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North vs South FREE

Supplied By Anuman    On July 31, 2013    Comments(76)

APP for iPhone North vs South FREE version1.3 Download

★★★★★ The Bluecoats - North vs South UNIVERSAL, colorful strategy! ★★★★★

★ New : Multiplayer ! ★

_____________ PRESS REVIEWS _____________

"What better subject for a French studio to make a strategy game about than the US civil war? This remake puts a modern spin on the classic 1990 tactical title."
♥ www.ign.com ♥

“This game is a mix of Age of Empires and the Oregon Trail, but with a heck of a lot more action.”
“[…] See for yourself how great this iPhone/iPad game is ! ”
♥ www.1greatapp.com ♥

“A revival in the truest sense, Bluecoats keeps the best elements of the original, replaces parts that begged for overhaul, and wraps the altered formula in a much prettier package. If I had to choose one version to show off as an example of the true potential of genre mashups, it would undoubtedly be this one.”
“If you’re generally a fan of strategy games and have at least a passing interest in action, you’ll find lots to love in Bluecoats’ three-way mashup. The game’s greatest failing is simply that it lets you jump in on normal difficulty — it’s utterly clear that you need to move up the challenge ladder starting from the very bottom.”
♥ www.ifanzine.com ♥

“For small sessions it does a solid job of making you think on your feet. The iOS version makes far more sense to buy than the PC, and iPad owners will probably get the best out of it. The mini games certainly make for an unusually mixed strategy experience, just make sure not to get too good at the shooting and turn the difficulty up!”
♥ www.capsulecomputers.com ♥


In the colorful strategy game The Bluecoats - North vs South, you play the head of one of the armies of the Civil War. Your aim is to conquer American territory !
This is a remastered version of the game that was released in 1990, with improved graphics and user-friendliness that are up to current standards.

✔ Head up the Yankees or the Confederates, and destroy your enemy!
✔ Taking up positions, capturing states, assaulting and capturing enemy forts, attacking trains and protecting your railroads ...
✔ Capture the port to use the reinforcements coming from Europe.
✔ Protect yourself from storms
✔ Be wary of those Indians in the war and those Mexican bandits ... if you don't, you'll be in trouble!

To come out in one piece, you'll have to master taking turns, armed battles in real time, 1 against 30 shoot-outs, and horseback train chases.





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Anuman part of our Arcade and have average installs from 500000 to 1000000. Last Update July 31, 2013. Appstore play rating is 69.7435. Current verison is 1.3. Actual size 94.0 MB. Download north-vs-south-free.apk 94.0 MB


Bugs Good but defeated enemy doesn't go away. Still possesses state, shows up for war and then freezes.

Good but only for nostalgia! This game captures the look and feel of the PC classic. The AI difficulty needs a lot of work though...the computer opponent is almost impossible to beat on normal difficulty. I would not recommend purchasing this game until this issue has been resolved.

Fun little game Battles are arcade style, real time maneuvering of your troops. Strategy is light, basically limited to allocation of troops on the map, and where to attack. Controlling more railroad affords you more resources to buy troops, and you capture railroad by capturing forts. Attacking forts brings up a first-person shooter mini game. If you get the full game, you get a train shooter game too. Ps-if you're having difficulty, try attacking from the side, not straight on (it's called flanking, people, come on!)

Dissapointed. The full version should be free. Like other games u get more lvls if u get full version. But this? Naw. Good game like this should be a free full version. version. This is a good game. Very dissapointed. A good game but very disappointing.

Cool but... Its awsome but it black screens and freezes alot i wish it would stop but im sure itll get fixed it is a must have though

Coooooooollllllllllllll game but It is Coooooooollllllllllllll game but the characters are so tiny I can't see them please fix this problem because I am wearing glasses if you please

Games of old I used to play this on the Amiga and was not let down buy this version, took a couple of games to win but the origional was hard at first too, well worth a trip down memory lane. Looking through the comments some have found this hard to play, I imagine it would be a bit tough on a small screen but on a tablet its not hard to get used too, I love the comment about someone claiming they are being treated like a criminal as the free version has some slight delays and does not have 100% of the game... a few seconds delay and having access to 95% the game is good enough for me. Very tempted to buy the game.

I wish you could play as the south, it would be a lot more fun if you could pick any side you wanted

It's a cool game to play but don't buy it to open other levels it's all the same if they added different maps to battle on I'll give it 5 stars but til then 3 stars.

Great One problem, when you play solo and have it set up to fight by its self it cheats, I didn't win a battle. You should make more levels. Still great game.

Hard to play. The game looks good but the combat mode is difficult to use. The enemy is moving faster than you can select and move your troops. A turn based combat would work better.

Perfect This is one of the most best games I have ever played. You guys should make more games like this for every war like the Mexican-american war and world war 2

Actually pretty nice I've got the LG G2, and this game runs awesome. I've only got the free version. I didn't need to run down a train to win and as far as I can tell the controls are really accurate. I did arcade style fighting where it's go go go instead of turn based but it definitely runs fairly accurate to the old NES version I grew up playing :-)

Loving it A must have for history lovers! Amazing gameplay and fun way to play. Easy controls and smooth gameplay. If you have the money, upgrade now! I know I will!!

Poor mechanics I'd give it a higher rating if the battle and strategy screens were more thought out... the mechanics are simply horrendous, but I do like the premise. Please work these details out and I'll come back.

Atrocious reproduction I have really fond memories of the original game and the poor execution of the battles in this version has ripped apart that memory, very disappointed

Ai in game is to hard to beat starting out. Thanks for the free version cuz if I would of paid for this I would of felt scaled but good thought and bad game.

Stupid This game is an annoying waste of time

Don't bother with free They restrict gameplay (can't attack enemy train, moving and recruiting has a delay) and insert waiting periods into the game... like when you start a game you must wait 10 seconds to begin. Don't treat me like a criminal when I want to try your game out to see if its any good.

Stupid game stupid developers This game begs you to buy the full version with repeat pop ups, if the game was worth the money id buy it, but its not, you all fail and suck

Impossible odds If you play the Yankees even on super easy you are constantly at a disadvantage. Game is amazingly hard, impossible even. Game would be a lot.of fun but odds seen over whelmingly in the Souths favore.

Memory Lane I had a port of this for my NES. Ross perfectly captures everything I loved about that game.

Lack Of proper historical items The confederates had more railroads than the union even though during that decade the north had 98% of the railroads due to industry. Und das commands are hhorrible I tell the car to go up and the just stand there.

NO!!!! Its a good game BUT its stupid that we have to wait for an attack or to play a single game just because we dont want to go full version! Played 1 game and now here I am uninstaling it....!!!!!!!!

Five stars I can't get the Facebook level to work...:( very nice game almost the same as the original. I miss the original music and the original mini game is better. I like the shop be good if you could make the map bigger and add a new faction Ai player, bring the natives and Mexicans into the game make them more involved. I like the original battle fields, I think if you made the maps bigger added more ai factions (the natives and Mexicans) I would buy this game.

Not working. The best strategy game doesnt work on Android 5.0 Lollipop. It quits to home screen after games loading screen. Any fix for that?

Crashes This crashes after the splash screen on both my LG G3 and my Nexus 7 2012 Android 5.1. I used to love this game when it was on the Amiga.

won't open I installed game and have tried to open game several times. With no luck yet. Please help.

Not bad A little bit tedious at times, but a pretty good effort at a strategy game with action elements. Reminds me of Rome total war.

Gose to home screen when playing Its good game but when I'm playing it juts goes back to the home screen EXTREMELY ANOYING! please fix.

I found it it was cool you habe to move your Soilders horses and cannons to attack by karls son

Awesome My brother got it and it looked like so much fun.and now I'm stuck on it

Mmm After force closing 50 thousand times I finally managed to play,for about two minutes.Fix this please devs and ill buy it.

Fun but I have a problem This is a really fun game but it won't let me unlock the first mission that just shares the game on Facebook. It says NorthvsSouth wants to access your Facebook accound so I click ok and nothing happens.

Wow Its great it should be 5 stars but surprisingly there was no California

Fun game I find this game with an addicting gameplay, the cross platform multiplayer is also a plus

Simple and easy, good at first but gets boring quick, not worth two dollars.

Potencial Really cool but could do more 4 stars

Way different Taking a castle is too way different from original and was the best part of the game.

Sucks It doesnt even open it keeps saying not responding my device is samsung galaxy tab2 10.01

Not happy I get a game started and it closes. I bypassed WiFi for this game because I'm a Yankee and my girlfriend is a Dixie chick. Thought I would mess with her but....... you just showed I'm just a stupid Yankee. Thanks for using up my data for nothing. ..

Great Game... Awesome! Love it! Screw the New Political Correctness in the New Black and Rainbow America. It is a GAME and I enjoy it.

Excellent Remake I loved this game when I had an Amiga, now it's been lovingly remade. Not having any of the problems that others are talking about, only annoying thing I can't hi-jack the train without purchasing the full version but other than that an excellent game.

Too many bugs I didn't even get a chance to play,it just took me back to my home screen!!!

Don't buy Not worth the money at all free version has all the content trust me I paid an it's barely anything else

Great game, as long as it works. It currently doesn't start at all, just takes me back to home screen. Contacted support, but no answer. Is this game no longer supported or updated?

Game will not open Do not waste your time or money. What a rip off.

Junk It's a cool game but once you close it you can't ever open it again.

Needs work I give one star for effort and on for civil war game, not many out there.

Amazing game This is an Amazing game it's very hard though I love the battles and the kind of risk type game but if you love strategy battles this is an amazing game for you

Wow This game could have been made better by a blind geriatric monkey without hands. Pathetically engineered -This game contains misspelled words, historical inaccuracies, poor game functionality and mechanics, and disrespectfully calls the Union "the yankees", and never actually refers to them as the Union. Not to mentiom the game crashes. What a pathetic piece of trash. 0 / 100, would not recommend to anyone. Total waste of time. Don't waste a moment of your life on this piece of trash.

Crashes Waste of money - the game is good but crashes on new versions of android... creator shows no attention to fix this, sad to see a good game go to waste like this.

Fix it I loved the free version, so I bought the full version. Now it just takes me back to my home screen whenever I try to open it.

Won't open I try to open the app, then it force closes. I've tried like 10 times. Please fix this game looks really fun.

Don't Waste Your Time It's fun, but waaaaaay to hard in my opinion?

This makes me not want to buy the game. If there was no timer I might have bought the full game but the wait discouraged me.

Nope On yay its the best strategy game ever I mean I doest work at all

Pls read I had the game and converted it to full version but I did buy it but not in store I bought it in the free version game I broke my tablet and wanted the full version back but it won't let me thx if you give it back to me you can even ask Google play and they will see my purchases. Thx

WHY only play as the Union? Good game, but would be better to play as the confederates

Was a great game Really enjoyed playing this. Now it won't even launch.

Sucks Every time I play it won't work do not install this game

It's not working my God is so much to ask u guys say u will fix it but yet u don't like come on my friend has and it's working and it's nice this happened on the walking dead road to u know what I report it or asked u more then one time to fix but u didn't send me a sms when ur done on jezz

Excellent strategy I like the 3 person shooter and battle tactics??

This game is harder than the original Some games should not be apps for mobile devices. This game is harder than the original and quite frankly there's too much going on during battles to keep track of anything. I'm trying very hard to keep giving this my all but when I can't even beat a single game there's something wrong. At least when I played the original, WHEN I WAS SEVEN, I could beat games I played.

Can't play after I pay? I played for free and liked it, and then I payed and the game won't get past the first screen on start up. Reinstalled and still the same. No good guys

Paying but good and this is not the best stragety game I hate this game its so boring i dont want to pay and get more misssons this is worst game THIS IS THE WORST GAME EVER MADE!!

Disappointed Cannot open the app. Can someone please help? I was really looking forward to playing this game!

Combat is terrible Attacking or defending forts is broken and doesnt make sense. This game needs a turn based combat system to work

Lame game due to mechanics Unit movement is poor. Units do not move or fire when told to. Selecting units is also poor.

Looks can be deceiving Game looks great. Great idea. Great theme but the battles are impossible to win making the game unplayable and not worth downloading. Calvary is unstoppable but only for the ai team.

Money grabbing Paid version is almost the same as the free version don't get it as it is just a bad game.

Chugs along for no reason. Perfect signal. Waits a few seconds street it loads. Dual core device still slow? Clean up the f'ing code already.

Impossible Rubbish play. Sorry but you could do alot better.!!

Broken Won't load on my Xperia z2. Loved the original on nes. Fix it so I can play it?

Multiplayer with 2 devices doesn't work. Please fix that. It would be nice to have California and the territorys to be included. Also when the Indians and Mexicans attacked, it should be a battle instead of the battalion being destroyed. Great game. You should have it so that you can play with other people not on local networks. You should make a version of this game for other wars. Great game, and if the makers of this game are reading this, thank you for your time and please consider my ideas. And this reply is meant for the paid version.

I hate this I have played this game before and it's super fun but the game won't load it will tell u it stopped working then kicks you out, even the full version Plz fix then I'll give 5 starts.