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Supplied By D&S Creation Limited    On April 18, 2016    Comments(65)

APP for iPhone Notti version2.6 Download

Notti is a smartlight that notifies you when important information arrives. You can customize which notifications to receive and the associated color. Notti can also serve as a wake up light, mood light & music light! For more information on Notti, visit

For Nexus 5 (or Android 5.0) users, please pair Notti under the system Bluetooth settings before proceed with App settings.

D&S Creation Limited part of our Tools and have average installs from 1000 to 5000. Last Update April 18, 2016. Appstore play rating is 51.9565. Current verison is 2.6. Actual size 5.7 MB.

What's new

    - bug fix
Download notti.apk 5.7 MB


Improvement! Last update before this killed certain notifications for me. The newest fixed that problem for texting, but not calling. Sometimes it even ignores notifications all together. Now the only thing that will make this a a better starred app is fixing that problem, more third-party apps and ability to use more! Not to mention support for other texting apps.

Works better but has still some issues. Does not crash. Problems with the notification lights, WhatsApp works text and calls work not.

If this app worked I'd love my Notti I have an HTC One M8 running lollipop and the only notifications that work consistantly are the missed call, email, and alarm. The text, and incoming call notifications do not work at all for me. I have not tried the calendar or social media notifications because I never intended to use them. The color and music modes work intermittently as long as the app doesn't freeze. I have paired Notti and then opened the app to no avail. Please update the app ASAP.

Battery drainer. The phone has been on battery for 5 hours and notti to has used 39% of my battery. Bluetooth was not on, and I was not within range of notti for 4 hours and 45 min.

Totally unusable If by some miracle the app doesn't crash instantly, You might be able to connect to the device. Don't start rejoicing yet! you still wont be able to control the device. Right now i have a fancy brick that glows one color and a useless app that crashes constantly :( Edit: After the update, the app has stopped crashing, but still is unable to control the light. Worthless.

App Won't Control Light Excited to open up up my dual Nottis today, but found that neither one would work with my Nexus 5 android 5.0.1.  They either force close the application when I send a signal or simply disconnect without notification. I have one of the two at my design office and everyone is asking about it.  Please get this app working so I can boast about it instead of saying it doesn't work yet!  Let us know when a new release resolves this issue and I'll come back and re-rank the app.

No music The application does everything, but play music. The alarm doesn't shut off either, but the light and notifications work well so good work. Please make the music work, it's the main reason I got this. I even tried pairing it first through the phone and still nothing. Please allow my phone (galaxy note 3) to play music with this device.

Update 2: better but still a ways to go! Update 2: the app is working better. It connected to the device and some notifications are working. The music support is only for local files which is unfortunate since I stream mostly. SMS notifications don't work. ** So just got my device today. It seems like they forgot about android users. The app connects after a few restarts but the notifications fail to work. The light stays on a solid color after an alarm and doesn't integrate with system alarms. Also there should be an option for silent alarms.

All the glitz and no substance If only their app was as nice as their marketing campaign. The notifications, which are probably 70% of the reason most bought this device, don't work. C'mon guys....

Works great now Fun to use, and works great after its last update. Very pleased! Good job to the notti team, and good luck as well. Now just waiting to add on google hangouts to this!!

Unusable and not compatible with Galaxy S3?! I have a Nexus 5 and was able to download the app after receiving my two units yesterday. The app is constantly force closing and I cannot keep it open for more than 30 seconds at a time. In that span of time, the unit is unresponsive to any commands. I thought perhaps it was a compatibility issue with the Nexus and Android 5.0, so I tried to download it on my wife's phone running Android 4.1.2 only to find it is incompatible with it!? Please fix this app so both my phones can use the Notti!

Long long long way to go Nexus 5 here, able to connect to both of my devices. When I try to set the alarm it will go off within a few seconds no matter what time I set the alarm to. Music mode only works with local files which I have none, because I steam all my music from Google play music. Very limited customisation. SMS notification does not work. I feel like I'm not in control of my nottis.

Needs work Works OK on the Xperia Z3 Lollipop, doesn't work on the Moto G Lollipop. Needs some serious improvement!

Battery hog Terrible power consumption. What else is this thing doing? Hmmmm?

Most changes don't work, crashes after a few minutes

Really bad doesn't work with whatsapp!

This app is terrible Feels like they copied and pasted the iOS version but I could live with that if to actually worked

A lite night light. Got my Notti today, I like it, works and it only cost me $30. The good: App works well on my One Plus, fast responsive, looks great. Also easy to pair. $30. The bad: "Default" color is red, if you open the app, it ALWAYS changes to red. The alarm is useless, you can only set it for the next 24 hours. Really? Why can't it just integrate with the alarm I have and light up with X color? It only integrates with music on the device? Who saves their music on their device when they can stream it? Yet to see the effect on the battery. But for $30, this is fine.

Not good. Plenty of time during shipping delays to make the app work. Many force close. No notifications.

NOT WORKING After backing the campaign for SIX units and waiting for months, I received my Nottis last night....only to learn the app is half-baked and does not work. I tested the app on a Nexus 5 and OnePlus One. Both phones supposedly connected to the Notti, but that's it. Could not change the color, could not set the notifications, couldn't use the music function. Nothing. I do all the operations in the phone and the Notti itself does not respond at all. To top it off, the app crashed repeatedly. FIX THIS APP! Side note: The Notti is functional, I was able to connect to it and test most of its functions using someone else's iPhone.

Room for improvements. I was really looking forward to receive my notti. Since I got it today I can say that it's a beautiful device but the app really doesn't offer many options. What is really upsetting me is the alarm function that can't handle an alarm for the next day.

Awful power management App appears to work as designed, however... the power management of the app is terrible - my phone would not keep charge whilst this app was installed, the bluetooth module was being kept active all the time and it was flattening the battery, so much so that the battery was not charging even when plugged into a charger. This was a birthday present from a friend and seems like a nice gadget, but until the power problem is sorted I can't use it. Oh, the bug where the light defaults to red when you open the app is annoying too, please fix this developers.

Had to uninstall. I love the idea of the notti, but untill they get the adroid app fixed it's just a piece of plastic. Drained my battery, screwed up any other Bluetooth connections I had. I was able to get the notifications to work, but the battery drain and Bluetooth problems are not worth it. Running on S5.

Received my Notti & saw the app had been updated, still the same awful battery drain issue & the app simply doesn't work very well. Hopefully they fix the app, or at least open source it so I can use it with my pc.

Nothing but issues & I have 2. It just flattens the battery of my Note 3 in hours even when Bluetooth turned off? It only worked once then not again?

I received me Notti! Battery though... It is truly beautiful. I knew Notti would come a long way. However, the app is using a considerable amount of my battery. Look into that guys! Other than that, beautiful.

New update took out my text message notification and has not fixed incoming call notification. It also appears that none of the colors I assigned to the apps seem to work or update.

I set it up, controlled the color and set color preferences for different events. Then nothing... Didn't work at all. Events are clearly showing in notification bar but the Notti's color did not change.

Disappointed User The notti app for my galaxy S6 is close to worthless. Open the app only to see white even after reinstall. And when it was working it was unreliable and spotty at best. Such a shame this product is exactly what I was looking for as I constantly miss or forget notifications while at my desk. Would give it 0 stars if I could, might as well just keep this plastic rock at my desk till there is acceptable Android support.

Still a WIP Recently got a new phone, Nexus 6P, and turns out to be more reliable in terms of lighting up than my old one; about 80% of the time. Though with the most recent up instantly crashes the app when I try to open the notification window in the app.

Worked for about 5 minutes.....barely! Can't get app to even open today after it somewhat worked yesterday. Reinstalled and still doesn’t work at all!

Alarm doesn't work Bought it for the alarm function. Worked only once, very unreliable.

App Won't Control Light Excited to open up up my dual Nottis today, but found that neither one would work with my Nexus 5 android 5.0.1. I have one of the two at my design office and everyone is asking about it.  Please get this app working so I can boast about it instead of saying it doesn't work yet!  Update 02/23/16: Current release seems to work. Would like a few additional apps to notify, such as Nine email client.

Promising start Sometimes the flashing Notti light stays on after I check the text that triggered it, and also, it would be good to be able to choose alternative mail apps to signal instead of the default gmail on my Nexus 6, which I don't use much - basically the email notifications do not work for me because I use a different app for email. Other than that, it is a handy little thing with a lot of potential...hopefully the app will evolve to make it smarter and more adaptable.

Eh Don't even use notti besides ambient rainbow mode. Good idea bad execution. I wish that turning the notti on would resume last function. Annoying to keep setting color changing mode. Hardly use it at all cause of that.

So far so good. Only had a little play at the moment but looks good so far. Glad it keeps the notification going until it is dismissed on the phone. Would love to see a candle mode and maybe a TV simulator. Music mode seems a little arbitrary, doesn't really seem to sync up. Maybe make it respond to low, mid and high frequencies with use defined colours and then mix depending on the amount of each.

Update 3: improving at a snails pace Update 3: the app barely works. It connected to the device and some notifications are working. The app will cause wake locks and drain battery on a Samsung note 5. The device itself has stopped charging properly after less than 3 months of light use at best. :/ maybe it would be better if they integrated it with Amazon echo ?

Awesome but just basic functionality Don't let the so-so app reviews scare you. As is, the Notti is the best tech accessory I have purchased in years. The app could use some polish, but overall it is fun and responsive. I have not experienced the problems with power usage or instability. I would love to see more alarm function and a flickering candle effect, a night hours dim feature - this device has so much potential but the app feels too simple. It does work, though! I look forward to updates.

Alarm function limited Colors cycle before ending on selected color; no sound settings, only default alarm at full volume. Please update and inprove alarm functionality

Minor Changes required. Overall the device and the app is great but needs a bit of tweaking. The music sync feature is pretty poor to be honest. It doesn't match up with the music very well and just flashes different colours. An improvement in this area would be amazing and I would definitely use it more often. If you would be able to implement some sort of battery icon or something to show the charge of each device battery level that would be great. Apart from that everything else is good.

Like it but I like the concept and works great with the light. For the music feature, however, does not have Google Play Music support. How do I get music mode to work?

Alarm/timer doesn't work. Light goes on but doesn't make a sound and timer button doesn't work. The light is pretty responsive though.

I bought it to use as an alarm The alarm function doesn't really work.

Alarm light buggy I set my alarm color to red but it flashes on different color and the final color being white. I set it to yellow but the final color is blue. Why is it like that? Pls fix it

Can be better Great product and app. It works just as advertized. One of the best purchases I've made.

Just crashes The changing of the colors is flawless, but whenever you try to select any apps for notifications it crashes

Very buggy Alarm doesn't change color, just pops a modal. Color setting is buggy, but mostly works. Lacks polish.

Had hopes for the alarm clock feature You can turn it on.. Change colors and that's about it., Notifications blink and don't stop.. Alarm clock hasn't worked yet with the light. Please fix this app and ratings will increase. Update 12-24-15. Alarm still not working. No slow fade on, no on, nothing. It would almost be better if you just integrate the app to notify me of the built in alarm on phone. I love the device, but the app need some work.

Finally Finally this app does what I want and the device works how they demoed it.

Please! Please add notification support for Kik Messenger!

lack of apps support not support bbm, path, and other social network. hope will support in next update

Great!! But I really hope there is a breathing light effect and to store many palettes so I can switch between moods easily without have to change each color in my palette. The design is cool enough.. But software side.. It still complicated and lack of features.. Like if i want to decrease the brightness, I have to change each color's brightness in my palette. Please improve this app.. Notti is cool enough. U guys just need to polish it more..

Simply Great Update !! Man, this major update is simply great ! Not only for the updated and enhanced alarm function, but also added some stopwatch function inside. Also for startup light color chooser is great. Actually i've bougt this notti around half year ago but didnt use it too much because of this half-baked apps. But now maybe I will make a good use for it since this update is simply wonderful. Also it works great and perfect on my Asus Zenfone 6 Lolipop. Really appreciate D&S for the hard work !

Updated review; Still a crippled shameless port from iOS. Alarm does not work whatsoever. Attempting to enable facebook messenger notifications crashes the app. After that initial crash, attempting to edit any notifications crashes the app. Notifications light up notti only about half the time. When it does light up the notti, Hangouts shows up blue, event hough it has been set as green. No standalone off button. having the brightness slider all the way down and changing the colour lights up notti. After answering a call, notti continues to flash red. Nexus 5, android 5.1.1, app v2.3

Update fixed issues with me. Works as advertised.

works fine widgets would be nice

Very Functional Hardware & Software Ever since I received my Notti's I've loved them and found them very useful. The app was off to a relatively rough start, but they quickly got they're act together and I'd say it turned out rather well!

Battery usage Is through the roof if Bluetooth is off. It used 21% of battery life according to power widget. I force closed and uninstalled.

App doesn't work I have a Samsungg Note4 and I can't get the app to launch.

The app is still having problems Still does not allow me to see or edit the app/notifications list or customize the settings for the individual app notifications, because the Notti app crashes immediately when I click the edit tab in the notifications section. Nexus 6 with Android 6.0.1

Still a WIP Well now I'm disappointed. For some reason the Notti now activates the "missed call" color when a blocked number calls. I assume this is the reason, it's the only thing that seems logical. Then to make it worse, I can still no longer access the notification color customization because it crashes instantly. If this is how the Beddi app will function, then I am extremely worried...

Needs a lot of work Connects to phone perfectly. I've never had a problem with any of that. However, the correct color does not show up for specific apps. Also, the light often stays on even after the notification has cleared and I have to shut off the light manually. NEEDS IFTTT SUPPORT DESPERATELY!

Complete garbage Wasted an hour fooling around with it thinking it was me. Apparently not. I tried it on two Samsung devices with one working for a while and another completely inoperable. Well, they both connected and could control the light, but notification alert would not work, which defeat the purpose of having this at all.

Needs work Love the Notti when it works, problem is the notification either does not work or will not clear most of the time

Doesn't work Keeps bugging out. Doesn't always connect to the device when I get home and it also doesn't always reset when I've checked my text.