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LoveByte MiniMe Avatar Maker

Supplied By LoveByte Pte. Ltd.    On Aug. 3, 2016    Comments(114)

APP for iPhone LoveByte MiniMe Avatar Maker version2.1.16 Download

LoveByte MiniMe Avatar Maker – create your very own personalized cartoon for your smartphone.
Make custom MiniMe for you and your friends!

*** Key Features ***
◆ Generate a cute version of yourself and your friends
◆ Build your avatar like dressing up dolls
◆ Over 250+ dress included
◆ Wide range of avatar colors to choose from
◆ Save or Share it with your friends on Facebook, Twitter and social networks!
◆ Change it as your profile picture on social network, LoveByte, migme
◆ Use the built-in Address Book feature to make MiniMe appear on the screen when your friends call

Use it to edit your profile picture, with many Cute and Cool Dressing provided for you to choose.
Choose from different categories like:
- Eyes and Glasses: cartoon fashion glasses and special eye types like cartoon, cyborg, anime eyes etc.
- Mouth and Accessories: Cute mouth expressions, beard, animal noses, Voldemort, etc.
- Hats and Hair: Cute and Cool cartoon hats and varied hairstyles

We’re always working on new features so follow us on for updates
Tell us what you think! Suggest new avatars at

LoveByte Pte. Ltd. part of our Entertainment and have average installs from 100000 to 500000. Last Update Aug. 3, 2016. Appstore play rating is 81.7429. Current verison is 2.1.16. Actual size 11.0 MB.

What's new

    - Added change mood feature
Download lovebyte-minime-avatar-maker.apk 11.0 MB


Love it Too much Too adorable too Cute Too amazing perfect for my scary stuff

Cute and simple I still miss Facemakr from my old iphone, and while this app does not come close to the customizability of that one, the faces it makes are clean and simple with pleasing colours and smooth lines. I wish the blushed cheeks were removable or editable, and some more clothing options would be great, but for a free app it is really top notch.

When I save to contact it saves it to a different contact otherwise I would give it 5 stars cause I really like it.

Love it so much I use it for my Skype picture. Oops I wrote that up there

Funny cute I can make my cute avatar to use as profile pictures and assign for my friends in phone contacts. Now my phone book looks funky

Add some eyebrows ? Could you please add some eyebrows? I'll give you 5 stars if you add it. But overall this avatar maker is beyond good ?

I love it. It's soooo cuuuteee! Too cute. This is perfect, since I love cute things. It's adorable. Good job though.

This was so awesome The thingies were so cute I wish there were more games like this

Super Cute! I can just hug them all ?

So cool I can create my hole family

Really good It's like creating a new and better me and anyone. Could be more options to wear but its one of my fave apps ever!

Sooo cute I love this app

Its ok Why does it take so long to get on the maker

Good but Its good app but I wish if there will be more clothes and also eyebrows if it was there maybe I would give it 5 stars

I love it (*´∇`*) Super cute! I'm waiting for your next updates. =)

No nose? Add option for nose pls...

LOVE THIS APP The avatars are so cute but needs more options in the shirt menu... Good job!!!

More beard options please.

Epic Doesn't add your contacts but really good.

Cute, but... Cute,but can you add some eyebrows

Cool I just love the game! The way you can make your own person!!! :)

I love it so much! I enjoyed this app very much

Love it This game is awesome

So cute! This is one of my favorite apps! Its so adorable! And even though the selection could be bigger, that doesn't stop me from loving it! /)^3^(\

Less variety U should be able to choose more colors and they should add shoes, pants and u should be allowed to put on more than one accessory.

I don't like it, its so weird especially cuz I have metro I love this app on iphones

Really good.. Yeah, but should the LoveByte's MiniMe update the clothes like keffiyeh and etc.

Love it My friends Like it because I make mini me's of them

Fun but doesn't work This is really cute but whenever I try to download my pic it crashes.

Very Useful I like this app because all of the options are varied, I use this app to make contact photos and they all look good! There is no rude words or gestures unlike FaceQ. One thing I would say is that it would be better if you could put options for the legs but other than that it is useful.

I looooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooa Its so awesome you are going to pop out your brains!!!!!!!

I wish I could choose different outfits for the mini me without having to hav e lovebyte

Worst app ever Never lets me make people so I deleted it

CUTE I just want more clothes please

All I do is dress up my character

Cool I love it so much rate:100000000

No words I have no words?????

I don't like it as much because...

Good good Its not a waste of time. An okay app.

So cute Love it but add more clothes and eye colors! That'd be awesome!

Too simple, it needs more options to customize

It is so much fun luv it

Yah I love it so much


UPDATED Review Old Review: Not a lot of options. Didn't like the color selections. They were too soft. Not much to do. NEW REVIEW: I forgot how this app's old version look like but this updated one is AWESOME! Its cute and it has more options. And the colors are perfect. Thanks for updating!

Its really cute! But.... I think it needs more options for necklaces, I would love if you could make an update were more necklaces are added.

Fun but I can't log in I'm to young I'm 18

Like! It was a good game..i even beter from now..its...ah..its cute..can i talk something that odd.."kitty buffy"hihihi

Cant log in It says the email is not real or the acount is not real and signing in is inpossible

I love it It so cute and fun

More update please! Cute and works perfectly fine ?

Don t download I don t want a migme acount,i want to play normall,migme is gonna steel privet info...don t download,no other way to play without acount

Can't get in This is bull it would't let me get into the app so I'm just gonna delete it I-G-G-BYE

Good and fun

THANK YOU Thank you i am so happy it work now no i am soooooo EXCITED!!!!!

How Do I buy?! I've been going to the store lots of times to buy... HOW DO I BUY?! IF YOU DO NOT REPLY I WILL NOT RECOMMEND …

Uggghhhh As soon as I log in it just shuts down?? It's a great game in all but just PLEASE fix the problem. I love it so much but it gets frustrating when I log in and it shuts down. I even tried to uninstall it then install it again, but it still doesn't work. Please fix it. Thank you in advance.xxxx

Always crashed Yaaaay, thank you so much it's works~ I can log in with mig me, but it's always crashed now, always stopped. WHY? :'((( Could you pls add more free outfit? It's so cute, but doesn't have so much outfit. And pls make bigger resolution for the saved avatar. Thank you.. ^^

Very nice,but...... I like it but when I pressed on blank to start customizing,it was all boy hairstyles and I could not find any girl hairstyles

Good game I love this game it is so much fun and my suggestion is because I have also cracked my screen when I touch it where it's cracked it doesn't work so also thanks for that other suggestions you have all made I appreciate it so thanks lovebyte keep up the good work!!!!! ????

Great, but please fix problem! So much fun to play. I'd totally rate 5 stars, but when I log into MigMe, it won't stop loading and I can't play. Please fix this! Edited version... Now when I log in, instead it says Error.

What a relief!? Wow I.....I don't know what to say!

No dreadlocks? I'll reinstall it and give a better review when they add dreadlocks

Work on it When ever I sign in it tells me 'unfortunately mini me has stopped' and after that it won't let me do anything it just shuts down and crashes

Theirs a problem Can you make it were the screen terns because my screen is cracked and it doesn't work at the top half of the screen. Thanks:)

Very cute, but needs more curly hair options.

It wasn't that bad... They wasn't any girl hairstyles but, there was boy hairstyles...

Love it? Its a very cute app but can you add more styles for hair? By the way I really really like it?

Love it Wasn't close up like the others

It's ADORABLE! These characters are so cute and there are loads of cute features and stuff

Its nice! I liked it, it is very kawaii! If you can, please add some more stuff. Other than that, a very good game!

Excellent app Can't wait for even more customization options. Keep up the great work.

The app is cool but I am having difficulties in logging in to the account in MigMe that I had set up. It never passes the "loading.." part. Are there any issues with it? I have a screenshot of it in case you needed it. But, aside from this, I'm good and would totally give a 5 star rating.. Hope u fix it soon.. And please add hand gestures, more backgrounds and more accessories.. Thanks..

Kawaii This Is SOOO Amazing And Cute , Ill Give U 5 Stars For Making This App

needs a curly top or afro or both

I like it but... I like it but the reason I gave this app 4 stars is that can u pls add more hairs coz its very casual.. as in... i will gonna give this 5 stars If it updated .. THANK YOU ?

I cannot get it to stop loading after I have linked it to my, it just has the loading circle and it won't stop spinning. I haven't been able to play this game AT ALL because of this. Uninstalling as it is just a waste of space.

UGH The app won't stop loading after I log in. I can't play it now xc Fix!

I love this app I love this app so so much

Love it The best game ever

Cute I love this app so fun and cute and the bug fix is great thank you for making this amazing game please make a super here creator

Good but one question I can't generate an avatar for my face, is that an option on Android yet? When I go to the FAQ page it cuts the page so I can't see the full details.

Cute but less style PLEASE ADD MORE STYLES!Like Boots,heels,hair and more dresses like blazes and jackets and sweaters..please??thanks!:-)I ♡M¡N¡ M€

Used to work I used to love this app so much but now everytime I go on the app it stops and I will rate it more but first fix this

Didn't Work Well I can create my character fine. The problem is after I'm done it stops EVERY SINGLE TIME! I can't make another one until I delete it and download it again!! Please fix this and I will edit.

Creative It's adorable and so creative, I ♥ the fact that u can change the color and so many options! Its kinda like FaceQ but even better!

Used to love Whenever I log in, it instantly takes me out of the game and when I try again, it does the same thing.

Best game ever U have to get this app, it is the best game ever. No glitches!

How to delete my account at

This is the BEST I love this game hope you make more hehe...

Keeps crashing This is a really awesome game but it keeps crashing for me

Very good Mini makers cartoons!! Thank you for a great app !!

Failed to give me 100 coins I paid $.99 for 100 coins and it didn't give it to me I'll change the rating if I get 100 coins!

Waste of time Didn't let to save. Says to check the memory of my 128gb phone...

Perfect! Cute and works perfectly fine! ? EDIT: Thank you for replying, 5 stars!!! :)

Cute! This game is super cute and they make good profile pics!

I love it, but... Could you add a few more serious mouths? There are a bunch of silly mouths and several pretty, feminine smiles, but I'd like a couple more neutral options.

?WHY EVEYTHING IS JUST WRONG? I just hate it you have to give alot of information and you have to buy the outfits and and hair and other stuff and you have to pay real money to buy outfits and there ugly anyways and the logo is on the side of the pic you can just get another cartoon maker withoit giving information and buying stuff ??

Options There were more options the first time I downloaded this last year. Boo. Second star because I like the style (flat, no heavy black outline). But again, boo to getting rid of the other options.

I LOVE IT SO MUCH <3 It is one of my favourite apps cuz i can really make my self in cuter version using the app! You guys should download it! I'm titania18 btw ^-^

LOVE IT XD This is so awesome IM SO SO ADDICTED :D

I don't lIke Wish it never was made and remove it from app store

Lovea this app I love this app am addicted to it nice work

I bought 100 coins and it says I only have 5?!?!?Please fix

Amazing, loads of fun

I LOVE IT!!! OMG i lobe this game the only thing is i can't put it as my profile pic so yeah but apart from that i love it

Mini Me Soooooo cute it was so adorable and it was awesome if I could give it 10 out of 5 I play all day the best game like ever????????? love Mini Me best game ever I advise it to everybody everybody so so so so cute and adorable I love it

Bad Why my MiniMe don't have a shop I will change this rate after it

So Annoyed What kind of Avatar Maker os this if you can't even Create an Avatar!? ???

Cuuuuuute So easy and simple to use plus the graphics are all cute. Can't resist the cuteness overload.

Cute and Lovely So cute app and allows me to create cute avatars... even has Disney princess costumes. Loved it!

... OMG LOVE THIS but don't want in app perches thx ._. -from google user. _.._._._.

Cool This is Cool And U Can Be Anything Right Me!!!!

Very easy to use ♡♡