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Supplied By miantanteam    On Sept. 8, 2016    Comments(120)

APP for iPhone FaceQ version3.4.1 Download

FaceQ(MYOTee) is a very fun and powerful avatar maker.
Even if you donnot know how to draw, you can still easily create your own cartoon avatar by combining various face parts.

miantanteam part of our Entertainment and have average installs from 10000000 to 50000000. Last Update Sept. 8, 2016. Appstore play rating is 86.9561. Current verison is 3.4.1. Actual size 19.0 MB.

What's new

    BUG FIX.
    Faceu - Cute stickers camera
Download faceq.apk 19.0 MB


Just needs a little more detail.. You should add pants and shoes I not the game and also once you have created your character you could make them go to the city and make them buy clothes and all that jazz so that the clothes you bought can be used to make other characters.

Its weird It works just fine on my tablet but when I go on it on my phone it just goes right back to the menu and its weird its like it doesn't want me on it.

I can't get anywhere with it. I touch a button any button and it automatically goes back to the main menu. Is it a bug. Will re-rate when fixed...

Stop complaining The only reason why yall cant use faceQ is because yall got stupid cricket phones or iphones that dont work

Good but a bit mature I love this game! I made all of my friends and myself a ton of times, but I noticed that on the faces there is one that says the F word, and also there is a middle finger in the hand catagory. I guess its okay if its there for a reason, but I mean, this is a game listed for KIDS. I doubt people under 8 even know that word. Anyway like I said its a great game but perhaps a bit mature.

What's wrong? Yesterday it was all okay but now I can't access anything besides main menu,tried to uninstall and reinstall but it didnt work at all

It's fun It's so fun and it's handy to use for social network and contact photos especially if you hate photos of yourself so it's entertainment and functional. Recommend for anyone and get right now if you are super arty. It's an artists essential. PS I totally agree jamell casey

Love it Little girl who said the s word well you are the meanest person ever so would you like it if the creaters of this game would say that to you NO! You would not like it so I love this game a lot of people have it so why not be nice to them because they created this game for us so we should give them 5 stars at least to say thank you

Its good, but one small problem Its like ur making a virtual version if yourself!!! But the. Only problem is that when u get a text i have to answer it so when I'm done and u go back to the face q game it doesn't save to allllll my good work ends up being destroyed! :'( :-( ????

Loved it ♡♡, But ..... It is a good app, but it in the finger category it has the middle finger. Boo that's not good plz delete. Also in the words they have the f word. Plz remove. Overall it is a great great app♡♡☆☆

Crashes in the middle of creation Cute app I love the options but sometimes when i scroll down a category it will freeze, then if you try to exit and relaunch you get a crash report. However I found a workaround for those having the same problem. Once it freezes I am usually able to click back> to the main menu. Exit and reopen the app. Then go to history - then you should see the last creation you were working on and be able to continue from it. Please fix this bug!

Why are you complaining? People say this game sucks but its only because of their phone or tablet that sucks. I mean it looks like its made for adults because of the middle finger and the f*** word for your face but all stars for it anyway. This game requires lots of fun from a human being and not a robot. Don't hesitate to get this game but to fully enjoy it, your tablet or phone must work.

Great! I don't know what everyone is complaining about, for me the app runs smoothly and fast, the characters are easy to create with lots of options and its a very cute game! 5/5 (^v^)

Glitch On my phone, every time I download this app and select a gender (no matter WHAT gender, whether it be single or multiple people) it will sit there on the screen for hair selection for about 3 seconds then quickly flash blue and send me back to the main screen. I don't know if the app just hates my phone or what. I have an android and I don't know if maybe that has something to do with it. I had this app before and it worked fine but now it won't work :/

Add more plz I love this app,but I'd love it more if you added more cosplay outfits from anime! Especially if soul eater and attack on Titan outfits and items were added

I totally love it!!! It's so cute I love it!! Is there anyway to change eye colors???The only thing is, when it freezes, I loose everything I made, that sucks. Please fix this, then I'll rate5 stars for sure!!!

? what should I say? The sharing features are lacking especially since I don't have any of the apps listed (but why isn't that surprising?). Other than that the app has a lot of choices than most apps similar to this so that's pretty good. I also noticed that Sailor Mercury's outfit is missing.

Its really cool This app is really good I love it. &Jamel Casey ur right bout them having stupid phones

Great I love this app. People say its unfriendly for kids so don't ever let them use because of the f word the middle finger! Amazing great way to spend time when you are waiting! Could spend hours on this.

Very easy to use Great app and I had a lot of fun playing it. Although I have a bit problem to locate the original feature I choose. Some subcategories under the categories may help.

Potential to be awesome I wanted to make avatar representations of real people on my s5 and discovered: -You can't change eye/lip/eyebrow color. -You can't size features larger or smaller, or move their placement on the face. If you're just looking to kill time, however, this is a fun app. I'll prolly keep it to keep my 4-year - old entertained.

Queit good Pls oqner dont get to the negetive I will praise you and I like your creation and it so awesome that I can make my own face. THANKS OWNER I LIKE IT CHEERING FOR HIM

Cool Wow this is cool you get to make your own character AWESOME!!! Keep up the good work

Love it This app is great I don't know what every one is complaining bout its smooth and runs great and never glitches

Keeps stopping! I'm in the middle of doing some thing and it say "face q is not responding" but its so fun

I like this however This is an app i can get use to. Only thing i wish is that you can change color of the colored eyes. Other than that this is on of the best avatar creators ive downloaded. And to all those complaining. That its slow, its not the app. You just either have a suck butt phone or suck butt internet.

Needs Improvement You guys should add waaaay more stuff. Like for hair, can you make more styles that are down or something. And the skin colors don't look natural. Can you add more lips. Also extra stuff like maybe piercings or earrings or necklaces.

Love it At first people were saying this is crap but it works really well with a hudl 2 no lag no mess ups no problem.

I like this game but its a bit inappropriate because of the f word and the middle finger but its still great I think (if any parents are reading)you shouldn't let a kid under 8 play this but as I said this is still a awesome game and everyone (except kids under 8 ) should get this app ????

Amazing game I love this game its so creative and I cant wait for the next update by the way when is the next update? And for the people that say its not "kid friendly" then don't let your kids play this duh

Awesome I love it and I made some for my friends! And to the guy who said its a bug maybe you have a bad phone and that's what's causing the bug or there's other apps that's a big! Ever think of that smart guy?

Awesome??? I love this app it is awesome to make these and send them to my friends like this one time I made my friend sky she like wtf is dat and I'm like its u stupid it was hilarious to see her face when I made her look ugly asf ?????

Addictive It was so fun and addictive. Used 2 whole days engrossed in making cartoon characters for most of my contacts. Occasionally the program would freeze and I need to start over but that's only a little setback. Another bad point is the self enter bubble text will not allow words with apostrophes like "let's". It just refuse to let you input. I would add back the missing star when these bugs are fixed.

It ok It good but not great bc kids can download this like me andthey have cuse words and the middle finger in this game don't let your young ones download this. I just want u to know in head time bc kids can copy stuff and if do let them download the next day u going to see them with the middle finger up. Thank u for listening to what i have to say. Good bye and have a wonderful day

Great app I love this app it so good but it glitches sometimes but who cares ill just wait cause it's awesome like the best game Eva!!!! ?

So fun This game is so fun to play BUT after a while it starts to get a bit boring. Please make it a little more fun

Doesn't work I tap girl, doesn't work. Says it loads but brings me back to the original choose gender screen ??

I like it its always fun to mess around with it and i end up making cool characters but i think a great idea would be like to customize pets and creatures just think about it

Love it OMG AMAZED OUT #OMG AMAZED OUT, you guys are missing out if you haven't downloaded this app man I mean like really you haven't even tried to wow just DOWNLOAD IT ALREADY YOU'RE MISSING OUT DUDE!!!

AWESOME I really enjoy playing his game and making my own cartoon characters. It is a Shame that there are some inappropriate Words and hand gestures.

Adjustments? The hair border is too thick. It makes the hair look chunky and stiff. The color wheel should have the grayscale option included. I don't like the skin looking like a Cheeto please! Also custom eye colors should be an option along with lip color options. Last but not least the mouths without lips are too big. :/ There should just be a resize option for the facial features.

Wont save properly When I save it doesn't save the whole face. Great game but I can only save whatever half of the screen im looking at.

It's Ok FaceQ is a fun thing to do when you are bored, its just they don't have my hairstyle I think they need more short hairstyles for girls because I think they mainly focus on the feminine items then the more masculine ones I have to make a male FaceQ to make it look like me.

IF ONLY U PUT TO THINGS AT ONCE I like it but it doesn't let u have to things or more at once I wanted cat ears with headphones

Uhh I like this app but the people who made it must've had really dirty minds. This game is for kids and its like they appreciate perverts coming on and doing gross things. I do not like this and it would be nice if the company would reply with an actual answer and not a copy and pasted one. Thank you.

Good and fun but... When I use it on my tablet it works just fine but when I go on my phone it won't work it goes back to the main screen

Read All... You'll love Face Q!!! I love Face Q so much because it is not like an actual game. And you have to buy stuff, no it gives you everything, and it is an awesome game. I recommend Face Q for EVERYONE!

Does anyone else faceQ close up It would be better if u just left it the same don't make it close up but otherwise tts a fun app

Meh I had this a while ago but got bored coz I had it for so long so I uninstalled it then I decided to re install it but it's so close up to the face now I can move it around but I can't zoom out it makes it impossible to use plzz fix I'm uninstalling for now ??

Usually ignore apps like these, but... It's just so much fun! You can make so many cool and hilarious combinations. And I can pick enough small facial features that can make my creations look just like me. Really more time consuming than you think if you get into it ?

Useless!!!!!!!! This app will always put me back in the menu for making an avatar and choosing its gender. I try to make an avatar and 15 senconds later it puts me back in the choosing gender menu. Its the worst game for that reason! I loved it untill now!

Please respond to this and do the changes as soon as possible please please please. The thing that has been bothering me the most is that there aren't any hijabs available, please PLEASE fix that. Since me and my friends are graduating next year we need ideas for our senior year outfits, we were thinking about printing our animations on the t shirts but since most of my friends were a hijab, they can't really do so. They want to though, please add a hijab in a meantime. Thank you

My daughter told me to get this game. I didn't believe her at first but now I love this game.

The sad game I'm so sad I had to delete musically the only thing that kept me alive but I feel like crying? This is sad to write because your favorite thing can be deleted I can't no more whatever this game is awesome?

A very good app. Its great for those who like to play around with their friends and make each other or even make an avatar for some other cyberspace use. It only gets boring when you run out of people to turn into cartoons and there are 7.4 Billion people as of 2016 and so I don't think it will get boring anytime soon. Keep it up and maybe add some more to the categories.

When I try choosing which gender I would like to create it just takes me back to the main menu. So I choose the female and it takes me back to the menu. Lastly I selected two players and it took me back to the menu. No matter what choice I make it takes me to the main menu. Please reply so I can know what's wrong or just fix it!

Best app ever BUT.... It keeps modifying and it's really annoying because i want to post them to instagram but I can't because it's way too zoomed in so please fix

Wow..... Just try JOY REWARDS App Using this referal соdе: 1816147 and earned points.. you can use the points for any games specially The Clash of Clans...

Itz soooo fun U can make a how many people and I love all the clothes and the other stuff on there but the ONLY thing is the hair it doesn't have all of of them I can't make myself with my real hair but everything else is soo much fuN...PS.hope u have fun too?

Y'all people are complaining What did y'all think it was gonna be talking about some it's boring that's why it's called FACE Q NOT a game to chat and saying that it's not for kids? That's why it says teens not everyone. Stop being stupid. And learn how to read.

Bug please fix Some of the male cloths are a different set than what picture shows when you put that clothing on please fix and more different styles for both genders

Face q Guys this is a great app rated it's a great app guys and you guys if you guys read it you have to be prepared because they might make new ones like you get to make your house inside your house and you don't know just read it and be prepared for what they're going to be making next

So helpful It helped me learn to draw more hair styles and its really creative

Awesome app It is awesome because it is like a catoon virsion of ur self!!???

GET NOW ITS FUNNY YOU CAN SHARE ON Instagram and tag you can make mini version of you IT SO CUTE GET NOW YOU WONT REGRET???

Can't zoom out Not compatible with samsung note 4

Super fun and really cool! Been pretty fun having this app, and I even made one and use it as my Google profile pic!

Yes I wish here was an app called BodyQ so we can these in the full body version

FaceQ I love it. but, can you add some sport things????

Too cute When your making a faceQ you can pick out what ever you want like bitmoji!

Its OK the creaters should add more to the clothes and hair and stuff

It is okay I do not like this app it has a few curses in it but i like it for pop jam

Excellent Very simple. Nice and beautiful caricatures can be made.

Good for profile pics. Its good if your looking for a profile pics but nothing more

i really like it but i wish i could share it on more of my apps

Good This game is so fun so many different customisation option

Love It!!! I Love it! I use the characters I make for my contact pictures

Stress reliever This game is literally amazing download ????

Love it I love designing my own chatacter

Love it Can you add more features in it?

Awesome cool and lit

I love this appppp

A Bit Mature But Really Good Too I love this app. I enjoy using it to create myself, my friends and my family. Although, there is something that needs to be changed. This app is pretty mature, and I bet a lot of kids use this app. I noticed was that there was a hand with a cigarette in it- and yet schools are trying so hard to convince kids not to smoke! Please make this game a little more kid-friendly, and when that happens I will definitely rate it 5 stars.

An amazing app for all People that say this app is boring, doesn't know the many uses this app bring. You can use this app for example to make yourself as an avatar which is pretty hard trying to find a cute app for the use, but this app is very excellent. You can customize ur avatar to look like someone else send It to someone for fun or give shout outs to anyone through this app. i really love the features it has and i will use it for sure. I recomend this app for all good job!?

^_^ Super cute and fun. Though I wish certain features could be moved around on the face. For example, being able to move a set of eyes closer together or farther apart would be great. Even the ability to make them bigger or smaller would be cool. I also wish eye color could be chosen on any of the eyes that have color. There are a pair of eyes that look like mine but the color is wrong.

Almost get five stars! Hey devs! You did awesome job! Amazing app. I really like it but there's a issue available. In my phone it's worked fine for a minute and then stopped at all. I couldn't touch anything more. Then I have to close the app and star over. Now I so want to you guys - faceq's devs fix the issues. Please fix it and make it better!

My Story I had seen a few people making these, and pretending they actually drew them. Finally, one nice person told me it was an app so I downloaded it. Ever since, it has never crashed and is a really fun app! Maybe you should add some pets, shoes and pants to make the app even better >:D

Great app, but Needs Improvement I love the app, but there's a few improvements I'd like you to make. It would be great if you could make it possible to change eye color and mouth color, as well as different variations for accessories. Also maybe add a few hairstyles and stuff for other anime, for example Bleach, Death Note, and Attack On Titan.

Great, fun app! This app is wonderful, with many options and endless combinations. Very simple and will keep you entertained for as long as you need. There are some adjustments I believe could be made, as an example, when you write your own message in the speech bubble make it as big as the premade messages. I'd also like a "kid safety" button that locks all inappropriate options, like the cigarette and guns. Other than some small tweaks, I love this game and would definitely recommend getting.

Best of the best This game is awesome. I recommend you download it right now and see how cool it is for yourself. Make animated peeps and share them. Love how you can make two people at once but they go too small and fix the hat issue. Still, get this app right now or miss outm

No gender categories please! I don't like the gender categories at the beginning. It applies gender to clothes, accessories, hairstyles, etc. However you identify, you should be able to wear what you want, and express yourself how you want. Saying that a certain gender wears this kind of stuff, or styles their hair that kind of way is not right. Also, there are not just two genders. You can identify as in between, neither, both, or different all the time. Otherwise, this game is amazing and creative. xD

Awesome but...? This game is really awesome and I love making new characters and this game is really fun...... But the only problem is that it does not save all of the history! Like I made this cool character but then it didn't save and go into history like its supposed to please fix and I'll give you five stars

It's good It is a good way to pass time and I like you can get marvel and anime features but could you guys add fairy tail stuff it was kind of surprising they don't have it coz it is a really popular anime

Kids? If I let my little sis get this, she would be exposed to vulgar language and actions. That's the only problem. But otherwise its cute

Good for character portraits but... I used it to show what the people in the book I'm writing look like, but it only saved two of the four I made. Plus, it has bad words in it & I'm 10!

Coool (I know how to spell it lol) Its pretty nice but it takes a lot of space. But overall, its really cool keep up the good work! ;-P

Contacts I love using this app to make contact pictures for my friends and family. This way everything matches and it looks hilarious also! Love it! ?

Adorable and time consuming Amazing, you can create cute and funny avatars. Also very time consuming when it comes to being bored.

Fun Its not a game so don't complain it's boring its good for making funny pictures with avatars and its cute and funny one of my favorite apps

My favorite app I have been using this app for more than a year and I love it true it's only a creator app but you can make really cool avatars or profile pics I would just ask for more guy hair styles and more hat stuff

Murderer Murderer of time. Say u r waiting 4 episode passes or something it kills time for you to wait 3 hours and 40 minutes

Great time killer I thought I was just going to play this every once in a while, but I'm addicted..

Depends I love it cause u can make characters. If u dont like that,its boring.

CUTE!!? This game is soo cute and easy, and it is so simple. It is a well done dress up game, and I personally, in my opinion, is one of the best games.?❤(what a cute app!!)

I like it but It crashes a lot. Like super duper crashes a lot.

Fun but I have a problem I cannot zoom out on the picture, so when I save the photo it looks like it is cropped. How do I fix this?

RellyXD I made a pic of two girls with a bikini on and pink hair with fresh glasses and with guns and it said KICK ASS

Awsome I liked because you can create anyone you want as you see my picture I created shopkin as human cookie cookie and lily lips I created some more subcrive to me queen B BYe

You can put this on! Its great because you can cuztomise your charecter and you can put it as ur profile pic!??

Fantastic for account pics Love this app. I also use it to make profile pics for my social media

Amazing This app is amazing you can do any body with any style you want if you like to do your own character downloaded this me and my sister and friends are in love with it

Love it I can send it to friends asome This is the best game in the world love IIT bammmmm whayttt

Wow ? I love this app so much its so cute and funny i really Like the one with the leg.

Amazing This game shows your creativity and i really proved to myself that i have a good imagination. This is the best game in the world.

My favorite app Its so fun to make one and I love it I share it with my friends and family ??

Boring Cause i can not create my own photo.

Awesome I am bored in the day I have this amazing app to keep me up and be creative

HORRIBLE It was so bad I could spit

Face q I think its really cool because you can make your friends and you.

Awsome I Loved It i love you guys thx you for creating this game for me and everyone so i dont i cant talk cause this is the best game ever