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Supplied By ELECTRONIC ARTS    On Sept. 6, 2016    Comments(173)

APP for iPhone TETRIS® version1.9.16 Download

FREE YOURSELF! Play the world famous Tetris® game you know and love with improved controls and all-new social features.


• MARATHON MODE – We’ve added all-new controls so you can stack like a pro. Choose between lightning fast One-Touch, classic Swipe controls, or the innovative new Drag-and-Place option to keep clearing those lines.

• TETRIS® GALAXY – Try this new multi-level mode! Clear to the core as you drop each Tetrimino with split-second intensity. And use power-ups to transform the blockade below!

• FACEBOOK LEADERBOARDS – Connect with your friends and brag about high scores on the newsfeed and more.

• TETRIS® RANK – Keep a tally of every line you’ve ever cleared!

• T-CLUB – Join fellow Tetris® Enthusiasts and gain an advantage with bonus lines and T-Coins.

User Agreement:
Visit for inquiries.

EA may retire online features and services after 30 days’ notice posted on

EA may retire online features and services after 30-days notice per e-mail (if available) and posted on

Important Consumer Information: This app: Requires acceptance of EA’s Privacy & Cookie Policy and User Agreement.
; Includes in-game advertising; collects data though third party ad serving and analytics technology (See Privacy & Cookie Policy for details), contains direct links to social networking sites intended for an audience over 13; contains direct links to the Internet.

ELECTRONIC ARTS part of our Puzzle and have average installs from 10000000 to 50000000. Last Update Sept. 6, 2016. Appstore play rating is 79.8287. Current verison is 1.9.16. Actual size 35.0 MB.

What's new

    Hello Tetris fans! We’ve made some behind-the-scenes adjustments to improve overall gameplay and provide a smoother Tetris experience. Thanks for playing!
Download tetris-r.apk 35.0 MB


Auto controls makes whole game auto No good..... Expected more from electronic arts and this much space

No classic mode If you own the license and call the game Tetris, why wouldn't you offer a classic mode of the game, so people can play what they love and remember? I know there's Marathon which is similar in concept, but it has new features like being able to "hold" shapes as they drop and swap them for something better. In my day, we took the shapes we were given and were grateful to get any at all! ;)

It waaay diffrent than the xbox version. Im really good at this game. But the cubes arent goung in the place i want them to in

Stupid ad!!! I'm thankful with it being free but one time i was playing at night then suddenly a video ad played without notice and it woke all people in the room because the ad was so loud. Please fix these kinds of things am not against ads but disturbing ads like that should be banned!

Forced update It forces people to update with no option of not updating. This is very inconvenient for people with limited data. It also doesn't seem to have a classic mode.

Might as well have downloaded a program to randomly show adds every 15 seconds

Adverts!!!! How many ads do you need? When they pop up you can't exit them either!

Awesome I made 536367 in this game raising from level 1 to 14 ! ?

Classic Game Yes it is different and takes a little getting your head (and fingers) around the controls, but it's the same classic addictive game it's always been. Ideal when you've got time to kill!

Childhood memories It was just as I remember only now it's refined graceful and beautifully presented. Great time passer

Rubbish! Best way to completely slaughter a 'Classic' game is give it to the new breed of farquetards at EA. If it ain't broke, don't fix the karnt!

Too many Advertisement Dislike the advertisement keep popping up in the middle of playing time and moving up level

Weird controls Non-intuitive controls made it a chore to play. Removed after 1 game.

Galaxy 1 It gave u no opinion on if u wanted power ups or not u had to have them

Over it I love tetris but I'm so over it closing while I'm in the process of a game. Fix this issue its so annoying

Still prefer the pc control. And consuming too much battery.

Good game not bad just liked the original

Tetris Brill my first game ever and still going strong

I Love This Game! So challenging and engaging.

Too many adds. I dont mind a few adds but its ridiculous here. The game even stops to cut to an add sometimes and it can really mess up your game on level 13-16. Then sometimes you have to exit two or more adds just to get back to your game.

Nice game Fun game but still missing the classic tetris

Should be 5 stars but... Too many ads

Awesome Play Gr8 way itz made i luv to play it everytym fun to see and Xcellent to play thank u EA

Not No like the classic tetris. Lol took longer to install than uninstall it (played less than a minute).

Give 4 if not always stopping

nicely done A new take on an old game. Awesome

I like it very much!!!!

Love it ^_^ Perfect tetris pazzle game for me good game i realy love

Awsome game!!!

Meh Modernised it too much.

Good! Game the best!

Not what I want in a tetris game! Abs is FULL of bloody ads! Where is the standard old tetris I know Anna love! Uninstalling! Sick to death is ads and this is horrible to play!

Love the game itself, however... The game itself is great, mainly the marathon mode. My only problem is that the banner ads can severely drop responsiveness with movement and rotation when the ad changes. This is not an issue all of the time but that doesn't make it less of a problem. I'm fine with seeing ads and prefer that to paying once for the game, as it generates more revenue, but when the money starts sacrificing player enjoyment is when it goes too far. I hope you'll fix this soon.

Dodgy ads for a 'family' game The game itself is great, but I've not been impressed with the genre of adverts. The ads should not be ? when it's a family game. I'm glad my children weren't playing it tonight.

Great game but gameplay interrupted by ads This is a great game but I've just started playing it again after a break and have had to deduct 3 stars because I have noticed it randomly freezes and starts up an ad while there's still a game in play.... oh for those complaining there's no classic mode, there is. It's called marathon now. The yellow game option.

Did you know? I just realized : the rotation of the blocks when you tap the screen isn't random! It actually depends on which side of the scree you tap! Btw, a slide up will hold the block. Have fun :-)

Not great. Nothing like the classic game

During loading, need to tap "Back" to begin new game Please fix the issue above as well as less intrusive ads.

These damn advertisements always make the game crash! Unacceptable. Otherwise, it works fine and is pretty fun... Still, the ads are a huge pain.

Impossible to play Ads in the middle of the game, pieces falling without control, it's not fun

So many ads It like ea is tetris' pimp and has just whored out this beloved classic to any advertiser for a buck

I don't like to have possibilities The rral version is 1000 tomes better

Tetris has been my favourite game since I was a child. Now I can take it everywhere.

Paid for what? Paid to remove ads. Ads not removed. No way to contact anyone. Took my money and kept serving ads. Thanks for nothing

Worst Tetris ever! This game should be called Tetric. Full of ads too...

Designed to give you the impression that you're making choices and that there is skill involved. There isn't really though, you'll make the same choice each time - and find that you need to buy their ingame purchases to make progress in the game. It's a nasty way to make a game, and without using your credit card it's unplayable.

Nice gameplay After installing and some buggy app startups and jams (had to restart the phone even, GUI got badly stuck, only power button reacted), the application finally started. The game has quite nicely working gameplay. Game itself is really addictive as we all know...:)

Well a little laggy on the galaxy mode but i think it's okay since i still can play with the galaxy mode thanks for the game i love it

My suggestion You should make a relax mode, where the level never increases and you can just play on whatever level you want

Too many adds It was perfectly fine before all the adds, which are more of trying to pull a fast one and spam. Even if you try to ignore them they're distracting because they're flashing in your periferal. Wish I never updated. GG, EA. GG.

Hours and hours of free fun what's not great about it was a great game when I was a lot younger and its a great game now

Hate the ads! Love this game bt why doesn't it have a classic mode and it's got too many ads. Zzz

Mental logic Awesome game to make everything fit in plsce.

Addictive...I don't mind the ads tho just close it and move on.

Love it! I've been playing this game on and off for a few years now. It does exacly what its supposed to. If I have one complaint it's that the pause button is a bit too small. And as for ads, I sometimes turn off the wifi to aviod 'em.

Jesus Phuking Advertisement I even get ads from religious groups about spreading hatred.. Won't even skip.. I mean.. Is there any standards to this ? From 5☆ to No☆ to delete you to I'm over this

Shame on you EA... Being a buyer of your games since the days of the Amiga, I'm disappointed you decided to go down the line of Adware! You ruined a classic game. Why not create an ad free version to buy I'd pay quite happily, but I really know that won't happen as gamers are just numbers to you now.

Absolute rubbish As much as I love tetris this version is so buggy its unbelievable. I haven't been able to complete a single game without it crashing. I play it on a galaxy note 3 and have had nothing but issues upon first downloading this game.

Just like old days ! Brilliant ! Reminds me of endless hours of Tetris on my Gameboy, love it, love it, love it !

Update, even paying for no ads, the ads are not showing in the screen, but audio still plays. Very bad! Really annoying experience with so many ads. Its a shame, such a classic game with nice play mode very suitable for smartphone screen and input methods turned in to a crappy experience by the greed of EA... it is not enough to charge for additional coins and add ons, they also force to pay to get rid of the ads...

Awful Even if they got rid of all the incredibly annoying ads, the game is still terrible. Don't waste your time

Tetris Its a shame that its more about putting the maximum adds and spam in the game instead of making a good game. You guys did at one time own most of the games i played .. this is the one that broke the back of my patients. I dont mind paying for games but it wont be any more of yours.

Why so many adverts? Crap crap and CRAP, won't play any more of your garbage games

Love the game. I've loved this game since the eighties, but having to quit the game to get rid of that fecking diet chef ad has made me start looking for another version of tetris, get your act together guys, great game play, terrible ad choice.

Are you f******g kidding me ??? I managed to get 3000 points to unlock the 8 bit theme and as soon as I pressed unlock it dropped my points to 2000 and the song is still locked and the game asked me to buy t points (which I had) this sucks!!! You want to make more money make an app that actually works without poaching the consumer . And how this app still has 4 stars is beyond me ...

YOU PEOPLE have RUINED a good, CLASSIC game. You should at LEAST have a 'fun play' option!

Best Game Ever One of all time classics back at it again with the 911 memes, allahu snackbar

Best Tetris game available on playstore I tried around 14 to 15 tetris game but all of those were just good for nothing, some of them are like block puzzle. It's the only tetris game which I found working truly which reminds me of my childhood and it also have mission of different galaxy and can put a single block piece on hold to use when needed which is a new idea. Amazing game with great graphics and sounds .

TETRIS TEDIUM!!!!!!!!!!! A great game DESTROYED by the stupidity of ADVERTS, thrown into the middle of a game that may rely on timing and/or memory, which is needed in a game like this one. Subsequently, the timing gets thrown off and you forget what move, or block, you were going to use next!!!!!

Fab game Its a classic, original theme song. Love it. Absolutely HATE the ads though and why do you (TETRIS/EA GAMES) need to know my age????

Its ok. Lots of ads, too much if you ask me. Game is entertaining though.

Intrusive Advertisements You literally see an ad before the game even starts and it just gets worse from there. It's pointless to say that the game might be fun to play if you can't spend 2 minutes without an ad popping up in your face. It breaks you away completely from the experience.

Doesn't work Not responding to any touch input at all. On Moto G 2nd gen.

Love it I play this game on a daily basis I love it. It's so easy to play and so much fun... Passes the time

Worth it- no connection needed It is a really nice and easy game. I enjoyed playing it, some features can be made better but its almost unnoticeable

Waste game ever! Don't waste your time & money to download this awful game. Its a rubbish game i have ever seen.

Good Great old classic, shame about the amount of ads....

Annoyed Too many intrusive ads spoil the flow of the game play, especially in galaxy mode if I could give it 0 stars I would .... If I want watch ads I'd switch on the TV. ... deleting it now !!!!

Doesn't even work Doesn't respond after the age input screen.

Pfft wtf man you can't even try all the different combinations cos it gives you a few? Not tetris

Physically unplayable The game will not accept any input on my device. Such a shame since this used to be a great app.

Always loved Tetris and this app does not disappoint! :-D

Hard to exit Not a bad Tetris game, but hard to exit if you're in a hurry.

Paid for adfree version Paid for the adfree version a while ago now I'm bombarded by ads that are being downloaded with my data plan. Not surprised by shameless EA

Great classic!!!! Excellent game play. However has frozen on a couple of occasions.

Tetris Such a classic...always love this game what eva mood I'm in.x.

WAY TO MANY AD's I understand the need for ad's, my app has them but bloody hell does this shove them in your face constantly... At least hide them while I'm playing the game....

Memories This is awesome, i like this game so much.

Love When I play the game I always win it makes me win

Its bad. Just... don't get a version not published by EA. get a doffrenf version of this game.

Buggy app and too many ads. Could do with a UI upgrade too as it looks a little outdated

Great game annoying adverts Great game annoying adverts!

Must watch 30 sec ad for playing 30 sec. It's torture Unacceptable. I hope the greedy folks at ea get a lesson from being

Ive paid for ad free but still get ads After paying to get ad free i am still stuck with ads. So either get rid of the ads or refund my money!

The theme song!! I love the song it is my favourite now if u hear it you will know what i mean and there is no lag great game get it

Just awful. Controls counterintuitive. Ability to continue tge game takes the fun out of it. A loading screen on one of the oldest and simplest game?! This is just an awful ripoff of the original game.

Pop up ads that break the game! You make one move and the ad pops up... everytime. Fix the intrusiveness or you'll loose customers. If this changes I'll adjust my rating.

Awful! Way to ruin a classic, and add on an even worse game! Nice one! Why could you not just keep it original with buttons on screen and save all that wasted effort on rubbish, buggy crappy mccrapface!

Good, but sometimes crashes on startup Good app most of the time, but sometimes crashes once it gets to the loading screen. This is a frequent occurance, but when the app works, it's great!

Ads pop-up every 2 seconds disrupting game play. Getting ads now popping up every few seconds. Will be removing this game now. Never again will I get EA Games again.

Great, but how the F do I leave the app? This app has no exit button... and way to many ads!

Tetris but better. It's one of the best games I've ever played. The marathon (swipe mode) is the same as the classic tetris but it's even better and colourful. I really reccomend this for everyone.

The add machine My god, I think I've seen the advert for the new teenage mutant ninja turtles film 40 times in the last hour. Please add a skip button. Controls are a bit etchy but other than that, good game.

Love game. Hate the ad's The advertisements will flash up. Press the x the close and resume game to have the same advertisement flash back up again straight away. There is no way to play the game.

Disappointed Was really enjoying for all of a minute before adverts I couldn't exit crashing the game

Age I installed this game and I can't choose my age or even accept Terms etc. Bugged from start 0/10

Great Tetris game It takes my mind of anything that's bothering me and brings order to the world.

Getting rid of ads To eliminate ads just turn off the wifi receiver on your phone

Still can't get very high, but really good for hand eye coordination.

Good game Just click X on adds if u don't want them . Good take on a classic

Love the game ~ hate the ads

Tetris Enjoyed it it's fun

Tetris: Advertising to the max! After every single level there is a 30 second ad that cannot be skipped and most levels can be finished in around 30 seconds. Literally half of the game is spent waiting for an ad to finish! Not to mention the banner ad across the top of the screen as well. At least the game waits for you to finish in marathon mode before playing an ad but that's it's ONLY good point. Avoid.

Fake Review's The three profiles I looked at that rated this game 5 Star had also rated all their other games and apps 5 Star and their reviews had nothing but praise and no criticisms, which frankly amazes me. I doubt those profiles are real at all because it can be difficult to look past the problems with this game. The real people who aren't bots are putting real lengthy reviews and those are certainly not 5 Star. This game stinks of laziness and greed.

Once again, EA believes everybody has an unlimited data plan and expects you to always be connected. When ads try to load and no connection is available, the game crashes and restarts. Pathetic for developers who have been in the business for so many years!

Love playing Tetris but game keeps freezing Really love playing Tetris but the past few times that I have played the game, and have surpassed my top score, the app freezes (around level 15/16 once even 'completing Tetris'). Then on reopening the app my game has disappeared thus not saving my high score. Very frustrating.

Pop up Costing Ads. Someone if not understanding language of Ads. Then that Ads too easy to miss press agree button. Ads name is VIP Games. Cost fee SGD 10.00 per week. If someone miss press it will get costing. Be careful to play this game. Actually this game design nice and I like it. But only the Ads too many, and got costing Ads. Hope can filter that costing Ads.

Highly Recommended I haven't had any issues with ads, may vary amongst users. I feel like the micro-transactions are a bit ridiculous, too. But you can save-up your points over a period of time to acquire new soundtracks and stuff. Apart from that, however, it's a good game app. It has the original Tetris and a few other Tetris-themed game-modes.

Awful controls I don't know who came up with this stupid idea of using transparent predictions of where the piece will fall and some weird time control instead of the old, traditional speed increase while dropping. I took longer on the download than playing it. It sucks big time.

Love it, addictive, but... Used to hate Tetris, but now I love it. Thanks EA for bringing Tetris in a good way... But please remove SOME ads. I see the reviews where 80% of the people complaining about it. If you wanna make money, make ads appear after 2-3 levels. ALSO, a watch-to-win ads can be made like in other games, too...

Stuiped I think EA....iys not in the game! U can do better! Try to get a mode which is original and does not have any levels and modes or difficulty settings..put the classic mode also u will get gud comments and better stars!

Constant ad interruptions This game used to be amazing. It has now upgraded so the ads pop up in the middle of marathon interrupting the game repeatedly. I won't get any ads until level 10 and then they pop up every few seconds

Not like the original I really wanted to play the original game of Tetris but this is just too easy. Telling me where i can put it is quite annoying. I just want to do it myself. Also the shape doesn't go down it just stays there. Very disappointed ??

Ads! featuring Tetris The game is actually really fun. However deflecting advertising literally every 5 - 10 seconds is getting annoying. Not worth your time until they relax this feature. Ruined my experience. Would definitely not recommend

Honest opinion Its a great update on a classic. And on your phone no less! The ads can be a little irritating but from what I played it didnt do it in the middle of playing. Its a cool game and brilliant at killing time:) thank you guys!:)

Ads interrupt game I love the game but cannot play it because Mr Rental ads keep popping up. In the time it took one piece to reach the bottom of the tetris board I had to close down 6 ads. This makes it impossible to play which is a shame because everyone loves tetris. Ads in between games or levels is acceptable but this is ridiculous. I'm uninstalling this app.

Worst piece of crap!!! Ads every 4th second, for 10 minutes straight! Same ad 150 times in 10 minutes. Unplayable! From now on Never EA again and I hate MrRentals too.

Ruined a classic I get that they want to make money, but to limit the amount of moves in order to buy more is shocking. Let's not forget the ridiculous amount of ads. It's not too much to ask for a little gameplay is it?

Too many adds I undertsnad that free apps come with advertising, but for such a large company the amount of advertising that stops gameplay until you X out of it is disgusting. Smaller companies with less funding do better than this. I can only play a few seconds of this game without an add appearing. Every now and then the same add appears constantly and I can't play at all.

Ruined by adverts Uninstalled this because of the majority of gameplay is interrupted by aware. Don't bother with this junk. they have ruined the game. All in all, it's absolute rubbish.

This version is so gloomy looking and ugly They changed this app so that the game looks really uninspired and boring. I recommend finding a different version with brighter colors and more creative flare

Ads even after purchase! That awkward guy sings even after closing the app what is that remove ads purchase for? Do not buy in app purchases its a scam!

Hater comment. Know what I see? A lot of hater comments about nothing. If you want a 'classic' game look somewhere else.

Not worth downloading How can you turn a decent game into the worst ever? Well, add the loudest, most annoying ads and you'redone. Pitty, you had something good going on

What a ridiculous concept of "new" tetris. I'd prefer the classic version game of tetris not this 'one click block'. Its boring and simply stupid. Uninstall

You paused my Lullaby for a Princess, for this? No but honestly, if its gonna throw an ad at me, at least have it pause my song then unpause it for me afterwards. And considering how many ads there are, I actually cant listen to any music, and therefore I have to hear and communicate with the outside world. Even Pokemon Go couldn't get me to do that, but somehow, Tetris manages to be the most annoying social-forcing thing there is. I rate 0/10 basically made me wearing headphones pointless.

EA are greedy cunts Great job EA. The ads are extremely annoying, and the gameplay is not good. This is a bastardised version of the original Tetris. We do not need power ups, just a port of the original. Someone other than EA should have made this, a company that cares about customer satisfaction, not just money. And don't even get me started on the one touch gameplay.

I paid for an awesome version of EA Tetris back when I had my HTC Desire. No customer loyalty with this ad-filled garbage. I don't mind paying a couple of quid for games but there is no option for that. The game is also not responsive enough and plays a little awkwardly.

Used to be fun - find another version They have REALLY killed this game. Used to be great but now the tiles frequently don't rotate. And then they do. Developers, can you please give us back the previous version?

Decent Version I'm not a massive tablet/mobile game fan but titles like this work, Some times I find shapes don't swipe left or right just before landing on a high speed game but other than that it's decent imo

Love the different models Just a small bug i noticed. When starting the app, if the phone is connected to Internet, the app doesn't start at all. Once i turn off the wifi or mobile data, then it goes beyond the start screen. Can this be fixed?

This was working fine on iPhone but the android version hangs and doesn't open so every time have to uninstall and install again for playing. It's very annoying.

Game is not running 2sd time Game is good .Yesterday i was download this game and i paly. But toady is not runnig i see only game logo and loading. I am try to many time but not running. What i do.? I am using One plus two.

No respect for Hard earned money! When accessing the game with an internet connection, the coins you've earned will be either be halved or deducted substantially for no logical reason. This bug has occured twice with me. It is annoying and it has negatively impacted my experience with this game. Something needs to be done with this bug!

Meh Lags often after lv6, is iresponsive, doesnt move, etc. Really wish there was a way to not go up in levels. Overall its an okay game. (Except galaxy which is stupid)

Good if it worked Really fun, till it plays endless adverts refuses to include any extra moves you are supposed to earn and the eventually freezes completely. Pants!

Great game, irritating ads The actual game itself is fantastic but the whole thing is let down by over long adverts. I refuse to purchase anything that is forced down my throat, and I refuse to upgrade for ad free gaming.

Controls not great, ads a deal breaker I am happy to see adverts on a free product, no problem- but these are very intrusive. It just started playing a loud advert from which I couldn't quickly escape. Woke my husband. Uninstalling.

Keeps crashing I can only play offline. If WiFi is enabled, the ad screen pops up black and locks the system until Tetris restarts itself. Rinse and repeat until I turn off WiFi :(

Lag and stuck It works after I installed it but after a few hours, it is not responsive and had to reinstalled to enable me to play again.

Hated it!! I played this game and i love it but when i go to facebook and came back to tetris it loads a lot. It keeps loading and loading. I waited for about an hour but it really keeps loading.

Loved it This game it the best thing that ever happend the this planet it is the best you must think the same so pleas damload this game and check out my YouTube channel Aaronmeddes o and eithen shut the hell up

I have to admit, I enjoyed playing the game very much. Though the 2 stars are just because the game was pretty fun. The others are just crap. Had to reinstall the game every time I wanted to play it.

Works once but never again Recently ungraded to Marshmallow. Game plays once but never again. I have to uninstall, and reinstall everytime I wanna play tetris.

The Galaxy is disappointing me. Galaxy section of the game treating me like a child. Even after the third level it's not stopping. Non stop tutorial really is testing my patience.

It's ridiculous The Misdions are ridiculous, no matter how many times I tried, just not enough steps and keep the game on by watching those useless ad.

Ads ads ads I just want to play tetris. So many ads and loading screens. Over it. I am going looking for another tetris style app.

Hating it now The last update is so disgusting! It keeps on loading and not proceeding on the game. I keep on reinstalling it and still, it keeps on loading only. Please do fix it!!!

Lemme more option!! I need to play tetris and I feel it doesn't need network connection. make it simple without any connection!!


Loads too slow It just loads to damn slow...and sometimes doesn't load at all. Pls fix

Loading error Same here. Loads once then never again. Otherwise it was a nice game. Have to reinstall to be able to pay everytime.

Doesn't work Opens once then doesn't open again, have to keep uninstalling and reinstalling

Doesn't work I opened it and the spot to put my age wouldn't move and clicking other things didn't work either. Deleting.

Forever a Guest Lots of fun but can't seem to log in to anything but Facebook. As much as Zuckerberg likes to think everyone uses his site, some people don't and never will. Introduce other login options for a 5th star.

Hate it The app doesn't open. Downloaded this game about 6 times and I play the first time. Then it doesn't reopen again

Childhood phenominon I love this game although I'm 12 using my dad's account he showed me this game on his game boy any of those who were kids back in the 70s and 80s and I looked epic.

Was good but stopped working. Just keeps loading ? so crappy

Garbage Controls are terrible... This is not worth of name Tetris

Wtf This is horrible it doesn't even let you have full control I've the blocks

Great Game Reminds me of old skool game with modern looks easy to play and use just hate annoying ads but top game ??

Freeze Tetris Every time I open the app it freezes.

It's a distraction Good enough for taking a few minutes out and take a break from normal everyday stuff.