because it looked so real

Doesn't work Ads delay pic from loading and most of the time resulted in an "error"

Please make it easy to use and add more shining shades its my request over all i love it

Can't do rainbow I can see that it says you can do rainbow on the front, but you cannot do the rainbow hair style

Hair colour This app has include more n more add n tough In use

It's hard It's hard to color the freaking hair!!

Wouldn't open It would not open at all

So many ads So I can't tell if it works or not. They were even advertising themselves to me.

Not working properly I saw this app , so i give it a try , i dont have issues with ads , my concern is the main feature of the app .. it wont let me choice a diff. Color aside from the red default color, if ill choose a diff. Color it will load and kick me out of the app. ?

Cant color my hair...what is the problem

It's not working!!!!

The lighter colors don't work I had a specific color in mind. It was a silver color. I thought it would be good, but it was so opaque that it looked really unappealing. If you're looking for darker colors then that works great! If your looking for a lighter or pastel color, forget it. It won't work too well with this app. The only reason it's get 3 stars is because it does work with the darker. If it didn't it'd be getting 1 star....

no color change at all I'm Native American so I wasn't expecting a huge change , but the shade didn't look the slightest bit different. Very disappointed.

starting with 5 stars has adds but not to imposing I read reviews on adds looks like they listened so far not horrible will drop stars if to many adds start filers are weird but managing to get them were I want them manually filers definitely need fixed

Horrible Fix your app! It logs me out every single time! This is a terrible app! It shouldn't be up of its not going to work! Fix it! Or take it down!

I could give it a 5 star BUT...... Its good if you wanna dye your hair but you don't know what it will look like here it is Can't mix colours as in pick 1 colour put that colour on amazing it works but wanna put 2 colours on it will not work you just get 1 colour a photo so you can't to tie dye or rainbow hair but the colours do look very pretty guys done good work on it and it still is a very very good game not the best I recommend this game for people that want to dye there hair or just show of to there friends :)

Dang The colors will not show up over dark hair. Pointless.

The colors don't work!!! I try over and over to try to get the color on my hair? it's not as easy as totorial says

Stupid This game is so stupid I don't know use it every time I try to get on it won't let me do anything it just sends me to my fun fliter

It's kinda kool It's kool but slow and all the ads but it tricked my Mom and brother imma keep it for now and have some fun

Rubbish!!! The haircolor looks SO FAKE and there's too many ads!! IT ANNOYS ME?

So CUTE!!? I absolutely loved it and I only got one add and it might be a little hard when erasing but that's the point it's not supposed to be perfect!

I like it because u can change your hair to any thing u want

Not the best colors Colors aren't accurate but so far the best one I've used.

Really?? big waste of time. I was almost done & the ad deleted my progress. I'm done w/ this.

Can't get it to work I selected all my hair then went and picked a color and hit apply, didn't change it to the color I selected. Uninstalling

Its cool Its a good app, just it needs a little better quality , other than that I highly recommend this app

I dont like I don't like it too many ads

Hi It is bad l hate it. I deleted it strategy away. Ĺ

Hate it I can't do anything

Rubish This app is a waste of your your time and storage

Erica Doesn't work. Too fake as well

It was cool until.... After doing one photo it stopped working!

Waste of time It is not working!!!

It won't let me do the color!!!

It wont let me on! I took a photo and then nothing.

No change what's so ever. This app use to be so much better.

Change hair color Loved it very much.

i love it. but i cannot recognise the color,can you help?