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Clever Blocks

Supplied By Pocket Storm    On April 26, 2016    Comments(116)

APP for iPhone Clever Blocks version1.6 Download

"A simple concept that presents enough of a challenge to stay engaging. Clever blocks is a great and fun puzzle game." -- games4us.

"Clever Blocks" is a tetris-style block fitting game. Simple, yet challenging and addictive.

The goal is very simple: move various blocks to fit them all in the gray background. Sounds easy? Not really.

+ 850 Challenging puzzles
+ 4 difficulty levels
+ In-game hints system
+ Timer
+ HD graphics
+ More...

The puzzles get harder as you progress.

Pocket Storm part of our Puzzle and have average installs from 1000000 to 5000000. Last Update April 26, 2016. Appstore play rating is 87.3513. Current verison is 1.6. Actual size 7.5 MB.

What's new

    1. Better animation when a puzzle is solved;
    2. SDK updated;
    3. Bug fixed.
Download clever-blocks-1.apk 7.5 MB


Addictive to say the least Love it, I'm not big on games but puzzles are my weaknesses, and this one it's awesome

Fun! Very entertaining, great game to play on the subway to keep your mind off of the packed train. Could use some slight variation in the backgrounds maybe.

Great physical puzzle. Hints are nice for when you are really stuck. If the advertising was less intrusive, less personal info I would have rated 5.

Thinking game Definitely something that will keep you involved if you have patience. I play just to have some down time. Then I go back & try to beat my times after I've done a few levels.

Love It! I like this game it's interesting to fit blocks in shape With out being able to turn them. ..and u can have as much time as needed.

If puzzles games r ur thing then I'd suggest you try it. So far haven't had any problems with this app.

Great Enjoy the challenge. Keeps the mind active and addictive. The ads are annoying

Drives you crazy This game is simple but it drives you crazy so far I have no complaints it fun to figure out some of the boxes but you have to think out side the box for some of puzzles if you get this game have fun with it but remember to think out side the box enjoy

THIS GAME This game, (clever blocks) is so enjoyed its so easily play,that's why I loved this so much and I am so addicted with this game.I hope you can play this game and I want you to experienced this easy game .LOVE IT

Perfect for boredom. Omg. I can't stop playing. I work 3rd and some nights the hours go by so slowly. This is wonderful. And i don't have to spend money every 90 mins for lives or energy.

Keeps you interested! Find it relaxing and enjoy the challenges.

It is a lot of fun, requires no special permissions,no purchasing anything extra and the ads are livible.

Love it I never get bored with this game, it is fun,and I Love that ir makes you think.

Only wish I could get it on my LG tablet. Addictive. I like puzzles that challenge my brain. At my age if you don't use it you lose it.

Great loving game I loved this game! Perfect and special!! I see no problem in it!! It force you to use your brain! Awesome!

Great fun and works the brain too I love the challenge of the puzzles and just how easy out is to get caught up in puzzle after puzzle. Brilliant game!!

Awesome If you want to give some work to ur brain, thn play dis

A little different block game This block game is a little different than most. It's fun. :-)

Free and fun Unless you are low on memory there really is no reason not to get this game

Addictive Lovely game, best soo far and urges me to carry on more to play to reach the next level if not beat the time. Great

Semi-addictive It won't let pieces overlap, but it will let a piece be placed part in & part out of the space. ???

Great game. Spend far too much time playing it!

Great Game! Puzzles get more challenging as you advance through the levels which keeps me hooked.

Awesome! This game is really fun. It challenges your skills, and it tests your sanity. It's very addicting.

Loved it It's fun and challenging, a great thing to do when you are bored

A bit easy I'd prefer to be able to choose the difficulty level without having to complete the lower levels.

Awesome very challenging. This is the only game I want to play

I love this game..<3 I like to play this game with my husband..

Awesome I downloaded this game and it really helps we the oter app that is exactly like this one. I want to say thank you to the people who inveted this game

Addictive Love the challenge but offers hints if i do get stuck.

Great game! Doesn't constantly nag you to buy silly upgrades. Just fun!

Challenges but fun Great for young and old.

Love it!! I love puzzles and the hints are good too. I've not done all the beginner i'm wondering if yu can change the directions of the blocks on further levels?

S5 Ok types not so great. Some good music besides and a better UI shall make it 4.5

It z awsome It is good relaxer . I can get lost n it n forget my problem for awhile

Great for my family I enjoy the different levels and good time killer. My kids are addicted.

It's enjoyable Fun game to kill time with

ADDICTED!!! I started playing this game as soon as I installed it on my phone... I had a REAL hard time stopping!!! This game is one that was to be used to pass the time away... NO!!! It took me 3 hours of intriguing game play to realize... I AM ADDICTED!!!

Clever game It is also loved by my family memers

Very good!

Infectious Difficult and yet doable and so keeps the mind working. Easy to loose an hour playing this game.

Fun game... This is a fun game with enough challenge to keep it interesting. Well thought out screen and hints are available if you get really stuck on a particula puzzle. Self-paced while encouraging visual processing skills. Recommend it to puzzle lovers.

Clever Blocks An upgrade from tetris without the twist. This makes it more challenging. Also, the clues is a good added feature if needed. Overall I love the game. 5 stars

great puzzle game great way to kill a few minutes or an hour while exercising your brain. fun.

Works fine It does have a problem returning to the place you left off which makes it tedious to find your next game. If you have trouble solving a puzzle just leave it and come back later, that seems to help. Don't be anxious to use the hints either. Just FYI.

EXCELLENT This game is not only addictive, but challenging! Starts off easy and gradually gets harder. Awesome!!

Clever blocjs I love this game. Addicted......

Loving it : ) Love the game. If there wasn't a countdown, we could enjoy the game more. Block Puzzle doesn't have a countdown. That game was really fun too.

Love this game. This game is great. I play it a good bit. Yes it can be challenging but over all I think it is a fantastic game to get you thinking about something. I know I play it when I get stressed and it helps to melt away my stress

Clever Blocks Great thought provoking game. Challenging. Tips are handy when you are really stuck but I must admit I feel like I'm cheating if I use it.

Fun game And so far the only ads are at the bottom of game.. If it ever starts popping them up i will uninstall

Clever Blocks Tetris with a twist - very cool for winding down the mind and some challenges too.

Drives you crazy This game is simple but it drives you crazy so far I have no complaints it fun to figure out some of the boxes but you have to think out side the box for some of puzzles if you get this game have fun with it but remember to think out side the box enjoy

Very entertaining and challenging at times :-) perfect for when you're sat on the white chair in the office of smells

Cool Nice game, useful... Worth playing...:)

Cleverblock I have played all the block puzzles and this is the first one that had multiple puzzles to play! Great way to sharpen your mind just by playing it.

Love this game And so frustrating... Different backgrounds would be nice.. But it passes the time nicely.. Thank you

Creative, challenging games I have ever played. It keeps me hook on it to play continuously.

It was great at the start. Now that I have been playing it I can't get to the new levels without having to go through the old ones.

Good game Be more descriptive when the player is off the board. Good game, good programming. Make the sizes match better. 95 percentile

Clever Blocks Review Love this game sooo much because it is addictive that I had to re-install it!! Great game that keeps me entertained so keep up the good work & posted with updates.

Great portable fun Makes long waits fun.

Thank you because I have had brain surgery and it keeps me on my toes. Well done.

ENJOYABLE Great game especially in quick bursts but be careful as time can quickly pass if you become absorbed like I have a few times.

Love it. Very relaxing but challenging especially as you progress in levels. Thanks for no annoying ads

Addictive Seriously addictive. My 4 YO daughter hogs my phone daily to play it

Uber addictive I'm loving it and It's hard to stop playing when I get bored

Really fun and challenging Me and my mom keep on playing it with no hints its hilarious??

Addictive Fun Fun puzzle app and no special permissions required. If you like puzzle games, I wholeheartedly recommend this app.

Great to kill time Love this game!!!

Clever blocks Seems so easy but it's a real challenge!

Could you make ads Free version

Clever blocks Improve background animation

I love this game

Very addictive and lots of fun!

Love it I still love this app after having it on my phone for a year or two. I especially like the fact that it gives up to 3 free hints per level. Addicting game.

Clever blocks I do not have the words to say all that I feel. when I'm playing i can clear my mind. nothing else matters for that moment. I dare say meditation. A+ Thank You

Clever Blocks Rearranging shaped pieces to fit a shape, this game provides problems to solve that employs visualization techniques and flexibility of ideas! Great game for all the family!

Relaxing Fun Can be easy or hard depending on where you start from. Solutions in seconds or minutes. Never boring as it can never be quite formulated, Combination of skill and luck. Great game.

Clever Blocks This is a game makes you use you brain. When you first start a puzzle the pieces look like they could go anywhere, but they don't. You have to figure out where they go. Sometimes it looks like there's no way all those pieces could fit in there, but they do. Great challenge for mind.

Nelly Aliyah Really like this games. So challenging, fun and I can't stop playing this games

Best thing since Wood Enigma I find these types of puzzles addictive. I just want to keep going and going...

I love this game It's almost like putting a puzzle together. Lots of fun, very challenging, and it keeps me thinking all the time.

I'm addicted to this one, just like the others

Up for the challenge Just got started, love the colors, can't wait to unlock more into the levels, see what I'm up against.

So far I have enjoyed this game. It starts off easy but becomes more of a challenge as you go.

Block puzzle Placing blocks in correct order. It is not bad. Like games l like games like this. Keep up the good work.

I like it Its fun. But I had to start over at 1 because I switched profiles, so that sucks.

It's fun ! Only thing is you have to start at very beginning

:) Nice way to pass the time. My 3 year old also enjoys putting the blocks in place.

Lots of fun, and challenging Playing the game is lots of fun, and challenging, fun just to take a break from your day and relax

Awesome Really greate I am a 67 old lady but love the Apps. THANKS

super fun, yet very relaxing... and doesn't require any permissions!

Very relaxing. Very relaxing, when you want a break from a busy life.

Very fun This game is perfect for when you have some free time.

Clever blocks Very addicyive, can't wait to get to a higher level

Steady play, fun Can be challenging, good design, doesn't wear out.

I like very much really its awesome for BRAIN also it is very helpful

Gram Addicting and very enjoyable. Lots of different blocks, loads of fun.

Love It! So addictive, a little different kind of challenge

Love it. Very relaxing but challenging especially as you progress in levels.

Challenging & nice pass time. Keeps the old gears oiled

Love it..very addicting,no problem,helps u to think

Intersting game In journey it helps u to busy.

Relaxing and challenging in one What more is there to say?

Tremendous game It's a good exercises for brain

Amusing and not as easy as it looks! Good for brain and boring moments when you need occupying - keeps you busy and can be frustrating - don't be fooled into thinking that it's all easy!

Clever Blocks Puzzle Game very addictive and challenging I really enjoy it.

Great game This is a wonderful game to exercise your memory skills! It can be played by almost any age except the very young. Great job!

Loving this game. Highly addicted can't stop playing.

Awesome.... Superb ..every generation can play this game..without disturb any ads..I think everybody download this sweet app.....

Cool game It makes you use your brain in a way that it helpful I love it

Fun It's addictive and fun

Great Cognitive Therapy I really enjoy the increase in skill level.

Fun game I just wish you could turn the blocks