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Supplied By Sergio G.A    On Dec. 15, 2014    Comments(85)

APP for iPhone TvSeries version1.5.5 Download

TvSeries is a simple app to track your tv series.
The app uses the database (and and for pictures) , so you have available content on it.

Features of this app:
Add series searching by title
Add series browsing in a list
Check the next episode to watch
Chapters summary (overview and picture)
Set episode as watched on a check-list
Automatic updates

Sergio G.A part of our Entertainment and have average installs from 100000 to 500000. Last Update Dec. 15, 2014. Appstore play rating is 48.7694. Current verison is 1.5.5. Actual size 1.9 MB.

What's new

    fixed bugs
Download tvseries.apk 1.9 MB


It's work... This is really a good app... But sometime this app stop working.... That's make him bad app.... Problem should be solve....

NO LONGER WORKING UPDATE! This app used to do what it said but as of May 10 2015 its not working.

IT REALLY DOES WORK! I strongly recommend you download it and try it yourself ..... I don't want to see this gone from the app store so that's all I'm going to say :) thumbs up

ONE OF THE BEST Good app... Lots of bugs and crashes, but the concept is great... keep up the good work...

What happened? :-( its no longer working. Links not found always.

Links! So you search your fav program, it comes up on the list, you get excited you can watch it, for it to then not have any links to be able to watch. Really!? Not one program out of 6 series i searched had a link. Pants, would anyone actually reply to this or fix the problem fast? Properbly not

İ love it! İt really works even in my stupid phone! İn this app you can watch every tv serie you could think of ! But it doesnt work without mx player so install this and go install mx player after you wont regret cause i didnt and right know to be honest i feel like one of thos comercial womens who are like wow jack okay im laughing hahahahahahhah install this you wont regret it

Doesn't work It just says links not found! If you fix it I will change to 5 stars

Liinks won't show When I first got it everything was working, but now out of no where it's not letting watch anything because it says links weren't found. Now I'm just really frustrated. It has been two freaking days, and I still can't watch anything.

I use to love this app. I was even shocked there was an App. this good on here...."But now" ***NO LINKS FOUND, EVER!!!*** Sooo frustrating and so Very VERY Disappointing!!!

IT DOESN'T WORK ANYMORE!! I really loved the app but now it's not giving the links anymore???

Pretty Good This is a pretty good app. It has its flaws like suddenly closing or links not appearing but the links not appearing usually fixes itself. And also not only are the videos pretty good quality there are no hidden adds which is great! And so far I haven't had to wait for the video to load. So pretty good job.

Okay It started off really cool but then it starts to force close everytime I get into it please fix before I find a new app

Good but It's great for keeping track of episode! I personally don't use the links, however when I press the popular channels button, it crashes. Also, there could be some features that can be added such as an option for reminders and alerts for new episode releases.

Good app! It was work pefectly. but since a week a go is not working anymore "link not found"?

Worst app Each time i try to load the series to search for the ones i want something appears and say TV SERIES have stop then it closes and gives a option to report it, its a GALAXY S4 im using. Please look into this and fix then i rate 5star.

What happened? It worked fine before and since the latest update.. It no longer works...all of get is NO link found... Please fix it

Worked Amazing Until... Worked perfectly before. Then I went to get me screen of me phone fixed and it got uninstalled. Then I reinstalled it and it says "unfortunately this application has stopped" and it closes. PLEASE FIX PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE. If it worked.i would definitely reinstall it and rate 5 stars and recommend to me friends

Come on!!!! When I got it it worked good but then I commented that it worked good and ever since it hasn't worked now I'm getting rid of it...FIX IT!!!!

Loved this app..but lately it keeps messing up....first wasnt showing the links and then was fine and now none of the links will plcome up at all!! Keeps saying links not found...pleaaaasssseeeee fix ASAP!!

Works really well!! I was super sad when I found out that Netflix was only in a few countries..... This basically is the replace..I have it on my phone and first I thought that all those links were bad and stuff because some of them didn't work but I quickly found a good one and was able to watch anything I wanted...+it also keeps track of which episode and season I am.....★★★★★

sometime it doesn't show the links and you have to reset your phone eventhough I'll give it five star

Links dont work Only some of the links do work others dont to be clear only one link worksssss :( :( :(

LINK NOT FOUND! It was fine before, but no links available for any video

It needs to get fixed Omgad it was getting better and now it does not ugghh fix it now im tired of all this ???

One. Small problem Its just stooped loading the links for some reason please. Fix this is a great app when it worked please fix this problem it keeps recurring and won't load links this app is great when it works 5 plus stars when it works properly don't now why it just stopped working please fix 15 Jan 2015

STOP WORKIMG AFTER THE UPDATE Was amazing until the update, please please fix it!!

Fix asap Had it at 5 stars but now its a 3 because it didn't load the links n keeps closing. Need to fix asap before i look for a new app.

Nada It used to work great, now it can't find any links for any show

Great app but now problems This app provides me with great links. You will never need to search for online links for your favourite tv shows. Plus this app has an English subtitles-just what I need! But now, there's problem with playing the links. Please fix it. I really like this app.

The links are missing ???? This app was the BOMB! and I was so close to finishing TVD but the links are gone *proof* and I just want to finish my TVD in peace

The first time I tried to use it It didn't work ?

Doesn't work I am realy disappointed A first works wonderful I could watch any series but now I couldn't see anyone after updates

Fix the problems plz Crashed would be alot nice if u fix problems

Need to be fix ASAP Its a great app but it keep stopping. Especially when you going to watch the video, it takes a while to load it up. Please fix it so I can watch my favorite TV series.

Fix the app. It does not work anymore. .

It dont search. It says it's not working at this time then logs of the app please fix thank u

Great It was ok but not what I was looking for. But Thanx!

I will give this app 5 stars if you fix links....I had good time watching my favourites tv shows but now links dont load.....

I do like this app but sometimes it doesn't work but then after it would ?☺

Way doesnt it work?

Several links related to sign up with credit card. Repeated link in different forms. Not a single thing works. Must un-install

IT REALLY used to WORK! Not anymore

Taking so long to fix? Look, i enjoyed this app for awhile until everytime i tried to watch and episode of something it kept saying "file not available." Now i can't finish watching season 4 of Once Upon a time cuz i'm stuck in the last two episodes. Please fix it or i'll have to uninstall and that would be a great shame cuz this app was great!

I use to love this app. I was even shocked there was an App. this good on here...."But now" ***NO LINKS FOUND, EVER!!!*** Sooo frustrating and so Very VERY Disappointed!!! Un installing! THATS FOR NOT REPLYING!

Help Hi can someone please fix the problem this was so far the best app to guide and watch my shows pleas do something

Ugh. "Links not found' None of the links are showing up and it is very irritating.

>_> Ill give it a 5 star when my "links" can be found again. ever since one of the updates it has said "links not found" even on episodes I have watched. ATM dont bother downloading. isnt working.

Not working anymore Every time i go into watch something it says link not found use to work before needs to be fixed and i will definitely give it 5stars

"Links not found" I loved it because it was the only app i can find all my tv shows on but now the links arent showing. Please fix this. I have uninstalled and reinstalled multiple times

Not working Doesnt show any links so therefore i cant watch anything!! Used work great but now it doesnt!! Please fix

Fix the app Please fix the app it used to be amazing but since 10 days ago is not working ... fix it please ...

Sometimes it doesn't work Its really good but some times it won't show the links up and its really annoying me ? please fix

Crap.. This app is pretty crap... It can never find files!! And it unexpectedly quits... It needs heaps of improvement

Great app but now problems

It doesn't work anymore it always shows links not found message please fix it.23/5/2015

Good Was working great but now it's not giving links. Iemail rlthe developers qnd they clearly dont care because they never responded nor is the app fixed. UNINSTALLING, and I suggest that no one bother installing this because its a waste of time

"Links not found" I loved it because it was the only app i can find all my tv shows on but now the links arent showing. Please fix this. I have uninstalled and reinstalled multiple times

I don't like it. Last 3 day I still trying to my favourites sireal queer as folk Us whaching. BUT I CAN'T SEE ANY EPISODES. ON 3G NET. Even I can't find any results or episode link

Doesn't work - Disappointed! I can't watch anything, "LINKS NOT FOUND" appears all the time.

tv series it was a great app now it doesn't work anymore please fix this I don't have netflix please don't make me buy it !!!

Doesn't work Doesn't work with galaxy s4 as of 10 May 2015. There are no links for any tv shows and when it did work there were a lot of bugs.

Update plz Plz update the new version plz!!! It's very good app but since I update new version of my phone it can't open T~T!!!

Great but it doesn't load link anymore... I love this app because I can watch any tv series that I desire but now it keeps telling me that there where no links found... It is really annoying!

this is what im looking for! i love it thank you now i can finally watch tvseries on mobile. but i would suggest that if the link is dead it'll give a prompt that the link is not available or something. coz what happens when it is not available it will force close itself and since i didn't know that it isn't available i tried it serveral times w/c yeilds same results. otherwise it is a great app in deed.

This app used to work so well for me before on my old phone before the update of 'fixed bugs' happened. Now when I go to try and watch an episode of something, it comes up 'No links found'!!

This would be awesome If it actually worked! This is such a cool app, but you can't watch anything on it. Every time I go to do so, it says 'link not found'. Please fix this problem, I would hate to uninstall it.

Doesn't work anymore Probably the new update caused this. This app used to work perfectly, but I stopped using this for about two months and now it keeps saying 'links not found' for every episode of the series I watch even the episodes that have previously had links.

Bad app It just stopped working. I deleted it and reinstalled it and still wouldn't work. Don't waste your time.

I've used this app a while ago and I loved it, even watched couple of series via this app, but now it won't even load the series so I could mark what I've watched. So disappointed.

It was awesome so make it awesome again It just stop working when I go to the episode i want to watch it says links not found can you please fix this because I don't want it to be taken off at all

Does not work Well I tried loading a show and uninstalling it and installing it and turning my WiFi on and off and turning my phone on and off I've tried everything and this app doesn't work for all the people out there who try to get it don't install it because it sucks and it does not work ok thanks bye

What a shame At first it worked great but all it does is say links not available

NEEDS TO Update links!!! The links and videos are not working properly. It keeps saying links not found please Fix immediately!!! It was a good app until recently. PLEASE FIX App and LINKS!!!

Other than it painfully keeps shutting down and going back into the list and having to hunt down where I left off (and the list is long which I love) is am excellent concept. Fix the sitting down at least and I'm in tvseries heaven. Hehe

It was good in the beginning.but now idk Dude why does it keep on closing episodes saying "unfortunately,it has stopped " help please

Crap You type in the series and nothing plays. Just a tease by showing you what you could watch....sort it out people. Could be amazing.

Don't waste your time!!!! No links for any episodes!! Its soooo bad!!!

It crashes a loooot. Would give it a 5. It is a great app best one yet for watching. Series. But it crashes a lot please fix it.

LINKS NOT FOUND What the hell is that, it was workin fine and then all of a sudden its busted, i loved this app so much! It was the best! Plss fix it soon! And if anyone has another similar app i can install in the meantime pls holla!

The links are missing ???? This app was the BOMB! and I was so close to finishing TVD but the links are gone *proof* and I just want to finish my TVD in peace

It's broken... It was working fine... now all you get is "links not found" messages.

Samsung Galaxy s6 edge Its ok. This app needs to be updated. In the middle of watching whatever tv show the app start freezing, and I can't find love & hip hop Atlanta

Wtf I picked 7 different shows. And everyone of them said no link found. Thanks for wasting my time on nothing but false hopes of watching my favorite show i dont get on my tv.

The app sucks. When i tapped to watch a show it kept saying "Link Not Found". So don't even waste your time on this app.