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Tiny Keepers

Supplied By Double Hit Games    On Sept. 5, 2016    Comments(46)

APP for iPhone Tiny Keepers version1.3 Download

Tiny Keepers is an endless arcade hopper where you have to save your friends by making them jump to the safe side of the level.

You have to tap on the right side of the screen to make them jump to safety. Watch out! If an enemy jumps over there you will lose so be sure to throw them in the water!

• 20+ characters to unlock
• Several environments
• Easy to play
• Achievements
• Compete with your friends
• Addictive & Fun
• One touch controls

Having troubles? Suggestions? Feel free to send us an email and we will answer as soon as possible.

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Double Hit Games part of our Arcade and have average installs from 100000 to 500000. Last Update Sept. 5, 2016. Appstore play rating is 79.3372. Current verison is 1.3. Actual size 30.0 MB.

What's new

    On this new update of Tiny Keepers we bring to you:
    - Added visual feedback when receiving diamonds
    - Silver and Golden Chest added to the store
    - You can now buy a chest of diamonds and use it to unlock new characters
    - Fixed minor issues
    We're planning something awesome for the next update to make the game even more fun so stay tuned!
    Any critics or suggestions send us a message at or write us a review!
    Have fun!
Download tiny-keepers.apk 30.0 MB


Cute game. This game is too cute. I love how you can switch between the different characters. But can I make a small suggestion? I feel like you should put in little diamonds that float above people's heads, like say if you get the figure right, you get a diamond, but put it at every 30 people so it won't be that easy.

very good Its really nice. If I can make a suggestion, it's frustrating when I have to press skip when I fail and only then press restart. Can you make restart button next to skip button after fail?

It's a brilliant game and does what it intends to do perfectly. Also, to the people who want a restart button.. Why? When the game is so easy to lose by just tapping the same side of your screen a bunch of times and takes abput a second to start again there's really no need for restart at all.

Simple and fun I really like this game! It's easy to play and very entertaining, with good graphics and great touch screen responsiveness. Only I can't find out where to turn the music off? Thanks!!

Amazing This app is very good at first it was kind of confusing because i didn't know you drown the bad guys and save the knights, but then i saw the tap buttons and i LOVE the game, love the characters, keep up good work.

So cute! The music is nice too, but it's a bit repetitive after awhile.

Good It's fun, but you should add a restart button and different modes and challenges. :)

Very Fun Best incorporation of ads I have ever seen in an app. Also a lot of fun and very visually pleasing. Would recommend.

I love it This is probably one else of the best games I have ever played in my life!!!

Great game , and I love the characters it will be more awesome if there is more of them ?

I absolutely love this game It is fun to play and try not to die

It's a cool looking game This game is awesome

Nice game Good game. But how to exit after you done playing? Thank you for the reply. Five star after the fix.

Great Really fantastic game think I'm gonna be posting it on my youtube channel :P Ps Ignore my Google name it was for a prank hehe

Audio trigger Splash sound plays on jump. Should be when collides the water object :)

I loved it My suggestion is make more characters .. more challenging..

Simple, addictive. No bugs. Title says it all.

Wow... Awesome

Nice little game and much fun to play! However, I think it would be better to give the characters a fix speed, that increases over time and forces the player to react instead of a bar slowely emptying. The reason ist, that the player can't focus in that bar while already focussing on the characters, what gives a way the pressure, because he doesn't recognize it. But the player would recognize the speed of the characteres pretty well. :)

Boring It was a complete waste of time (even though I played for all of 30 seconds and knew that was all the game was gonna be).

Loved it The sketons won't fully jump but is one a place in my favorite games loved it oxoxoxoxoxox thanks for the email

Hmm Very boring don't bother !

Amazing One of the most best games keep up the grate work guys

Awesome! Pretty neat idea! I can tell this game will be successful.....

Ha This game is awesome!!!

Beat me, please:)))) As the best player of this game on Earth, I claim that it is extremely cool as it is addictive!! Although it's simple as hell, it is fairly challenging and nicely made. Beat my record, please, so I can continue enjoying the tuffness of this game:DDD

LAGS whenever u try to move the little men faster the entire game lags and makes you lose. You should fix that cause that's the point of the game.... Right?

Addictive I love the simple art style and responsiveness. Great way to spend a few minutes, and it definitely improves reaction time :)

Too many stupid ads!! Its so anoying.. everytime i die.. ad.. i fall , ad.. fix it.

Best game ever!!! I love it so much it is really addictive you guys should play also a little request from me can there please be a unicorn lol.

Great Amazing game, so addictively great

How What do you do for the bad guys

Made sleepless nights Frustrated... Continued to play....playing...playing...playing...<3.

Finally first I bet you cant beat my score. Cause in #1 mayne.

Love this game! Great graphic, great gameplay and great music! :)

Hahahaha i am ranked second This is one of the BEST Games i have played and the word BEST is a UNDERSTATEMENT.

Its totally taptastic! Bit it does get boring kind of quick.

Winner Easy game i beat Igors score it was simple really try and beat my hight score

If you could please add more levels,that would be great!

Definitely a time pass but good UI

So far so good I hope you put the restart button just right there where the skip button is after i failed cuz it just annoys me to tap 'skip' first at the corner then 'restart' button at middle of screen. Also i hope we will see an upgrade shop in the future so less difficult for me to unlock new arena :D

Meh It's ok not entertaining at all. Here's some suggestions. Tilt or swipe to move the peapole. Give options to move the peapole In a pool on a trampoline or In a fish tank instead of going on the ship ( have these options for all peapole ). Give daily new peapole and or places olso make it easyer to by the peapole. Thanks a bunch. Alyssa

So addictive Great game but could benefit from multiplayer, either using the same device or online, I think split-screen would work well with this idea.

Very fun This game is very fun! I will definitely recommend this app to many people. This app could use a couple of different game modes though. If you know what the game color switch is then you may be able to get some inspiration from their different game modes. Overall this is a great game with great potential.

Fun game This game is really fun and cute but there is one thing that I could ask for and that is to add holiday theme please and thanks

So cute! There should be stuff like face designs and stuff. And maybe a larger variety of music?