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Droid Optimizer

Supplied By Ashampoo GmbH & Co. KG    On Aug. 11, 2016    Comments(212)

APP for iPhone Droid Optimizer version1.1.4 Download

More memory, more speed - free and without ads!
Laggy smartphone? Battery always empty? Launching apps takes forever? Boost your smartphone performance and free memory at the click of a button.

Against data chaos
Installed apps, downloaded files, images, music, videos - over time, your smartphone will get cluttered leading to noticeable slowdowns. Ashampoo Droid Optimizer frees your smartphone from clutter and reclaims free disk space and performance - regularly and fully automatically. Need to constantly delete a folder anew? Simply add it to 1-Touch Speed Up and Auto Clean Up. This feature is also supported by Junk Finder!

For your privacy
Browsing the Internet with your smartphone leaves various traces that can be used to violate your privacy. And let's face it, do you really know all the time what device permissions your installed apps have? Get rid of Internet traces and expose potential spy apps with Ashampoo Droid Optimizer.

For prolonged battery life
The integrated Good Night scheduler can disable features such as WLAN or mobile connectivity automatically during customizable time periods. Put your smartphone to sleep at night and conserve precious battery power with Ashampoo Droid Optimizer.

With fun and motivation
Cleaning doesn't have to be boring. The integrated ranking system provides rewards and funny pictures for your achievements. Start out as a mere cleaning rag and become a master in no time. You can also select more neutral ranks if you prefer that.

Free and without ads
Ashampoo Droid Optimizer is and will remain free to use and without ads.

Full access on rooted devices
Droid Optimizer offers a special feature on rooted devices: Starting with Android 4.3, apps can no longer enable airplane mode automatically. Root access makes this possible again! This way, Good-Night-Scheduler can unleash its full potential and actively conserve energy. Unwanted apps also become a thing of the past, disable or delete (system) apps as needed to keep your device clean.

For all Android devices
Ashampoo Droid Optimizer works with Android 2.3 and higher devices which is practically every device.

Features at a glance
► Accelerate, clean and optimize
► Terminate foreground and background apps automatically
► Empty the system and application cache
► Clear your browsing history for better privacy
► Find and delete big files fast and easily
► Carry out cleaning tasks automatically
► Conserve energy and enhance your battery life
► Manage all installed apps
► Learn about your apps' critical permissions and expose spy apps

Ashampoo GmbH & Co. KG part of our Tools and have average installs from 1000000 to 5000000. Last Update Aug. 11, 2016. Appstore play rating is 90.3282. Current verison is 1.1.4. Actual size 6.8 MB.

What's new

    - Multi Window support on Android 7
    - Auto Delete Folders & Files
    --- 1-Touch Speed Up / Auto Clean Up manage the list
    --- Files can be added via Junk Finder (long press on item --> Add to list)
    - Add stop one app only shortcut to homescreen
    --- Works disregarding the whitelist (useful for whitelisted apps that have crashed)
    --- See App Manager or tap on one app in running apps (red round button with X)
    - Simple ranks added
    - App killing whitelist prefilled with some launcher apps
Download droid-optimizer.apk 6.8 MB


Droid optimizer Has kep my phone clean for two monrhs non-stop till noq. Wonderful tool to have on the phone

Very Good Does exactly what it should with no ads perfect

Great app, would highly recommend.

still app in the background? I tried several app to remove app working in the background consuming RAM memory, this one is not different. every software can clean your phone or tablet but disable a app from loading itself (like Facebook) is the principal concern. Most app have a disable option but no one works properly and they still coming back.

Great App, Simple, but effective I have used this for several weeks now and find it very effective. I have said it is simple, which it is in use, however it comprises a multitude of effective tools and effective tweaks. Highly recommended

Really great App A superb application it really does increase performance by cleaning junk and identifying space hogs and basically streamlining everything.

Does exactly what it claims Works in the background clearing out junk files. Actually speeds up my phone as it shuts down apps that shouldn't be running.

Great (but update Privacy Advisor) A great app & I would give 5 stars but what I dont like is how its Privacy Advisor lists almost 40 legitimate apps as "Suspicious". This includes banking apps and email apps like Yahoo.Most people knowledgeable about tech won't worry about this but those who are not might have a small panic seeing a long list of apps they use daily marked "Suspicious". A small description clarifying exactly what this list means should be added. Good work on the app :) Ashampoo's GUI design has always been great :)

One that works Really does its job as promised. Clears, kills and speeds up. Definitely a keeper!

Amazing I've been using ashampoo products for years on my PC and I'm so happy that they make one for the Droid system I wouldn't use anything else It delivers on all fronts with no spam or ads a definite must download

Seems to be a waste of space! From what I've seen it has not done anything to any of the that it's supposed to! Probably will uninstall it!

Droid optimizer Fantastic an app that does what it says it will works every time spot on

Very nice but Every time I use it and close it it adds an icon to my home screen

Sweet free app! My battery used to have to be recharged twice a day. After installing the droid optimizer my phone only needs needs to be plugged in at night and lasts the whole day

Excellent Developer : please make an option to also clean every 15, 30, 45 minutes.

Works silently in background Unlike so many apps, Ashampoo doesn't keep reminding you it's there. It just does its job, and does it well. With other cleanup apps, one regularly needs to restart the tablet to regain system resources. Not with this one. Thanks for a great product ?

Gets rid of immediate app caches without having to delete one by one! Love this!

Droid optimizer This is a brilliant app. I use on my tablet and phone

Does what it says on the tin ! Can easily be set up to keep tablet clean and tidy on a regular basis. Have now installed on my phone as well. Works quietly in the background with no need to worry.

Droid DNA Its really useful. Just give it a try!

Works quietly and well. The app does a great job of removing clutter that makes the device sluggish. Not sure how much resource it consumes.

Really efficient app The best way to see how many apps are secretly logging your every move in the background, also a huge drain on the battery can be eliminated.

Sony z3 Very happy with this app works 100% well recommended AAAA ++++++

Havent even tried the app yet But the app developers reply to the comments when somethings wrong so i like you guys already

Excellent I highly recommend this product... It makes my device very fast and efficient

Ashampoo Love all their software for both the PC and Droids. They have been around forever providing awesome software. When you get a sec check out their website im sure you will agree

T Doe Great app, does what it says

Great App Thanks for providing such a wonderful app

Droid optimiser Really works. Samsung note N7000

Very useful app. Auto cleanup with white list functionality is awesome.

It works real good I like it

Android Booster Awesome on my LG Optimus

I look at it with my cup of coffee and my croissant and the predictions could not be of a better quality! Thanks.

Very Nice Dont just install and hit one touch learn to use it you wont regret it

So far it seems to be working fine.

Great app Does what it's supposed to do

Thank you this is the best app - all in one and nothing unnecessary!

A good start but could be better. There are hundreds of cleaning apps on the Play Store and whilst Ashampoo's isn't bad, it's not the greatest either. It feels a bit clunky and laggy in places, it lacks features to filter or sort results of scans and ability to select external SD card is missing too. The interface isn't consistent and tools seem 'bolted on'. A more 'material design' look would be better too. But it's ad free and does clean up junk though and hopefully it will be developed further to improve it. EDIT: Thanks for reply developer. The junk finder results should be sorted by size or app name. Filter by location.

A Cleaner That Really Cleans I have tried easily two dozen RAM boosters/cleaners/optimizers. Some made my device work worse. The feature I like best about this cleaner is I tell it how often I want it to do its job. My lags and app crashes have dropped nearly to zero from several times an hour. I am pleased and almost amazed at the positive difference it is making even in writing this review. The keyboard did not freeze up once. I've gotten my old tablet back.


Amazing It's a all in one app. I can now use my phone for the whole day thank you

Amazing This app has my two year old tablet running like new again! I never thought I would find a way to speed up my tablet. This cleaner works so well that I put it on my phone as well to keep it running like it came fresh out of the box.

Very Stealthy Cleaner! Just bought a new phone set it to boost automatically and forgot it was even there until it had given me the Cow Achievement, for 152 cleanups well here's to the Cow and one smooth app.

Good app I only tried this app because Armando Ferreira from YouTube recommended it. This app is basically new and it already has one of the most comprehensive android optimizing options available in the market and in a very friendly and easy to use interface. Now all this app needs is the ability to backup apk files and to be able to share them with friends, and this app will definitely become my number one option for my phone's maintenance. The fact that this app also has no adds it makes it even better.

I hit the optimized button it told me it cleans the cache out but when I went to look there was a lot of it still there.samsung galaxy 4

Awesome app The app really is incredible. It has an easy to use interface and above all, it doesn't have any annoying adds!

Doing great job Helps your device working faster what have positive effect on battery life as well

Awesome I usually don't write reviews . But this is not like usual ram killers. Give it a shot. It really works and there was a 25% increase in battery performance

Heeeelll yes great app Nothing to say just download it and you will see!!!

More testing needed but... Does not clear chrome history as indicated. Not sure now if it does any more than the task manager included on the phone.

Pretty awsome. So not a wasted down load for me and my phone

Armando referenced this on YouTube Thanks this really helps my device save battery life.

Perfect I am loving this app!!!!! This is a late review for me though.

The best on the market- love it! I've had Druid optimiser on my Nexus for a while now and I can't fault it! It works quietly in the background keeping my tablet clear and I don't even need to think about it.

This app 2# Clean droid deep clean1# better clean 257mb this app 125 free Download safe to download has a privacy policy

Optimizer Does EXACTLY what it says it does. I love it

Must have Definitely important and a must

Given 5 stars, now taking it back After every restart of my phone the data network disconnects it self by going into Good night schedule for about two mins and sets itself back to normal

Optimal Pros definitely outweigh the cons, which are minimal and trivial.

Remembers when I dont. Fine app for keeping your phone clean of built up trash, etc. And it does it automatically! I really depend on it.

Unbeliveable I just love this app my mobile is flying

Very good Efficiently cleans the trash from my devices.

Does just what I needed My nexus 7 tablet was slowing down to a snail's pace, a quick tune up with this app restores it to full working speed, use whenever needed. Easy to use.

Great One of the best apps on the play store!!!

Love A shampoo Software I been a long time customer of Ashampoos Software I own most of their computer software and love them. Been a customer I know since 2000 great job guys

Fast and easy Do you need any other on this type of tool?

Amazing app cleaned my phone very fast heard great things about this app very true thanks!

Hell yeah I can uninstall pre-installed garbage on my note 4.

It's great, simple and handy Although dont see the widget in the touchwiz launcher of my samsung galaxy tab 4 8.0"

Works without drama Galaxy S5. Works as advertised. Thanks!

Optimizer A real optimizer works very well a must download try

Keeps my G4 humming Does it in the background. Light & fast.

Great free app Does what it says on the box apart from clearing history Not too good at that

I like it .. I seems to work good...

Really easy to use Does the job.

Best cleaner available!!!!! **10/10** I never rate applications but I specifically and went into the Playstore and searched this app just to rate it. This is the best cleaning app I have ever used. And the reason I gave it a (fictional) 10 stars is the automatic cleaning option it has. To have your phone cleaned every few hours is so innovative! Add that with the extremely simple user interface, and you got yourself a great app! Love what you guys have done! Thank you!

BATTERY DRAIIIIIIIIIIIIN!!!! Thought this was pretty good task killer but after my phones battery was dying while on the charger I investigated what was using so much energy and.....bingo this app!! ALSO......puts puts several hidden video ads and other cluttered CRAP on your phones storage.....Sry

OK.. I tried this for suspicious apps but found it useless finding many known good apps. As for other Optimize Feature.. '18 in 1 Assistant' has all feature and added others... Basically an app that will duplicate other 's that are better designed..

Motorola Defy XT/Android 2.3.7 Man, been looking for an app like this for a long time. Fixed my issue with "insufficient space" when trying to download. Great app! Well done and Merry Christmas...

Finally Such a fine working app and no ads really NO ADS none. Works great with I can see the difference already great layout operates quickly and efficency awesome job and at such a low price great job guys

Not what I expected 28th the ratings it has gotten Useless app does nothing for my phone but slows it down. If it would do what it's supposed to it probably would be great, totally uninstalling now.

Very Useful! My phone is running 2x better now with this app! Would recommend to people who have laggy/slow phone's!

It works like a charm Brilliant it works fine with my phone it clean out everything no hassle 5 stars well deserved i recomment

Amazing cleaner BUT This is an amazing cleaner. It fixes most lag and makes my samsung galaxy tab 3 amazingly faster. But sometimes when i am moving between slides it lags. Also when i press the home button it takes a bit more time to load. Please reply and think of a solution. By the way a great app.

Good and Useful Simple and effective way to keep it mobile effective. You can schedule it to ur convenience. Great

Fantastic, highly recommended This app is just perfect, it does everything you would want it to, and everything it says it will. If your looking for an app that will vastly enhance the running of you phone then this one is all you need. Oh and there's no adds, Not one. excellent.

Best cleaner for Android by far Have tried lots of Android cleaning apps but this is the best I have found. Works automatically in the background, does a great job of optimisation and doesn’t pester with relentless adverts. Great. Ashampoo stuff is usually very good and so is this app.

HTC desire One touch and sped up can't ask for better used a few different cleaner apps this app is sooo much better hope it saves battery life this phone rips through battery life.

Fully functional and ad free! Very nice interface, very responsive, no ads, and if contains a Whiteley so you don't have to tick oft the check boxes below each kill all command run! This utility is definitely going to be on the roster from here on. Thank you, devs for creating a straightforward, powerful, and useful tool for us to use.

The Awesomeness!!¡¡★★★★★ Id downloaded many apps that optimizes my phone and delete some of the old and unneeded files . Finally I found out an app "Droid Optimizer" that I want which has 1touch speed up, app manager, privacy advisor, auto clean up, also the good night schedule which is helpful, also the 2 instant actions: clean cache , also stop background apps, and the last and the most helpful for me "junk finder"THE BEST Thing its ad free. Im very thankful For the app that you've created. [★★★★★]Hoping for more awesome updates.


Love it! I was always getting the pop up that I was running out of space, decided to try the Optimizer and was shocked! I have so much space once the junk files were gone.

Absolutely great! Efficient, elegant, polite...made my really underpowered HTC Desire 616 catch breath, and run smoothly! You're great! Congratulations, and THANX!

Simple and effective app Really very useful app. It works fine and mobile performance substantially improved.

Tried & tested. Better than CM Great app. I used to use clean master apps which I thought was the best. But after rooting my fone a couple of mths ago I thought I,d give this one a go for a while, expecting to go back to CM but found I get much more battery life off this one. Apart from that this app is more enjoyable to use. Great features throughout. so for u guys at ashampoo well worthy of 5 stars and u've got a new supporter of ur apps by me from here on in. Keep up the good work guys and thankyou

Cannot whitelist.. I use Ashampoo software on pc as well but this app fails to whitelist other apps' cache (found junk), and keeps deleting my progress in other apps/games... UPDATE: Thanks Ashampoo for the reply, yes it's the junk finder but although the Whitelist button is there, nothing is added to the whitelist..UPDATE2: There's nothing in the whitelist, even when I select the apps and press whitelist, nothing is added to the list as if the whitelist button has no effect.

A Rising Star!! I have used all the top apps on my androids in this category at one time or another. This App can easily stand toe to toe with anyone of them! The interface is easy to use and understand. There are not a lot useless plugins or bells and whistles. I will keep this app running on my Androids for the next few weeks to see if it continues to impress.

I love the auto-clean function, I've used a few different task killers but this app is definitely my favourite. It doesn't pick up on all the junk though, Ccleaner often scrapes up a few extra bits afterwards but apart from that, this app is excellent.

Perfect Very thorough. I'm surprised at how easy to use and ad-free it is. Definitely deserves five stars.

Droid Optimiser A decent cleaning app which does not cram too many features in it making it time-consuming to navigate.

IT WORTHS 10 STARS Extraordinary app for optimiz android devices. Really works. But after last update auto cleaning function is not working. Pls fix this...

Working well I've only used this app for about a week. It is awesome. I can tell the speed of my phone has increased after cleaning. No pop up ads is a big positive. Being able to set when to optimize the phone is a bonus. Great job. Thanks.

GIVING CREDIT... WHERE CREDIT... IS DUE OMFG! After reading the reviews, I was skeptical, but after installing and tweaking the settings I was blown away. And that was BEFORE I restarted my phone! After restarting, I noticed major changes. My phone seems faster, smoother, and just feels new. I'm glad I installed this app. Oh and the fact that it's free with 0 ads, further lets me know I made the right choice. This app should come pre-installed on all phones. I just wish I found this app sooner. Thanks and keep up the great work! :-D

Great app Not laggy like others i have used. Like the auto clean and being able to set time intervals for cleaning. Also one touch instant clean is great. Highly rated!

The "A" in Awesome! Finally a app that does what it advertises. I've been searching for a app to clean up my Droid for several months. This one does it without all the advertising. Thank you ? developers. I will definitely recommend this product to all my friends.

Wow Ive used Clean Master, the cleaner, power clean and cm security, but this app is all of them combined X1000000000 just Wow. The devs did a great job!

Amazing ... A must have on an android phone. Read all the reviews with an Italian accent, that would be mine`....

Excellent App Very clean design, easy to use with a good help area that defines what each button does. I like that the designer actually reads and responds to comments made here. Well done, I gave it a five star. Also it's FREE with NO ADDS. The no adds sealed the deal for me. I'd even pay for the advanced version when it comes out.

So far so good Better than the build in smart manager. Like the feature that you can find frozen and freeze apps. Good tool to keep your smart phone run smoothly

Helpful! My phone used to switch off by itself and it was stressful but now it is performing a lot better with this auto cleaner. Thanks!

Read great reviews First day using this app. .will update at a later time with my overall rating

Very Efficient I've experienced a definite improvement in my phone's performance. FIVE-STARS

Thanks. Outstanding application compared to so many similar apps in the market. Termination of BG apps, I liked this option very much. This option is very rare in other apps.. Keep it up guru..

1 month and no complaints! Seems to work well giving you options on what you want to bootup. And not. At startup,no adds,does what it says im on an att note3. Il will append to this statement after a month but so far it is all it claims to be...great job!

So far so good. Solid. Really good. No ads. Surprised it's free. Seems like a winner. Will update review if I notice a downside

Does not update/refresh "last charge time" The last charge time doesn't display correct details of when battery was last charged. Please fix this. Still love this app though. It displays "Wednesday 17 Feb. 07:09" and I last charge my phone yesterday. Infact I charged with a USB connected to my System.

And it's fun! Excellent optimization app! Does the many cleaning jobs that no mere mortal could possibly do 5 times a day. They've even thrown in a bit of fun to ward off the boredom.

Brilliant tool This is brilliant and it does a really good job. Love the sponge/soap ratings. Positively recommend to everyone to get this.

Best app.... Highly recommended The best app i have ever seen.... The best thing is it is automatic.... I will highly recommend it to all.... I wish this app comes inbuilt in mobile phones... Otherwise download it....

Yahoo! ***** Ashampoo did it again, keeping their good reputation alive and getting better n' better like their other well known and amazing showcase solution applications. No doubt it's from Germany! 2 thumbs up!! Love you guys!

OMG ! THIS ONE TAKES THE CAKE! I've tried many boosters but this one takes the cake. It's ad-free and best of all it has auto clean. I set mine every 30mins:)

Droid Optimizer This Application is Among the Top Android System Optimizer Programs available. It covers all the variables, that contribute to a healthy psychological outlook, for your droid. What sets it apart from the others, is the fact that this app is...... AD FREE! The developers who made it, have a sense of humor. It will make your Droid smile, and, it will make you smile.☆☆☆☆☆

Renew your android This app is great, fast, easy, thorough. Efficient for androids.

System maintenance This is the best cleaning and management app I have found yet period

Great app!! Sucks when it updates. Every time it updates you lose your cleaner points. That sucks.

Great App Keeps your OS lean and mean with a minimum of input; like overdrive (if anyone remembers!)

Great App Carry on with your great work well known. Junk finder is much more faster now.

Love! Was using the 360 app, but found it was doing notging to speed up my phone as apps kept starti g in the backgeound moments after being closed. This app goes and shuts down unwanted apps and keeps shutting them after setting I se it up to do so every 15 minutes. My battery is living it1

Yeah Yeah.... I don't know what you want me to say. May I get you something to drink?

So far so good 4 stars at the moment. Will see what happens over the coming months.

Droid Works very well. It does what it says it will do. Is simple and easy to use.

Marvellous Impossible to be better. Thank you for your good work!

Awesome Great app Clean's well free up space my htc responding great i recommend this App

As good as Purify This app is just as good as the Purify app that needs root access, except droid optimizer doesn't need root access. If I could donate some money to the app I would. I would like if the app could also auto-clean under a specific memory threshold and/or when the CPU temp gets too high.

Careful... The app is fantastic, it works great! Though you have to be careful about the stuff you let it clean out. It will remove downloaded themes and extra files on certain game apps. It works, but you have to be mindful.

You could not tell diff between media file's & Junk Could be simpler

Custom auto clean /week /month? Great app 5 star when custom option for auto clean /week /month =x days Flash disks have limited write cycles ;)

Excellent Does exactly what it promises to deliver. It puts control in my hand.

Great! Just what I needed to keep my phone tuned...

Better after the update! After the last update I managed to whitelist some apps. Earlier feedback: app fails to whitelist other apps' cache (found junk), and keeps deleting my progress in other apps/games... UPDATE: Thanks Ashampoo for the reply, yes it's the junk finder but although the Whitelist button is there, nothing is added to the whitelist..UPDATE2: There's nothing in the whitelist, even when I select the apps and press whitelist, nothing is added to the list as if the whitelist button has no effect.

Great software Has the potential of immidiately clean and speed up your phone

Reliable and works I have used this app for a while now and it works great to speed up your phone and clean it up. There are no glitches, it works great and no ads!!!

Good app But not what I need, and thank you

Best one!!! After using so many this one is even better than the stock utility that is on the phone. Most fall short of the stock utility.

A must have Love this app it does just as it describe

Love it!!!! Thank you for making it ad free!!!!! My only issue is that I can't find how to add the widget, where is it? Also, please add a function that makes moving apps to sd card easier, like clean master. Thanks!!!

Great app It's fast and cleans up junk files. Thanks to the developers. Hope you will keep it without ads.

Great!! Wow, excellent!! An example of how an app need not be bloated to be extremely effective.

Great apps...the best, easy to use, no adverts....keep it up

Does what it says on the tin. Been using it for a few weeks now and my ZTE Blade S6 is still running like new, I recommend you try this app if your smartphone is starting to show it's age, had mine 15 months now with no problems, still lightning fast.

Could not get any better It does what what exactly I need, cleaning the RAM and doing all the background business on my Moto G 2nd generation dual SIM... Happy with it!

4.7 Actually Set up for automatic cleaning..NICE

I have downgraded ratings Because this App used to stop responding frequently, had performance issues. They said newer version will be improved, but it's not. Even the stand alone junk finder app has same issues. Though being a best in class, I am uninstalling it for obvious reasons.

One touch ease Works well. I have been using All-in-one for years. Was looking for something new that gets the job done.

very good thanks more options for rooted please

It's great but wtf is spray.....maybe I'm old fashioned but I just want it to optimize not connect me and my whatever to Facebook so I can share.... Share what? The app yes but I'd rather it optimized something else and just had a share link ,than this spray and bronze crap. Heck I almost said you did have ads....thought you were selling some cleaner or something. Lol funny really !

Love it :) A great app by a great company. IV been using there PC software for years so it's good to have the familiarity and peace of mind on my phone. Great work guys :)

Great app It works great plus no commercial or ads does what it says it does and it makes my phone nice and fast

Very nice app Earlier I am using other apps for optimizing my droid but it's the best so far for me. Thanks for providing us such a useful app without ads. ☺????

The one I've been looking for Efficient, optimized for tablets and ad free. Way to go!

Thank you! Dear Developers, I truly appreciate your hard work. Such a nice, efficient app, without those annoying ads!

your app is bad...because game booster feature is not add in this app...so i request you that add new game accelerator feature in this app same like pc version

Can't get by w/o it! I don't know how any Android users have a battery that lasts more than 4 hours without an app like this!

Good Job Yes am happy the app is cool very cool does not heat up my device,no draining of battery......five star

Just amazing for my moto g3 Never found an app so convenient to use and yes it works for real. Thanks for the app Ashampoo. ?

Only one that doesn't slow my Alcatel 1 Touch Droid. Love it

Awesome LG-G4. My battery was draining like crazy. Couldn't figure out why. Tried a couple of other apps but this is by far the best. Set it up to clean every 2-3 hours and my battery time has doubled. F'n fantastic app

Good job dev Just installed it yesterday. So far its working good. I used the auto clean (love it). Its makes everything so... EASY. And it realy is no adds, not that i against adds (adds pop up just makes me confuse. So... ). Anyway, you did good dev... you did good. Thank you.

Very good app, Ashampoo has kept up its name again.

Awesome This tool is incredibly cleans up the trash and boost my memory. Thanks Ashampoo

It's good It never tell on me and asked for money and the best thing is it has no ad's

Giving it a Work Out So far good app to use. Would recommend. Update 5/24/16 I give this app a 4.5 star, thus would recommend to others.

Muhammad Very very best app, every android phone must have this app

Ashampoo Really good. Used winoptimizer on windows for years. This app works really well! Looks a bit dull but that's not really relative to what it does. My battery life is up by 20+% at least! as it's stops background apps on a regular basis on automatic mode. Phones powerful anyway 3G of ram Octa core, but I notice that it's a bit snappier than ever now using this app.. And does a whole lot more! Thanks devs

Xlnt! Has a lot of easy to use features, looks good and I believe everyone should have this on their phone. I'm using it to turn off unneeded aops running in the background. Saves battery. Ty to the devs!

Pros: has scheduled cleaner (usually under paid version for other apps), able to delete folders (really helpful for those who have 9gag or such installed, i.e., keeps copies of images/gifs viewed). Cons: None so far. If anyone is having trouble cleaning the cache, you may need to delete certain folders of apps (like a deep cache). I'm using a rooted Asus Zenfone 5, stock Lolipop firmware.

It just does what the devs say it will. Always skeptical about new apps, especially ones claiming to help but so far this is just great, phone is better in minutes

Very very nice .. Love it ...a thought when a seen the screen shot app my dreams had come true ,,but sadly it was very weak and did not help ,in making, a screen shot easier ...please someone make screenshots easier no matter what the device...games need screenshots lots of ,????

Great APP❗ Great 4 cleaning junk from apps and ads....and no ads❗ just goes to show you that ad free apps can be done if the desire is there

Wow, no ads! Excellent! A must-have system tuner with no intrusive business creeping in! Very lucid and fast. Takes care of all the essentials without the bother. Thanks!

Fantastic app Takes only a moment to understand and finds all those bits of junk that clog up and slow down your device.

Great to run in the background I look at the app once a week and it has kept my phone uncluttered for 14 months now. Awesome!

thE bEst seLf wOrking app!!! tHis app rEaLLy dO hEr jOb by hEr oWn... vEry heLpfuL... grEat jOb fOr thE dEveLopErs of tHis app... thAnks tO aLL of yOu... yOu arE thE bEst!!!..."?"

Best I would like to say this is one of the most best ram cleaner i have used Burt there is only one problem that i didn't like the appearance of this app that's why i am giving it 4stars

Like AC/DC awesome man I have so much memory room I love this app thank you guys for making something for everyone I give it ten thumbs and have a cold one on me

I love it! No other app like this. Works great! Recommend to all users who have performance issues.

NeverMind. Ill mail you the screen recording of the issue in facing. There is no point in giving you megative ratings here. Thanks.

Great! I have used this for awhile and I have nothing to complain about it works great, just like all of ashampoo's software

Used a older version But this new mod lives up thx god one of my first 10 installs

no need any optimizer My Galaxy j2 6 running smoothly without it.

Good, but... Needs improvements, such change brightness light on automatic option.

So far so good No problem so far we'll see how long is LAst

Droidmaster Easy to use, set it up for auto or do a quick clean up. The app is great!!!

The best Actually free, actually add free, and it works great! Tried many others, even paid to remove adds.... then got more adds. This is the best!!!!

Easy and free from ads. Does all the necessary optimisations without fuss and a simple app manager. Good free app from a reputable PC optimisation software company.

Slow when browsing files to delete fix this and it's a 5 star

Best Free App The app that works like a paid app. I appreciate.

Awesome Exactly what I've been looking for, no ads, no useless animations, very quick, so friggen happy.

Does what it is supposed to do and it is ad free. my new go to cleaner

Straight forward & Simple Think of this as a defrag for your phone. Except that you can earn rankings for using it.

Works as it claims So far so good. Like the ability to ban certain apps at startup

Love no Ads This app is very effective and efficient. Highly recommend trying it out.!!

Downloaded for my tablets aswell as my phone. (samsung) is this ok?

Unbloated and ad free!

Simply put: it works Does what it says. Saves my battery quite a bit

Fast and clean Maintains my Samsung G6 perfectly. Really powerful and easy to use.

Can add folders in whitelist feature

Good app As far as I can tell, this app is good & does what it claims.

Great App This is my only optimizer. Does what it says perfectly.

I like it so far It seems to be doing it's job.

Excellent Finally a app that does exactly what it says with NO ADS ?

Great Helps keep my phone cooler and more efficient.