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TinyLegends - Crazy Knight

Supplied By Triniti Interactive Studios Limited    On June 5, 2013    Comments(75)

APP for iPhone TinyLegends - Crazy Knight version2.72 Download

it’s a full-on MONSTER INVASION! CRUSH the invaders with WICKED WEAPONS and CRAZY COMBOS!


On the distant continent of Kromdor, the skies have grown dark, announcing the coming of the Evernight. Monsters that once slumbered beneath the earth now bring chaos and ruin to the land. Do you have what it takes to destroy the fiends and save Kromdor?




✓ BATTLE over 40 enemies at once!
✓ WILD weapon skills!


▶ http://twitter.com/TRINITIgames
▶ http://facebook.com/TRINITIgames

Triniti Interactive Studios Limited part of our Arcade and have average installs from 1000000 to 5000000. Last Update June 5, 2013. Appstore play rating is 86.3556. Current verison is 2.72. Actual size 87.0 MB. Download tinylegends-crazy-knight.apk 87.0 MB


Something fishys going on Ok i wasent playing for a vary long time now im play and big suprize i have 1000 Tcrystals dunno how dunno why i have that many but i do so now im invinsable its really fun not lieing to you hopefully you update the game so that theres a creative mode spawn anything and fight it or nake it fight for you add a game mode and share it so other people can play it also make a update for CO-OP

Cool Game is so awesome but I will rate it 5 stars if............. OK it tells me to get the update to play online but there's been no update sense last year. NOW CHANGE IT...............................................................................................................................

Wtf You guys owe my money I bought two packs and nothing. I better get the payments back. Game is repetitive and is easy until a certain level where you have to spend money to get further in the game All around advice don't get this it's a rip off I expected more

Galaxy S4 No reason to give high rating when the game is not fully functioning. Always triggering for updates when playing the coop when my game is already updated.

I cant maltiplayer Is so bad this game wont play me in maltiplayer it always said you must update to play it on multiplayer pls fix it and a new wepon the demon sword

Your game is awesome guys But it would be more better you add an infinite creative mode, you know i choose monsters select to be time limit or infinite etc... As it is from my wish to make making (bosses only) As there is a problem CAN'T PLAY ONLINE BECAUSE IT ALWAYS SAYS INSTALL THE LAST UPDATE BUT IT IS THE LAST And thank youguys

No update available?... It says I need to update the game for online co-op.. but there is no update. I got this game just for the co-op and this needs to be fixed pronto Overall fantastic game but the joysticks get stuck every now and then causing me to get stuck and die

OK... Co-op doesn't work ITS THE REASON I DOWNLOAD THIS GAME its fun but sometimes to hard and also were the 1000 tgems to make us feel better? Our you stuck and u can't fix it? Or is it a gift and the co-op is a bug?...

Super fun game! Love the game... But having issues trying to coop.... Tells me to update even tho I have the newest version? Nexus 5 phone. Otherwise AMAZINGLY fun game... Please fix :)

What the heck? I had this game about a month ago and i had bought a butt load of crystal...and with those i bought a whole bunch of high end weapons....but i play now..and i have nothing,i am back at very very beginning....you better fix thid...if not then shame on you...and id rate this even lower..and tell other how you cheat/scam people out of there money

Best game ever but ........ It says there is an update and when I went back to the play store all it said was to open it or Uninstaller it makes me mad so I can't play multilayer this sucks........... the game is OP!

One problem It wont let me play on the multiplayer because it keeps saying too update it but i cant

DA Game is Cra Cra!!!!! It is so awesome. But they gave me 1000 crystals and I bought the strongest weapon in the game. I can beat a boss in 10 seconds. But can't play co-op because don't have update but checked the store and already have the update.

I wanted to play Co op woth my brother but Wtf Everytime I go in co op arena it wants me to get the newest version even if there is no new version... -.-""

No multiplayer When I go to multiplayer it tells me to update the game in order for me to play but there isn't a button for it so fix it and I'll give you 5 stars

Update? Great game but co op wont work? Tells me i need an update then dsnt update...wthhh

Its fun, but... 3 stars because its a fun game both the characters and the weapons to choose from except I cant find where to update so I can play co-op aside from that though its fun just chopping up some blocky enemies

Fanatical Game But please add more characters and monsters. Maybe add a ghost (Extremely difficult to kill). I would give 5 stars and recommend this game to machinima to SPONSOR! I know people...

CO-OP does NOT work! Tells me I need to uldate to the latest client, which I already have. Fix and I'll give 5 stars

Problem! (galaxy tab 2) Why i cant play co-op? It says update new version .. but dont see it ---

<3 but... I really like the gameplay and the graphics style. There are a few bugs (Ex: Unable to play co-op) but great game overall. Don't bother with its sequel though because that ones a complete mess!

Crystals ruin the game The gameplay is awesome and is challenging with a diverse group of enemies. But, this game has all the good weapons as things you need to pay for and its a bit frustrating only being able to buy weapons that will only last me 3 levels that don't need to be bought with real money.

Lucky or Not??? I started the game with 1000 gems so i have bought the best wepon in the game with 5000+ damage 70 attack speed and it also has an ability that slows all nearby enemys attack speens so im basiclly invinsible except for the ranged enemys like the mages and poisen slims this game is awesome dont know if everyone started with 1000 gems/cyrisals but i did and it made the game very easy and plz fix the co-op bug updata thing where their is no update thank you (this game is awesome!!!!!!!!)

Awsome Awsome game but when I downloaded I played it then I stop for a while I got bored I played for a month when I started playing the game again I had 2176 diamonds I bough every diamond weapon in the store including the mage with all his staffs I still have 1576 butt I have nothing to buy now if you throw another ubdate please add a way to have online friends and we can trade stuff like potions money diamond etc thxn for listening I hope make more awsome games

Bad The game is perfect but I cannot go into pvp fix it and I pay 3 dollar for crystal but it did not give me any crystal and it took my money that is not fair

I hate to give a poor rating but.. The game itself is actually really cool. It's fun, and maybe a bit on the easy side, but it may have been made for a young demographic. However, to continue to play you have to play online with others and when trying to do so, an error comes up about downloading the more recent version, of which there isn't one. So, I stopped playing until this gets fixed, if it ever does. Other users have the same problem but nothing has been fixed yet, and my email to the developers has gone unanswered. Too bad :(

Greay game! Can't continue. I would love to continue thw game but cannot even play regular battles because I'm being forced to play co-op. Cant even play CO because its asking for an update. Well it was fun while it lasted. Uninstall.

Good game I to am having trouble with my joy sticks same thing freezes and I die it be nice if ufix that but its a good game ill wait on the update im very patient so please fix joy stick issue then I rate 5 stars Thanks for a good game as I sai im dieing cus joy stick issues And fix u get 5 stars fantastic game

Great Actually one of my favorites hack and slashes for now its funny, have a nice music and sound effects with an easy gameplay and don't lag at all (running on a 1.4 single core with 1.8 over clock android 4.2.2 CM 10.1- smoooooth )

Co-op It's a great game but you can't play co-op on it because it says it's not on the latest version but I am I got the newest Vernon. Please fix because it's a five star game other wise

Good but couple of flaws This is a beautifully created game, it's 3D and the graphics are amazing! The play experience is very cool too. However, coins are very very hard to earn and I'm not able to buy a weapon for 3 levels already. Gems are quite hard too. And I can't play PvP as it says I need to update the app but it's already updated. Overall, this game has a LOT of potential and it's fun, but please fix the flaws and I'll rate to 5 stars, thanks :)

Best ever Awesome Game Great job on the detail on the characters and on the weapons so the only thing is that everytime i go on co op mode it said that it need an update so it means there's a bug or u guys r updating the game but it took time so pls get this done PLS PLS PLS PRETTY PLS

extremely bullshit company i ve never hated a game develepor before but this is the only time the devs are bullshit everything is bullshit customer service bullshit these company is so greedy they wont even reply dafuq they dont even deserve 1 star play arcane legends instead

Erika lenard Men I well give y'all five stars if y'all tell me how to upgrade the game!!!!!! But the game go hard lol

Astounding This game is smooth and, well designed, graphics are exemplary amazing, I have recommended this to everyone I know

Great game Il rate it 5 stars when it stops telling me I need to update to play online when their is none

attack button for bow it's hard to aim the bow bcause the attck pad/button is small. pls make it bigger.and add some obstacles, jump button,bigger/maze-like map.

Good offline and online game This game pretty much makes boring non wifi trips fun. I recommend this game for long trips or long drives. Love the game but really looking forward to co op..

Cool game :D!!! I played this game until the spik monsters in level 2 and I saw in the shop that it gave me 2000 gems!!! Its a very cool game :-)

I HAVE A 1000 CRYSTALS IN MY 1ST TRY!!! Wow!! When I opened the game and played a little bit.. and then it happened. I got the most powerful weapons in history and I can kill all of them in one blow. I can't believe that I got that many crystals. But I can't play multiplayer. I tried and it said I need to update in order to play.. but.. mine is already in the latest version. Pls update this game and ill rate it 5 stars.????

Problem plz fix fast It says to update it to play co op problem is it is updated to newest version so plz fix it and u guys get 5 stars :) and guys I think they don't have co op because of those 1000 crystals people are buying much stronger weapons

Update It says theys a update but they isont you shod instold the game yeas ago and the pichers are monsters vs heros and it says theys an update please fix crazy knights and monsters vs heros online then il rate both 4stars becues i fink you dont whant peple to say that they love it πpppppppppppplllllllleeeeeeaaassssse fix mutiplayer and give me 1000 Tcristols

I'm confused I thought this added on to Heroes vs Monsters but it turned out to be a 3D game it's great but misleading screenshots

Spend money or get frustrated A really nice game but you must be frustration resistant or spend money to enjoy the game for more then 30 minutes. Uninstalled!

Fun, pretty, and misleading... Great graphics, simple yet thrilling game play, but it looks nothing like the screenshots and it keeps telling me to update for online play, yet as far as I can tell, I have the latest version installed. This causes confusion, which hurts my brain meat, costing this game two stars.

Fix my gems and 5 stars easy. When I first installed this, it started me off with 1,000 of those awesome little blue gems...I was able to buy a few things. I had to reinstall for whatever reason, and now it starts me off with 0 (ZERO) little blue gems. I even tried a second reinstall with a clear cache and different username, and still a big fat goose egg..read: 0 (ZERO). Had I known this, I could possibly have avoided the first uninstall. Whats a brother gotta do to get his original 1,000 little blue gems back?? Super annoying for now.

Co op please.... I have the galaxy s4 active and I like this game very much and as you can see from the title, I really want to try the coop and when I click on the co-op it just says that I need to update the game to the latest version to play co-op. But the thing is is that I can't and that is because it won't let me! So I'm hoping that you guys can fix this so I can play co-op and then give this a 5 star rating that it really deserves! ( but really though, this game is awsome. One of the best I've played! )

I need update? Won't let me play co-op. Says I need the latest version but I already have it. Seems like a lot of people are having the same issue. And I can't exit the game. Please fix, thanks. (Also unlimited survival mode would be Awesome.)

Its okay. The game is ok. I got a good amount of gems to start with, and some pretty good weapons. But I can't play co-op, it keeps telling me I need to update, yet there's no update... It's quite annoying to say the least.

Good but Co-Op problem. Really good and fun game! But everytime I try to play Co-Op, it tells me to update my game to the latest version...... I already have the latest version.... Please fix this and you'll get an easy 5 stars :-D

Just awesome! Great game. Simple yet really fun with the mindless button mashing.. But having a problem with the co-op its saying update to latest version of the game even if i already have the latest one. Would have been a 5 star

Co op does not work What is wrong with you people. You call it tiny leeneds co op but when I use it the game sais I need to update but there is none. Pleawe fix it is pretty fun otherwise

Won't let me play co-op on galaxy tab 8.9 I was looking forward to this and it will not let me play. It says I need to update. This is a problem for everyone so please fix it. We all want to play co-op. Other than that great game but hard tp get past level 9-10.

Great game but... It tells me to update the app to play online but there is no update? Fix it. You guys have really let us down not with just this gam3. But others too. Fix or no 5 stars and uninstall.

Cool game but.... What's up with the co-op? It keeps telling me to update to the latest version but I already have the latest version! Terrible bug makes co-op unplayable. I feel like I'm missing half the game.

Unable co op? Started a new game and they give 1000 crystals.. bought all the strongest weapons available and the game get very boring very fast.. on top of that can't play co op.. says need to update.

Really great game Its a really great game to play. Very addictive and funny. Just one problem, Co-op isn't working. It asked me to update it, please fix :3 This deserves 5 stars but, please fix the co-op.

Nice UI but no gameplay So pretty, good controls, but where is the game play? I sat my dude in a corner and read a book while tapping the attack button till 100 mobs were dead.. Guys use the engine and make a game with it.

Good game, owes me money though I like the game, but bought gold twice on it as the first time the gold didn't appear, and I tried it again but it still didn't appear. So I want a refund of £6.06 or the gold I bought ingame to be given. So overall good fun but scam if I don't ever get my bought items or money back. The support service also doesn't work, it allows you to fill in your problem but doesn't let you submit it.

Tiny legend I cannot go online as it says I need to update it however when I try it says that it is up to date. I hope that no one else has this problem but I would definitely like not sorted. Other than that it is a very good game

Frequent game crashes. The gAme is good! For the 1st time u guys gave enough diamonds to actually enjoy this game! But after every mission I experience a game crash.its annoying.please fix it. Xperia arc s.

Weird The gallery here is different from the game itself, here the game looks 2d, but when i play the game is 3d... also co op mode ask me to update and bring me back to this apps page without any update, resulting the co op mode is totally unplayable. Lol... overall, decent game though.

What is happening? No Co-op without update? Please hurry up and update it before you lose alot of customers. The online co-op is most likely why you got so many recent downloads, but if nobody can experience it except the select few, Stop false advertising, at least until you get your software in order. I know it's alot to say about a free game, but if it isn't what your saying it is then dont show it as if we will get those features. Don't get our hopes up and lie to us. You may know what is going on but we don't.

Best Game Yet! I want to play co-op and I'm playing on my tablet But when ever I go on the co-op thing it says I need to updade my virson but I came when I go to play store it says uninstall and open...:'(

optimized on 512mb ram but what the heck! all of your games got only about a 90% on my screen. its annoying. not suit res.

SMASH The concept of this game is to smash and cut through endless monsters. Its a cool game but kinda just wastes time. Is this what u wanna do with ur life. Also I got 1000 gems and those better not have been auto bought.

The pictures and the game is totally different the picture given here is totally different from the gameplay itself. disappointed. the gameplay was okay but the storyline was too short. completed the game in 3 hrs

Very fun! Easy controls and fun to play. Smooth gameplay on my LG-E400. One thing though, the co-op mode has an issue where it is unable to be played because it says i have to update to latest version although i already have the latest. Please fix this devs. Still, great game. Hope you keep updating this wonderful game.

Hack, slash, rinse, repeat. Great look and satisfying combat. What I wouldn't give for a dungeon crawler based on this universe. Make it happen and I'll buy! PS Co-op working would make this game perfect.

Great game but I would put 5 stars if co-op worked, keeps on saying to update my game which is up to date Isn't the first time though even on Heroes vs Monsters (great job on that one) does the same thing for siege mode

Great but... This game is really fun and addictive. But for some reason when I want to play online the game tells me to install the latest update. And when I go to check the game in the play store it tells me that I have the latest version. Can anyone help me with this problem?

A very good game.... One thing I didn't understand that how did get so many gems... Was there anything wrong with the system of the game

Decent game up until I try playing coop. I got this game to originally play with a friend and when I try to play coop it keeps saying I have to update to the latest version which I already am. Less than 1 star if possible

I HAVE A 1000 CRYSTALS IN MY 1ST TRY!!! Wow!! When I opened the game and played a little bit.. and then it happened. I got the most powerful weapons in history and I can kill all of them in one blow. I can't believe that I got that many crystals. But I can't play multiplayer. I tried and it said I need to update in order to play.. but.. mine is already in the latest version. Pls update this game and ill rate it 5 stars.????

Easiest.... Easiest 5* I've given so far!! Nice graphics, smooth gameplay on my Nexus 7 (2012). Just an all round fun game to play, with no pesky adds popping up every 15 seconds!! I recommend that you try it ;-)