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Red vs Blue -Build Space Ships

Supplied By Screen Capture Video Tools    On Aug. 4, 2014    Comments(74)

APP for iPhone Red vs Blue -Build Space Ships version2 Download

Red vs Blue is a one-touch real-time strategy space game of action, intelligence and fun!
Blow up your opponent's mother ship by building the right space ships and defending your base.
Ships you spawn fight automatically using the latest in artificial technology. The player who keeps their mother ship alive wins!
The game is 100% free and can be played with 1 Player or 2 Players. Just click the red and blue space ship at the start menu to play 1 vs 1!

Screen Capture Video Tools part of our Arcade and have average installs from 10000 to 50000. Last Update Aug. 4, 2014. Appstore play rating is 77.0915. Current verison is 2. Actual size 6.0 MB.

What's new

    New custom settings in option menu!!!
Download red-vs-blue-build-space-ships.apk 6.0 MB


It's still missing a few things The 2 player was great but at least add options, global multiplayer and make it allow to control units and add more units and resources for challenge. Over all, it's a good game for a developing level. It's like star wars, a swarm of ships fighting, that is what's making it interesting.

Best RTS I have seen yet Nothing else much to say now that the game has cheating scum difficulty I can't seem to beat it yet

Farts It didn't let me have the tutorial in a mean way:"sorry, you're on your own"! Its so farty.

No multiplayer You can not play this game over bluetooth as the description says... There is no option in the game settings for that. I even connected two devices via bluetooth and loaded the games on both just to test. Please update the description or make it obvious how to play over bluetooth.

I can't play it It doesn't let me get to the game because of the rate us screen that doesn't disappear! Good job ...

Kinda good Yeah can you put a play button also make a red vs blue vs yellow vs green 4 player game

The game constantly forces you to rate it in order to play, even after you rate it, it still brings you to the rate app page ( this one) change that, and you earn 5 stars.

Bugs Its great but when i play a couple of time and closed then open it again it loads so long and sometime doesnt at all

Nice game However, could you stop asking me to rate it before I play? A simple button in the menu would be enough

Great game But I was stuck a the front page and could not go any where until now?

Blue is stronger than red! Allow red a headstart of 3-4 small units, then start building small units on blue. Blue still wins every time! Also, why would you say multiplayer "over Bluetooth" when that's not the case at all.. Yall know what Bluetooth is?

rate before play? Why in the world would you require a rating in order to play? this is completely backwards, and has won you a 1 star rating, regardless of actual app content

does it need internet? can you tell me if it needs internet and i'll give you 5 stars

Cant play Rate it screen doesnt let you play the game. Also, how can you rate a game you havent played the game?

Almost perfect The healing does not work(not that its a problem)

WTF HOW the heck do we even play it there's no play this game is crap

Is very fun for 2 people best racing game ever!!!

Its Fun We need more types of Circles like a 5 or 6 circles

It will not let me play it Because of the rate it screen. It never gose away! Thay shure did get me to rate it.

Geo21a I cant get in by the rate!!!

Ha ha ha Dude awesome! It's so simple but so fun!

Great game Cool, simple RTS. Great idea and execution. However, there might be some copyright issues with using Roosterteeth's logo. Make your own.

Good. But..... To get past the rate me screen u must rate it (I know it's unreasonable to rate before u play)and then add it on Google plus. U will then see an advertisement. After that u will be able to play. When u leave and come back just click on the rate me button go to Google play and count for 5 seconds and scroll around a bit. Press ur back button go on to the app and play. The settings/tutorial button is found when u click the "red vs blue" logo it will be seen on the bottom.btw my favorite app wish it could be better for example fix the intro . maybe add planets? Planets would be the bomb. And a land based version. Maybe even a navel based version. Very awesome app and has a lot of potential to be considered a top strategy app

Awsome glitch To play on multiplayer, click both ships at the same time, then heal your ships w/the cross, over a period of time your production speed becomes insanely fast

Force me to rate before I play? Who's idea was this...

Love this game My favorite part the rate me button that makes the game impossible to play that is a great addition to this game

Exo They made me rate it before i got to play it

Really well done Dude i know game developement is a tough job and u did an excellent job. This game is awesome

Forces to give rating before launching and doesn't work anyway

All I get is a red vs blue on myin

I cant play Why the game only show the rate it where the start bottom?

Buggy I have to rate this game every time I play it and it opens multiples of its self

I like easy to hard From douglhas

It is awesome. I find the game very fun, and the fact that I can play it with my friends using my phone prove my point.

Stupid Wont let me play bcoz of that rate thingy

All you had to do is click on the add the click the x at the top

Its fun but really easy. Once you figure it out its really easy to beat

Not a game just asked to rate

Its fun Addicting as hell and fun to play

Good but tutorial doesn't work The tutorial doesn't work at but when you get use with game it becomes fun

This is good game It is a good game, but its wonderful game. I enjoy it this game with my friends and family members and I have good time to play this game.

awsome ai just add some more content. like multiplayer

Best game I always beat my brother in this game it is so much fun

Liked I like this game very much.

Add options for global multiplayer and make the ships look like ships not circles with a stick in them

Great game very fun to play please add more troops and background and multiplayer but the only real problem with it is it take too long to open cuz of ur motivation have like a button and is it possible to go first person or voice control or something like that but still fun but getting to the game is very slow and I comment on this every day it get boring after a while I need alot of work and it seems like the only way but recently it have stop I dont kni w why but it has it annoying and make it to where c

Ok not only did you steal the RedVsBlue title from Roosterteeth but this game absolutely sucks. The AI is hopeless as the ships don't even attack the enemy ships they only attack the enemy mother ship as yours is destroyed by the enemy. I lose every time because of this bug.

The best! Finally a space ship red v blue better then other games like red v blue I love it one thing can the command ship shoot please??

Rate game screen at start Really that's how you get a bad review didn't even get to play yet

Bored? Play this! Awesome when im bored idk I wanna play this game but... next time add more space ships

Boring Once you play it the first time or so, there's no reason to play it again.

Cool It's OK I mean it gets boring easily

Cool game improvements also needed Really fun but when I first got it It'll badger you to rate and won't let you play when you don't I have rated now and still won't let me play... and could use more things like control units , more units and another group color for global. Otherwise its is fun to play I recommend if you have a friend and want to play a game together.

Cool but I love this game but its telling me to share to play

Really well done Dude i know game developement is a tough job and u did an excellent job. This game is awesome!

Hmm.... Hmm... Hmm... Hmm... Hmm... I'll play it!!! And a few others should too!!!

Stuck My gt-n7105 loading screen stuck on motivate us blablabla.Redownload 3 times still that thing stuck in the motovate thingy fix this man I love this game like hell

Just let us play the game and don't ever just say rate us if you never play it.

Asking for ratings but wouldn't let open and veiw what its got with it, without which rating is just as meaningless as this absurd app after downloading is while its anyone's guess how absurd including to what extent its developers must be.

It's so weird but it cool

Ambiguous loading screen (It's okay though, the game has simple solids mechanics)

Shows promise Has balance issues tough, with blue somehow always winning over red.

I love it But you should add more ships, add a yellow team, and make a way for the mother ship to attack slowly.

Annoying Can't get on the game always breaks down

Simple RTS great gameplay. Great customer support, weekly updates.

Fun and entertaining This game is fun with strategy of which ships to produce. Wish healing worked though and wish I could control the movement of the base

Stupid I hate creator of this game

Seriously ?? So I really need to Rate before playing this game , I can't play offline then , Please fix this !!!!

Great game But I was stuck a the front page and could not go any where until now?

The best! Finally a space ship red v blue better then other games like red v blue I love it one thing can the command ship shoot please??

Add cpus I dont have any one to play with if you add cpu people we able to play alone

I don't know what it is like haven't had a chance to play the game yet But I'm forced to rate it anyway

More players pls I know your big but sad to play if your just two playing it

Its fine It is prety fun and you need to add just a few modes like multiplayer and domination but I still like it keep it up