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Tour Tempo Golf - Total Game

Supplied By Tour Tempo    On Jan. 10, 2014    Comments(28)

APP for iPhone Tour Tempo Golf - Total Game version2.1.6 Download

Used by beginners through Major Championship winners on the PGA Tour, and validated by an Independent Scientific Study by the Departments of Physics and Biomechanics at Yale University.

The Total Game App allows you to learn how to correctly integrate the Tempo of the Tour Pros into your golf swing. Over 100,000 golfers worldwide, including Major Championship winners on the PGA Tour, have improved their games by using Tour Tempo.

"It will be the best thing that you will ever do for your game." — Pat Dempsey, 2002 RE/MAX World Long Drive Sr. Champion

"The Unified Theory of Tempo" — Golf Digest

"No one has ever come up with a way to teach Tempo until now." — Travel + Leisure Golf

"The Swing Secret no one has ever told you" — Golf for Women Magazine

Based on the international best selling golf book, Tour Tempo. The book outlines and explains the discovery of a specific mathematical ratio regarding the elapsed time of the backswing and the elapsed time of the downswing of the Tour Pros. The Tour Tempo System is simple and easy to learn. All you do is react to three scientifically spaced musical notes. These musical notes alert you to start your takeaway, start your downswing, and then the third note lines you up with impact. It’s just that easy - you literally download the App, turn it on, grab a club and start swinging to the Tempo of the Tour Pros.

The Tones will teach you how to swing with the tempo ratio exhibited by the Tour Pros. We measured the time of their backswings and downswings by counting how many frames of video each part took. The magic ratio on full swings turned out to be three parts backswing to one part downswing. Tones are provided for each of the following frame ratios of Tour Tempo - 18/6, 21/7, 24/8, and 27/9. The Tour Tempo Tones have a clear purpose. They establish the intrinsic tempo of the golf swing in your subconscious mind. Once this is accomplished, you will not have to think about tempo while playing. This is what the Tour Pros have already done. You are about to acquire that same ability.

The Total Game App also contains the new Tour Tempo Short Game Tones of 14/7, 16/8, 18/9, and 20/10. After the publication of Tour Tempo, John Novosel studied the Short Game swings of the top touring pros, and discovered that virtually all of them employ a 2 to 1 swing ratio on or around the greens - a different Tempo than the 3 to 1 ratio of the Long Game. This is another reason why the game of Golf is so hard to master.

TOUR TEMPO TRACKS (21/7, 24/8, & 27/9)
The Tour Tempo Tracks are an easy way to integrate Tour Tempo into your daily routine. One of the best ways to use the Tracks is to listen to them while driving to the course before a round of golf. The more you listen to them, the more the Tour Tempo rhythm will be ingrained into your Golf Swing (One Tempo Track + one Part II is included)

TOUR TEMPO FOCUS TRACKS (21/7, 24/8, & 27/9)
The Focus Tracks are revolutionary relaxation songs that contain the Tones of Tour Tempo. Each Track also has a Part II that has binaural tones embedded in the music to get your brain into an optimum state for concentration. This optimum state is more commonly known to athletes as “Being in the Zone.”
(One Focus Track + one Part II is included)

The videos give a complete explanation of the Tones and how to use them to immediately and dramatically improve your Total Game.

The Total Game App is your first step towards a more powerful, consistent golf game, and that is why we are giving you a discount at the Tour Tempo Shop. Inside your app in the Info Section you will find a one-time discount code good for $10 off to be used on a future purchase in our Tour Tempo Online Shop.

Tour Tempo part of our Sports and have average installs from 1000 to 5000. Last Update Jan. 10, 2014. Appstore play rating is 87.8261. Current verison is 2.1.6. Actual size 23.0 MB.

What's new

    -Fixed the issue with Motorola phones
    -Replaced .wav files with .mp3
    -You can lock the screen and audio will still play.
Download tour-tempo-golf-total-game.apk 23.0 MB


Great Product, Even Better Customer Service! I make my living in sales and as such am always impressed when I see the unfortunately forever waning practice of providing excellent customer service. Background: I originally downloaded this app on my iPhone as one of the many things I have tried to improve my game. (The MOST frustrating sport I have ever encountered as hand eye coordination from every other ball sport I've played doesn't seem to translate...for me.) I fell in love with golf immediately following high school and make every effort to get out once a week 20 years later. I have never shot consistently in the low 90s. The goal became breaking triple digits. Tour tempo. High round in the spring: 103. Low round 3 months later 86. So....that was worth $25! I had to take some time away from the game and switched device platforms to a Samsung Galaxy SIV last year. I was hoping to transfer my app and wasn't successful in doing so. It became a necessity when I just couldn't find the swing again on my own. JJ Novosel responded to my request a few weeks ago in a timely fashion, and assisted me with getting it transferred over to my new device (droid platform.) Thank you sir!

Great long-term value! Tour Tempo is fantastic! Not only has the app, and the tones therein, helped me to subtly improve my swing, it has also completely revamped my pre-shot routine. After just 3 range sessions with this tool I've become much more efficient in my routine, setup and swing - all three segments flowing together beautifully. Follow the method and use it consistently and this app is a game changer. High marks for Tour Tempo customer service as well! Well done, Gents.

Disappointing I really really wanted to find this app useful, but instead I consider it to be a waste of money. There are some good things about it, but the developers totally oversold me on its potential.

Excellent Very helpful, extremely easy to use and gets you right back on track when you start losing your rythm. I very much appreciated the time the designer spent answering my questions by email. A must buy app. Just one little thing to improve....on my samsung galaxy if i close the app before stopping a tone it keeps playing in the background until i force close it.

Good but only getting partially viewable videos?? Need the video's to get a full understanding, but mine are stopping suddenly, whilst in the house with WiFi on. Shouldn't be happening after what I paid for it.

Get it now! This app is so awesome my golf bros say its cheating when i use it on course! I told them to get it to even things out.

Has some things to improve Great idea but a poor application. Consumes a lot of space without ability to be moved to SD card, metronome still ticks during a phone call.

Great Awesome revolutionary app. Not to mention OUTSTANDING customer service

Awesome app This is a great concept and has helped my golf swing.

Update is broke. Can't install update. Package file is invalid.

Great method, awful app. You need to listen to some tones to perform your swing tempo in order... but it has to have the screen on, so if you're using earplugs (I don't know how is other people using it) and the screen goes off, it stops working. If you try to change your settings and keep the screen on, you will wore out your battery and also you need to put your smartphone in your pocket, so probably you will have some accidental touchscreens while performing your swing. This could be a great app, but these guys need good developers, not these noobs.

Tremendous help Not only has this app improved my ball striking but i have to give Jeff and the developers credit for their customer service when I ran into a problem. Thank you!

Excellent App and Program I just downloaded the Tour Tempo App, went through the practice routine and headed for the range. What a difference! Better ball contact and it was much easier to figure out what caused the bad shots… which was when I got out of sync with the tones. I recommend the Tour Tempo for anyone wanting to improve their long AND short game. You should also check out John Novosel’s interview on the Golf Smarter Podcast with Fred Greene - Steve

Does what you expect.. ..but its just way too distracting to listen to while swinging and trying to get a good hit..

It Works!! I hit the range and almost immediately started hitting cleaner shots. After practicing a couple of days, I shot my lowest round of golf in years....

Great App! Fantastic theory and great app. I am the director of instruction at a top 50 course and use it often with several of my students. Definitely worth it!

Unbelievable!!!!! Use the tempo and watch the ball fly off the club head. Tempo really is the key to a great golf swing. Gives you that power, distance and ball striking you've always wanted, but never had.

A really great app it has really improved my golf swing. Thank for your rapid response , and I am also ordering more training tools from your website.

Great App...Exceptional company Do urself a favor..If U r serious about ur golf game, regardless of handicap(Im a 4.2) buy the app,then buy both books, read them & put the effort in & ur ball striking will improve as will ur scores...bought training aids..fantastic..family run business...when u have questions/problems, u talk to one of the Novosels(owners)..how often do u do that in today's world?..nuff said..Fairways & Greens 4ever....RPJII

Great app Great app. Helped me slow down my saying and improve my game!!

Great app! Tempo is king in your golf swing!

Make this movable to the SD card and it gets a 5 star rating.

Great app. Your Tempo is the glue that holds your swing together. Definitely worth it. Good customer service.

Perfect tool and great customer service This tool is a wonderful addition for myself and my students. The guys are awesome!!!

Great golf app. Probably the best golf app I have seen or used. A great reminder of the importance of rhythm/tempo in the golf swing. I use it often when my swing does not feel quite right. Craig Paynter

Love this App This app forms the basis of all my practice sessions, it really takes the thinking out of swinging and makes it more reactionary, thank you!!!!

I think this app is brilliant, I had it installed on my iphone but recently got an Android phone and have installed it on this device. I must admit I find it really has helped me to have a regular rhythm which I have found is more repeatable particularly when I am under more pressure such as when in a competition.

WOW If you want to play fun, simple golf, get the app. You wont regret it.