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Fashion House

Supplied By    On July 7, 2015    Comments(108)

APP for iPhone Fashion House version1.7 Download

Introducing Fashion House, where your sense of style meets your ambition. Games2win now gives you a chance to live the life of a fashion designer, where you face clients that are difficult to please, and judges that are hard to impress. Experience the excitement, the pressure, the anxiety of being a big name in fashion.
Visit a new style capital every week, from Paris, Milan, London, New York and Tokyo.

Choose an exclusive garment, add some mint-fresh beautiful colors and make it stand out with our unique set of patterns. 10 elite fashion industry stalwarts will judge you on your ability to create the perfect ensemble.

You can also compete and play against your Facebook friends or other aspiring designers from around the world, taking the designing experience to a completely new level.

This is your big chance to be one of those extraordinary names in fashion. So will you design or resign? Play to find out!

Fashion House Features:

- Tour 5 Fashion Capitals
- 34 Garments + 40 colors and patterns
- Simple and engaging Gameplay
- Share your creation on Facebook

About Games2win:
We are a company that believes in creating great fun-filled games for people of all ages. We have more than 800 proprietary games on both online and mobile devices, including our smash hits like Parking Frenzy and Super Mom. Today, we have 40 million downloads of our apps and 5 million gamers a month. And this is just the beginning.




Contact us at for any problems you may have with Fashion House.

Privacy Policy: part of our Role Playing and have average installs from 1000000 to 5000000. Last Update July 7, 2015. Appstore play rating is 71.2587. Current verison is 1.7. Actual size 22.0 MB.

What's new

    Latest Update:
    - Minor bug fix.
    - Gameplay experience enhanced.
Download fashion-house-1.apk 22.0 MB


Its an OK game, its just when you buy a color and you make another dress, the color is locked again, even on the same dress! So its kinda frustrating..????!!! And a waste of money!

STUPID When i played it the patterns were terrible, the scenerioes are weak, i lost all my diamond and i only started playing the game 10 minutes ago, it wont let me do anything without a face book acount log in , any you loose all your colors really fast (i have no more colors)!!!!!! DONT GET THE GAME!!!!

Wow this is amazing. I love it coz its interesting to play. Its not like a game its like that we are in a designing studio. Ah its my dream to be a designer. Thx alot guys. Bye. :D*

Awesome game This game is so addictive I love the challenges but some patterns shouldn't cost so much diamonds

Can't play!! Ok so i was recommended to this cause i LOVE FASHION and then when i try to play, it close unexpectedly EVERY TIME so i just cant play no matter how many times i try so I'm sorry to say this...but I'm uninstalling.... oh and if you loved diner dash, then i recommend pet cafe 1 and 2!!! they are super fun!!

Really a 2.5 I have an issue with the set up of design. As a professional costume design I need to be able to see the whole look together when choosing colors and patterns. If you could see all garments together after choosing them, be able to go back to color or pattern without erasing what already have so you could see different color or pattern, create your own pattern with some preloaded shapes,textures and artistic effects. And the time is frustrating waiting for creation. No need to wait. Please rethink whole app

Always stopped working I need to start over and over again each time the app crashed. I would like to play, if you could help.

Awesomely cool can get it too so cool just kidding how could you not get this game okay Like you its out of this world you think about what you doing cuz you're having too much fun but the one thing you have to worry about is the Diamonds you get them by completing the mission perfectly but the money you'll always have a lot of mana mana but the diamond is you take off too much we end up having fun yet happens a lot with me but not too much at least once I got back to a hundred so you said it was like a hundred and then you go down to like one shoulder

Love! Love! Love! Love!!! Awesome and it is soooooooooooooo cool! I love designing the clothes! I am going to be a fashion designer when I grow up! The only thing is you do run out of coins and gems pretty soon, but that's OK I guess! Bye the was I am 10!??????????? love this app totally should get it you guys!

Superb Just started playing and I don't know how long this game will keep me entertained before I uninstall. So far, this deserves a 5 star rating. ;))) will check again if anything else comes up. :D

Loved it This is such a good way to express my creativity. It has fashion challenges that you can go up against someone. And it's completely safe for kids. It's something I enjoy doing. When I play this game it makes me feel like a real fashionista.

Nice Just it needs to take less time or else you can't do the missions it's really annoying but its not just the mission it's every di sign please fix it or I will uninstall

Much Better! This app was terrible, but after the update, its great!!!! This app is fun, but you should be able to buy a colour once, and it can be used for all garments. But I still like this app!! ☺????

It is a fun,creative and amazing game! This game is really fun and it can be played either by children or adults! I can create my own design and being judged by great juries ? And also I can play this game by logging in to my Facebook account and being challenged by other players from all over the world!

OK but... It is OK but it is center around Facebook. Also I thought I got to make the dresses and other clothes, and last you have to keep buying the color and patterns again and again!! So frustrating!! I deleted the app not an hour after I got it.

Cannot open the app! After buying several diamonds for me to be able to have more patterns and colors. Now, I can no longer open the app itself. I have cleared the cache memory. And turned off my phone. But still can't open the app!!!

Fun So far so good. Only thing that I think is kinda lame is that even if you have previously 'unlocked' a pattern or color, you still have to unlock it each time you use it.

Takes Long to Load Outfits It takes so long for out fits to load it makes you wanna say OMG why did i get this app?

Fun! There are so many fashionista games/apps, but very few do I like the set up. The set-up and theme on this game is easy and I like that the player is given a challenge and judged by a panel of judges and that you check back in to see how you were judged and rewarded. However I don't like that you have to pay to unlock a new color or pattern every new design, especially when I've already paid for that color on the last mission.

Shame It is a great game but it is a shame that it doesn't do what it “says on the tin" and if you go off it then all of your progress is lost it is really annoying because you are in the middle of a top and then it just goes off. Another reason I rated it a 2 is because I think there could be a wider variety of things to make and I don't think that you should have to wait a whole HOUR just to make a top!!! It is a HUGE Shame and was sadly NOT what I was expecting it to be like I was looking forward to it but ...

okayyy I love this game but to improve on it i wish we can use the pattern and colurs anytime so we do not have to pay for them!

love it this game is amazing,wonderful,and beautiful.....must installed it

It's ok but some unfair things are happening! I liked it but some ufair things are happening these days! So the thing is that it takes time to submit it! I mean one day it one hour! ! ! and it doesn't mean that we have to wait for one hour there's a way to do it quicker way, they ask you do you wanna do it quicker way? But you have ta pay 10 diomands! It isn't fair so please try to fix it!

I don't know It is really hard to get a score higher than 6.80. I really don't know why? Like I'm not that bad at fashion am I?? Well it is OK but I think they could do better!!!!!!

I love this game and I got my first high score 7.80 looks like I am a good designer download this game if you're interested in designing you won't regret it

Horrible Do not down load, don't waist your time. A chimp could have invented this game.

I liked it. But if you close out then you have to restart. Is this happening to anybody else?

Awesome game buuuuutttt... You can only have 3 missions at a time and it can take hours for the clothes to be done.

It's very fun. I just got it but so far there aren't any problems.

Force close or report I just installed it a few minutes but it wont let me play it says force close or report and i am really interested to play the game pls fix it or i will un install

I like it But, it ,, unfortunately stoppes,, really often and when I go there, every score is deleted.Also you need to make a pattern in evry dress. But its cool game

Its Gud but.... Well....where r dese judges???? I would like this game if I could design dresses n d judges judge em !

Okay so like I loved this game but I got really far along then whenever I would try to open the game it forced closed please fix.

Great but Whenever I go of it it all restarts appart from my money

Fun but needs some work I really like this app as far as being able to design clothes but there are a lot of things that need fixed. Like there should be some other way to get diamonds than buying them. And you should not have to buy your colors/patterns everytime you're making something. And most of all you shouldn't have to use diamonds to get new colors/patterns.There's no way anyone has enough and that's messed up! And lighten up on the judging. Sheesh..we're not professionals.

Fashion house Infuriating. Every time I go on it it freezes up and turns itself up. And the game itself is tedious and restricting.

I want to delete this app It is so much fun and creative but I dont know if other people have this problem but when I get through the part where it shows you how to do it, I do my own mission and all of a sudden it gliches then takes me to my home screen. And when I click back on to it, it shows the steps again. And my other outfit is gone its like it resets itself when you get out of the app

How the hell does this crap work???? It keeps on giving me same missions again and again and it sooo time consuming and money tooo??? yet it has lovely dresses so in short it is ?. By : Raymon Mann

I hate this game. I never rate but this is absolutely disappointing. The challenges are so lame like my one was filled with texture and colour but the opponent was just white and she won on all.I hoped for good judgement but it's all crap. Downloading this game would result disappointment.

? Its very realistic, but i dislike how you run out of colors and money so quick and i also dislike how you have to pick a pattern, what is i want a plain blouse?

Simple but fun time killer Keeps crashing and deleting progress but it's fun when it works. Simple, wish there were more patterns like tropical, polka dots, etc and that one item could be 3 colors! But it's cool.

Switching up the missions, But too many adds It always challenges you for a different thing like "sunny day at the park, colors everywhere" I really recommend this game for people who like fashion and fashion challenges challenges! But the only foul I found in this game was too many adds but besides that it it a great game!

Not bad... I would like to say that some ads come up but apart from that its great and you get o really inspire yourself through clothes and well fashion so that's why I would give it four out of five

Very very boring game I just hated it, i run out of coins within few minutes after starting the game. Everything is expensive and we have to buy diamonds with real money. I recommend everybody not to waste data on this game. Now i am going to uninstall it

your version of the fashi0n designer is way much better!!! this 0ne definetely lacks 0f many 0pti0ns in designing!! gggrrr.,

Runs good on my device but The game itself tends to get lame due to the fact of only getting but so many diamonds to buy patterns and colors and we have to buy the rest with real money and the missions are repetitive so its just no fun at all and rarely expresses my creativity in fashion designing honestly.

Nice but Needs some Work Nice okay app, just boring as hell :( if only you could give the girl/mannequin more human like figures it'd be more fun. Besides the patterns are hideous . You are giving me so little to work with and as a result I end up with bullshit fashion :/ . Its simple & cute but medicore at best. Sorry.

Best game ever it's fun but the Dimonds run out to fast lol

Loved it It was amazing... well not that amazing, but you get what I mean.

Good game This game is really fun to play but I got stuck after a while because of not enough coins. Also when I went on my previous designs it just went off the app. But overall it was good.

Why? Can u plz tell me why u need my location and photos? Plus the models and cloths are ugly

It's ok It could do a little bit better with the patterns because you can only use them twice and then buy more

Pretty fun, but it can be hard to get more high scores, also there should be a way to get diamonds other then just paying money.

The mannequin does look nice I don't miss and this app its just that the mannequin does not look really stick so l will have to say that it is OK ?

Passion for Fashion I love fashion and with this game.......its just wonderful! Love the fabrics and details. I love helping others with their fashion and well this game gets me some how!P.S add more colors!

I liked it But too many adds I don't like buying stuff like the patterns and speeding the outfits ?

It doesn't even work that good news flash we dont live in the 1800s. Upgrade your work on the game.?

I loved it because it gave me excitement and encouragement that I can design anything I want and it is super fun!!

Its so coll It so cool but its so boring awesome I loved like it

Good I like it but why would you spend 159 gems? I just don't get it

Its ok I like it but if you do not have facebook you cannot log in and you need to add more colours and patterns cause like they are hidious???

It is fine It could be were you don't have to log into Facebook to go to a contest

Boring and u never get good rating I designed amazing things but I never got over 5????

Fashion House Awesome App Reviewer here! One of my reviews! This app is kind of... cheap? It allows you to do various designs and all, but it can get a bit boring after a while. So, you get your designs, but when you first get it, about two thirds of the clothes are locked. The designs are boring, and the pictures are unbelievably fake. Not a good app. ?

Ok I don't like having things on my list that comes up at the top of the screen!

Fun, but gets old quick. The only real problem I have is that there isn't enough types of clothing. One skirt? One type of gown? Also, we are designing a whole outfit, why not shoes then?

Very boring You should make more designs of dresses, shoes, and other stuff besides the designs are so expensive and i run out of gems and coins really quick pls update and make more new stuff to design???????

Its cool Its cool but I never saw the judges I will rate 5 star of I do

Loved it This game is nice it's looking like in really we r designer it's really good, fabulous n excellent

I guess it's okay, but it's not my favorite game to play.

It is a great game It is good but if you dont have facebook you cant log on.

Best game ever but it takes too much time to complete one mission

Why? For a mission, I wanted to make some nice overalls had to use diamonds to buy a nice color and had to many of them. But when I pressed done at the end, I couldnt have a shirt with it. And I am clearly sure that ladies wouldn't go out in public especially at the park. Where little kids play. AND WHY CAN'T WE DESIGN SHOES? I don't understand why not. And I wish we could edit the design other than pressin remove. But other than that it is alright

Kinda cool. I think people should give it a better rating cos if it doesn't work then how do u know if its good?

Jagriti I loved this game very much ! It is a nice game please download it.

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I'm obsessed! I really like it helps express my creativity oh and friend me on movie star planet my user name is jacquelynn1233???

It makes you spend all your money on buying colors and other things.

Awesome Great app. But the diamonds ran out so fast! My lil sis is into design, so I showed her this app and she likes it. She just had the same problem with the diamonds,so please fix!!

That is a nice game. But if there is no partner it is bore

Like I take my journal and I'll draw clothes and I show them to my mom and she will say I will be a good fashion desiner

Ok but....... You need to be logged in to Facebook to do any multiplayer, the problem is I'm not old enough to have Facebook PLEASE fix.

Liked it I liked it but u know its bit boring on missions the missions r the same I'm not satisfied ??

Fashion House Awesome App Reviewer here! One of my reviews! This app is kind of... cheap? It allows you to do various designs and all, but it can get a bit boring after a while. So, you get your designs, but when you first get it, about two thirds of the clothes are locked. The designs are boring, and the pictures are unbelievably fake. Not a good app. ?

Incredible!? I love fashion, so the fact that I get to create my own style line is amazing. Helps me follow my dreams, and if you're stuck on ideas, this is just the app for you!???????

I would really like to give this game give stars because I've invested so much more of my time into it then any of the other fashion games I've played. But because I've purged diamonds but did not receive them I must reserve the 5 star rating in hopes that you can rectify the situation. It was only 1.99, but I cannot advance any further in the game until this is sorted out because I don't want to take the risk having the same result. Also, if there was an way to

Boring very quick No shoes? Kinda weird, also so many diamonds only buys you so much. And you kinda have to dress outrageous to get a good enough score.

Pattern makes the outfit color go to a way lighter shade, everything basically looks white. Makes game basically unplayable.

Ugh..! In this game the colors and prints are very expensive . And i never score more than 6.88. Fashion designer is much better than this game

It's ok It is fun designing and all but it doesn't provide you with a lot of choices. I also have a suggestion to have the waiting time for each clothes written down at the place where you pick the clothes cause I picked out the clothes I wanted and the waiting Time was 8 hours!!!! That was ridiculas!!! Please fix that.

Its ok but.... I like this app, but you have to wait alot for a dress to finish before you get another challenge! And if you pay one-hundred and thirty diamonds just to get something to finish fast!

Messed up patterns Whenever I tried to design something, it would make me put a pattern on it, then the color I chose before would just disappear and the whole garment goes white! Please fix/reply!

Cool game There should be colors that are like metalic or sparkly and be able to share your designs and accessories and shoes to complete an outfit never hurt any one other wise game is fun.

A few things added... And it would be perfect. Different garment types and making the patterns and colors possible to obtain without purchasing with real money.

I'm obsessed! I really like it helps express my creativity oh and friend me on movie star planet my user name is jacquelynn1233???

Not the greatest game in the world. Patterns aren't the best, and the "real life" purcheses you make take far to long to process. Keeping until it catches up, getting my moneys worth, then uninstalling.

Its ok I like it but if you do not have facebook you cannot log in and you need to add more colours and patterns cause like they are hidious???

Cool, BUT Its a cool game im enjoying it, BUT I dont know if Im doing anything wrong, its just that I dont know how to put shoes on, my score stays below 5 cause I cant get/design shoes... If u know how please let me know!!

Very boring You should make more designs of dresses, shoes, and other stuff besides the designs are so expensive and i run out of gems and coins really quick pls update and make more new stuff to design???????

It is nice but Sometimes it starts getting stuck and u have to replay all again

loved it! a great game to play but hate those interrupting ads!! p.s want to finish submitting fast! n also need more diamonds :/

Awesome game You get to feel like a real fashion designer designing clothes for certain events but I don't like The fact that you have to pay for Things every time you want to use it1time

It's boring I was bored playing it and I thought it would be a good game to play but I thought wrong now I will look twice and see if it would be a good game to play

The mannequin does look nice I don't miss and this app its just that the mannequin does not look really stick so l will have to say that it is OK ?

So good If you are not sure if you are going to get this get it because it is great. no problem with adds

Awesome Yeah there might be a few glitches but hey this game help you express your feelings and designs and helping a lot of people makeup a decision for what they would want to wear

Not bad but... It would be even better if you had more patterns and a setting where everything was unlocked and you could just design clothes but not sell them. Other then that it's an awesome game.

Most boring game ever The game is the most boring game ever , I had never thought that the games2win will give such a boring game.before installing I was so excited about the game but now I am uninstalling it.