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DailyArt - Daily Dose of Art

Supplied By Moiseum    On Nov. 12, 2015    Comments(162)

APP for iPhone DailyArt - Daily Dose of Art version1.2.2 Download

Science shows art can do incredible things for your mind and body. Experiencing art decreases stress levels and activates parts of the brain that are associated with pleasure and contemplation.

Download DailyArt and every day enjoy your dose of beauty and inspiration.

Do you know why van Gogh cut off his ear? Or who is Vermeer’s girl with the pearl earring? With DailyArt app art will no longer be a secret for you.

DailyArt is a free app that every day publishes one piece of fine art. But it’s not all - with one classic masterpiece a day you receive a short info, a little tittle-tattle about the painting, the artist or the epoque when it was produced. The content was prepared by the specialists so it assures the great selection of works. Everything is written in a light and pleasant way - because art is for everyone, not only for art historians.

Furthermore, every artwork can be enlarged to the full screen, the app provide also the basic info (the title, author, year, technique, current location) about each painting. It is integrated with Wikipedia, so if you became a fan of some masterpiece you’ll be able to quickly find more info about it. And of course, if one art piece daily is not enough for you, you can check what was highlighted in previous days.

DailyArt has been recommended by Time Magazine, Business Insider, BBC World, Le Monde, Mashable and many more:

"For me, apps like these are a step in the right direction for getting younger generations engaged with art "
- Christina Farr, VentureBeat

"With its superb images and informative biographical blurbs, DailyArt is perfect for those looking to add some culture to their day."
Kelly Hodgkins, TUAW

“DailyArt is your daily dose of classic paintings, serving up a proverbial shot of espresso to awaken the inner culture vulture in you”
- Paul Sawers, The Next Web

Use art as a lense to look at the world a little bit differently every day. An idea to contemplate. Download DailyArt.

Moiseum part of our Education and have average installs from 100000 to 500000. Last Update Nov. 12, 2015. Appstore play rating is 91.5585. Current verison is 1.2.2. Actual size 5.5 MB.

What's new

    Version 1.2.1 - 1.2.2
    - Bug fixes
    Version 1.2.0
    - Visual upgrade (especially for Android 5.0+)
    - Fixed Facebook and Twitter integration
    - Fixed issue with missing latest content
    - Minor fixes & improvements
    Version 1.1.8
    - bug fixes
    Version 1.1.7
    - major database fixes
    Version 1.1.6
    - brand new Push Notification engine based on Google Service (new permissions required)
    - major fix for the "Something went wrong on the starting screen" bug
    - minor improvements and \other bugfixes
Download dailyart-daily-dose-of-art.apk 5.5 MB


An art education It's more than the selection of art, it's the accompanying narrative that makes this app so informative.

Daily Art Famous art work every day with lots of info. Very interesting.

Very Handy Daily Art Education Helpful description on every piece of art

New experience every day By getting a new piece if art sent to me each day, I get to experience a new feeling or emotion each day. I love this app.

I love the eclectic choices of artworks sent each day.

It makes learning about art easy and very interesting.

Fine Art School But no way to mark my favourites or, even better, save them on the device. Also I would like to sort them by artist and/or year

Good idea It's a nice concept, but it'd be nice if it were actually daily. I got a notification saying today's daily art was available. It's the same as yesterday and has yesterday's date. So... where's my DAILY art?!

Stopped functioning after Lollipop install on my Nexus 5. APP opens but cannot open art files. I changed from 5 to 1 star to help give issue more attention. Expect to return to 5 after fix.

Awesome idea, bad bug This app could be fantastic but it's only been two weeks since I've had it and it only worked the first two days. First it stopped updating daily and would keep giving me the piece from the first day. Now it doesn't work at all, telling me I need the latest version of the app which I have.

It's a few days behind It's supposed to give you a daily dose of art, but mine is a few days behind and I can't see tomorrow's art...a bit annoyed, but happy, the app is pretty good otherwise.

Great, except... Really enjoy the content, but am frustrated by the "daily" arrival of yesterday's piece. Or from the day before that. If keeping the date current is too difficult, just omit the date completely. Also wish there was an option to receive SILENT delivery, no ringtone or vibration. Thanks.

Daily art What a beautiful app. Thanks ever so much. It has been especially interesting and sad to see the works lost to us during WWII. Also would like to see not just year of the work, but also birth/death year of artist for a more complete perspective.

Not daily This app used to be great, but it's no longer daily. Even worse, it notifies me that I have new art, without actually providing it, which is most annoying.

A good idea... When it works! This is an excellent app, no ads or anything and all the artworks are interesting. I enjoy learning something different and this is a good way to learn more about fine art. However, far too often the app will not work for a week or so because the app in unavailable and there is no update available to fix it the way it suggests you do. Very frustrating! At least all the art is saved and you can look back for all the ones you missed. But the frequency and length of unavailability is why I give 3 stars.

Odd Got the same thing four days in a row and then a postmodern picture of a conceptual art piece using a projector. thanks. Sorry.

Doesn't work on Nexus 6 Showed art the first time I installed it, then says its unable to get art anymore after that. Seemed nice enough that first time.

Fun, beautiful, interesting, & informative Highly recommend. With everything going on in our busy lives today, my daily dose of art brings a moment of peace and beauty to my day. SUGGESTION: Would like to be able to save daily works of art to a favorites list to access later.

Way behind It would be better called"weekly art ", because that's how far behind it is.

Love it! This is a great app & a lot of fun, especially to learn about art/artists I did not know. Rated only 4 stars because sometimes does not work right & I've had to reinstall it.

Dynamite Postage stamps Enlargement of works is limited or sometimes impossible...description are apparently translated and would benefit from more relevant artistic analysis but selected works are very interesting.

Only works occasionally For the first few days, this worked fine, but now I get the "something went wrong" error almost every day, even though I'm running the latest version of the app.

Just want to say to the complainers. .. .... so what, it isn't daily...since when did you see art as regularly as this app gives it to you? With a description and info too? And to those who say it's postage stamp size.... go and see the real thing. But just remember when you do exactly who told you about the picture in the first place.

Very nice app Very simple in design and eloquent in execution. It buzzes every day at the same time and tells me it's time for a break in my work day.

I was loving it It won't open and says to contact help, but I have nowhere to report the issue. Error 1: "Something went wrong. Tap to refresh." Error 2: "Sorry, something went wrong. Please make sure that you have the latest version of DailyArt or contact out support." I checked on play and it is up-to-date. There's no place in the app for me to report an issue or I can't get to it if it exists as it won't go passed the start screen. I was loving the app until it decided to quit working.

Technical Error Won't let me open up.. Tells me to check my internet connection or to update or to contact the support.. Please help.

Great app I would give 5 stars, but I've experienced a few problems with the app. A few times it has told me the daily art piece is available, and it is the same one from the day before. I also had an error occur 3 days in a row that no new pieces were available, I uninstalled and reinstalled app and that seemed to fix the issue. Other than those problems, I have enjoyed the art pieces and the descriptions! A great way to bring some beauty to your day.

Continued problem opening this app on Android. New version not opening on andriod Loved it a few weeks ago. Everything seems to be working fine now I am getting to see all of the art I missed as well. Not working again for the last few days.. Need a permanent fix

Great when it works Most app bugs seem to have been ironed out. The commentary on each picture is friendly, informative and makes the whole process of being introduced to history's greatest art treasures fun. Picture quality, and (more importantly), the zoom feature make it easy to focus on details within the art. Who could ask for more?

Out of the routine Love this app. I enjoy my daily break from the ordinary! A marvelous work of art pops open, complete with criticism and I am transported to a museum, or to loftier thoughts, or into a small, silent meditation, and then back to reality. All good.

If you value art and artistic expression I love being reminded daily of art and it's importance to our lives. And I love the commentary, it lends a much appreciated context. I only wish two things... one, that it loaded a bit faster. And second, that the share would allow me to write my own notes so I could tell my friends why the piece piqued me.

Excellent Concept! Marvelous! Very innovative and original! Thank you very much! Just love this app. You have no idea how troubled I am to know that people only consider art as a good and profitable investment and not bother about the pain, thought and various other impulses that must have caused an artist to surrender colour and form to a canvas. I sincerely hope and wish that this endeavour of yours will make people sit up and take some genuine interest in the field of arts and humanities. Thank you once again!

Great even for aficionados! I am a Brit, an art major and have a BA in theatre design. I have studied and enjoyed art for 50+ years. I taught art for 20 years. And STILL I found artworks that are unfamiliar and interesting to learn about. This is a GREAT app! !

Best for the archives The descriptions of the paintings are uneven - - some are more interesting and informative than others. But looking through the archives is a good way to discover what you like.

Love the idea, love the app the 60% of the time that it works, but is buggy Installed on a healthy Samsung S4 on US Cellular. LOVE the idea, and I love my daily dose of art when it shows up. Sometimes I get the alert mid-day, open the app, and it says something about how today's art isn't ready yet--check back later. Well duh...if it's not ready yet, why did I get the notification that it had arrived? Some art can't be zoomed, and some that can be zoomed can only be viewed through a box that's half the dimensions of the full phone display. Dumb. On a couple occasions I have tried uninstalling and re-installing the app, hoping that there is a new version that corrects problems, and that has indeed worked. But if a new version helps, why aren't new versions automatically updating the way every other app on my phone does? (And yes, I have my phone set to auto-update apps). I love the app when it works, but honestly, I actually get my daily art only about 50% to 60% of the time.

This is a beautiful app and educational. I really look forward to it. However it freezes regularly even though I have installed and reinstalled. No help. New version claims to solve the problem. It does not. Got yesterday's art twice this morning. More problems than you can deal with and no wsy to contact support.

Cool...doesn't work but cool The concept is cool and it would be nice if it worked. It notifies me for new art, but there its stayed at the same art piece since I've gotten it.... Also Make a button to share on tumblr!!! And an about the artist would be cool too

Learning and Loving it This is my favorite thing to check every night before bed. The paintings are unique, beautiful, complex and enjoyably entertaining. My husband and I love learning about the artists we don't know and learning more about the ones we do. I am thrilled with this app. Thanks to Time magazine for featuring it.

Love the app-but has lots of glitches I love this app, and look forward to seeing my new piece of art work every day. I like the text accompanying each piece, which I find very interesting and enlightening. My problem with the app is purely technical: after a while it simply stops working, and I have to delete it and re-download it. A bit of a pain, but worth it for the content I receive.

Love this. I'm really enjoying this app. Much as I like art I only have a limited knowledge of it and this app is teaching me lots more about it. The daily picture is a great idea. Just enough information to enjoy and digest quickly. The ability to change the background of the picture is a great touch which gives you a whole new perspective of the piece. The U.I of the app is great and it all works perfectly on my HTC one M8.

Good Please, add tablet support, too.

My favorite app Loving my daily art pieces, very useful app for anyone!

Sorry smth went wrong Still have this "something went wrong" thing. Please fix it!!!! Other then this the app is great.

something wrong. tap to refresh it works until update to the last version. now i get push message about arrive new daily art, but can't open it. application show the message: bla-bla...sure last version... bla-bla...or tech support

Can't add piece of arts to favourites

Very interesting

Can't turn off daily notifications I like the app but it buzzes my phone once a day and I can't turn it off.

A great piece of culture, Daily! I love getting a daily dose of art. I learn new things about history and the world daily. The software is good, but it can't seem to share on my twitter or Facebook, which is making me nutty since that's what I wanted in the first place.

Great app and very informative. Suggestion to make it even better: have an option to hear the title of the painting and name of the painter spoken. Or at least phonetic spellings. I'm often not sure how to pronounce the names which is an important part of being well-informed with art/artists.

Great App Very informative and diverse but had problems sharing it in facebook.

Easy to use, easy to enjoy A good app making the world of Art accessible to all. It's easy to use and enjoy. Well informed and learned comments make the subject picture come to life.

Lovely I really enjoy seeing beautiful art every day. This affords me to see something beautiful when I can't always surf the net. So far, I haven't had any problems with the app.

Great idea, pretty good delivery Love the content and building knowledge over time. My quibble is that the text is often poorly edited (3 times this first week), to the point where I'm unclear on what the writer is trying to convey.

Worth the download! This is a fun, enlightening and well-designed app! One little "quirk" is some minor error in the English descriptions/translations, but it's more endearing than frustrating. ... Highly recommended for art aficionados and neophytes alike. Kudos to the designer!!!

I think this is a really good app, it's just that if the description of the artists background was a little more detailed it would be awesome! Still very cool though.

Great most of the time Great simple little app that delivers a new bit of art to you every day. Really enjoyable. For a while the picture of the artwork wouldn't always load but I think they might have fixed that now.

Meh~ I wish there will be more choices on finding paintings not just what it was sent to me daily, but also enable me to find the type of paintings/specific painter I am looking for like Wyndham Lewis.

Fun for an art enthusiast Great way to ensure you're thinking about art at least once a day! Good reminders of classics from art history 101, some new ones I've never seen before.

Great app I enjoy the app,although I originally downloaded it for my daughter to expand her art knowledge and recognition but I love it too

Nice addition I've got a lot of apps, and this one brings a moment of not admidst notifications of news and delayed bus times.

Deb brown I love the the daily dose of art its my trip to museums.

Love impressionism from the 17th century 18th. Century and 19th century Impressionism also hyper realism

I enjoy it. Good app and I enjoy the description that comes along with the art. Well done!

My kid loves this app! She looks forward seeing the different paintings everyday and she's only 8 years old! Good job guys. :)

Love it! Great app that gives wonderful tidbits on both art and artist.

Daily Art, Daily Buzz Have really enjoyed the art. No more stability issues. Would still like to be able to turn off the daily buzz. Thanks.

I love the app and that I get to learn from it everyday. I've had to reinstall it twice after it stopped working. It notifies you that new art has arrived in the middle of the afternoon every day. It would be nice if it didn't.

Love the art Gives me the opportunity to see art I would never be able to see otherwise. Great descriptions that help me understand what I am looking at.

Need a new look. And a pop up notification once everyday at user specified time.

Daily art Please fix facebook share issue...Thanks for the wonderful application to bring visual arts unto a piece of electronic equipment

Ohh you make my day each time I receive push notif: my art daily lesson. Thanks Guys!

Mary W... Has a great suggestion. I would like that as well.

Love art love this app This app is wonderful to wake up and see a piece of art and its interpretation. Thank you ^^

Great coffee break! I love learning about paintings in a no nonsense way. Wish the descriptions had a link to a longer analysis if you wanted to know more about a particular piece of art.

Great App! Wake up to a piece of artwork everyday! Keep up the good work.

Art App Great app I like it. I learn a lot from art on this app.

nice app i like getting my daily dose of art. this app does just that.

Despite glitches (error loading) I enjoy the daily commentary, seems to be improved

Perfect app for those of us who are art challenged This app successfully captures centuries of fine art. Recently added 21st century art innovations. I especially appreciate the brief comments and descriptions of the pieces it is just enough to wet your appetite if you want to learn more about a particular piece or artist. It's like a private tour through museums and private collections I would never have the opportunity nor time to visit.

My wake up reading! An awesome app for painting lovers. The info are useful both about the paintings and the painters.

Enjoy it Like a bit of culture in my day and seeing the familiar along with works I've never seen before is perfect. Thank you.

Very interesting When I see the art chosen for the day I actually stop and look at it. It gives me pause for thought. Sometimes, I will also do research on the artist. This is a win win. Highly recommended.

Great Great. Would like to be able to zoom in on pictures, but works great nonetheless.

A great app that still needs work I love art. This app immediately appealed to me because it's a mobile museum that shares a work a day with you. The developer still needs to iron out numerous bugs however. The biggest fix necessary is how the app becomes unusable for days at a time.

Simply just It does what it promises to do. No more, no less.

So far so good except... Loving this app so far except for the fact that when I go to share the art of the day to Facebook, it tells me the share failed. I don't know on who's end this falls but would give this 5 stars if this little hiccup is fixed. And can we get an Instagram share option?

Interesting I enjoy the art and info on each one . I would enjoy it more if they added more modern art. A little too much in the past. Equal time would make it more enjoyable.

Great app but some performance issues I love everything about the app, except sometimes it loads future days or will stop loading current days. The only way to I've found to fix it is by reinstalling the app, which is inconvenient but worth the content. Also, I wish there was a way to support the developers through Google play such as some kind of premium feature, as I have a lot of credit from that survey app and couldn't think of a better way to spend it

Daily pleasure and learning What a nice gift to be presented with a different piece of art and commentary every morning. I have learned quite a bit and been inspired to investigate artists I did not know much about. Don't forget to tap the image to see the hi-res version! Updated version has fewer quirks, so even more enjoyable.

Works Fine Again This app used to crash almost immediately after launching so I gave it one star. Today its working fine so back to five stars again. Update: now getting frequent messages about database being updated so knocking off two stars.

Great art but not great English I love receiving a piece of art to learn about each day, but sometimes the description is not very fluent.

How wonderful to receive a new work of art every day! Edit: Daily Art is no longer giving me new art daily. I'm sad. /edit ~This is a wonderful app. I love how it introduces me to new art and reminds me of pieces I have loved for years. ~I especially like the personal viewpoints and trivia and history in the description. ~Thank you for a lovely app.~ (my one complaint --which removed the fifth ☆-- is that the app wants too many permissions if one wants to share the Daily Art Piece on Facebook or Twitter. But besides that I LOVE this app!!!!)

I love it (4yr user) I love it, especially the brief descriptions which are sometimes art-critical, sometimes contextual-historical, sometimes biographical, and often from multiple critics during any given week. Plus, all the technical glitches which I noted in my original review were addressed perfectly. Thanks Zuzzana and the Moiseum team!

Excellent Concept! Marvelous! Very innovative and original! Thank you very much! Just love this app. You have no idea how troubled I am to know that people only consider art as a good and profitable investment and not bother about the pain, thought and various other impulses that must have caused an artist to surrender colour and form to a canvas. I sincerely hope and wish that this endeavour of yours will make people sit up and take some genuine interest in the field of arts and humanities. Thank you once again!

Requires more diversity I've been using this apply for quite some time,the problem with this app is that it's contents repeat from time to time & it displays more of Victorian art than modern or classical forms of art.Plus it does not give art on a daily basis,there are periods upon which it takes a high amount of time.

Awesome Art App This am is awesome. But the problem is that I like to see some more artist that are not shown in the app ? I also sent a painting that they promised to post on my birthday and I also wrote the information for the painting which took my time, but unfortunity they haven't posted the painting since my birthday 17/03/2016. Which disappointed me for having to write and send a picture of the painting called Countess Emily of Glengall by Sir Thomas Lawrence. It would be better for more new different artist.

Enjoying this A nice application for an old art teaching major, long since having done anything artistic. Quick, concise, high-quality images.

Best commentary and selection You can tell the creator of this app is passionate about art. His selection is eclectic... ... Each day brings a new surprise.either a piece I know well, but with his awesome commentary, I learn something new about it, or, a totally new piece of art to open my eyes to things I don't know. ... His comments are heartfelt and genuine. Sometimes funny, always insightful. ... Keep up the great work!

Excellent! I wasn't sure this was something I was going to enjoy. It turns out I love it. Viewing the art is enjoyable by itself but getting all of the info associated with it is what makes this app the best. The info given is usually just facts known and not any pretentious garbage regarding someone's feelings. Just art with some back story or related history. Wonderful app.

Widget please! This app is great for those of us who are ametures at art. It encapsulates art from every different period and place, allowing for a huge range of knowledge. I think that allowing for an onscreen widget would fully complete the app. I can then flip through my screens, and stumble upon the piece and have the opportunity to reflect on it again as the day progresses, instead of having to reopen the app.

nicely designed and out of the mainstream I really love art, and in my daily life I have no occasion to stop by and observe artistic masterpieces; thanks to this app I can still discover, learn, get inspired daily being given day by day a painting to remember (I love the 'keep calm and come back tomorrow' sign)

Easily my favorite app. Such a well designed app (however I am jealous of the iOS version, it feels cleaner), I love the concept and the descriptions of the artwork underneath each painting are informative and interesting to me. Thank you for this wonderful app!

Has improved. Have to keep reloading. I am not sure if this is Daily Art's fault or Android.

Daily Art The entire set of art can change, making it impossible to read about previously seen paintings. The last several days, the current days picture has rarely been available. Unless something changes, I will end up deleting the app instead of being frustrated. If it was consistent, it would be great. UPDATE - I have not read new piece of art since I posted my initial review. UPDATE TO UPDATE The database has been updated and is working great. My art education continues smoothly. Thank you!

I wish I had the option of saving the artwork I like, so I can use them as my background. But still a fine app for info on pieces.

Very interesting I enjoy looking at good paintings and learning more about autors. Good app. Thank you for it

One big fault. Disabling of notifications isn't possible?? SERIOUSLY!?!

A nice daily treat It's nice to see old favourites and find new ones...although I haven't had a new piece for close to week now.

Great app but... Not necessarily "daily" art, but still a great app. Need more variety though! A lot of western art work. More ceramics/pottery + sculptures please

Exactly as you would expect Simple and easy to use. Various artists, styles, and time periods. Each painting has a write up to accompany it as well.

So far so good. I like this for a daily dose of well-known artists,as well as for opening my eyes to ones I had not encountered before. Info is concise and interesting enough to get users to explore more if they wanted. Though I would like to see the name of the art movement included, in addition to more modern pieces.

Great app Thank you to the developers for such a great app, makes my day and gives me something to look into further if I am bored

Excellent app Really fresh and nice idea, and wonderfully made. Very easy and intuitive to use, with nice stories.

Daily art Very interesting and although not all of the art is what i like, I do learn something new every day.

GREAT ART APP I think it's a great app, you can enjoy it and you can learn a little bit more about your favourite paintings.

DailyArt Art History app which posts a different artwork everyday,along with a description & interesting facts. The Archive is particularly useful-it is like having an Art History book on your phone. Takes me back to my Art School days!

Great app. Chromecast support? Nice, simple app that teaches you about art history by delivering an image of a painting with some info each day. Chromecast support in a future update would be nice!

Let me give you guys a hug. Thanks! Your app has now become a big source of art knowledge and entertainment for me. There's no single day I don't look forward to discover the new piece. Please keep up the good work! Thanks!!!

Interesting It's nice to wake up to a new piece of art each day, and also to learn about them. Iove it!

Good way of getting art into people's lives Even if I have no time, this app makes it easy to bring some art back into my life. Love the short snappy description s and the variety.

Daily Art Since, I majored in art, I find that this is a good review. It shows the artwork and gives a quality description of it.

Therapeutic I barely have time to view one a day, but look forward to seeing a new one each day and enjoy learning a couple paragraphs about it.

Missing art I am now missing several days of downloads. I get a notice that my daily art is available but nothing downloads. Missing Dec 24, 25, 26. I don't have the downloaded art for Dec 1 or 3. Love the app and the art but it sometimes skips a day.

Beautiful app. I wish the pictures were more high res,allowing the user to zoom in and zoom out.

Challenging and insightful! Love the variety, the insights and stories, and the ability to zoom in brush-stroke close! My life is truly enriched by this app.

Works Fine Again This app used to crash almost immediately after launching so I gave it one star. Today its working fine so back to five stars again.

Some suggestions Overall a pretty good app, but I would recommend a favoriting system so one could easily look at the artworks they like the most, also, have you all gotten rid of some of the pieces, as the last time I had the app (I got rid of it for a while due to glitches) Holbein's The Ambassadors was on there, now it does not appear to be, or at least it can't be found via search.

Very disappointing They happily accepted it my donation and when I requested a particular artist to be featured I was told yes, in February - nothing ...then again in April and I'm still waiting now, mid May. This is just not good enough it seems that female artists don't stand much of a chance in this app.

How wonderful to receive a new work of art every day! Edit: Daily Art is -again- no longer giving me new art daily. I'm sad. /edit ~This is a wonderful app. I love how it introduces me to new art and reminds me of pieces I have loved for years. ~I especially like the personal viewpoints and trivia and history in the description. ~Thank you for a lovely app.~ (my one complaint --which removed the fifth ☆-- is that the app wants too many permissions if one wants to share the Daily Art Piece on Facebook or Twitter. But besides that I LOVE this app!!!!)

Very informative Great app with a variety of art. The descriptions are well written and informative. One of the few apps, besides my messaging apps, that I actually open notifications from.

Zuzanna, THANK YOU!! You can feel the passion and genuine interest in each post, and she makes you interested in works you never expected to like. I think I especially like reading about the works I don't enjoy, because her comments/history are still fascinating! And the ability to magnify & examine the pieces is a brilliant aspect of this app. Thank you so much to everyone who works on this!

Daily art Working well so far. Been using it for a few days. Nice to be introduced to art I don't usually look at. It's like getting a slow museum tour, one painting a day. Great for anyone interested in art. Would like to see more international art.

One of my favorite apps Great variety of genres. Short insightful descriptions. Enjoy the time line references.

A little bit of daily culture I love seeing all the different pieces and reading their description everyday.

Brilliant App Marvellous daily artworks. So informative. Each one is an enjoyable experience and learning curve.

Great idea but the app needs some work. I really like the blog and the information on all these great artists and their works but the app is quite bugy. It keeps messaging me 5 times a day to tell me about a new entry but doesn't load it. I need to empty the cache or reinstall the app every couple of days to keep it in working order. But from what I read there is a new app planned so keep on donating. :)

Excellent art Needs much much more gender parity! On October 19 the creaters promised more female artists. Since then (including then) there have been just 3. How about following through and featuring more women. There are hundreds to choose from. Thousands! Why not try doing something like women on even days and men on odds.

Excellent Source for Art Education I have had this app for almost a year now, and I always look forward to visiting it each day to see the featured art. It is a nice educational opportunity to learn about various art forms and artists across time and the world. My only complaint is that some days don't feature any art. I look forward to everything this app will bring in the future.

Christiaan de Haes I sometimes have to catch up because I don't necessarily have the time to look at it every day. But I don't want to miss anything so always make sure I've seen all the pictures and their accompanying text. Fascinating and well done. Thanks very much.

Very personal and comprehensive Seems like quite a genuine effort to bring art into daily lives of people who are interested, but do not indulge in a related profession. The accounts are anecdotal with a personal flavor without discounting facts in the process. The compilation is very helpful and makes me learn something new everyday without having to push my brain. An icon pops up your top panel everyday and you get to read someone's manifestation of their world. You get to be a part of someone's life for that instant. Transcendental!

Good app I love this app, it's great for art student's like me. I would love it if you could save your favorite pieces or artist so you can go back and look at it easier. It's kind of a bummer to keep flipping though the whole thing. :/

Great Idea . . . Mediocre execution Many days nothing new arrives. A beautiful wood block Japanese print appeared one morning then vanished without a trace. Two days ago a Manet of a girl with a guitar that had been featured a month or so ago was identified and described as a completely different work by a different artist. Still it's a nice bit of art to start the day. The blurbs are usually a good balance of information and length.

Very excellent We love this one. The concept is great! My wife and I look forward to our daily dose of art. Two small complaints. Very occasionally the app will get out of synchronization whereby the art is the same as the day before. And, sometimes we just don't like the chosen art piece. But then that's the nature of art, right?

Please tell me how to do a search using the desktop version of DailyArt. I have your app on my phone and it works great. Explain how to do a search on the desktop version of Daily Art. I want to display Mistress and Mail by Johannes Vermeer. Also the image that appears on my desktop version of Daily Art is not the featured artist on the phone. Thank you for your assistance. I love the app.

Scrolling option Downloaded and in seconds fell in love with the app.. My only comment would be, if possible please make an option to lock the art work on top and only scroll the text. It becomes simpler when you read the description and have the image on top and relate it. Thanks guys!

Like it! Really like interface and variety of art. Wouldn't mind seeing sculpture along with the paintings. 5 stars would have been given, but had to uninstall and reinstall to work with latest update. Even a warning to uninstall and reinstall would work for me!

Love the art, hate the bad grammar! I love Daily Art, but the poor grammar and typos in the description afterwards are truly painful at times! Please, please get a native English speaker to edit the accompanying narrative. It will greatly improve the quality of this app!

Needs variety - fast! Great for someone who wants an art history intro; the design is simple & easy to use while keeping the focus on the art piece in question. However, it continuously focus on the periods from the XVI to early XX centuries on just western art (with a few exceptions of Asian paintings) and includes close to zero female artists, continuing the bias that only men produced art in those centuries. It really needs a wider scope and that lack is a huge downer for me.

Love the art, but bugs It's great seeing the actual art every day. Really enhances my life. Being asked to rate the app every day, too, is quite annoying. And the app gets the date wrong in weird ways, on a regular basis. Also, I'd like the option to turn notifications off.

The right choice I have not had this app for very long but so far I enjoy it emensly. I haven't ,so far, has any techno issues crop up. So far so good.

Awesome Art App This am is awesome. But the problem is that I like to see some more artist that are not shown in the app ? I also sent a painting that they promised to post on my birthday and I also wrote the information for the painting which took my time, but unfortunity they haven't posted the painting since my birthday 17/03/2016. Which disappointed me for having to write and send a picture of the painting called Countess Emily of Glengall by Sir Thomas Lawrence. It would be better for more new different artist.

Regretfully My app is stuck for the umpteenth time. The only way to unstick is to uninstall then reinstall. This app has been my favorite for nearly 2 years but enough is enough.

First impressions are good Downloaded this for an elderly artist related a week ago, after I ran them thru workings (my first use) she's raved about it daily.

I like it :-) Very nice but I can't share on facebook. When I press the Facebook button it immediately closes and says Facebook failed. Otherwise, the art and information are wonderful. I just wanted to share some of my faves with my friends.

So interesting This app has brought so many different pieces of art to my notice that wouldn't have happened otherwise and I love the information that comes with them . Thank you very much !

Perfect bit of culture! I love a little bit of art to break up the day. I appreciate thoughtfulness of the selections, the personal touch of the authors, and the opportunity to learn more about the artists, the context, and the galleries. The app is obviously a work of love and passion, and we are all the beneficiaries. Thank you!

Almost perfect Rich and enlighten descriptions. Seems from a wide and very diverse span across art, especially classical, which is great. It would be the best app on earth with a more minimal design (e.g. no frame, no texture on the background maybe a new typo), and a full screen mode.

Excellent! This app has exposed me to artists and their work that I might not have even thought of otherwise. It's sort of like having an art museum on my phone! I also like the apparent bug fix so that it's showing a piece for the current day now instead of a day behind.

Thank all of you Your app is brilliant in idea and execution. I most appreciate the histories and stories behind the artists and paintings. I had to laugh (or was it cry) after I read one review in the Play Store that said you needed a native English speaking editor! I wonder if the author of that review ever had to research and then write several paragraphs about anything on a daily basis? The grammar is fine. Keep up the excellent work.

As a lover of museums I love to go to museums; however, it is very difficult for me to get through one on my own power. So glad i made it to the Vatican before my feet got so crippled and breathing so hard. When it it working, and these days that is not a problem, it is a great way to start my day.

A cheerful and instructive addition to my apps. Its introduced me to loads of unfamiliar artists, and to works of beloved artists that I knew nothing about (Klimt did landscapes?!? Who knew?) Admittedly a little buggy - I've had to reload a few times - but easy to forgive when you're getting so much for so little. Just keep doing what you do...

A splendid app to enrich your life Some apps entertain you, others just kill battery life. Dailyart actually gives you something. Perspective. Perspective on the world around us and an enrichment of our cultural expressions.