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Track My Golf Swing Analyzer

Supplied By Track My Fitness    On Aug. 5, 2016    Comments(112)

APP for iPhone Track My Golf Swing Analyzer version2.0.6 Download

Track My Golf delivers a golf swing analyzer right on your wrist. Watch your golf swing at up to 200 samples per second, as captured by the built-in motion sensors of your Android™ Wear watch. There’s no extra hardware to buy (similar products sell for up to $150).

An Android Wear watch is required in order to capture your golf swing analysis.

Track My Golf Features:

- Find out your golf swing power and speed measured in MPH (speed measured is hand swing speed, not club head speed)
- Visualize your golf swing form in 3D
- Rotate view in any direction to look at your golf swing from any angle
- Up to 200 samples/second (depending on your watch sensor) so that you can see details no human eye can capture
- A number of data reported including hand swing speed, tempo, swing plane, impact angle, swing path, grip angle, and golf swing power.
- Swing data stored in the cloud so that you can revisit at any time
- No Internet connection required during swing. Your Android Wear golf swing analysis saved to cloud when the phone is connected to the Internet later.
- Support both left-handed & right-handed golfer

This golf swing trainer tool is extremely helpful in visualizing your arm movement through the swing. For example, you can visualize how your arm cross over through the impact zone. Another use of the Android Wear golf swing reader, if you tend to cast early, you can visualize your arm pushing out and swinging outside in to compensate.

Advantages compared to other golf swing analyzers on the market:

- No hardware to buy, just use your Android Wear watch. Other analyzers cost $150+
- No calibration, no set up. Start the golf swing trainer app and play.
- No switching. No need to switch the sensor when you switch the golf club.
- No extra weight. Nothing is attached to the shaft, so your golf swing power and form are never affected. You can even use it on the golf course to capture your game swings.

Limitations: Because the sensor location is on your wrist, you will not see problems associated with your hand. For example, if you flip your hand or un-hinge too early, you will not be able to visualize the problem. However, a hand flip is usually a result of compensating for an early arm casting, so you can get a hint from your arm trajectory.

We appreciate your feedbacks. If you see a problem or have a suggestion, please do not just leave a negative rating (yes 4* is a bad rating, we have a high standard :-)), because we have no idea why. Tell us the problem so that we can improve the product. Better yet, email us directly at support@vimo.co. Like other reviews have mentioned, we provide a speedy support, we typically respond within 30 minutes.

Device compatibility:

LG G: Tested working well. It samples at 200 samples/second.

Samsung Gear Live: Sample at 200 samples/second. This watch's sensor has a limited range, if you have a fast swing, it may be beyond what the sensor can capture. We have a special sensor fusion algorithm to get around it, but the accuracy suffers. These sensor limitations are beyond our control.

Moto 360 (both gen): It samples at 25 samples/second. You will see a coarse output, there is nothing we can do in our app to fix the sampling issue. 2nd gen's sensor occasionally freezes, please reboot the watch, which will fix the problem.

Huawei: Sample at 100 samples/second. Working well.

Sony SmartWatch 3: Tested, works well. It samples at 200 samples/second.

Others: We have user reporting that it works perfectly fine on other watches, such as LG G R, Asus Zenwatch, and Tag Heuer Connected.

Track My Fitness part of our Sports and have average installs from 10000 to 50000. Last Update Aug. 5, 2016. Appstore play rating is 74.7674. Current verison is 2.0.6. Actual size 6.8 MB.

What's new

    - More free swings
    - New unlimited swing option
    - Add explanation on how target line is determined
    - Bug fixes
Download golf-swing-analyzer.apk 6.8 MB


App broken The app works great when it works. Most the time the screen go black (not off) when you open the app. You have to go to the settings and clear the cache just for it to work again for a minute and then the process repeats itself.

It's just okay... This is not a true swing trainer... With the use of your Android-wear watch, it'll show you the path of your wrist, not the path of the clubhead. It also will not track clubhead speed, rather it tells you how fast your wrist is (which their description here says, so you can't be mad). It says my swing speed with my driver is 23mph. This swing trainer/tracer is disappointing to day the least. I guess there is some feedback you can use, but this app isn't what I was hoping for.

Fun but not sure how to make use of it Even though it traces your swing path. Id like to see lines or overlays to show if the swing path is on plane. Much like the golf analysis videos on youtube. That way I can see how the hands move from address to downswing to follow through. Then also since I cant lug my phone around if the android wear can present the stats automatically or have a minimal ui to view the history. Thanks

Can't stay logged in New golfer using this app to try and lower my swing plane. I love the app overall but I'm running into an issue where I log in using my email. It accepts the login but when I go to history. It asks to login again and I can never actually view my previous history. Phone is Note 4 on Verizon stock rom running lollipop. Watch is moto 360. Any help is appreciated.

App is decent but.. After logging in using facebook, I tried to analyze my swing but the phone screen is stuck on "loading swing". I see my analysis result in the background but I can't click on anything. Tried a reinstall but the same problem occured.

Really like but I cannot get extra info when trying to align target. Try and try but I must be doing something wrong using s6 and Sony sw3 edit --------- fixed issue I was trying to align my target where I was hitting the ball. Did not realise had to line up to my ball. Thank you

wouldn't move past align wouldn't recognize anything after the "align to target" screen

Get app to watch Have Gear and app says watch not ready. How do I load app to watch?

A bit basic I have a SwingTip, so I am going to make a comparison: Firstly; this app does not need to attach anything to the club so it is much quicker and easier to use, especially when it comes to changing clubs. Secondly; for the average golfer it is more than adequate, and the downloads are much faster. On the down side, it only has a frontal view - no above or side views. This would be a very handy feature to get a better three dimensional picture. Anyone who is a golfer and has an Android Wear watch should get this without any reservation. That said, the app could use quite a bit more development in terms of rankings for the different kinds of clubs for example. There also seem to be accuracy issues regarding swing speed. I used a Sony Smartwatch 3 and the maximum swing speed that I could muster was about 32mph. This is BS because my maximum swing speed is around 110mph. Thanks for the feedback. As you can see, I still need to get used to it. I am thus upgrading my to 4 stars. Is there any way that this app could be used in airplane mode to log your swings, and then transfer them to your mobile/tablet later at home?

Still need improvement!! It's really hard to capture swing. When I tried to record my swing, it only succeeded just 1-2 times out of more than 10 tries. The app should be more smart when it starts recording. Keep in mind that this app is not free. The app should be worth enough to purchase. ----- Updated: Is this what you've listed? Be warned of these limitations, and "do not leave a bad review" because of these sensor limitations that are beyond our control.

Functions well, but with 90s GUI. I hope you can redesign the interface, especially the one showing the swinging arm.

Not ready for prime time Moto 360 I use/have most of the swing analyzers now, Swingbyte/ Golfsense, etc. This never recorded a swing over 20 mph with my driver.

360 It doesn't work great for the 360. I give it 4 since the dev has worked hard to make it right. Now that they explain the sensor it all makes sense.

very cool app I think this app has great potential, one of the best uses for wear I've seen. It reminds me of the putting analysis app for glass they demo'd at I/O. Great work! A few suggestions: - It should remember the club I'm swinging - Once in a swing, the action bar back button doesn't go back. - Swing plane needs a better description of what's good/bad/how it effects the ball - Preset control of x,y,z axis. - Watch could perhaps vibrate when it's ready to swing and double vibrate for completion? I found it annoying watching and waiting for the sensor to be ready on my watch. It felt very unnatural. - As a developer I would love an open API for the data collected. Even just a csv dump would be cool Works well with LG G and worked fine for me with my Moto 360 as well. Keep up the good work

Interesting concept It is a really great idea, but there are a few things that I hope will be added in future iterations. 1. I am a lefty, it shows the wrong arm and looks ridiculous when I swing. I should be able to set my handedness. 2. Arm swing speed isn't really the standard, it would be nice if they used that to get an approximate club head speed. That would be really beneficial. 3. I would love to be able to layover multiple swings is different colors to see how consistent I am.

I'm a lefty and have a Moto360 I think the sensors on my watch aren't tracking properly. Through the app, my swing looks choppy and incomplete. Not sure if its my watch or that its having trouble tracking my swing from the other side of the ball. Otherwise, great concept.

Great app. Works amazing on moto 360.

Even with the Moto 360, best app ever I normally don't write reviews, but this app is just so amazing that i had too. Even with the sensor problems in the Moto 360, the data this app and put together is outstanding. It is completely letting me analyze my swing path, allowing me to swing from the inside-out. Best $2 ever spent. you won't go wrong with this one!

Has potential This app has the potential to be a great app. Perhaps it's possible to start recording when I start my swing backward instead of when I put the club down because I don't swing immediately and this makes the swing playback longer and may affect the tempo read out since it says it's 41:1. A suggestion would be allowing user to click on one of the numbers and a dialog pop up explaining what it means instead of just a list of each in another activity.

Great Support! Great App!! If you are a techie and a golfer... You need this app! What a waste of a smart watch spend to not have this functionality. The Moto 360 didn't work right away because "surprise" Motorola did things their way and not the industry standard. I emailed on a Sunday afternoon and the Dev team responded within a half hour. They kept me in the loop on their process and emailed me right away when it was fixed. These guys are legit!

Cool Android wear golf app This is insanely cool, and probably what Google meant when they said they want people to think outside of the box with these wearables. I think this is the most unique thing someone has done with the wearables yet.

Great dev Emailed Dev for help, replied in less than 30 min. Great customer service. Looking forward to trying app again.

Powerful app that is easy to use. I just got back from the driving range and this app rocks. It gave me quick feedback on my swing for only 2 dollars. I'd have to pay a coach hundreds for what this app told me in 30 seconds. I'm excited to see what features will come next.

A very creative app If you are looking for a killer app for your Android Wear watch, this is it. I was debating about buying another anazlyer that attaches to the shaft, and I am glad I found this. It saved me tons of money.

Sony smartwatch 3, htc one m8 stock rom. Worked once then always stuck on alignment screen. Restarted watch, worked again once then stuck on alignment screen. Refunded. If it worked I'd buy

Worked pretty well, but... It seemed to keep firing itself up on my phone randomly, soi had uninstall it which unfortunately was a few hours past refund period. Nexus 5 -4.4.4.

Battery Drain Would have been a great app if it didn't keep auto turning on which drained the phone and watch battery

Can't stay logged in New golfer using this app to try and lower my swing plane. I love the app overall but I'm running into an issue where I log in using my email. It accepts the login but when I go to history. It asks to login again and I can never actually view my previous history. Phone is Note 4 on Verizon stock rom running lollipop. Watch is moto 360. Any help is appreciated. EDIT: Issue resolved updating stars to 5

Anyone having problems if they slow down their backswing it doesn't register? I have a relatively slow backswing and find my swing doesn't register when I am slowing it down. I am also a lefty could this be the reason? If fixed, great app!

Really like but Can you do anything for ten pin bowling?? Please

Doesn't Work Doesn't work with the Samsung Gear Live. Both the app on the watch and phone hang and do not recspond. When a swing is captured, the data is grossly incorrect which might be due to sensor limitations. If that is the case, Samsung gear live should not be supported and a warning to the purchasers should be presented. UPDATE: App now captures every swing and is more responsive. Impact angle is also now more accurate. Updated rating.

Doesn't work with Gear S This app doesn't recognize my Gear S watch. Looks like they aren't putting time into updating and keeping up with techonology... bummer. Could have been a great alternative to buying an overpriced piece of hardware.

Pretty trick, shows promise Got to see one swing before screen went black, almost as if the entire fragment is disposed of. For a beginner like myself this is still 2 dollars well spent. For the dev - S5, 4.4.4, stock TouchWiz ROM, rooted. Keep it up, this app will own with some more work!

Decent concept, terrible execution With my driver, it shows 35mph swing speed. Um, no. My swing speed with my driver falls between 105 and 110 on average and that's with a GC2 swing monitor. Refunded.

Awesome app Good for learning where you have a weakness and positive feedback. I would say its very simple to use and I like that especially

Worth it I'm not kidding, this is easily the app I have ever purchased. I have a tempo type swing but lack distance, although I thought my driver swing was plenty fast. I was wrong. This golf app showed me my swing speed needs improvement but my tempo is good. Many other features with this product that I love and took only 2 practice sessions to get proficient with it.

Very happy with it I downloaded it a month ago and I must say that after I started working the swing analyzer I started making progress. I have added 6 MPH to my swing and am making solid contact on 90% plus of my shots. I still push and pull shots but solid contact has always been a problem for me. One think I like is that if you email developer, you will get an answer. They are continuing to make progress with the app and upgrades come regularly.

Recommend it Very impressed with the information that it gives you. I was a little skeptical but now Im convinced. The continuous data collection is a big help. I have completely changed my swing based off this information.

More stats than other competing products Do not listen to the bitching reviews. They are not complaining about the product, they are bitching about the price. If you cannot afford an app that is cheaper than range balls, maybe you picked the wrong sport! If driving ranges have a rating system, I am sure the same people would leave negative reviews complaining the range balls are too expensive and no free range balls are given. This app offers a lot of insights, more than any other competing products I have used.

What a great app. I have worked hard with this golf app the last two weeks. I ignored the swing tempo advice until today. My back swing was so slow it did not produce enough coil. Speeding up the back swing added power. What a difference. Finally looked at the lack of hip turn in my swing. Fixed that problem.

Swing analyzer Instant feedback. Had this for almost a year now, love the feedback I get. This device allows you to tweak your golf swing.

Best golf swing analyzer ever!! This is the best golf swing analyzer ever!! This app can give an analysis of a thousand points each time you swing and gives you stats from your device on each swing on tempo etc.

It’s so cool I love it its improving my swing because i can see what I'm doing. Provides great information and visualization to combine with lessons and play.

Unbelievable results. I decided to give this app a try. Best decision of my golfing life. Whoosh I had one 10 years ago. I am 52 and hitting the ball the best I ever did. My 8 iron was my 150 club. Now it's my Pw. Yes. This is not a lie. The instant feedback you get with this is top notch. I tried 2 others. They are not in the same league.

Absolute must It is surprising how much information and immediate feedback you can get from this. I have only used the device through a couple of practice sessions, but what I am doing is leaning my phone against something, where I can easily see the screen, and swinging. The instant feedback you get really makes it helpful as you try to improve your swing - as opposed to going to the range and banging out 100 balls without any real sense of what to do to improve.

Great training tool Love it! Use it at the driving range to monitor progress.

Old guys rule Can't believe a golf swing analyzer app that does as advertised I am 77 yrs old Lowest handicap has been 7& wonder what it would have been with this??? Just recovering from knee replace surgery took to Range for 1st swings before playing T/Morrow. Easy set up used with phone very happy with results. Can't wait to see my handicap sink !!!!!

Pay for swings now I wanted to buy this app for months, even emailed the company for a time line for a fix for the Moto 360 watch. Never received a response. I didn't download and pay for the app (when it was a paid app), knowing it wouldn't work on my watch, because they stated in their description not to do it. Now the fix is in but you have to pay for monitored swings. You get 5 for free and waste a few trying to get familiar with the app. Very disappointed and frustrated.

Blew my expectations Really nice visual of my swing and very helpful with the immediate visuals of my numbers and such

Easy to use This app is intuitive and easy to use. The application for the watch has almost no learning curve and you'll LOVE the resources this app provides to improve your golf game. It works extremely well and provides just enough info not to overwhelm you, but help you in a simple way. Good job

Perfect We haven't really got to try this too much yet but so far so good.....tracks swings the way it's supposed to and has a TON of features. Good product and works with Android platforms.....used it on a Samsun Galaxy S5.

Five stars Great tool, measures everything as advertised, easy to set up and use as well.

Five stars Love the product and great customer service!

Great golf app They nailed it. I took it out for the first time and I was able to correct two things in 9 holes.

360 view of your golf swing It is a fantastic tool to improve your full swing as it gives you many things to work on.

Great tool Does even more than they say. Everything worked as advertised. The phone app works great, so does the internet application. It is really nice, for a change, to get what you were expecting.

Helped me improve Really shows where your swing needs improvement. Great compare and visualization feature. Caught a couple of flaws with that.

Amazing stuff I wish I had this information years ago. Very easy to use.

Great product!! Connects easily. Stays connected And gives great feedback. Unbelievable product

It's okay for quick swing check Latest update and it now works. It's okay but need to hit quite a few shots to get readings. Not as accurate as the zepp but considering that is lot more expensive its good value.

Will not work. 11-5-2015 Wrote tech support twice. No response. Moto 360 2nd Gen with Samsung 5S phone. Best I can get it to do is "Align Target". Can't get it to analyze swing. No help from tech support. Added the following Dec 14 2015 (I thought I read all the limitations before purchase. Note the date when I wrote the original review was 3 weeks before their response. They never responded to my 2 emails to support, which were even eariler. They say they are working on fix. I'm waiting to see if it gets fixed. )

I have a note 3 with moto 360 gen 2 and it doesnt work. I open the app on the watch and it has a green arrow just saying to align to target and it does nothing.

VERY NICE FOR THE PRICE I have a Sony 3 works fine absolutely brilliant app the app interface could use a little more work other than that perfect app

Great app. Well worth the price. Could samples of Pro swings be included? And the sample swing has more analysis details than my swing, am I missing something? Well done on a great app though.

Works great. Very good support. Appreciate the quick help from the Vimo Labs team.

Works with Huawei watch now. Thanks developers!

Just installed the new version. When are the facilities available on ios going to be available on android?

Not good Not worked with S6 and Moto360Gen2..Please fixed or update App....

Stops working after a few swings, happens every time. Requires frequent rebooting of watch and phone, unusable for more that a few swings at a time. Pictures are misleading since the numbers available are half of what's shown on the Play Store pics.

Confusing for a lefty There appears to be no setting to confirm if you're left handed, and my swing isn't being picked up correctly. When I took a right handed practice swing it appears to work perfectly, so this is an annoying problem! That said, the developer did get back very quickly to explain that it needs to be worn on the right hand, which makes sense in hindsight, but should maybe be more intuitive - either by the program being able to tell if you're wearing it on the wrong hand by your crazy swing or just a simple faq.

Great idea Had an issue, tech support replied in 24 hours and fixed it. Still a little buggy but worth the dollar

Fantastic being able to see what I'm doing right, what I’m doing wrong, and what I need to correct is invaluable. Being able to compare to my previous swings gets me on the right track is great.

Good swing? It would be nice to have a feature to identify a good swing? Ball flight path? To identify personal consistency

Great analyzer for the price of a few buckets of range balls Great app. Have a Sony Smartwatch 3 and it works flawlessly. Amazing to see a visual of my swing. In 4 swings I was already able to see and correct some issues. Had a problem with the app after the update. Developer was prompt to respond and resolved the issue.

Must have for tinkerers Works great. Upgrades fixed previous issues. Surprisingly consistent results. Lots of fun.

Impressed with the first time trying it. Was getting negative numbers for both swing and hand plane but i had a slight over the top downswing.Wouldnt have known it if you only look at the swing numbers. Great feedback once you know what to look for. Great golf app!

Works well offers feedback which helps Currently working with my coach so its good to see how far apart they are, and have an idea on where I'm at all the time. A bargain and makes you focus more on practice.

I am very impressed with the app. It is immediate results at my finger tips. I am a low 80s player now and I am sure I will be in the 70s next game.

Instant feedback I had an hour at the indoor range and I was able to see instantly what my stats for each swing was. It was also very easy switching the clubs in the app.

Great swing analyzer app, especially for the price. Using frequently when at the range. Perfectly executed

Teaching professional Assists good teachers when dealing with physical, VISUAL learners. I am a golf professional & dedicate myself to teaching & helping ALL types of students & ALL their learning styles...(visual, kinetic, feel, motor skill copying, trial and error) If you have a cavity you go to a dentist, to hit the ball correctly you see a golf professional, Or in your case a pro that understands the learner.

Great golf app! Nice to see how you are really swinging the club.

Dozzizzle Hope I win this it's awesome: )

Great training app Perfect for getting the tempo right. Also for back swing and swing plane. You see what you do wrong and start to feel when you do it right. Helped me a lot

Must have app for golfers I'm not a big reviewer of anything, but felt compelled here. For only a few bucks, this is a must have app for golfers serious about improving. A bucket of balls cost more. Paid version definitely worth it. Just buy it.

Love it Really helped me pick up my faults and correct them

Big help This app has helped me find critical faults in my sons' swing and improve their game. It has played a vital part in his march to Junior National Golf Team.

Very informative Allows me to understand what my body is doing through the shot and how every little adjustment can affect other body movement.

I have a gear 2...so I can't use Wish I could use this ... I have a gear 2 can someone point me to a app that works with the gear 2 or could they make one that dose? So did I upset you guy's or something? Yes I know it dose not work with gear2 I was also clear to that point. I gave you one star because you made your product for one platform. You also keep your 1 star because the reply I got was uncalled for.

Do not purchase swings. I purchased unlimited swings and evertime I try to use the app at the range it says I have no swings left. I tried resetting the password...still doesn't work.

OK but needs some tweaking The swing tracking seems to be pretty accurate and work well. Problems I have are the app makes me login almost every time I open it and the pricing per swing is a little excessive. Also would be nice if within the swing viewing screen you could switch between multiple swings easier or better yet, show two at a time to compare them.

Inaccurate There are bugs ie you can't save the club used, if you hit lots of swings the phone freezes. The data doesn't seem to match ball flight with a large variation in impact angles. Comparing the data to HMTwith GC2 launch monitor the figures are worlds apart. Nice idea, but needs some work.

It won't work I just down loaded the app because I have heard great things. I have a samsung gear 2, and it says no watch connected even though my watch is connected via bluetooth. I really want to use this app. Please help!

Just installed the new version. When are the facilities available on ios going to be available on android? I did email you a few weeks ago with no response.

Would be better if the apps can give us an ideal swing model so that we can compare, this is especially good for beginner. Well done on the app, my SW3 works perfectly fine with smooth sampling

Updated review I originally gave this app one star because I bought the app and then was asked to buy more swings. Apparently the company changed how the app works over the winter from a one time purchase to buying swings (you can buy unlimited). The customer service team was nice enough to help me out and upgrade my account (it would have been done automatically if I had an account when I bought it). The app itself works like a charm (I have a Sony smartwatch 3) and the customer service team is A+. This app helped a lot.

Works flawlessly on my LG G watch

This app is more stable than your competition, but it is starting to loose out feature wise.

GA Professional says … This is the best golf swing analyzer / trainer app available. I’ve seriously used every gadget and toy available and who would have thought that a little inexpensive app would have helped me the most? It’s straight to the point and easy to use so it doesn’t take me out of my flow or groove on the range. Download this now!

How does one save a swing having been made with a driver vs any other club so that one can afterwards distinguish which club one actually used?

Great iDea to be implemented on watches. However, it needs improvement in graphical presentation by using the whole body of an animated golfer instead of an arm only. ;)

Crashes all the time Can't even track a singel swing everytime i want to see my swing it say "Unfortunately, VimoGolf Swing analyzer has stopped". Please fix that, it is a super good idea to track golf swing through the smart watch and thats us why i put 2 stars instead of 1 star

Trial mode cant even save a single swing.. keeps on crashing,

Awesome customer service!

A novel use of Android Wear Certainly, there are going to be accuracy limitations with an app like this, but it is certainly one of the most interesting apps I've seen for Wear. Helpful data, solid customer support when needed. Give it a try.

Had problems logging in to the app at first, but the problem was caused by an adblocker app called ‘AdFree’ (My phone is rooted). Once I disabled that, it allowed me to log on right away. Now it's all working great !

Amazing! Felt kinda geeky using this on the range the first time but the benefits were instant. Fixed some easy things and continue to work on more difficult problems. Works great with Android Wear. Only thing better would be a live Pro, but I’m too cheap to pay for that lol!

Can't see all the stats available in the sample swing Very good app, but I can only see the top line of stats on my swing history, can see open/closed swing path etc

Does what it says Using the Sony smartwstch 3 this app works perfectly. I've used it work on my swing and have noticed improvements in my game. I would like the app to record each swing for watch club but maybe that will come in a future version. Well done dev team.

Huge potential Great idea and with development could be awesome. I'm finding the alignment to target not working. My foot position on the swing analysis is about 45d off angle. Using Sony smartwatch 3.

Unable to view past swings Never logs in, Facebook log in crashes the app so it's a total waste of money

Missing data I don't get the feedback data for arm lean etc. It only shows me one level worth of data and not the 2 it shows in the screenshot and sample swing within the app