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Devil Ninja 2

Supplied By Droid Studio    On Sept. 11, 2015    Comments(134)

APP for iPhone Devil Ninja 2 version2.9.3 Download

Fast paced and super addictive ninja game, Over 20 Million people addicted to Devil Ninja, They can't be wrong!

New battle on the devil's land,It's time for the ninja to action,In this fast paced ninja game,Your task is to fight against the monsters,kill the king of monsters, Collecting more energy ball and items to get powerful weapons. Have fun!

√ Hundreds of weapons and Power Up!
√ Achievement system to stimulate you game.
√ Great sounds and stunning graphics, particle systems and animations.
√  Leader boards
√ Two game play mode to choose
√ Weapons shop
√ Fast paced and simple control.

- Powerful BOSS: The king of Devildom
- More weapons
- New devil's world
- Support Tablets,HD Resolution

- Try to jump over the cliff.
- Double jump to jump higher.
- Long press fire button to charge energy.
- Long Long press will get an exciting weapon :)
- Reward more energy balls with a nice combo kill.
- Collect energy balls to exchange weapons from store, and the weapons store is FREE for ever :)
- Get items to have more weapons.
- Fast mode to get more exciting (game options)

* Please email us if you have any feedback or meet any problem, thank you very much!

Droid Studio part of our Adventure and have average installs from 10000000 to 50000000. Last Update Sept. 11, 2015. Appstore play rating is 86.8922. Current verison is 2.9.3. Actual size 11.0 MB.

What's new

    Update Achievements system
Download devil-ninja-2.apk 11.0 MB


Very nice game Its challenging and fast paced so it keeps my interest and you can collect enemy essence and use it to buy power ups

Great Job.. The game is awsome nd I enjoyed playing it..its addictive nd a little tough ..graphis are also fine ..sometyms it take time to load.. overall good I'll give it 4 stars... :-) :-)

Epic but..... Add more things like power ups and other things like a 3sec immunity while still using sword and stuff

Really fun Its a fun game really. Droid Studio please fix this problem. Everytime I die in the game it just force stops...but I dont mind it but it really annoying..

Devil ninja 2 Great game play! It would be cool to have different backgrounds and add some more types of enemies like skeletons and zombies. Also the boss should change. I think the Devil Ninja Missions should be added to Devil Ninja 2

Descent enough It's hard to get into at first but overall fun way to pass the time would like to see sword upgrades become permanent with several levels of upgrades

So difficult to play It's a great game that seems to be a addicting side scrolling game but it's very hard not to die in this game starting with 0 lifes until you spend these points to get more lifes. If the difficulty wasn't so intense then this will be the best side runner game I have played before.

Its a good game but its starting too freeze up on me ..fix it please rempve the ads ..

Devil nijna run 2 Its a great game for an adult to even play I do find it fun

Pretty cool,but.... I think it would be better if we can spend souls for weapons and keeping it permanently.Pls do it and I'll rate 5-stars.

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Awesome sauce This game is awesome but its difficult

Salute What a game man superb ! A fun playing time killer

Good But. There Some Lag Period! I Hate Pop Ads.. Please Update this.. This is the One of Addicting Games. :))

Awesome game and kinda hard It really cool and also hard. After a while you get used to it. Great game guys. Nice job. ?

So cool The game has great graphics and sound affects I love the way you can jump so high. The monsters are really cool and its a great challenge

Great game No lag or anything annoying like adds poping up in the middle of your game :)

Old school This game is dope it's almost like a old Nintendo game mad fun to play it gets addictive

Devil ninja2 It's OK some lag most times some issues with the buttons but it's good for killing time

So amazing When I first started to play this game, I play for 3 hours continuously

Beautiful and addictive This is a great old school game that will keep you hooked for hours. It is challenging and rewarding and the controls are very easy. I highly recommend it

It good Well ui made it to the second time on the dragon boss he easy ti kill but there is a lot of enemys to it challwndgin

Game played This is a good game. In my opinion it needs to be boosted.

Damn Its a really great game after i played it once now i cant open it pls fix it

Too.... I get damage, for destroying the opposing monster... How am j supposed to win...

Can't leave this game after knowing how to play A very very very good game for adventure

Nice game....but little bit concentrate on graphics...... Overall very addictive game.. ....

So fun Great game to pass the time and exciting as well as difficult

Devil ninja 2 It makes me get tierd ness and a great game to play

Fun but little hard It's fun but a little lag

It is a wonderful game. But sometimes it moves slowly. If that can be fixed, I would be very happy with it.

Grate game little hard but if u r up to it good game

Good game Don't have much to say but cool

Nice game It quite challenging and it fun

Kool game Love this game it's like playing against yourself every time.

Needs more weapon choices and power moves something like Zenonia but side scroler

Another Awesome Addiction Game This game made me late at work!!!!!!

Game is hotch potch. Nothing smooth. It's always difficult to understand what is happening. Compare this with Swordigo and you'll see what I mean. It's better to not to create a game if it has to be 10MB.

Awesome This is very awesome I like it and download clash of clans .clash of clan is soooooo goooooood I love it clash of clans

K Life's should be more

Devil ninja2 Its a good game but hard to beat.

Superb game more life need more energy balls need Stupendous game ... I ever seen this one.

Devil Ninja 2 Pretty cool and simplistic. Really enjoyable! 5/5 stars. Maybe give it upgrades like more variety in weapons and giving it a longer health bar.

So AWESOME I love it not like love Devil Ninja 2 is so awesome. You can purchase stuff and there is an advanced mode so freaking awesome total game of the year material

1# Best ninja game dv why did you take away Dragon weapon???? 1634mb They've realy improved this game made more changeing really fun! !!!! Dl you'll love it or lurn to love it it's addictive fun!!!! But devil ninja 2 musking is best 1# to fast on Kyocera rise 4.0.4 ice cream sandwich&2.3 ginger bread developer needs to fix

worst seriously this game is just a waste of time to download(even 10mb). Swordigo is the best.

Great free game. This was one of the first games I ever downloaded for my first smart phone. I always get it again when I get a new phone.

Devel ninja2 It was cool, awesome and very difficult

Awsome game but bosses r untouchable if u have no shuriken

All time fav This game is my all time favourite game. I just love it!!!!

My gay brother named israel loves this game while watching gay porno

Loved it It is so adventurous and difficult it was so awesome also

No screen All it does is show me a black screen I can't hear the music but I can't c anything wtf

Favorite One of my favorites like the first one too

Cool graphics i lve this game Small in size and doesnt hang..

Worst game I have ever played Low graphics and boring ......TV video games are better than this shit.... Don't know how 10 million people downloaded it.... And can't believe it has 4.4 rating!! It should be in negative.....and yeah I have already uninstalled it!

This is the awesome game Because we have to fight with the boss four times

No hd So many adds!!!! There is also no HD

Addictive, enjoyable, and fun

I addicted the too much But the game was fabulous!

Awesome The lag helps me defeat all boss and I have a high score of 4567

Cool Very good for free

Devil ninja 2 I like this game

Great game. Original I love this game

Its ok... I'll play it

Best game First game I had itmrocks

Amazing Its so cool thats why I rate 5 stars

The game is fantastically awesome It's your everyday anime Mario are Sonic adventure type of game, I very much enjoy this game.

I love It Yes the graphics need a little bit more tune of the flying creature but I like the setup

Nice one A fun game to pass the time

Yaa it's cool and hot too I also loved graphics but it's too boring to fight with same boss could u change the boss plzz if u want 5 ★

Hmmm Up button can be tricky and sometimes has a delay..needs more armor or fire power or health or easier way to get health if you are vulnerable to get killed from anything..I suggest a block button or shield...that'll help survive a lil longer

Wow Too many enemies and less life improve armour next time and I'll bonus more★

VERY COOL GAME It a really good passing the time game for those who don't have anything else to do on their hands!!

Great game Don't like how when u come outta the energy ball it's usually right near a cliff an if your not quick enough u die... bit other wise a great game

Nice game.exciting game and i love playing it.the graphic alsi nice n the best of all is we can play it even if we don't have internet connection. It is the game that i looking for.

Could have improved Nice game but after a few distance you are unable to see the obstacles or the demons. All happens to fast and the screen gets crowded.

In gaging Fast pase attention grabber. Whenever I'm bord I just hit the button and play.

Superb! When i was 5 year old i played devil ninja ,when i got 7 i played devil ninja 2 and now i forget its name so i was searching game i saw it, i was so much excited and now i am 10 i am playing it again

Wow This game is very nice for passing their time.who donot have jobs they should install this.

Devil ninja 2 Tist game is the best game ever I do not no wath I will do with out it

more bss pls i liled it but when you play long enough its boring because there is just one boss

Good game Very fast passed addictive certainly able to kill a few hours

Crazy game OMG wen u advance to a certain extent there's so much going on on ur screen you'll probably be like "wtf is going on there's fire every where(in a cracky prepubescent voice)"

great, but.. i can't save level game. if i die, i must restart the game.

Great I love this game. I hope this game will be available too in IOS not just for android. I can imagine how fantastic to play this game in a big screen like ipad. Thanks for this great game.

Great game,but can you add another boss please,coz its boring when you fight a the same boss,five star if you do

Very addictive I can't stop playing

Unfortunately Was too easy I finish this last boss in 2 hour after I installed

Fantastic It should have level or stages whereby one can pick to play

This is my favorite game to play. It is very challenging at but a lot of fun.

Addicting It is a vary fun vary fast paced game I was addicted instantly

Quite Fun I liked it, it's a classic non-stop side scrolling adventure. Can't do much to top that

Big DADDY KEV I like this version better then the others , thanks for keeping this one simple & great game, smooth. Still a good game. 12-14-15 redownloaded this great game again, still great. Love it.

Best one yet Cool how I got more 1ups it's the best just can't beat the dragon

Awesomely awesome I loved it very much. Please bring more games.

It's a really good game but it's kinda borning when u fight

Love it! I love it because this game is cool and i can upgrade my equipments! Wow! Thanks for the game creator of this

Had it when I was younger, still amazing Still absolutely love it.

Addictive! Wow! I've been playing this for 3 hours! SO Addictive And So Awesome! If there's a fireball I will play this for 1 week!

Great game But its hard to catch the first boss

Awesome I love killing bats and wolf things

Fantastic I have play this game so many times and I found out that it is very great

Very fun butt... Is rapid Plumbing very hard but how are you supposed to beat the boss battle with all these monsters spawn in here like I know it's very fun but very very very hard

Devil ninja 2 It is the best one out of all the others

Nice game?but there is same boss and i finished the game at 51000m.

WTF So much going on, looks great.Just need more practice

Devil ninja 2 Great game play! It would be cool to have different backgrounds and add some more types of enemies like skeletons and zombies. Also the boss should change. I think the Devil Ninja Missions should be added to Devil Ninja 2

Level Level Level, Weapon Weapon Weapon,Options Options Options, This is a very nas geym!!! Its very addictive n great at killin' tam!!! I just wish u can ayd more of the levels lak, Level 1up to whateyver! And also pls mayk more buttons in the options, lak the pickin' of stuff... And ayd more of yo weapons lak a bazooka n a veyry explosive bomb or a sniper! Aynd Incrays da lavs, aynd I luv da boss, I defeyt haym 2 tams...So thaynks.... (Dis ain't Chiza, diz her 8 yr old swag granddaughter)

Simple yet Awesome OK,I love the gameplay,graphics are nice,plus the battle with the boss is cool (though I wish it would change/evolve when I reach another 1000 meters)Keep up the good work!

Time consuming Something to do when I'm bored but its also very fun. Played it for 2 hours at work and its already the end of my shift

It's a wonderful game I like this game very much it's a very good game I play it all the time when I am free I came from the school and play this only it's a very wonderful game if you download it give him 5 star you know first I cannot play it easily but I know it's a very very very good game for all that you will download it please download it and meet me share your things you will do in it you should download it and play it please download it and share with mel thank you

Loved it super ninja game Loved but need some movements to conteol i dont just run and jump ,nice update but need some more,if you need five☆ so do more upgrades

Lagging.. So I upgrade my weapon but,after I die,I have to upgrade it again?Not to mention the lagging and just overall gameplay was disappointing to say the least.At first,when I saw how big the app was,I downloaded it and it was...okay,until I started playing.

Soo good Always end up downloading, very time consuming

Its so boring The graphic are so bad,its boring,common sounds effect,untidy pleacement of enemy,low quality game...actually gonna uninstall it

It's a great time pass game for ever I hate this game

Unable to open When open game black screen apper and nothing happen after that phone model honor 6

So fun Really cool but the boss is hard I hope they bring out part 3&4.I also can't believe it's free so try it and follow me on Google+

It is a shame...... don't waste your time

Super easy but... I never left a comment before, this is a awesome game but the second boss is to hard

Really good, but I love this game, its so much fun and very addicting, but when I pause for to long, the hole game goes super fast and its kinda annoying so if you'd fix that, then I'd give it 5

Black Screen! I can't play this game because it only shows black screens please! Fix it

Awesome! I played this since I was a kid and I never get bored. Best game ever, 10 out of 10.?

Huhu.. Akhir nya Dicari2 ktmu ugh asyik bt hbrn nic

Superb Very entertaining and all, but wish there were checkpoints so I don't have to start from the very beginning every damn time but overall it's a superb game ?

Best game ever! Really like it ability to attck enemy ?? , keep it up and im looking forward for the best new game from u after this ??

I hate it When I press the play botton every i play my all screen is dark and i cant see anything

2D Devil May Cry? It looks so much like devil may cry.. Plus.. The game has demons.. Which are a crap ton of fun to defeat.. You guys did a good job with the art... People should play it.. Cuz its fun

Best Best Best game This is a very good game. I had not ever bored in this game. In this we have to beat enemies and we have to take fire balls and so many things.

I love This stuff is so awsome and i love how when you first start you can double jump it is so cool but when they said devil ninja 2 is the ninja the devil or the other ones that attack you

Big DADDY KEV I like this version better then the others , thanks for keeping this one simple & great game, smooth. Still a good game. 12-14-15 redownloaded this great game again, still great. Love it. Sweet.

The game looks sick but When I play the whole screen goes black