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Supplied By VH1    On Oct. 20, 2016    Comments(192)

APP for iPhone Watch VH1 TV version3.1.0 Download

Watch full episodes of VH1 shows anytime, anywhere with the VH1 app. Stream episodes, clips, and live events on your TV with Chromecast. Can’t miss an episode? The VH1 app can send you notifications when a new episode is available for your favorite shows.

You’ll find your favorite VH1 shows, like Dating Naked, Love & Hip Hop, Mob Wives, and Hit the Floor, available to watch back-to-back with new content added daily.

Full Episodes
Just sign in with your TV provider to watch recent episodes from your favorite VH1 shows. Access is included with your TV subscription to participating providers. If your provider isn’t listed, don’t panic. We are working hard to get all TV providers to participate.

Current Shows
• Dating Naked
• Love & Hip Hop
• Mob Wives
• Hit the Floor
• Black Ink Crew
• Basketball Wives
• T.I. & Tiny: The Family Hustle
• Candidly Nicole
• The Breaks
• Barely Famous
• Hindsight
• K. Michelle: My Life
• She’s Got Game
• Couple’s Therapy with Dr. Jenn
• Family Therapy With Dr. Jenn
• Stevie J & Joseline Go Hollywood

More Video
• Exclusive content only found in the VH1 App
• Cast Reactions
• Bonus Clips
• Behind the Scenes

Special Features
• Chromecast support: The VH1 app is Chromecast ready, so you can cast your favorite shows to your TV
• Watch VH1 live by logging in with your cable provider
• Search our vast video library of full episodes, bonus clips and exclusive content
• Need to stop watching an episode? Pick up right where you left off the next time you use the app.
• Sign up for Push Notifications to get an alert when new content from your favorite show is added
• View the TV schedule to see what’s currently playing and what’s to come

We’d love to hear your thoughts, comments and suggestions on our special features. Drop us a line at We’ll get back to you ASAP!

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VH1 part of our Entertainment and have average installs from 1000000 to 5000000. Last Update Oct. 20, 2016. Appstore play rating is 79.4432. Current verison is 3.1.0. Actual size 19.0 MB.

What's new

    Bug Fixes
Download watch-vh1-tv.apk 19.0 MB


Suck!.... I am a working woman and I don't have the time 2 get 2 watch my I would love 2 get a chance 2 catch up on my show but u have 2 be with some type of network u watch the episodes ? I'm not happy at all y'all should allow people with busy lives have a chance 2 catch up on their favorite shows....smh?

Update so I can caste I wish this app will allow me to caste my favorite shows using my Chromecaste!

So angry I was able to watch 1 episode of the show I really wanted to see. I tried to log in to watch the next one and I keep getting the same message saying "unable to log into provider" if I could rate this app "eat a55" I would choose whatever rating below that. And your website is sh!t also

Way too many do not download Very little entertainment more advertising

This app sucks This app sucks I cant watch any of my favorite shows cause its locked and it won't let you watch it with out your TV provider and I have Dish, which they don't have . People please don't waste your time on this app seriously. ???

VH1 THE APP THAT NEVER STOP GIVING. Not bad, but u must be a Direct TV subscriber. Or have some kind of network pass. Not bad though.

Always makes Me watch all the commercial s then says its stopped never have I watched an entire episode its crap do not waste ur time I give them a couple weeks and a couple weeks an so and so nothings ever fixed they need to quit pushing an app that is flawed and I have direct tv tried again no work at least MTV's doesn't work either they'd owned by same company garbage don't waste ur time

Stupid If I could give it zero stars I would what is the point of this app???? first of it doesn't have Comcast and you can't watch anything without a cable company

Love It l love Stevie Jay and his wife and boo they make the show in my opinion.

Have to have network pass now I was able to watch one show now ask for network pass i don't have cable that's why i downloaded app to begin with a waste of time.....

Barely famous All episodes were available to watch last month & now I can't even find it anywhere on the app. I am a cable subscriber to your channel, maybe I should just cancel it.

Wrong Episode U guys have episode 11 up with the title saying 12 for Love & Hip Hop NY. I really wanna watch 12 lol...did it air?

I can't watch all the seasons of love and hip hop Atlanta!

Hated it Xfinity isn't one of the providers I can't watch anything Comcast is popular so y don't they have it listed

Liars On your website u said tht download out app to see the full movie of the tlc story when I downloaded the app it didn't have the movie

freezes up all the time continue to have issues with app. freezes up, logs me in then out again.

Seriously? Love the fact you can watch shows post and present but the commercials and the sllloooowwww speed when trying to watch a video, come on!!!!!! It makes me not even want to watch....... please fix

VH1 You can't watch the videos unless you select your provider that's stupid and false advertising! Deleting this app right now!

Why tell people to download your app when I can't even watch the show I want and you don't even have Comcast as a provider and why do i your if I have cable which I don't I can't watch it online so disappointed

The journey begins, Metal the 4th state of matter! Finally I can listen to my Metal Heroes any time i feel like it.I have been trying for some time to load this app. R. C. B.

Not enough TV providers!!! How could u not have dish network on here?!?! Like really, get it together or don't have an app at all!!!

Doesn't work! It won't let me watch anything! I figured I had to connect to my cable company but they don't even have Comcast!!!

Makes no sense I don't understand why episodes are locked. It makes no sense now I have to go to YouTube to watch what I want instead of on the app of the actual network. #AppDeleted

Shows don't work! Trying to watch lhhatl and it doesn't load!! Ughhh

Very disappointed Not enough TV providers listed. This requirement should be taken away

How do you not have COMCAST/Xfinity on your provider list? I saw on LHHA that you could stream any video from seasons 1-3 through this APP, so i figured id give it a try. I tried to access the video & of course you have to sign in w/ your cable provider but nowhere on that list did it show "Comcast" nor "Xfinity"! How do you not have neither of these providers when these are well known!? Half the providers i saw i never heard of. I ended up deleting the app, at least until you guys make those changes. I have never ran into this issue with any any other TV Apps.

Love&,hip hop Atlanta It's not letting me see any show

IT SUCKS DONT DOWNLOAD!!!! I can't watch none of the good shows cause its locked and they don't have Dish or Comcast on the provider log!!!

Video doesn't show I can see the commercials but not the show and I am signed in thru my provider which is listed. This not the first time this has happened. I just downloaded app against after five months and still the same problem. Screen goes black,yet I can here the talking.

Love VH1 There are way to many commercials and other than that it's kool

You would think dish network would be listed but it's not so be clear before you download it uninstalling now

Worst app ever Omg i was so happy at first because I never seen the first 3 seasons of love and hip hop new York but then I watch the first two episodes on season 1 and the 3rd jus wouldn't play It would play them sorry a&* commercials but the video would jus load and not play but them commercials are to freaking long and to many if they would fix that the app would be awesome

Bye! Comcast/Xfinity , one of the largest cable companys in the USA is not listed and can't sign in.

Love it It was a little slow at first but once I started to use it it became better and better and it worked when I was on the road love thus app so much

Love it When I miss an episode I can go right to the app :)

Really!?!?! Waste of time download. So why does the advertisements play perfectly but the episode just keeps loading. And when I try to skip ahead I get longer advertisements. Not!! Such a waste of not download this app. It would be awesome if your app actually did what it proclaims to do! Back to the drawing board!!

Why does uverse not work?

I think you shouldn't have to have a TV provider because it wouldn't honor mine and I can't watch the shows I want which sucks

Really...?! How on Earth do you not have Comcast/Xfinity? It's the largest provider in the country! If you couldn't get them on board why not allow us to opt in to pay a small amount each month like CBS does? I will change the rating when they're added or you allow us to pay $2 or $3 dollars a month.

Lame I do not have a cable provider so I am not able to watch basically anything.

Worst TV app ever! A few minutes into watching a show, my tablet or phone freezes and I have to do a hard reboot. I've never had a problem with any other video playback apps. Also, why no casting ability? It's 2015.

Not Worth It How is it that this app is rated 3.9 with so many negative reviews? Vh1 has been on the air for yeeeeaaarrsss and you guys really couldn't build a working app?! Such a disappointment. Fire whoever created this app and get someone new. So many problems with your website as well!! I used to always watch vh1 when I lived with my parents but now that I am out on my own I rely on the website and app to keep up and there are just so many problems I cant! Please think of people like me and fix this

Very Stupid So i was using the app for exactly what I downloaded it for.. then 2 episodes in they decide to ask for my cable provider information..... which seems absolutely ridiculous to me because i can watch the episodes on the VH1 website, it's just not as easy to do as it was when i was using the app. A waste of phone storage if you dont have cable.. or know your provider information.

College student I hate it i can't watch the shows i want without an cable provider. Which sucks because I'm a college student that only pays for Netflix and Hulu.

PUBLIC SERVICE ANNOUNCEMENT::::: You will be better off with Hulu!!!!!!!!! It doesn't require a service provider, and its a lot less complicated

Add comcast It would be nice if my cable provider was available. Please add them

Streaming?! Most apps give that option... Vhf is a very popular station, so streaming would really be a plus!

Waste of time I got to watch all of one snow before I was ask to provide my cable info. Which I do not have because cable is a waste of money because I don't have the time nor interest to watch it. I spent 2 hours on that one 40 min show due to the advertisements that were often just play the same one 5 times in row. This app sucks don't do it, you can find a lot of these shows recent episodes on you tube.

You guys don't have Comcast has a provided option so I'm not allowed to watch my shows

Stopped working I have a galaxy tablet and it won't let me open the app anymore. I use to watch the episodes all the time now it won't do anything and I'm so sad!

Doesn't work anymore I use to love this app. With this update you now need a cable provider. ok fine. But now it keeps saying I need an Internet connection which I have and always have had. No matter what I do it keeps saying that. I have unlimited data so it doesn't matter whether I'm on wifi or not. IT JUST WON'T WORK ANYMORE!

Wack App You can only watch full clips if you have one of their listed cable providers, which is limited. It should allow you to watch without having to log into your cable customer account.

I used to love it but It keeps saying I need Internet and I have wifi and data and all of my other apps are working. I have not had a problem until now . When all the good stuff comes on ugh

Love it The new app works amazing. No stops and shows come up as soon as you click it.... Now 3/28 it doesn't work again grrr

THE WORST Terrible i used to be able to see the shows without having to put in my account info for my cable company... I don't think this app should have any of that information since it's personal.. Uninstalling the app...

It use to be Great, but now it's not Not sure why they changed it, but now it asks for a cable provider and then you have to go thru all these steps and it Still Doesn't play the video. Not worth it anymore. Its pretty much taking up space on my phone.

I use to be able to watch any show but today 3/28 it won't let me watch anything. What's the issue?

I don't have cable I used didn't need cable to use the app this is ridiculous! Yes I'm deleting this app Hulu it is cause this makes no since ! Vh1 Is going to lose online viewers! Cause they just lost me!

Love the app Live stream is the not miss any of my shows at work no dvr nope ty vh1 for this cool app wish all app can livestream for free ?

Use to love this app This app was working fine as of last week. Now all the sudden it says i don't have a Internet connection when i have the galaxy 7edge with unlimited 4g data. Please help

I like the app but it doesn't support my cable provider Charter/Spectrum. Fix this problem then I will change rating...

Wish I could watch the shows without it freezing up. Debating getting rid of this app because of that issue. Please fix

It's cool I mean if I didn't have cable I couldnt watch my shows thts not cool but otherwise it shows well, clear and with limited commercials I love tht. Only thing I think should b improved is when u can watch a show. A day later is pointless if ur using cable. Food for thought...


A Not unhappy customer It's ? but when you close out of the app it doesn't let you continue to watch the show where you stopped it.. The ad breaks are too long and repetitive but you gotta pay to play.. I'm just happy that I can catch up on the episodes that I've missed.. ??

What's wrong? This app was working fine until about a wk ago, it says I need Internet when I have service and WiFi. All my other apps that need Internet are working fine expect this one

Great app I love the app and the live tv aspect. sometimes it buffers on my tablet and i can't play the shows so I mostly use it on my phone. Idk the problem might be my tablet. but anyway, great app!!

This app is so annoying omg I cant deal like it won't even let me create a VH1 account or nothing and it is extremely slow I hate this app and VH1 needs to get all the problems fixed asap this is sad

Useless for us who don't have cable Sure you can watch trailers but I wanna see an entire show. Now I just can't do that. This app limits it's clients by having you input cable information.

UPDATE was a DOWNGRADE . Disappointed UPDATE DOES NOT WORK, keeps asking to connect to Internet. BUT I clearly am connected since I'm sending this message....

Love it . I am always watching it. Very unhappy because it keeps saying I need to install my Internet. What is the problem?

Doesnt not work This use to be my favorite app and i cant get it to work nomore, it keeps asking for internet connection , this is so irritating.

I use to enjoy this app but now I'm missing my favorite shows because it keeps saying I need to establish a network connection and I have unlimited 4G LTE and WiFi this is so frustrating smh fix it please thanks

It's Ok I like that i can watch old and new episodes on my phone, what i dont like is I've had this app about 1 yr now and now it's telling me to reestablish connection PLEASE FIX. I don't like that i have to use a tv provider but i don't mind using one when i do have it.

Im loving it It has my shows on here n they keep my coming back. There are so e features that i wish they really would add. Yet, all in do time.

Piece of crap The app keeps saying that I need Internet connection and I have unlimited data and wifi. And i see that others are having the same problem wtf dude. . Fix it!!! I'm. Missing my shows ??

It was good Every time I try to get on it says I need a connection when I am connected every app is working except vh1 so I can't watch htf

Wont work no more It wont work anymore it says i need interent connection n i have it. Please fix cause i loved this app at first

It won't let me watch anymore shows. It asks for my provider name, and when I go down the list of providers mine is not in there along with a few others, a bunch I never heard of but not mine or anybody else's I know. It will only let me watch the shows that I already watched.

Sucks It sucks the only the ios (apple) have all the cable company but the android only have certain cable company I believe you guys should fix that

I'll fix my rating when you fix the app. It was working fine a week ago and now its asking me to connect to the internet when I already am.

Not working The app was working fine now it's telling me I don't have an internet connection. Tried other streaming apps, all are working well. Please fix.

New app sucks It's telling me u lost Internet connection when i got a 4G lte with unlimited data nd WiFi so how is that possible can u please fix.the old app worked better...

Cable Subscription I don't have cable, that's my reason for going to the app and trying to watch shows on Vh1 but apparently I can't do that. So, I'll be deleting the app & I will not recommend anyone downloads it (unless you have a cable provider with username and password, of course).

Disappointed!!! Wanting to watch all seasons of Mob Wives and there is only 1 season and a couple episodes of season 5. You have to have cable also to watch it.

USE TO LOVE IT 3-28 can't watch anything say my " Internet connection something sorry to burst my bubble " I HAVE PLENTY OF INTERNET ITS UNLIMITED !

Love it Works as it says , it did stop working saying i need an internet connection when i had one , so i just uninstalled it and reinstalled it and it works great again...

App don't work keep asking for cable provider and mine's is not on here this app is wack I'm uninstalling this app asap bring back the old app I never had a problem with the old app

Vh1 Won't play full episodes.. Only plays 5 min of the middle. This app gets worse and worse everytime I open it.

It doesn't work well with my Chromecast. Lately, the episodes haven't even been loading. I've uninstalled and reinstalled. No difference. To many glitches.

Won't play full episodes I used to love this app but recently it won't let me log in to my TV provider and keeps saying having difficulties. Sucks

Ruined pos I've been trying to use it since 5/23/16 and it won't let me sign in with a tv provider I can't watch any of the shows it keeps saying technical difficulties use to love it but not being able to sign in for 5 days is BS I don't wanna watch fresh price reruns...

No support from customer service I used to love this app but since May 24th I cannot watch live tv nor watch full episodes smh I've contacted customer support and have yet to hear from them smh

This is terrible! I have been using this application for a few days now and it constantly freezes and jumps back in episodes. It's a piece of crap,!

Technical difficulties This app worked one time for me and has since then only said it's experiencing "technical difficulties" this has been happening for weeks now. I even reinstalled the app to no avail.

What Happened? I was able to watch shows but now all you guys show is clips. I want to watch the whole episode

Doesn't work Takes foreverrrrr to load doesn't play no episodes . and always have technical difficulties

Fix I don't know what happen to this app but please fix it. I can't watch none of my favorite episodes anymore or live tv. I would have rated it a 5 but after the update its wicked

Good Works well I just wish there wasn't so many ads in between watching the videos.

What's going on I was able to watch full episodes with my Directv account. It log me out automatically, now it won't let me login. WTF I don't want to watch 3 minute clips... fix it

Horrible The commercials are too long, and the app is always having some sort if issues when I attempt to watch a show.

Hasn't worked in months Nothing loads or plays! Used to work great, but that was Months ago!

This app never plays live TV anymore. I always get having difficulties try again later

Annoyed This app was enjoyable especially once they added Chromecast which was a plus, but now I am not able to watch anything but short clips! Ugh...I tried removing and reinstalling still nothing. Fix This!!

Commercials play seemlessly All the commercials play without any problems. The actual show can't seem to play for longer than a few seconds. My chromecast icon won't appear to cast anymore even though I've reset my WiFi, Internet, chromecast and reinstalled the app. I'll update if there is an improvement.

VH1 Doesnt work, takes forever to load and since update it doesn't play at all.

Loved it The only app that I found thus that lives stream consistently good quality

Not working The app has been saying technical difficulties for three weeks. I can't watch anything

Fine in the beginning, sucks raw eggs the more I try to watch Really really really sucks

Love the easy to use and I especially love that it have a watch live button..thumbs up

I haven't seen any episodes since this BS app went off the air fix this crappy of an app.

after the update the app doesn't even work ..

Doesn't work I will not allow me to sign in

Getting errors every time I open app On my tablet and phone as well as my roku. I can't get any of the episodes to play.

Full episodes are not available Please fix this issue!!!

Love it! Love keeping up with my favorite shows on the go. No connecting issues or problems!

Ever Since The Update, This App Has Been A Pain. Can't Sign Back In To Watch Episodes. Every time I try its a error

Issue not resolved When I downloaded it worked fine for the first couple days and now it shows everything is locked even though my TV provider is logging in. I tried to contact vh1 support and still no resolution after 2 weeks. It's annoying to see clips and not be able to watch the full episodes.

DOESN'T WORK I've been getting the same technical difficulties message that everyone else is. It's been weeks and no fix. This is the same issue with the mtv app. But at least you use to be able to trick it into working by shutting off your wifi, selecting a video to play, login with cable provider. When the video starts you turn your wifi back on and stream to chromecast. But that doesn't work anymore so this app is just taking up space and aggravating me. CAN WE PLEASE GET A FIX.

Ugh At first things were OK... but now I can't log I'm or watch anything can you please fix this thanks

Tv provider? Tells me my cable plan doesn't have this channel but I watch it every day on my TV.

Getting disappointed Will open but not play anything, just keeps buffering forever. Not happy at all.

Unable to watch... Haven't been able to watch anything due to "technical difficulties." This has been going on for quite some time now. Please fix.

Please fix it The app stopped working since may 2016.... can't watch live TV or other shows

Technical difficulties It's been saying technical difficulties for days now. Uninstalled and reinstalled the app and still the same thing

Everything is locked For some reason it won't let u watch any shows. Only preview of the upcoming shows. They say it fixing the app but when will it be done?

What happend to that metal show Rated 4 star changed to 1 ile bring it back up to 4 if you bring back that metal show.

Love it wish you didn't have to need a provider

This app sucks! And it sucks that it sucks because I was really looking forward to watching my shows. It keeps saying my username and password are incorrect which they are not. I even tried it at a friend's house and it said that hers were incorrect as well. What ever bug they say has been fixed it has not because I still can't connect so I guess I'll be deleting this app all over again.

I am a fan of the Vh1 network I love all of you guys reality seasonal series. I have always been a fan of entertainment on all levels, as long as it's intriguing. The shows you guys bring forth, I can relate to, be it that I have been surrounded by such characteristics my entire life. I get a chance to view real life struggles of entrepreneurs in a host of different industries, and those striving toward entrepreneurship. The struggles of starting at the bottom, and working towards the top, and removing obstacles one by one. The bomb.

This app was my favorite, but not one show has played for over a week. It buffers for minutes and then won't play anything. I'm reading the comments from vh1 that the update should've fixed it but it still says video unavailable after buffering for at least a minute. Very disappointed, the app is pretty much worthless now. Wish they'd actually fix it

Vh1 please issue a statement Everybody having issues with the app lately I see. Mine hasn't worked right in months!! What's going on? Can Vh1 tell us here when we can all expect to start watching our fav shows again please?? UPDATE: App is fixed and working great! Thx

It isn't that compatible with the Google Chrome cast. It constantly freezes and is buffering. With any other app this does not happen when casting to the TV screen. I checked both internet connection & the streamimg device. If the bugs could be worked out I would give 4 stars.

Vh1 You finally got Chromecast and I was so happy, now it only plays 5 mins of new full episodes and now the new episodes aren't showing up, just previews for the next show when I haven't even seen this one yet!!! I honestly have never had so much trouble with a TV app, ever. One bug is fixed then something else goes wrong!! Waahhhhh.!! :*(

Could be better The problem is the ads for me they're repetitive so it's very frustrating and annoying. I don't mind ads just as long as they're not the same freaking ads back to back ugh! Plus I can't watch live tv

Clips of the show Clips is what you should be calling this app. I've seen nothing but clips of previous shows. I wanted to see the entire show or at least some full episodes. Wasting my space!!

Provider sign in Can someone explain how it tells me I Do not have a certain provider before I can even sign in to my direct tv account? This is horrible.

? Love the app when its actually working. Please fix glitches. Keeps on freezing up and a lot of times videos wont play or sat not available. Alsonot compatible with chromecast. Keeps feeezing up

Always Crashes The app won't sustain on its on or on chrome cast unless you have said the Lord's prayer at least 12 times. It's so frustrating when in the past, it worked just fine. Please fix this VH1. Thanks

3.5 can do better Some shows don't have full episodes, or past seasons. After watching an episode you have to go back and search for the show again and chose the next episode...such a pain.

Anna It actually worked very good. It had a hew commercials indeed, but they weren't too much, plus it did in fact allow you fast forward and rewind.....OOOOPS!!! IT STOPPED WORKING ALLLLLLLL OF A SUDDEN!!

Chromecast compatibility Chromecast compatibility is still a problem. Streaming for short periods of time and then disconnecting. Not experiencing this problem with any of my other Chromecast compatible apps. I recommend you all ask Google how best to optimize your situation.

Wont let me watch my shows Vh1 is worthless you sent out an update and it still does the same thing this video not available when I done watched half the show then it cuts me off saying video not available smh the next step for Me is I'm bout ready to delete your app

Watch TV from your phone. Like the shows on here.Can see full episodes of current shows and exclusive clips. I watch love and hip hop Hollywood, don't judge

Keeps freezing I would give this app more then one star if it would act right

Its a good app. Sometimes there problems with being kicked off the xfinity provider and there's problems with watching the live t.v but I love it

No good for chromecast I just wanna watch barely famous and it will start, freeze, and tell me technical difficulties EVERY TIME

Ugh When will Charter be added?? This is the only tv app that doesnt have Charter as a provider. When that changes and I can watch locked shows i will change it.

Sucks!! Everytime I try to watch something live it freezes n you all have to fix something. Like come on now! Get it together vh1 app!!

Keeps freezing up Idk if it's my phone or the app, it's frustrating to watch an episode and 10 mins into it app stops. I restart app and still doesn't work then when it finally does, it only lasts for a min, grrr

Really? The app will not connect to the internet wth? Please fix the watch live issue my show comes on in 30 min!

Why ??? My provider information has been the same for years... the app kicked me out and will not let me resign in !!!!! Please change this rating ..

Expect more from VH1? This app is not up to par yet. Constantly buffering and freezing up. You would think that this stuff would have been worked out before launching an app ?. #stepitupvh1

Its hot ahh I can watch Ti and tiny why is y'all having problems

Very convenient Thw only thing i would change is having no ads. But i guess some one has to pay for this luxury

This app SUX!!! Come on VH1 get it together already. Throw us some stars? Throw me an app that actually works!

App use too work fine , Now It's taking me two days ( & counting ) just to sign in with my TV provider . Even before the signing in issues the whole episodes wouldn't play would there's some sort of error and stop. I use too over this App when I first downloaded it ..

Love The App Hate There Stystem The Commercials Are To long After The First Commercial Play That's It ...It Never Works After That ?

Vh1 app I loveee this app, and and it keeps me up to date with all my face shows on here which is basically everything!

So far, good Haven't had any issues with it yet. Can stream no problem and enjoy my shows.

Please update the "Resume" option, it never goes back to the last episode I was watching, or it will show episodes already watched.TY

Loveeedd It All You Have To Do Is Press What Tv Company Your With Sign In With Your Email Or Facebook And You Gets To Watch Free Episodes Of Shows You would Watch On Cable. Great And Easy Way To Watch On The Go Tv?

Vh1 I hate all the commercials at one point you didn't have them included in the app ...please do away with the commercials obviously the service is paid for already via having to log in with an active account...might as well watch it directly on TV

It doesn't want to play the shows on my s5, it says sorry something went wrong try again later, on all of the shows.

Sucks Won't let me log in every time i do it says account not found...I've called my cable provider so this is a problem within the app so please fix it or i will be uninstalling

Why isn't Charter Communications listed? I don't understand the purpose of asking people log in to watch episodes when the option isn't available to all cable companies. I pay for cable every month yet I can't watch online from your website or app.

Always an issue!!! I can never watch live tv.. what's the point of making it a feature.. this sucks ass!

To many unnecessary breaks with commercials...toooooo mannyyyy! I am ready to uninstall. its getting on my last nerve. Soon as your a couple minutes in you get a couple minutes of commercials. Nothing wrong with here and there commercials but this is getting ridiculous. Main reason i got app was to get away from commercials. Getting real tired of it!

No complaints! All my shows at the tip of my fingers. Never any problems to play. Once my password is in once it doesn't keep asking for it. Ads are kept at a minimum. Couldn't ask for anything complaints at all.

I used to love this app This app was working really good up until a few weeks ago, now it freeze after every commercial during live tv making it extremely annoying to watch. If you guys don't fix this soon I will uninstall app

Keeps freezing during commercial!!! First of all there's way too many commercials and they're too dam long. And then the app just freezes while it's loading the next commercial. I close the app, restart my tablet..nothing works!! So annoyed,about to uninstall.?????

Needs a lot of work. Loads pages really slow

Awful streaming of Live TV Keeps freezing and stopping during live TV, please fix, very frustrating!!!

#Bigfan???????? Love the app use it when I have to work .have to catch my show own time lol??

App not working properly! Freezes after every commercial on live tv and you have to close the app and reopen

Keeps me updated I'm able to catch up on my shows at any time.

Its total awesome I get to watch ever thing ? VH1

Not loading This app used to be great but now it's HORRIBLE, the app loads up slow if at all.

Love it My title is self explanatory lol

Love love love It's all about LHH

I can no longer watch with xfinity/comcast

This is a very good app!!????, keep up the good news!!!.?

It's ok Come on why isnt chromecast available on my Samsung Galaxy prime

Great I don't miss a beat

I love it but it's to many commercial breaks and too long.

All the above loved them all

Love it, just freezes up a lot?

Never gives me problems but to many long commercials

Sweet dreams by sweet Willie Jones Lover of all

Good Love to watch an. VH1 show.

Vh1 Its a good app

Vh1 Love the app