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Open Heart Surgery Simulator

Supplied By Happy Baby Games - Free Preschool Educational Apps    On July 26, 2016    Comments(152)

APP for iPhone Open Heart Surgery Simulator version1.17 Download

Open Heart Surgery Simulator is a heart doctor surgery game for kids. These awesome doctor games with real doctor tools and crazy surgeon treatments are so much fun to play. With crazy game play, Open Heart Surgery Simulator has real heart transplant and ultimate operations. The ambulance has reached the hospital in time otherwise the patient would have gone in a frozen state. He might need a pacemaker fixed inside him. Cut open the skin, avoid damaging the rib cage. Track your progress; keep checking the instant heart rate monitor. Gain health & fitness with a simple open-heart surgery simulation.

Be the doctor kids love to visit and get treated with. This educational game has the best surgery simulation on play store. A biggest rush of patients injured and suffering with heart diseases are coming to your hospital to get their surgeries done. Get to know their history first before treating them and sending them to the operation theater. They have their brain doctor surgery reports with them or they might have a stomach disease already. They may have been suffering with lungs problem or liver problem or a kidney disease. Be careful while doing the Open Heart Surgery Simulator on your sick patients.

The ambulance is here. Here comes a new patient to get his open heart surgery done from heart surgeon. The Ambulance doctor has noted down the symptoms and diseases that he already has, on his way to the hospital. This patient is suffering from a heart disease that can affect his arms, finger and leg movements if the heart does not pump blood properly. His veins and arteries might have been blocked. Keep checking his brain, eye, ear, nose, tongue, kidney, liver, lungs, stomach and all parts of the body. Prevent him into getting to a frozen state. To avoid any other damage, prepare for the surgery simulation now. You are going to be the heart doctor surgeon to perform the surgery. Call the Brain doctor, kidney doctor, lung doctor, anesthetist and all other surgeons on duty to keep a check on the patient’s organs while you carry out the Open Heart surgery simulation.

Open Heart Surgery Simulator features:
√ Fun treatments & real surgeries
√ Amazing graphics and crazy game play
√ Realistic Heart Surgery Simulation
√ Use medical tools like scalpel, electric shock, injection, dropper, cooling shower, tweezers, cream, band-aid and syrup
√ Check temperature with a thermometer
√ Zoom in with a camera
√ You’ve got brain teasers (hints) showing on screen for treatment

Open Heart Surgery Simulator has so much fun options to try crazy surgery simulator at your clinic. Kill those germs causing pain and diseases. There is a biggest rush of patients waiting outside your clinic to get treated.

Doctor games have never been this awesome. Become the real doctor and crazy surgeon to perform the surgery simulator on your patients. Test your skills, become a professional surgeon, treat patients with painful expressions and make them healthy and happy again.

Happy Baby Games - Free Preschool Educational Apps part of our Simulation and have average installs from 5000000 to 10000000. Last Update July 26, 2016. Appstore play rating is 68.4527. Current verison is 1.17. Actual size 34.0 MB.

What's new

    - Minor Bug Fixes.
    - Design Enhanced.
    - Better User Experience.
Download open-heart-surgery-simulator.apk 34.0 MB


Tarvis This game is really good for kids to learn of they wanna be a doctor.

Its okay I didn't like it but that is my own opinion.

Heart surgery simulator Best heart surgery simulator ever...

Nice heart doctor game Good one love this heart surgery simulator

Best surgery game Its awesome

I love this game

Ooen heart surgery sim Nice surgery game i like it ...

Open-hearted surgery Too many ads and it does everything for for you that makes its so boring if I were you I would never download it again.

Not good It was cool for the first ten seconds but then there were too many adds and horrible graphics. I am uninstalling it now.

Awesome game Good game but it always stopssss when i am in the end of the surgery nonsense

Dumb It crashed my tablet FOUR TIMES!!!!

Too many adds

Wow how horrible

It's glitchy

It sucks, l hated it

So boring No interaction. Basically drag and drop. Dumb game. Unimaginably boring, and unrealistic.

Hated it!!!! I can't close the heart and I am stuck. Don't get this game. It sucks and you prob won't like it. It is not worth downloading. Trust me on that.

Doctor game Open Heart Surgery Simulator is the best doctor surgery game for kids.

Dreadful Full of ads, pathetically boring, unrealistic and barely any interaction

I looooooooove this game super much Rally awsome game even if its disguisting

To many ads if I could star a 0 I would

Adds :-* :-( :-[ There is adds like every minute

I kill all patients

Ridiculous amount of ads.

It sucks

I haven't seen it yet I am now installing it

Wow so awesome

Worst game I've ever played It would rather go black, freeze, and when I exit the game the song keeps going and it is so annoying.EVER IN YOUR WHOLE LIFE DON'T DOWNLOAD THIS GAME!!!!!!!!!!!!!

This game has to many interpretations while you're in the middle of doing your thing. I don't like it.

Tyair savage This game is amazing and I want to be a doctor I am in 4 grade I go to warner

Crap. I've looked at all you're games and all of them suck like butts in the air mooning Justin Beiber.

Worst game ever You suck get a better job next time i hate it really bad

So bad Unrealistic, laggy, too many adds... Don't waste your time

Very nice game It works properly in my phone

To many adds Let me pay to disable adds. I'd have no problem throwing 5.00 for no adds. This game pops up an add ever 10-25 seconds making the game unplayable. Shame on you

Can't get on can Yin's? If you can please tell me what lm doing I'm sure that it's the right thing strest out

Too many adds Before I even picked a patient an ad popped up. Within the first 5 mins at least 15 ads popped up. Fix this!!

Too manifest add ever Please listen to me when I play the add play and play and play, and I uninstall this app

Don't download Worst game I ever played.....too many adds not capable of even 1 star.......very annoyed wasted 15 minutes of my life....?????

I loved it We have to open the heart and then attached it was wsx edc rfv thn ybu nmk ijl opm

Ads People who are complaining about ads, it's not the game developers fault, if you turn off your wifi no adds will pop up

Needs alot of things Needs less ads cause like how are we going to play if an ad pop up every minute plus i think it should let us try it by our selfs after and we do the same thing for the next patient

Doctors heart sergrery I don't like this game a bit.This is garbage!My brother likes this game but I'm scared of seeing the human body heart.hmmp!

Its OK but come on you can't staple bones and cut them .but if you change it a little .I would give it 4or 5 stars

Don't get this This game is boring it doesn't let you do anything on your own it just does everything we have to do is move it you can't even work in your own style and everytime I try to do something it pops up don't get this game

Garbage. Never seen so many pop up ads. Pure spam. Don't bother with it.

Uninstalled & Flagged as Inappropriate Too Many Annoying Ads & Terrible Grafics & Whay is thr Main idea of this Game ? Just w.t.f ?

Ok but... The game is too easy and you can't lose. Also it does almost everything for you.

Not good There were to many ads and some of the ands were not right for children the creates really need to redo the hole game not good

So so so so so BAD always shoeing adds like stuff what a hell it needs does it want us to play the game or not. I'm not chitra ravichandran but hee son

LISTEN CAREFULLY Hated it worst game

So bad the computers gets to have all the fun and we do the boring work so many ads

Boring u spend more time trying to set the tools... Sorry removing better things to do yo time consuming

Too Many Ads Its a good gamr but right when I hit play an ad popped up andehe i was removing the tubes an ad popped up.

Heart doctor rlly? I hate it n bit dicusting eeww openeing someones..... eww

Best game I like it so such you're mouth about not likeing it

Way to many ads The first time I was on this game an add popped up,and I bearly got to play

Too many ads I couldn't get through one thing because the ads were constantly in my face one after another!

Boring and too may ad's All you do is click on things and every 3-5 mins there's ad's?

Mediocre at best Be prepared to exit a billion pop ups for a game that was clearly made with promotion in mind and nothing more.

Boring and too many ads It does everything for you and every time you do something there's a ad.

So so Its fun but you can barely play because of all of the ads

I just to play with hearts but every time a ad pops up the screen it goes black

Don't know what to do Too many ads

TOO MANY ADS. This game requires you to tap a lot. So, every 10 seconds when an ad pops up, you end up clicking on it. It's annoying, and it is literally every 10 seconds.. I counted. Not a fun enough game to deal with.

Stop Y'all need to stop hating on the game and good find YO life if I didn't make myself clear then read this comment again

De Ax d FCC h ty f I hated it

You barely do anything so many adds it drives me crazy when there are so many adds and you barely get to do anything

Wasting time If you are one of those human who got plenty time to waste then download this game otherwise just move on to something fun.

Boring It is fun for a little bit but then it just get's boring?

Open heart surgery It's rubbish you try to cut open where your gonna operate and there's an advertising after each bit or even in the middle of a small bit adverts it's annoying you can't do anything unless there is 6 adverts before you even begin not worked out right at all don't play it's totally unplayable

Love This is so real life looking it Lear you sometings

Too many adds It's proberbely a good game but can't even see the screen .!!!!!!!!

Very good It can teach you what to do if you want to be a doctor

Middle finger for this app Before uninstall, i will show my p#@#$ to this app....

Bad worst game ever full of ads Ok I think u should download dream soccer league 2016 it's awesome than fit a 15

Absolutely rubbish Too many adds and you' don't get your own freedom and it gets boring after 2 minw

HATE IT If I could give this a zero I would I sooo wasted my time downloading this dang thing and trying to play it it should just install this whole thing and DONT WAST YOUR TIME YOUR BETTER THAN THAT !

Boring It tells you how to do everything in it shouldn't you be trying to do it your self?

I love it It lons you how to be a hospital people and lon

The kids will became big and be a doctor will be easy ?

I am a surgeon now... I did open heart surgery in 4 minutes..:-)

Wont Work but Ok Game Tried to move and press the correct tool but no use it doesnt work PLZ fix

I am not going out for the first time The first to review on average customers

It is cool This app is good but too many ads

Ok It's good but sometimes freezes and it's really annoying I bet everyone else agreed with me???

Thats grosse If you remove the hearth

Only one type of operation will occur

The feeling Dekota bailey mum and Jordan

Blawww If I can give it 0 I will do it

THE WORST GAME EVER Every time I go into the game it shows me ads then turns black.

Crazy This is the craziest games I have found

Boaring game Just can't see the screen

This is so amazing Days are so good

Too many adds The game is already boring.. additionally they popup adds at every 10seconds in d middle of the game which becomes very irritating

Idk how to staple so i give it 1 star

Not very interesting. I didnt like it very much?

Really bad to many ads I buy the game I went on it and boom a load of ads in my face apserlutly hated it

Worst game ever It made me gag it's so gross

Too many ads! There were way too many ads!

Dozens of ads cappy game Dozens of ads with game play periodically tosses in

Boring Can't do anything

Amazing heart surgery It is a amazing game.Many of them think that simulator games are one of boring games in the world, don't think it.First play the games and then give the review by yourself.If any one want to download the game 'WILD CHEETAH SIMULATION'...

Worst game ever played This is a very worst game so, do not waste your data by Installing this game

Deleted within 3 minutes The adds are just overwhelming and the game is too boring, cool idea but too simple. Everything happens for you without you having to do anything and that just makes the game uninteresting.

Ads ads ads More ad time than play time. Abominable.

STUPID GAME Don't waste your data by down loading this game it has only one level and everytime it has tutorial

To Many ads I recomended you, DON'T INSTAL THIS GAME !!! SO BORING AND TO MANY ADS !!!

Not bad It nice to play when you don't have nothing to do but too much ads and game is a bit too simple

Does every thing for you This game is horrible i does everything for you

Too many adds This game has too many adds and also does everhthing for you its boring dont waste your time

I don't usually hate on apps but when you are putting ads in the middle of heart surgery it is very annoying

Hated it so much Damn this game is stupid

HORIBLE GAME!!! This game is a piece of trash too many adds does every thing for you and boring

Stupid I can't play this game all because there is to many Dame ads

Waaaaaayyyyy to many ads There are way to many ads you get a ad every 5 secs

Ads Way to many ads. Interrupts game play about every 30 seconds

So many ads! There 6 ads withing the first 3 minutes. Awful!

I am a hater Bad asf

Stupid To many adds never ever ever ever ever ever ever install this app it is so so stupid ! ×××

Too many ads To many ads ads pop up every 5 seconds

So much add I was bored I don't like it a lot

Good game This game is good and fun

To many adds There are way to much adds

Sucks It's a terrible game!

Stoped To herd and to menu adds

Kishore bandaru Super game and waste game

Stuppied game ever played Fullish game ever played in my life i had uninstalled it after playing chance because it was ssssssssòoooooooo stuppied game

It sucks This game sucks it has ad's like every 2 seconds

I haven't played it

It was worstest game ever It was a worstest game ever i never play

Not working all the time ads

This game doesn't load

Does Work When i am touching my tablet it's does working

its ok but ADS ADS ADS ADS ADS ADS ADS ADS ADS ADS ADS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! why? so many ads

Its' game is okey.

Nope I didnt even have it for a full five minutes and I hated it. You know that type of hate when you are one point away from passingf a level and something or someone interrupts you, that's what I felt with this game. What's up with the all the ads I mean like, there's no point in even playing the game if there's an ad every 30 second?? I'm gonna go watch T.V and delete this BS

Bloody ads Omg could you be more annoying with the ads!?!? You should make the game a bit more interactive instead of tap here tap there oh ok you helped the patient next.... booooring

Way to many ads Before I had even started the game I had to close 3 ads. I know you need ads to make money but DAMN!!! Way to many ads!

Worst game The worst game i ever no i ever saw. It was just like as i was having my phone's screen touch test lol.

Confident who made doctor There is confident of children who made doctor all people who not have confident you can play this game you want confidence you can play this game d' not aboite your child to play this game.

The screen The screen turns black and I can't see or touch it make it so my i pad can't sense my finger and I didn't even play the game and I didn't like it but I still played it

Stupid game When i tried to do the first boy to cut bones it would not let me touch it or nothing so thiss is a very stupid game

One of the coolest surgery games ever This is a really cool game. Surgeries and stuff. It also isn't very gory so it wouldn't scare le little children? I think it's a good educational game for kids.

Waste It is not the game wht I though so boring And it is the waste game which I have saw

Soooo boring You dont get to do anything on your own

Can't even play the game with the Millons of adds that pop up. Unistalled, can't even begin to imagine how buggy this game and the adds could be.

This is i very boring game nd alot of ads there shoul be more action in i think dont like it

It's not that much good it's like to bad see the surgery I did not like it so much

Boring Like I am trying to play and it keeps disturbing me

Please of crap Worst game ever it's stupid

WAAAAY TO MANY ADDS!!! It has to many freakin adds...HATE IT DONT INSTALE IT!!!!