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Family Locator-Device Manager

Supplied By TrackView    On Oct. 19, 2016    Comments(127)

APP for iPhone Family Locator-Device Manager version2.0.7-fmp Download

"Family Locator-Device Manager" is a special use case of TrackView. It can be used to find my phone, locate family or friends and for anti theft. Its main features include activity detection, real-time location tracking, audio-video monitoring, remote recording and buzz. The Windows PC version is available for free download at: www.trackview.net. TrackView can be considered an Android Device Manager with Audio and video surveillance function.

Please note that this app contains in-app purchase which will allow you to monitor more devices. Please use the free version first and only purchase when you are satisfied. We do not process refund. Thanks.

Here is how it works:
(1) Install TrackView on your phone or tablets;
(2) Login this app using your gmail account;
(3) Put the app in the background.

After that you can use your phone however you like and your phone is protected for anti theft. In case your phone is lost or stolen, you can go to another TrackView Installed device (Windows PC, Smartphone, tablet etc), and login TrackView using the same gmail account as your lost or stolen phone. Instantly, you will know whether your phone is online or not. You can also receive alert messages from the lost phone if someone is using your phone. You can also track your lost phone's location in real-time or audio and video monitor its surroundings. You can even do remote audio and video recording as a evidence as to who has your phone. This is a very powerful tool to find my phone and for anti theft.

Some times, you may misplaced your phone somewhere with the phone in silent mode, then you can use location tracking to find its location, then use the "buzz" feature to ring the phone. The misplaced phone will ring even it's in silent mode. This will help find my phone quickly. TrackView can replace life360 and dropcam altogether for Free.

You can also use TrackView installed phone for other usage scenarios such as: home security, track your car, protect your family members, anti theft, video surveillance, baby monitoring , nanny and pets monitoring etc...

Main Features:
1. GPS Location tracking in real-time
2. Video and audio monitoring the surroundings of the phone
3. Event detection and instant alert to your mobile devices
4. Remote recording of event of interests as it happens
5. Two-way audio
6. Remote buzz that rings a missing device, even if it’s in silent mode
7. App works in background and sleep mode that conserves your battery
8. High reliability and excellent video quality at low bandwidth that saves you money
9. Super easy to install and one click connection from anywhere in the world
10. Remote control of Front and Rear camera switch
11. Integration with Google Gmail account
12. Secured access: You are the only one who can access your connected devices.
13. Always on: devices are accessible even in sleep mode.
14. Multi-network support: TrackView supports all types of networks: Wifi, 2G, 3G, 4G etc.
15. Automatic network switch: When the network switches, TrackView will auto switch to the network available.
16. Real-time and low latency: to ensure you get updates on events immediately and watch video in real time.
17. Universal accessibility: Access any of your devices from anywhere in the world.
and much more!

E-mail: support@trackview.net. If you have any issues or suggestions, we'd love to hearing from you.

TrackView part of our Tools and have average installs from 1000000 to 5000000. Last Update Oct. 19, 2016. Appstore play rating is 82.713. Current verison is 2.0.7-fmp. Actual size 8.6 MB.

What's new

    Release 1.7.2
    1. Added MP4 recording format
    2. Added cloud recording using Google Drive
    3. Improved audio quality
    4. Fixed some bugs
Download find-my-phone-device-manager.apk 8.6 MB


good could be better if can remove icon in notification frm other phone when checked ★★★★★★

New update with ads.tricked us The application is good now but it has some problems,first one disabling notification on the tracked phone can not be done,here u say a way to do but it does not work for android phones and especially samsung phones,the path to do it is totally wrong and can not do it this way,,,second,some times u need voice tracking instead of video tracking especially using mobile data,third u need faster connection to the tracked phone and signal sometimes losses the tracked phone,,best regards.update it & ll put 5 *

Trackview This app is a must have, i even hide my other devices, when i'm. Away i can c what my dog's. Are doing, and makes great security cameras

The best remote video app The very good application. For the first time test I am very satisfied. Like a future request I think is good to make an update use the old smartphone with old android version.

Definitely a dream come true <3 This is all I needed. If I had to download one app and one app only on my phone, this would be it. Hands down. A very big humongous thank you to the creators of this app. I'm hoping to buy the pro version as soon as possible, as soon as my financial situation is accessible this will be the app I'm buying for the first time ever (: I know it'll be worth every penny. And of course I will be recommending you to any one and everyone I know.

Must have app Awesome is the only word i can think of to describe this app.

Tryit I don't know how to use

I love this app thanks to developer grate job

Its nt working on proxy server.just showing logging ...logging....suck

Not working Can't login to the network!

Saved Me from Google! I couldn't find my device with Android device manager as it wasn't on its list: Awkward! but this worked effortlessly.

Awesome It's a good app but need to start automatically

Bad App It takes forever to login!

I love it Thi is o.m.g

App sucks pass All it keeps doing is saying no devices found not even my own may be a good app if it was fixed

This app is accurate and very easy to use!

Nice and useful app

Thanks for this application

Find my phone I had my phone stolen and I'm sure they right away took the battery out,it would be OK if you misplaced your phone and it was on,if not wouldn't do any good,but if stolen,you 2ould have to be quick on your toes before the the if takes out the battery.

Only for already careful peoples You should login in the lost device. There is no means to login the lost device remotly through some pc or smartphone. If I can login manually the lost device whats is the meaning of installing this trace anymore.

I like it I like it but if you phone is turned off your screw

What is the point of these types of apps if when your phone gets stolen the people take the battery out immediatly

TrackView A great app. A must have!!!

Michael I like it . Nid to hide it from notification area

Very pleased Very powerful app. I utilize it to track the whereabouts of my vehicles while employees are driving my truck(s).

It is good it's not fake like the other ones If it's fast and it works

Very easy to use. The only bad thing is on the free application u constantly get kicked off. Gets real irritating

Oh my God!!!!Very nice. When downloading and installing the software, like the rest of me was thinking that this was not useful and should be installed soon after I clean. Unfortunately for the rest of my life and I have to say I do not hold. The big problem I do not know what to do. Thank you from the creator of the App.

Works Effortlessly! I couldn't find my device with Google's Android device manager as it wasn't on its list which was really awkward...thanks a lot for this. Keep up the good work.

Pribo,now find your phone.

Hiii Thiss is i love but one thing is that that i can not connect my phone camera with pc...and other is that that the trackview in pc add it to Taskbar that auto ran when window start..pleaseeeee do itt..help me...please. ?????

Absolutely the BEST! I installed it on all my phones! I love it!

Can't edit name I want to change the name of my phone in this app but there's no option to do this. Also it won't locate devices from my PC.

Love This

Nice Awesome

Great Program Something simple that has all of the features that I like.

I am satisfied with the application. I got what I needed.

Thumbs down . . . . It does what it says. . . .as long as the remote phone doesn't leave the area. Then it logs the remote phone out and does not auto-reconnect. If y'all would fix that, it would be a fantastic app.

Cool Found out a bunch of stuff about my cheating wife.....

very useful App Used everyday for monitoring my pet activities.

Nice app Cloud storage only missing team... Add that option

Good app Its one of the best app on my android 4.4.2

Where are they I need to find my childer and open them up when i need to.

I ?it, because I loose my phone my family can find it

Very good site I like the idea

This App is Amazing!

Does not work at all money in the trash for me.

Sweet This app is so much fun

Kool Awsome

After last update not work

One thing missing 1 ) program does not stay loaded on other phone. seems to have crashed or lost connection. 2) when connection is lost with other phone or even you have a connection you're unable to turn on the GPS remotely to the other phone your tracking. if the phone your tracking has the GPS off then you're Outta luck you're not able to find the person.

Doesn't auto re-connect If network goes out on a remote device and comes back, it will not show up on other devices unless you physically go to the remote device and reset it.

Bro This is the best app ever but could you guys improve the UI

This app is work u will install any other mob and make ur passw and u will track that but that person in on internet there off the internet does not track

I like this app it makes finding my phone easy.

Saved my marriage Got tired of being lied to and this app was the solution. It helped us earn each others trust. Just make sure to hide it in app menu.

Awesome app Now i will know where they re will go

Open letter to you I activated your software. N my phone goes stolen. N my phone have password protection . person who found my phone . Reset my phone ...will your software work ...??

Baby girl Love it so much-loved app. H

Just awesome The safest way to find your device, when its stolen or lost...

Fundamental Failure It's main purpose is to track a phone. But if the tracked phone is restarted or the user turns off the satellite receiver Then it cannot longer be tracked and there is no means to turn on the satellite receiver remotely. So what good is this application if it can't perform its main objective? Why is the Pro version $17.00? What a ripoff

It will be great 1. If the motion & sound detected video can be played on the other phone 2. If the gps and the data signal be remotely switched on, on the other phone.

Improvement Look, this app It's okay and not too bad at all I will give u five star every week if u just make a screen recorder so I can look who is my girlfriend chatting to.

Looking Good So far so good but im still checking it out.

It's amazing Please can I hide this app on other device...

I will hope it's useful or not wow wow maxz Im waiting for it..... really happy about this

Awesome apps Its worth apps ever try!

Wouldn't work. Kept telling me to log in. Never did the things it said it would do. Sucks.

I love it God bless you guys

Find my phone Trying it for the first time

I like this app i try this at home..

One thing missing 1 ) program does not stay loaded on other phone. seems to have crashed or lost connection. 2) when connection is lost with other phone or even you have a connection you're unable to turn on the GPS remotely to the other phone your tracking. if the phone your tracking has the GPS off then you're Outta luck you're not able to find the phone.

Sharmi Dnt make these kinds of app creating lot of problems it's just a newsence app

Very useful It's nice very useful

Really it's amazing app I love this app

Wow Does exactly what it say

Good one

Very nice Nice and good application

Not bad But it drains the battery pretty quick, and uses a lot of ram

Great app for spying on people

Its working goob but the clarity is poor

App for iPhone sucks 1 star for a very poor support. This complain has been here for more than a week now but still no response. I installed trackview on my iphone. But whenever I access it, My iphone always asks if I will accept the call. If I don't accept it, I will not be able to view who is on the phone which does not make sense. Also, the app closes on its own when there was a failure to access it. Please fix!

Stopped Working I have turned on everything required for the remote phone. Once it leaves the house and the Wi-Fi, it stops working because the remote phone falls off the grid. This WAS a great app. Now it just sucks.

Track View I like it this

It is the best useful app for me and my spouse. Both we are very happy with this. Now a days I can come to know about "is she safe?, is she fine?, what does she do?, where does she go?" Etc. She is very strict of that I must know everything about her. Because she does not like to hide anything from me. We thank you so much.


!!Very Very........ nice App When downloading and installing the software, like the rest of me was thinking that this was not useful and should be installed soon after I clean. Unfortunately for the rest of my life and I have to say I do not hold. The big problem I do not know what to do. Thank you from the creator of the App.

Now Not working. Now i can't track my daughter who's have i added this apps.im seen my own device only. pls allow me again then I gave you 5*

Stupid It basically wants me to take others' phones and make them run my Google account, wow that is well thought & secure move.

Awesome Can let my kids stay inside and I can still keep an eye on them

Awesome Its the best i can leave my house for a little bit as long as my sons phone stays one i know he is ok

Just need to hide it on the other device. Also the prey needs to stay that way not become the stalker.. hehehe

Good app It would be good if we have less ads

Wow I can locate where my son is when he says he is going to the library but actually goes to the game store

You know I Will Find YA?# Iost And found

ok it's very useful but can you remove device id

Great application You can control your other gadget and make it like a cctv camera at your home,for security reason,tnx trackview..

Trackview This is very easy to use and works well

But remote camera not working only audio

It works great

Maximum ratings superb app..very useful

Brilliant app

must update ? Too bad. I found this app is very usefull. But it gonna be useless if we have to update the app every periodic of time to all our family member. What if my family separated miles away on another country and they are not techy enough to understand how to update?

Network Error Cannot use Nexus 6P to connect to other devices. Other devices have no issue connecting to each other. Also seems like they have an identity issue, 3 apps that do the exact same thing. 2 of them even have identical description and screen shots.

Easy and gets the job done Caught my husband cheating, got recordings, and my life back, after one use. Finally a feeling of relief & evidence for court so I can present my case appropriately. THANK YOU TRACKVIEW

by far the ultimate best this app has helped recover a stolen cell phone and a misplaced cell phone great for meetings and keeping an eye on the house as well id recommend this app 1000 times over, extremely impressed 100 over 100 the best

What happend?!! It is not free anymore,you need to purchase before you can access the other gagdet.unlike the older version you can easily open the camera of your other gadget.wish that i ddnt update the old version.because older version is much better than the new version.pls fix it.thnx

Keep freezing and now I can't hear

Very good Very useful,I recommend

Best I have try many apps but it's the best

Never "lose" smartphone, again. Great APP to locate smartphone using another linked smartphone. Smartphone will sound even if set at vibrate or silent, smartphone version of GOOGLE DEVICE MANAGER.

Not really kul Is not giving me accurate result

I bought the $16 Gold subscription after using the app and having it work fine. It worked fine until I bought the subscription. After purchasing the subscription, only the device the subscription was purchased FROM worked. The other devices would tell me I had to buy a subscription in order to connect to a third device. I'd click Buy and then it would tell me I already purchased it! But it still wouldn't let me connect. And guess what? THERE'S NO WAY TO GET A REFUND FOR A SUBSCRIPTION! I'm so furious I can't see straight.

Great app great precision Hopefully I don't have to use Define a young family member I'm impressed with its abilities with our test run

Very Helpful In the previous version it was easy to log in through the Google accounts on phone and it was keeping online once you are in. Now the setup has changed. Please give us the previous way of login with Google.

Kool ass app.love the shit out of it Crystal clear picture and u could hear a bug fart across the room

This app is the best For emergency, meeting, date, school, direction, and safe. This is the app I need, like and trust. I'm recommend to all.

زۆر شازە thank you very much for this app its a best but why i cant add more device

Ala Its good but the other devices disappear sometimes even if they are connected

Great App. Nothing else out there like it.

Great app This app is nice. It let's me keep my family's safety in mind

Good Nice but not usabal for unusers

It' good Very good

The best!!!

It's great