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Supplied By Breach Entertainment    On Feb. 23, 2014    Comments(66)

APP for iPhone Shardlands version1.2.0 Download

Breathtaking journey into an alien world full of mysteries, challenging puzzles and big scary monsters.

"The spectacular visuals, serene soundtrack and intuitive gameplay make it a sure-fire success" - MacUser Magazine, March 2013 (iPad)

"Beautifully atmospheric, gently taxing, and thoroughly absorbing: Shardlands is the kind of mature gaming experience you'll whip out to validate your pastime to non-gaming friends." - Pocket Gamer, Silver Award (iPad)

"For those looking for a slower, atmospheric experience with just the right dash of puzzle flavor, this gets a hearty recommendation." - AppSpy (iPhone)

Shardlands is an atmospheric 3D action puzzle adventure game with breathtaking visuals, beautiful soundtrack and fluid gameplay. Dawn is lost in a desolate alien world trying to find her way back home. She must activate an ancient machine with keys that are scattered around a broken world full of puzzles, monsters and dangerous contraptions.

• Optimized for Tablets
• Innovative gameplay and intuitive controls
• Gorgeous dynamic lighting engine brings the alien world to life
• Beautiful and atmospheric original soundtrack and sound effects
• 25 challenging levels packed with puzzles, exploration and stealth action

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Additional Info:
* If you feel the frame rate is low, try to toggle on the "Low-Detail mode" from the Graphics in-game-menu
* If you think graphics are too shiny and want more an old school-experience, feel free to try the "Indie mode"
* If your device has enough power, go ahead and toggle on the "Bloom"

Breach Entertainment part of our Adventure and have average installs from 100000 to 500000. Last Update Feb. 23, 2014. Appstore play rating is 79.7804. Current verison is 1.2.0. Actual size 240.0 MB.

What's new

    In request from our customers Shardlands is now fully playable for free!
    * In free version there is ads
    * You can support the developer and remove ads with IAP (the only IAP in the game)
    Fixes since last version
    * Fixed issues with IAP not working without Internet
    * Bug fixes
Download shardlands.apk 240.0 MB


I love Shardlands Origanally I had problems with ,Reflections level however I realized the fault is not yours but mine. With that said your game deserves 5 stars. Ilike adventure games but prefer slower pace puzzles. Thank you for combining them.

Great game...But Played through the whole game but the RIDGE level is impossible, fix then I'll change my rating.

Good game But as the game advances in difficulty there should be some closer spots to save the game, otherwise you might just loose a lot of time consumed trying to solve 1 puzzle and for one mistake you can loose all your progress, turning the game into a time sink and having players abandoning it just because "not enought time to waste".

Good Game Would have given five star but not because some times navigation of screen has bit problem. The game reminds me of Dead Space it is not the same but has few features

very nice game Nice but on collecting shards at Reflections, i could no longer enter the door further. Please fix. Or if anyone able to pass through this level., please share. For now im giving 2 star becuase if this glitch.

Well worth the download!!!!!!! Just because a game has ads doesn't mean its no good ! This is a very atmospheric game and has good challenging logic problems everywhere!! Well done team for a great game!!! :-):-):-):-):-) oh and don't give up on the puzzles guys! They are solvable just keep looking!!!

Perfect Despite its download size, it runs smoothly even with its amazing graphics. Best graphics on Android, and gameplay can provide a challenge. Very impressive.

Stuck Really enjoying this game but I'm stuck in the 'shivers' level. Just can't figure out the final puzzle :(

Beautiful game The gameplay is easy and the graphics are gorgeous (if somewhat dark). The puzzles can get tough but I keep coming back to solve them.

Awesome game!! Really enjoyed this game. Its one that took awhile to complete which was nice for a change. Good game for working both sides of the brain. Ads are like little intermissions between level and does not interfere with game play.

Very nice!!! Stunning game, nice soundtrack, very nice gaming experience. Works very well on both my LG810 tablet and S5 phone. I can't believe it's also free. The ads are done well also, in just the right place as to not be annoying. Very well done, 10 stars... :) *Edit- anyone having trouble on the reflections board, it is possible to get 100% on it, just keep trying, the levels get much harder than that, but all are doable with some ingenuity.* 2nd Edit, finally finished game, superb....

Excellent app on galaxy note 10.1 Don't know if the game has changed or some reviewers just don't try, but the graphics and playability of this app is excellent. Very clever puzzle game gradually getting tougher. Thanks for not penalising me when I stuff it up and take me back to the start. That makes a huge difference to frustration levels :-) Definitely going to purchase the rest of the levels. Well done guys...... good job

So awesome. I love this game. My only complaint is that it ended! Everything runs perfectly on my Nexus 7. The puzzles are fun, the game is exciting, and the graphics are awesome.

One of the best games on Android. A very beautiful and atmospheric game. The graphics are very well done, and the music and art style very well suit this game's otherworldly setting. The gameplay incorporates puzzles that do require thinking, and there are some places where timing is essential as well. The controls can be quite fiddly at times, but they are well suited to the touch screen. I wish there was a way to zoom in and out, for dragging with 2 fingers can be a bit of a chore. Also, the camera angles sometimes are disorienting.

Never mad at it I am known for screaming at games for getting mad at things like call of duty. Shardlands presents some confusing puzzles but the atmosphere and overall mood of the game keeps you from getting mad it. Even on the toughest parts I was not mad. It is very calm yet very fun. If you are angry or getting frustrated at a game I strongly recommend this game. Also with all the games I have played on the phone the graphics are AMAZING. The only problem is its enormous size, but it is.well worth the data usage.

Boring The graphics are pretty but the devs do almost nothing interesting with them. The puzzle game play is dull and simple with unnecessary slowdowns and time wasters put in to pad it out. There's enemies in the game that add nothing to the game play experience. There's a little bit of interesting puzzle game play here but its diluted with a pile of boring fluff and graphics that are technically impressive but artistically drab (eats your battery and doesn't look that good).

Good...but not executed well The game looks very nice with it's rich environments and colors. But there's some things lacking: I was only up till "The Ridge" when I started to get bored. The same two types of enemies; same goals and objectives and most importantly, the same sliding puzzle mechanism. To get the player's attention there should be a good mix of puzzles, enemies and action. I agree the puzzles become hard but it's the same sliding puzzles every time. I would have liked to see different puzzles early on with different ways to deal damage to enemies (other than your checkpoint itself killing the large enemies). Needs some improvement.

Beyond excellent! This by far is the most awesome game i have ever played on android. The best part being that you play at your liesure. No time limits, no rush. The graphics are top of the line, the difficulty level is hard, but all it takes is some common sense and problem solving, and it can be done. The monsters are far and few between, which is good. The puzzle and problem solving are what makes the game great. Good job guys! I hope you keep adding more and more levels to this awesome game! I gladly rate this 5+ stars! Its worthy of 100 stars

Seems great. Too bad it randomly pauses every 10 seconds. This seems like a great game. Unfortunately it's broken. Every 10 seconds or so the pause screen shows up and it pretty much renders the game unplayable. I look forward to rating this better in the future. In the meantime it's getting uninstalled.

Impressive Gorgeous graphics, music and ambience. Easy gameplay, very controllable and lovely to play. Bought it at first opportunity. Update: it remains a visually gorgeous game but it is getting a little 'stale as essentially it is the same four puzzles again and again and larger each time. But a great puzzle game none the less. :-)

Fun/ addictive/ frustrating A decent mix of 3d platformer/real time puzzler. Doesnt get going until a few levels on (but pay attention through the hints and instructions otherwise youll get stuck on 'The Ridge'). Loads of levels kept me occupied for hours. Bad points: no map for the hub and harder to navigate than most of the levels. And i didnt pay attention in the beginning of the game and therefore couldnt do 'The Ridge'.... Oh, and there's either a really shite ending or there's a sequel soon...

Excellent Really quite wonderful. I don't often like games, I don't often play them but this one was as beautiful, and haunting. Spectacular visuals, interesting engagement. Really impressed, great work on everyone who helped realize the project. Thank you.

Does not work.. Looks like a great game but does not work on my tablet. I have an Insigniaflex 10.1

Awesome game Game is great gr8 and only one I've really been addicted to lol in a good way can't wait to beat the levels and move forward,download it ppl you'll luv it too.

After the recent update it's good The game is now very good and very playable, after the recent update which allows playing all the levels without purchase. I hope many users will, like myself, be moved to purchase it (only $3) in appreciation for the fact that the devs have shifted their position so dramatically. Kudos to the devs for responding positively to the feedback and criticism of users. Thank you!!

Amazing game This game has fantastic game play, an awesome soundtrack, and superb graphics! The puzzles can be challenging, but they all have solutions. I can't believe this game is free. The ads are done very well, not annoying like some apps, but I paid to remove them just to donate to the developer for such great work.

Awesomely crafted I enjoy playing this game and successfully collected all the 24 badges, except the two secret level which can't figure out, try everything any help?? I m giving 4 stars out of 5 because I am not able to play the one game I m addicted to soon you help me figure out remaining two badges I m happily give ya hidden star ;)

Favourite android game Every now and then I check to see if there is now Shardlands 2 and feel disappointed there isn't. I enjoyed this game above all others. Play it for a while and you will see why.

DOESN'T LOAD Starts to load then kicks me out tried 6x time to uninstall.VERY DISAPPOINTED REALLY WANTED TO PLAY

Does not load After clicking the game icon, the loading screen comes up, but after a few moments, the screen goes blank and closes to my previous screen.

Amazing. I'm not a big gamer but I got addicted to Shardlands. Having completed the levels (assumingly) I can't wait for new ones to be added. Some levels are trickier than others. One problem is that it is difficult to know what levels you need to complete and what you have completed already. Also, it's more difficult to find new levels than escaping the monsters. Otherwise, great game.

Great job I have no words describing this game. Graphics are purely amazing. Easy to use gameplay. More levels can make this game a masterpiece. All the support for developers.

IAP ignored if offline The game was great. My only problem is that I purchased the game not one week before it became free to play and still had ads the entire time I played it. Considering I had the use exact experience as anyone who gets it now for free I would really appreciate getting a refund! The IAP only works when there is internet connection and I played on the subway so not only did I have ads I also had to wait to get above ground every time I needed to extend a bridge in the outer map.

Mindblown!!! This is one of best game that I have ever played on my phone. Game that packed with adventure, nice graphics and mind-boggling puzzles. Recommended to be download unless you sucked at puzzle. I guarantee all of the puzzle is 100% solvable as I have finished the entire game. For the creator: Please make the sequel!!!

Great Runs smooth with bloom (on my one touch tab 7), amazing graphics...and it deserve some kind of award for gameplay

Flawless. I waited till I completed the whole game to make my review. This game is winnable, I can say that cause I did it, the graphics is beautiful, sound and music goes great with the game. What you have done is outstanding and I excitedly wait for the "to be continued" part.

First Impression Great visuals, tranquil music, simple controls. But by golly! Could you make all the instructions even smaller? They pop on the screen anyways - just make them readable people!

Samsung Galaxy S4 This game is simply perfect. From the stunningly beautiful graphics to the immersive darkish world and supreme audio this game is simple yet insanely addictive. You just want to keep going. Huge thanks to the devs, I will support you when I have money in my card!

Absolutely Fabulous This is an intriguing game. I paid the IAP to get rid of the ads and feel the money was entirely justified. Recommended! I finished the game and need more levels!!!

Great game, no complaints. Awesome game and epick boss logical battle. Waiting for continue.

Excellent Underrated, superb graphics, excellent puzzle style game. The only gripe I have is that I've updated my phone and can't remember/find how to restore my progress! My fault I'm sure, but can't face starting all the way from the beginning again

Really enjoyed the game. Some parts were a little difficult but that is what made it so fun and interesting. Was sad to see it end and will wait impatiently for part two! Hurry up and release it

Awesome Game camera problems on Reflection I really like this game. It is challenging! Anyone having probs on Reflection. It could b due to camera angle. You have to touch and move in the correct angle to move the lasers. It took me a while to figure out. Hope this helps!

Excellent Relaxed pace, beautifully designed 3d game, comprising mainly puzzle like challenges to physically progress through the 'lanscape'. Progress gets saved, you can dip in and out of the game in spare moments, pleasantly de-stressing. If I had one criticism, it is that would be so much better with a clearer sense of an overall goal to reach.

Magnificent Game Best and most interesting free game I've played, unique and entertaining. Excellent graphics, interesting storyline, easy controls, has so much visual wonder and intriguing fantasy. One of a kind! Bravo!

Love this game my issues are I can't download on my tablet I would pay money but the game is not tablet compatible verry disappointing. Please fix this

Awesome Everything about this game is awesome. Easy touch controls,Excellent graphics,cool relaxing music and awesome puzzles. Excellent job developer's please make another one of these games.

Definitely Underated! I so enjoyed this game but it appears to have been abandoned. It was about a year ago or more that I purchased it. And @ that time I was @ the last stage when I unfortunately lost all my progress through uninstall /reinstall due to some issues. I was unaware @ the time it offered no cloud support. I was hoping to see an update to this but it never happened. Would have loved to see an updated version of this game. Too bad. ? If you love solving puzzles /problems... recommended!

Great game! I am a few years late playing it but it is a good game. Nice graphics and the puzzles are not too easy or too hard they are just right for you to figure out by yourself.

Fantastic and beautiful well made game. This is the best game I have played in a long time. I bought the game because it is a game that can be played over again. Controls are simple, gameplay is challenging. The graphics are stunning and the music is amazing. This is a game you will not be sorry you downloaded. The dev has created a game that is all about the game and not churned out a piece of junk to try and make money. The price to remove ads is less than a cup of coffee and well worth it.

Completed the game, in the past Re downloading again; there's a level where moving the laser light reflectors had extremely limited space; just to open a door too continue on the path; needs improvement there. Great game before bedtime if you don't have plans the next day. Was surprised about how good this game is, since it looks like child's game but actually is greater, definitely. I hope for an update to for any additional ability's, for the second round of play; after a person completes the game against The Last BigBoss fight!

Best graphics and puzzle solving adventure so far. Part of the challenge is that you don't have a map. But that is ok. Great game for adults and kids. Very happy I paid for the full game. I have not completed it yet, but I am already looking for more games from this developer. Keep up the great work. Well done. I am 54 yrs old and think all ages will like it too.

Definitely worth to download This is what we call game. The environment, levels and 3D graphics will definitely captivate everyone's eye not someone's. I had played this for twice now and I may be keeping it installed. Some suggestions are not that many but hoping to have shardlands 2 or expand the game and another set of aliens to kill.

Flawless I really like this game, it gave me a unique feeling while I was playing it that I can't even describe. I was driven by curiosity to finish the game as soon as possible because I wanted to find out how the game ends, but the end was not as I expected it to be. Nevertheless, I can't wait until they release an update with a full story. One more thing to people who are bitching about some door not opening - you should shut up because I finished the game without encountering any bugs. It's not developer's fault

Interesting and Beautiful I'd give it five stars if the puzzles were a bit more challenging, and stingers weren't so easily dispatched. Still, this is one of the very few games for Android that I have played all the way through. Anxiously waiting for more.

So far so good Just played the intro & paused at the 1st save point, I've seen enough to think it's worth the small cost to remove the ads. Time to take a look. Many thanks

Is there more? With the exception of just a few levels, I have beaten the entire game including the end boss and am wondering if a sequal or continuation of the game has been released as the boss battle ends in "To be continued..." Otherwise, great game. Had to watch the trailer to figure out how to get past Ledge... I think that was the name of the level, but everything else is absolutly great.

Great at first This game is excellent at first, nicely placed and relaxing. Around the Flood level, however, it enters a phase of annoying sliding puzzles and split-second for challenges, which require "repeat quarters" to figure out how to solve. These spoil the mood of the game for me.

Great graphics, cool music It took me some time to complete all the game, some levels I thought I would give up :-) After reflashing Nexus 7 to lollipop, all progress is gone and I am starting from the scratch. I wish the story would continue further…

LOVE IT!!!! Even though it has ads inbetween levels, I enjoy shardlands. Ads are persistent but tolerant and doesn't interfere with gameplay. Its like a loading screen and autopause. Wish more games had this option instead of ads blocking gameplay. Beyond that, I absolutely LOVE SHARDLANDS!!!!!

Not too hard Quite challenging, but with some thoughts and a little luck can be done. Go through at your own pace. Those who don't know if you did the level before can check if the light before the gate is already lit (also the round light is split into as many shards as available through the gate). Look forward to sequel or additional levels.

I hate adds Especially long ones after every level. So I decided to pay to remove them. But they're still there! It just gives me a message that confirms that yes I did pay to remove them and that I already own this item. Very frustrating. Game play is good so far and is very beautiful. Thank you for taking care of this.

Stuck on title screen Doesn't load past the loading sign then goes black and to home screen. Waste of time, space, And internet

Awesome app...But big problem! For some reason on my Moto g 4 plus, the game has cast a huge red rectangle across the is rather annoying and I am unable to play the game because of it. Pls fix.

Amazing! Graphics are absolutely incredible, fully immerses me the game play. Levels (shards) get more challenging as game progresses, but aren't so hard it feels impossible to move on. Highly recommend. Warning: the ads are many and long. They pop-up in between every level and cannot be skipped. I like to support developers so I purchased the pro version....however I feel the ads are a bit much.

Challenging, Loved it. Dungeon exploration with puzzles blocking progress. No hint system prevents cheating... you have to solve problems to move forward. Reasonable save points allow for short game sessions. Zero technical difficulties.