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Smart Key

Supplied By Sony Mobile Communications    On April 29, 2016    Comments(153)

APP for iPhone Smart Key version1.01.28 Download

Simplify your life. Personalize your headset with this easy-to-use application. Configure the call key button when taking a call, listening to music or on the go launching the FM Radio. You can easily switch between the Android default setting and your own personal setting for single, double or triple press. This simple and nifty application is the perfect companion for your Sony headset.

You can personalize the following behavior for music, call and idle mode:

Music control
Next/Previous Track
Volume up/down

Voice command
Call handling
Answer/end/reject call
Volume up/down

Speaker On/Off
Idle mode (When between calls and playing music)
Launch Music player or Radio (Select a specific player, including radio, to launch and control or just keep the last one used)
Volume up/down

Redial last number
Voice command
Voice search

Please note!
This application has been designed for use with the standard Android music player, but also tested for Walkman Player and a variety of other music players. If your application doesn’t work as expected, please try to activate/deactivate the headset control in the music player itself since it may be in conflict with this application.

The Smart Key application supports Android 4.0 and above and is designed for Sony Xperia™. It will also support other Android devices although its functionality may be limited.
This application is developed for wired headsets only.

Disclaimer: For coming Android releases, headset control behavior may change. This may or may not interfere with this application. The application may be upgraded accordingly, provided it can be handled from the application and not the Android system only.
For Android Lollipop it is no longer possible to customize call actions.
Please enjoy your Sony headset with this headset control application, making life a little easier.

This application uses analytics software to collect and aggregate statistics. This data helps us improve this app and our services. None of this data can be used to identify you.


Sony Mobile Communications part of our Tools and have average installs from 1000000 to 5000000. Last Update April 29, 2016. Appstore play rating is 80.3345. Current verison is 1.01.28. Actual size 4.0 MB.

What's new

    - Bugfixing for dial option.
Download smart-key.apk 4.0 MB


When i installed it and on call it won't let me text not only on sms but on hangouts, Facebook messagenger and other texting applications as well so i have to un install it. Earlier i thought its some kind of virus but I was on call and texting ti my friends as well i saw iy was not enable so enabled it and all the sudden it won't let me texting so i disables it and even then it wont so i have to uninstall it and now iys working fine

Automatic update The will to display on the all encrypt personal data such an account .setting downloaded app.once you encrypt your device ,you must enter a numeric PIN or password decrypt it each time you turn it on the lock screen .encryption may take several hours depending on the storage capacity of the device. You must start with a charged battery keep you device plugged in until encryption is completed .during this process the device will restart several time.if you interrupt the encryption process, lose some all data

Mute microphone doesn't work correctly while on call When call is muted, the phone app mute button is not refreshed accordingly. Also, when the call is muted and the phone app is resumed after being put in the background, mute is deactivated.

Not compatible The multi-function button on my Sony headphone MDR-ZX110AP is not working with my Alcatel M'pop, and also this app as well..

Doesn't work SGS4 with SBH52. Does not work at all. The only thing the button does is answer and hang up calls. No double or triple presses work. Presses in idle and music mode are equally ineffective. Headset connects through its Smart Connect app, it's just this function that doesn't work.

Don't think it's functioning properly in Android Everytime I tried to play my "music", instead of playing my songs, the so called smart app turn on my radio. This is annoying. I'm sorry guys.

Xperia T2 ultra dual I bought a new Sony headset with mic MDR series. I installed smart key app still I didn't get those track controls through headset button. Please fix this issue.

Not working When the original headset is connected with moto g2, it never goes to next track by clicking twice. It just pausing and playing the track again. When connected to samsung headset (which is compatible with moto g2) its not even working at all.

Released beta or what? Voice command function does not doing anything at all except records the command for no reason, voice search function doesn't work when phone is locked so all possibilities to google now, or tasker integration are missing. A few controls are needed badly, like after starting the music app a possibility would be good to close it somehow and get back to "idle mode", also would be great to start custom app with a click.

Now working even less Pretty much broken after the last update. Can't advance songs can't pause can't go back a song. ...with the old version atleast advancing songs worked for the most part even though it would just randomly stop after pressing the button once and I have stop set to 3 presses so no idea how the program could Fuck that up edit: this thing is really starting to piss me off it just does what it wants and randomly opens can you fuck up a simple program for one button?

Doesn't function correctly on LG Optimus F7 (LG870) Even enabling the music key function doesn't allow control of Factory Default LG Music app, or any music app I have installed (Google play music, Xbox music, etc.). The remote button will only launch the phone recent call history/phone dialer numeric keypad regardless of of smart key app function/mode I select. Headphone model: MDR-EX100AP

Doesn't work with Droid Maxx 4.4.4 As far as I've tested, button only works when the screen is awake. When screen is off the buttons don't even talk to the device. What a waste because I listen to music with my phone in my pocket. It always disables the lockscreen widget. Buttons don't always follow commands. Button is suppose to allow easy access. Is this a forgotten app? What a waste...unistalling until further updates...

Problems during calls When i receive or make a call during conversation except home key no other keys or function works. Even touch also doesn't responds. For example if i wish to text sm1 while talking m nt able to type texts as the keypad doesn't function tht time. Overall touch functions does not work. Otherwise very good for customising music player controls. M using Xperia M C1904

Something you can do better without. This app does more things bad than it does good, too many bugs, performance issues, and it takes out some in-built functions after you've installed it. And it just doesn't work most times. I think you're better off without this "app".

UNABLE TO MESSAGE ON CALL Help improve on this. Unable to text message or go ? once I enable Smart Key. Cant expect this kinda bad support from SONY app developer

Consider Supporting Sony Bluetooth Headphones I know that you have added for SBH-50 & SBH-52 a dedicated buttons for each function ( Play,Pause,Next Track).would you please consider supporting Bluetooth Headphones Smart key features, as user will be able to use this big smooth button on the go for farther functions rather than just start and end call. I would love use this big button(instead of the hard small dedicated ones) while playing mp3 to pause track ,or move to the next one.

Triple click does not work As the title suggest, every time I try a triple click command it registers as two double click commands. No issues with Single and double click commands. Using LG G3 on Lollipop.

doesnt work on sony phone i got some headphone because my old ones broke and i got the app on my Samsung galaxy discover work like a charm love it then for Christmas i got the Sony xperia E1 and the 2-3 button push doesnt work but the 1 does

SMART KEY Nice but not impressed me at all because it's cause my devices messed up in everything !!!

Nice, but... It's nice, but 2 things missing: -Customizable debounce time between taps (say 2 taps = doubletap if tapped within 500 ms...). You get the idea. -Fuckin' support for lollipop. When idle, tapping once to open the google music player does not work. (ON nexus 5, with OTA update). Otherwise, it's really useful. Maybe add in 4 and 5 taps?? Say, for music mode I'd like: 1-play/pause 2-next 3-previous 4-volume - 5-volume + Please? :)

Nice idea, lots of work to do The app lets you neatly customise the action tied to multiple headset button presses, giving many ways to interact with the device. Unfortunately, on my phone (Xperia Z), there's still bugs that others have reported, too: >Smart Key removes Walkman integration on lockscreen, making it harder to check what song is playing, or if it is playing at all (which gets kind of annoying on songs with quiet intros) >during a call, Smart Key locks the keyboard, as in "the keyboard will not open, no matter what application is running". This gets QUITE annoying, for example, when setting useful alarms while on the phone >I should also note that sometimes the inputs seem laggy, I noticed going close to 2 seconds input lag. But this may be a problem with my configuration, so I cannot tell if it's Smart Key's fault. On the plus side, it really made using the headset better, as it is able to more precisely discern which keypress sequence I've used. Before this, the recognition was kind of imprecise, usually messing double taps into single ones, making it a nightmare to navigare songs.

Not compatible with Sony mobile phones?! The app is great if you are going to use it with Google music, but if you are using Sony Walkman app then you are out of luck. Button in Walkman is just used as pause button... I just can't believe Sony hasn't checked the compatibility with their own mobile phones, at least...

Doesn't work properly on my headphone U just bought sony headphone MDR-ZX110AP but headphone button can't be used except for Google voice, please fix this problem with software update ASAP

Doesn't work on Lollipop? The customized controls haven't been working after my phone upgraded to Lollipop.

Not thrilled... When the app is installed & in use it locks u out of your other apps. You can't use anything else(other apps) while using the headphones. That's not what's up...

Not working on xperia l Its not working on my device when i press call key it only raise volume which is default function of phone. Very disappointing......I will give it five stars if it'll worked correctly

kills keyboard during phone call app doesn't let you to type while in a call. keyboard just doesn't pop-up. fixed by uninstalling. 1 star due to many unresponded comments describing the same issue.

Doesn't seem to work with Fairphone FP1 Only the play/stop function seems to be recognized. The OS is the right version, it should work with this app. Or do you have to use a specific Music app too?

Works but... This app works for my Sony Mdr1a headphones and also my Sennheiser Sports headphones which was a surprise. However, the app prevents audio controls in the lock screen from coming up. Also, I would like to be able to disable the app.

Please Add Camera App support! Kindly add smart key actions when the Camera App is open i.e. Zoom, Toggle Flash, Capture.

Not enough customisation When installed it only works alongside Google Play Music and not the default music app and it shows up in the notifications bar all the time which is annoying. I'm better off without it because it still works without the app and it works better but you cannot customise what the button does without. It is a real shame.

Could be better Would be useful if i could connect to other music players like spotify, and soundcloud but instead it opens up my call history. Another problem is the multi button function, no matter how many times I click it, it counts as one. I even set all the functions to no action but it still sent me to my call history. I would love to give it another try if they ever update it

Didn't work.... Expected more from these guys... Can't develop a simple app

doesn't work with built-in music application when i try to use 'launch music player' feature, it only allows me through Google play music instead of built in music app. so i disabled Google play music, and it doesn't work at all after then. it says 'no compatible music player', is it a problem with license or some sort?

Add camera mode I think it will be really awesome if you can add camera mode in the next update, you know make the header button become camera shutter or zoom

Working well with my XBA-H3. Would be event better if holding on to the button would trigger something on the phone (eg next song)

Buggy Half of the times when listening music with Walkman it won't work or will just pause music. Also when installed walkman widget is lost on lockscreen. Uninstall to get it back

Found bug When I press the remote button two times on my headset it is reducing or increasing the volume instead of changing the song please fix it I will give 5 star

Not works with xperia z2 after upgrade to 5.0.2 When i upgraded my XPERIA Z2 to Android 5.0.2(official Sony upgrade) and Smart key doesn't work.

Good, but Since I installed the app, the lockscreen widget for walkman doesn't appear at all....fix this please, because when i uninstall the app, the widget returns. Also the voice command doesn't turn on when I'm outside

No longer works on Galaxy Note 3 Used to work fine but now doesn't affect media. Can still answer calls. Long pressing brings up Voice Command. I look forward to figuring out what went wrong.

My Sony headset I still have problems using my Sony headphones. I downloaded this app and it has stopped the random song skipping and stopping starting etc but my headphones have no volume control on them but they still change the volume of music player all the time. If they could add something to this yo prevent it it would be great

Amazing simply perfect with ease. Works great on xperia Z2 5.0.2. But why call functions are disabled in latest update...

It won't work properly. Only play and stop function work but other options don't work.

Used to work The app used to work great. Now when it's enabled nothing happens. Now working again after an uninstall/reinstall

Really I love it & really need to be a like this app for my z ultra ?

Voice command doesn't work.!

Not working It's not working, the button doesn't do what I set it to do (play, next track, prev track), instead it messes with the volume. I'm using the headset that comes with Xperia Z1 Compact. **update** FIX IT FFS! I'm now using Sennheiser CX2.00G and it's still not working, shitty app, shitty phone.

Good but!! I wish if it can work with podcast apps as podcast addict or podcast republic. It works great though with music players and radio app.

Excellent Just what ive been looking for.

Has suddenly stopped working with doubletwist player on nexus 5. Please fix!

Just one more thing I use Xperia M2 dual, this app works great. What about adding an option to use the key as a camera shutter?

Rubbish Doesn't work on my Z2..

Not bad, but be warned. Only the default button functions work on Android 5.0+. This isn't much of a big deal, but if you try to customize the functionality, it'll cease to function completely.

For Sony Xperia z it's not compatable with lollipop version When I customize for music player such way that one press for next tract and double press for pause / play, it's not working as per our customization. Irrespectivly it's working on its own wish. Looking to fix these issues for lollipop in Sony Xperia z

Add headphone support Please, add detection whether we use headphones or headset. Installing this alobgside smart connect from Sony has some issues

Doesn't working now After upgraded my phone with latest android software lollipop ? the application stopped working well I tried to reinstall the application but solution please fix this issue I am using Xperia z

It is good But see no changes with new updates. (xperia z5 premium) add some more options with pressing combinations please.

Xperia Z5 Compact. Does not seem to work for in call button presses, at all. Button to enable does not work. Configuration screen looks different from screenshots in gallery here on google play store.

got a new LG v10, but it doesn't work properly with the main music player... even if I have it set to play "last music player", it always opens up Google Play and plays random songs... worked "fine" w/ my old htc one m8... now it's barely functional...

doesn't work with galaxy s7 edge and sony earbuds MDRXB50AP/L. Sucks.

Limited and not working properly Can't choose another player than Google Play and the voice command feature doesn't start. On Xperia z3

It's bad for Sony Without update can't leasing music properly

Useless for me who is searching call control. Need mute/unmute setting using the button.

Work Very Well Sony SmartHeadset MH1C with Xperia Z5 Premium Dual Android 6.0

Doesn't work as it should I have the One Plus 2 and every time I activate this app and turn it on it always activates Google music automatically when I one click with my Sony earphones. It doesn't give me a choice of which music player to use, pointless really.

Samsung s duos It's work in my Samsung ...thanks.

Exellent idea Unfortunately, I've got troubles with this app hundred times, especially when combined with iPhone's earbud.

Almost useless I use PowerAmp player, but with this app Google Music starts playing when I press the button. And there is no option to choose PowerAmp instead. Although, idea of different actions with one button is good.

On Samsung s5 Great app so easy to use, glad it works on the s5

Only Google Play Music? It only works with Google Play Music when I want to switch to the next/previous song . I want to use it with other Music Apps too.. that is a problem for me. I hope you'll solve this problem

Not working What the hell.. Purchased the sony earphones and this app is not working at all with my nexus 4. OS 5.1.1 . Highly unexpected from sony.

Works only with Google music

Awesome But I feel my battery life is burn so fast

Not what I wanted Was looking for a way to set multi function button as volume control. Every time I press it tries to either switch me to Google Play or dial the last number in my call history (currently a blocked number from a telemarketing scammer). I want it to do two things: control volume and maybe switch between two apps NEITHER of which is either the phone or Google Play. If it can't do those simple things I'm not interested. Sayonara, Sony.

extremely laggy needs a huge make over

Poorly made The reaction between pressing the button and having a music player started is huge making you wonder if you actually pressed it. Moreover, the available music players is extremely limited. I use black player and it finds only google play and Spotify.

Where's my 6.0? Sony's getting 1 star from me for all their apps, because you guys suck for not updating to 6.0 already.

Sometimes I would have an music app open, pause a song using the headphone remote; but when I try to resume the song, it just opens up my default music player ?

love it nice one...

Work, more or less I had to u plug and replug for the initial setup to take effect. If pause/play was my first click, the 2 and 3 click options didn't work. I needed to move pause and play to the 2 click option. Also, holding the button activated voice search (equivalent to 'OK google') so, good enough I say. Nexus 5 on marshmellow

I wish it works like it claims! I recently got your Z5 Premium ,but I can't skip tracks using the call key on my own earphones. That is so annoying!

Doesn't work Tried with both Huawei's own music player and Google Play Music, screen locked and unlocked. Doesn't work... Headphones: MDR-EX110 Phone: Huawei Ascend P6

Didn't work I have a oneplus 2 with Android 5.1 or something and it wouldn't control the headphones that I bought ultra bass or some and it wouldn't pause do any of the features it described. Please I will rate 5 star if u fix

Works but slowly Kyocera hydro vibe for virgin mobile. The app works with Pandora, the only app I use for music, however this app makes the button lag when pausing playback with the custom functions on, and when it's off or before I installed it there is no lag. Love the ability to skip songs, but I will hold off on using the app until it no longer lags. Second pair of Sony headphones, first one got ripped out by my dog, love the sound quality on both pairs

Better late than... Glad I found this. Gives my Z3 Compact full support for the buttons of my Sennheiser Momentum 2.0 (Android version). Sometimes laggy. Z5 has full support out of the box without lag, so maybe there's room for improvement...

Doesn't work with third party apps This app cannot be used with apps like sound cloud.

Only works with Sony earphones I would say this option should be extended, to be used for other earphones also, I'm using Samsung EO EG920B, I'm not able to use this option

Simply awesome This app is very useful to maximize the use of single key. Try it, you will love it for sure.

If I switched on music profile,then I'm loosing the walkman widget on the lockscreen.Change it and 5 stars.

Nice This is very useful app because somany android mobile music playrlers doesn't support the next song. This will do. Thank u so much

good app it is so yousefull

How to disable music autostart When plugging in the headphones, can somebody help? It is a most annoying feature of Sony...

Just Love this application

FM Radio not available It says in the description that you can select FM Radio in the idle commands, but the option is not offered. You only have the music player there.

One of its kind

Good bit please add When press and hold volume up and when press two times and hold volume down. Thank you

Doesn't work that well. Changes the mode every now and then. The app isn't responsive

Quite well but... The app is nice but it is kind of delay..... improve it for more vote , heheheh, keep it up

Disabled google play music, and no matter if I use the stock music player by Sony or Spotify, whenever I double click to change song, it always starts a random song in Google play music. I want to have options to choose which app I want to use these combinations for. Also, when I click it once the music stops, fine but when I press it again in 5mins, I have to take my phone out to play the music again which is annoying...

Doing nothing else but volume up Xperia Z3, the wired headset buttons only feature is volume up, whatever I set.

This thing is NOT WORKING PROPERLY It olny works for a couple of times and it stopped.

Only seems to work with Google Play, something I never use. Doesn't work with Spotify/ SoundCloud etc

Alright (Xperia Z3 compact) it wont let me optimize my call settings

Doesnt work at. All. With. Google play music stops any music that is playing

Not Compatible I would be great if this app worked for Poweramp

Working for me ty.. Using alcatel flash 2 . only 1 key to headset ty

Work for Sony MH-750 without this app on Xperia S

Wonderful !! Works like charm Install it even if u dont have any sony earphone. It will remove the album art of song from unlock screen when playing in kitkat and above. It was the most embarrassing moment when i took out my phone to change a song and other people would see the photo of song artist (sometimes adult, sometimes girly) on lock screen, it solves that plus adds handful of features to the media button in earphone/headphone :)

Wish it worked. Tried several things to get it to work, but it doesn't work reliably enough to keep it installed. This is one of my gripes about Android... Wish I could control the phone/music and volume better via headphones.

Starting Music App The "Start last used Music App" command on idle mode, just takes too long to be executed, wastes too much time and is quite annoying. Otherwise, the application works fine.

Nexus 6P Operability Unfortunately, presses that involve 2 or 3 presses do not work. Only the single button press works for me (configurable). But that's the issue of not having a Sony phone.

Would it be possible to let us decide which music player the app starts by default when clicking the cablebutton? Such as Spotify. Or even better, know which was most recently used.

Not working. Xperia Z5 Compact. Does not seem to work for in call button presses, at all. Button to enable does not work. Configuration screen looks different from screenshots in gallery here on google play store. Tried again May 2016, still does not work.

Doesn't work for my phone Got a klipsch headphones, downloaded this extension so that the quick button on my headphones will be able to toggle next music track or pick up calls. Doesn't work. Please fix this.

While on YouTube I pressed button for preset volume up. It started calling my friend, at 245am. Not impressed, deleting because I never put redial last number as an option. Disappointed

No call function on Google phone It does say that functionality will be limited on non-sony phones, but I thought it odd that the music player button allocations work but the answer-the-phone function doesn't

Needs an update After updating my Xperia Z3c to Android 6 several bugs appeared. The app is not working with Deezer anymore, when hitting the button, instead of stopping the song, it opens default music app.

Too slow when interpreting taps. Not enough configurability. Does the job otherwise.

It is great But i would be more content should the actual music player i had used last were used than Google Play Music

Not working properly Not working properly on s5 (android 6) default music player, it keep opening another player like google player in spite of samsung player is already playing music

Kindly add smart key actions when the Camera App is open!!!! i.e. Zoom, Toggle Flash, Capture.

Fantastic Fixes malfunctioning headphones by disabling button press. Great app no ads I recommend this to everybody.

Incompatible with JetAudio Only Google Play is controllable

Good app Its helped me to answer people call... Who ever have this app pls leave some feedback.... Thnx for ur cooperation...

Good but.. Would give 5 stars if it worked with Spotify, not just Google Play Music.

Give Sony your contact list why don't you? I'm sure they will find it very useful. Won't install unless you grant this permission.

I use a Sony experia t2 ultra dual, the only option that works is starting/stopping the music player or play/pause the music player. Please fix.

Cool App Very useful and reliable, easy to use too

Great Great for my Sony Stereo Headphones MDR-XB450 ..but sometime.. It not work.. Please fix it

Perfect Combo I got completely attached to this app and my headphones!

My cheap aux cord doesn't pause or skip songs anymore. That's all really. 5*

Not working Call customized isn't working for my Sony Xperia Z1

Why the he'll do I need this for wire head phone are all the same

Need improvement Many more features can be added and user interfaces can be improved to greater extent.

Good Features Quite helpful for the earphones...

Not working Guys is it working for anyone's Z1?

Simple and easy Works perfectly, the only improvement I would suggest is to allow changing the time delay waiting for button clicks. A double click goes to the next track within 0.5 seconds but a single click takes 3 seconds before pausing. I have a Z3 and MDR-1A headphones so there shouldn't be any issues.

Nexus 6p This makes mdr-100aap remote work in my nexus 6p. Nobody from Google or Sony support had any answers for my issue, randomly stumbled on this solution. I don't understand why it works but it does.

No support for galaxy s7 After purchasing the mdr 750 headphones I was astounded by the sound quality best in the market! Then the remote! No support information on compatability with said device and now a pair of underutilised and returned headphones a big shame as I'm a big fan of Sony and would have stayed with you for a smartphone (previous z2 user) if you hadn't have refrained from Releasing your true flagship into the UK!

Its cool but the update sucks It works almost fine but it doesnt detect the Music Player as a Music player it tells me that the phone has only the Radio And Google Play Music Player and I Dont Want To Use that because its confusing

Doesn't Work Very disappointed. Xperia Compact Z3, Android 6.0.1 (unrooted) and Sony MDR-EX650AP phones, but the button won't control any music player. That said, the mic doesn't seem to work at all either... Checked app settings etc. Works great on iPhones. FAIL!

Junk. Have 3 different music players on my phone. App says I have no compatible players installed. Does not answer a call. Can only launch voice search. How terribly exciting....NOT!

So.... You need an APPLICATION for BASIC functionality for a simple button on your headset!? Really though!?! Smh... Android... Sometimes you really have one chromosome too many... ALSO! When I double press HOLD the button on my headset it should FAST FORWARD (and triple should rewind), IT SHOULD NOT OPEN GOOGLE'S POS VOICE SEARCH FFS!!! Stupid fng Android I swear to God... #triggered

Compatibility issues Doesn't seem to work with my Nexus 6P and my MDR-100.

Only 3 options You only have 3 options for functions with a 1 button headset. Either single click, double click or triple click. I use 1 click for play/pause. 2 clicks to skip forward. 3 clicks to skip back. Then there are no functions left to control volume. Long press would be ideal for volume up. 1 click + long press would be ideal for volume down. 5 star if you could add this function.

Does what it claims Works wonderfully with my nexus and xb450ap headphones. Can be customised based on preferences. Only suggestion is if it actually detects the time till which the key is pressed, more functionalities could have been added!

It did not work the way I expected. When I pressed remote button on headphone to stop music, the sound leaked through phone speakers. I was embarassed in a library.

Wish it worded I have mdr-100app headphones and an Alcatel phone and the app doesn't fully work

Sometimes I would have an music app open, pause a song using the headphone remote; but when I try to resume the song, it just opens up my Google Play Music ?

Broke my Lock Screen Ever since android 6.1, not only does this app not work, now when I have my earphones in, I cannot lock/unlock my phone (Xperia Z2) using the power key.

I expect more from Sony Just pauses, doesn't start the song again. Other functions don't work at least not consistently. Hasn't been updated for years. Come ON Sony... it's not that hard!