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Golf Live Extra

Supplied By Golf Channel    On Feb. 5, 2016    Comments(121)

APP for iPhone Golf Live Extra version4.0.1 Download

Watch live PGA Tour golf from your Android devices with Golf Channel's Golf Live Extra app; find out what’s on and view the schedule for upcoming tournaments.

Note: Golf Live Extra is currently available for most major cable providers including Comcast Xfinity, DIRECTV, DISH Network, Time Warner Cable, ATT U-Verse, Verizon Fios, Cox, Charter, Cablevision Optimum, Brighthouse, Suddenlink, Mediacom, and over 400 other cable providers. We’ll be adding more, so check back soon!

Golf Channel part of our Sports and have average installs from 100000 to 500000. Last Update Feb. 5, 2016. Appstore play rating is 65.4045. Current verison is 4.0.1. Actual size 20.0 MB.

What's new

    - Bug fixes and misc stability improvements.
Download golf-live-extra.apk 20.0 MB


Requires you to sign in manually Could not watch live shows for a couple days. Found out that the app had signed me out and you would expect the app to prompt you to sign back in. But No! I had to go to settings and sign in. The good news is I can now watch live shows. This is an easy fix - just prompt users to sign in when the app automatically signs us out.

It works then it doesn't I love my app when it works. Now it will start working then about a minute it will try to buffer even with high-quality wi-fi connection and freeze. It seems like every phone update causes different issues.

Oh well I used to like this app but I had to uninstall, I just reinstalled so we will see. The Masters is next week. As I feared, the live feed will not stream! The update that fixed others screwed mine! S4, not like it is real old!

Wont work No response at all. What am I doing wrong?

Sign in with provider Why do I need to sign in with online id? It should be just install then begin watching. Not fair to those without an online id for provider. It's a bunch of crap.

You guys still suck it up but.... I will give it a 2 now but....DO YOU NEED THIS TO WORK? READ THIS: After update you have to go into settings manually enter your provider and password. Then it will work. The update erases this and does not prompt you. Idiots that wrote the app...

Does not load live streaming on my Samsung s5 Sucks, don't waste your time with this app on your Android phone

Love this app But it would be even nicer with Google chromcast support. Please next update!

Not working Normally the app works good. Today, it's not working for me as I'm trying to catch up on the Masters. What gives???

Not working during Masters One of the most hit or miss apps I have. Not working today on my S4. I guess no "Live from the Masters" for me. Very frustrating. **EDIT**: signed in from the settings drop down prior to trying to open up the video stream and it worked.

Nothing works right and hard to use Really bad app. Such a shame because you would think it would be a lot better coming from the golf channel

Great App (but requires manual resigning in occasionally) I have been using this app for the last few months and have really enjoyed the ability to take the Golf Channel with me. Note: I did have an issue where I would click on the live stream and nothing would happen. Learned later that I had been signed out. Don't know why nor why the app didn't alert me to this, but resigning in fixed the issue.

Work"ed" well Just stopped working. It works and then it doesn't. Can't expect much from these guys anymore.

Doesn't work anymore Use to work on my Galaxy S3 till the latest update. No live video at all now. Where can I get the old version?

Update worked The new update now works with Lollipop S5 phone.

No video No video after update. This shouldn't be too hard to fix. Its been like that for weeks. Please fix?

Does not spport Canadian TV provider Waste of time

Stopped working after masters. Went to settings and found I was signed out under tv provider. Logged in again...working fine now.

No video New update not working for Samsung Galaxy S4. Click on play now and nothing happens. Please help!

Crap I subscribe to Golf Channel but I have to have my provider listed to view....what is with that? If I have a paid subscription I should be able to view no matter who my provider is.

Will not play anymore

Need to add cox cable

Terrible Can't even sign in to directv

When it works it's awesoke. Unfortunately it almost never works.

Hate the new app_____give me the old app can't fine anything only lnterested. I what TIGER DOES. NOW I CAN'T FINE WHAT HE DOES! !!!!!!! I MIGHT AS WELL CANCEL THE APP!!!!!!!

Crashes to often, have to login manually every time it is used? Very inconvenient, no Chromecast support?

Power user even when not in use This app will drain the battery of your device even when the app is off, as it remains running in the background. The only solution us to uninstall it.

Rarely works on Android 5.0 Lollipop, very frustrating. Worked every time on KitKat, works very rarely on Lollipop (Moto X & Nexus 7). Really frustrating when you launch what you want to watch and then it kicks back to the listings every time. Watching golf is the ONLY thing that this app is made more, so making it work should be a top priority for the developers, but unfortunately, it's been like this for a few months.

After I upgraded to lollipop the live video is not going through for some reason it was working fine on kit-kat.

Broken Worked great until my HTC One (M7) updated to Lollipop... Now it never fully loads and video is dead too. ?

Samsung s5 When it works it's a good app. Force closes on me the first 3 times I've used it.

Was a great app until the lollipop upgrade, video doesn't work just like everyone else. Please fix

Golf channel / nbc = greedy pigs !!!!!!! Maybe show 10min of action then 3 min of commercial instead of the other way around Nbc / nothing but commercials

Good App Using an HTC One S. The app is quite stable and the picture quality is much higher than the same feed on Golf Channel's streaming webpage. I do wish it had an audio-only feature so that I could lock my phone, put it in my pocket and listen to the stream through headphones like a podcast while I'm busy with kids, chores, etc.

No video Just installed on Nexus 6 with Lollipop. App doesn't work - no video.

Good feed on WiFi of network coverage.Great option when away from the TV to keep up with early rounds. My only complaint is the music during commercial breaks; repetitive and eventually too annoying to listen to. A much better option would be silence like WatchESPN, or even stream the commercials.

Frustrated When I first started using the app, no login was required. Now with update, login is required. This is fine except that even if you select the "keep me signed in for 2 weeks" button, it logs out every time you close that app. Just make it to where I can login once...forever. why do you need my credentials every time I want to watch golf. Seems a little overboard. More stars when fixed.

Need CAST feature! This could be a great app if they would add the CAST feature so you could use with Chromecast, Firestick and other devices.

Good App Using an HTC One S. The app is quite stable and the picture quality is much higher than the same feed on Golf Channel's streaming webpage. I do wish it had an audio-only feature so that I could lock my phone, put it in my pocket and listen to the stream through headphones like a podcast while I'm busy with kids, chores, etc.

Doesn't work Has not worked for weeks now on both android phone and tablet.

Help! Won't work at all anymore!

Latest update is terrible Won't load video at all on AT&T galaxy s5

You guys still suck it up but.... I will give it a 2 now but....DO YOU NEED THIS TO WORK? READ THIS: After update you have to go into settings manually enter your provider and password. Then it will work. The update erases this and does not prompt you. Idiots that wrote the app... Updated the app and still didn't fix this... Dropped a star

Constantly signs you out? Makes the app almost unusable having to sign in every time you open it. Very inconvenient? Needs cast feature.

Golf Channel Application work's well on my mobile phone

Golf No bueno ¡! Ever since lollipop upgrade¡ it doesn't even start. It always crashed. @ start up. Even if I uninstall & re-install, it doesn't matter. I had worked great b4 his upgrade. PLease gix

Working....Yeah!!!!!!! Thanks to the comments of another user who experienced the same issue when trying to watch live streaming.I was able to resolve my issue. I needed to log in to my Service provider under the settings menu.

Pain in the rear! So far I haven't been able to use it because I have to know the information about my internet/ cable TV provider in order for it to work. That makes absolutely no sense at all. Because I live with my parents, I have to ask my step father for that info. Therefore it makes it that much more a pain in the rear, because now I have to explain to him that they are not going to charge him when I use this app. Thanks to the creater of the app.

Linkster Will not ask me to sign in & will not show live stream of the Golf Channel. What does "Live now," mean if it won't show live stream? Terrible app!

Only in USA Don't waste your data if you live outside the USA. There's no Canadian tv service providers on the list so you can't sign in to watch live golf. Deleted it.

As of the last few days I have been unable to watch. My Galaxy S5 (Recently updated software) has sat here for nearly 10min loading and still no golf channel. Please Fix This

Golf Tournament's Its my favorite sport and like to watch it live even in my cell p h one good that CBS will carry and shown it live on first day.

Every streaming app these days should include Chromecast support. Golf Live Extra will eventually have Chromecast support, so you might as well add it now. Google makes it very easy to include and I would use it very often.

Frustrated When I first started using the app, no login was required. Now with update, login is required. Just make it to where I can login the espn watch now app. why do you need my credentials every time I want to watch golf. Updated to 1 star. Worse than ever. Have to login at least 5 times a day. App crashes and you have to login again. No customer support like other apps where if you 1 star their customer service will respond to you. It's like no one is listening. Get you act straight GC!

Suckfest Says my xfinity account doesn't have it while I watch it on tv everyday. This app is worthless to me.

Trying to watch golf tourney. Does not work. Not w my android phone or w my desktop or w my my Kindle. What food is it? Jack

Live Event isn't showing up as live. Only able to set a reminder for a show that's been live for 45 min. WTF.

OK when it works + battery hog Streaming is good when it works. Eats my battery. Always shows up as one of the top drainers.

Works just fine Really not sure what all the b****ing is about, this works on my Note 4 just fine whether on Wi-Fi or cellular. The only gripe I have is the screen won't rotate when the phone is flipped over...minor inconvenience but still a great app.

Dud Doesn't work on Note 4 or Tab 4.

No Chromecast Would love to cast this on tvs when away or on the go ... Similar to ESPN app. Please implement it's easy

Used to love it...I originally rated 5 stars... it no longer works on my tablets!!!!

Won't work at all. Uninstalling.

Terrible app won't allow adding tv provider so cant watch

Works, but no chromecast support Would be fine if it supported chromecast, but no love.

I love everything about the Golf Channel shows you all what you want It's one of the best programs you can find there are none

Doesn't stream video at all for Galaxy S4. Useless!

Requires a TV or satellite service provider cannot watch on your mobile without a provider do not download this app

I just download the app to my HTC EVO 4GLTE and the app after it's open, the app keeps blinking and freeze. Shame on Golf Channel. Test your apps before you release them to the public. 0 Starts. I decide to give the app a new opportunity and now have the app on my Tablet. The app starts working but after a couple of minutes the app returns to the main menu over and over... Are they trying to force us to get the PGA TOUR LIVE app?

Just OK It works but would be nice if one could cast it to a big screen.

No longer works App used to work fine, then updated, and no longer plays the video on either of my Samsung devices. Click the video, next "Play Video" window pops up, click "Play Video" and the window disappears, and nothing happens.

Doesn't work! This app doesn't work. I have a newer phone with current operating system and it still will not play any video.

Uninstall... Hit play now and nothing happens on my HTC.

Doesn't work Won't load to watch. Galaxy S4

Doesn't work on my Galaxy S5

Arnie's the MAN Love this app. ALMOST as much as golf .

Doesnt work anymore I loved this app. I have unlimited high-speed data so I watch allot of golf channel. At least I did, now I can't watch a single thing, can't even stream audio.

Not worth my time Downloadedultiple times each time it would not even start a live program

it SUCKS because it says it's installed on laptop and is NOT

Terrible app!!! ? Horrible picture and doesn't load most of the time. Very sporadic when streaming.

Nothing is free Can not watch for free...

Need a provider to watch, in other words useless

Bogey very buggy! Why does this app not play on my LG G3? Frustrated with this, it even crashes on my iPad, c'mon guys fix this!

it's been off line for 2days now. your app. does not work very well. I was enjoying it as I dozed off but I get no response. potty. bye bye app

Not loading. Just installed the app. Day 1 and it fails to stream.

Used to work but hasn't worked at all for at least a week. Pretty much useless currently.

Doesn't work ever Crappy App didn't work three different times, HTC One M9

Good but the app has some flaws The app sometimes crashes and there are some optimization issues; the UI lags... badly at times. The streams work well with no problems. I would like to see a option to choose your favorite golfers and see their stats in real time, all in all, this is a good app but needs a few fixes

Loves Of sports yak is indeed sport loving fan and always will be among loving golfers of all times.Regulations of golf clubs and play the ball as you meet it awesome.Tosting the ball rolling it with Your hand is like child play love the new rules play the ball as you play it . love golf forever.?

It Doesn't work! Uninstall Download was easy but that's it... sign on and the App opens fine, i choose watch live and the screen try's to load and then goes blank and does nothing. When i try to go back the app crashes and then closes. Its bad enough that we have to pay top dollar for cable or satellite service in order to even be able to use this app. Then we pay top dollar for a smart phone or tablet and a data plan, only to be disappointed by an app that gives us nothing but frustration and a headache.

Forcefully moved from Verizon FIOS to Frontier and now the app doesn't work because "you are not subscribed"...not sure what needs to be done. Was a great app when I was still with Verizon.

Not working Used to be great, now I click play now and nothing happens. Restart, check connection, everything. Still doesn't work

Fix it please It would be nice if when it says 'watch now' the broadcast would actually play rather than go back to the home screen.

Sucks App crashes and I haven't even been able to use it yet. Plus trying to sign in because VERIZON Sucks is a problem as well! Can't sign in with cable provider because they suck. Either they all 3 suck or its just this application!

No Chromecast = 1 star review In this age, making a video based app without Chromecast is like eating a hot dog without ketchup... Ew! 1 star for you until Chromecast support is there.

App does NOT work The app doesn't function, if I click "watch live" it no longer does anything, fix now or lose people

Ever since new update it won't past home screen on my LG G3. No problem before this. Please fix use this app a lot. Thx

Status bar at top does not go away. I've given 4 stars as my status bar here timr and battery doesn't disappear on my GS5. It used to but does not now. This isn't good for viewing or casting to the chromecast. Please fix this and I'll up the stars to 5. Other than that great app and glad I can use this instead of going into the live extra app that never used to work for the golf.

Doesn't always deliver The app works fine most of the time. The biggest issue I have is with content. There is a tab for full event replays, but every time I check it there is nothing available. If they actually had anything I would give it at least one more star. To those who complain that you have to have cable. Suck it up and pay for something.

Does not work on my lg leon

Hangs up, useless. Shows that are supposed to show up here after being bumped from TV schedule are not available here as advertised.

Useless app. It doesn't work. Tap on event and nothing happens.

Junk App will not launch live video, crashes, and shuts down. This is by far the worst app I've ever used to have never had this type of issue with any other app!

You guys don't want to fix the fact that it won't stream?

Freezes sometimes. I would also like to be able to cast it to my television like Hulu, Netflix, etc.

Golf Love watching golf love playing golf that's so much work that I can play and I love ito

Doesn't work Live video won't play anymore. Total crap.

less than 1. this app does not work. too bad. who knows their cabernet user name and password? impossible and good luck trying to reach customer service..... ..

App does NOT work The app doesn't function, if I click "watch live" it no longer does anything, fix now or lose people I stayed up till 1am to watch the open and it doesn't do anything what a bunch of crap. Deleting golf channel app.

I click to watch a live stream, I hit ok and the dialog slides off the screen. No video plays. Crashes immediately in Android Nougat.

Get rid of this waste. Live stream maybe be the worst title. Dead stream more like it. USGA rules official must be running this. Only THEY could get it this wrong!!?

Garbage It never works, I uninstalled it previously because it didn't work, but golf channel crew said go to it for early morning coverage of the Monday labor day 4th round. Tried and failed again. Complete waste if time. Thanks liars.

Ridiculous GC tells people to switch over to app for end of European event and it is not available. No response from GC on social media. Universal owns about 50 channels put it on of them.

This app never works on my phone. I've uninstalled it and reinstalled it more times than I can count and still it doesn't work. Worthless!!

Needs update for Android 7.0 After upgrading to Android 7.0 this app is useless. Crashes immediately after choosing a stream.

Doesn't work on nexus 6p. Crashes whenever I try to stream. Worthless.

Drops off every 5 minutes And include a casting option when you have a streaming app

Doesn't work Crashes on startup on a Galaxy Tab S2 running stock Marshmallow. Very disappointing,

The app crashes any time I attempt to launch a video. I've sent feedback on the app with no response.

Full coverage doesnt work The full coverage for British Open doesn't work.

doesn't work I press play now and nothing happens