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Pokémon TV

Supplied By The Pokémon Company International    On Aug. 1, 2016    Comments(172)

APP for iPhone Pokémon TV version2.0.2 Download

Download the latest Pokémon TV app, complete with awesome new features and even easier navigation! Now it’s even more fun and easy to watch incredible Pokémon animated adventures starring Ash, Pikachu, and all their friends. Don’t miss movies, episodes, special animated features, and more. And, as always, this Pokémon TV app is free!

Easy Access with My Channel!
When you start watching a video, it will automatically be added to your channel so you can quickly resume it where you left off. Recently completed episodes will also stay in your channel so you can easily find out what to watch next!

Watch Offline!
If you’re planning to be without network access for a while, don’t worry! With the updated app, you can mark one episode, movie, or feature for offline viewing. This video will be stored to your device in your channel so you can watch it any time. With the Pokémon TV app, you’re ready to watch wherever and whenever! The video will automatically be removed from the channel after one week.

Rate Your Favorite Episodes!
In the new Pokémon TV app, you’ll also be able to rate each video after you’ve finished watching it. With this fun feature, you can see the average rating and contribute your own score!
Stay Up to Date with Push Notifications!
We’ve also added push notifications to let you know when more movies and episodes have been added to the app. With push notifications enabled, you’ll be the first to know what awesome adventures await the next time you watch!

The Pokémon TV app is the perfect way for Pokémon fans to keep up with Pokémon TV episodes.

The Pokémon Company International part of our Entertainment and have average installs from 5000000 to 10000000. Last Update Aug. 1, 2016. Appstore play rating is 82.9498. Current verison is 2.0.2. Actual size 14.0 MB.

What's new

    Bug fixes
Download pokemon-tv.apk 14.0 MB


Load of rubbish So here i am going on to you tube to watch pokemon and surprise surprise it was copyrited so i found this app and thought "yay now i can continue watching pokemon :)" but NO its just a few random episodes from a few random series. If you can fix this and make all episodes available i would give this 5 stars ,but untill then, its a lonly one star for you...

Sinnoh Unavailable Why is it that the Sinnoh region episodes are not available in America. PLEASE FIX THIS! Would give this 5 stars but until the isuue is fixed you guys get 3

Grrrreat Doesn't have every episode and graphics arent great. But if you are a Pokemon fan truly it wont matter btw put in every episode if would make It better just sayying

Where's Unova? The Unova season is my fave... and it's not even there anymore. I hope you bring it back. Its really upsetting now that its gone. :(

Seriously? I thought it would show all pokemon episodes from all the seasons in order! I'm going through Pokemon withdrawal, people!! If you could put all episodes in this app, I would rate 5 stars. I'm sure everyone else has the same thoughts.

Ok Either i am missing some thing or can you only watch the episodes on the main screen? Would be 5 stars if i could find the other episodes

Missing something If people could watch every episode of every Pokemon series to date, I would've rated five stars... just have a list of seasons for every region and all episodes for each season and people could watch Pokemon from the very first episode to the latest...

Amazing App. Too many people are complaining that not all episodes are available when little do they know, this app cycles through each season and each episode (it's not like you're going to watch each amd every episode). It WOULD BE cool to see the movies on here.

Glad I can watch Pokemon but.. Being limited to five or six episodes from a few seasons is disappointing but it is Pokemon so it's cool. Would love some chromecast support. I don't think it would be too big of a deal since IOS devices can make use of the app and airplay. Give me chromecast support and you'll get five stars!

Pokemon rules I don't care if Kalos episodes haven't come out yet on this app. I love watching these from start to finish. The world's waiting for you Pokémon TV. :]

Was brilliant, then stopped working :( It worked brilliant for couple months. I couldn't stop watching. I didn't mind they were random episodes, they cant upload the whole franchise cos then no one would buy the box sets!!! Duh!! .......BUT.... then it just stopped working... no matter how many times I re-install it, it still doesn't work. Doesn't even show 'loading' screen anymore.

Pokémon TV I love this app it is like the website. There is a channel for each region except the current one. Each week around Thursday the episodes all update and in order cycle through the episodes, about ten episodes available for a region at a time(just swipe right to left for more). So you can start in the middle or wait to start at the begging. So fun to watch! :)

Just fine I don't do it all the time but its great to every once in awhile.

World's greatest app I love this app but people don't have any patience they say why no all episodes the pokemon company needs some what I see they put new episodes every week thanks to pokemon company to make such an excellent app.

A wonderful app with a few minor annoyances I'll be honest, I quite like the Pokemon anime. It's not groundbreaking by any means, but I get this silly smile every time I watch it. The UI works just fine, although a bit bare. My biggest gripes are that it is playing on an older version of the android video player and resolution can't be changed. Still, it's a solid app and I recommend taking a look at it.

So slow I would love it if you guys updated more than once every two weeks

Needs ALL the episodes When I first saw this app, I thought you'd be able to watch every pokémon episode but was sadly disappointed that you can only watch a couple from each region. Please put up all the epsiodes because this app is a massive letdown.

Very disappointed Like everyone else said. Major let down. An app like this, or what it was intended to be is something all Pokémon fans would more then appreciate. If you want to have it cost money, fine! But put up all the episodes, with all the seasons. Something all installers expected. Not just a scattered few. That's not fun for anyone. Just a tease. And honestly a waste of excitement.

LOVE IT!!!!!!!!!! It's to good for words .Before I had this app I thought that Pokemon was rubbish and silly but thanks to this I watch Pokemon every day P.S Pikachu is so cute :-D :-D!!!!!

Please give us all the episodes I got really excited when I heard about this App. It was disappointing with Netflix not to get them all and would love to see the end of Kantonand fhe whole of Johto. Sadly disappointed.

Outdated and terrible to navigate Its hard to believe this is an app mace for android as it does not follow android design standards at all. I may be able to watch Pokemon episodes but I can't seem to find the movies anywhere on this app. Without a search function that's just made worse. The video player doesn't take up full screen either so the onscreen buttons are just as distracting as the terrible video player controls. It needs to be brought into the present, bad.

Great official app with minor errors This app is awesome! I love how new episodes for each region arrive each Friday. Only a couple minor issues exist. The video quality is kind of poor too (for a tablet). This is a good app overall and I look forward for more updates, a better and more updated UI would look good as well. Thank you

The twist See, I enjoy this app, I'm not picky on my episodes nor do I care because I've already watched them all? The app layout is great! I love the specials and the addition of a new episode from that season (episode swap). BUT! the app continues to crash as soon as I press on an episode.. Big let down! But because I know this app has NEVER let me down before it still gets the 5 stars it deserves!

Almost... I saw this and got excited... but that excitement was kind of short lived when I realized I couldn't watch all of season 1. Or any other season for that matter. Dont let the one star fool you though, I enjoy what is offered. It just didnt live up to the expectations. This would definitely be a 5 star app if you made every episode available. Even if it cost money it would be completely worth the charge if I could watch any episode anytime I wanted.

Terrible I love pokemon, but this was terrible, I was really annoyed and disappointed, I opened it to watch some pokemon obviously, but when I tapped on any episode, the show wouldn't load, the screen was black and it kept making a really weird noise. Fix this please!! I'm begging I want to watch pokemon. (oh and for the record, I know there is nothing wrong with my tablet, I checked.)

Disapointing I gave it two stars because we.should be able to watch x and y and to keep up to date with the new series and be sble to search season and region

Pretty good There are several ways it could be improved. Such as showing all episodes At once instead of waiting every Friday for more videos show them all. And show them all in order. Plus some episodes the Friday updation ones aren't watch able until the next day. But apart from that its good videos aren't from YouTube and has never been copywrited. So over all 4 and half stars. :D

Cool but needs fixed I love pokemon and this app is good for watching it but it starts you off at random places in the regens I would rate this app a 5 if you guys would chang it so you start off each regen at episod one

poor why isnt there any of the first episodes of every seasson i think its poor that you have skipped so many episodes fix this and get more then i will give 5 stars great idea but dont just do half a job.

It's a nice little idea. I think it's a wonderful little thing. Though a liittle bit not perfect. I only watch subbed anime, but I had to try this out. Because it was so neat of the Pokemon Company to make Android apps. And so nice of you to offer free episodes of Pokemon. I would pay for them. Actually, I have paid a lot of money for Japanese Pokemon DVDs. But.... it doesn't have enough episodes. I like to watch Pokemonin order. And it would be nicer if it were easier to find the movies, I couldn't find any of them. And this might be a lot to ask, but I've always wanted Pokemon to be international. I've never been a fan of dubbed anime, and the cultural changes in Pokemon were always so sad. Japanese Americans are Americans, too. And all food is American food, sushi places are popular in American. And we're living in a global internet society. But Homika's name was changed to Roxie, and I still can't enjoy Pokemon in Japanese legitimately without importing the Japanese DVDs. I would much much rather spend lots of money on Google Play and buy subbed episodes of Pokemon, than get it for free and only have English episodes. But.... I have hope. Things are getting better. I can play Pokemon X and Y in multi

The greatest app ever I feel the You guys are making great apps and this is the best app in the World i love this app so much i love it love it love it (dont listen to the haters.)

Come on OK so I go on the app then it loads it loads it loads it stop loading then poof it unfortunately stops if you fix this I'll give you 5 stars. :-( uninstalled

Great for casual watching. To all the people complaining about random episodes, the episodes rotate. 10 episodes are available at a time, with 5 new episodes from each generation going up every Thursday/Friday while the 5 oldest available episodes of each disappear until they next roll around. For example, if episodes 1-10 of Kanto were available this week, 6-15 would be available next week, with 11-20 the week after that etc. Once the Orange Islands end, it loops around back to episode 1. Johto covers the Johto episodes, Hoenn covers Hoenn and the Battle Frontier, Sinnoh covers Sinnoh and Unova covers Unova and the Decalore Islands. They haven't started putting the XY series up yet, but now that the first season of that has completed its US run, they will probably start rotating it here soon. While it would be nice to be able to have the entire series available at any time, the fact that they give free access to any episodes is great. Their system works well and you will easily be able to watch the complete series if you keep track of which episodes are available each week. I would like to give this 5 stars, but the interface lags a bit. However the actual episodes play perfectly.

Amazing app. My 4 year old son loves it. Perfect boredom cure when meltdowns just can not happen. Super easy to use, he knows how to open it and select his favorite episodes without any help.

Don't listen to bad reviews Though it doesn't start on episode one they have a lot of episodes and they work.

Cmon u gotta be joking Plz update the app to have all the episodes and seasons so we all can watch from the first to recent show that's been aired unless u get one star for the app it's much better to watch all of them and I will give u 5 stars when I see it happen

I love Pokemon because I love Pokemon its awesome try it I'm watching videos about it pikachu looks cute girls say that because its true hope you enjoy From: Wither Lord

Dissapointed Why are there only a few random Pokemon episodes? I would like to watch every season but cant :\


Clearing Up a Misunderstanding Look, here's something that most people don't know: The episodes listed CHANGE WEEKLY. That means that every week, different episodes show up. The Pokémon Company CAN'T put EVERY episode on there at once, or they might lose money. If you could just take the time to know an app and use it before reviewing it, that'd be great.

Videos Gone?!?!? I can't see the Unova and other regions videos! Can you fix it? If you do I will rate this 5 stars.

Amazing! I love pokemon and sometimes I just want to watch something, then I think of pokemon then to pokemon TV and I have a great time watching Ash screw up. LOL! Awesome!

Dear pokemon company I see all the apps and tcg app all for Apple products and none for Android I love this app but I would love all the other ones that iPhones iPad and iPods get please think about makeing the apps for Android to thanks in advance -Jeremy T. McCullough

.....wth happened o.O I used to love this app had to delete it for a while and came back to only super old episodes o.o what happened to BW and all the others ;3; disappointed tbh

Wrong aspect ratio... No Spanish tracks... Everything works except the old episodes are stretched and finally I would like to watch the early episodes in Spanish! Is that too much to ask? The original Spanish dub is golden!

Bad I can't rate it higher than 1 ever because this app literally crashes everytime I click it. I'm not able to get past the load screen where the pokeball spins around for about 10 secs then it says unfortunately Pokémon TV has crashed

READ ME This an app i highly recommend. Many people say in the comments that it is just random episodes, but the episodes change every week so it is really good with minor glitches

Read this if you don't understand This app DOES show every episode in order, just not all at once. It separates the anime into regions (which is absolutely brilliant) and gives you several episodes in order on a rotating schedule. Once a week, it adds the next bunch of episodes and removes the old ones. I can imagine this greatly helps the performance of the app since having all 800+ episodes at one time can be draining for both the app and the people running it.

Needs more eps It's great but could use more episodes. I seem to have missed some of the last few episodes of the XY series, don't remember them getting the Eevee or Fletchinder evolving.

Great Overall it's a wonderful app but it keeps crashing. Please fix

I like it, but.. I just downloaded this app, i really wanted to see the whole X&Y plus the whole X&Y&Z episodes, so if you would make all episodes available i would give you 5 Stars.

A request Would give this app 5 stars if it allowed you to stream to your TV or device in general could you implement this?

I don't get what's going on My old windows phone had all the episodes in their app and all the episodes are on the website, but there are a limited amount of episodes per season on the androids app....why!In order to watch them all I have to watch them on the website now. I even paid to get rid of ads on the Windows phone app.

Only one problem but 5 stars The app is really good but, I would like the videos I want to download is more than 1. Still 5 stars but can you please fix that?

Great app I have some suggestions Could you include Pokemon the first movie where mew and mewtwo are battling

It's just OK. It's a good app with free Pokémon anime episodes that changes once in a while. The video quality could be better, the loading times could be faster, but the biggest negative is region lock preventing you from downloading this app outside certain countries. I don't understand why such an old fashion idea still exists and it is just silly especially since side loading on android is not difficult and does not require root.

It's a great app, but... The problem with the app is that there is no previous episodes and I think it would be great if we had that aspect given to us.

I like this app just when do new episode come out each month week day year !!! Telll us

Reliable I dont have to scroll the web or waste money to buy these episodes while its here for me

Awesome app, but.... I really wish it had more content. I can watch everything on it in 2 days. Also, why do the seasons start halfway through, and not even finish the season? Seems kinda pointless to me...

Pretty cool Sometimes when I pause the video returned to the start. Hope they fix this. The app is really cool and I can rewatch the available videos anywhere.

NEW UPDATE I dislike the new update, videos now buffer lots, I can only download one esipode to my channel at a time. Sure it loads faster but I wish I hadn't updated, it's awful. I love Pokemon, but this is ridiculous

Can you please add something? Im deaf and I would be appreciated if you, the Creator of this app, add closed captions so I can understand better. Thanks

Great app! I'm new to Pokémon but really enjoy it. I'd like option to save more that one episode/movie and an option to use SD card as additional storage.

Love it The best thing cant wait tell the new ones

Not working anymore After this update it does not work everything is blank I tried failed please fix

Why me I can only see pixels and not pokemon ?and it is hard to see

Needs fixing When i watch a lot of episodes and they are saved it crashes until i unstalled

Xy and z I though the pokemon xy and z english episodes would be there, so i give it 4 stars

Love it but Could you make the videos in HD

No episodes on it There isn't any episodes or movies on the app at all.

? Now it even haves XY Z thanks for the update

Billy lucas If u have netflix, you canfind out

It was good, but it needs a search button. It could really use some more episodes, too. Episode one of Pokémon X and Y is none existing. It had alot of the good episodes.

Every thing I watch just stops like a few seconds in

I love it but when I go to a video it restarts my phone please fix it

Missing episodes When I updated it all the episodes are now gone and I can't find them anywhere.

More movies I would like there to be more movies please

Needs evry single episode and movie I like it but I want to see every episode and movies.? ? ?

Offline where is it? Can u tell me how to operate it? If so I'll change my rating.

Good for what it is Not many tv shows are willing to put their episodes free without ads. There's not much more you could ask for.

Put all seasons Put the whole season not just update every week if not update every day pls put ruby and sapphire back

No chromecast? Did you take away chromecast? Because I can't use this app on chromecast like before. Please fix this!

Pokemon Its cool but needa more update

Love it It worked great except I couldn't get on it for a while

They have full episodes Omg this is great I love Pokémon

No chromecast? Did you take away chromecast? Because I can't use this app on chromecast like before. I want this to go to the people who make the app directly! With these big companies, they NEVER get back to you, never! Why don't Pokémon prove me wrong? Plus, Google Cast app says that this and another app are Cast enabled. Please fix this!

It opens to nothing but a blank screen This app doesn't work any more on the Google Nexus 5X

Thank you so much!! All my life i have wanted to be able to watch every episode of pokemon because i grew up with it, but unfortunately pokemon is very hard to find and watch nowadays. This app may not have all the episodes, but with what it does have I am happy. Its a start. Also im so glad i don't need to sign up for it, cause i don't have a credit card XD Thank you so much!

This is app is good. I'm glad the Pokemon Company made this app plus it has offline mode, which is good. To make this app even better is if you add all the Pokemon movies, all the Pikachu short specials, Pokemon movie prelude shorts, Pokemon Chronicles, Pokemon Origins, add and keep ALL the episodes instead of removing them and bringing them back whenever?. Otherwise, great app.

Like it I didn't give it the 5 star beacause i want more videos it takes forever for 1 vid to come out then we watch ut and thats it no more.Pls put in more vids

It's no longer working for me. :( I try to watch any video and it plays 9 seconds without the audio and then tells me there's an error. I also like the idea of offline shows but can you please make it so we can have two offline shows per app?

Troubles, Great strides though! I re-installed this app and found they made great strides for watch ablity! Cast options are great! But playability (at least for me) are buggy, some play some play audio no video. Overall, I love that Pokemon company made this app! As a fan, I love they even have movies to watch! But again I just state some bugs with playability. 3/5 stars. 5/5 possibilities though!

I like it, but... Could you please add more than 10 episodes per saga? If it was per season I would be less critical, but 70 episodes out of the entire animé (910 episodes and counting) doesn't really make sense, due to the fact that I can get every single episode on YouTube

I hate the latest update, I liked it better before Pokemon Inc updated it Ridiculous update. I can't get it to work half the time and I can't pause it, when I try to press the pause button it sinks down into the bottom of my screen where I can't touch it without my bulky fingers hitting the back button. Come on Pokemon Inc! You can do better than this junk!! You design games for crying out loud! Seems like if you can make games that are so amazing you'd be able to design a half decent tv app!! I loved it before the update and now it's a piece of junk. I hate the latest update. Ought to have captions as well, can't tell what on earth they are saying some times

I hate the new update It won't let me watch the full thing I always have to go go home and click again and most of the time it won't let me watch the rest and every episode will get blurry in some point it used to never be like this before the update

What's going on Pokémon Company, help, it keeps saying "error cannot play video" on ALL of them with the new update but I still like the app

It good, but there's a few kinks to work out Pokemon tv, one of the best choices to choose for pokemon episodes, but sometimes it fails like today it said pokemon tv is unavailable and it wouldnt work so i gave up and came on here to give viewers my feedback.

Gotta Watch Them All! It's a problem that not all episodes are on here, that's why I'm giving 2 stars, after completing the Pokédex on all the games my goal now is to watch every animé episode and that should be more fun.

Please help! This app is amazing but it will not met me watch episodes from Diamond and Pearl! I can watch the first two but after that it keeps saying error, I have uninstalled and reinstalled but it keeps happening

Awesome Now it is offline finally but I hate how they repeat themselves twice when it freezes please fix that

Fraud Dont trust them when it says "can run offline", i dont have wifi, and if i could get it to work, its in horrible Quality.

Love it I've always found the app useful but since the latest update, I'm impressed, now its amazing!


Perfect with one flaw It's the best way to see pokemon since YouTube. But i can't find the exact episode i want. It would be better if you added a search button

The thumbnails are out of place Unfortunately the thumbnails are ahead by three. I'm not sure if that is only on Black and White, and did the weekly switch day? If it did please let me know but other than that fantastic app!

Good app but it doesnt have very many episodes and it doesnt have a search bar so you cant search for the episodes you WANT to watch plz fix in next update thank you.

Good but.. It needs the latest. Theres already pokemon xyz the season after xy out in youtube so plz get the new episodes

Great but... It doesn't update new episodes enough I heard that 26 episodes of XYZ were out but there's barely any episodes for XYZ only nine

For pokefans Easiest way to find news about Pokemon series and games. Also is possible to rewatch the old seasons. Have fuuuuuun *-*

Consistency Needed The application works on my Nexus6P, but on the Google PixelC it constantly adjusts its size subtly. Making it almost impossible to watch.

Its good but... Could you put all the movie's and episodes in it And can you put The Series XY&Z please.

Black screen Great, some minor negative things, but the reason for 3☆ is because there are times when I open the app and there are no episodes, just a black screen with the usual Pokemon ads on the top - I try restarting the app several times, restarting my phone... nothing, cant watch it.

Lacks Content I don't want to watch only 5 episodes of a series that are in the middle of the season. If they can't even post a full season start to finish then I don't see the point. Back to internet streaming I go

Some episodes don't load I love the app and 80% of the episodes do work, but you'll be playing through the series and 1-2 will just not work... hope it gets fixed soon as it's been a problem for a while

So helpfull With this app I don't need to catch the show on tv anymore, I can jest watch whenever I want

This new update This new update wowow even better love it thanks this is the best app to watch all the new pokemon shows's would be nice if u guys would update every week new shows

I love this app. But on my Samsung tab, it doesnt have the pop up of the episode you are watching when you are outside the app like the ipad. Please make this version of the app like that. Also it organizes the seasons of pokemon and lets you save your favorite episodes

It's awesome Now I can watch xy and xyz all I want. And the classics too.

Love u so much I will call my friends that like pokemon to download ok

Stopped showing episodes to view I honestly don't know why people would expect all the episodes from all the seasons at once on a free app. Honestly, that kind of on demand library will cost you something nowadays if you are not sitting at a computer. This app was perfect until it stopped showing any episodes for me to watch which is why I chose to rate it low otherwise nobody should be complaining getting free TV on a phone app.

Great app, but... This app is a great way to watch random pokemon episodes, however, the word random being specifically chosen. No one wants to start season 1 of pokemon at episode 18. Especially with the release of Pokemon go, everyone will want to watch the episodes from the start, to see what they have been missing out on all these years. But they can't. 5 stars will be extremely appropriate if full seasons are added. Even though there are still great features within the app.

What happen? Problem fixed now Loved the app on the first day of actual use. The next day I used the app, and nothing was showing besides the ads on the top of the screen. Seems like I'm not the only one having issues with this. I'd give the app a 5 star rating if any of the shows become available again. Day 3 and the shows are back! Love having free pokemon shows to watch!

Sorry It's okay. I was able to watch the movie, which I've been wanting to for a while. However, I was really excited to find out that I could watch the rest of the Pokemon episodes, and when I entered the app, there was a lot of series that I could watch. I was so excited! Until I realized that more that half the episodes to every season weren't there. I don't know if that's what is supposed to happen or something, but I don't like it. For example, Pokemon Gold and Silver start at SEASON FOUR. Like, what the?

It's good but not the best it could be I love it cause I love pokemon but you should change 2 things... First you should have every season of pokemon and second fix the fact that every 5 minutes it says error pick another video when I'm in the middle of an episode or it just won't load at all. Other than that great app but not the best it could be.

Great app! I love to use it to watch Pokémon, as well as the movies. The only issue that I and almost everyone has is the 5 episode per-week cycle. New users should note that the app only offers 10 episodes in order for each show's generation, and it will replace 5 episodes with 5 more each Friday, so you must keep up-to-date with the cycle. The app also skips over episodes not released outside of Japan (Wikipedia contains a list of the banned episodes).

It doesn't work anymore... Wtf happened? It worked perfectly fine but now nothing will pop up and now I can't watch any. I would rate 5 stars especially since I love pokemon so much. Fix it because I used to use this app all the time...

Where are the episodes?! So I got bored and decided to see if there were any new episodes of Pokemon. I had heard there were new episodes of XY and Z so I wanted to watch them. Well I was outraged to see they are not there! PLEASE GET THE NEW EPISODES IN AND I MIGHT GIVE YOU A FOUR STAR RATING.

Let's you watch and catch up on all seasons. It allows you to watch and catch up on your favorite regions. There's all he way from generation one to 6 and soon seven on there. You have to wait for the region episodes to start again. But, it's worth it. They play full episodes without commercials or ads. You can even download movies/episodes to watch them offline. They just need to fix the bugs. I can't really watch episodes without it pixelating and repeating in an infinite loop. It also says error playing video. Please fix and I'll rate 5 stars.

The Simplicity Works You may think, "Hey, I want ALL the episodes!" Well, the simplicity makes Pokémon TV work. There's so many episodes right now that you'll have a hard time picking one! And hey, if evil, horrible lousy coordinator May comes in, this isn't the only option for Pokémon.

Disappointed I thought that I'd be able to watch all the episodes from all the generations or at least from one of them but no. It doesn't even give you a full season but instead you watch a select few in the middle of 1 season. I want to watch beginning to end not middle to later-part-in-middle. The only good thing is that they're full episodes and you get to watch the full Pokémon: the first movie all in good quality

So.... I was watching the show and it closed out. I thought nothing of it until no more videos showed up no matter what I did!! It's very annoying when you have an app for videos that shows no videos. I JUST UNINSTALLED AND RE-INSTALLED AND NOTHING CHANGED!! WHYYYYYYYYYYYY!!!!

Cool I really like this app you guys did an amazing job on it. One more thing could you please make the pokemon tcg app available on the galaxy note 4 because I don't have a computer to play it on and I have a galaxy note 4 and can't play it because it says my device is not compatible. Please and thank you.

Why have a weekly rotation for each season? 5 episodes being rotated every Friday/Saturday for each season, by removing previous episodes and adding the next 5 ones in the order. It is awesome to be able to watch the series through the app, but cannot understand the logic behind it... What if people want to watch specific episodes for whatever reason at any time? You are still forcing people to just pirate the episodes this way! Make it easy, stupid... 1 star making a great app crap. Thanks for nothing..

Great app But I was hoping to get all episodes so I recently got the pokemon go app and I'm addicted then I started watching xyz and amazing show but I got the app to start from scratch like season 1 episode 1 but I had to start from season l episode 23 so yea more episodes plz

Add all episodes already! Love Pokemon ever since I was little. So one star for Pokemon and one star for creating the app. And would get 5. But who wants to start watching a season mid season?! No genius behind that idiotic thought. I may as well uninstall.

Awful Nothing even loads it's just a black screen. Worked the first time I used it no problem and even tried uninstalling it. Never worked again. Utter joke!

The app is amazing but The app is amazing, you get to watch the shows of such a good anime. My brother loves watching this. But the problem is that all the episodes are not available. It would really help if you could get all the episodes. Thank you

I love pokemon tv When I downloaded it I was so excited to watch the episodes they are so fun to watch even I could remember everthing favorite when was pokemon xyz I can't wait to watch all the episodes when they come out that's all pokemon tv rocks and on pokemon xy I was crying only a little because ash left goodra

Black Screen Fix Please (Chromecast) I'm using a samsung galaxy 6 Edge, and sometimes while watching a chapter to the Chromecast the screen turns into black. Fix plesse and i will give 5 Stars :) thank you

Black screen Nothing shows up in the app except for the add at the top. The rest is just a black screen. Never had this problem until the last update. Now I can't watch anything.

Not bad They should have every episode i dont like skipping ahead cause i still havent seen all of them there is a bug were it wont let u watch a full episode and it will say error please choose another viseo plus plz add all episodes not just an handfull if that were to happen i would rate it a 5 plus all the movies would be nice to

NOTHING PLAYS! It gets a few seconds into the episode it quits wether I am on data or wifi. Tried my kindle and does the same thing. Fix it and you will get a better review

Error every 2 mins Serously how am I suppose to watch any episodes when you get an error message try again or try a different video. 2 stars is generous considering the app doesn't work

Meh. It doesn't let you watch the first 7 episodes and it gets an error when I try to watch a particular episode. Not very happy.

Its nice Lots of great reasons. Even the old ones! But why not every one? There's a eats up memory. And can't be moved to the SD card....or else it'd be 5 stars

Won't work Every time I open the app it says I am not connected to the Internet and will not work. I check and recheck that I am connecting, but still no app. Would be great if it actually worked. Like the idea

Pointless Doesn't include all episodes and films. Don't download this app unless you enjoy watching random episodes from a series...

Needs more episodes Good app but the episodes are so random and there isn't enough episodes on here. I thought I'd be able to go back and watch every episode but only a few are available. Please add more so I can watch the series.

Runaround This app only gives me a blank screen with ads on top... I can click on the ad to bring me to the website that let's me download it again... can't really watch any pokemon episodes like this. Not to mention in trying to see if anyone else had this issue I find out that you can only watch random episodes? Not worth my time to wait for something of that mediocre quality to be fixed.

Disappointed The episode selection is sparse and it doesn't feature a full season. It would be much better if it offered the episodes in the way that it is listed on the site for those who wanted to restart watching.

POKÉMON, GOTTA CAUGHT THEM ALL!!! I really love Pokémons, Pokemon is life to me. Pikachu is my number one favorite Pokemon and Pikachu is my mom's favorite Pokemon in the world?☺. If you missed an episode ( which I did, alot?) or you don't have Direct TV ( I don't have Direct TV anymore ) you could go to this app and watch it. It's sooo cool, I'm glade they made this app! Thank you Pokémon Company. ?Some day I'm going to work there.? ?

Add all episodes It completely defeats the purpose if you don't allow people to watch from the beginning. You're limited to the small percentage of episodes they have. This is a waste without all the episodes, and movies.

Good App overall It's a great app! I love watching my favorites from the original seasons! The only problem I've had is with errors popping up on some videos

Stop working This is a great app it works for a long time but now I am unable to watch any video. You get to 3 minutes into the show and then cuts off on you

Great! I love pokemon and this is just what i need to watch it on my phone! It doesn't took much storage on my phone either and is very quick! I hope more episodes come soon! :D

Um... Hello? I enjoyed the app until recently when it just stopped showing episodes (or anything aside from ads). That's just really embarrassing... Fix it and fast.

Everything is unavailable What am I suppose to watch exactly? Every time I clicked on the video is say video unavailable :/

Casting is bad! The app is doing a lot right but casting can start good and deteriorate quickly. Crunchyroll works so much better in comparison.

So much missing! There are literally hundreds of episodes missing! And it's not like it goes so far and just stops. These episodes are in the middle of the series. It goes episode 31,32,33,42,45,59 etc... Will give 5 stars if this is fixed!

If someone said that it had the black screen and can't watch an episode, well, I have the same problem, too. I think I have the slow Internet or the Internet is too far away from the device. It always does that on chromecast. It also shows the gray screen. It loads to get a gray screen! Then, it turns back to normal. I don't know why it does that but I think it is the server, but fix it plz!!

Huh? OK so I was just watching an episode of pokemon and poof every video in the app list just disappeared. If you want fans to enjoy this free app then fix the dang bugs. I only watch the first eight season's! Plus you guy's have all the seasons messed up. You put season five as season six. You need to learn how to count and you better not edit or cut out anymore of the old English dub or you will feel the heat from us fans…

Broken Worked fine for a few weeks - I ain't even mad about the limited episode selection. Now, more than half the videos I try to play just take me to a black screen for a few seconds, then kicks me out telling me the video is not working and to try another. It ain't the WiFi on my phone, something's wrong with the app...

First Episodes? I really like this app, but there's one feature that really puts me off. I'm not a long time pokemon fan and I noticed that there aren't that many episodes including the first ones. If there were more complete seasons l'd like this a lot more but until then, it's okay

Glitchs Whenever i watch a episode it glitchs and every thing turns to squares. I liked at first until i realized that the movies change every week and the episode upload is slow. I hate i when you can only download one episode/movie and sometimes when you open the downloaded episode/movies it wont let you watch it.

Won't let me play my movie I try to watch Pokémon 3: The Movie cause I'm mid way through and I'm dying to see the end! I'm unable to at the moment and I'm really p'd off. Please fix this problem and maybe, just maybe, it could be a strong, independent app so good, it could be one of my top 3 apps of all time.

Will you make the shows work?! Not a single show works. Every time I try it stops and says, Error cannot load this video. It does it for every video.

I don't understand what the hype about the app was for... it's missing SO many movies and a 90% of all episodes from every seasons. It's also poorly organized. 2 star for effort.

This app could be soooooo much more than it is. People binge watch episodes. I don't think there's a person on the planet that wants to start a season 30 episodes in. It's incredibly ridiculous. I've had this app for quite some time now, but I'm going to uninstall after I'm through writing this. Future advice to keep customers and not lose them: 1-keep current with new episodes. 2-have entire seasons. 3-fix the annoying bugs that kick you out while you're in the middle of an episode.

Really good! I really like this app! But 2 things I don't like is 1 it only has an assortment of shows from each season. I wish it would have all the shows from each season. 2 is that it won't show the new show from XYZ that was out yesterday! Otherwise this app is really good!

It Could Be Great The idea for it is great but I don't understand why they dont put in every episode. No one wants to start season 1 at episode 18 and have it finish at episode 25

Seasons and episodes in full It's a great app but I would love to have it were I can watch it in order of episode and season in chronological order. If you guys added a feature that allowed the viewer to binge watch season 1 in its entirety, it would be amazing. I like the app so far but if this feature was implemented, it would make it an amazing difference. Thank you devs