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The East New World

Supplied By TEN10 Games    On June 1, 2016    Comments(122)

APP for iPhone The East New World version4.0.1 Download

The East New World is a retro-inspired action platformer game with the high quality pixel art style. Tight controls, complex level design (including multiple paths and secret areas), RPG elements, collectibles and achievements, boss fights, NPCs, a fair amount of challenge and decent number of levels.

- 81 the most elaborate levels
- 9 high intelligence and very challenging bosses
- 20 weapons with unique special attacks and skills
- 20+ costumes with specific abilities
- 30+ relics that grant you abilities
- 4 secret very hard levels with high yield
- Boss Rush and Time Rush for high-end players to challenge
- Decorate your home with souvenirs
- Customizable touch controls
- Game Center leaderboards and achievements

TEN10 Games part of our Adventure and have average installs from 100000 to 500000. Last Update June 1, 2016. Appstore play rating is 84.018. Current verison is 4.0.1. Actual size 68.0 MB.

What's new

    This update brings:
    - Support Google Play Achievement and Leaderboard.
    - Bug fixed.
    - Remove ads banner.
Download the-east-new-world.apk 68.0 MB


Update: After last update, skills from snack shop last only one stage!!! In addition in Smithy Shop, at weapon, when enhancing, sometimes I get a downgrade (i.e. Defense from Block+4% --> Block+2%) This is an excellent game. However it i s very hard and difficult to progress. I think it would be helpful to keep the gold when you die and don't complete the stage. Moreover there are no details about Armor abilities and details

I'd play it more, if... great game! the ads are bs though. We need an option to get rid of the ads! Personally i'd pay to play the game in relative peace.

This game is awesome and nice graphic pixel... But little more laggy for my device, please fix

Idiotic reset option Who puts a reset option on the pause menu of the game. You think your going to reset the level and instead it resets the whole game and deletes everything. Stupid!

Uninstalled due to ad spam. The game seemed good but the ads were BS

Its cool game I loved all the areas and quests!!!! Plz update the Chapter 4 so I could play more!!!! Also plz add more gold coins to collect and bring more amazing quests!!!!!

The East New World It's a new world alright, until now it's the best game I played, nice graphics and awesome gameplay.

Constant commercials everyti me u touch a button..way to many

Too many ads for a low quality game I wouldn't mind the ads if the game wasn't that sloppy and not fluid. Good gameplay! , but you could work up the animations, camera and also enemy textures could be worked to look different from the background... Also the slashing sound effects are very harsh. Very blurry and low quality game. I would play if there wasn't ads every time I die or finish a level. Anyways as China goes, quantity over quality!

1 star make tge graphics like reality just like the other said make some improvements no one cares if its a free game but the most important thing is you make some improvements ok?if you cant even do that then remove this in playstore

Yeah like the other reviews... Could be a very fun game but just way too many ads ruin game play. Uninstalled. Sorry. Shame.

Great game. Awesome 2d rpg, similarities to swordigo with more upgrades and better equipment set up

Ads ads ads Edit: I didnt know u were from china. When google opens up transactions for u I hope u implement a remove ads feature.

Ads The ads get really annoying very quickly and I didn't see any option to remove them. It looks like it could be a cute game but it's simply unbearable.

To many ads There's a full screen ad for every level and a timed ad each time you die. It ruined the game for me. It looked fun but... To many ads. To reply to your comment I have Android not an iPhone so I can't try your iOS version.

Not smooth Runs a little low in frames per second.

To be fair.. I'll give it 3 stars..its enjoyable...but the ads are ridiculous.I understand the purpose of them..but it is way to many..way to many...I uninstalled this game..I'll redownload when this issue gets solved. Changed to one star for halfassing controller options.. No blue tooth support

Totally Awesome Game play is amazing. There could be better explanation and how to's when dealing with game functions.

Omg one of the best games. and it's free I love it thanks ten 10?. I will like to buy some coins because they're hard to win.

good game, terrible design the game itself has lots of potential however its badly designed, monsters have same color as back ground hence miss eyes easily, ARMOR and WEAPON lack details and info about specs and lack level necessity, same goes for armour skill stones which lack info, POWER and magic is attached to sword rather than player which costs too much money, resulting in unnecessary grinding, not only this but the stats system is bad as well, boss fights and enemy design are still good and decent enough to play and enjoy.

Yea Finally i found a game like this again really love this kind of game and styles

Good I give 4 star. But I wait for new upgrades and new features.. Then IL give 5str

Liar And your game sucks too.

Lower the difficulty Love everything except it takes too long to pass a mission. Blood is way too low for such a game.

very cool game make another game like this

Ads This game misses the glory it deserves... Because of money... Atleast make the ads less often or something... I cant recommend this game to anyone at this state....

Lovely, but needs some tweaks. This is a cute little game, and anyone who likes platforming combat with an old-school feel will enjoy it. But, the ad bombardment is a bit much; many people (including myself) would take up a pay-to-remove option, I'm sure. Also the walking sound effect is too loud and ruins the experience a bit. A more subtle one would do wonders!

Well the gameplay and controls are great. Liked the graphics too. The only downside is the ads. It pops up and just kills the mood. Game is a bit difficult but it is challenging and fun...

A fun game overall, how ever there are an abundance of ads and i found the jump controls during some of the more complicated jumps to be irritatingly unresponsive

Not smooth Runs a little low in frames per second. Seems it's locked at 35-30 something (I have updated). Enemies suddenly got much stronger after just a few levels and having to see a video ad every death is a bit much when dying once a minute.

ads ads unresponsive jumping way to many ads also this jumping sometimes working too good and sometimes not at all... and here is really a lot of jumping so it's quickly become too frustrating to play more then 20 min...mine patience limit can't stand no more...only for patient people, really patient....oh and scout stone sometimes not working...

Great The game is great, well made, challenging and has a pretty good story so far although the ads can get to be a bit much at times over all as long as you don't connect to the internet a very fun game to play

Will there be any Google play achievements? This game is really good but it will be even better if you add Google play achievements if you guys know what that is

La Love this game, ads are few, once you play a bit, mostly from when leaving town, but brings back the awesome difficulties of oldschool side scrollers, it's not super easy like alot of new games, keep up the good work!!!

Lags and bugs are your arch nemesis Is pretty nostalgic no doubt, but near the first boss are these white line bugs in the background and it lags so much buttons don't respond or malfunction, please clean up in an update, it's holding the game back!!

How do u use food Anyone know how to use the food dishes or other items? Once this is fixed i will give 5 stars.

Sword of xolan + swordigo Reminds me of sword of xolan but with a more crisp graphics, the town feature and other interfaces somewhat reminds me of swordigo. Good job nonetheless

No Gamepad Support 2 Separate Bluetooth gamepads did not work with this game.

Plz fix Please fix the controller so it will work with a ps3 controller or a 360 controller. I really miss being able to play this game

Awesome! Similar to Sword of Xolan, which I also loved. This is a bit more involved, and longer. Great game, thank you! Update: I do have to admit the ads are seriously excessive...give us an option to go ad free, at least!

The East new world I love this game so much

Please replace the walking sound Its a 5 star amazing platformer but the walking sound is too annoying and ruins the game experience...please replace it with a more subtle sound :)

I recommend this game! I just hope i could use multiple accessories.

Freaking ads So many it's ridiculously obnoxious. Controls need some work too.

Way too many adds. Can skip adds after 5 sec but still after every little movement u get add.

Good little game however When u get in to more challenging jumps it can take a while which is making levels million times harder i do like the game but think controls could be better but on of the better games out at min

Great game (: There are a lot of advertisements between deaths etc but plays smooth and looks great!

The East New World Awesome and adventuress

Cant swipe down I really like the game but i cant swipe down

I got a problem I got a scout stone but how do I use it ?

ADS!!!!!! Actually a really great little game,but the constant ad-bombardment really ruins the experience. Maybe an option to pay to remove ads????

Ads Too many ads, feels like there is an ad with every screen change with no way to remove it

Great controls so simple Similar to sword of xsolan .. i wish all games were like this .. perfect and a must download..

How can i remove ads ?

Add when I start the game, another one when I getnter a stage and another one after each death. Too many adds...

Too many ads Every time you move from the village and in between stages, there will be ads. 50% of the game is ads viewing.

Addictive no more to say lol

Could be a great game... The game itself looks amazing but the ads destroy what could be an excellent playing experience. If there was a way to pay to remove ads, I'd play it a lot. As it is now there's just way too many ads in comparison with actual play time and I can't play it this way. Great talent in making the game. Please allow us to pay you for your work by making a premium version of the game. It could be amazing!

I'd play it more, if... great game even better! the ads are hard to get past though. We need an option to get rid of the ads! Personally i'd pay to play the game in relative peace.

Bad controls Trying to get gem on level 9. I can double jump all the way through game, but when I come to that ledge, can I double jump, oh no. Wierd that.

:( Tried to reset the game hoping to get lifesteal on my sword. Saved 3k gold, bought the sword again from the shop and to my surprise, it has the same stats it had before i reset the game. The reset button beside the augment button only shows " " when i press it.

Great game ruined by designer's choices This game could be one of the best mobile platformers, but unfortunately, its ruined by absurd amounts of intrusive ads, and some audio effect choices that forced me to switch the sound off. Worst one being the sound of walking, which is what you do the most on a platforming game, and is the most annoyng.. Hope this lives to its potential someday.

(°O°) I love it so much! I'm gonna be playing for awhile. Its such an enjoyable RPG. I love the combat, upgrades, levels, Its super fun! The ads only appear on death. Though they do happen EVERY time you die, I am still not subtracting a star. :D

Checkpoints would be pretty nice on the missions. I can't tolerate getting so far then dying at the end with everything I collected only to restart with what I came with. Not to mention the ads are pretty annoying.

Fun dungeon explorer Pretty fun. The dungeons are different enough and the price for upgrades is good, with enough playing you can get the most powerful weapons and armor. No need to pay to play. The only issue is how many ads there are, but with a free game it's what you expect.

I like, but don't like. I like the platforming and fast-paced of the game but I dislike the insane hiding places of crystals and treasure, not to mention I wish the game had more special attacks and controls. I would love to have an up button on the d-pad to start air combos that would be Wicked awesome.

Too many ads Can't even get into the game or used to it because of something many ads. Horrible

Just what i was looking for Amazing game. Almost skipped it after reading a few reviews from prople complaining about the ads. But to my surprise, there were no ads at all lmao.

Bug on Samsung Galaxy S4 mini There is a bug my device can load the game properly but whenever I try to enter the dungeon The Darkness, there is an ad showing then the game will restart itself, basically it's unplayable to me, Willing to give more star though if it is fixed, thanks!

Good but flawed The idea is great but some of the collectibles are nearly impossible to obtain, but otherwise great game

Okay, I guess I'm seeing lines, but nice game. It starts pretty hard though.

Very addictive Excellent side scroller. Challenging and addictive, with lots of collectibles to hunt down, and light rpg elements to keep improving your character

Best 10 out of 10 Ï love this game new update idea is new weapons and minions

Fun but too many ads It's a good game but showing an ad every time you die(which is a lot!) is ridiculous..

Ads Would rate it 5 stars but there are waaayyy too many ads T-T

Love these kinda games 5 stars for support but please consider payment to remove adds and also checkpoints. Only just started playing but deffo finding the adds very frustrating. Will re-review soon.

Amusing and fun Wish there was checkpoint because the game is very hard can't stand replaying any level from the beginning

New stage pls Nice game but i all ready finish all level! Thats why ???

Great platformer Tight controls, sneakily hidden areas

Wow. A great rpg sword slashing game The upgrade system is Stellar. I highly recommend this game.

Broken Game is overall great but is fuc ked by ads. Could've been better if the game is ad-free.

Wonderful Very great game. Just wish it would run better on my phone.

Very fun Love the graphics and the game play is simple

Love the game Equal easy and challenging.

AD BOMB! Ad when you play. Ad when you enter a level. Ad when you die. Ad everywhere!

Amazing Fun gameplay and great graphics

good game its good game but can improve some like skill

hard -_- realy hard small damage(ok), small health(really? 3or 2 hitted by enemy dies), small mp(could use just 3 skill) and it doesnt have any recover hp/mp without pot, and pot can't be carried, even hard drop in game... :/ ads is ok i could turn off the internet, but so hard asf even is only first time dungeon

Great Game, but... Can't upgrade weapon, just 1 character, no skill tree, there is limit for boss rush and dream guardian. Hard and there is no checkpoint, but those are make it fun. Please make events. Too many ads and when close it, the game error

Hard, but enjoyable Only thing i dont like is if you die you lose any money you picked up, as well as losing your map every time you leave or die on that level

Ads A lot of advertise, can you add some payment to remove an advertise

To many adds Also unskipable story.

Close but not quite The enemies blend in with the background. No save points.

Too many ads! Good game too many ads!

OH HEY ADS WHATS GOING ON Start game, ads. Start level, ads. Die, ads. Watch and ad, ads.

So fun But so many ads

Good, but too many ads

Death whirlpool 6 This game is good. But there's no way getting theough this level. This level is impossible

Fun Challenging, enjoyable and visually good

Stupidest game I WANTED TO RATE MINUS. Wtf game is this. Seriously. It is impossible to clear the floors. The upgrades are useless. There is no shop to buy gold from. And farming for gold takes months because u lose all the gold u collected from the stage if u die halfway through the game. To the DEVELOPER creating games is not for u. GO GET A LIFE. QUIT CREATING STUPID USELESS GAMES. U CLEARLY DONT HAVE THE BRAIN AND THE IMAGINATION FOR IT.

Hurli-Murli something of narcotical woundering time to waist... The trafficking on the Internet disalloving slow phone with adds to play to make opinion about worthness of the game. After adds appeared the game is restarting and spoiling from pre-start point. THE MENTAL INSANITY of disability to make conclusions greatly limiting player in his own freedom on croppy way to delusion target... Uninstalled.

Cant play due to ads This would probably be a cool game, but unfortunately every time i try to play and enter a level, an ad pops up then the game shuts off and restarts. VERY FRUSTRATING!! I really wanted to give this game a shot.

Fun game addictive You have to turn off your internet otherwise your bombarded with ads. Also I like the upgradable weapons and armor. the levels get exponentially more difficult so be prepared to play each level several times. Overall great game especially for free.

GREAT example of something with great potential being ruined by a ridiculous assault of constant ads. They make this game completely unplayable. I understand develops need to make money, but this was just very poorly implemented. Ads should not be constantly interrupting gameplay, especially when you are charging for items in game. Such a shame.

Mostly brilliant As others comment, it has sound issues. I would pay something to remove annoying ads. Really difficult, which reminds me of the 8/16 bit age when games were hard. I'm loving it. Please work on the issues and add fair price in app purchases.

Awesome game but hard without check or save points Definitely needs a checkpoint to save your progress!! Refine the lava boss please. Having to kill the lava giant is hard in itself but then trying to kill the dragon it turns into.. Blah, nearly impossible

Good graphics but not much else Annoying ads, very difficult stages. Don't think this game is designed to be winnable

Great game except for one thing Some of the tutorial signs don't have words on them. There's one level in particular where this is the case and I can't find one of the secrets. I think it is because of this glitch because I have checked every inch of the level multiple times. Fix this and I'll give 5 stars.

-2 for lava giant was loving the game up to this boss. beat him and he turns into an unbeatable serpent. haven't played the games for months now cos i can't get past this boss. too bad.

Game is a lot of fun. Fun phone adventure game..... I like this style of adventure game a lot. The ads can be annoying...but it's not that hard to wait!! Play if you like free games! Complain if you just want everything for free.

The controls are atrocious, especially the jump. If the controls worked, it would have been a 4. Checkpoints and the ability to keep what you've earned would have brought it to a 5.

Solid Nice clean controls. Huge platformer fan, and the pixelated art also felt right at home for me. Ads happen, but the app itself is great and free. Ignore the ad complaints.

Too many ads. Everytime i start up a level or finish a level hit with an ad and you die way to easily. and when you die you lose everything do grinding is impossible. Looks good but the gameplay is horrible and not worth it.

nice but the upgrades and weapon seems doesnt really affect the matter how many u upgrade ur stamina,u still gonna die for getting 4 hits max...if this can fixed i will rate it 5 stars..

Bug: After killing giant monster, quest completed pop up, giant monster not dead ended getting killed and losing all stage progress Lost control of character during pop up and get slain by a supposedly slain enemy...

Awesome I honestly don't understand all the bad reviews. This is my new favorite game. Love the retro style feel to it and the controls are great. Nice upgrades and lots of options to choose from. Love it so far!

Great but.. Tooo much Add, it's so annoying that an Add pop up for every activity

perfect challenger, look like it's only for skillful player, hard even in the first level. Note that you should download it if you are a good player and very very careful to search the whole map to discover treasures and crystals. Some of it is easy to collect but most is hidden in walls, deep in traps, hard to collect.

It's a great game but... It's really fun little RPG I would rate 5 if you remove the foot steps sound (really really annoying) and make the armor up your health plz! But good game

Ok... The game has much potential, but is ruined by the constant ads and glitches (i.e. the character will run on his own). The stores are an issue 2; the gameplay allows enough leeway for you 2 purchase the most expensive weapon without having 2 spend money on the less pricy weapons, but forces you 2 purchase the latter anyways in order 2 unlock wares from another vendor. C'mon! Some levels are also rediculously hard for no reason other than 2 upset you, it' unbalanced! It feels rushed; it needs work.

Awesomesauce!!!!!!!? This game is fun retro and absolutely amazing to play! I would recommend it to anybody and if I had any recommendations for the developers it would be to slightly improve the English translation and when you map out the level it keeps your map data?. Also thank you for an amazing game, you proved to me that app games can still be awesome!?