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iTooch 5th Grade Math

Supplied By eduPad    On Oct. 17, 2016    Comments(151)

APP for iPhone iTooch 5th Grade Math version4.6 Download

***Many of our users have asked us for a fully free access to all the content in the App. This new version is 100% free and ad supported. If you prefer an ad-free experience, you can remove ads at any time through an optional in-app purchase in the app’s parameters.
For teachers and schools, a dedicated ad-free version is available on the Google Play Store For Education.***

With more than 3,575 activities, iTooch 5th Grade Math is a fun way of practicing and learning Math for fifth graders.

It is, by far, the largest collection of educational activities based on the US National Common Core Standards on Google Play for elementary school.

Used by more than 5,000,000 users, iTooch apps provide comprehensive learning solutions which help parents, teachers and students to identify and address learning needs in a fun and motivating way.

• A clear, simple and engaging interface so that children learn with fun
• Speech synthesis option to help users in reading and text comprehension
• Multi-player management
• Font size adjustment to suit everyone’s needs
• An embedded scientific calculator
• A virtual blackboard
• A lesson summary attached to each chapter
• In-app feedback to send suggestions to the author
• Power ups to increase motivation and give a little boost !

✓ 5 themes: Numbers and Operations, Measuring and Estimating, Graphs and Stats, Fractions, Geometry
✓ 82 chapters per title with lessons, examples, and figures
✓ 3,575 questions per title with clues and detailed explanations
✓ 640 original pictures.
➡ iTooch 5th Grade Math is by far the most comprehensive educative tool on Google Play for students in Grade 5.

Discover our other apps iTooch 5th Grade Science and iTooch 5th Grade Language Arts on the Google Play Store. Our apps are available for 1st Grade, 2nd Grade, 3rd Grade, 4th Grade, 5th Grade, 6th Grade, 7th Grade and 8th Grade in Language Arts, Math and Science. iTooch apps comply with the US National Common Core standards for K1, K2, K3, K4, K5, K6, K7 and K8.

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eduPad part of our Education and have average installs from 100000 to 500000. Last Update Oct. 17, 2016. Appstore play rating is 85.3491. Current verison is 4.6. Actual size 41.0 MB.

What's new

    - UI improvements
    - Bug fix
Download itooch-5th-grade-math.apk 41.0 MB


Buttons don't work My daughter tried this and gave up in frustration. While the exercises might have been helpful, we couldn't even get the answer box to respond to our tapping! If we did manage to get the answer put in, the submit button wouldn't respond. It's basically useless if you can't even submit your answers. Looking for a more user friendly app.

Awesome! I'm in grade 5. This is a big help for me...

Loved it My neice is in 4th grade getting a head start for her next years class

Really good Challenging questions, the lessons really help, and theres a lot to learn about.

Awesome! Although I'm a 3rd grader... but I can still do it!

Awesome It helps me learn tons even before we learned it in class

More lessons please. Give short cuts also, thank you so much!

Cool I am in 5th grade and it is a day before the math state exam i am very worried that i will have something worng and now that i have this sopport i blelive that i will get this right

It's fun I think they should add more subjects to chose from

Best learning alp ever I can learn anything in here that are about math

I think that this is really good ook oof for children THANXS??????☺??

Loved it Everything tats on there we doing it in class✌✌??

Loved it It help me study for my 5 grade parcc test so far I did good? 2015

I hate you guys you make me sick making me do math everyday Saturdays and Sundays sundays are for GOD bot math so please just delete this app im tired I really wanna die please on top of that I have great grades

Awesome Make it WAY more challenging please…

Awsome This app is awsome for kids that need help in math like me :)

Love it I am in the 5th grade and boy it helped me

Ok app... Can't beat subtracting fractions 1.not fair fix please. But fun app good for teaching. :) EDIT must've got my review... just beat it!!! Changing star rating to 5. Used to be 4.

This is horrible! I wish I could've put zero stars. I DON'T EVEN LEARN THIS IN SCHOOL!!! And when I get the question wrong, it has some weird orange dude at the bottom saying oops! It doesn't even help you learn. Don't download, it's a waste of time.

Awesome This makes me so smart I gives it a thumbs up ;-) :-) :-D

Love it It really helps me for 5th grade

Awesomeness I love it I'm in fifth grade and this is so awesome!!!!!!!!!!!

Works Helps me alot in math class and i am in fifth grade

Cool It is awesome it has teached me more than my teacher has reached me

Good work I love it helped me alot now im getting A's on my math test thank you

Amszing On in 5 the grade and I got a A+ for a test for fractions

Lov it I was afaid of taking a test but I studied it and I got a A on the TEST

Nice Game I would like to give thanks to the creator of this app because it helps me learn what I need to learn in 5th grade! With an orange belt, I feel smart!

Good It really helped me with math I used tonne bad but now I'm good

Can't thank you guys enough xo

this Is The Best Way to learn Itooch is a wqy to teach kids how to exel thier grade the milestone is coming up and this extremely helped.

LOVE It's cool

Love it This is so good you need to try it now!!!

awesome games cool

Itooch math I love learning math!!

It helps me It was helpful for me to like mathematics

Oh OK...... Oh its ok but not the best but helps meh a little in school.... ×~×

Awsome Really jelped me with math

i tooch is best i love itooch its awsome (i am only doing this for a extra draw)

Good app The app is quite nice. I just didn't know that the test would be timed.

Isabella sulaka Right when I downloded it it said that the app unfortunately stoped I tried it again and again but it did the same thing :(

Love it Im going to go to 5th grade and this just a greathelp for me

learn is fun I learned so much on this app

Awesome This is helping me so much to get ready for the fifth grade

Nooooooo download It's not even math

??? I'd recommend this app for anyone.I'm in 5th grade and I'm not very intelligent when it comes to mathematics.This app has every detail from top to bottom yet some people don't like this app and they probably don't are about their education please proceed to download this app and develop at things your not good at so in future you'll be someone amazing and get to go to college☺

SMARTY PANTS? It hae helped me get really far ahead in class. I am more advanced than anyone in my class

Cool Best im behind a year in my school and its in math so letz hope thoa works

Wonderful I love it a lot it is so helpful plz download it if you don't then ur a hater!!!

HARD! But kids will learn! I'm in the 6th but this is great!!!

It's fun and awesome If your going to skip a grade like me probley you can just go over some questions to like get it know stuff

Itooch math It is good for kids

Study time Helps you Study for a test

Wonderful I like this app

Really Cool It has some flaws but I can handle it

Best 5th grade app game I love it it helps me with math

Useful I love it and helps my grades a lot

Educational A good source of learning.

Best homeschooling app This is so helpful

Sweet and ? it Really good

The best Awsome

Great Its a good app in itself, but honestly, I'm almost in grade 6 and I can't do that math. You should add a mode for more confident and less confident mathimatitons. (Can't spell lol)

Love the game!? The game is so much fun and it really helps me to do good on tests. I love the way the game is.

Um.. When I press the equation category and I press the first one, it says practice but the question doesn't show up. I will give it 5 stars if it is fixed

Awesome My kids love it! My kid practiced over summer a got good grades! Really good to use!

Got straight A's for using 3 5th grade apps by itooch. My parents are so proud of me! Thanks itooch!

AWESOME! This app is NOT glitching and has the exact stuff I need to learn. In school I am horrible at math but this is helping! I had a test that took me an HOUR to do because I was stuck. But this helps. Download now! ?????????☺???????

Its not work When I click any press he doesn't work and he said download the new version 'I don't know what is the new version

Hate math now It made me hate math it is hard to push the button and some questions weren't even 5 grade some were 6,7

Awesome and Learnable! It is awesome! My daughter has been doing much better. But, to many ads. Great app though!

Nice App I just started using this app and now I'm hoked it's extremely helpful so now I just thought of it I'm telling my teacher about this app because you guys are BEAST!and one more recommendation since it's Halloween we should get like gifts and same for Christmas and Easter.And add special powerups for the holidays.Please consider these recommendations.and do reply and say if you will do it or not.Like I said great app.Thank you guys.>o<?????????

Bad The only reason I play it is because my dad makes me I can't be stuffed playing this

It will not help any 5th grader I am in 5th grade and it isnt helping at all

Long It took such a long time for it to load. And why would it say its finishing its burger?

When I'm typing the answer and I tap done sometimes the button doesn't work....I'd give it 5 stars if they fix it

Not bad not good I pretty much like it but I don't recommend it for most people ,this app can be slow but otherwise it is educational

Great This is an good app I first deleted it because I did not like it now when downloaded it , it was great for my GSAT next year

Awesome! I can always look to this app if I need more practice.?lol!

This is really cool. I am trying to pass state testing so this really helps.

VERY Educational Itooch is very educational most of its topics are what I do in class

Love it My FSA is today a i am pratice is this app i think a am going to have a 4

very educational this is d best mathematical app for the sea exam it is fun and easy to use

Learning Very good for learning math and good if your child is taking a FSA math test this week or next week

Math tests My math test rock's

When I open it it comes that itooch is dressing and it will take up than 1 minute

It's pretty good But it has to many ads

Fun Cool to learn

Great After using this app I got better grades!

I love it's helps me to understand word problems

Love it Topper of the class

Awesome We love this learning tool!

Itooch 5th grade math! It is teaching me a lot you should get it for your child if you have one.

Otouch 5th grade You should get a grade that is for you

I loved it It helps me alot

Awesome Love it alot. Lol

Math Princess?? I can get ready for 5th grade in no time. I can also understand everything perfectly before anyone else and get straight A's.???best Math app ever. The for making this app.

Awesome app!!!! Best app ever for studying math! My niece uses these itooch apps in her private school and I've been using them to study for my GED. If I actually did it every day I'd have passed by now. I recommend it to everyone in class. Best app I've found and I've tried a lot.

This game is helping me! For the first time to play it i really liked it .it helps me so much.guys you read this before you download :) :) :)

Dirty popup ads My daughter shows me the dirty popup ads that keep coming up im appalled and will be deleting now.

Love this app it make me so smart When i have kids they are going to go right to this app

Great learning app Clear examples and great questions

It teaches me stuff before I go to 5 grade

Awesome Awesome app, It's really easy and there's not a lot of adds. There's no decimals though. I'll definitely know what to do in fifth grade.

Hate it I'm grade 4 and I'm a genius at grade 4 but grade 5 is really hard

6th Grade Here I come I needed this app 2 study and review, but this way I can study better. Thank you so much!!

Helps alot I love it. It helps a lot. When school starts I think I will be ready.

Helpful My grandma said that before I play on my tablet, I have to do math. I have used this for 4th grade and 5th grade.

Really gooooood! It's a nice app My son have learnt everything from this app. I would like to say that it's a app which is really gooooood!

It's...ok I love it but it tells u stuff it don't help u u just gotta do it

I love it and it tells my who am I in math

Really helpful I love this app it is really helpful for my child's studies

Very nice learning game teaches you everything in a joyful way

Passed 5th grade LOVE IT bacame from this???to this??

Now I may learn This app helped me

Love it Thank you im getting really good at math

This app sucks

Perfection This is very important to us now my is now perfect

The best It is a good game hepls and is fun

Great Best thing in the world

Amazing It prepares me for fifth grade

It soo fun maths why having fun

Poppin Is good for Mel!!!

#awesome My kid loves it thank you!!!! :-)

The best app for maths

Fun! Very fun!

I love it !

So Helpful This helped my daughter so well.If your child is having trouble in math get this app and put them on it for at least a hour.

Dumb!!!! This is so dumb who ever created this there a butt head and not the most skinny either!!!!

Awsome It helps Mt daughter understand the easy way they do it in class

Fun But new and still slow

Amazing Helpful App I love it.Please make more.??

I love it It help my child support

Amazed This is a really good app and I ? it

COOL! It's good for my child.

I like it It's the best app

Loved it It now helps me with all of my math and I am now getting straight A's thanks alot

Like it I like solving my mathematics problem with cute iTooch, it's me Manvay only using moms account

Children can play and learn It is a maths quiz app and also it have lesson summary

It is the best game for kids and it's super fun to get to 110 sumac tons of mass

Why It is really hard questions

Awesome! It's a great way for kids to learn in a fun way.

Yes I love this game this is the best game to keep up my grades

Like it My daughter loves this app!

Kept doing this and got a A+ I am in loving it

Best I past 5grade withit

Very helpful app for my son

Gret It is helping a lot

Helps alote. This app helps alote with my 5th grade math. Awesome game. Helps alote

? Awsomenesssssssssss

Better This us better then the rest