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NFC Easy Connect

Supplied By Sony Corporation    On Sept. 30, 2013    Comments(80)

APP for iPhone NFC Easy Connect versionVaries with device Download

The NFC Easy Connect app allows your smartphone to connect easily with NFC-compatible Sony devices (speakers, headphones, etc.).
Just touch your smartphone to the N mark on an NFC-compatible Sony device to register (pair) the devices and connect them through Bluetooth (one-touch connection).
For details on smartphones on which the NFC Easy Connect app needs to be installed, check “Compatible smartphones” below.
You do not need to install the NFC Easy Connect app if you are using an NFC-compatible smartphone with Android OS 4.1 or later installed.

- Compatible smartphones
NFC-compatible smartphones with Android 2.3.3 or later (prior to Android 4.1) installed

Some smartphones may already have an app installed with similar functions. In this case, the NFC Easy Connect app is not needed.
See the manual of your smartphone for details.

See the following website for details on NFC-compatible Sony devices.

- Making a one-touch connection with your smartphone
1. Unlock the screen.
2. Touch the NFC detection area of your smartphone that has this app installed to the N mark on an NFC-compatible Sony device.
3. The smartphone vibrates when a connection to the NFC-compatible Sony device is established.
(You do not need to activate the NFC Easy Connect app.)

- Main functions
1. Simple device registration (pairing) and connection by one touch. (NFC Bluetooth Handover)
Touching your smartphone to an NFC-compatible Sony device turns the power of the device on and establishes a Bluetooth connection at the same time.
Even when connecting to an NFC-compatible Sony device for the first time, both device registration and Bluetooth connection can be completed with this one-touch operation.

2. Simple disconnection by one touch.
To disconnect the connection, simply touch the smartphone to the NFC-compatible Sony device.

3. Simple switching of connected devices by one touch.
If you have multiple NFC-compatible Sony devices, just touch the smartphone to a different device to disconnect from the current device and connect to the new one.
For example, if your smartphone is connected with NFC-compatible headphones through a Bluetooth connection and you want to connect to an NFC-compatible speaker instead, just touch the smartphone to the speaker to establish a Bluetooth connection to the speaker.

4. Operation at your fingertips
You can turn the Bluetooth function on and off, and connect or disconnect easily using the app screen.

- Check the following if a connection cannot be established.
1.Make sure the NFC Easy Connect app is activated or the NFC function of your smartphone is turned on.
2.Make sure the screen of your smartphone is unlocked.
3.Depending on the smartphone you are using, it may not be possible to make a one-touch connection while the smartphone is being charged. Finish charging first, then perform the one-touch operation.
4.If the smartphone is in a case, the listening device may not react to one-touch; remove the smartphone from the case first.

* The Bluetooth word mark and logos are owned by the Bluetooth SIG, Inc. and any use of such marks by Sony Corporation is under license.

* The N mark is a trademark or registered trademark of NFC Forum, Inc. in the United States and in other countries.

Sony Corporation part of our Tools and have average installs from 1000000 to 5000000. Last Update Sept. 30, 2013. Appstore play rating is 79.359. Current verison is Varies with device. Actual size 0 bytes. Download nfc-easy-connect.apk 0 bytes


Doesn't work I used this app with my SONY Xperia phone and tried connecting it to SONY wireless headphones and didn't work. I don't know how Sony would allow this app to go to market if not 100% compatible and fully functional.

Useless Appears to be a not particularly useful wrap around for the bluetooth settings. No use for setting up with TV bluetooth, just frustrating and pointless. SONY, I expect better!

Trouble Pairing with S3: 3 things you should know (based on my experience): 1 - S3 never saw the device while in the otterbox. Had to completely disassemble the otterbox to get the S3 to "see" the device.. 2 - Wouldn't pair using NFC - I kept getting "would you like to pair ..." message followed by "failed to pair" message. Curiously (and perhaps not related) that failed to pair message was followed by 2 additional messages about resetting bluetooth volume and restoring my media volume. Uninstalled bluetooth volume and had no effect. 3 - Finally, I said "NO" to "would you like to pair ..." message. I was immediately asked again if I wanted to pair. I said "YES" and it finally paired.

Poor!! It doesn't work on my device xperia S whenever I try to send by tapping my screen when it shows to do so the connection fails and the playstore gets opened automatically plz fix this I really love this feature I need it plzz...

I can S beam with my HTC One Now I can use NFC more easier so I can share files to my girlfriend by touching her phone which we had problems earlier, thanks Sony for this free app

NFC pairing fail with BTV5 NFC pairing doesn't work on my Galaxy S3. Always give me the "fail to pair" message. After manually pairing the unit with my device, NFC connection trigger works fine though. (Including automatic power on the unit)

Audio lag on a Sony tablet Z Oddly enough this pairs perfectly with my HTC ONE... but when connected to my Sony tablet Z the audio lags on video playback... rendering it useless for movies/episodes. Want it to work so bad. I still believe in the magic of Sony

Does not work for me Have Sony Xperia z and Sony wireless speaker, both allegedly compatible. After a wasted 45 minutes meticulously following instructions gave up and paired them the old fashioned way.

Won't work on my LG G2 I downloaded this coz I got a sony bluetooth headset to connect to my lg g2 phone but for some reason it won't even detect the headset! It detects my laptop hp though so the app works.but not to its own product lol what is the point of this app seriously?

NFC easy connect POOR!! Not working with S4 Mini and Sony wireless portable speaker. Works seamlessly with iphone. If it does find the device if fails immediately.

Does not work with Bravia 4k The app does not work with Bravia 4k with my galaxy s4. Very disappointing that it cannot read the device information.

Useless I'm touching on back side with my friends smartphone with same model (Xperia M2). And there are nothing happen. So bad

Whopee Thank thank thank....what an easy way to transfer pics...now how do I transfer files from PC to tablet?....☺

Two Samsungs and they won't work I have a Samsung tablet and a S3 phone tried for 2 hours the connect them but they won't connect.

Top App Works Flawlessly with Samsung Note 3 to pair with Sony BTX 300 Bluetooth speaker.

Useless Won't work with my brand new Sony TV. Have tried a Xperia device and one other - neither connects. Poor ?

Pretty straight forward It allows you to simply tap the NFC side of your NFC/Bluetooth capable Sony headphones. Not much to it. Works as advertised.

MDR-1RBT Works perfectly with my Samsung Galaxy Nexus and Sony MDR-1RBT Bluetooth headphones :)

Tablets? I'm trying to download the app now. But am I able to transfer my stuff from my android to my tablet?

Not working I have a Nexus 7 tablet and is not connecting. As far as I can see I'm not the only one with the same inconvenience

Doesn't seem to connect. I purchased a brand new sony bravia. I tried to connect with this app..didn't work.

Works fine with Sony Xperia Z3/Z3 Compact and DR-BTN200 Wireless Headphones Tried pairing both handsets to the headphones, and it was simple. A couple of taps on the first go, and I was off. After that, just hold the devices together and you're good. Then again, I did read the instructions supplied.

Sansung galaxy y duos how can we come to know which devices ate NFC compatible??? pls reply asap

Easy connect Good app. My phone didnt connect with preinstaled app so i download this one from sony and it works great.

Very nice. I have Galaxy S3 , I've just bought Sony MDR1-rbt , and the NFC connection worked well from the first try.

Does nothing Won't write on any of my tags using Galaxy Note or Nexus 4... Typical sony garbage. No wonder they can't earn any money. Uninstalled. Hope it didn't come with a rootkit.

Very Poor this device doesn't work on iPhone 6+

NFC Paring with SRS-BTX300 Works flawless. Thanks Sony for the app.

Error Nexus 4 trying to connect to a KDL47W800A. Gives the following error: "Device information not read correctly"

Just will not work when I touch it to my speakers

Not for tablets? This worked perfectly for my Galaxy SIII...but doesn't work for my Galaxy Note 10.1 tablet. I would rate it five stars if it worked with my tablet too.

Yikes! Works well for pairing Sony devices, but makes unlocking my phone with an NFC tag annoying because this app seems to be the default for all NFC, and I can't seem to disable that!!!

Fail! Doesn't work with my HTC One (M8). Pretty poor from Sony.

Doesn't work with all Sony devices or phones

Awesome! Why hassle with the BT menu when you can just tap and go? Works flawlessly with my SRS-BTX300

Nice Now I can connect my Note 3 to my Sony wireless headset! Thanks sony

Works perfect Easy set up to my new 360 speaker... In less than 3 minutes, I was streaming audio to the device :-)

Horrible! It first paired perfectly to my techno F7. My phone was stolen so I got another one and now I can't seem to pair it using NFC connect. Spent hours trying. I give up now.

Problem Doesn't pair with my Samsung galaxy note 10.1. Please fix it ASAP

Works really good on my Samsung galaxy fame loooove it!

Sony Xperia Z Ultra - Sony the best!!! :)

Nexus 7 and nexus5 Sony sw2 andsony3 One great big piece of carnage from Sony utterly useless should not be in the Google play store junk junk junk????????

Doesn't work Tried to pair Sony headphones with Galaxy S5 and nothing. I just held the button on the headphones for two seconds and it worked perfectly, so this app is useless.

Crashtastic Detects my headset and automatically crashes when I try to connect (z3 compact to Sony btn200 headset) indescribably pathetic and frustrating.

I'm not able to connect my phone with Bravia KDL-46W950A. Is there any way to connect with Bravia

Not working HT-iv300 sony home theatre were not able to connect with my phone what should i do... i try many app from google also from other dev teams but nothing worked for me... any help am using samsung galaxy s3 neo... thanks in advance....

Stupid peeps Some people are stupid and just don't know how to use technology it's not that companies fault it's your fault for not knowing how to use technology technology is the easiest thing to use so don't be going and using rude comments I know it says to use rude comments but don't do it it is rude

Easy connect indeed! I used it on my xperia z3 and mdr 750bn headset and it connects or disconnects easily as described. Thanks to the developers.

Work perfectly Installed on my tablet Sony Xperia Z2 and also on Asus ZenFone 2. Don't forget to switch on your NFC to avoid issue and make sure to align NFC marks from phone or tablet and the device you want to connect to.

Z3 compact Closes as soon as I try link Sony TV or Soundbar.. Please sort it out Sony

Awesome remote app! Not sure I would use this in the car, why use the phone while driving? I use this app in the boat and love it! The head unit is 15' away in the cabin, the app makes it so nice being able to adjust audio settings and volume on the fly.

App Doesn't Work I tried to sync my Sony headphones with my Samsung Galaxy S5 using this app for over 30 minutes, and it didn't work. The app even kept closing.

Just doesn't connect. Trying to use it with X6000 Sony and it doesn't seem to even find it. Just says not connected and no other info on the app to help

Worked like magic A friend of mine gave me a Nokia NFC speaker and my phone dose not support NFC, I tried to see if Bluetooth could work but it didn't but when I came across this application I tried it once and boom!. I love you guys for this, keep the good work running

Doesn't connecting..... I used this with my moto g2 phone and tried to connecting it to Sony wireless speaker system and didn't work.

Doesn't work Tried connecting Sony wireless headphones to nexus 7 and nothing happens.

Used it with Sony xperia, didn't work. Couldn't even find the other phone.

Works Great for HTC One I can easily connect to my stereo using this app and everything works the way it is supposed to. I have had no trouble so far and am glad I get to use my phone's music and calling through my stereo.

Useless in USA w/ galaxy S4 and ax6000 Wtf Sony Get it together already! You offer the latest tech in your camera but stone age apps that are worthless, time consuming and a pain in my F*cking A$$. I HATE wasting hours of my life TYPING IN MY USER NAME. REMEMBER ME ALREADY. SCANER HAS NEVER WORKED. EITHER DOES DIRECT CONNECT. ANNOYING

2 star for idea Doesn't work, I have Sony Xperia z3c abs Sony swr50 and guess what nfc doesn't work you have to turn on Bluetooth every time, hoped this would fix it - it didn't!!!

Very frustrating: time wasting, user unfriendly; just doesn't do what it's touted to do

Doesn't work. Nothing, and I mean NOTHING from Sony will work. Spend $3,000 on a TV from them? HA! You won't even get the features of a $30 chromecast or fire stick. Screen mirroring? HAHA! Forget it! I used to be a loyal Sony customer. From now on, I will buy anything BUT sony. Including playstation. I must have in excess of $20,000 of Sony products in my house. Not including everything else I've bought over the last 2 decades. Hell, their own products don't even work with THEIR PRODUCTS!!!

Do not disturb ? Hi guys... I use the NFC Easy Connect while using your in ear sport headphones. Obviously, during my workout, I put my phone on "do not disturb mode". When someone calls, my phone remains silent, but the NFC Easy Connect bluntly cuts of the music and keeps on ringing in my ears while I am trying to enjoy some "me time". Is there any way either to have the NFC app recognize the "do not disturb" mode or to cut it of from the phone all together (I never use my sports headphones for phonecalls)?

It's okay Does what it says. But when I manually disconnect the Bluetooth in the control bar widget and then attempt to open the App and click to connect again...it crashes. Five stars if it gets updated and fixed...if they care.

Keeps disconnecting!!! I have a Note 4 and the dr-btn200 headset and at times, after a while the headset disconnects , I have to reestablish the connection with the play button. I can't even use it with my windows system, it's terrible I invested in this device and I can't use it without issues!?

Useless indeed No added value & functions. Crashes when trying to connect a device that is already in your bluetooth list. 1 star for looking pretty.

Will only find device by turning Bluetooth off then on again, but then App crashes the second you try and pair the device! "Unfortunately NFC Easy Connect had stopped working". HDR-PJ810E

Worked btw Samsung s7 & Sony A6000 camera Somewhat slow detecting each other but overall no issues using this and Sony Play Memories app to transfer photos from the camera to the phone (with case on).

S3 Does what it says. I'd like the nfc to establish a Wi-Fi one-on-one connection, as I assume that the data compression on Bluetooth is not what I want for music streaming. Am I missing something?

Works great Obviously Jason K didnt read the description. This app works great and does what it does: easily pair your NFC devices. It never claimed it could write to tags

Great app Easy to use, all functions work well, the only issue is the Bluetooth sometime doesn't turn off/on automatically when connecting devices with NFC. Thanks, Sony! Devices: MDR-1RBT & HTC Butterfly S

Doesn't work. Don't understand how Sony can have this app when can't even connect my expensive Bluetooth headphones. Crashes in marshmallow immediately. How about a fix?

Solved my problem! I was having trouble connecting my Sony speakers and headphones to my Samsung Note 4. When I touched the devices with the phone, nothing happened or they would only turn on but would not start playing music. I installed this app and now they connect and start playing right away. Thank you Sony!

Dissatisfied App does not work. Only reason I downloaded was to transfer music files from my old phone to the new one. App too lame to do anything. Not compatible with HTC One S

Doesnt work Im trying to pair my car radio(Sony Mex-N5100BT) w my phone ( Galaxy 4) and dnt work

Beware! Malware! Now I have a useless app that leaves a permanent status bar notification! Uninstall and restart does not clear the icon! DO NOT DOWNLOAD!

Well, I could tell how it works if I would know how to set it up........ Not sure what's going on but my Galaxy always keeps showing a passcode and asks me to enter it I am just not sure WHERE? HELP!

Life simplified! When I get in my car, get in the shower, leave the house or even go to bed. With one tap my phone is like a personal Butler. A life enhancing app! Thank you Sony! Just make sure you know where your NFC reader is on your phone. No need to tap. 1/2 inch distance is perfect.

Not working Only one message: device information not read correctly. Trying to connect to srs-x7 speakers. NFC shows easy connect as app to run but it only display this error message. :(

Doesn't work with lg k7 phone Reloaded the app alot of imes and still wont connect to my headphones at all and i have nfc sony extra it work on my galaxy mini but i switch phones