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Supplied By MiNi Group    On July 20, 2016    Comments(95)

APP for iPhone TV Guide versionVaries with device Download

TV Guide is the easiest application to check the complete listings of television channels in USA!
New: for devices that support the feature is available REMOTE CONTROL

*** The application doesn't allow you to view the TV ***

You can watch the screenings of the major Italian television networks for the next 6 to 8 days!
The app will save the downloaded data and you can also see the schedules offline.

There is the possibility to update the list of channels, to visualize the LCN national numbering and quickly search programs and channels according to their own interests! TV Guide provides all the tools to get reliable data and up-to-date programs currently on TV.

Do not miss the shows now airing! With a simple click, you'll have the programs currently broadcasting on all channels!

Share your favorite shows with your friends, add a reminder in your calendar, check out the shows now airing! Thanks to TV Guide you can do all of this in a simple and fast way, giving you more time to watch TV!

To remove the banner ad you can purchase the Premium version as an annual subscription, the purchase is done in-app.

Many films have also the trailer and additional informations.

The simplicity of use and data reliability are the main features of TV Guide!

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Supported countries:
• England
• Italy
• Gerrmany
• Spain
• Denmark
• France
• Russia

Functionality in brief:
☆ Updated channels, provided icon and national number
☆ Schedules conveniently viewable through slide
☆ Scrolling speed program
☆ Textures, descriptions and additional content
☆ Now on air: which programs are broadcasting at this time
☆ Next on air: which programs are broadcasting soon
☆ Prime time
☆ Second time
☆ Channels overview
☆ Programs Search
☆ Channel Search
☆ Sharing of shows on social networks and beyond
☆ Shortlinks to Google, Wikipedia, IMDb and YouTube
☆ Ability to add programs into calendars, with any reminders
☆ List of favorite channels
☆ Remote control

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MiNi Group part of our Entertainment and have average installs from 1000000 to 5000000. Last Update July 20, 2016. Appstore play rating is 81.3793. Current verison is Varies with device. Actual size 0 bytes.

What's new

    • Minor bugfixes and improvements.
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Could be better Very good app but what let's this down is there's no regional settings which is a shame otherwise this will be one of the best guides

Brilliant Works for me. Does just what I want!

Very anoying pop ups or adds.

Would be five but not everyone lives in the London region.. sort this out please.

Useless Remote doesn't work at all. And channel data doesn't provide channel number so I can manually change since remote control option does not work.

bad app this app sucks in USA no data available

It works Personally, I don't like the layout at all. You have to find the channel through a large Windows-like icon style and see what's on, one at a time. A scrolling list style would be much better, to see what's on and see what's on later.

London only for uk There is no support for regional programmes, only shows London schedules. Regional schedules are very different.

Quite Impressed Lots of functions and so useful. In fact it would be difficult without it to sort through the hundreds of channels available nowadays.

Brilliant I absolutely love it. Love the format. Just what I was looking for.

PLEASE! Please please please add Australia!

No widget, what about devices without touch screen?

Regional TV? How do you set the guide to regional TV? Not everyone in the UK lives in London!

Shows 24 hour format if though it's not selected in settings. Emailed developer weeks ago but got no reply.

Totally worthless

Bad app Very weak for usa

Doesn't work - where are basic instructions?? Just says "data not available" or "no favourite channels" for me in UK. How can I set up my favourites if there are no channels to choose from? Are there any basic instructions??

5 star till got a new tv Loved this app but got a new tv and it doesn't have the make in. Disappointed

Does what it says...some sport channels are missing though like setanta and boxnation

Not able to select more than one country Why is it not possible to select more than one country for internet tv watching and satalite arround the world.

Does not have over the air channels

Doesn't have local channels App description days complete listing for USA, but it doesn't show any local channels.

This app if it had all the cities and states listed in it I couldn't find Fort Worth or Dallas or even anything close to it so I have to give this a one star I would give it even less if I could add the cities and states in there then I might change my rating.

How to change channel types? Only displays Free USA channels now, even tried deleting app data. There doesn't seem a way to switch to sat channels.

I liked this so much... I tried to pay, but it crashes every time on Lollipop!

Good app! Hi, it works well for Spanish TV. I would give 5 star if I could search by subject, eg TV shows, documentaries, etc. Also, for films, I would like to have an attachment to the trailer in youtube.

Confusing and slow

Missed the basics badly Nice attempt at slick user interface and experience, but misses the basics. No ability to select provider(cable, Sat, FiOS, etc). Setting customization does not take and in an attempt to provide users with info in a manner they prefer. App developer has an overly busy(for novices it will appear complex) interface that does not allow for removal of or real customization in how info is delivered. I do not hate the app and have saved it to my wishlist in the hopes the dev get it right. Till then 1 star

Good app its missing some channels though like stv and stv glasgow

Disappointing After latest update the reviews can't be read due to frozen screen

Works Great. Working great on Samsung Galaxy s5 good app if you don't always buy a newspaper or weekly tv magazine.

Great TV guide Data cleared all seems ok thanks for the reply, This is a great app so easy to use thanks.

Schedule 1 Hour off. App needs work. I live in Austin. My settings are Chicago Central time. The programs for the major networks are off by 1 hour. Will try some premium channel listings for similar result. Will cancel subscription if same problem.

Could be a lot better Why, when I want to see a list of movies, does it list every soap and drama series it can find? And, as others have pointed out, there is no facility for setting one's region in the UK?

Not all channels showing ITV 3 + 1 (34) doesn't show. I haven't checked all of the rest. Pity.

Best TV guide ever. This app is by far the best in it's class. Amazing film guide, you can check trailers, see reviews, etc etc. I just can't praise this app enough and cannot believe that it's free, the adverts are tiny and are at the bottom.

Needs to control digital set top boxes!!! Would love to give 10 stars if I could only be able to control my Cisco digital box for my time warner account. Otherwise it is really awesome app going to hold onto this fornow and check backto see if improved!!!

The best I've tried them all this by far the best free tv app

No Australia Can't change location to Australia. Please add this in.

Everything you need to know

Erin P What John said is on point. This guide is not a listing of what's on TV, it's a list of channels and you have to figure out which list matches your channels. The times were also very confusing for me, I was never able to figure it out. I have installed another app that is more useful and I will be in deleting this one. I recommend the TV Listing app-it's much better

John The app don't work anymore, despite updating and rebooting.…prompted by 'No Data'...please sort this out....

Crappy not a list but random individual buttons. Probably ok if only need specific info.

great ap works fine for me. can choose what's on now or what's on next across all available channels or pick a channel and see guide for next few days. Not had a problem.

This app used to be brilliant... This app used to be excellent. No frills just exactly the information you need. Since a recent update I just get, 'no data' messages and when it does get data, it's incorrect and channels are missing.

No data The app seems to not retrieve any data anymore.. Please fix...

Way too complicated

Says it has U.S. channels But when you change the country in settings it still only gives U.K. channels and says data is unavailable when you try to refresh.

Great App but... Was 5 star, but channel logos now all look the same...difficult to see what channel your looking at. Original logos were fine as they were.

Liked it Simple to use. Quick and we'll laid out. Maybe change the layout slightly, have a better demarcation between channels. Remote controlled is brilliant. If I could save the different remotes it would be perfect. I have 3 different brands of TV so if I want to use the remote function I have to continually search for the brand. Edit Feb 2016 Unfortunately now it's not showing channel programes, just blank for bbc2 for example for 12 or 13 hours.....

Good, could be better It works pretty well and the ability to pilot the TV (only supported phones/TVs) makes it very useful. However, it misses certain features I'd like to have: - region-specific settings in UK (you don't have BBC London in Manchester) - fetch movie ratings (eg from Rotten Tomatoes or IMDB) - don't go back to the top of channel list, when I close the page about program details (very annoying if you're browsing what's on, trying to decide what to watch).

Simple. Gives me all I wanted from an app like this. Tried some other apps before. This one beats all of them.

Looks are good, but doesn't help me, comes up in play store for Australian TV guide, but no Australian guide to be found just Australian time zone.

Very neat interface Easy to use. Choose your favorite channels and you have easy direct access to the channels you watch most. Best layout in my opinion. Amazing App and really, nothing compared to the easiness and clever layout this one has. I tried many others, don't waist your time, install and check this one out. Usage on Note 3 and Note 4.

If this is supposed to make sense it didn't Your showing me listings for Britain. There isn't an obvious method of selecting location and provider.

Ultra flexible Set your favourites in the order you pick them. Then choose the view you want. Then set them as defaults in settings. Brilliant. And all the channels I want.

Reminders It be good if I can set series reminder so I don't have to go through each programme and day to add a reminder.

Great app with the exception of a couple of issues: Firstly, in the UK, regional channels are not available and so only London regional programmes are shown in the listings for BBC1, BBC2, and ITV. Secondly, the Android Wear app (which is otherwise great as it makes it easy to see what is coming up on your favourite channels without getting your phone out) has been named "wear" rather than having a more descriptive name (like "TV Guide"). This is a minor issue, but it makes it less convenient to launch it (saying "OK Google, start wear" to launch the app isn't as intuitive as saying "OK Google, start TV Guide").

I did like but the glitch needs fixing Good app but it needs fixing. Once you have set an alarm it goes off every month even when that program is not on. Uninstalling has not gotten rid of these notifications even :/

Great little app Does what it says on the tin and not too intrusive, hope it stays that way as I've just un installed one that got worse and worse with its ads.

No1 TV guide. This is an excellent guide, I specifically like how you can pick your favourites, and list them in your own preference.

Terrible Why am I only seeing Britsh channels? And you have to select a channel to see what's on.

No location setting ie zip code Great listing for all the channels I don't have

Wanted For Remote Function... But it doesn't work right. Works when the remote is on screen but doesn't work as it should via the tv guide. Long press or not have tried both settings.

Great for UK Been a long time finding a tv app anywhere near as good as this, gone through several but my search has now ended!! Just chuck whatever channels floats your boat in the favourites section and hey presto I can finally EASILY see what's on telly/sky sports etc as I practically stream all my media viewings. Only had app for 1 day but I can see myself purchasing the ad free version for a pound or so in no time!!

Does the job I only use it for reference. No favourites or timers set up but use the 'what's on now' timeline mostly and there's all the info I need without using the EPG on the TV. Sounds simple and basic but I tried loads of apps before trying this one and I like this best

UK has regions, this app does not. Does not cover the different regional BBC channels. London is not the whole UK.

Help at Hand Very handy when I need information about schedules. Use it a great deal when I don't want to move from the sofa to find the RT.

Good, but... Would be even better with now and next on the same page. If 'now and next' page added I will buy this app.

Not configurable Doesn't seem to have any way to set your location or service provider. I guess this is to let users see what's on the developer's tv. Uninstalling.

Excellent app :) Would have given it 5 stars if it came without the flashing ads on the bottom while using it, as I suffer from migraines and this can be a trigger. Ty

Schedule 1 Hour off. App needs work. I live in Austin. My settings are Chicago Central time. The programs for the major networks are off by 1 hour. Will try some premium channel listings for similar result. Will cancel subscription if same problem. Update: tried all the settings/features but did not feel app was worth using with OTA setup at home, maybe if I was a cable subscriber I would keep it. Uninstall and unsubscribe.

Can't find anything Just wanted to look up whats on now in Michigan, couldn't find the programming I was watching, didn't see any value in keeping it

Even better than the official app I like how it has material design in the app.

Love it.......but........ I watch stations from three different countries. Would be so good if I could select more than one country in the listing.

Quick & easy Easiest TV guide I've used. Only wish it would let me choose the Yorkshire region rather than London TV.

Superb work Excellent app luv to have it i give 4 stars yo the app because i am from asia and you dont add indian and pakistani channels in the app please if possible also add indian and pakistani channels for more guidance...

Ok Has many channel...but only no data..

It's back for german tv I am very happy that it is back for german channels unfortunately right now the programme for the German tv is all wrong

Useless rubbish. It's just a list of channels. There's no way to select a region either.

Good if you're not in America or have cable/satellite. No good if you live in america and have digital TV. Its either British channels or pay TV channels. I can't tell. I actually have an evening off and has no info on digital TV channels, L.A. CAL. in particular.

Quick & easy One of the easiest TV guide I've used. Only wish it would let me choose the Yorkshire region rather than London TV, we in the UK do not all live in or see the same TV as London!!!.

Meh Not much good unless out of US and tons if typos in the settings such as nitifiactions under notifications section. Clean it up.

Not very professional Not everything has been translated and there are spelling errors.

Missing stations from the USA There's no CBS, ABC, Fox, NBC etc

Nice one but My favourite TV Guide but certainly not perfect,my problem with it is its buggy, you delect favourite channels and they stay,even if you try several times,exit,still there. Please fix.

Great TV guide the best out there, and its free Had this app for over a year, it`s very stable and you can customise it for personal choice, once you learn what it will do. RECOMMENDED

Super Easy to use. Love being able to see more info on a program at a touch and book the event in my calendar! Has other useful links too. Brilliant !!

Don't get it I click on the movies button in the menu but I don't see a list of movies. Am I missing something?

Better than most other guides Seem to struggle with other tv guide apps, but this consistently works.

Almost perfect, uninstalled Does not have full list of channel, otherwise perfect, could be the best out there and free

Best TV Guide No significant problems with this app unlike others I've tried before. Listings are always up to date.

Sport on sat pay Always says "data not avaliable"... I'm uninstalling goodbye.

QuickSetSDK not loaded Install did not include everything.

no idea what this is is this some sort of foreign thing?