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Tiny Survivor

Supplied By Boris K    On June 21, 2015    Comments(129)

APP for iPhone Tiny Survivor version2.0.1 Download

Tiny Survivor is a simple and exciting game about survival,requiring strategy and dexterity.

You're alone, and wolves are attacking you. How long will you be able to stay alive ?
Acquire resources, build traps, and fight like a hero until you die!

Tiny Survivor is an absolutely independent game, made by myself only.
It is free and will always be, so give it a try!

Please contact me if you have any question, or correction to submit

Boris K part of our Arcade and have average installs from 500000 to 1000000. Last Update June 21, 2015. Appstore play rating is 79.4912. Current verison is 2.0.1. Actual size 23.0 MB.

What's new

    2.0.1 :
    - Turkish language added
    - New icon (do you like it ?)
    2.0.0 : The big update is here !
    - New EASY mode with weaker wolves and less difficulty
    - The campfire heals a bit more
    - The traps can be upgraded
    - Collect gems and buy new skins for the hero !
    - Improved graphics
    - No more ads while playing
    - Some other minor changes
Download tiny-survivor.apk 23.0 MB


Love it! The only improvement I'd suggest would be to add more elements to the game like armor and water. Or make heavy weapons that do more damage, but swing slower. Idk dude, keep it up, the game is awesome anyways!

Add multiplayer The game is fun as it is, but adding multiplayer would make it an evengl greater game

Simple It's a simple but fun game. If you have some time to spare, this definately will please you. Also to the developers, new buildings such as stone walls or towers would be awesome. <-- I'd really recommend this since it makes the game more interesting to play.

Nice And... Swag So I Think You Should Add A Fram To Generate Food But Like Haft Food Thing And And Bow And Try To Improve The Controls But It Awesome And Amazing Good Game :)

Great game but... It needs to save when I quit and maybe add a bow to kill the wolves from a distance

Really fun but could be easier I managed to get to the 8 minute mark but i think the game is a little to difficult. My suggestion is to make the early game a bit easier so you can prepare your defense and explore new upgrades. One way to make it easier is to make the wolves drop food 100% of the time, also increasing the time before food disappears. Food should give you a huge heal too. Overall i love the game and will be commenting on your reddit post.

GREAT WORK!! I love the concept and it's truly an addictive game! If the wolf's would die a bit easier it would make it easier to survive and get on your feet a little. I highly recommend a multiplayer or Lan party of like 4 or something that would he sooooo amazing!!!!

Samsung Galaxy S3 Mini Great game but I have no idea how to get the achievement "Ultimate Loser"..

Good game While it has a great concept, I think a save feature and a few more items would make this into an amazing game.

Great game but fix the bugs This game is fun and challenging but there I s a couple bugs like sometimes it goes forward with out pressing anything.And it takes a little too much space.

Weeds out the weak A lot of fun as strategy goes. Wolves felt strong enough to make you think about what to spend your limited resources on.

Great game! I love this game and really want to give it 4 or 5 stars..... BUT... It needs an option to close game and continue later! Please!

It's Great Add more crafting, and reduce wolf's strength because it's hard after 8 minutes. Overall it's a really good game and have a lot of potential.

Greatt The game is addictive but i think it will be better if you guys make the game continuous (i mean it doesnt reset) after the character die.just opinion dev! ?

Its a cool game I really really really really really realty like it and I want it and I whant and you whant it to!!!!!! Maya Rey Dickson

Fun and challenging Brilliant and simple. Surprised this game aint viral yet

Y are u the sane name as me???!

Great game Keep updating. This game has a lot of potential

Great Fun I would love more updates chests house building materials & farms and some other things would be nice

Great Please add more regen. Spikes overlap bug fix. Spikes HP bar fix. Wolves get too strong too fast. Please more strategy like wall spike combo does nothing now fix. Wolves too op!! Fire should deter wolf a bit. But loved the game.

Wow Repost: Awesome game, the kind you have been waiting for. Would like to see new upgrades, possibly armor via wolf pelts? Increase bonefire = more hp regen. Otherwise, amazing!

Bow??? Awesome game!!! Perfect game to kill time... But where is the bow ?

Awesome! It kinda was really intense, because i kept on thinking I was gonna die

Yes good concept wish there was more to do you don't get much of a chance to get anywhere as your finished off by wolves to quick.

Great! Really simple but very very fun! But I think the wolves are a bit to powerful and the regen must maybe be a bit faster.

Really fun game I dont know what all these bad reviews are about. This game is great

AMAZING Try to add villages or the ability to build a house and more things to do. This is me not whining this is a list that would be cool

This game is actually very addictive Now this is just the random opinion of a gamer but i feel as if this game take of in a whole direction if instead of the upgrade menus there was a very small village with tenders that sell weapons, aromors ,spikes and walls , ect buy matchs or flint for fire when in the wilderness sorry i counted figure out how a point system would work but i love this game over all

A stunning game! Visually very impressive with simple yet deep gameplay. Retro must try!

:( I love this game! Super addictive, but it's kinda hard :( there's too many wolves, and I hate that you run out of rocks so fast!!

It's ok I'm, just a beginner but I find this game fun and addictive. One thing tho, the wolves take so Mick health and we only collect so much in a little time , so if you upgrade can you make different weapons and tools. Plus add a house

Amazing But I thought it was all good but only wolves attack, I would of rated five. =) And I thought make something different to MineCraft

Great, going to be better? C'mon next update please! When ya upgrade or pause while mining you'll hear the noise of it. Put a health bar over the spikes or make 'em everlasting, also if you place spikes over each other they act as 1 spike. Please fix those in the next updates. It would be better if ya added a new mode instead of just play.

Good Maybe if u could build more stuff it would be better.

Want to play but cant I really wanted to play this, but can't. Its in a loop where every time it loads the main screen it shows the unity logo then loops. Moto G

Nice!!! Good game but very hard !!!

Very cool game !!!

Add please Russion language

It's very good ! Thanks for amazing game . I like it . I believe that you will make many hardcore and popular games !

SWEET Back then before the update it was boring to hard but fun to play so I uninstalled it now I see the update and a lot of new things are out so it's going to be better and even more fun

Love it but I have a recommendation for the maker... Love this game! It is. So much fun, so glad I installed it! Like the new skins as well, but plz make some new ones as well, these ones r a bit boring. One suggestion to the maker of this awesome game is that you should make it so you don't need WiFi. Every time I try playing with WiFi of it crashes...

I've enjoyed this game for a long time and I was so glad to see a big update. It's great. Especially the fact that you can upgrade traps now, brilliant move. However, I'm wondering if you could make some more achievements to unlock? haha if that's possible it would be great so there's more stuff to aim for :) Thanks for all your hard work!

Just the app I was looking for....until I played it I love the game its just I wish the wolfs wouldn't take so much health away e.o

Cool This Game is cool and all, But you should make the Game dynamic, and wolves come at night, and We can Make a Shelter.

I LOVE the game, but... I used to have the ad-free version and that ROCKED. But since the update I have to deal with ads again. It's not that bothersome to be honest, but I would happily PAY like $0.99 just to get rid of the ads. Please make that an option! Other than that I have enjoyed hours of gameplay :) its very addicting! Also, please don't make this like Terraria or minecraft. I look at the comments and that's all that some of them are wanting you to do, even if it's not explicit. Keep it simple and addicting :)

Meals Can you make the meals just be 2 wolf meat because im almost dead and i only got like 3-4 meat or just make the wolves drop meat everytime you kill them

Nice job This game is great. You should totally add more features such as armour etc.

Could you please put a birnet with a purple shirt that would be great ??????.

Awesome! The game is cool and I love and I hope you do to

Game installs again Liking the game. Played many rounds over and over before this new update. Can't wait to try easy mode. Thank you.

Has potential I would like to see more added in ie: more enemies, different ores. I would also like to see the ability to save the game when you exit to the main menu.

Great. But... Really needs level save plz add and I'll give 5 stars!

Tiny survivor is great But it could use multiply player definitely

Awsome update amolst deletd it im mad I was thinking of maybe deleting but this update is awsome so cool ok need campaign mode multiplayer hiding in bushes mountains fishing i hope you the best and need bows and sheilds homes and so many more when you can pls take my advice thx

More options Can you make an option that we can save the progress or we want to play the game later.

Super Please add new items. And i can't save progress: '(

SO hard to last more than 20 minutes

No exit option The game is fun and unique. The updates are great. There needs to be an option to exit. Thanks!

Update fix. After installing the update I was so excited, but when I tapped the icon it said that my device was incompatible. I had no choice but to uninstall. Sorry.

This game is awesome In the next update can you make mines (about 15 iron) and a bear that is stronger and does more damage than a wolf. You should make bows (for about 50 wood 25 iron) and each shot uses 1 wood. You should make a Vacation mode, where its day and extremely easy, and a hard mode where its storming and harder. ITS FREE TO YA!

This game is just great dude :D Awesome, and it's still being updated, this game should be featured. Exactly my type of game, and wonderfully charming 8-bit graphics. 5 ☆'s all the way.

I knew it was a good idea to hang onto this gem of a game! Great update developer! The graphical improvements are top notch from the last! The easy mode is great and I am actually able to surpass 5 minutes now! Everything about the update is awesome! Thanks so much for keeping this updated! Great work and can't wait to see what's next!

God-Mode is best for strategy games Was 4 stars. I actually downloaded the Ad-Free version through free an ago of the day. Changes fail and degraded game play. Now it's useless. Original content: Death is inevitable and time does NOT award the most points. My longest existence was 10:04 (m:s), 54 wolves, 246 wood, 206 iron, with all totaling to 16060.

I love it! I didn't even play this game. I know I'll love this because I love pixel and the stars. You should get this game guy's go get it! ;)

Won't open Crashes after first splash screen. Also been waiting on this big update for a long time now.

Awesome Small and addictive. Ultimate Loser achievement unlocked for me at 460 points.

Okay so I never ever ever review, but this game is so fun and addictive, and at the people saying it's too hard, you just need a little patience and practice.. The longest I've ever survived is almost 7 minutes and I was so into it I was overwhelmed by emotions and adrenaline.. How can such a simple game do this? Because it is challenging!!! Love it love it love it!! Keep up the good work whomever created this, and for fellow players: practice helps :)

Such a simple and cute game! This game is a MUST HAVE!!! I absolutely recommend it. It will satisfy your boredom, trust me. The app itself is very simple, easy to follow sooo cute and just AWESOME! Suggestions to the developer: If you want to maybe develop into this game and make it a bit more complex, I suggest you making a sequel to the app or something, because this one is so simple and fun that if you try and make it more complicated, it may lose the simpleness which is one of the best things this game is going for, although SKINS

Bit too difficult, can't stay alive long Fun game for how simple it is. Problem is it gets too difficult too quickly. Just when it starts to get fun the wolves become too strong and hard to kill, even with upgrades (their health seems to scale with time or player strength), and you can't upgrade everything fast enough. Would be more fun if the game didn't feel like such an impossible fight against the inevitable, even if that's the point of the game.

Ew Its a nice idea, but on my device the HUD is all compacted and the pause menu is super zoomed in. Also the ad bar is way too intrusive

Impressive Simple, yet addicting. I play it when I'm really bored. However, I'm worried that it's gonna get old soon. Try adding more features without ruining the ease and simplicity of it. Like add more to the atmosphere. Have a day and night cycle, make the days a period where there are little to no mosnters, whereas the nights are dangerous, etc.

excellent game and i almost never say that excellence. so solid and simple yet elegant and deep replayability. nice work really.

Fantastic I believe I survived about 10 minutes now on my longest run and I have to say I absolutely love love love this game. Feels ruthless but in a good way. I always am trying to improve and get farther, developing strategies each time. Very addictive, will play for hundreds of hours. Keep up the amazing work.

Tiny survivor I love the simplicity of the game and I think you're doing great for a single dev team anywhere that I can send ideas?

Amazing and Addicting Completely in love with this game and can't wait for the big update. This game has a different twist as a a new bred of Terraria and a apocalyptic game where you have to defense your territory. Overall the creators did a excellent job.

Good, but difficult The fact that having a level 2 upgraded sword still doesn't kill wolves fast enough for campfires to heal up the amount of damage you take is extremely frustrating. The challenge is great though, and I love the fact that you have to constantly get materials. Maybe let campfires stack their area of effect?

more I think you should add armer so for like 20 iron or 20 wood you could make wood and iron armer. There should be an upgrading system so you could upgrade you tools to have buffs like damage and natural regen and faster mining on tools and tough armer witch adds durrabillity and strength. you should finnaly add more enneys some are slow and are tanks and some are super fast and can be one shotted

Liked it but 10 minutes in it disconnected Me sad i lost connection to something or it restarted while i was 10 min into survival which is sad... but now i feel i didnt something

Character slides and won't stop. I love this game, it's really awesome, but this is my problem. Sometimes the character starts sliding to the left and won't stop. This is really bugging me since I want to survive longer, but since it won't stop, I can't do anything. I will be so happy if you could fix thix.

This game is ok In the next update can you make mines (about 15 iron) and a bear that is stronger and does more damage than a wolf. You should make bows (for about 50 wood 25 iron) and each shot uses 1 wood. You should make a Vacation mode, where its day and extremely easy, and a hard mode where its storming and harder. ITS FREE TO YA!

No way to save, dying is too easy Literally installed this 10 min ago and I'm already frustrated with it. Once you die you lose everything and have to start over. I can't deal with a game like this, uninstalling

Simple It's a simple but fun game. If you have some time to spare, this definately will please you. Also to the developers, new buildings such as stone walls or towers would be awesome. &lt;-- I'd really recommend this since it makes the game more interesting to play.

Please read op I really enjoy this game but there are a couple flaws. The wolves start coming too fast and the campfires do not heal you fast enough. It would be cool if you can increase the speed a campfire heals you but not too much. Also it would be cool if you can make it so u can attack faster. More meat drop rate. Maybe add some skins with armor boosts or something. Anything to make it easier to survive longer than twenty minutes.

Simple but fun Also pretty challenging. Can get repetitive after a while, but it's good at what it set out to do.

Please Read Very well game but needs more items and more skins I have both skins and 157 emerald things and nothing to spend on and can u make the sword do more damage when you hit because it doesn't do more damage its almost the same as the first one basically the faster you hit the more damage you do but that can be a problem to some players can you also add multiplayer doesn't have to be online at least if the other player is next to you and another thing can you make the wolves attack a little slower on easy what I mean is at least 2-3 mins if peacefulness allot of people have trouble surviving I know I did when I started and add something in that will surprise the players thanks for reading this -regards Dave ?

Weather ideas Its not that similar to minecraft or terraria and your obviously trying to keep it that way so that is good. But I think some weather conditions would be really cool. There could be rain, which makes trees grow back faster and extinguishes your camp fire, snow which would make trees grow back slower and it would make it harder to find iron (by covering it up). Or there could even be a couple or rare natural disasters here and there.

Doesn't last long With only food, iron and wood and all the tools at your disposal there doesn't seem to be too much beyond killing wolves with spike traps while you gather materials.

really I can't save my game idk what to do but I keep having to start over. If you see this please just leave a suggestion its probly just me BC no one else has complained about this. I'll check back soon..

Good game but it keeps randomly making me restart I'm not dead, but the game keeps randomly returning to the title screen, forcing me to start over. Please fix.

It's better then Okay. BUTT... ... I'll give 2 huge stars once I can save and continue my tiny quest.

Nice concept. Nicely done, but lacking in substance i.e. things to do other than chop wood and mine. Also would be nice to see more enemies added to the game.

Needs improvements I will give it five stars if you added more resources to collect and more items to craft.

Loved it Butt add catapults they shoot over walls but you have to reset them

Great simple concept! Does the terrain ever change? Are there more upgrades or materials to discover or unlock eventually? It would be cool to have things to motivate you aside from a high score.

Cool but I need help... I don't know how to get the Ultimate loser achievement. Can you please help me?

Great game Love this game so much it wood be Beter if you add more stuff like buldinds

Asesome little game The concept and mechanics are very simple, but because they're on point it's really really fun

Make a new building Good game ja czekam Na 4.1 please add jump

Good game but. The problem is I can't respawn. I want respawn added to the game I am sending from. Pls add it then I will adjust the rate

Fun and addidictive Much to do and takes some time so you can chill out

I keep walking back and cant stop an most the time I insta die. its so stinking buged.

Great...but... This is an awesome game, but if could be eve more awesome if you add some sort of thing where you can build! Take a look at Terraria, I'm not saying copy it but this game should have a building system like that so we can make shelters!

DOES NOT WORK It wont let me play this game....

The Best Survival Crafting Game Ever!!!! The game is really adictive and fun.But they need to add more things so the game just spread out at the app store.You guys shoud play this game!!!!!

Love it, love it, love it Its so fun, its like a mini version of minecraft, you should down load it.

Very Fun It's lots of fun however I have a few suggestions... 1:When you upgrade the traps they should gain more health as well as do more damage. 2:After upgrading wepon so many times you should get another button for a bow that you can shoot ever 5 or 6 sec. 3: More traps the wall and spikes make the game interesting but trapes provides more stratigies.

Fun!!! But bugged for S5 Ever since the last update I haven't been able to build walls or spikes.... makes me sad because I can't survive more than 15 minuets now because the wolves spawn to often. Please help, I've already tried reinstalling. I have a samsung galaxy S5. And also I don't have any thing to spend my gems on. There is no shop for skins or anything. Must be a bug for S5

Sounds ok I haven't played this game yet so I won't rate good or bad but i have herd a lot about it. It's aparintly challenging and fun. I love games like that! I may have no experience in it but it sound awsome. The only flaw is people say it's too hard, but I think that it can't be that hard. I just think this game sounds pretty fun and enjoyable.

This game is suppose to be a challenge. I see some descriptons saying you die to easy, so i am here with a quick guide. 1st find a good spot, and build walls to keep out wolfs. Eventually, after building many walls, your iron supply will be low, now you need to find a new place. Make to the point where when you build a fire, be able to collect resources while healing. Repeat this, edit it the way you want to, but keep this in mind, and you should live for a good amount of time. I would like to see more hostile things, and weather.

Simple and fun This game's overall experience is fairly enjoyable, but it has a lot of potential to become way better than it is now. Adding more content such as: more skins, levels and some kind of options menu with simple settings would be cool. A more variety of enemies should be implemented and there could be like a hunger system to make it more difficult. Different game modes like a non-endless map or limited resources would be neat. All in all this game has neat graphics and a neat idea that can be improved on ☺

Beautiful concept with a nice retro feel This game is absolutely wonderful it has its own character and definitely stands out, although a few bugs like it crashing happen here and there but rarely at that, there should be a few more things added but I assume your already onto that and need I say more? Keep working at it

Liked but would be better with more things. The only problem with the game is there is not a lot of stuff in it. They should add more things like more creatures. other things to help you defend, mybe evan add co op mode.

I die cause of ads OK picture this your fighting a wolf a dumb ad pops up for something no one would want you close the ad and BOOM your dead because of the ad it just makes you so ANGRY the creaters of the his game should make it so ads don't pop up if they think they make money from the ads they would probobly make more money by making games that cost money

It nice but you could add armor and in app pircahses like buy this for that much wood or that much iron because I'm buy a lot in games That why

Cant rate less Holy god theres bad games an then theirs this no textures, simple gameplay come on

Too simple It could be much better if there was more things to do some variation in enemies would go a far way to but saying that it has promise but it is far from complete

Great game, but you need to be able to do more actions and have other craftable items in the game .

This game is neat, maybe add more content I want to be a game developer someday, got any tips?

Good game but no sav Good game but you need to be able to save and revert back to saved games after death. This would be a 5 star game but without save option it is not worth playing. Shamedeveloper missed put such a simple thing.

Pretty fun but.. You should make the game automatically pause when an ad video pops up becuz every time one pops up I end up dieing from one of the wolves

Fine if you're really bored Glitch keeps making me slide to the left and I have to restart. Also, the campfire needs to be upgradeable so you can heal faster, otherwise you just can't keep up with the wolves.

Great game! But... This game is fun and addicting, but you can get bored pretty fast. I suggest adding more animals (perhaps a bear), more places and more items. This way, you can get more downloads and players won't get bored easily. I hope my ideas helped!

Hmm I love this app but i think that there should be a jump button and terrain to mix it up, also there should be building blocks so you can make a house, finally a hunger system. I personly think that would be cool if you imprlmented those!

Great Some bugs like my screen freezes and I can't move but the wolves can so I die and you should make a game mode where you can save it and also mabey ad a house or more stuff you can make but still great game and make it where you don't need WiFi

Garbage Makes you die so much because every time you die an ad runs, once an enemy comes in sight you either run and find another enemy or you die by attacking it. Nothing else to do

Good game It's a good game but not a lot of stuff I think the created should add more minerals and armor and someone who trades wood for iron and the other way around. make iron regen but make it a longer time then the trees. Also be able to make technology like a robot to get wood and stone

Very good It has a lot of potentional so you should add some more stuff, like different resources and mobs and more constructions

Great Great game, needs work though! Also to all those complaining about losing stuff when you die, this is an arcade game you are supposed to lose your stuff when you die in an arcade game

Amazing! Its an amazing game but desperatly needs a jump button. Without the ability to jump, surviving seems almost impossible.