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Smart Control extension

Supplied By Sony Mobile Communications    On Dec. 17, 2015    Comments(50)

APP for iPhone Smart Control extension version1.02.16 Download

This is the official Smart Control application for your Sony SmartBand™ Talk.

With this application you can customize your Sony SmartBand™ Talk, SmartBand™ or SmartWatch2. With just a tap you can turn on/off the phone speaker, Wi-Fi, or radio. You can quickly check the smartphone battery level or even switch among the phone audio modes. Make your life easier and more fun with the Smart Control extension.

The available actions may depend on the accessory used. When you have installed this app, it will not appear on your home screen. Instead, if you are using SmartBand™ or SmartWatch 2 it will be integrated into Smart Connect™. The Smart Connect™ app from Sony is required. If you are using SmartBand™ Talk, it will be integrated into the SmartBand™ Talk dedicated Sony app. SmartBand™ Talk dedicated Sony app required.

Works with: SmartWatch 2 SW2, SmartBand™ SWR10 and SmartBand™ Talk SWR30.

If you want to develop apps or app extensions for innovative Sony accessories, go to www.sonymobile.com/developer.

Android™ apps and app extensions by Sony are designed to work with Android™ smartphones and tablets. However, some manufacturers may have set compatibility limitations in their devices resulting in decreased functionality.

Disclaimer: The functionalities may vary depending on Android™ release.
For Android™ Lollipop and other upcoming Android™ releases, it is no longer possible to turn on/off radio using the Smart Control application.


Sony Mobile Communications part of our Tools and have average installs from 100000 to 500000. Last Update Dec. 17, 2015. Appstore play rating is 75.9179. Current verison is 1.02.16. Actual size 663.0 KB.

What's new

    - Functional improvements
    - Control of call actions is removed for SmartWatch 2 SW2 and SmartBand SWR10 due to Android™ limitations
    - In Android™ Lollipop it is no longer possible to control radio actions for all supported accessories
Download smart-control-extension.apk 663.0 KB


I agree it's useless, in order to attract developers I really like this device (SWR30) after three weeks of traveling and doing sports with it, I found that most of what I hoped it would do is not yet realised (notifications of many kinds, like time info and heart rate from Polar heart monitors or Runtastic/Endomondo/SportyPal). I think the reason that Sony locks the home screen is to attract developers - why else. Truly, the SWR30 is only useful as a watch, voice note taker, and speaker phone for short calls. Nearly nothing else. A "world" clock that shows only one city? A voice control app that doesn't understand a native speaker reading commands verbatim from the user guide? A "favorite" app that only allows for one number to call? I guess that is too literal and restrictive for me. It's only fun, with LifeLog, but needs work to be useful for people who have jobs, and do sports. And travel a lot. It would be great if the thing were free, but mine wasn't.

GREAT does what says on the tin with this extension you can control apps and functions on your phone using the SWR10 smart band. I can have my music playing and pause it etc. yes it doesnt allow many many controls of many many apps but how can/could you do that realisticlly with just one button on a smartband anyway. Remember lots of different sequences in morse? Some of the negative comments about lack of functions are a bit silly when you remember what the app is designed for ie adding a bit of control of a phone or other device, from a simple smartband. Yes its not perfect, could add being able to control more than one app at a time, or a few more control sequences [maybe up to 10 short presses as 10 preset functions] but pretty good as for comments about lack of an api/not good for developers ... these are not reviews of the app's functions are they? they should be deleted shouldnt they as inappropriate. similarly if the sw30 is advertised as having an altimeter but this app does give the readings from that, it's a criticism of the swr30 isnt it? I'm sure sony wouldnt advertise a function such as an altimeter without a way to access its resuts, so has the reviewer asked sony?

Need update! I am using swr30 and the audio mode does not work with my z3, since lollipop gave a priority notification option, so i can only get my phone to vibrate and priority mode but can't get it to silent and normal mode..please fix it!

It lacks of functionality, you're better laugh than use this Look the available options to control your phone and I bet you're getting laughing yourself of the lackness of options, not even a personalized application to start you're going to have... Come on, Sony, is this a joke?

Would be so cool Could be so useful, someone please upgrade this. If i could use some media controls (if i could get the media controls to work with spotify) if it actually worked to pick up calls, i would use this all the time but the functions they give you are pretty useless on the swr10

Radio control For this function alone, brilliant. It provides the radio control through my Sony SmartWatch 2 and SmartBand (SWR10), something I've been looking to install for ages.

Pointless app I have the swr30 and find this totally useless. Also the swr30 is advertised as having an altimeter but currently there is no way of viewing any of its data! And the sleep mose still sucks!! Sony you fail!!

Hmmm I really want this to work! Anytime I press it make a bookmark!! Must be doing something wrong SWR/10

Smart control (Sony) Does not work on three devices it is supposed to be compatible with. Would give it zero stars but that option is not possible. Tried it on galaxy note, sero 8, and smart 4 mini. On google play it should work, but works on none. Needs updating if it is to work as advertised. Might try it again in a few months if I decide to keep the smart tracker (swr10) which is not even seen by the smart 4 mini. Ironically it is seen by the galaxy note which is not Bluetooth 4.

Can do More better More buttons like restart mobile,wiff,lock,

No api available How to involve devs since there is no api available for smartband.. Pity, so many apps could be made

Won't even open. Despite downloading this it wont open and just takes me back to the Play Store page.

Good Idea is good, BUT there is a lack of functions. I would really love possiblity to play/pause, next, prev in any music player. It's easy to do in code and would be very apriciate for many users, i think :)

Absolutel rubbish The Sony smart control app is absolutely rubbish. You can only control one function at a time. Therefore the app is a total waste of time. If I could I would have given this app no stars.

Sony wins again Awesome

Rubbish Not enough options to control

Awesome app It actually works with my sw10 impressed

Usless I need mor triggers

Easy Good and very much working

Stupid It is ridiculous that I need to enter the app mode to answer the phone call, that requires 3 taps in total... so stupid! With smartband

My only gripe Switching between Radio and Music player is intermittent. Doesn't work most of the time when the phone screen is locked.

Useless Why do I have to change apps to get different uses? Give me one app to control my music, camera, etc...

Good idea But the current options are limited and mostly useless. Hopefully some devs will be able to take advantage of this feature and allow for more customization.

Nice App Hope will have more function that support on Smartwatch 2 like turn on wi-fi , 3G , 4G that can select

Force close Lollipop It just closes in Android Lollipop on nexus 5. Useless again!

It's a start, but would be incredibly more useful if could open apps *AND* shortcuts, not a pre selected actions.

Love it but lack of open app and shortcut!

Excellent Great app. Very useful!

Why just 3 function?

Force closes on Android Lollipop Does not open on Nexus 5 with Android Lollipop preview, please fix it. I'm using it with Sony SW2.

Doesn't work completely I can't add it to Smartband Talk even. It crashes every time when I try to add it. Nexus 4 on Android 5.0

Excellent Extension Very useful!

Excellent Very useful extension

fatal on nexus 4 android 5 Please add app start and fatal on nexus 4 android 5

So few features... Please, add support of running custom apps and shortcuts by taps. I think, it's not so hard :)

Feature list is too small Why not to add start/stop of music and next/previous song? I don't use 3-tap action in smart music control, so with this I could be able to re-assign it to something more useful. But I can't :(

Doesnt work Just a piece of junk.... It wont work for the configured action.... Tapping endlessly and nothing happened

With a experia z3 and a sw2 only open app radio! Don't turn on radio! Only open the application! I hope this solved on next version! Thanks

Really? I have a smartband SWR10, and you can't do much with it, but I could answer an incoming call, reject a call... And now you took away one of the only useful things it could do... Android limitations? It worked yesterday, and it doesn't today. Bring it back please.

Great! The only useful action for SWR10 was to answer or reject a call. And now it's removed.

Useless I can put a speaker on/off with this app. Wtf. Cannot think any reasonable use case with this.

Shit What will a swr10 do now, nothing?

I Love SONY c",)(,") The Best Of Sony For The Best Of Me!!! ???

Won't work Downloaded the app. Tried to open but just keeps sending me back to the app store

My z2 is performing superbly with no issues so I decided to try a smart band but my z2 does not support it why? I don't want to have to go out and ger a new phone when the one I have works perfectly Swr 30 smart band won't connect with a z2

Radio control FM radio control would be great if it worked! Please update!!!

Expect more Conflict with call handling app and limited functionality.

Don't download it guys it don't work in swr10

It's the bom

What should I use it for? I don't quite see the point of this app. I hoped the phone control would be possible, would be great whilst driving for instance, but it's no longer available. I don't see the point in turning the speaker on and off via the smartband although I might have thought it quite cook when I was seven years old. What an embarrassing waste of development time. Sony I expected better of you, pull your finger out of your a**e and do something useful!