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Next Episode - Track TV Shows

Supplied By Nikbits    On Nov. 19, 2015    Comments(134)

APP for iPhone Next Episode - Track TV Shows version3.5.1 Download

Easily track TV shows you watch and discover new - great ones that YOU'll like! Clean interface, useful and unique features and a joy to use - this is Next Episode!

This TV tracker is free, developed and supported for many years now and offers some features as a cheap, one time in-app purchase.


MY SHOWS - add your favorite series, and Next Episode will track them for you.

RECENT - see what shows just aired and what is coming tomorrow. See all the shows or just the ones you follow.

CALENDAR - a calendar view, again - filled with all the shows or just the ones you watch.

WHAT'S NEXT - the TV shows from MY SHOWS with a countdown, ordered by when their next episode will be aired.

EPISODES - new episodes from MY SHOWS appear in there once they air. A great way to keep an eye of all unwatched (or not downloaded yet) episodes!

DISCOVER - cool top charts to find new and awesome TV series you'll like:

- HOT SHOWS - see which were the most popular recently premiered TV shows, and find something new to watch!
- UPCOMING SHOWS - the best shows to premiere. Sortable by premiering season or anticipation!
- TRENDING SHOWS - see all time top TV shows or popular within a time period!
- FROM MY CREATORS - great shows by the people who created the shows you already watch.
- RECOMMENDED SHOWS - get personalized TV recommendations based on the shows you already watch.

SHOW DETAILS - See more about the TV series. A picture, short description, channel, duration, trailer, next/previous episode info, seasons/episodes schedule with episodes summaries and air dates etc.

TRAILERS - check out TV shows trailers and easily discover great series that you'll like. A unique functionality that only Next Episode has!

WIDGET - see what's recent and what's next from your shows in a quick glance.

PUSH NOTIFICATIONS - get a notification whenever a show you watch is cancelled/ended (or resurrected), got a premiere date for a new season etc.

PAUSE TRACKING - you can pause the tv show tracking per show, which effectively hides a show from the app, but keeps it in MY SHOWS and remembers its watched episodes.

TIME SPENT - check out how much time you have spent watching your TV series!

Take a look at the screenshots and the great rating that our users give us - and start using tracking your shows with Next Episode today!

*Permissions clarification:

- "Photos/Media/Files" permission is required in order to cache the in-app and widget TV show images.

For bugs, feature suggestions, comments or any other feedback - please get in touch at

Next Episode is powered by All rights reserved.

Nikbits part of our Entertainment and have average installs from 100000 to 500000. Last Update Nov. 19, 2015. Appstore play rating is 89.2596. Current verison is 3.5.1. Actual size 3.5 MB.

What's new

    * 3.5.1
    Added "Use local timezone" feature
    ** 3.5
    - Many images are updated with higher resolution and more will be updated daily
    - Added shows count in 'My Shows'
    - Added option to start calendar on Sunday or Monday
    - 'Next' now shows Day of the week if in less then 7 days
    - Your shows are now prominent in Top charts
    New Pro Features
    - Display Channel in 'Recent', 'Next'
    - Hide Specials anywhere in the app
    - Filter 'My Shows' by Tracked and Paused
    - Fixed issues that could cause crashes
Download next-episode-track-tv-shows.apk 3.5 MB


Like it but Maybe its user error but on my "whats on next" is always one day behind. Todays episodes are actually yesterday's episode. When I receive notifications on recent episodes, clicking in the link does not bring you to recent episodes list

Great app not the best purchase system Really like the app but I bought the original and after the change was expected to pay again. Spoke to the app support but the help they offered wasn't accurate and I can't see any worthwhile additions when comparing to a device with the free app with pro add on

Great App This app is really handy for keeping up to date with release dates for your favourite shows! It is really easy to use and it's simple to find out the information.

Unfortunately, Next Episode has stopped. Please fix this bug. It happens far too often! Especially when I press the home button.

Brilliant As someone who watches my programs online this app helps me stay ontop of what's what

Best way to track your shows! I've been using the website since 2006, and now with the app is even easier to keep track of the 70+ shows I follow a year, especially with my busy life working and traveling.

Good Good but the go pro thing is a bit annoying.

It is good So far I really enjoy it, it helps me keeping tabs on my fav series, as bad as that is!

Great app! I watch most shows on demand and this app allows me to keep track of all them! Love the fact it tells you how many days until the next show and when new seasons start!

Great! Its pretty good and functional

Love It Awesome Job. Love this App. Thank you

I love Great to know what's coming next. Great app

I LOVE this app

Easy and functional!

AWESOME app Love the app!

Okay Why can't we have an app that will show more episodes, cos sometimes a person goes more than two weeks without watching. Then you forget which episode you watch last. It will be great if it goes at least four episodes back.

Money well spent If you like TV series and following several, then it is a must have app. This app had all the shows I love except "Bear Grylls Breaking Point" I have requested this show and in less than an hour it was added to list of available shows. I would certainly recommend this app.

Substitute For TV Guide After TV Guide stopped allowing updates to favorite programs, I went in search of a replacement. The high profile competitors were failures. Next Episode is simple to use, but feature rich. Each day I check the widget to be certain that my DVR is set to record new episodes of favorite programs. If a new show is unavailable via search, I just use the built in request tool and the developer adds it to the list. I happily paid the small charge to support development. Very pleased!! Very responsive developer!!

Great for tracking shows Been looking for a suitable app like this for some time. Works great. Interface is easy to use, quick, and clean.

This is a great app! It has most of the shows I like to watch, and the ones it doesn't have, you can request to be added. I asked and they got back to me in a day. Pretty happy with this so I went pro. Good job devs. It could do with an offline feature.

Not for tablets This seemed to be a nice app but it's not optimized for tablet landscape view. It's annoying to turn your tablet.

Constantly getting better. I watch everything online through multiple sources and this is a great way to keep track of what episode I'm on as well as remind me that a new episode has aired. Could still use features like being able to mark watched from widget, but it's constantly being updated and improved so I know that the feature will come eventually. Spend the few bucks on Pro and enjoy this apps continuous improvements and useful features.

Much better Doesn't crash every 2 minutes like it used to!!

Photos/Media/Files Why does the new version require permission to my photos/media/files? I love this app but wont update until I know why its needed or permission is removed.

Great app! Fantastic app :D Would love ability to to change time zones, so that I didn't get my hopes up thinking an episode was coming out when it wasn't for another day :(

Great app! Great customer service! This app helps me keep up with my shows (since I don't have a DVR) that way I know exactly when all my shows are on! The calendar view is my favorite! Had a little problem with the times being an hour off, but I emailed the provided email address and was immediately helped and the problem was fixed! I really appreciate all his/her help!

Love It Excellent! Now if I miss I'll know how much will I back time-travel. It also includes shows which are suspended.

Made for Americans Time is wrong if you are ahead of american date like here in NZ. When it says the episode is on you need to wait another 24 hours, other than this its good

Cant recommend it.

Widget not working Paid for Pro version, widget randomly works but for most part it never works really disappointed. Apart from that a great app but not seeing the value of the pro version would love to get my cash back and go to standard version

Widget Widget not showing with the one day offset. Fixed by enable/disable the day offset. Great app

Ugh, what? Just want to be reminded of the next episode for my favorites. Most confusing and crowded interface ever. Uninstalling. - Yes this is the right review. No, nikbits, clearly all your users don't say it's easy and intuitive.

Where have you been all my life??! You guys, this app is seriously awesome! Gorgeous UI, super convenient, wicked fast replies from the dev, AND TOTALLY WORTH THE UPGRADE. How often do you come across a well-designed, FREE app, with no ads, that isn't also neutered of its useful features unless you upgrade? Go ahead, I'll wait. Exactly! Be cheap and enjoy the free version, or upgrade to show your gratitude by buying them a couple coffees. If you're a forgetful shut-in like myself, you won't regret it!

Functionally good but... I paid a more than fair price for this app a few months ago, and now what I paid for is free and I have to pay again via the In App Purchase for new "pro features" despite having already paid.

Yay more money So, I had the paid version, then I got a new phone and I have to pay another 5 bucKs? wth

It the best way to track your fav shows

awesome app if dev put 20 dollars i would have bought this app the dev is so helpfull and will help you till end thank you and one of the awesome app out in market place

Went from 5 to 1 (would be 0 was there an option) Loved app until the version I have paid for suddenly became free and they want me to pay for bunch of useless features on top... Still that just pissed me off, but everything I loved about the app was still there so no big deal. Until they started to offer this wonderfully useless upgrade each time I run the app...

Keep it up! Been using the site for years and years, been using the app since I got my android tablet. Both keep getting better and better. Now if only there was some love for those of us with windows phones....

I need help I dont know how to use this app. Can someone help me?

Its a good app and website but... But i bought the "upgrade" just for the widget which is now gone. Along with the upgraded version which is now free. Just a big scam

Has a lot of work to do before it can compete with Series Guide. UI looks old and tired. I looked up Game of Thrones and it cut off part of a word on the right hand side of the screen.

I paid for it before I paid for it when I had an iPhone, paid again when I switched to android and now it's free??? What???

Excellent app I love this app, and use it every day. The app and it's accompanying site are an essential part of my TV watching.

Totally delivers... Especially the widget is awesome!!!

Sucks Every time I press one of those tabs at the top it asked me to upgrade to pro its very annoying.

Like it but Ok. Fixed my day behind issue and thank you for the response. Now one more question some of my saved TV series are not listed in the calendar. For example Dark Matter and Sense8. All the series not listed in the calendar do however have premier dates listed in "upcoming shows" under the tab "more". But I am No longer getting push notifications for shows I do not subscribe to

Notifies me of shows I don't watch Generally very good. Has recently started sending me push notifications of premiere dates and new episodes for shows not in the My Shows list.

Get it now If you wach TV shows every night and you want a simple elegant widget or just a app then don't look no further the next episode it's an amazing app I would definitely recommend it to anyone who is looking for keeping track of all their shows

Photos/Media/Files Why does the new version require permission to my photos/media/files? I love this app but wont update until I know why its needed or permission is removed.

Great app Great app, works every time. Recommend to everyone

Raymond It's OK but I'm not going to pay for it twice

Utterly useless. Don't bother!

Pretty good I am now, more than ever informed about TV shows. I have suggested 'similar' TV series, to get a clear understanding of what kind of series it is or to make an appointment to watch in the future

Its got all new and up coming shows i watch and organizes them soo well.

AWESOME app Love the app! Very responsive creator - same day responses! Worth the upgrade! Thank you!

Great app, small widget issues This app is a great way to keep track of everything I've watched. Only real issue I have is the widget constantly has "Network Issue" errors. A simple refresh fixes them though.

Definitely the best tv app! Best app ever to keep up with my tv shows. Totally worth buying the upgrade. Very awesome. Thanks developer you're awesome . 5 star app.

Can't Login. Great app but each time I try to log in, it gives the wrong username/password error. No luck even after trying multiple auto-generated passwords. Please sort this out.

Cordcutter Must Have TiVo used to record my shows and I never thought about what was on. Now that life is busier and I no longer have a TV subscription this helps me keep track of everything I've missed and everything coming up without breaking the bank. I've been a pro user for two years now and all the improvements are well worth it. The one time a show I wanted wasn't available to add to my list, I emailed the developer and they added it for me in less than a day!

Hello?! Are you ever going to fix the Constant network issues with the widget?! 2 months I been asking. Keeps crashing today.

Never miss your favourite shows!! I love this app! A friend put me onto it and I'm so glad they did. Amazing!

Great app Next Episode is extremely useful. Makes finding out when your shows will be back after the month or two season breaks some networks take less frustrating. Building a list of your shows is as easy as searching and clicking the blue star to add it. Has useful features the best being able to offset a day for Hulu users and other next day available episode subscription users. You should invest in the Pro version if you can you to support this awesome Dev.

Does the job well Great app, only catch is it's hard to search for some shows because their search engine is a little clunky

Great for tracking shows Been looking for a suitable app like this for some time. Works great. Interface is easy to use, quick, and clean.

Best series tracker so far literally the best showtracker among the ones I have tried. Although a series/episode review scale would be nice to have (either from third party, like imdb, rotten tomatoes, or just have a voting system inside the app)

Marvelous app, but Normally I don't do reviews, but this Dev has single handedly built a necessary app for TV viewers, so I believe he deserves props for it. I was so content, I immediately payed the add on that was offered, but my only critic is this one: notifications. I get a notification of my show a day after, which is useless. Say the walking dead starts Sunday, I get a notification saying a new video is up for the walking dead on Monday at 1am-ish. That the only problem, the widget makes up for it, but pls fix notifi.

Requested some TV series and the owner added in just an hour This is awesome! Loved the quick response. Great app. Must download

Finally An app that not only remembers my favorite shows but also provides a calendar that allows me to look both forward and backward in time. This app is everything I have been looking for in its subject and content. Keep up the great work!

I watch too much TV In a given year I'll watch 30-40 shows religiously. Keeping track of when they air and when a showing is new vs. re-run was growing very tedious. This app makes things so easy! Great app that makes one part of my life very organized.

Definitely would recommend Easy to use once you're used to it and even pro is a one off payment. Simple to switch from other sites such as episode calendar so you dont have to pay their nasty monthly fees for excess channels. ABSOLUTE LIFESAVER!

Had to buy pro The free version was cool enough, but I wanted the little extras and it was only .99 cents. So far, the app has been pretty cool, despite freezing up once or twice which happens to just about every app on my phone it seems.

Simply blown away! Hands down the best TV tracking app I've used to date. It has every single show I'm interested in and watching, heck it even has anime on it. This app gave me amazing recommendations on what to watch based on my shows such as The Magicians As Well and Lucifer and Person of Interest. I told some of my friends about the app and they also fell in love with the app. I like that it shows how long you spent watching TV shows.

Great idea of an app for TV Only wish is would have correct dates for the shows. It is one day off and i cant figure out how to change it.

Update ideas I'm rating it 5? because it really is great. Although I would like to see more range in the hot / trending / etc. pages. Some simple tweaks could make it a great discovery tool. The filters seem to limit the possibility of finding less popular shows that would be just the ticket. Filtering by network, year, would be great for example (just a tip) Keep up the great work!

Amazing Service It tracks your shows and has so many options to see the schedule. And they really listen to the suggestions you submit!

Great app I used to keep written notes of the dozen or so shows that I download. This app does it for me and gives suggestions of new shows I may like based on my saved shows.

Super! Was using tv tracker for ages. Don't like change but am so glad I took the chance on this. Love it!

Go to quick info Next episode is fast, easy and informative. Love the widget!

LOL best app ever I always used to look at my shows every day but with this it tells you so you don't have to go in your different apps to find out ?????

Great for what I need I don't use most of the extra features, though I did buy the pro version when it was $1 I like that it can keep track of what I didn't have room to record on the dvr

I love it I really like this app it is beautiful and works like a charm. The only tool I have to follow and stay up dated on my TV shows. It is great. The one thing I would improve is the UI as it is a bit complicated and at times, awkward.

Very helpful I watch all of my shows through their websites. This app helps me keep track of when new episodes are released and which ones I've already seen.

Love it Only complaint is it doesn't rotate when I rotate my phone or tablet. And it sometimes crashes but rarely. Otherwise a great app that helps me keep track of shows since I stream only since I cut the cable cord a year ago!

Great tracker app Best I've tried... Tried at least 5. Consistently works, love the 'pause' feature, also love info on premiere dates, cancellations, etc.

I love everything about this app. Please don't randomly change it. If you made an app for my Microsoft Surface, I would pay for it again.

More than I was looking for Finally an app that does exactly what I wanted to and more. I just wanted an app that I can record the shows and what episode I was on at the time. This app was above and beyond my expectations, not only does it keep track of the shows that I was watching it already had a list of the shows and what episodes they were on and even alert me when new ones come out. It's hard to find an app that does exactly what I wanted to do but this developer nailed it, thanks.

Great! I've tried a few other TV tracking apps and this is by far the best. Easy to use and reliable.

Great app for TV series addicts A very useful tool for us TV series lovers. Pretty user friendly. Please fix network error issue on widget.

Get it now If you wach TV shows every night and you want a simple elegant widget or just a app then don't look no further the next episode it's an amazing app I would definitely recommend it to anyone who is looking for keeping track of all their shows

Great app. Great app, Purchased pretty much straight away. Would like to see Google now integration. Thanks guy's great app.

Great App Such a nice app to keep in touch with your favorite TV shows new series and episodes. Worth purchasing the pro version. Also hope they will improve more with the interface of the application.

Great app!! A super app that helps my entire family keep up in where we are at on all our favorite shows

Cord cutters This is great if you are using HULU or other streaming services to keep your shows straight

Not always 100% reliable, one show doesn't update regularly, hasnt been updated in weeks despite new episodes coming out weekly. Another show does not seem to have correct information

Works great Had no issues finding and tracking all the shows I watch, no matter what medium

Makes life so easy! With this bad boy on your home screen, you can easily keep track of the airtimes of your favourite TV shows. The website has even more goodies. If you only download ONE TV tracker, make it this one!

Just call it a paid app... To put an app so cripled & useless is ridiculous. I would of gladly paid upfront. So what's this to make sure it works on said device? Yeah, these days 99% of market apps do. It looks like I'll be keeping TV Show Favs which give you a fully free functional app w/ plenty of upgradable features. Imo, there business model seems pretty straight forward & honest, sets one @ ease, rather then making one feel tricked into to paying for an app. Prime example of why there is piracy.

Error's I like this app and it's simple to use but it keeps giving me error messages even when am not using the app. I am on Samsung galaxy s5 and have a Samsung app that keeps asking me to uninstal next episode because of how many errors it gives me in a week. If the errors where fixed I would rate this app 5 stars. After update my widget no longer shows anything just says initializing widget.

Hello?! Are you ever going to fix the Constant network issues with the widget?! 2 months I been asking. Keeps crashing today. Now today my widget won't work at all.

Super easy! Best thing I've bought, so easy to know when things are coming and if you fall behind it tells you what you've watched so you don't get confused! Just makes life easy when you watch a few different series as you can fall behind or lose track easily :)

Could be excellent on galaxy s6 The app itself is great, but the feature that I like most is the widget and that crashes frequently, as in multiple times a day. I did correspond with the developer a few months ago so maybe it will be fixed eventually, but for now it's a great app with an extremely annoying bug.

Can't log in. Like others have reported it tells me my username and/or password is wrong no matter how many times I type it in correctly.

Good app but a rip. I paid for this app up front just for the privilege of using it. Now it's been made free and is constantly asking me to pay more money to use it!!!!

Great for info on your Fav Shows I like this app, let's you know the current status of all your fav shows, when a new season will premiere, and notifies you if one of the shows you follow is renewed, cancelled, etc.

Tracking made easy Love this app. It helps me keep up to date with all my favorite tv shows. If you want a simple tv app, this is ideal.

Love this app Love it so much I paid for it. I have a lot of shows I keep on a binge watching rotation. Sometimes it's hard to keep track of season premiere and the like. This app keeps my show info at my fingertips and even suggests new shows I might like. It's like a TV guide for the modern age. Don't know what I would do without it. Now if I could just get a crossword puzzle on the last page.....

Back button issues App is great for keeping track of TV shows past present and future. Only problem I have is with the back button. On most presses of the back button the app closes rather than go back a step. For example, go into a specific season for a show to mark something as watched, press the back button to go back to season list the app closes. If this worked, it'd be 5 star all the way.

Best app to keep my TV watching organized! I stream all my shows on various devices with various streaming sites like netflix and Hulu. This app allows me to keep track of which episodes I've seen and what I still have to catch up on. I can't believe I didn't always have this app! A must for any TV junkie

GREAT Selection Dude, I didn't expect the app to have anime titles added, but they DO. This will make my life muuuch easier. Too bad requesting shows is only a paid feature. Oh well, still pretty great

Great app and honest developer Simple to use and offers the all functionality that I'm looking for. About the only thing I can think of is to an option to set schedules so notifications for new shows don't occur in the middle of the night when I'm asleep . Please add that and I'll totally rate it 5 stars. UPDATE: thanks for the reply dev! I have seen DND on my previous phone and it didn't seem to offer what I wanted. But your reply had me revisit it on android M and it's much better this time around. I've changed my review to 5 stars.

So. Much. Yes. This is the app I've been complaining about needing for far to long. A good friend showed me the light, and TV life has been easier than ever. Works great, VERY easy to use, and navigate. Seriously, why are you still reading this - download it already!

Does what I need! Not sure what that one guy is complaining about. App does what website does, it tells me what the next episode of my favorite show is. Plus I can keep an active list of the ones I actually watch. 5 stars for a decently (fully?) functional app!

Hello?! Are you ever going to fix the Constant network issues with the widget?! 4 months I been asking. Keeps crashing today. Now today my widget won't work at all. Half my scheduled shows dont show up in my widget. Do u people even care?!

Update ideas I'm rating it 5? because it really is great. Although I would like to see more range in the hot / trending / etc. pages. Some simple tweaks could make it a great discovery tool. The filters seem to limit the possibility of finding less popular shows that would be just the ticket. Filtering by network, year, would be great for example (just a tip) Keep up the great work!

Too many shows and too easy to forget which episode you are on. I was thinking I needed to find a way to bookmark my progress when I discovered next episode. The app offers everything you need. You can read what each episode is about and when the next episode will be available. Click watched and done after you have caught up. Easy Peasy. Thank you Next Episode!

I really love this App! Did just crash, but I was working it VERY hard (looking up about 80 shows, all found but 2). Great to see what's been cancelled so you can delete, as well as what's coming up soon!

Fantastic app for any TV addict Really enjoy this app. When all my favourite shows are on I don't have to remember when they are shown. Also helps me keep track when I'm binge watching box sets. I've even found shows through the recent tab. I got the ad free version and it's worth every penny to support the developer for this app

Just what I needed Next Episode does what it says on the tin- tells me when the next episode of the shows I watch is up, in my time zone, on my channels - which is big, because most sites and services of this type require constant fiddling to get it right.

Perfect! Absolutely perfect for keeping track of all your shows and more. Tried a fair few websites and apps and this is by FAR the best one out there. My only complaint is that the website and app paid services are separate while offering the same thing (but that's more an issue with the Web version).

Getting There It's not complete yet but I have no reason to think it's not going to add the few remaining features it needs. Like casting info and the ability to bring up individual broadcasters and allow users to more quickly add shows you {greatly} want in MyShows. So, a half star for not being completely what I want, and the other half star for the widget losing connection all too frequently. I assume that it is fixable.

Great app! I've have thoroughly enjoyed this app the entirety of time I've had it. It does exactly what i need/want. The reason i submit a review now is because i requested to have a show added that was not in the app yet, and not even 24 hours later was the show added as well as i was emailed letting me know it was. I was amazed. I don't think I've ever used an app that had such a quick rapid response to requests. I will recommend this app to everyone

Does a great job I watch a load of TV and now manage to keep track of when my shows come out. A few bugs but they generally get sorted out

Solid TV tracker I switched to this app after having thumbnail issues in seriesguide and so far, I'm pretty happy with it. The interface could use a little work and I hope the dev will convert it to material at some point, but in terms of alerting me about new eps of my favorite shows, it works perfectly.

Amazing Application I can't tell you how many times I have to get a "new" cable box for my DVR and then try to remember which shows are on which channels and when.... this app is amazing as it tracks every show and even keeps me posted on other shows. Great Work!

Awesome! I'm getting rid of cable and my dvr soon, so I entered all my shows on here and I think it's really going to help me not miss anything! Perfect for organization freaks like me! I love checking off things that I've watched, like I accomplished something even though I'm just watching TV :)

Great at what it does Helps keep track of TV shows hodgepodge scheduling and with the paid version, I like how it suggests new things for me to watch based on what it knows I like.

Very good! I used this app for quite a while on my Galaxy S4, and now using it on my Galaxy S6, and enjoy it very much. Very good and easy way to see which of my favorite programs will have a new episode on a given day. Can also read a description of upcoming episodes. Can see how many days it is for a given program to return with new episodes. Highly impressed.

Fundamentally it's ok It's a nice app to input all the shows your currently addicted to. It keeps track of what they're on, what time, and what channel. That's all though. Unless you pay for more options. You have to check this app each day or week too see if you show is on. Paying for more options reportedly makes it so the app will give you a warning before your show comes on, like a reminder. I just use it to see if any show has been cancelled or what time it's on.

Saves me time (to watch more episodes) I was making an attempt to track myself until I came across this gem.... not as macked out as desktop version with movies... but, just the same for TV. It emails me to remind, tracks so never lose an episode, and it is just plan ole cool.... worth every penny.... try the two week free on the desktop version to pair with this, you will not regret it. Thank you Next Episode for liberating me...

Multi choose That would be great if there was a multi choose option and bookmark them all in once. And for the first time users like me if there was a list of all the shows has been aired in a list, that would be great too instead of searching them one by one. I have almost 100 tv shows and still bookmarking since i istalled the app. The app is the best one i have ever used. has everything i want. Total watched count is the most i wanted but there are tv shows that i dont remember in 15 years back.

Really Convenient Some bugs and doesn't always work as wanted but I always lose track of shows that I watch and will find out if has been back for ten weeks or something of the like. As such it is a great app for keeping track of what I'm watching. It even makes recommendations.

Great simple TV tracker This app is excellent at tracking watched TV episodes. It's not the easiest thing to mark an episode as read, but it isn't difficult and still deserves a 5-star review for its accuracy, overall performance, and appearance.

Exactly what I want... When it works. Update: I love the idea of this app, but I am beyond tired of the widget being broken. it constantly crashes and I basically have to launch the app to see what I should be able to use the widget for. Please fix! ***Original review: I have wanted an app like this for years and I'm so glad I finally found this one. I only had to use it for ten minutes to know this was exactly what I wanted and was happy to pay for the upgrade features (at a very fair price).