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Real Guitar - Free Guitar Game

Supplied By Gismart    On Sept. 16, 2016    Comments(180)

APP for iPhone Real Guitar - Free Guitar Game versionVaries with device Download

Real Guitar is the ultimate guitar simulator app featuring realistic electric and acoustic guitar sounds recorded with real guitars! It doesn’t get any closer to playing the real thing than that. Install free and get rocking in seconds!

Whether you want to learn guitar chords, nail down that new tune in your head, searching for guitar tabs for your fav songs or just need a cool guitar game to play around with - we’ve got you covered. Real Guitar lets you strum, pluck, and strike virtual strings playing guitar chords, riffs and solos of any complexity (all of that amp-, chord- and blisters free!)

Real Guitar is not only a great app to learn guitar for beginners and kids but also an amazing free guitar game for seasoned guitar heroes.

★★★ Real Guitar Free Features: ★★★

  • The ultimate guitar tabs (tablatures) database of guitar chords

  • Guitar chord finder: quickly find and learn guitar chords

  • Guitar Songbook: free guitar game with songs

  • Hi-fi sound delivering the most accurate guitar simulator

? ? ? Guitar and Playing Modes ? ? ?

  • Acoustic Guitar

  • Electric Guitar [NEW!]

  • Classical Guitar

  • 12 String Guitar [NEW!]

  • Guitar solo mode

  • Guitar chords mode

  • Nylon and steel guitar strings

  • New modes added regularly

Real Guitar is a great free guitar game app that can be used to:

  • learn guitar for beginners

  • teach kids how to play guitar

  • make guitar lessons more fun

  • practice guitar on the go

  • learn new chords, songs, tunes, riffs and solos

Whether you’re striving to become the next guitar hero or simply looking for a free guitar game to pass time, Real Guitar is sure to deliver loads of fun for you, your kids, friends and family.
Install now and rock out!

Gismart part of our Music & Audio and have average installs from 10000000 to 50000000. Last Update Sept. 16, 2016. Appstore play rating is 81.4293. Current verison is Varies with device. Actual size 0 bytes.

What's new

    Now you have a real chance to win a real Taylor guitar and get it delivered to your door!
    Minor bugfixes and improvements
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Crashes Crashes litterally everytime i try to use it, i was able to use it once, but then it crashed on my Galaxy Note 4. Great app, horrible crashes, will download again if fixed.

Lefty flip? If only you had put in a lefty flip mode i would have rated a 4 or maybe a 5

Brill but... This is awesome but how do I delete custom chords I have inputted. I have like 5 chords named 5

Some strings are not working Was at its best before the last update....FIX IT.... IL Give 5STARZ then.. lost hope with this app

Won't work of Lollipop I know the app is great. Do an update for AndroidL please thank you

Love it but..... It needs a lot more solo and time its my fav part

Make a real violin app So that I don't have to take mine home to learn a song

I wish you had the option to play and see the chords that you strum. Could be better but a good way to learn chords.

Love the sound But sometimes the sound becomes choppy. Will give 5 star if you can fix the problem

Good at least no issue with kitkat and lollipop like 'My Guitar Great but follow my guitar

it does not search chords of songs online

It's OK I love plucking chords but how do I delete chords I have in putted

All I get is one set of cords.. I tried to add cords, even the ones pre programed but it never allowed any alteration. Just one set of cords over and over. Sound was good but I expected some forms of interface that this doesn't have.

I love it Download it now !!!! Im playing a real guitar but this app. When i download it , it wa s very nice like my guitar

I like it But how can i change the tempo. Ty.

Beautiful app Great work done here mr. Developer.... Thumbs up.... :-)

The best But make it more awesome and a little more interesting!!!!!

Response is good........nice app to have in d tab......

Like I like it its fun to play around with but you can't hold notes down in the solo to get different notes. Guess that would be so hard to make happen.

Love it Just fall in love with it

Not that bad.

Where is my capo Where is my capo

Loved it Music is very nice

Orientation is weird The way the mode menu pops up has you hold the app so you are playing the guitar upside down. Why?

Ok Just understanding is ok I'm a guy for now no directions but to apoint I'll need exact directions to understand and would be nice to have a short song you can show how to do. Specially if Ian Blarinson from Alan Parsons Project I think is a big influence on guitar for me and Tom Scholz from BOSTON. Hope my comment resonates.

Fantastic Love it, sounds like a actual guitar and sounds fantastic, wish it could hold more cords but still brilliant. Wish you could bend the notes, but that'd be hard to program.

Looks like the pictures display more than what it has such abilities? It is not displayed on my version though. Also, a background sound while switching the chords might generate a real feeling but it is annoying to hear too much. Also, too much delay between notes during a chord play, even with a quick grasp, this sounds like beginner .

So since I'm a total rookie at this, I was looking for an app that was easy deposit easy rewind I just adjusted seaplane easy! but if you're actually trying to learn how to play guitar it just takes a little bit of dedication. but I appreciate all the help I'll pass it on to my friends

Very good I love this app. But, it is so hard

Still learning how to play Now im feeling hopeful I will learn how to play my guitar

Its good But its only on a screen and not a real guitar but I guess it helps because I'm getting a brand new guitar for my birthday!

Great guitar app! Excellent guitar app right down to the squeaky accustic strings. I'm a keyboard player and find this app more fun than keyboard apps. Great job! Now only if there was a record feature.

Pretty good.... Need Capo!!!!! I love how you can create your own chords! Its amazing. However having the ability to have a capo mode would make it so much easier to play songs and chords...

Crash course Downloaded 3 times...crashes every single time within 7 seconds

LG G4 This app opens plays a guitar riff while loding and then, closes back to main menu...

Note 4 Its crashes and force stops everytime i open the app please fix asap

What's up with the crashes? The app crashes every time I try to open it... I didn't get to use it even once.. Please fix.

Don't know a thing about playing. Got nothing out of it. I thought it would help me learn to properly hold and play my own gituar.

how do i even frets... thought maybe i could scroll up but nope.

Add more realism to it Add a feature that let's users change tuning, so they can feel comfortable practicing in whatever tuning they normally use.

Best thing ever!!!!!!!!!!!!! Amazingly amazing

Love it I play rock music on guitar?

Needs alternate tuning. Its cool for a free app but I like to use drop D tuning on occasion.

Chrashed Chrashed 4 out of the 5 times I opened it.

Awesome I like I did for my friend and they loved it try it and you'll see

OMG!!! What A Nice Piece Of App...!!! Works like charm on Samsung Galaxy Note 10.1 2014 Edition (SM-P605) tablet. Great sound, excellent responsiveness, no crashes. I'm impressed. Thanks to developer. Really stunning work. Have a single question/request: Where's the paid adds-free variant? Please, make it possible to remove those cluttering adds away from there! Even this added variant deserves the 5 star rating, but a paid variant will surely bring you also the deserved money rewards. Just DO it, man ASAP!!! I'll buy it immediately, for sure (and I'm pretty confident, that many others will do the same)!

Garageband I love it I get to play my own songs on it

Really Superb I've tried lot of apps this is the best among them

Gitar This app is nice.i like it.

Nice..but is there any tutorial on how to play it...step by step..

Great game You get to chose diffirent ways to play it

So fast to install Love how fast it takes to install :-)

Easy,simple and well done Thats all i can say about this application and realy tried others but they want to put so much on them that realy confuse me, i like the fact that this aplication has all you need from a real guitar.

5 STAR APP BUT PLEASE IMPROVE AS I SAY Let users save different set of chards for different songs that i can have 10 set of chords for my 10 different songs and i can switch between songs easily ...Please do it will be very useful ...Really Great Job ......

Very cool It's true that there's no simulator out there that's better than the real thing, however this app was really useful in teaching me how to play the cords. Its a wonderful app (amazing when you're waiting for your guitar to be repaired and you're bord out of your mind) really cool app. I think the only thing that could be improved is more auto-strumming patterns, otherwise sweet app.

Nice I love this guitar, is too much interesting to be true. If you don't use it yet, do your best just to have it

So much fun and perfect functioning app Best free app ever! Going to learn from this app will keep posting also experienced no bugs great job!

I badly want to play guitar and I think this app was so good. I tried it. But there's always have a advertisement appearing while I'm playing and it's disgusting! Please, remove those ad and I'll rate this app to 5star. Reply asap.

Lovely one is this..... I love guitar & now l stuying guitar from this appp......I want to say nothing about this bcoz this is fantastic one ..... everybody try this app & enjoy ......totally I love this aapp very much.......

No sound I would have liked a simple guitar app like this to play with, but it doesn't put out any sound on my LTE Obsidian (Android KitKat).

Real guitar Good app, too much personal information requested, rather pay, than share family photos.

Love this.. Demoo.. (But) There is no option for recording... Please keep one.. For mp3 format and also for wav.. We are wanna become musicians :) :D

It's amazingly good I cut my finger a bit and I can't play my guitar but with this app I can still play my own songs and more.

So much fun! Helped me learn a few new chords i needed for some of my songs!

Not good Much time to load application not good, please Gismart do some proof

Just avvsum I like it but one thing is not good there is no recording option .???

Real Guitar app. This app is really helpful to me to play easy songs . I love it . . . thank you so much !

Real cool app. I just wished it could give me the relative chord along with the main chords

The real thing Real awesome guitar

Awesome game I really love to play a guitar when I am away from the real one at home

Doesn't really sound like a guitar It also doesn't play like a real guitar AND it takes about 3 seconds for a sound to play

Best app I've used many guitar apps but it is having real sound of guitar

Didn't like it much I compared the tuning with my guitar. It is completely different. Sorry I am uninstalling.

It freezes! So much disappointing. Robotic guitarist is far better.

Awesome And then this guitar is that it as a real guitar nowadays we gst guitar for high price but this app is free

U can add learning mode. I want to learn guitar but i cant.

Really enjoyed Love it. Thanks to make me happy. I like the sound and so easy

Rlly love this app.. but some of the song i play have alot more chords mybe add some more..

Not what I was happening for It sounds ok, but does not play anything like a guitar. It plays cords, but your not going to learn how to play them really. Guess I'm looking for something that just can't be done. I know, kind of dumb on my part to try to find something that plays like my guitars on a 5"screen but I can't exactly shove my fender in my pocket for when I'm out and about bored waiting somewhere.

The bro Very good apps... realy enjoy playing it..

Superb App. Superb.. the best guitar app ever.. loved it.. & no crash report.!!

Help Really it's very easy to use and I learn gutair

I'm very interested in ur real guitar and a lot of thanks for Google

I love it but can u add more gutiars plz I would love that

Love this guitar app ! :* Feel like I really own a guitar now ! Enjoying it, awesome experience while making my own tunes! Great app with lot of facilities .....self taught instrument app :)

It could be the best app, but it's not well designed The app does not rotate. The open string should be also playable in the zero fret. We should be able to zoom it out a lot, like viewing 12 frets or more. There should be an option to have an electric guitar with normal distortion. It's a shame because the graphics and sounds are simply perfect.

Takes time to get in to, but worth it I've had the app a fair while and other than to mess around occasionally I hadn't looked properly at all of the features. The app really has some quality points, like being able to change the chords via the chord library allowing for a more individual feel. Really worth a look if you're looking to expand on your playing, or just to dick about

Awesome I like the app using it as a chord learner also to learn the guitar but im missing somethin i want you to add a capo feature pls some songs need a capo

its such a superb guitar app I'd been ever upload

Awesome app The guitar sounds nice. Can make a distortion or overdrive guitar plugin?

Best aap for guitars lovers This app is very good app..nd useful app..and original sound quality..

GG (Good game) Try putting like training for songs like adding a 'song library' option so we can play custom songs like in Don't tap the piano tiles..... other than that everything good

Coolio beens!!! This app is so good you can make your Owen cords woop woop!!!

So far so good You right should put traning songs

So wonderful I love it, I would like to take time to practice it during my break time in the field.

please provide this version for IOS and apple phone have the latest version with 4 type of guitar sound and very nice solo mode and so many things please provide that for batter Android features

Awesome! This Game Is Coooooool!! Get The Game Now.....

Like it I like this app because I am starting to love lurn it and I am pretty good at it

Very good One of the best.

Incomplete The fretboard, when trying to add your own chords, was incomplete.

JW Easy and fun to use, if you practice and keep using the app the results can be pretty good. Record and edit features would be great.

Nope Anyone who knows how to play, knows this is nothing like an actual guitar

It doesn't teach you to play if you never played a guitar :-(

amazing and UI is just awsm... but if u can add the function of recording the the track we are playing.... it would be perfect

It's great It really helped me learn to do all those things on a guitar and it was super fun!!

Omg I love it so much

So Relaxing!! When I'm bored I just wanna lay down on my bed and play the guitar and sometimes I fall asleep!!

not working don't download this game

nice just add more songs

Don't install This is boring

LOVE IT I AM SATISFIED Easy for beginners

Terrible!!! When I try to play feruca or something, it doesn't even sound like a REAL guitar!!! Horrible!

Good but... It's a amazing app don't get me wrong but I'm trying to figure out why it doesn't have the lower frets like 12-16 otherwise I would get it a full 5stars

Brilliant . I've only had this App a short time but, so far I love it. It certainly is a credit to you all for such a fabulous job team. THANK YOU .?????

NICE!! But... Would be very nicr if you could record the songs you play....that would be the best update..nice app btw

It's good We can select many things

Just love it All of their aps make me so into it first time ever

im amatir so lets try it.

Helpful in teaching and understanding I would devote it 5 stars

Good but starting time is very high

Good But we want new guitars

Superb and awesomeness It is nice and bright

Guitar I love this app

Good app Like the variety

I want another guitar

cool very simple!:)

Best But this is ausome

Pretty awesome

Good It sounds good love it........,.........

Awesomeness I really love this game because it sounds like a real guitar and you can chose a different guitar and i have a real guitar so it helps me with learning. I recommend this game for guitar lovers and the one's who dont have a guitar,so they can download this game. Thanks!!?

Pointless It doesnt help you learn the guitar nor does it let you play any songs that dont include the beginner chords...and even then you have to select the chord, run your hand across ghe screen, select a different chord, and repeat. Or you can go to solo and poke each string just for the **** of it.

Don't sell a product that's not finished! When I tap the strings in solo mode it doesn't make any sound, and the guitar is tuned wrong

Pretty cool but.. Its a little wonky

Missing frets.. I don't understand why the frets 12-16 are missing....otherwise 5 stars...

It doesn't work on asus zenfone 2

fantastic portable guitar hub, can u add special effects on electric guitar mode?

Nice This game a real guitar song and celebrate to all boys

Superb!! You can download it to no doubt I loved it..

Disappointed Did not turn my phone into guitar, would not buy again.

Sound I was trying to play the national anthem of india but i think the tuning is wrong

I haven't had it very long, but it seems like a very nifty app for those chords and riffs you can't get out of your head.

Worst app Really really boring not real at all

Loved it totally Lovely app, you really don't need to carry your guitar to places. You got guitar right in your pocket in your phone. The only thing I felt lacking was, there should have been more rhythm patterns, rest it's all awesome ?

Great app, love it, but . . . Needs a learn to play song feature that we can learn to play along with and also maybe some guitar sound options like distortion and tone also pitch, but really want a heavy metal distorted guitar or bass guitar also available to play with. Great otherwise.

It's OK I have to be honest, I'm a little bit disappointed with this app. It gets boring after a while and I have to uninstall it. SRY!???

NICE!! But... Would be very nice if you could record the songs you play....that would be the best update..Or even gave some sample songs we could learn how to play... nice app btw

Works Cannot find song book on s7 edge. Is it supposed to be like how the iPad version is setup?

Good I am playing, guitar when i am of 9 yrs really good app chords and i can even play lead on my mobile really good 5 star lets rock ????

I request you to add a song recorder to it in the update, so I can record songs and play it in the google play music app, othervise very well, good,nice app for music

Very cool,Very Creative,Best Guitar app I have used GOOD job on this app it's one of my favourite apps now! ?

Very Cool Tnx From This App And The Developer I play what time I want and it is very nice,very cool,very real did you agree I agree??????

It is really cool and I love too play the guitar this app is really good for me because I've been playing guitar since I've been 8 years old

Nice work The best guiter app i have ever used . but can u increase the no. Of ? types

Teacher for me It teach me how to play guitar. It was difficult for me to play a real guitar but from this app I am playing guitar so good

Do not download this, there are better options. You've been warned.

Sucks!hate this app boring I can't slide or plucking

Awsome This is the best app I have ever seen in my life.....I really enjoy guiter in my ph.... Awsome app...

Awesome fun Sounds great , plays great ... Absolutely the best guitar simulation out there .

good app lovely musics can play if u want

Super app It's very useful to learn and basic & and everything about guitar

Helpful I always wanted a guitar now I have one

Fantastic This app is so cool I mean I do real Gautier and I can practice on the app

Deez nuts I loved this game

Amazing guitaar Beeter experience , and perfect stress buster

This is actually really good. The graphics, the sound, and the variety of guitars! It's just amazing.

It's good but you're not interested in it after you play it once

BEST OF THE BEST☺ Its the best guitar game ever

Very nice app It's too good but want a new guitar thanks

Great Good way to spend time when im not able to play guitar

Love this app For music people out there I'll know you'll like it

Love it Its fantastic its so good and its a free app which makes it better i would recommend this app in the top 500 apps ever

Super good now I can learn to guitar

amazing i really love it?

Nice app If you know it wiil great app

I love it I can learn how to play guitar since i doesn't have a guitar yet i will keep on using this

Five stars I was bored and this was fun. Idk

Lag Hurt my ears

Nice but the ads are a little disturbing but its very good keep the good work?

I Love it It's So Learning

Guitar It recognizes very late