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Vinylmation: Create Your Own

Supplied By Disney    On March 12, 2014    Comments(63)

APP for iPhone Vinylmation: Create Your Own version1.0 Download

Unleash your inner artist when you design and decorate a custom Vinylmation character! Paint, accessorize, and apply decals to blank Mickey or Minnie molds. Then save your creation to build your own Vinylmation collection.

Draw inspiration from the trailer and behind the scenes clip of the short film, Blank: A Vinylmation Love Story.

Note: All text within the application is presented in English.

Disney part of our Entertainment and have average installs from 1000000 to 5000000. Last Update March 12, 2014. Appstore play rating is 75.3133. Current verison is 1.0. Actual size 16.0 MB. Download vinylmation-create-your-own.apk 16.0 MB


Ehh... All I see is a white screen after the Disney logo, and I can see some other users are experiencing this issue as well, it would be greatly appreciated if you fix this error. Maybe even 5 stars! But for here on out, it remains 1 star until this issue is resolved!

I don't get it... This app makes NO sense. I thought you could make a movie with them. And, you need to add more accessories. I'm not impressed with this app AT ALL. Please make this app better, then I will install again. So please MAKE THIS APP BETTER. :-)

It's great!!? It's great! You get to create your own charecter! I value as have 2! It's so much fun!! GET THIS APP RIGHT NOW! BTW don't listen to those mean rude comments, it's really hard to make a game so.

I like this game so much! You can be best buddies and now we're not I wish you would tell me why do you wanna build a snowman. I like to be your man girl Ana oh ok conceal it don't feel it don't let it show do you wanna build a man a lot of that going around the hog and then coming languages I started talking to the pictures on the walls hang in there Joan and there's a little lonely all these empty rooms in North India TV by I'm scared is getting stronger come down not that you see that are not donecornation day that's not my fault

Not so good When I see the disney logo theres nothing but a white screen.

TF When I open it it shows me the Disney logo then go's white and stays white for a long time I was very intrested in playing this game so I will give it a five star when I see this problem solved

Really?! I can't believe that i trusted that this app would work. Even with WiFi on all it shows is a blank white screen. I really want to play this app! It needs be fixed, until then it will not be installed on my phone. I know that other people are also experiencing problems. PEOPLE, DON'T DOWNLOAD THIS APP UNTIL IT SHOWS THAT IT WAS UPDATED SOMETIME AFTER MARCH 12, 2014!!!

ERROR This seems like it WOULD be a good game, there's just one big problem. After the disney logo it's just a blank white screen. I hope disney will fix this game because it seems like it would be really fun!

I like this I make these things all the time one day i had to delet i was sad i had to delete bcuz of my phone easily running out of space but now i can play again yay

Love it It's awesome and cool u get to create your own Minnie or Mickey mouse

Stupid and dumb game! PS PLZ FIX! I can't believe it won't let me even download the stupid game it says ERROR CODE 919! What does error code 919 even mean? This game should have a big fat 0 in its stars! I gave it 1 cause it looks pretty good and fun!

Won't load It just goes to a white screen after it shows the Disney logo..Im really bummed because i really wanted to play this game

Fun Out of few apps I've seen this is one of the better ones I mean you add an accessory then you spray paint it you add some designs and put it in a box but it is fun please enjoy this and get this app why so many bad reviews? I hope you listen to this then.

Its cool very very cool I think it's creative because of all the details but, the problem is its hard to control

So cute and fun Love this!!! The only thing yhat makes me sad is that u cant color the backround :( but everything else is works!! The is proceeds my way

Won't work. It won't work once I get into The paint brush menu to begin my Disney character.

Cool Its good and cool like a lot?

Super cute, It's a super cute and adorable avatar and customising is so fun, and I am not usually very creative! ?

So amazing This app is amazing I already created two and I just got it at nine o nine o'clock actually it's so fun to play because I will do because you get to create your own little character and I hope one day they kind of look through this and th all of ours and they choose one like artistic people I made one with the artistic one I think it's really cool alright you should definitely get this is really it's amazing you look pretty sure you love it to the people said they only saw a b to paint and color your person

For people who don't get it and think its a game This is not a game you make you're cute little character and you export it to disney and see if they will use it

Great Good app I love it you should try,I love painting so I love this app you should install it very creative...

stupid... If i click a paint then another one it doesnt get rid of the previous one it uses them both!!! Fix and get 3 stars ?

Love it Its so cute the little mickeys and Minnie's are cute ?i have one that's a Butler one that's Elsa a fairy one, one that looks like me and more.BTW I have 15 in my collection I love this game and I rate 5 stars☆★. ♥♡♥♡♥♡♥♡♥♡♥♡♥♡♥♡♥♡♥♡♥♡♥♡♥♡☆★☆★☆★☆★☆★☆★☆

LOVE IT LOVE IT LOVE IT:) This is the best Disney app ever! I am so glad I downloaded it onto my phone:) I'm going to have so much fun with it! Best day ever!!!! So happy and excited:)

FRUSTRATING It shows a white screen after the Disney logo. I've seen a lot of other people have that problem. I wish somebody could fix it now. I'm UN stalling it for now. I would so like it if you would get it fixed I hate the white screen.

Cool. The only problem is that the paint is so realistic that it darkens just like the real thing.

Disney create your own This game is pretty fun but its just making Disney characters and putting them on your shelf . its a great game.

V vv. Vinyl nation is cool Vinyl nation are cool when we go shopping I always wanted it I open ten of it but a little bit expensive but those are cool

Awesome App This app is great for when you are feeling bored and creative. Please give Disney your best support because this is a great app. The only thing I would suggest is to add more accessories. Other than that... This app is Great!!

Emma... And can't you like make a little movie and in the trailer you could use a at add that but I still like it!!

♥ ♡ ♥ ♡ ♥ ♡ ♥ ♡ ☆☆☆★★★ Thx for the AWEsome App!!^^ This APP makes me inspirs(what so ever for Da(the) writing,)me become a Creative 9 Yo. Tween! Now i became Creative and always like making things better!! ^^ ^_^ BIG TYSM FOR DISNEY!!!! -Anya,9 Yo.Tween

5 Stars...I Am Impressed! Impressive game & Fun! If you have an itch for being creative then you should Download it;)

So fun! U get to make ur own Mickey! But sometimes, after the Disney logo, it has a white screen. Pls fix and I will give 5 stars! :)

I am just trying to get the best one This is john Maldons daughter i like this game but I think I can't get the stupid thing to make it the most important thing

Love creating things XD XD I like how I can create my own and if I put mmy mind to it then I can do it but if I get to frustrated then I cant. Lol ....but other than that its really cool game ....,

Won't load Some say the Disney logo appears then the screen turns white, but mine just loads as a white screen.

White screen issue Im sure the game is as fascinating as advertised but I wouldn't know due to the white screen that prevents me from playing. Please fix

So Creative I love this app much because they let you get your creativity out and make awesome creations with your imagination.

Loads of fun, but needs ability to buy a real one... Vinylmation: Create Your Own is cute, lots of fun, easy to use and works well without any obvious bugs. My only real complaint is that my creations are stuck within the confines of one's smartphone/phablet/tablet - I'd love to be able to purchase a physical copy of my Vinylmation creations... No matter the cost, I'd have dozens if this were possible!

You were so wrong Emily Emerson, you were wrong. This app does make sense...but maybe you don't. Its something to represent Disney!! Are u blind?? Anyways, I added this to my faves. I love art. This is the best app I ever played!!

Love it I love this app it is so fun. It also brings out my creative side.

Awesome!!!!!! You should try it. I created some characters from my little pony. You can create your own character its so fun but I don't get it why other people don't like it it's so fun do not even read a single word of that dicripsions the have 1star read mine it will make oll of you like it. If you don't like it you will be in the Disney dark side - if you like it you will be in the Disney grate side. Try it out. This game is my favorite than the other games I have

You don't know how much my sis luv it She like it like she in heaven or something every time she get on her phone she gets on this I like this too.

Its awesome I love it but, I have 2 things that bother me,1, how do u make the movies? And 2, its says 'saved to your camera roll' and I look in my gallery and its not there!! So please fix this. I would be super happy!!

It's great I would give 5?????but when I do a color it's stars to darken and becomes black please fix this!!!☺??

HELLO it doesn't make sense it was just boring it will be better if you can make a movie like all you do is decarit it I'm just saying.???? IT MAKES ME SO TIRED!

Thats it? all you do is paint the figure u cant share it and you cant play with it it is lame and im uninstalling it its a waist of your devices data dont get it

Love it I'm so in love with this game!! The people that said this I hate this game you put me in to tears.If you do a different mickey it cleans the floor sometimes.people are right the is amazing I created 15 people.☺????????I GIVE 100000000??????????

Cool I used to play this game last year and my bff told me to download it. I had lots of fun making these I saved like a bunch but right now I'm downloading it again today because I miss my bff because she moved but this game is still fun and now I'm telling my little sister to download it. Anyway hope u enjoy this game and thanks for reading. ?i luv emijios???

Loved it. but on my new phone I can't see the mouse sculpture, on my old phone awesome app!!!I even tried re-installing just freezes. NEVERMIND IT WORKS NOW

Creation! I love how you can create a bunch of art on a Mickey or Minnie mouse that is plain. It expresses your style! A bunch of people don't see art in dis thing,but it's beautiful! Also,thank you people that think this game is fun! I ? u guys!

Cute, but limited. I like the idea, and the app is easy to use. But there aren't a lot of options, and applying them isn't very fine-tuned. I made one so-so vinylmation character to use as an avatar, but it's not very attractive. I'll keep trying to improve though because I loved the short movie. So cute! I wouldn't mind a game that used the movie's adventures as levels. It shouldn't have in-app purchases though, so that kids can use it without needing real cash to advance through game. Can count on Disney for wholesome fun!


Waaatttt??????? When I pressed the paint brush it took me to the right screen but it wouldn't let me pick a boy or girl... WHAT DID I DO WRONG?!

Awesome Who ever invented this game is so awesome I can't believe you can create your own vinylmation it is so cool I mean like super super cool I think duper cool I just gave it five stars I think this is one of my favorite games cause I mean it's so cool !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! 100 % cooler than ever I always play it ever day and that's why it's so awesome !!!!!!!!!!

Cool My heart went from pumping slowly but then it stared going joyfull i was so amazed to wut i can do on this app its really awsome and cool to

Trailer made me feel special Omg that was so cute (trailer) I began bursting because my friend Bayley moved away a few months back and I tryed to sneak out my house to her house before she left but I could'nt before I met her I felt like a blank brush walking around but when I met her I felt human.The trailer makes me feel soooooo special.And now with the app I can paint my story thanks so much for the app/trailer!It makes my day amazing :)

Imagination I had lots of fun but 1 thing that really pull this together was its free no adds no in app purchases witch was awsome but I really love how much fun and it is a great app on the go I love it it is one of the main apps I play and I really like it oh and maybe could you add a few more charters pls I still love but it would even more fun then I would rate it 10 stars cuase in my head its 8 stars already so pls

I wish u could play games so its kinda boring I think on the next update they should make games u can play with the animals u make

Ummmmm...... It's fun, but after a while it gets, well, honestly, not as fun. I wish you could do something with the character instead of just staring at it. It's a fun time killer, though!! :3

Pretty good. Works well and is useful to use to match up colors. It also allows you to do art without lots of expensive and messy materials. My advice (if you like art):install soon.

I LOVE THIS APP I just started playing this game and i already have nine of them but they should add more accessories. And more colors to the color selection and they should also add different eye looks but, other than that this game is a five star I love this game so much I recommend this game for any age but only if you like it.

AMAZING/LOVE IT!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!? BEST game EVER . Haters keep your HATING to yourself. I LOVE this game?