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The Bard's Tale

Supplied By inXile entertainment    On April 17, 2015    Comments(128)

APP for iPhone The Bard's Tale version1.6.8 Download

★★★★★ “The Bard’s Tale is easily the funniest game I’ve ever played” – IGN ★★★★★
★★★★★ Google Play Editor's Choice ★★★★★
★★★★★ Best of 2012 - Games ★★★★★

They said it couldn’t be done… a full-scale massive 3D epic role-playing game on Android! See why it’s the BIGGEST Android game ever made!

NOTE: Additional assets downloaded after install require at least 1.7GB of free space.

RECOMMENDED DEVICE SPECIFICATION: 1GHz or higher CPU; Adreno 205, Tegra 2, SGX 540 or Mali 400 or higher GPU.

“The Bard’s Tale is easily the funniest game I’ve ever played, and I’ve played all the funny games out there.” – IGN

You are the Bard, a selfish rogue weary of pointless sub-quests and rat-infested cellars. Through magical song you summon characters to join you in battle, heal your party, and take damage on your behalf. Ready your weapon as you embark on a quest for coin and cleavage!

“Ready your weapon and bladder as you embark on this ridiculously addicting quest and the funniest adventure of the year, The Bard’s Tale” – Game Chronicles

Play The Bard’s Tale today on your favorite compatible Android device*. Prepare to immerse yourself in over 20-30 hours of adventure, featuring:

• 50 enemy types (not counting bosses!)
• A vast world to explore with towns, wild forests, rivers, castles, towers, secret dungeons, snowy mountains, caverns, haunted tombs and more
• A full cast of bizarre NPC’s
• Over a dozen special boss enemies to defeat
• 16 magical characters to discover and then summon at will to aid you
• Over 150 unique items of weaponry, armor, instruments, tokens, artifacts and loot!
• More Song & Dance numbers than any other game, including a zombie dance-off!
• Over 14 hours of outstanding voice-acting from top Hollywood talent, including Cary Elwes (The Princess Bride) as the Bard, and the inimitable Tony Jay as the Narrator

But wait! That’s not all! Enjoy these great new additions in the Android version:

New Features:
• Autosave—option to save automatically when you near a save-book in game.
• Time-Savers—optional in-app purchases are available to pump up your Bard and save you time! (Note: All such items are attainable through normal game-play, with time and persistence, just as in the original console release.)
• Includes the original classic The Bard’s Tale trilogy!
+ The Bard's Tale 1: Tales of the Unknown
+ The Bard's Tale 2: The Destiny Knight, and
+ The Bard's Tale 3: Thief of Fate

“This game is satire in its sharpest form” – Cheat Code Central

Play The Bard’s Tale today!

We hear you, and we are committed to improving The Bard’s Tale for Android. Please send support questions/comments through The Bard’s Tale Support link below. You are also welcome to join the discussion and get the latest news on our Facebook product page “The Bard’s Tale”.

Please note: Asset installation requires at least 1.7GB of free space on your device. Thank you for your patience with the download time.

Android adaptation by Square One Games.

* Compatible with Android 2.3 and higher. XPeria Play Optimized.

Native Gamepad Support:
o Wii Classic Controller (native or with free WiimoteController App)
o Xbox 360 & Logitech F310/510/710 in X mode.
o PS3 SixAxis and Dualshock (native or with SixAxis Controller App). If using Sixaxis Controller app, use default key mappings set “Enable Gamepad” option to be “ON”.
o MOGA Controller (with MOGA app or ObsidianX IME)
o MOGA PRO (HID and Pivot App)
o GameStop Red Samurai
o Green Throttle (requires GT Arena app)
o NVIDIA Project Shield

SixAxis, WiiController & MOGA IMEs must be disabled to play original Bard’s Tale trilogy.

Supported languages: English, French, Italian, German, Spanish, Russia, Korean, Polish

inXile entertainment part of our Role Playing and have average installs from 500000 to 1000000. Last Update April 17, 2015. Appstore play rating is 92.6763. Current verison is 1.6.8. Actual size 29.0 MB.

What's new

    1.6.7 - Resolves missing audio on Xperia devices running Android L and others.
    1.6.6 - Fix random audio crash in Bugbear Cairn. Fix leaderboards/achievements.
    1.6.5 - Add Google Drive cloud save support (last saved game). Google Play Games Services sign-in required.
    1.6.4 - Adds support for Sony DualShock 4 (PlayStation 4) gamepad.
    1.6.3 - Resolves issues with certain devices not saving game state (reinstall may be required). Better implements KitKat immersive mode.
Download the-bards-tale.apk 29.0 MB


Update messed up multi fire Update today 4/18/15 and on 2/17/15 were not adreesed. Try to battle with a bow, it exposes you to no movement on LG Vista. You can fire but all movement or legends disappear after a double tap.(The newest update when trying to multi fire arrows by tapping now enlarges the screen and cannot move. On LG Vista 12A. Please fix love the game 5 stars back when you do. Loved this from the original to now. Played them all from the begining!)

Working great except for the fact that my saved games are constantly becoming damaged somehow. This is super frustrating. Played for eight plus hours for nothing. I like this game a bunch but whats the point if i cant save reliably. Please fix this.

Samsung galaxy s4 I love this game and even after I lost my in app purchase the developers REPLYED back and have EVEN gave me my bard topped up back thank you very much n i hope you make part two to it i will recommend this game with customer support aswell not many DO REPLY BACK BUT THESE DEVELOPERS DO AND HELP YOU AND AM VERY GRATEFUL FOR THAT

Great game, but it's too buggy! Ever since I started playing, I kept having issues where sometimes cutscenes would not advance. There's a part in the game where a character won't move and you need to quit and reload several times just so you can keep going. I haven't had the cutscene problem anymore, but now, I frequently get told that a save file is damaged and it won't load! And this time, quitting the game won't fix it. Seems like I'll lose all my progress. Fix this, devs, please!

Good game with a caveat I had fun with this game. The gameplay is great, the quests are fun, and it has the right mix of silly and exciting. The songs, especially, are great. The one thing that I would criticize about this game is that it does contain a lot of immature, Benny Hill type humor. Sometimes it's just dumb: "boobs are funny because BOOBS!" At its worst, it comes off as misogynistic. Overall, a fun, silly and well designed game.

An Amazing Adventure RPG Extremely fun and funny. The battle system makes it so that fights are never boring, you always have to be on your guard. Also 3 possible endings

I want to pull my hair OUT!!!!!! Awful control for tab....Battle Difficulties could be fun or really frustrating. But it's a good game..

very fun this game is quite entertaining and really makes one laugh out loud

Cool Very nice game with great story with a lot of humor. Plays well on the shield tablet with no complains. Love the fact that you are getting the old bards when you buy... Nice music as well

An exquisite adventure by any standards I've been playing since the pre NES days and had my fare share of console and computer games. One can easily see this game is one of few such as grim fandango and zelda that offer a rewarding and enriching experience worth revisiting just like a classic piece of litetature or other fine piece of art The more I play the stronger my conviction. Stop reading and start playing it!

Loved this game when it was on playstation, love it now! Great job guys! Excellent story, decent graphics, low lag, quick loading and the controls are fairly responsive. My ONLY issue is my fat thumbs. I hit block too often when trying to attack! Works great on the Galaxy S6.

One of the greatest mobile RPGs money can buy! A truly great game on its own, that is very appropriately ported onto mobile platform. Fun gameplay, entertaining music and fun jokes, all for a very modest price.

Corrupt Saves Save files are constantly reported as being corrupt. Fortunately, killing the app and starting it again has resulted in the saves being recognized as good again. This REALLY needs to be fixed!

Awful Controls And no remapping for BT game pads without R2/L2 triggers, leaving no way to use crystals. Makes a great game with hours of play a frustrating one that will get put down in minutes. :(

My husband told me about it when it was on consol and I never got to play it. Well now I'm glad I paid for it. Funny and interesting. Love it!

Finally have a REAL phone!!! Now I'm hooked like a newborn kitten to catnip!!! When I can't play on the PlayStation, I have Bard's Tale to take with me on my phone everywhere I go now!!! Keep up the fantastic work!!!

Extremely buggy Edit* ran the update, and it works great now...weird, since i bought and downloaded it last night, but since it works now, it is a great game. Movement stick constantly gets stuck and makes it impossible to perform any other action. Save game file constantly gets corrupted and needs to be deleted every time I try to load a game...overall very disappointed. Looking forward to next update...hopefully this is resolved.

How? This game is awesome, I can't believe I'm playing it on my phone... and now through chromecast on my TV.

Can't load Can't open. Bought it on another phone downloaded it just fine. Just bought a galaxy s6 and now it won't download says it can't download please help says invalid doc type.

It's an awesome game. But for some reason I can't save my game. Can someone help me out???

No support I decided to buy the maps, it downloaded. I am unable to either find/use them. I contacted the support team and I have had no response in almost a week. The game itself is fun and well ported and I would give 5 stars to the game but the support is awful

Help me InXile entertainment I love the game got a decent way into it but my phone lagged out around the part where the guy gets zapped by the walls so u can get farther and now I can't get back to where I was cause the save got overwritin please help in anyway if u can love the game

Satirical fun Love this game, especially with all the humor experienced on my quest for coin and cleavage. When can we expect the next update to fix file corruption?

Worth it Definitely worth the $1.99 price tag, have enjoyed it immensely, there have been a couple of conversation glitches, but nothing major that interfered with gameplay. Nexus 3

A hysterically funny game... I've had lots fun playing this game so far. I've just completed chapter X. Could have given 5 stars, except it did not unlock the 4x achievements even after I'd purchased all required 4x maps from the wandering trow and completed the unlocked area. I also effectively lost 8000 XP which could've helped me at this crucial stage. Playing on OPO+CM12s. Any help???

Update? I don't think that means what you think it means. I really got addicted to this game and everything was working great but then I updated and its been one problem after the other. My save got corrupted the game started glitching out and now my moga controller doesn't work.

Love it well worth the price Wonderful humor and great story all for two bucks. cant beat it.

Absolutely amazing!!! I love this game, after initial download, there is an option to dl game files on to sd card allowing to dl high rez version without worrying about taking up a lot of space on your phone. The voice acting is top notch, and the story is great. Combat is fun and in app purchases are completely optional and not needed to enjoy. Guaranteed to be the best high quality experience you will get with 2 dollars on google play!

So far so good. Having fun and no bugs, reminds me of when I played it on the Commodore 64 many years ago.

Old School RPG, Has Major Issue. It seems to be a good port. Difficult, yes, but still enjoyable. The only problem is my save will not load. It says the chapter progress is damaged, and should be deleted. I am a good few hours through, and I do not want to start a new save. Does anybody know how I can fix this? It's been a few months since I have been able to play. If the developers can fix this, I'd gladly give it 5 stars.

Good I like it allot but every time it saves it makes the file corrupted on the Kyocera hydro life mostly because, of the new update but still really good game like the Xbox version.

Classic More class and character than any "modern" pay to play RPG out there.

A Real Game on a Phone One of the few real games on the phone I have enjoyed. If you play console games/pc and looking for something on the phone you'll probably like this game.

Beware of Saved Games feature of Google Play Services in this game Nice port, except you should beware you will lose all progress you made playing offline when you next play online and sign into Google Play Services. Play Services will overwrite your game with whatever progress you made the last time you played while online and signed into google play services, even if that was practically no progress at all. This is the result of the 'Saved Games' feature of google play services, a feature they could do without. When I reported this issue to bard's tale tech support, they initially blamed the loss on a corrupted file, but in subsequent correspondence suggested turning off autosave and long pressing the save popup, allowing you to save in a new slot. When finishing offline play do two saves in this manner so you will have a spare game when google play services overwrites one of them when you next log in while online. Alternatively you can disconnect your wifi/data connection logging on, then reconnect later after starting play to avoid the overwrite.

The newer version or what ever that is sucks. I've progressed quite far. But bow with the new patch. Having 4 summons and aoe weapons the game simply runs a mock. And it keeps getting errors. Update: with my note 4 getting lollipop, the errors are also gone.

Saved? Every time I log in,my save data is corrupted... Love the game,just hate starting over every time I want to play

Awesome Bloody awesome

A lot of fun. Great story with humor and excellent voice overs. I did run into one problem with a bug where I was stuck and had to reload the game.

The bards tale Awsome and funny. Listen up game developers, this is the benchmark for quality rpg's. This is by far the best game on any mobile device.

Fun, funny, can play FULL game WITHOUT microtransactions Hilarious writing, masterfully voiced executed by two legendary actors, with a solid combat & control system. Microtransactions are 100% OPTIONAL and the game can be completed without them, although paying the 99cents to permanently double your gold will speed things up if you like to always have the best gear.

Very good. I bought 2 items while playing from in-app purshases. After ~10,5 hours of game, when I tried to load game a caught a savefile corruption message. I deleted a game, then installed again. But both can't load that savegame with purshases (doubled coins and secret maps). I started a new game. But I don't know how to restore my purshases. I backuped a corrupted savegame file. Please help!

Love you, inXile! Thank you for this game, supporting russian gamers and Wasteland 2, of course! Keep making world of videogames better:3

LG G3s D724 Android 5.0.2 FPS drops near the fire, even on the min setting. For example near corpse of fire-breathing rat in the basement tavern.

Very good game!

Error!!!! Good day!­ I found a serious error.­ Already playing in the following scenari­o: 1) Play with the included Internet­ 2) disconnect the Internet, continue to ­play 3) turn off the game­ 4) include the Internet­ 5) Includes game­ 6) local recording preservation steranes­ and replaced by writing to paragraph 1 As far as I understand it does not solve­ the problem happen?

It's fun with a good story line. My only complaint is that I bought the bow, but I cant use it yet. Make sure you're nice to the dog and train him to fight.

Works great on an HTC sv one. Gameplays smooth having a bit of trouble and I'd like to move my controls around but it works amazing and plays just as good if not smoother than on the console. Sodas

Why not? I was skeptical about controls on a mobile (I have a Z3), but actually it works better than most games I've played. I played this game briefly oh so many years ago on PC and I don't regret buying it for mobile. It does drain battery a little and I opted for the larger installation because, you know, PIXELS; but I don't regret getting this game. It's entertaining, absorbing and the port has retained the spirit of the original with the optional purchases not interfeering in anyway. For this price, why not?

Great game. Very funny and plays well on the hudl 2 (hi def). Only problem so far is that every time I go back into the game... It claims my save games are damaged. Only way round this is to force a stop on the game via android settings / apps and then go back into the game. A bit disconcerting! Looks like a fair few people are complaining about this. Any chance the devs can sort this in a patch??? If this was fixed, it would be a 5star game.

Great game that I cant play beacuse of a glitch Started playing a few days ago. Really enjoyed it so far, but opened it up to play and was told my saved data was damaged and needs to be deleted. Ok lost all my progress but not the end of the world. Started a new game only to find there is no more "Attack" option. Uninstalled and re downloaded to be faced with the same dilemma. Id reeally like to be able to play if its fixable, barring that, id like my money back. Working correctly id give it 5 stars. I only gave it two because of this issue.

Still an amazing RPG I have this for my PS2, and bought it for the trilogy of prequels, as I had never played them. I didn't care we much for them, but the Bard's Tale is as great as I remember. NOT FOR KIDS. Not really over the top, but a little suggestive. The back of the game box on PS2 proclaimed it "A quest for coins and cleavage", which gives you an idea how it pokes fun at traditional RPGs and a bit as to the humor. Still a brilliant game, with a snarky narrator and smart aleck hero who it's hard not to like. Well done!

Don't buy until fixed I really enjoy playing this game. The graphics are pretty good, the gameplay is great and I love the humor along the way. I would rate this game highly if not for one thing, I hate playing a game for hours just to be told that the save game is damaged and should be deleted, like many others are reporting. It's a great game ruined by not being able to play.

Overrated I am a bit disappointed. A fine time waster but the story is little more than a series of sophmoric jokes and the combat is just button mashing. Not a real rpg at all. I would have loved this as a 12 year old. Nevertheless, this is probably as close to the witcher for tablet as you are going to find.

keyboard not working The first time i used a bluetooth keyboard for it it worked perfectly once i figured out the controls. But then I tried it again and i changed the settings to controller instead of touch and it was still touch controls. Please fix i am using a gpad 7 and my keyboard is infiland bluetooth keyboard.

Whitty I have'nt really been too interested in playing mobile games, but, i decided to give this a try and i dont regret it a single bit. As expected the virtual d-pad doesn't always do what you'd like but all n all this is a great game. It's got a good sense of humour which a lot of games try and fail with. The graphics look good nothing amazing but its still pretty impressive. Especially considering when the game first came out. If youre looking for a game that has good RPG elements and doesn't charge, buy this

Brilliant game! I've played a lot of games but this has got to be one of my favourites! You can save the big download to sd card which saves your phone memory. Lovely game, well thought out and a joy to play. All for the price of a bottle of pop.

Never had time to play it It looks good I guess I just can never bring myself to finish it.

Great Only been playing couple hours but can see this taking up heaps of my time.

Funny game I really like the whole rpg aspect magic and all that good s#*t thanks I think it is worth a few ducks

Friggen loved it Cant say any more its just a flat out good game

Please help!! I am stuck in the dounby tower Level 12. I have defeated all the enemies and the gate won't drop. The game is stuck and won't progress!! Please help!! 5 stars otherwise

Don't do it The game I opened looks nothing like the one pictured please refund my money false advertising

Do I really have to repurchase IAP for a new game? Was going to be at least 4 star. while it isn't perfect, the game was done very well for an android game. But I have to pay for IAP again for a new game? That can't be right. I prayed for a few things I should be able to use them again and again...

keyboard interface It's really as great as expected from 3.5 Gigs game. Unfortunately, it doesn't support hardware bluetooth keyboard. I can't control anything using the keyboard. Or is there any settings to be configured to be able to play with my bt keyboard? Thanks.

No support I decided to buy the maps, it downloaded. I am unable to either find/use them. I contacted the support team and I have had no response in almost a week. The game itself is fun and well ported and I would give 5 stars to the game but the support is awful. UPDATE: Almost a month and nothing. No return email, no sorry for you issues, not even a message of go to hell. At this point I wouldn't play this game if they paid me.

Game Progression Halted by Bug Spoilers! In chapter 4, Mell will not break the magic barrier on one of the hills. I can't progress past this point and the bug happens even when I reload the game.

Won't download Looks like a cool game but I've been trying all day to download the game via wifi and it always times out and will not download. Need to figure out how to get a refund

slapdaqular all over if this game dosnt work on ur phone its not the game its your junk phone with no hdd at all buy a better phone go get a moga pro and play this game

Bard's Tale Can not save my game without it becoming corrupted. I really liked the game on the original Nintendo. I was hoping to get an updated version for my tablet.

In-app purchases suck I bought talents for 1.99. The save game that I was told had my purchase never came, and you still took my money. Either you send me my purchase post-haste, or I demand a refund. UPDATE: Now the damn game won't save even on an excellent wifi connection. Get your act together, I'd hate to think i wasted money on an otherwise great game.

Fun but has software bug issues...? During game play conversation text suddenly not showing and no voice during conversation with a character. New players , after first down load of 28MB you will need up to have free storage of 3.7GB for the HD download profile or choose low resolution version download which will take approximately 40% less storage space to download the game. Have fun!

Don't bother playing, your saved games will be lost This game is great... until you loose all your progress. Played for nearly 10 hours, trusting the in-game save system (and the Google play backup), and one week, i played without net connection. When I connected back, my actual save was overwritten with the old google play one, making me loose one week of play. Other comments complain about adequate save system / corrupt saved files as well. Don't bother playing, you'll loose your time. I mean, how difficult is it to create a reliable save system ???

Issue Game works great on my galaxy s5. But I'm having issues in highland park. MELL isn't opening one of the final barriers. Any clue? It's an issue that isn't letting me move forward. I'd like to give it more stars, and verifying install didn't fix it

The complexity of learning controlls led to me using accidentaly the spider weapon,this means i cannot kill the rat on the first battle and i am stuck unable to kill the thing.So i'm probably going to have to now reinstall or reset my saved time to go back and utilize the weapon correctly,instead of having a retry option with the spider weapon invoked i have to reset my progress what is up with that???

Very Funsy. Nice graphics. Low price. Small bugs in thr game but nothing too serious so far. Lest nothing that makes me want to stop playing.

FUN! Brought from 5 stars to 1. Great game as long as the save works. Corrupts within the first hour and can't load. This has apparently been an issue since MAY and no comments from the devs or a fix. Cannot recommend to anyone until fixed. Very sad as it really is a fun game. Get your act together please and fix the save issue!

Great game, only ONE problem... SO the game is great. Just one thing, don't expect your in-app purchases to transfer when you get a new phone. Also, don't expect tech support to get back to you regarding this, I spent about 20$ and everything is just gone and I haven't received a response to my 3 seperate inquiries. So, besides that, it's awesome. That's the reason for 4 out of 5 stars.

Awesome Funny, great graphics and so epic. A must for rpg fans everywhere! Had to drop some stars. Cannot complete it due to save games becoming corrupt... Bit aggravating.

Great game but with buggy save This game deserves 5 stars if only game save wasnt buggy. I lost 5 hours of offline gameplay when i went online again. Seems that the game OVERODE my local save with the last save from google drive which was 5 game hours old. What a waste!! :( Was having so much fun too! Uninstalling...maybe ill pick it up again in the future but too disheartened to continue. For others, my advice is to always play while connected to wifi....dont trust offline play until devs fix save bug.

Serious waste of money I had bought in game items and halfway through the game all my saves started to become corrupted. Serious problem with the game other than that it is fun. Probably not going to play it anymore because I was so far and now I'm back at the beginning with none of my purchased items.

Space It takes up too much space...... Can't down load the extras to the game because its too large, so I can't play.... Why don't you guys say how much space the game takes before its purchased

Funny and fun Great game so far, loving the humour and the combat seems just right for mobile. Hoping at some point I can get a +5 greatsword or the like...

Loved the xbox game... ... But this corrupted the moment I saved, and has crashed every time I've opened it since. Need a refund. Very disappointing.

I played it on ps2 and this is even more bang for your buck now. The game now includes the msdos original trilogy and gives you options between a standard definition 1.5 gb download or a high definition (equal to the ps2 version) 3.5 gb download. The comedy is entertaining for rpg veterans and potty humored middle schoolers alike. There are different styles of skills to play through with and some different story twists depending on either snarky or pleasent dialog choices. Micro transactions are tucked away in the menus and non-intrusive/necessary.

Snarky Cary Elwes written and performed, accented dialogue, and an action RPG format to design your own party! Hack n slash, parody send up done right, and running brilliantly in HD on my droid turbo.

This game is awesome but... I had a problem. The butcher got killed and I could not progress AT ALL. I also spent money on the game. Lost it all. Had to start over from the beginning of tower 2 . five and a half hours of game play just gone. Did not say anything at first and would have given the game like a 10 star but I guess crap happens to paying customers.

Fun, best phone game yet? Although no crashes, a few bugs that needed a complete phone reboot.

I have spent 6 dollars on this game and the file keeps on getting corrupted . so I think I should get reimbursed or someone should make think right

Pretty fun little RPG, the controls could be a little better however, all in all I say it's worth it. It's a nice bonus to include the original trilogy.

Perfect! A definite must-have gaming app. Why can't there be more games like this one out there?....update: wanted a great game to play, so 2 years later, on my new s6, the bards tale is STILL awesome!! Also, i am having no issues with my saves becoming corrupted. Game is working smoothly, as expected.

Hilarious! (Samsung tab 4) Cracks me up every step of the way. Loads of fun. Game play is like Diablo but simpler. It's a must have game! Only complaint is that sometimes I have to exit and close and restart to resolve some bugginess. My save wouldn't load just now and yesterday that dude wouldn't open those electrified walls so I could continue. But I noticed a reboot cures all that so far. I test loading after I save now. Still I'm all about the bards quest and I gotta give it all the stars just from what I've seen it was worth it!

Very silly tongue in cheek ARPG. One of the better mobile games I have across. Then again it is a port to mobile so it should be half way decent anyway, right? Found only one fairly low cost and pointless in app purchase. That was for all the artwork, silly songs and in game movies. All unlockable via gameplay anyway so no problem

One problem The game is absolutely brilliant, funny and very addictive but it seems the problem with the saved files getting corrupted has still not been fully fixed since I just lost over 8 hours of gameplay as well and whereas I can pick up the part I was in quite easily by just skipping the dialogues and doing everything as fast as I can, it is still frustrating because nothing seems to work for me and let me keep my saves. Please fix it! Other than that, as a game, full 5 stars.

Decent fun Lots of jokes, too frustrating at times with the difficulty. It's like the game can't decide if it wants to be silly and fun, or unreasonably challenging. Too many times I just hit a wall and have to try it 100 times before I randomly win the fight. Funny dialogue.

Unplayable Wanted to play original series but when ever you have to go to the keyboard it doesn't work. Unable to create new character, type in spell short cut, or use arrow directions. Highly disappointed.

Great fun! Excellemt story line, hilarious dialog, straight forward game mechanics, and a supersized side ordr0er of nostalgia! What's not to love?

Bards tale Great,great,great,lots of fun,love the songs. Lord bless Charlie hops the man who invented beer.

Best Android game I have ever played/purchased I absolutely adore this game and everything about it! This is what I expect from console and PC games but have not been able to find with most Android game. It has great voice acting, witty dialog, entertaining plot and interesting fight scenarios too. Definitely worth the money! I suggest you buy it or check out the free trial-you will love it too if you like Action/RPGs like Zelda series and Dragon Age.

Just like I remember This was one of my favorite games on the PS2, it plays rather well on my Kyocera Hydro 4G lte, lets you download standard or high def file, I went with the standard and it plays extremely smooth and the controls can be modified to your liking. Haven't tried yet, but there is also a video on their fb page showing how to connect a PS3 controller up and playing as it would on the console. I'm extremely pleased

Classic fun, great on tablet. Game save issue can be fixed by leaving the error messaging open and going in to your application manager and hitting force stop for Bard's Tale. After that reload the game and your save should work! Plays great on my low-end tablet and controls were easily to master. It's like a comedic version of Baldur's Gate: Dark Alliance, good ol' hack n' slash fun.

I'm hooked seriously I love this game. Nice graphics and story line. I love how it's not boring like other RPGs and love the sense of humor. It's really funny and good job on voice acting! I would have rate it 10 stars. Not laggy on my octacore processor very smooth. GOOD JOB DEV! Fyi the song is stucked in my head beer beer beer fiddly beer beer.....

Excellent Port of a Great Game. This is one of these older games ported to mobile devices that play better on tablets because of originally being designed for larger screens, higher resolutions on smaller screens can make for tiny textures and text. That being said, I was surprised it plays vary well on my LG G3 smartphone. Even through my smudged screen protector I can still read the text and see what's happening.

Great! Whoever developed this game for Android hit it out of the park! I've been burnt with a lot of games that don't play on my tablet - with 1/4 of the graphics. This game runs seamlessly for me, even in high-def. I wish all playstore games were this good. I like the controls so much I don't even use my moga.

Keyboard issue I bought this mostly for the three classic Bard's tale games, but they don't work! Tech support says it's a known bug with the android keyboard and they won't fix. So much for paid apps being better! I have no problems with the 2002 game, hence the two stars.

Get this game. Absolutely the best game I've ever played on a phone. I can't even believe this is the kind of thing that my phone could even handle! It's just like a ps2 game. Even as good as a modern retro game. No fun lost between the console and handhelds. Go for the high def download, I didn't notice any slower operation.

A bards tale I finally got the game working on my Xperia after a lengthy download, but it is now working good with the settings on low for all. Still as good as the PlayStation version but so overall it is good. The game itself though, is bloody hilarious so listen to the dialogue between Bard and narrator.... Lmao Oh and thanks guy's for the support and assistance, a good team. I look forward to buying more games...

Cary Elwes..need I say more? I have been enjoying this game! Hollywood voices, quests, humour, fighting. Nice game play. One of the few fames I've ever paid for and worth every penny! If u are sick of games that start to take hours or days to build or upgrade this is for you..continous game play!!

Funny and Entertaining Basic RPG gameplay, with decisive character building and quests. Combat is a little clunky and on-screen controls are functional, but can be flawed. Good atmosphere and quick wit paired with good humour. Overall, a good game that you can easily put 20 hours into if you like.

A must have! This game is a must have for any serious old school rpg gamer. Still one of the funniest and most enjoyable games in its genre. Even comes with the original classic trilogy. Great graphics and smooth play. Have not found any glitches yet. Inexile you have to make another trilogy! Well worth 1.99.

Good games/ Helpful inXile feedback This game is amazing. Yes at some point, I did buy in app puchases and lost them in a corrupt game... but I just directly emailed inXile and they generated a code for me to buy new things. So nothing was really lost. They are extremely helpful. Absolutely worth the purchase.

Great game. However, I am very upset with Moga for their Moga Pocket not working with it Great Game. Moga Pocket isn't working with game. Moga tech support so far has been useless as well after I submitted a ticket. They told me to use new batteries when the batteries I was ready using were brand new. Sounds like someone was script reading

Fun game Diabloish humor if you're into that kinda thing, includes original three games a plus but only get the first 2 to work. Unless you're an ultra big rpg fan u probably won't play them anyways.

NICE GAME BUT... The graphics were smooth and the story line was awesome. However, sometimes the save does not work and says that the save has been corrupted. This has been happening multiple times. Another thing is that there should be a setting on how big the buttons are since sometimes it's really hard hitting them. Overall pretty good game, that $1.99 is put into good use :)

Not bad at all!! Was sceptical before but it 's totally worth its money. If you are looking for a nice RPG with a nicely scripted story and a non freemium bullsh** game it's made for you. I love the interactions u can make during conversation to add a little sweet or salty taste for some extra fun . Graphics are good and its goin well on my phone. So all in all if u like to have a little adventure stayin ready in ur smartphone which offers a good sense of humor and neat melee fights u'll be well served :)

Hilarious with hours of gameplay A really great game. I had one problem, my save games kept getting corrupted so I contacted support and they advised me to turn off auto-save. After that all was great. Make sure you turn off auto-save and you will love this game

Moga pocket does not work. Claims to support Moga controllers, but it does not. From what I've been reading, it seems like the support stopped after the Lollipop update. Please update or remove the Moga support claim. Quite disappointed with this developer. I contacted them about the problem and they claimed it was Moga's problem. However, I contacted the developer of the FPSE app with the exact same problem and they had it fixed in 2 days. Clearly, it is not Moga's problem and inExile is simply unable to find a solution.

More corrupt than the Bard hisself Don't get me wrong, I love foolin' round with a busty barmaid as much as the next handsome minstral, but 30,000 times can rub a fellow raw. Every save game I try becomes corrupt. I play, I save, I play again... From the beginning. IneXile is great, have most of their PC stuff, and with the reviews, thought I'd give this a go on my 4.4.2 Ellipsis 8, but it just doesn't want to save. Even tried to uninstall/reinstall, but to no avail. I shall sing my wistful song and avoid playing.

Addicting and fun I was not expecting much from a mobile game, but this one sucked me in. The flow was seamless, providing a perfect ramping up of difficulty to make every new item or spell find seem priceless. Not sure how much replay value there will be, but the first time through was definitely worth there price of admission!

The beer song. Need I say more? This is a a great port of a great game. For a cheap price you can play as the cheeky bard. Whether you want to be a beefy warrior who bashes peoples heads in, a archer who kills enemies from afar, or a guy who would rather his summons do his bidding the choice is yours. There's a good amount of play time to the game, and for those who enjoy real old school games the bards tale trilogy can be downloaded free of charge will give plenty of extra play time.

Interesting game with witty characters It's really enjoyable. The narrator is amusing, the bard is an arse(in a good way) and the storyline is pretty interesting and funny. The gameplay isn't all fun and games either, it's pretty tough. I find saving everytime I can because I kept ending the tale so much that I'm now afraid of losing progress. There's one problem though, make an option to save my options, it kept resetting my d-pad mode, autosave and map settings.

Not bad, Not bad at all I never got to play the old school Bard's Tale but I like the game play in this one. It's very casual game play and since it is not online I can use a Pause Button when I have to unexpectedly drop the game for a sec lol this is refreshing as I usually only play online mmorpg's. That monster won't kill me while I look away from my screen briefly. But I like the swagger of this game. Definitely worth every penny of the 2 dollars I paid. I hope the story is a long one because I forsee myself enjoying this game for a good while to come.

Bards tale Had the same issues of saving besides rebooting. Do not put the game on your SD card. For some reason it had trouble reading the card. Also for the in app purchases send them a picture of your online receipt. And they will help you.

Buggy I'm at west dounsby where I have to ask Dugan what the guy with the weird accent is saying, but I did that already and the game froze, now I can't leave west dounsby or talk to Dugan. If you made different save slots and I was able to go back to before I take to Dugan it would be fixed.

Was fun at first. Then they sent me areas which I can't even get a hit in and get killed Instantly. The blocking is just terrible. Too hard to heal yourself. Whatever happened to just eating some food to heal your self. Very unsatisfied, expect since I paid for this game.

Worth every penny!!! This game was epic when I played it on the PS2 years ago and is even more so now. The HD version is worth the 3.1 gigs it takes up on your sdcard. If you're gonna buy ANY game on play it should be this one!

Engrossing and humorous! I'm writing this review after working my way into it for 2 hours. Every piece of dialogue has had some wit that is sure to make you smile, and the game play isn't half bad either. I'll be playing this one through, for the cost it's a bargain steal, and what's more, it doesn't seem to be a pay-to-play, like a lot of similar titles are.

Best Android game on the market Most Android games I've played have been super boring, and make me regret spending money on them. This is the first I've played that in really entertaining. It's got a great story, great humor, great game play, perfect moga support. I'll be keeping an eye on this developer.

Save game fiasco! As read in numerous reviews, this shambles of a game will not save games properly. Only really paid for this for the original BT Trillogy, however tried the newer game, again it does not save. What is the point of paying for a game that you cannot save? Come on developers sort this out, not like enough people havent had the same problem is it? Anyone reading this..... buy at your peril!