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ustwo Watch Faces

Supplied By ustwo    On Sept. 15, 2016    Comments(123)

APP for iPhone ustwo Watch Faces versionVaries with device Download

Download a huge collection of beautiful watch faces for free! While some faces might look familiar, others make you feel differently about time. Some even let you personalize to your style. There's sure to be something for everyone in this stunning watch face collection for Android Wear.

A simple, understated design inspired by vintage aircraft instruments.

Time is bound by a grid of horizontal blinds. So minimal.

Who doesn’t like dominos? Now you get to watch them topple over. Forever.

Analog watch face inspired by jet fighter head-up displays. Loading bars indicate minutes and hour completion.

2 customizable colors locked in a never-ending battle.

A simple analog and digital watch face that also features the current date.

3 graphic dials rotate with markers to denote the current time.

2 circles pivot around the watch face as time passes.

60 pyramids flip around with each second whilst the background color slowly changes throughout the day.

Spikey hour and minute hands move around the center as seconds roll by.

Watch as shades of grey slide around. You can choose different background colors using the Android Wear app or on your watch.

A bold hour hand is offset by an elegant minute hand creating a strong, yet understated look.

A watch face inspired by retro radio displays.

A beautiful geometric watch face that is in a constant state of motion. The colorway changes each hour too.

A dual time zone face where connected hours, minutes and seconds orbit the center.

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ustwo part of our Lifestyle and have average installs from 100000 to 500000. Last Update Sept. 15, 2016. Appstore play rating is 83.226. Current verison is Varies with device. Actual size 6.7 MB.

What's new

    Command hadn’t contacted him in weeks. His isolation felt absolute. The simple machines he had been given to measure time provided him little comfort. Knowing that it was “1400” did not suffice. How naive of the engineers. They should’ve known he would want more.
    The last bit of glue was still hardening when he booted up the system. The screen read “0418 -- 0 Steps.” A grin spread on his face.
    • Added Watch Face Complication support - find them under “data” in each watch face settings menu!
Download ustwo-watch-faces.apk 6.7 MB


Awesome!!! One of the best watch face apps u have to get this one !! only prob is that it makes ur watch just a tidy bit laggy but otherwise amazon design,interface and developers >>>>>>5 stars for sure

Great designs, but the HUD design starts crashing after a while, if you switch it to the white variant.

Some of the most stylish watches currently for wear I love how unique these are. They are also very high quality and have the best ambient mode settings I've found for my Zenwatch, which is very important for me. One gripe is I wish you could set how long they stay open before dimming...

Nice! Unique designs. I do like Air, so clean and simple. For those that can't figure out how to use the app, you don't access the faces via the app. All you do is wake your watch, long press on your current watchface design and all of these designs will show up in your selection list on the watch. Also, you can select it from the Android Wear app list of watchfaces (takes a few minutes for them all to sync to the list).

please add date option on all faces, then u get five stars! other than that it's pretty cool

Not bad! Maybe add color options for more of the designs and add an option to change the size of the notification at the bottom.

Battery crashing problem Some faces seem to be causing sudden battery drain and crashing. Will be a 5 star review once fixed.

Cool faces, bad execution HUD constantly is crashing my Moto 360. The watch face makes it completely unusable.

Looks good on moto 360 I really like "museum". Have noticed watch faces vanish one in a while.

Me really likey... Very creative watch faces! These don't have the look of your grandparent's old Rolex, Seiko or Timex... which, in my opinion, can be a very good thing.

Not bad, not bad at all. Well I only use Air. It's my favorite out of the bunch. Looks really good with my black 360 and the cognac official leather band.

Variety is the spice of... You know. Good range of clean faces as well as funny colorful displays. I change my face every other day or so because of the variety, so you know... Get this. Or not.

Nice. Newest version keeps crashing on my watch. LG G Watch.

Good but force closes too often

Crap After downloading app its not visible, lollipop 5.1 nexux 5

Where is the app I downloaded it yet don't see access to it.

How do you use this app? I don't see the app in my menu or start

What the hell how do you open this app

Downloaded but unable to use Any chance you could provide details on how to find and perhaps use this app?

As of the most recent app update trying to select HUD causes the app to crash, only watch face which has issues I believe. Amazing faces otherwise. I'm using the app on a gear live.

Keeps force closing for selected watches

Work with Galaxy Gear????I will wait ur reply

Great watch faces My favorite is the Hud. But I think that you can add one thing: a option to make the red parts blue.

One or two decent faces The rest are just filler. Can't complain for the price though, but not the best face collection on play.

Hell what is this app about?

Doesn't show up anywhere Would love to use it, but it never showed up after install.

Invert is amazing Not crazy about most of the watch faces but Invert is amazing. Use it all the time. Please give us the ability to set the colors manually please so I can match what I like :-)

Invert is pretty cool I agree with others that it would be awesome to get more choices for the colors on invert. I would love to see other faces that are customizable and as easy to read from a only quick glance as that one is. I also don't understand the semi-circles in pivot. They are in a different spot and are a different color on the screen that lists all of them than they are when I actually use it. Do they change over time?

Awesome Really like the design of some of the watch faces. The only thing that's missing for me is the lack of the day of the month on any of them. Definitely a five star if those were added.

No support for .5 TZ "Zodiac" cannot handle non full hour time zones. Furthermore, and the real reason for the 1 star is that the email address given here is fake it results in a failure to deliver.

Amazing watch faces Brilliant watch faces, especially for round displays. Would happily pay up to one pound for this set of easily customisable, stylish and functional watch faces.

? Don't really care for any others accept invert. That's brilliant. Please create a stand alone invert watch face

Not great. I adore ustwo for their Monument Valley game, but these watch faces are pretty lacking. Considering the source, they seem very uninspired.

I love it, but! I wish we could choose custom colors for the "Invert" watch face or any of them for that matter.

Beautiful Air is my favorite. Reminds me of the interface for Teenage Engineering's OP-1 synthesizer.

Only like Air, Rift, Slide and Stadium. The others are pretty much iterations of each other. Looking forward to better faces though.

The INVERT watch face is really easy to read... ... even under direct sunlight (you know, for those of us who are still going outside once in a while)

Watch faces look great but my moto360 is usually at 70-80% battery by lunch time. With one of these faces on and a busy day without playing with my watch much I was at 17% at lunch. Destroyed my battery

Needs a date They look nice, wish it had a date for functionality and not just looks.

Awesome collection!

Needs Translucent Cards Big fan of the brilliant faces, but I've got a huge usability issue: notification cards are solid! This means that half my watch is blocked out when I get a notification from my phone and I can't tell where the hands are pointing to on the lower half of analog watch faces! I'd love to see cards translucent (like they are on default moto360 watch faces).

Just Right Regarding styles and functionality. Minus 1 because not all faces can be customized

The only watch face I like is HUD. Having to manually disable all the ones you don't like is kinda annoying though.

Super stylish Love the new watch face so I decided it was time to give this 5 stars!

Soo close to amazing Love the faces. None of the faces allow the first card to be visible while ambient like every other watchface on the market. Also, I wish the app had an icon, it always makes me uneasy when I install something and I might not be able to find/uninstall again. Other than that, 5 stars!

Really nice! But... Wow! These are really nice and are my favorite faces. However, I had to drop 2 stars because the HUD watch face crashes the app on G watch R. I like HUD in white, bit for some reason it starts crashing and you have to uninstall and reinstall to get it working again.

Awsome and creative! Great faces and many options. Works great on my moto 360!

Great! Lots of top notch watch faces to choose from. Many thanks.

They look premium A lot of the designs aren't all that complex but it looks clean and good and isn't to hard on the batter life.

Nice designs No bullshit n truly free

Crashes on load. Moto360. - FIXED. Battery hog.

Very recommend watch faces.

Exemplary designs and nifty customisations

Free n Awesome Fantastic designs! Must have to brighten your watch!

Crashes I have the Motorola moto 360 and when I hold the screen I can change the watch face from my watch. I can see your watch faces on my screen but when I press on them it says "unfortunately ustwo watchfaces has stopped working" please fix this thank you

Still some of the most stylish watches currently for wear I love how unique these are. They are also very high quality and have the best ambient mode settings I've found for my Zenwatch, which is very important for me.

Gear s2 So I used to have these watch faces on my moto x 360 and I got a new watch and now it doesn't work so plz fix this and I will you 5 stars

Nice faces ☺ I like that you can customize them.

Great watchfaces exquisitely designed watch faces and many with this new features and functionality to boot. A great choice for anyone with android wear, and unbelievably, free!

Yu yuphoria 5010A This app is not supporting for my device. But i want

I was totally impressed once I saw the many different faces installed on my Moto 360. GREAT JOB guys & (gals)

Brilliant watchfaces, but... There is a glitch in the HUD watch face where the watch face goes in to the notification mode even when there isn't a notification (the digital numbers stay at the top). I am using a Moto 360 2014

Sw2 Wish someone would come up with these for the SW2 ?

Best collection of free watch faces. Best watch faces in just 6 MB. It is best watch face app I had ever seen.

Bedt Very gud faces

Smart watch faces Awesome

Good one

Really nice

Samsung gear s2 Guys I'm a massive fan of your work. I really love the look of your watch faces but I guess it's not developed for samsung gear platform! I would LOVE it if you would though. Please please please?

Used to be great! I used to love the HUD watch face until they added the horrible tap to change color thing! It's very annoying! Please either remove this horrible "feature" or at the very least make it an option that can be turned off. Until then I'm removing this entire app from my phone and watch unless this is fixed!

Don't know how to change watch face There is no icon show up on phone and I try to find how to change watch face but I can't.

AMAZING Interactive, fun, and beautiful faces. You guys are awesome. Keep it up. :)

I love it but I hate the watch faces that when you tap changes color. Is thier any way to just make it a option in the setting. Thank you

Domino is my favorite But it would be awesome if we could set a specific color combo for Domino!

Incomplete? Where are the watch faces used as the Play Store icons? Colored circles? Similar to the Bits watch face?

Some good. Mostly like HUD is cool. But tap to change colour can be annoying

Doesn't work! Download and it does not show up on gear apps to use.

I love theese watchfaces but The "tap to change color" feature is horrendous, please at least give us the choice to remove it

Not found The watch faces aren't showing up as options on the Android wear app. I'm very disappointed.

HELP!!! I don't know we're to find this or any other watch faces I've downloaded

Good collection I noticed with the one watch face, Air, that the ambient mode is actually brighter than the regular mode though.

The orange and purple one is almost exactly what I was looking for. I just wish that it wouldn't change colour when I tap it. If I could make it stay that way I would love it.

Color changing Hi guys! I really appreciate the fact that you are trying to keep this up to date, and functional, but there really needs to be an option to turn off 'tap to change color' I want slide to stay white, and when I look at it, and its suddenly gross brown, it makes me upset, because I have to keep tapping away to get it white again, and a few hours later, brown again. It's very annoying. PLEASE update this as soon as possible. When I see it has updated with a fix, I'll set it back. Thanks again.

Nice! Really interesting designs for different looks and I love Air for day to day. Perfect. :)

I stopped using these a long time ago. They just don't have lasting appeal to me over stock and other faces

Potential The HUD watch looks great. However, I can't understand that pointless tap to change colour feature. If you want to add a colour changing feature, allow us to change the colours of the watch face elements such as the hands, ticker etc.

They are amazing! (You have to wait for them to install on your watch.) These are unique and very pretty. I wish they would add more features or watch faces. Maybe you could join all of your watch faces into one app.

Trippy The best selection of faces I've seen yet and their free!

Very much like it! Fun, wacky with a hint of classy watch faces. For Moto 360 watch users, I recommend updating to the latest firmware. Had trouble unlocking the watch faces until I updated my Moto 360.

Help How do I use it on my watch? The app nor the watch face pop up on my phone, gear manager app, or my watch. Please help me out here. Thanks

Nice Still, some of the most stylish watch faces on the androidwear market. Good square ones, too.

Nice designs, nice customisation What are with these patch notes, programmer letting there creative writing hobbies flourish at work?

Best digital faces for a round watch I have a moto 360 but I prefer digital watches which is a problem as analogue faces look way better than most digital faces which usually look really plain or like junk. Here are some brilliant round digital faces though which I love! My only gripe is that it's way to easy to switch between white and dark mode, I wish I could turn this off and just stick to whatever mode I choose:-)

Best watch pack So far this is the best watch face pack I have tried yet. There are a bunch of watch faces that are really easy to change. All you have to do is tap on it and it changes. Plus they look really cool. And it's free

Gear s2 So I used to have these watch faces on my moto x 360 and I got a new watch and now it doesn't work so plz fix this and I will you 5 stars and can you plz try to make one for gear s2

Access I am unable to access the app once installed, I have tried several times to downloading and deleting the app but am still unable to change the face of my samsung gear 2 neo using this application

They're great But being able to change the color of the hud watchface with a tap should be optional, it's really annoying when i change it by accident

Nice selection Nice, working selection of faces without cost. Thank you to the developer(s).

Fossil Q Owner This app works very well with my watch..

Bad Its not also a watch case app,and I think that's a bad app

Great watchfaces

What's going on ?? Downloaded it on my HTC One m8 and couldn't find it.. when I download it there is only one option which is to uninstall it , but there is no open option !!

Can't find any watch faces How hard can it be to make an app easy to use. Despite the reply to several other queries I can't find any of your watch faces. Giving up

Very nice watches Just wish there was an option to make the cards smaller. Using the invert face.

Lots of faces It's not my style but definitely lots of enjoyable faces

Good variety, but not for me

Where are the watch faces Just got a moto 360 and none of the watch faces are showing up in the watch faces page

Very nice and cool watch faces

Wow! Elegant and by far the best!

HUD is nice

These are wonderful, clean and stylish watch faces. Why only 4 stars? Unfortunately peek cards are not visible in ambient mode, this should be configurable!

If this app doesn't show in your Android Wear app and your watch. Try to reinstall it, it showed up for me after reinstalling.

Can't find the faces in the Android Wear app. Not appearing under MORE. Using Gear Live watch with Galaxy S7 phone.

Can't find watch faces I can't find watch faces in my wear app. It can be seen in wear but not in app and I mean not in the more watch faces also.....please help

Love these watchfaces Watch Faces are great. My favorite is the invert face. Is there anyway you can make a garnet and black one??

Cool works excellently I have used each and every watch face on my Asus zenwatch 2. It works just fine..

Love it So many new watch faces and they are all really cool. Thank you!

Best Watch faces ever...can you make these watch faces for Samsung gear s2

Faces not showing in wear app.

Awesome Lots of standard nice looking watch faces on a small app

Keep going back to this Wow! Elegant and by far the best!

Yes! Love these!!

Sw2 Wish someone would come up with these for the SW2 ?