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Supplied By Service NSW    On Sept. 20, 2016    Comments(88)

APP for iPhone Service NSW versionVaries with device Download

Service NSW is the official, free, NSW Government app helping you securely renew your vehicle registration. Additional app features include a free registration check tool, a handy registration and licence renewal reminder service, a secure login to your myServiceNSW Digital Account to view your vehicle registration, vehicle licence and demerit details and to update your contact details and a search function to help you find your nearest Service Centre and eSafety Check station.

Service NSW part of our Tools and have average installs from 100000 to 500000. Last Update Sept. 20, 2016. Appstore play rating is 71.6129. Current verison is Varies with device. Actual size 3.2 MB.

What's new

    Minor Bug Fix
Download service-nsw.apk 3.2 MB


Seems to have what's required for renewals and the necessary links for checks before a secure private vehicle purchase. HTC One M7, HTC One Max, Lollipop 5.0.2, Kitcat 4.4.2 & Sense 6.0.

Useless! I downloaded the app to pay my rego because the "Service NSW" website is not working (What else would you expect from the NSW public service?). First thing it asks for is a "Billing Number" the help even describes where to find it on the renewal notice - Great, if the bloody thing existed! After trying every number on the rego notice and being told to call 13 22 13 every time, I did as instructed and called. Guess what, they only work Monday to Friday and today is a Saturday! Useless pack of lazy you know whats. Well I am off interstate on Monday so my car will remain unregistered until Service NSW can manage to get their act together (or more than likely I waste a couple hours of my life sitting in the registry office, again!) As far as I am concerned the app does not work for the purpose I installed it. After ranting and raving about the house I did find the billing number NO WHERE NEAR where the help text says it is. Also, please don't just port iOS apps to android. Some people choose not to use Apple devices because they do not like them, being forces to use the stupid rolling number pickers or use a full keyboard to enter only numbers is an insult to the Android community

Excellent Very happy with the new app. This app is a step in the right direction, would really like to see more services added to it to save having to try and use the Web browser as Web browsers on mobiles tend to be exceptionally buggy at the best of times.

One Small Flaw While renewing our car registration, I was trying to enter our main household email address, containing an underscore character, when the app came up with an "invalid character" warning. Had to use my personal email address instead that doesn't use an underscore character to receive the confirmation email for the transaction.

Great service Need to add boat and licences to the reminders.

Cool Easy to use

Couldnt renew my rego.. Cannot select d 1 year term for registration. . Continue button is always disabled..

Pretty good Renewal reminder resulted in an error, asking to call the 'RTA'

Rego No rego label worries it even reminds you when its due

Handy Great app for reminders and research now that veichles don't have rego labels.

I just deleted apps to install this and it wont login...takes me back to the website. ..stop wasting tax payers money and get it sorted

Samsung Galaxy s6 edge I can log in but that's it. Can't use the app. Can't get into rms, tries to connect over and over again. I will have to uninstall.. Shame...

Doesn't Work! Absolutely useless. Will not accept log in. Sends to website. Our Taxes are paying the developers who can't get their act together. Seriously Mike, sack the incompetant fools responsible for this!

Login issue Cannot login authorization issue

Not working either Directs to the website and ask to download the certificate but no link for that..absolutely useless

Unable to login - Nexus 6P No functionality at all without signing in, yet login attempts just return an error of "unauthorized".

Can't log in! Keeps telling me to "try again later " useless without this ability.

All good here!! All good working on my Nexus 6P. Linked my account with this app and can see my license points, rego and others. Well done!!

Works ok, i can see my points and my fines .. how sweet of a nsw government to create suche a nice app to make it easy for all of us to PAY

Won't let me login, says incorrect password, I try the forgotten password thing and says account doesn't exist. I go to make a new one and it says email address already in use.. Wtf

Not able to link myrta Says incorrect password always but I'm able to login to myrta separately. Otherwise it's a very nice app

I just love it Really useful with direct access to your info

Awesome & Handy I remember going into one of the first branches opened in Wynyard in mid-2014, and everything is combined into one service centre, friendly staff and straight forward easy processes. Now the app just made it even more convenient, which is very handy!

Crap When it redirects you to the rms website it asks for your password to check certain areas and every time it tells me my password incorrect. How can it be incorrect when it lets me sign in on the app. Please explain or i will be deleting

doesn't work unexpected error on sign in. not even an error code. am I surprised... well it's made for nsw govt... so no I'm not surprised. gets what it pays for.

No longer works Unable to login. Receive error "calling application not authenticated". Galaxy S5, Android v5.0

Waste of space Tried to register. Three times nothing happened. Still waiting. Will now uninstall. Gee, I know it's free, but surely it should work.

worst online portal service nsw just shut down this app and your online service. you are providing the worst online service. A small family business has better online service than you. Such a disgrace, can't believe

Nothing letting me sign in Tried 100 times still can't get login though the app but can login though the website

Error on sign in Created an account but sign in doesn't work. It says unexpected error occurred.

I can't sign in and i know email and password are correct I cant sign in it says unexpected error has occured when i try to log in to the app...but on my pc i can sign in fine i tried to login more than 50 times fix your app or remove it completely because it's not working

Rego No rego label worries it even reminds you when its due just need this for boats

Doesn't work Error every time "calling application not authenticated." whatever that means.... Maybe the developers are stoner sloths....

Handy but needs refinement Great app for reminders and research now that veichles don't have rego labels. downside is that won't let you log in just shows login error with pin and password.

Bug Need to fix the error. That everyone is complaining about...i have tried so many times also. Can log in from desktop. But from app no chance.

Can't log in What do you expect from the government?

Screen shot Why do you need to block screen shots in this application ?

UNABLE to sign in any longer. " Calling application not certified "?????

Can't connect to myRTA 'Undefined' LDAP error whenever I try and connect to myRTA.

Can't login - calling application not authenticated Same issue as others here - calling application not authenticated - galaxy s5

Quick and easy Awsome

Great Can now check when the rego on my car is due, and my wife's

Terrible! The app did not work at all for me. Whilst trying to renew my rego it did not recognise my email address as "valid". I tried multiple email adresses and it continued to say "invalid email format". What a waste of my time! Very frustrated.

Works great Just wanted to say that it works ok and gave it a go on my own personal car and then on my sister car wow not bad at all and the remainder is great also... ?

Rego Check Know what you buy best app for checking car rego. Fantastic.

Big potential, lots of bugs Sends me blank notifications on my Nexus 5.

Useless Can't login... Can't believe they put up such a useless app

It has potential but doesnt link to RMS. Needs a lot of work, I can't look at demerit points, licence or vehicles because the app goes into a loop when trying to link to the RMS. I'll wait longer to see if bug fixes are released but in all honesty it is far from an acceptable/working app yet and it should really be withdrawn to avoid further embarrasment...!

Doesn't work Needs an update.....wont log in, defaults to opening a website and that just keeps loading on a loop.....

Won't let me log in The app just won't let me log in. It keeps coming up with the error unauthorized. Can log in on the website but not on app.

Would be a great app however can't link to RMS making it useless.

Incredibly poorly-designed app Absolute rubbish. Every time I tried to login, it kept redirecting me back to the login page. Dont waste your time with it

Bug filled rubbish Dont bother installing. What a complete waste of taxpayers' money. App goes into a perpetual login loop. Doesn't link to RMS. Spits out error codes about accessing certificates. And doesn't provide the core functions it is supposed to provide.

Doesn't work App says to link to RMS system. Attempting to do so triggers a dialogue saying that Chrome requires a certificate. No idea what to do.

Can't log in No problem with loving into the website on laptop but here I constantly get "an error occurred "

Went to the trouble of emailing developers I went to the trouble of emailing the developers with feedback and never heard. Hopeless.

It said "unauthorized" when I logged into my account. What's the hell!

This app is bullshit Watta fking waste of time.

Samsung note4 It does work...must register first using Service New website, after completing online then, download this app otherwise it wouldn't work properly.

Sends me in circles instead of logging me in! RTA (Retards, That's All) RMS (Retards, Morbidly Stupid) pretty much sums it up here. I'm deleting this app.

Doesnt work Cant log in just says unauthorized

Service NSW The best services right in the palm of your hand. That's what I call convenience.

It doesnt work It keeps stating an unexpected error has occured and wont load anything. This needs to get fixed

Shockingly bad service I cannot use this app but at my local service centre in Miranda there is no disability access. Shame on you Service NSW

Why waste my time with rubbish app that doesnt even get off the ground

Human services Long way To be a good app

Doesn't work since update Was working great then they updated it. Will not load up keeps coming up with errors. Useless

Just make it work again! Why has it stopped. Works fine on iPhone. I used to use it at least 10 times a day.

Doesnt work Cant log in just says unauthorized still after a new update cant log in just can the app and lower our rego costs

Newest update fixed issues. App seems to be working fine, but why is the date of registration expiry backwards?

Do u guys hire 3 year olds for your IT department? Every bloody time "unauthorised" and "error"

Not working with Root device Fix this problem app not working

Loss of pin Can no longer log in using pin

Good, but.... No longer shows what year model the car is when you do a rego check.

Rego check no more showing car year

Pin. Bring back the pin.

Not working any more why

RTA (Retards, That's All) RMS (Retards, Morbidly Stupid) pretty much sums it up here. Went to link the RMS services and apparently neither myself, my car or my licence plate even exist I'm surprised I haven't been pulled over yet!

Useless This app is unusable. I can't even complete the registration process. It just crashes, gives error messages or logs out

Log in problems Won't let me log in. Keep getting a message saying "ERROR Unauthorized".

Shit app Tryd to fo free registration cheek but log me out

Root pffft... So i mod my operating system and i cant use the app... What are u worried i might find Elvis or something?

Terrible update Cannot login in, constant FC.

Can't login Can't login since the last update.

Why not listen to the feedback?? I don't even think it deserves 1 star. I have the same complaint as everyone else- round and round with same questions and no functionality at the end of it. Unable to do any rego transactions at all. The only 5 star ratings are obviously from RMS & Service NSW staff with no comments. Even the complaint link in the app diverts to my podcast app. That's one way to avoid negative feedback! Why not check functionality before release or at least listen to feedback when most people have the same issue?

Very disappointment can check any infomation Cant check any infomation keep saying record can't match. Get rid of this pice if crape. Ring them is more convenient very shame very angry

Great Works perfectly fine on s7 edge. Logged in first time with no problems. Tried a few functions and worked a charm. Too bad about the demerit points though =( good work!

Not for rooted/custom os phones Used to work without any issue, but the latest version no longer supports anything other than stock Android. Running Zenfone 2 with Cyanogen 13.