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Frozen Free Fall

Supplied By Disney    On Oct. 4, 2016    Comments(236)

APP for iPhone Frozen Free Fall version4.4.0 Download

Play 1,000+ exciting levels in Disney’s #1 puzzle game, Frozen Free Fall!

Get ready for an epic puzzle matching adventure in the Kingdom of Arendelle, inspired by Disney’s Frozen! Join Anna, Elsa, Olaf and more of your favorite characters on a journey to slide and match hundreds of icy puzzles for FREE!

Unlock MORE seasonal puzzles and game modes as you explore the land with our new updates!

JOURNEY WITH FACEBOOK FRIENDS - Ran out of Hearts? Ask your friends for more and return the favor by gifting them right back!

EXCITING MATCH-3 GAMEPLAY – Slide beautiful and colorful ice crystals to match 3 or more, and test your matching skills with extra challenging objectives!

UNLOCK YOUR FAVORITE CHARACTERS – Follow the story and play with even more characters like Olaf, Kristoff, Sven, Hans, and more!

UNIQUE POWER-UPS SPECIALLY DESIGNED FOR EACH CHARACTER – Use Anna’s torch to burn up an entire row of crystals, or Elsa’s glacier power-up to make all of the same color crystals magically disappear! Try Hans’ sword to slash right through the crystals, and explore many more cool power-ups!

GOOGLE CLOUD SUPPORT-Sync your game progress across multiple Android devices through Google Cloud!

Visit for cool game tips, news and more! Free Fall is free to play but some in-game items may require payment.

Before you download this experience, please consider that this app contains social media links to connect with others, in-app purchases that cost real money, push notifications to let you know when we have exciting updates like new content, as well as advertising for The Walt Disney Family of Companies and some third parties. You can upload and save content from this app to your device. This app accesses your contact information to enable you to easily communicate with your contacts. You can upload and save content from this app to your device.

We respect your wishes regarding your Privacy. You can exercise control and choice by resetting your Advertising Identifier in your device’s Privacy Settings.

Visit the official Frozen Free Fall website –

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Disney part of our Puzzle and have average installs from 50000000 to 100000000. Last Update Oct. 4, 2016. Appstore play rating is 85.2172. Current verison is 4.4.0. Actual size 152.0 MB.

What's new

    Play 20 new levels on the Endless Map with all new challenges! Plus stay tuned for 20 MORE levels coming soon!
    Clear the crystals and beat the level by matching and collecting Glacier Coins!
    The adventure continues with new chapter of the Northern Lights coming soon!
Download frozen-free-fall.apk 152.0 MB


Lost all progress Was on summer levels level 31 or 32. My battery died came back to play and now am on level 1 in the winter levels. Help! how can I fix? Have it logged in with facebook that didn't help.

Lost progress I had completed the winter levels and 300 of the summer. Switched phones and lost all progress even though I had been logging in with Facebook. I doubt I will play again, too many to replay.

Losses progress I completed winter and on 160 on summer. Even though logged in fb it doesn't save if you have to redo your phone. All that for nothing

Valentines drop Items Why isnt any of the Valentines Items dropping? Ive completed that stage but i want my power ups so i went back to play so i can collect them all but they're not dropping??? Are u guys going to fix this?

I had to get a new phone and I saved on Facebook but when I downloaded and connected to Facebook it didn't save it I was almost ready to unlock the spring but now I had to do from beginning not happy I am wondering how do you unlock the other levels sorting and on it keeps telling me still need to unlock them and one I know I should have but won't let me play it

Frozen for real I am on a level in the hundreds and the game won't work right. There will be no more moves but it won't scramble. Or the wolves won't move. I have to leave the game because I cannot move any more and it takes a life from me.

It keeps deleting my stuff like I've had a snowball and at least 4 of my power ups just disappear I'd like it if u could fix it and give me my stuff back

I would like to rate it 5 stars, but everytime I play even when I spend money on it and buy powers the game resets and I loose everything. Please fix this so I don't have to uninstall it.

Not a kids game at all not spending 200 bucks so she can level . Scam just another way Disney screws over kids for money . And if your adult playing this game you should have ya fn head examined.

This game is awesome!!! There is no glitches or anything like that. Also it's like Candy Crush. It's so addictive. I like how at the beginning of the game you start with kids and when you get deeper into the game they grow up. I also like how there is spring or summer levels like at the end of the movie.

I have just finished all the spring lotus levels, please add more levels. I'm really addicted to frooooozzzzen.

Lost my power ups. Reset phone and had to start all over I had finished all 285 levels. Got new phone the same thing happened again.

Infinite stars!!! First rating 9/14 Never played a game I like so well that does NOT bore me after a few days!!! 2nd rating 4/15 SAME!!!

Rip off So far in just today I have had to give up 5 lives due to the game freezing on me! I can line up 3 jewels to get rid of them and then they stay in place as if nothing happened. My character still moves but the jewels do not! I want my lives back and this bug to be fixed!!!! Totally not fair to be gypt out of lives

Power ups I am on level 144 with 333 stars....never got a free power up with 75 stars. Also was at level over 200 but had to start from beginning as back up does not keep level....sometimes game freezes!

So upset! I downloaded this game months ago. I was up to level 148 earlier today. I just turned it on to resume my game and everything ive played has been erased and its showing im back at level one. This game has had many glitches resulting in lost lives, lost stars, lost upgrades, yet i continued to play. The game even cheats, advising there are no more moves but you can see several before the board switches. I will be deleting this game and will not be playing again. Glad i didnt put any money into it!!!

From upset to DONE I downloaded and started playing frozen free fall last year and made it level 205. I just upgraded to a Samsung Galaxy 6 got the game, logged in with Facebook just like before and I'm back at level 1! I complained over a week ago and clearly it went ignored along with other similar complaints. It took a lot of time and work to get where I was. FIX and I'll change my rating. Since this has not been fixed I will be UN installing all Disney apps.

It's nice I enjoy the game but when I log into Facebook I thought it would keep track of all my levels and thing I have completed or paid for so when I down load the game to my laptop or tablet and log in it would sync with where I am at on the game on my phone but it DOESN'T!!!! I have to start over at the beginning on my new tablet. How about instead of adding more levels you work on making the game where you can log in on different devices and still be on the same level???!!!????

Froze on me in the middle of the game and I lost my life a few times because of this issue. I had to restart the app each time.

Disappointed I would love to play this but it lags my tablet so much. While it is trying to load it flashes to a black screen & then starts the game from the beginning. The look of the game is great but maybe less music & animation might make it a smaller file size. It is just way too much lag & glitchy. Please fix this. I uninstalled candy crush witch worked fine BC I wanted this one instead. If issues were fixed this game would b awesome.

Disappointed I love playing this game but I keep getting ripped off. I've bought several things only for them to disappear later. Don't spend any money in this game because if you don't use it immediately, it'll disappear.

Bad Disney Its not enough that disney is a multibillion dollar entertainment jugger naut. They cant just put out a game that maybe you could just play without having to give them more money. How are little girls supposed to play this? Mommy and daddy give them the credit card. Oh if only we all had it like that.

DISNEY....READ YOUR REVIEWS Don't u read your reviews. Instead of adding levels.....FIX THE ONES YOU HAVE. If a car runs like crap. You don't keep adding accessories...YOU FIX THE ONES YOU HAVE......FIX THE ACHIEVEMENTS....OR SHOULD WE CALL DISNEY, King Games instead. Because your starting to look just like them

Slower Graphics, More Time For Loading And No Character Power-ups Remaining. The Game Lags In Speed, Ugnlike The Windows Version. And Also, It Lags In Loading Levels. Can't You Guys Improvise On Making Graphics Better And Adjustable For Android Phones? And Now Another Bad Thing Just Happened. I Reinstalled The App, And I Found The Character's Main Powers.... Disappeared. I Had 2 Power-ups Remaining Last I Played. And Now, It's Zero! What Is The Meaning Of This?!

The game is a lot of fun...however if you ever need a new phone your s.o.l. on your'll have to start over again...I was way up in the summer level and had to start over...I even emailed them but never got a response ...otherwise it is fun...just hope it doesn't take a year to get back were I was :(

Free fall The only thing I dont like on this game it dosen have is to ask lives to friends can you all that please and why is not letting me to play the game it turns blue can you all fix this bug please I like playing it its my favorite game And hey guys who ever made this games please fix this game I want to play it already I cannot play it no more because it turn blue can you please fix this bug its my favorite game

Largely pointless There's little skill involved, it's just luck as to which crystals you get. After the first few levels, the requirements to pass are sufficiently dumb that you can only win if you get the right gems in the right order. Sometimes I can waste 10 lives on a level, and then pass it on the 11th attempt with 10 moves to spare. Completely random. And power-ups are pointless too, because there's no guarantee that you'll get through the level if you use them, and I'm not spending any money to get more.

Doesn't work When my daughter plays on it it freezes on the home screen. Pls fix

Lost power ups I had four power ups and now all of a sudden they're gone. Please fix.

Love it! I wanted to spend money, but didn't. I play when I can, so if I lose, I'll try again later. It's not a game I play as often as others, but I enjoy playing. Eventually you'll win. It just takes a few or several tries and patience.

Still Frozen I am on level 141 and the game is frozen. Even though there are matches they don't clear, or if there are no matches it doesn't remix. I restart game, lose a life and the same thing happens. I contacted support followed their suggestions still not working. I played this game when it first came out and worked much better - no issues. I'm done now, game isn't worth my frustration.

It keeps freezing and stopping and im losing my lives. Fix this n I will give u 5 stars

Uninstalled...disappointed When you get higher up in the levels it is extremely difficult. You have so many moves to get through certain levels, like when you need to clear 116 blocks of frost but only have 30 moves. Really? Or the Valentines level where you have to clear 80 some frozen hearts but only have 50 moves? This isn't fair and I won't spend more money on this game. Once my lives are gone I am done with the game. Also we should be able to beat the levels we pay for. I have been stuck on the sculpture one for a week now.

Not for Children - Hard & Frustrating This is not a kid's game. Some levels are extremely difficult. I've been stuck on level 125 for a month. These timed level are all left to luck. No matter how many tools you use its all luck. No way around it. Very frustrating. I'll give it a few more days then Uninstall if I can't move forward.

very buggy this game takes 3 to 5 minutes to load to the next level.i have to wait everytime.sometimes while waiting i go to the kitchen to get some snacks when i come back its still loading.i've installed apps that are way much bigger than this but they all works smoothly.playing every levels takes just few minutes but loading to the next level takes way much longer.please fix!

Aggravated The concept of the game is great love it but it's annoying that the only way to get more lives is to buy them or wait. Also you wouldn't go through so many lives if you weren't automatically set up for failure. I spend more than half my moves on pointless line ups that don't change the board at all and then low and behold when more than half my moves are gone then all of a sudden I get pieces I can use. It's not that the game is even difficult. I think I may just go back to candy crush. :(

Terrible I keep on getting on the game but once i get my daily prize the game brings me back to the home screen and i do not recommend this game to anyone

Update problems Love this app, and the game is great. There is a slight issue though, in that every other time I update, (without fail), it won't load. It won't completely load the blue frost page where it asks whether you want to log on with Google or Facebook. So I'm afraid that I can't give you 5 stars. Stop changing my review I did have you at 4 stars, but not any more. This app uninstalled itself, and as reinstalling it will mean the loss of all my work, 195 levels approx, even though you can log in with Facebook or Google play it doesn't save your progress so what's the point of being able to log in? So I'm giving this app 1 star. Fix these issues, and I will be happy to give you 5 stars.

Beautiful graphics, good game play. Cannot save power-ups though. No sense buying anything as it'll disappear eventually (lasted 25 levels this time before all back to 0----next power-up was gone after just one level). Have contacted them several times but no improvement. So just enjoy each level on its own without expecting help from earned or bought powers. Months later, same good same bad.

Fun but Level 238 had a glitch and messes up also a level in the early 200s don't remember which one, it was just luck I actually passed it. Please fix so I can move on and quit losing lives

Where have my levels gone? Recently updated my phone n restored all my apps including this one, however, a few of the levels I had completed have now disappeared so have to redo them! Why were they not restored either? I've had to update phone previously n this never happened then! Please help!

Fix bug I would give this 5 stars but it keeps freezing and won't let me pass the current level. In addition, it's taking away my lives because if this. Will uninstall if thus isn't fixed.

Data transfer sucks Great game but when I got a new device had to start all over even though I synced it to Facebook. Then levels freeze and can't get past them on new device.

Stuck in map 3 lvl 74 Fix it.... i can't win even with any help option...

Having issues with this game for a couple days now finally got it to start up again and now all my power ups are gone I had over 10 what happened

Freezing I love this game and have never had an issue till recently. It seems like it's been freezing up on me ever since you added that "Inside Out" advertisement. Gems will get stuck and won't move. It's kept me from moving to the next level.

Game needs to be fixed. Get 3 colours in a row. They will not break. Beat a level with moves remaining game freezes. Game also freezes midway through level.

Surprised Wow !!!! New levels ? but when i updated .. all my power ups are gone ? well at least nothing happened to my level .. :) So still five stars for this app .. <3

Frozen free fall Can be a good challenge. Breeze thru some,and then you're stuck on a level for weeks.

The game is freezing (ironic, right?) I am level 41 and at some point, one jewel freezes in mid game and other jewels don't drop from that specific row. I had this problem yesterday and I quit the game thinking is temporary... but today I have the same problem.... what is going on? This was a great game! But lately there are so many problems with it... please fix them!

Great game I am very pleased with this game not far into the game but have enjoyed the challenges in each one! I love the fact that it doesn't lag.

Re: Level 43 Glitch It is possible to beat level 43-I did it a few hours ago. The key is to line up 4 of the same object to make the special jewels that clear a row vertically or horizontally, then use those to clear that pesky frost. I agree that this glitch is totally annoying! ? Fix it and I will give 5 stars. ?

Won't let me pass the level!! I'm on level 61 of the Endless mode where you have to pass 3 stages to get to level 62. I am on the third level and it keeps freezing. It doesnt matter if I win or lose the level, it constantly freezes at 0 moves.

Level keeps freezing!!! I am trying to get to level 61 and you have to beat 3 levels to open up more levels. I can't get past the 3rd one!!!! It Freezes during the level and I have beaten it many times but it just freezes there and won't complete!!! Please fix this so I can keep playing. I love this game otherwise but now I am stuck!!!! I see someone else has this issue so please PLEASE fix!! Thank you!!!

It's a nice enough game, keeps me busy most times. I just started actually havent really observed any deficiencies yet

Can't stop Love this game, can't stop playing it. Only issue is they don't store your level if you switch phones or tablets, even if you're linked via Facebook. Had to completely start over when I got my new phone, was at 257 before.

Love it, but so frustrated! Level 44 of endless is impossible to beat without a ton of power ups. I'm getting frustrated, please fix before I quit playing!

Almost Perfect Great game, challenging but not impossible. Would be nice if I could sync it with my tablet or new phone so I won't lose all the work I've already done. Not sure I'll restart it on my new phone. Kind of discouraging

This game is really starting to get on my nerves. It constantly freezes and it will make matches but it automatically break them down so you have to waste a move for it to understand that there's a match. And when I beat a level it freezes and won't complete the level so I have to use a life to start all the way over. FIX THIS

Problems PLEASE HELP Game was going OK.. Now I get the cakes for the power ups. I CANT click on each cake to find out what level to get that peace on and when I do get one in the game I played it does not add it. So I could have got every peace by now but wouldn't know it. Please help

Addictive Very addictive but having to go back within the main game so that you can play the seasons section of the game is frustrating due to how long it can take to pass a level xx

Acts poorly on my son's phone Lots of fun and works great on my S5, but my son plays on a moto x. He made it to level 43 in winter and the drop locked up and wouldn't drop in the middle of the board. I've re-installed it and will try it again. I hope it's not something I'll have to do often because my 6 year old is gonna be very angry when he finds out he has to start over again!

Rip off don't buy anything you will lose your money ! Purchased loads getting to the summer maps logged into fb from day one just updated my phone when logging in again starts me on the first map !! What's the point in logging in if it's not remembering you ? I want a refund for all I've spent on this game !

Fun game but... Random levels freeze/lock up too often. Especially frustrating when you finally complete a level and then it locks causing you to lose a life and restart. I'll come back later to check on bug fix progress.

Bug fix It keeps freezing.It wont let me go to the next level,been playing game for a couple months was fine until a couple of weeks ago.Frustrated

Irritating I had it downloaded was far on the levels and even bought the spring levels when I tried to go play it keept kicking me out of the game, tried force stopping it that didn't work uninstalled it now I.have to start ALL OVER and it didn't save the fact I bought the levels it should be that if you play while logged into your facebook IT SAVES IT, especially when it does stupid crap like this please please please fix it!!!

It's glitchy K so I really like this game but I'm now stuck on level 43 cause of a glitch that stops the gems from falling on one side. Fix it please!

Very fun! But unable to connect to fb! Very fun and addictive game but unable to send or receive lives from fellow players!

Few glitches but good First of all this is a nice game. More addictive than candy crush. There are a few glitches though. Sometimes cant make matches and the game screen keeps rotating even though auto rotate feature is disabled. Also when I changed phones and logged in I lost most of my power ups that I had saved painstakingly. Did also put me back by many levels. So you need to fix that. For the ppl who are not able to restore progress with fb login, I do remember reading that it will sync progress only with Google login.

A lot of fun A very challenging game that is fun for all ages. Game has recently started to freeze up on the higher levels. Can't finish level 72.

The cutest game ever But I hate sometimes couze its very slow...but its good and I just love it,

Frustrating levels Feel like some levels are WAY to difficult to pass as others are really easy to get through...also wish you could sync to other devices or save so when u switch phones or upgrade you can pick up with where you left off.

Why update when you have to spend money to play the extra levels What is the point in wasting my data to update when all it does is unlock a whole bunch of levels that I can't play unless I pay or play for a year to pass all the regular levels!? Can't you unlock the summer levels sooner? I put a lot of time into this game but have given up due to not being able to play anything new and exciting.

Really Good Fun On level 256 now and still loving it. It crashed a couple of times but I rebooted my mobile to clear some of the rubbish and it's fine now. Love the graphics and character's gestures. It's really well thought out.

Game literally freezes & doesn't send down new "jewles" Once you get a power up or something a "jewel" gets stuck & new jewels don't drop from that side at all & it doesn't register that you don't have any moves left & rearrange. ... so when you exit out you loose a life unfairly please fix ASAP

Good but glitching at higher levels Love this game, but I love when the game glitches so bad at higher levels you can't complete a match, needs to be fixed

I LOVED it, until... I really enjoyed this game, I passed all the winter levels. Once I started playing the "seasons" levels however, the game got super glitchy. It's so bad it won't even let me pass to the next level. Very frustrating. Like I said I loved it, but I literally can't play it anymore until they fix the new levels.

Aggravated I love the game, but as many others have mentioned it's very frustrating that it doesn't save your place if you play on multiple devices. I started out playing it on my tablet and liked it so well that I downloaded the app on my phone so I could play when I'm away from home. I opened my phone app and connected it with fb and found out I had to start at level one. Seriously? They need to take lessons from Cookie Jam, one of my other favorite games, and allow the game to sync across ALL devices! 5* if fixed!!

Good but glitches I love this game, but it kicks me out when I clear any level. Getting very annoying. I still give 5 stars due to how awesome it is and how it reminds me of bejeweled

I like it but! Had to do a master reset lost all my levels and now level 31 keeps freezing up and wont let new gems fall so i can break the ice!

No logic It's not matter how you play in level 20 and up, you can't use your brain to play better because everything is depend on how random shape appears. Not how you match shapes. Even some sort of super shape like Star's are depend on how poll generate.

Wow..... Just try JOY REWARDS App Using this referal соdе: 1816147 and earned points.. you can use the points for any games specially The Clash of Clans...

Good until most recent update I have played this game for over a year. I love this game however this most recent update it won't even open. Too bad I was pretty invested. Now I'm uninstalling.

Love the game but it's very buggy. Keep having to uninstall and start over...crashes a lot now. Never mind, after reinstalling again it got even worse. No fun at all uninst..then nothing...won't load at all..I'm done..sorry, I did enjoy it when it worked

What the...... After update I only get a blue screen of snowflakes. I loved this game, but if I can't play, I am not liking it so much. PLEASE FIX THIS!!!! I have a droid Turbo.

Frozen game frozen and hasn't worked in weeks I really love this game. But it froze and it doesn't open anymore so I have to uninstall. ?

Getting tired I love this game, but getting tired of waiting for a fix. After latest update I can't open the game. Stops on the blue screen. FIX IT!!!

Fun! Wel it was..... I'm I reducing my stars.... well I thought it was fixed....but it continues to freeze on my phone (Note 5). It doesn't work anymore. I really like this game & I'm not even a real gamer! I don't like having to pay to get the power ups b/c they are needed but I've paid. But I do like the new daily addition of gettin a free power. I've been on this game everyday for a while. Great game!

Not happy that it does not recognize repeat players. I was at level 75, got updated and had to start over, then had to get new cell and lost level 33 AGAIN, now I'm starting over again . not only that , but I bought stuff at the higher levels, there got to be records of that!!!

Don't bother Downloaded and opens to nothing more than an ice scape screen. Hilarious that frozen is well frozen!!! Waste of my data allowance. It also wants access to contacts and photos. Sorry but no game really needs that kind of access to personal info. What are they using this info for? Marketing? Or are they hoping to gather people's "naughty pics" or kiddy pics for a porn site? They don't say. I'm sure my contacts wouldn't appreciate me giving away their personal info and any photos. Will be uninstalling.

StealthKing Highly Addictive, It Got Me To Play Big Hero 6. Don't Know Why Disney Stopped That Game

Awesome fun! Great way to waste time waitin for appts etc. Was sad though when I changed phones and had to start back at level one when I was about level 120 I changed phones and had my game transferred over and now it won't work on my Samsung S7. So employee at place I got my cell from deleted and reloaded now game is like I haven't played before and I have been playing for well over a year so you can imagine how far along I was!!!!! I'm so ticked I can't start where I ended on other phone

Has a hard time keeping up with your progress on multiple devices, it also doesn't load when off of WiFi! D:

Too much! The app should have an option to purchase outright instead of buying different power-ups especially since this game is marketed to children.


Notification I love this game but find it really annoying that if I stop through mid play of level the game buzzs, if there's an advert it buzzed again only to tell me I have full lives, come back and play even when I only have 1 life left on it, how can I turn this off?

Crashing I love this game but I just got a new phone (Galaxy S6) and downloaded it. The new version is crashing constantly, especially if I log onto Facebook which I want to do so that I don't have to start all over. ***Update: I've been trying since early December 2015 to get this to open. Crashes every single time it goes to load the level map. This used to be my favorite app to play but it's down to 1 star now and if it's not fixed soon I will delete it and find something else.

Great if you like Bejeweled Fun game especially if you enjoy bejeweled. I like the extra help items and power ups. Have had trouble with the game freezing during extended play.

Too broken! Now refusing to open for me. So very disappointing after so many bugs already. I did love this game but now I can't.

The game is very enjoyable but it fails to load properly or at all, sometimes. Got to level 150 and cant figure out why its not loading. I miss being able to play.

I loved this game. But not anymore. Deleting all my levels... everything?! That's really sad. Playing for such long time, and that's what I got?! Well Uninstall the game seems the best option right now... ??????

Need to change this one thing I love this game. I would play it more only if I could listen to my own music on my phone at the same time. It's annoying that it cuts off my music, even if I have the game's music off in the settings. Could this please be changed?

Finished winter and Halloween but it still won't let me open the Valentine's area It's making me mad plus every time i sign in with my Facebook it crashes and closes out until I sign out. Fix this please.

Too easy. To say this is the easiest game I have ever played is an understatement. Makes it kind of boring. Maybe make it a little more challenging? Other than that it's OK.

HTC desire one 612 Keeps crashing on me and after I did update I'm back to the start beginning and lost my credit of the other levels I paid to be unlocked, still keeps crashing on me PLEASE fix this issue

Very disappointed! Never had a problem until the stupid summer update. Once I play the game crashes all the time. Come to think of it, it only crashes when I'm about to beat a level, or get a goodscore. This game has Become terrible for everyone! If this doesn't get fixed soon I will delete and not play your games again. Now in order to get to certain levels you have pay. And in order to best levels you have to pay. It was such a nice app before all the Money hungry people got involved. I do not recommend it to anyone!!!!!

Bugs Keeps freezing and shutting itself down in the middle of the game. Love this game but this needs to be fixed. Very frustrating. When I pull the game up it doesn't load it is stuck on a blue screen.

Frozen Free Fall I really love the game because you can have Elsa, Anna, and Kristoff as companions. I am also happy that Olaf is in the game and I am glad that Hans isn't in it.

I find frozen free fall , enjoyable, addictive and frustrating. I love it.

Won't load after last update Won't load on one of my tablets after last update. Works fine on my phone and other tablet (same type of tablets). Otherwise we love the game. Loved the 12 days of Christmas challenges. Lots of fun. Glad to see some of the fun challenges come back like the ornaments. Hate the wait gates. I'd like to see another set of seasons.

The new update on Feb 6, 2016 has problems. Half the games advertised, lock my Samsung S5. It's a shame because I like the game.

Best tip to play this game I see a lot of issues with the game people are complaining about. if you play through Facebook it will freeze up. but if you play as a guest it's fine. I love the graphics and it's very fun. if you get another phone and reinstall it, you will lose everything. I hope they get this fixed soon.

It doesn't work. I Uninstalled it and installed it again and I'm getting the same problem: "unfortunately the game stopped "

Does not respect volume settings This app likes to kick your volume up full, even if you have checked the volume settings before starting it. It should respect what you have the volume set at. If the app continuously cranks up the volume at startup, it isn't worth keeping it. STILL doing it in the current version, therefore it warrants being dropped to ONE star, just because Disney refuses to fix the problem.

Uninstalled!!! This was my favorite game and about 4 months ago there was an update and the game has not played since. Crashes on all devices I even uninstalled and reinstalled to see if that would work, but all I did was loose all of my saved powers and extra lives. You should just take this off the market.

Glich? Is there something going on with this game? I've been playing it since it was released. However for the past week I can't load game, I get to the blue icy blank screen and it does nothing else. I've tried uninstalling, 2x, but it doesn't make a difference. Is anyone else experiencing this? It has crashed before and wiped out everything all my completed levels & bonuses so started over yet again. Please fix, I love this game! Thank you.

Frustrating! I love this game but it takes too long to put new levels on, I complete it and have to wait months for new levels. Also, since the update it crashes A LOT!!! I like the idea of watching adverts for extra time etc. but it's pointless when it you waste time watching it for the game to then crash!!!

Won't load... It will load the initial Black Disney title screen, then just the blue snow flake screen. It gets stuck on that. I've uninstalled and reinstalled. I hope it gets fixed soon..I loved this game.

What game to play Had it, played it for long time on my android, went to play it, just got blue screen. Tried to shut down and open again, but still just blue screen. Gave up on it after 2 years of playing it on and off (forgot what level I was on), and deleted the app. Just reinstalled it......and still only get the blue screen on my android. Even my two I - products were shutting down the game. WHAT HAPPENED?

What happened with the update?! I cannot get to the game since update. It says it's not installed. If I try to reinstall, I will lose all my progress. Fix this please! And why don't you make it to where you can log in through facebook or google. That way if you reset your phone or get a new one, you don't lose everything!

Frozen Free Fall Here we go again! As soon as I get my daily reward, the first time I have to leave the game for a little while, I come back and it has disappeared. Why do they bother to give them to us. I love this game so much, but the other games I play allow me to keep my power ups.

Very bad update Wat d f**k with this game every time I'm asking to solve my prblm bt no change in my level 299 it's not working properly roses are bot blooming n it's dam stuck getting very irritated very bad upgrade by Disney

OK, so this is special. I see a lot of people complaining about the last update and the app not opening. Here is the solution. The last update created a new shortcut to the app, so if you had the shortcut in a folder, the old shortcut doesn't work. Remove the Shortcut from your home screen or folder and add the new app back to the home screen or folder and you should be back in business

Won't open After playing for well over a year with no problems this last update had made it so it won't open from my icon on my home screen. I have to get into the play store and open the game to play. Says not installed if I try to open from home screen.

Forcing contact permissions The game properly uses the Marshmallow permissions model which allow me to restrict access to my contacts, until last update that is. Now the game will not work unless I allow access to my contacts which I refuse to allow as I do not want any communication between the game and anyone I know.

Please fix horns in level 299!! After the update, the horns do not OP the roses as they should! It takes several times for the rose to even open past the first stage, making the game unbeatable! PLEASE fix!!

It's fun but... I thought the whole reason for saving your games was that you pick up where you left off. This is the second time I've had to uninstall and reinstall the app for to some problem it's been having in the update and it brings me right back to the first level and I've already paid for all of the extra seasons games but it makes me have to repay for them... What's the point of "saving it" if it's going to make me start over every time there it's an update issue? Not happy...

I'm Addicted! I started playing because of my daughter and now I can't stop.

Don't update!! I updated my game and it reset everything back to level 1. I lost everything. All of my time spent progressing over 2 years and its all gone...

Previewing for my daughter I started this game to make sure it was suitable for my eight year old. It is, of course.... but now I am playing it too. :-P

Keep say application not installed for the new update. The good think we can open at PLAY STORE while there fixing it.

My game worked fine yesterday morning. I opened it last night and it said app wasn't installed. The game reset back to the beginning. I lost everything.

Loved the game and now i lost everything I even had the game linked to my facebook and it is all gone now because of this stupid update back to square one and it needs to be resolved

Requires access to contacts or it won't run. Sorry, Disney, you have no reason to access my contact list. If you really respected my privacy, you would respect the fact I don't want to share my contact list. Liars.

So hateeeeeeeeed!! Please fix this game, I love frozen but I cannot open this game!! What's goin'on? I wanna play this game!! Heeelp

Love this game but why do you have to go onto play store everytime you want to play this game. Please fix.

Please fix bugs Stuck on level 299 in Summer. This is second time for me, last time I uninstalled then reinstalled and lost everything. The horns move the items on other levels. But will not move the items now. No way possible to win this level. Please fix soon!!

Why access to contact list The latest update requires access to the contact list to play. The previous version would still play even though access was blocked. New app versions were supposed to support the new permission control. Not stop working because of it.

New update...the pits No reason to know my personal photos and contacts in order to play. Another update to take that option off please.

Frozen Why do you have to get into may contacts , picture ,files and other stuff ?????i just want to play your game!!! Now im just going to delete my favorite game..??

Something weird happened. I went to play it today and it said it wasn't installed. I never uninstalled is. So, re-installed it and now I don't have any of the power ups that I have collected. Yes, I do save my progression with google+ and facebook every time I play. I truly am addicted to this game. I play it everyday. I would have given it 5 stars until today.

Could you please yo fix a bug about the horn blast? I am stucked in lv 299 summer season stage

Without internet, jou gain nothing?bad news but enjoy playing?

Love it. I would like to change my age and don't know how

Loved it... ...until it updated. It has disappeared and when I "found" it I'm now 25 levels behind. No boosts. What happened? EDIT. I have no "shortcut" so I uninstalled and reinstalled it again, got my short cut but IT STARTS ME AT VERY BEGINNING AGAIN! Why?? Was I just supposed to go to play store and play from the store directly? Is this what the update is about? I didn't think so! Now it has access to my photos and friends for what? Why start at the very beginning again. Such frustration...

Disappointed I refuse to give access to my photos or contacts to play a game... Very disappointed with this app and especially since its Disney!!

Having to un install and reinstall. Love the game, fix the bugs.

Errr y....???? Thankyou for the free hearts that are received when i log in says they will come up everyday but don't..y?

I cant get on the application since an update was applied the game keeps telling me that it's not installed please fix this glitch

Won't open Don't know what happened but I can't open the app from my phone. Only can open it from Google play. Same thing is happening on my other phone.

Frozen free fall Latest update has stopped the game working ! Get it sorted please!!!

What happened Since this new update it says this app is not installed. Not nice Disney not nice at all.

Won't open You have to go to the play store and open the game there. Will not open any other way.

OI cant play this game when I installed this app whats wrong please solve

I love this game but it keeps crashing! Please fix it!

Lost boosters The last update took all of the boosters I had earned.

What Happened? Update locked me out. I see 2 dozen 5 star updates today. I doubt these are real. Can someone fix this please?

I love this game however sick of the game freezing after up dates. I was endless map, and updated and the only way to play it was to uninstall and start the game again from start, guess what new update unable to get back into the game Grrrrrrrrrr It has just happened again I had to reload it and now back to level 1. Please sort your game out. No trouble with other games I play why this one. I have down graded my star rating until the problems are sorted. Yet again!

What's wrong Game stopped loading 2 days ago. What happened? Two days later and it still won't load. I see the Disney logo and the blue screen with frost. It never advances. I can't find anywhere to contact anyone about this. Very frustrating. I've been playing over a year.

Love this game but the special games like decorating Anna's cake have harder levels with things the game doesn't explain how to do, like collecting ice sculptures. It should have a tutorial.

New phone so I lost all progress What is the point of connecting to things like Google games if it doesn't save your progress when you sign in on a new device?

Love this game! Love the game, very relaxing.. does have some challenge to some of the! .. so happy to see some of the issues fixed!

SO ADDICTIVE!!! This game is so addictive though I'm already teen (like wtf) but I really like this game tho O have watched the movie for centuries, figuratively. So...keep uo the good work Disney!

Just updated my game on my tablet and now it wont work and same with malificent

Addicting Vry interesting game... I love the characters... The movie is amazing and so the game. Loving it..

Great When I reach the ones with the wolves, it is VERY hard.

Not working I love this game, but it's not working after new updated. Please fix...

Updated but won't open I just updated and now it won't go past the opening blue screen. :/

Fantastic it seem like this long I ever played started from first Frozen film coming out but s lots of fun I love it.

So upset I ask for lives from friends and can only receive 1 per day WHY ?

Kelley Love this game..levels become a bit difficult but it's very addictive. A bit tough for children though.

This a great game. It is a lot like candy crush but much better, and the graphics are awesome and really pretty. I love how the ice falls to the bottom of my screen. If you like candy crush you will love this game. Plus it's mine and my daughter's favorite movie, so she likes it too.

Wow..... Just try JOY REWARDS App Using this referal соdе: 1816147 and earned points.. you can use the points for any games specially The Clash of Clans...

V McK Challenging. Nice graphics. But have to wait too long to get additional lives.

Love the game but hate it when I changed devices lost all the levels I had completed despite it being saved to Google play games ?

Pretty good A mix between candy crush & frozen....just hate the in app's never ending

Pretty good Frustrating at times because of random luck, but very playable for the most part.

Why does the game keep crashing on every level. Love the game and would give it 5 stars but please sort this out

Twice I loved this game so much, after completing it I downloaded it again so I could play it twice!

Just updated and lost all my stored power-ups ?

Addiction Very cool game me & my girls love it especially because it has the frozen theme behind it.

Frozen I love this game because frozen free ?no matter how old i get well

Greaat I have played this game on every phone I had

Frusted Game will not load after updste, please fix

Lost all power up Where is my power up i had collected before....

Fred Fall The movie called FROZEN.

Like it but a problem I like the game and it is addictive but I can't listen to Pandora while playing unless I use a different device

Nice I play this game every day ?

Frozen free fall Fun filled game.why do i get a blue screan and cant download to continue playing?i have to start all. Over. Again. Oh well its easy at 1st 8 levels

update since it update...i cant open this game

Best graphic and music So addictive.. One of the best games ever

Yey. Candy crush by Disney

Fun and entertaining

Fab game Really good game

James I love this game

I like the game but it keeps freezing on me and shutting game down.

Transfer problems Love this app, and the game is great. I have come up with an issue though. I've just got a new phone, and I can't connect to google play games and so can't update my progress. Last time this happened I was at 195 levels approx. This time I'm at level 100, with 275 stars, 26 power ups, 7 snowballs, 55 lives, 30 ice picks, and 12 hourglasses. I would prefer not to have to redo the levels, but will be rather displeased if I lose my items. Please help me out here, thank you.

Time passer This game is really fun to play. Minor glitches have been fixed and random updates letting you know what's been done. It is a time passer and fun to play with all the wonderful graphics and colorful background. Fun characters to play with. I love the mini games that pop up every so often to win extra stuff. Levels are challenging.

Love the game however the only thing I don't like is you don't "win" the powers too often or enough. The price of the powers are pretty high as well. Since I first wrote this things have changed in the game or maybe I just am far enough now the way it's played is different. Still addictive and a wonderful game. Love it.

Over 2 years So I have been playing for two years now. Had one glitch in that entire time where the progress froze <---lol. I just went back and played previous levels till they fixed it. I still love this game and play it at least twice a day.

General standard had improved. Now prone to freezing. Hasn't restored progress. Doesn't save it either. The general standard of this app had been improving over the last few months with fewer bugs and the welcome disappearance of most of the irritating ads. However four times now it has just been displaying a blue background and not starting up so it has needed reinstalling. It only recovered my progress the first time so is pretty useless at the moment. Latest two updates even worse because they don't save either.

Amazing game with fantastic graphics. Frozen Free Fall is one of the best in it's categorie of gaming fun. The graphics are great and the levels are challenging without being impossible to complete (some levels do require a bit more patience than others to accomplish). I have run into a few glitches while playing this game, but they seem to be fixed in a timely manner. This game provides hours of endless entertainment.

Never get enough of it! Time flies, but memories stays. And memories are linked to different level of the game as we progress. When ever i play back a specfic level it always remind me of the things that happen during then. Thank you for being part my life.

Lost all my progress I had the game about 3 months got to level 191. Then the other day I downloaded Avast cleanup app and cleared some of my cache and from then Frozen wouldn't open the game... so I was forced to uninstall and when I reinstalled and logged into Facebook I had lost all progress! So frustrating... I was so close to catching up to my gf lol.

Autosave problem Why my Play Games account didnt saved progres in game? I saved, but 150 levels less then it should be??? I was on lvl 555 and now its on 467 after i factory reseted my device. If you could help me, it would be nice.

Very bad update No more daily reward. Can't close the application, even exit the game by losing one life. Keep loading my phone n the battery runs out quickly

Frozen has froze Update screwed up the game. Keep sending notifications to developers but so far NO new update to fix problem. Hello?...

This game is so much fun! I'm enjoying this so much. I'm glad I haven't run into any more of the timed ones. I don't like when you have to finish the board in a certain amount of time. It takes all of the fun out of it.

Mommy's Game! Hands Off! I originally got it for my daughter but I feel in love with it. Now this is called Mommy's game. I've been addicted to this for 2 years. The only game that I still play. My daughters had to get a new game. Hands off my game.

Didn't Save My Game I love the game! Lots of fun, however even after saving it on Google play, when I had to replace my phone my entire game was lost. I had to start completely from the beginning. Was not happy.

After switching phones, I lost all my saved lives... I was so excited to get a phone that works, and after getting the game downloaded, I saw that all my hard-earned hearts from the past year+ were all gone. Kinda takes the wind outta my sails.

Addictive Love Olaf. And you get rewards daily and earn more in special levels so I never feel I have to buy something. Though I have on a couple of occasions. Like when I've been stuck on a level for a week and I'm out of moves but am one move away from completing it.

Offline error Still stuck with the offline error after months waiting,on the endless map after level 90 are the 3 levels that you have to clear I did that and wow it went offline...I have uncapped internet and available mobile data.Fix this I love this game!!!

It's a great time killer and very addictive Occasionally, the program freezes right when I finally pass a level, requiring me to pass it again. (Android). I don't spend $$ so Sometimes that takes a few more days. I like the extra challenges (building castle, decorating cake).

Frozen Free Fall Love this game. Play on my Samsung Galaxy S4 and it crashes on closing since the last update. Wish I could play the Seasons, instead of having to play all of Winter first.

All progress lost! Was playing on same device. Have been logged in with Google Play and facebook everytime. I was only 15 levels away from finishing winter and now everything is gone! Can't explain just how upset I am. Seems like I'm not the only one and no one responds about the issue!?

Got game for my daughter And she gave to me to finish game because she'd Give up.... And now.I'm hooked.

Much better! I used to love this game, but all the updates and changes made it annoying. However, they listened and fixed the glitches and I love playing it again. I'm on my third map and still enjoy it.

Transfer Problems I love the game but I got a new phone and lost all of my power ups, including dozens of snowballs, torches, stars, and other items that took me 2+ years to earn. I have to admit, as someone who doesn't spend money to gain the power ups, I am quite frustrated that the app saved my progress in the game but nothing else. Those power ups were difficult to gain and save and I feel like they should have been saved as well as my progress

Disgusting money grabbing Within two minutes of entering my daughters age (3) the micro transactions started. Drug dealers have a better moral compass then Disney executives.

Fun, but.. This game is great! It's fun, challenging, and the levels are different. However, it takes a really long time to load. Sometimes, by the time it's loaded I've lost interest in playing.

Adore playing... Love the game and the various levels. You'll play until you run out of lives, then you'll come back as soon as they are restocked!

It's a good app. It's sound doesn't go till I force stop it.But a good option only.Still I'll recommend reading eggspress or strawberry shortcake???

Fun Game Another addictive game. Settings you can change without shutting phone volume off. I would compare it to Bejewled. Make sure you save your game though. I kept hitting continue game and when I got a new phone yesterday it didn't save like my other games. Starting at the very beginning :-/

Frozen Enjoying the game. Sometimes it frustrates the crap out of me. I just keep on going back to play some more!

It's all gone! Lost everything (I completed all levels) when I got my new phone although I saved it on google. All that hard work for nothing and NO I refuse to start all over again.

Love it! Never get bored of it! The levels and new additions to the games are really good! Have had to start from beginning 3 times due to new phones! Love the little happy animations when a level is completed!

Since update can't go to other maps and no daily rewards cant close the game uninstalled and installed again even by login into Facebook back to level 1 not impressed as was on 200 sort it out or will have to uninstall

Sooo many Updates Periodic updates are necessary but not every week. Game was good until I finished the spring map the endless map just seems boring

Entertaining I find this game very entertaining ☺ unlike with some other games where one can get bored, this one is not the case. Please keep coming with new challenges

Is very fun game but lately the daily prices if I don't use them and run out of live and when I come back there gone.

Not Bad It has a lot of silly problems... a little more money hungry than it should be... but all in all it is not bad

Daily reward problems Even though I have been logging in daily my rewards still keep getting reset to day 1...what's going on with this?

Can't play - lost progress Phone had to be factory reset and now I have lost all of my progress even though Google Games knows that I have earned many Achievements.

Freeze This is the 4th time i am reinstalling after the update. The seasons does not load despite finishing winter. My messages also is being uninstall. Please act fast it is so infuriating and frustrating for an otherwise nice game.

I'm totally addicted. This is my favorite game!