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Math Challenge

Supplied By Novellectual    On Nov. 28, 2014    Comments(49)

APP for iPhone Math Challenge version1.25 Download

Learn calculator fast math tricks and test your brain with the best game like math app on Android!

Learn fast math tricks easily and quickly.
Solve math problems quickly without a calculator
Practice each trick separately with unlimited number of questions.
Take our game like challenges that combine tricks together.
Score better on standardized tests like SAT, GRE, gmat, ACT, psat and mcat.

Math Challenge is the ultimate math game app for android! The app contains a library of game like math challenges and tricks which are illustrated simply and with beautiful colors to make learning math an awesome experience. Very useful math tricks and tips made easy with step-by-step tutorials and augmented with unlimited questions for as much workout as you’d like. The app includes challenge test rounds which test your game in several areas including basic math techniques, mental shortcuts, multiplication, powers, linear equations and others. More tutorials, workout sessions and game like challenges are added regularly.

Math shortcuts and speed calculation techniques are the ultimate brain tool that can save you a lot of valuable time during tests and make your brain as powerful as a calculator. This is most useful for time-critical tests that do not allow calculator use such as GMAT, GRE and other tests including GCSE, ACT and SAT. This app is most useful for kids, students and professionals who do a lot of math on daily basis. Even if you do a bit of math occasionally or enjoy math games and challenges, this app can still be a fun math workout for you every once in a while. Math Challenge will help you think quickly and keep your brain in shape. So go ahead, learn the tricks and take the challenge!

Challenge section is divided into three difficulty levels. Easy challenge, medium challenge and Advanced challenge. Each of them cover a number of tricks you learned in the tutorial section. Medium and advanced challenge levels may require a use of a notepad.

More tutorial content and challenge levels will be added on regular basis. If you like Math Challenge please consider leaving it a positive review on Google Play or upgrading to the full version.

Novellectual part of our Education and have average installs from 100000 to 500000. Last Update Nov. 28, 2014. Appstore play rating is 83.2656. Current verison is 1.25. Actual size 1.6 MB. Download math-challenge-2.apk 1.6 MB


Suggested modifications. Dear Developer, Please incorporate following changes: 1. Ability to decide length of string ie adding 2 two digit numbers or 3 two digit numbers etc. 2. Ability to decide range of numbers ie from 1-100 or 0-1000 etc. 3. Show/Hide options. if options are hidden there will be an elegant keyboard taking up 40% of screen length for entering the solution. 4. Ability to customize challenge strings. 5. Stats. (a) Time taken to solve each problem in seconds/milliseconds (b) Total time taken in a series. (c) correct incorrect etc. 6. Its a good interface. keep on taking it close to material. It will become a very powerful tool then. Thanks.

Helping to get ged Challenges to help build math skills its cool

Don't hit purchase button Did not receive anything and did give me my refund. Rip off!!!!!

App of the day lost Did you just remove all the features I got from App of the Day?

Awesome I m loving it. Challenges r very tricky and to solve

Good app but wont allow me to purchase When try to unlock all just says purchase failed

Great App!!!! I've been looking for this sort of App and glad to have found one. Cheers to the Developers team.

Alaina Robinson This will help me get smarter

Love it Fun and easy. Great to make you a human calculator.

Like I haven't actually haven't played it yet it could be a five but haven't played it yet

Really gave me a real challenge xoxo

Its great I'm not good at math so I like this app also I'm an adult and I like that it feels like anyone should use it kids or adults

Suvks and I love maths

WHAT HAPPENED? I downloaded this program with App of the Day, all features unlocked and loved it. My initial impression had me strongly considering purchasing other apps from this developer, but since updating this product I've lost all of the features I was enjoying and was assured would be free. This is absolutely poor form. At a customer satisfaction level, I see this as a broken promise. Unless this is rectified I will be letting people know to steer clear of your company.

Not full edition If it's the trick of obvious business I disliked it

Good math tutorials I like this brand. Thia one ia good for kids

Good math tutorials

Love it! Great app, well designed, gives me a nice brain workout!!!!!!

Math Challenge Great for fast practice. Some slight inaccuracy on converting fractions to percentages which needs to be fixed.

Спасибо за ответ Hello, your application unlock "appoftheday" Only two days ?? After the upgrade, the most interesting is not available .... Thanks for the reply. leaving to other programs

Incorrect info I bought the app and now see all kinds of misinfo. For example in the lesson on squaring numbers 20 through 29. The steps are incorrect. Also it states that 6^2 + 26 is 64. 36 plus 26 is 62. I really like the app but just cannot reconcile the incorrect info with the fact that I spent over 2 dollars on this. Please refund this or dix the app. Honestly I don't want a refund but rather correct info. Thanks.

Great app overall I will rate it 4/5 because most of the time you can just look at the answer options and tell which is the right one without having to calculate it. Otherwise, great app, I really like it! P.S In quadratica, sometimes you get [-2, 1] as an answer, but you also get [1, -2]. How do you know which is the right one?

Great!! Its helped me notice easier and faster ways to solve a problem.

Really nice but problem is all with locked exercises...even trying to purchase simply it saying purchase is failed.rectify that problem immediatly

a great way to spend time novellectual never dissapoints me, enough said.

Need a button 'change language' Maybe it's not importanf 4 others but I need russian language cause I don't understand some descriptions

Please same library are asking purchase so please all library are you take free than this app are more than 5 ***** rating

this app is educational you learn math questions download this app because if you download this you will become a quizer

That's a great math app I love this but I have some problems with

Can you have fractions please.?

Amazing Helps u alot and even explains if u go on dictionary

Awesome app It is so cool I love it

Half of things are locked. Unreasonable prices for locked options

Love It I really love this game this make me a good solver it our subject in math

It helped me to increase math skills

Very clean app!

Please fix. Bottom of the screen is cut off

Cheater I bought the app now I reset my phone n its saying me to purchase this app again what the hell

Purchase some option don't like

Don't hit purchase button Did not receive anything and did not give me my refund. Rip off!!!!!

It's such an awesome app Thanks novellectual . It helps me so much to solve a problem very easily and quickly . But some of the contents in it are paid . In other words it's an great app

You damn Dont know why u need media permission.....? Why u need it? Do u really need it? Or u have other ...*********

Plz add more stuff Please Add more topics on algebra, trigonometry. It will be great if u add. Some useful content for 2D & 3D.

Andrew garfield I would have hardly like this app but the app's question are very easy so it is very stupid app