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Fashion Diva: Dressup & Makeup

Supplied By    On Nov. 3, 2016    Comments(134)

APP for iPhone Fashion Diva: Dressup & Makeup version1.8 Download

The makers of ‘BFF High School Fashion’ and ‘Star Fashion Designer’ bring you a glamorous new fashion game.

Take on the runway, one stunning look at a time! Enter the dazzling world of High Fashion. Discover couture fashion with themes like Glam Rock, Vintage, Sporty Chic, Lingerie, Bohemian, and Oriental.

Dress the hottest models in exclusive looks. Create your own signature shows with gorgeous outfits, hairstyles, accessories and makeup. Style interesting looks for exciting theme-based challenges. Impress celebrity judges with your creative flair.

Experience the thrill of styling models for a real runway! So will you surprise the fashion world with the most sensational fashion shows?

Find out by downloading Fashion Diva for FREE from the Google Play Store @games2win and testing your style skills now!

Fashion Diva FEATURES :
- NEW: Tryout the new exciting theme-based challenges!
- Outrageously stylish clothes and accessories!
- Trendy hairstyles & ultra glam makeup!
- Multiple models to style!
- Celebrity judges to thrill!
- All the pressure and tension of a real runway show!
- Available in 5 languages English / French / German / Italian / Spanish.

Games2Win is a fun company that believes in creating amazing and enjoyable games for all ages. We have over 800+ proprietary games that are available both online and on mobile. Some of our smash hit games are Parking Frenzy, Star Fashion Designer, Fashion Diva, Power Cricket T20 (featured on the Google Play Store) and BFF High
School Fashion. Currently, our company boasts of more than 87 million app downloads and 3 million gamers a month. And this is just the beginning!




Contact us at for any problems you may have with Fashion Diva: Dressup & Makeup. part of our Role Playing and have average installs from 1000000 to 5000000. Last Update Nov. 3, 2016. Appstore play rating is 83.9223. Current verison is 1.8. Actual size 55.0 MB.

What's new

    - Game play enhanced
Download fashion-diva.apk 55.0 MB


This game is amazing! I had recently got addicted to a similar game but you had to buy the clothes and I spent real money dollars on it :( but then I found this and now I'm addicted to something that doesn't consistently ask me for money. I'm very much in love with this game. It is exactly what i was looking for! Thank you!!

Good It is a really good game but you advertise clothes you cannot dress the models up in. It is false information other than that it is good. Please fix it.

FASHION DIVA CHIC I love this game its so addictive and fun and and all the items are unloccked .I LOVE THIS GAME

Love It Wooooooooooooooooooooow this is amazing to me this game I love it, it's so stylish and interesting it's teaching me a lot of dressing and how to go about it... I enjoy it more when comes to judges....

I like the game, but it takes forever to get the phone to acknowledge my clicking. This doesn't make the most of the time allowed.

Variety is hot! The game is cool. Just wish there was more variety in the models ethnicity and size. This would make the game more challenging and fun.

It's get boring some how After opening level 16 I get stucked there can not open other levels so it's not challenging any more.I'm beginning to out grown it.

Great game I loved it ,, this is wonderful, cool designs

AWSOME!!!!! I really love this game the clothes are stunning,jewelry is fab,wonderful packages to unlock,Shows are nice,but the only thing is whenever i do the show and dress the model i try to find exellent clothes to dress the model one of the judges say its awful add some awsomeness to it i don't know how to unlock 3 and then i try wicked styles like green and black but no. BUT Everything else is WONDERFUL!!!Pls you can add more lip colours,eye shadows, clothes so the judges love my styles

Nice I like it very much but pls, can you add some more lip colours and makeup items and i cannot find the colour slider pls help

Awosome This game was just awosome i hav played many games cauz i am fond of fashion but this game hav some craving that my heart dosent say that delete it great graphics ,great dress , great game loved itttttttt :) ;)

Love it ? It's a great game ? But I finished it very fast ((Not expecting to finish that fast ? Suggestion 1 : Add more levels would be great ... Anyways , I can't spend those money too .. Why need to earn those money when there's no purpose of using them ? Suggestion 2 : Add stores so that we can spend those money that we earn to buy more clothes or makeup and other stuff would be Superb ??

Short but fun I finished this game really fast, and was disappointed there weren't more levels so I hope the developers are adding more. Very nice graphics. There doesn't seem to be a purpose for the coins. They add up quickly and there is nothing to spend them on that I could find. Also, it seems impossible to actually get 5/5 stars unless you combine just the right pieces together and that leaves little room for creativity in putting a look together when you want to get 5 stars.

Awesome game This game is totally fabulous if you want to be a fantastic designer then you should download this game. It is outstanding! but if you hate this game then you are stupid.

Superb Excellent game experience.. Enhanced ...addictive...bful game...but I don't know why in bohemian level judges don't give me more than 3 scores in fashion show.....solve this prob.?

Every time you're at a certain level it just causes and you can't get the next muddle through It'd be nice if they fix the problem because it's a good game

The best game ever Super cool. Wow!!!!!Could there be anything better?No never.Man,It's hip!Bizarre.I just love it .Cool,sexy stuff.I luv the Lingerie.Whoever made this game--I YOU'RE FAB!!!!❤

Cool It's awesome I love how the judge says it's great

So far so good...will rate again after I get into the hang of things

??? This game is super sexest to women I am unstalling the game right now ????? and do not down loud just a wast of time!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Coins and stars What are the coins for? cuz as far as I can see there's nothing in the game to purchase so the coins are useless. I like the game but if I could buy clothes that give bonus points or something that would be cool. IDK how else to get 5 stars I've tried everything. I'm still trying tho cuz its fun.

Like Love this game, but I have one question. What are the coins for? Do you get more styles? Or time bonus?

Fun game Love dressing the models. Sometimes it won't change to the next category like makeup or jewelry. It'll take too long and time runs out.

I like it so far. This games helps to improve how you dress and represent both the inside and outside

JEJ So far its ok. Don't have much time, but I'm sure they have less time in the real world. Love the hair and make - up though.

Just like Jojo Fashion Show! Been looking for a substitute I could play on my phone love the clothes

TOO MUCH TAPPING The game is ok. I find that you have to touch one icon several times, for the choices you have (ie: clothing, shoes, make-up, and hair etc) before you can access it. By the time you do, there is not enough time to complete the tasks your asked to.

Idk how the game is yet to give a proper rating Cuz it offered free coins if I rate as soon as I started I get a chance to play I'll be back to rate!

Love it This is the best game ever the clothes are amazing I have only been play it for 2 day and I love it !

I lov lov lov lov lov it soo much ?? Itz the best dress up and super model game eva I've been waiting for a game like this for a year and FINA it is here ! You should download it ??

Fashion Diva Truly enjoyed this game even when sometimes the judges didn't complement my choices. But I like the outfits I did.

So far so good. I play a lot of fashion games and I adore most of them but this one makes my top five easily! It as good as any of the frenzoo games I think.

This gamr is amazing I had got addicted to a simular game but you had to buy the clothes and I soent real money dollars on it:(But then I found this and now im addicted to something that doesn't consistenntly ask me for money im very much i love with this game it is exactly what i was looking for! Thankyou!!

Ok I don't like the timer....why do you have this? I just want to have all the time I want to design. What is this....PROJECT RUNWAY??

Freeze up and next button don't work Too many adds and it freezes up want go to next model...I love the game but it has some issues that need be fixed

Just getting started I'm just trying to play a dress up game and I have to rate it before I get to play.. Does that make sense?

A little behind. You should add more stuff to each Colum other than that it's great!

Great ! ? It's very interesting and you can unlock the themes very it its for your and have fun....?

I really like this game because i love fashion My only question is i don't understand why you cant get eney other cloths in glam and i am staying on glam rock for ages.but i have only started this game ao I'm not really sure how to use this game.☺???

Me and my daughter is really having so much playing this game... Though it's so hard to please the judges.. ???

I love it It is a really good app but, I can't get good and nice fashions in, in the time limit they give you I would personally put a bit more time in.

Very Bad game... We cant play continuously and cant change colour of dress without paying 1000 coins and very less themes n time is also very less for fashion show. Hated it. Seriously, take lots of space n time to download

Beautiful The game is awesome.. love it and i'll never get bored of this game. Don't think to much, download now

Great fun game 2 play It's a really fun game to play if you like fashion & dressing up. The only thing I would want would be more choices in clothes, hair, makeup etc.

I love it Amazing delightfull beautiful ful wonderful l had never seen a game like this

FABULOUS! This game is absolutely fabulous and I honestly don't have anything bad to say about. It's so addicting and fun. My only issue, this having nothing to do with the game itself and actually being a personal problem, I cannot figure out the perfect outfits. So far I've only gotten 2 for GlamRock. I've unlocked each catagory and have at least four stars for each level, but I just can't get the perfect outfit. Then again this could just be because I just got the game today. L.O.L. I even make myself laugh. Bye!

Fun Definitely creative but music is annoying says my husband

fashion diva I like this game because I enjoy playing dress up.I have been back to this game two times. LIKE THIS A LOT

Addicting!!!!!♡♥♡♥♡♥♡♥ Wow I love this game its addictive, fun and I work really hard for FIVE FREAKING STARS . But any its an awesome game

Disappointment Very specific of emotions and. Hard on designers it made me sad and now I don't. Want to design anymore ?????? This is a comment from my granddaughter and her points are valid and important for feedback regarding your app.

Really Fun This is a solid fashion game. The goal is to dress your model up according to the theme. A new theme is unlocked once you complete a previous theme. The ads were annoying but I got rid of them using 5000 coins, which I was able to get in no time. I still haven't found any purpose for the coins and I finished the game really fast. Could improve the game by adding some new styles or add a shop to purchase additional clothes and makeup. Great game!

loved it a lot This is a very attractive and stylish game...!! My daughter enjoys a lot

In love I love this game, I love to dress up and be judged by other judges comma and you know you should download this too and obviously it's really fun to play with but they might get on your nerves. You should decide yourself don't let other people decide for you.

Cool game They dont give you alot Options for outfits, once you pass a certain level. Lots of fun however

Fun game to play Each level is quite challenging and you have to compete with the time as well, thus it's really hard to score a five stars result. Overall, it's a decent fashion game! :)

Fashion Divas are awesome and I love it Dashing Divas is awesome game and I hope you like to play too

Awsome It's very fun to dress up the models. I get anxious to see the results. It's very addicting

Not bad This game is pretty fun and addictive, once you earn enough coins, you can turn off the ads!!!

Could add a little more of an assortment of hair styles and clothes but overall the graphics are good and I like the that it's a challenge

I loved it..........BUT after the levels 6 levels we 've nothing 2 do accept playing the same levels again need 2 be improve

I love yup game they say not to use same out fit twice it almost impossible

Could be better I like the dressing up part but not the levels you have to do.

This game is better than a lot of others out there. But I didn't give it 5 stars because every time it tries to gives me my scores, the ads interfere and the game goes back to the start.

Love it Its attractive relaxing, and good styles

Great game Its fun when your outfit gets judged. You need this app if your a fashion diva!

Its awwwwsome just love it Just wish I can like buy more stuff with the coins thou

Ok The app is OK but sometimes the you cannot enter the next model due to failure of the Next Button..

Actually really fun? This game is a lot more fun than I thought it would be??? Makes the time go by when I'm bored lol

Love it This game is fun, but there's too many ads. I love dressing the models and I love the styles.

COOL I loved it cool

Good but... It's good but every time way too many adds!

Levels Not enough levels. This game is really fun, but there's only six levels.And everytime I try to impress the judge, she keeps giving me a 5. Also, could there be more makeup? I'll give a 5 of this has been added . Thanks!

LOLVE I Love love love this game it's like er the best game ever who ever thinks it is stupid well get out of my sight?

Awesome game! Awesome clothes! Awesome hairstyles! This game is just overall amazing!

Keeps telling me that the game is down Ive played the game before, it was so fun. Though I got rid of it the first time I had it and then........ months later I tried downloading it and it tells me the games not running after I try to play it. I tried uninstalling it and reinstalling it but it still didn't work.

It's okay It seems as if you will not get 5 stars and they keep giving you the same outfits other than that it's ok

Awesme but the oriental's next button doesn't work

Happy. I love this game. Have no problems so far. Can't stop playing.

App works/performs GREAT! ONLY...Wish it was more appropriate for the ages playing. Works great, enjoy doing with little girl and the outfits/accessories available are excellent to choose from. I would assume most of the users of this app are younger but I might be incorrect in that assumption. In my case I would prefer to have the lingerie dress up removed and less provocative skin showing items. Would give 5 star rating if you were more conscientious of the message girls in your user age demographic, get from something seemingly very innocent. Thanks.

Battery drainer Went down 4% just playing one round. What the heck is it doing to drain so much? Uninstalling... Beautiful fashions though. Reply: funny because every time the app was in use the battery drained but when I closed it was fine. I make sure NOT to run multiple apps.

Maybe I am playing wrong, but I just don't really understand it. I can't get a five star outfit or unlock anything new? I have the initial 4 or 5 style categories, but nothing after that. Curious to know what happens if you do get a 5... It doesn't really say how... Can't find a help or FAQ section...

Decent. I think its fun but quite challenging not only to my brain but to get 5 stars. But i have to indeed say i like this compared to other dress up games so far it provides a challenge instead being easy and boring after short while.

Good game but limited. Sadly my little cousin asked why she couldn't make the girl black. I searched and played and there didn't seem to be one. Guess blacks or just other races aren't an option. Uninstalled!

Um.....well... Very slow, loads of ads and bugs. My phone starts to over heat when I use this app. Just disappointed. And the outfits are not as, well....exciting. Very disappointing...

A problem I purchased the game with everything unlocked but it's not and I still have ads showing also... I would like my game corrected or give me my money back

A little tricky I like the game and it is very addictive. I wish the time limits were longer. It gets frustrating to not finish.

Boo So boring I know people say don't judge a book by its cover but before get this app think so I realy want to waste lodes of my storage on a stupid game like this NO

I haven't even been able to play it yet. And it's already asking for a rating. That's bothersome. Will re rate once I've played.

It's ok so far. I'm not finding anything wrong with it, so far. I'll update this review if something negative is found. Otherwise, I suggest anyone to try it. Great graphics, and no bugs!

It was fun except the lingerie level ruined it .?If there were more sporty outfits I'd like it... no LOVE it. Keep trying programmers.

It would be better if you could add new items A bit boring, you Always have the same closet.

Ok Ok ok ok it's a great game I playing everyday a good game so I would like to add Seasons EJ spring summer autumn winter and add clothes to that with levels except from that it is a really really good game it's ok really really ok get the games pls

Good game Needs some improvements; think it would be better if each theme actually stuck to its theme rather than mixing them but still a good game non the less

Good This game is addicting and fun. The reason y j didn't give it all 5 stars is because I like it I just don't love it. But I like playing it. It's fun and entertaining.

It's cool... I wish there was more excitement.. And the game is very slow and laggy sometimes.

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Good game Its just there are so many adverts and I wish you could have an option to make outfits of your choice, like not having to have a set style. This game is good because the graphics are good and you get a vary of clothing. Okay guys so that is my review on this game! Keep looking at new games and you might find that i've commented!

Time consuming It's fun to play and keeps me busy when am bored

Love it When you play think as if you are truly a diva I mean of course its the best if want more like page on Facebook riri .cute,sexy kitten so download it if you want to be a stylish diva

Passes time Something to do whenever you get bored. Cute game

Great!! It a great game with nice clothe design . It very fun however after a few games it get boring ,and I soon found out what the point of playing this game, but if you love fashion than I guess you should play this game.

Good Not bad for being a game, but it should have more options for style and clothes.

I love this app! It's great fun for my little sister when she's bored and sometimes even I end up playing it myself!???

Its a nice game. The only bad thing is its quite long to load.

Loved it It's has all kind off stuff you can do nice designs

Addicted I am so addicted to this game. It's so much fun.

Paid 3.99 because there is suppose to be more levels if you do and there isn't. Wasted money to remove ads from a game I've already finished and wont play again. Thanks ?

I like it I like how you can change things but if you don't if you don't want to change the then you can just continue playing and they can have you create more than one model and it just continues and continues

Girl on fire It s awesome but it needs like more competition like that's the annoying part I would rate five stars if it had more competing although it's ok still good going to keep it though 1st day that's why

Fashion diva dressup Clothes are terrible. Arrange for good set of clothes. Not these shimmery clothes. Decent clothes .

I just started Darn can I play the game before you bribe me with items. Just so you can get my rate geez

Great game This game is fun and addictive it allows fashion sense to roam free and have fun.

Cool game If you love fashion and all things pretty it's a cool game

Good game, I enjoy it.. When I first opened the game, it tried to make me rate the game buf I refused to rate before I play the game. But, after completing glam rock and lingerie, I was shocked as to how good it actually is!

Fashion diva I like it cuz it's challenging and it shows you how you can do a lot of things like you can make stuff you can put things together I like i

Day bomb I mean sure there are only a few styles but it's very creative I give it 5 stars.

Not bad, but not great Good game, but needs work in my opinion. Like, it needs more skin tones and lots more levels as it's too short. And would be even better if there were more styles like autumn/winter and spring/summer season style challenges or something similar, plus more choice of clothes too.

Really fun It's the only thing similar to jojos fashion show where you compete based on a style theme. Can become repetitive after a while but few pesky ads

Honestly I play different games all the time. If i like them i keep them. I don't or if i feel like it needs work i uninstall them. I have uninstalled this game. It depends on you if i decided to reinstate the game.

Again ! The same thing. I want the fashion diva part 2 with new dresses and themes. I love this game so much , that this is the third time I have downloaded this game .Thank you and please make the part 2.?. Once again make fashion diva 2 .?

Yas This game is so good. The clothes are nice and you can create lots of cool designs and dress the people up how you want I totally love this game get it or else.......... jk jk the clown will come jk ;-)

Problem with the purchase I purchased the game to get all themes unlocked but nothing has changed. I wrote to your company to get refund but no response.

Don't really know yet I had to give a rating just to unlock a theme. I have no idea if it even works or not...

Updated Played it for about 15mins and I like it so far but I can tell I will get bored with very quickly. How are you going to ask me to rate something as soon as I open the game and haven't even started...smh...I'll come back and change my rating after I've actually played it first(if I remember to that is)

Why so few levels? I beat the game in a day. Will fix rating if you add more levels before I get bored and uninstall. Great start tho.

Not ok for little girls While, as an adult, it is entertaining and the format interesting, it is not for little girls as the images appeal to. Skimpy outfits and lvl 2 is LINGERIE! Not appropriate nor a good message for little impressionable girls.

5 stars if more fashion choices Needs more options. Same old clothes. Can't do some challenges because clothing is so limited. Otherwise great

Addicted I look forward to playing at the end of the day. New and fun challenge. I just wish you could use the whole catalog the whole time.

had to rate b4 i could play strike 1 Strike 2 it crashed. Strike 3 it froze my phone and i had to reboot it all within 10 minutes of download .. 3 strikes your not knly OUT, but UNINSTALLED

It's cool I guess Directions. Preheat the oven to 325 degrees F (165 degrees C). Sift together the flour, baking soda and salt; set aside. In a medium bowl, cream together the melted butter, brown sugar and white sugar until well blended. Bake for 15 to 17 minutes in the preheated oven, or until the edges are lightly toasted.

Let me start I did not even get past the theme selection screen, and you are asking to be rated...REALLY?...NEVER, Force Me TO DO THINGS BECAUSE IT WILL LOWER YOUR RATING, AND MAKE ME Seriously Think ABOUT SPENDING TIME AND CASH ON YOUR SITE.....

Freezing up Just keeps freezing up my phone was actually enjoying it till that started

Its not bad I feel like alot of the challenges are the same and the clothing choice doesnt change much. Its really hard to get 5 stars

Fabulous It's more fan! Makes me alive when im bored. Ive learn a lot how to feel more comfortable and look fabulous in my style.