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Maps, Navigation & Directions

Supplied By We love maps    On Sept. 30, 2016    Comments(197)

APP for iPhone Maps, Navigation & Directions version5.02 Download

Maps, Navigation & Directions lets you plan your trips, route your travel and find restaurants nearby. Find your current location or search for an address and navigate using googlemaps or OpenStreetMap (OSM) to your destination.

Maps include information from Wikipedia, videos from YouTube, photos Panoramio, street view and weather forecasts.

Whether you need city, satellite, traffic, public transit, cycling or even hiking maps, you can always find your location with Maps, Navigation & Directions!

TRIP PLANNER – World Maps with GPS & Location Tracker
Travel around the world and navigate using any method of transportation:
• Route planner for cars, bikes and walking to any global address
• GPS navigation with local traffic help you find the fastest trip route
• Voice GPS for step-by-step travel directions from the most trusted maps
• Location tracker via GPS (latitude, longitude) or IP-address if available
• Itinerary manager for bus schedules, nearby hotels and more
• Navigation maps with GPS for city, traffic and public transport routes

Maps range from satellite maps to bike maps and street view. Traffic conditions and transit maps are also available:
• Street view – See exteriors for museums, restaurants and more
• Traffic maps – See current traffic conditions to avoid traffic jams
• Cycling map with bike routes and contour lines - Plan your next cycling tour
• Walking maps – Explore your city on-foot with detailed walk-friendly maps
• Hiking GPS – Find hiking trails or plan your next backpacking trip
• Satellite view from googlemaps – Enjoy the view from the space
• Maps, Navigation & Directions uses googlemaps and OpenStreetMap (OSM)

TRANSIT – Get Directions & Maps for Over 15,000 Towns & Cities
• Bus routes & tracker – Get directions and maps in over 15K areas
• Train station locations and schedules
• Bike paths for cycling
• Subway maps and stations

FIND NEAR ME – Search to Find:
• Food near you
• Hotels
• Bars near you
• Gas stations
• ATMs
• Addresses (street name & house number, city)
• Nearby city and neighborhood zip codes
Places Around Me: Find hotels, restaurants, shopping, museums, stations, hospitals and more ‘near me’

• Temperature forecast
• Plan your trip around the weather

Maps include layers of fascinating data like:
★ Photos on map: Photos from worldwide photo sharing database Panoramio and Street view
★ Videos on map: Localized videos on YouTube
★ Wiki on map: Wikipedia guide - read Wikipedia information about selected cities, sights, attractions and interesting places
★ Street view on map: Get a street level view of the world and terrain with street view
★ Webcam Video on map: Webcam video from around the world displayed on maps

Ways to get around anywhere: Explore your city on dozens of maps, including worldwide, street, satellite, traffic, public transit, cycling, walking and hiking even weather maps. Webcam video lets you see weather or traffic is like in the city!

OpenStreetMap (OSM) is a collaborative project to create a free editable map of the world. Two major driving forces behind the establishment and growth of OSM have been restrictions on use or availability of map information across much of the world and the advent of inexpensive portable satellite navigation devices. For more information see

New York, San Francisco, Los Angeles, Orlando, Las Vegas, Washington DC, London, Paris, Amsterdam, Beijing, Tokyo, Munich, Sydney and More!

We love maps part of our Maps & Navigation and have average installs from 10000000 to 50000000. Last Update Sept. 30, 2016. Appstore play rating is 81.8013. Current verison is 5.02. Actual size 4.8 MB.

What's new

    Alternative routes. Places around you e.g. supermarkets, ATM’s, banks, hotels, restaurants, post offices. Multiple modes of travel (driving, public transit, walking). Google Street View. Live webcams worldwide. Improved geolocation. Directions panel with navigation instructions. Get directions!
Download your-maps-explore-the-world.apk 4.8 MB


Not good for navigation Beautiful maps and lots of features but useless as navigator. Does not move with the vehicle to show current position as one drives. Also does not have favourites to save frequently used addresses and the recent addresses are erased as one closes the application. Correct the app and it will be excellent. Eli Levy

Loved it It really helps esp.. A tour guide like me thnx to those who create

Works online only I tried it but found out that it works only online. U can't download maps and use it offline later.

Seems to be worthy Let's try & see will it help us

BEST map and nav in the apps. I've tried several, and this one has many features most do not have. If you rely on accurate maps and directions like I do, Don't miss out on this app.

G.P.S MAPS&NAVAGASHON Know Whear You Are .....

This good for trafic rote plus will iditified easily

Nice For better to reach places

Wonderful Very much useful for navigation

Good app Very helpful to a traveller

Fantastic, thanks

Not gonna say I hated I but really disliked it.. Searching through my hometown of El Monte I came upon the El Monte Bus Station and it shows the old carousel where the buses would load and unload passengers.. Problem with that? The carousel was knocked down back in 2007 or probably years before that! How old are these maps you guys are using?! Total turnoff.. Uninstalling...

More detailed then Google Maps It shows much more information than googlemaps (color coded, pedestrian ways, warehouses, and so on). It's online only so no much help navigating. Establishing start end point is abysmal. Does not support extended characters. Add option to download local map offline. Adds. Needs some work to be usefull without internet connnection

Nothing New I don't see too much of a different between this app and Google Map.

Does this app work in china? Does this app work in China? Google is completely block so if this app uses google at all it wont work.

Not bad One thing I think would be nice is to have a way to save or pin your individual places. I use google maps for work to pin or save my individual stops so I can zoom out and know what's the closes stop to start with and go from there. Not saying its bad at all. Just wish you could add that feature.

I liked it very much. It's the best. This app is better than google maps. i prefer to use this app.

It can.t even give you your proper location i was in belfast and it said i was in lisburn

Maps and navigation I don't see too much of a different between this app and Google Map.

On the fence still Nit what I really need...

GARBAGE Stupid app.No voice navigation at all.Uninstalling.Dun waste ur time.

Easy Easy to follow

Baaaad Y x id only for us

Wow the ads ruin it! Thanks, but no thanks.

Paid for it still get ads This thing sucks. Has way to many ads and unless you buy more add ons it only gives written directions. Use Google maps. It's free and it doesn't suck.

Thank you for sharing I give it 5 its very good.

Not good, not accurate, many places missing. Value 1 cent...

Very good. Practical, easy to use.

Map & Navigation Number one in my book..

all the locations i searched found here

Excellent, good information

Very good perfect direction

Yes got it was looking for

Very useful thank you.

worldwide photos are awesome to see

Great Satellite views this apps provides

Che1-CL20 Only cracked

Good but not better App is good but not Some problems

Nice app Wish centigrade could be switched to Fahrenheit, other than that I use this map a lot.

Maps and navigation O.k good apps...very app.

Features The features are pretty cool. This is better than the last navigation app I downloaded

slow and full of ads so it is too slow and ads here are primary objective, maps are irrelevant for creators.

Good detailed map app Map that gives you what you really want to get from a map...

Good Emergency help for everyone who use INTERNET

Wast of time . Dont apply.

It's great program

Very Accurate So far every time I've opened the app to obtain info in regards a place it has been very accurate, literally within a few yards. Also it allows you to see the surroundings at the same time you can look at the map. The only bad thing I had found was the lack of enough information about restaurants or other service's near by my area. But nobody is perfect...

No settings, no contact... You can't delete places off your list to manage your locations. Tried to correct my home address location and no way too do that. No settings option to set up your preferences. No contact info to email or call for help. This app is useless to me.

It is not bad but It doesn't show all cities lwould have rated five stars

Best map views with written directions no voice gps I like the view of map with written turn by turn directions on the same screen. I find talking gps is distracting when driving still like map view and this is not a talking gps which I like. This does not eat up battery life which I like. I would give this app a 5 if you can save and delete your own searches. Also the navigation search page could be easier to navigate different views as you have your search directions up without loosing it.

Excellent Fortunate is the one who has learned to admire, but not to envy. Best wishes & for a joyous Ugadi and a happy new year with a plenty of peace and prosperity. May this Ugadi be as bright as ever! May this Ugadi bring joy, health and wealth to you! Happy Ugadi!

How to add more route points? I wish I could use it to prepare my favourite bike tracks. And share it with others.

Ok Watched seven seconds of it and it is good so far but you can't judge till you check it out yourself

Good idea Notice that some places aren't where they should be: take Victoria Garage as an example; should be less than a mile from Brora (Highland) centre, but the map shows it some 2 miles north of there!

accuracy leaves something to be desired otherwise not a bad thing why the position is a little bit out?

Not that bad but, got me there correct location so, slightly tweaked up.

Directions to Montgomery Airport First time to use this app. Found it to be easy to follow. Very detailed. Very comforting to know I have it. I would rate is as excellent.

Good app for what it does I needed an app that would map point A to point B. This app does a great job of that. Needs GPS navigation added as its dangerous to drive an look at turn by turn directions.

Great app. Simple to use. Only hope they have a paid version so that the Ads will not appear everytime we start the app.

Gwd Well its works better than othaers app thata y i like it

I like it but.. Can't use it. I need shortest route not fastest. This is what happens when you let google do all the searches without manual configuration.

Excellent Quickly find the place we want, just type 3 word & not too long waiting for find it,I give you five stars,thanks

No navigation I could never get the app to give me navigation to a destination. It would just show my present location

Awesomely working Its an arduous task to find such an application. Go for it, it's helpful. M running it on my BlackBerry Passport :D

Good but Not good enough It's a pretty solid app but I can't get over feeling like other similar apps just do better. This is just not as good as Google maps, apple maps, citymaps, etc.

Good app Our location of the most important thing is that the new year

Navigator Application Best App Ever! I Searched All Over! This Is Easy and Simple! Trust Me! Try It!

Makes me go to places that im not able to... i can see the exact scene of the port where my husband is...Such a useful app.

Giving 4 stars. For one more, you guys should give sone options for users - to setup stuff the way one would like. So far, good, precise enough and stable apk.

It is exciting. I wish to us it while driving.

GOOD FOR TREVAL It is good for treval l am trevaler it is good for me l love it very very very very

Don't bother Another crappy mapping program. Never finds my home. Truly if you live in the country don't bother

Nice, but missing voice navigation The app is very fast, but there is possibility to activate voice navigation.

Geographical locations eased Real awesome for navigation processes

Cannot delete places if I could I would rate higher

A bit daze to start with but OK after

Sorry... I can't used it. It's not current where I leave...

Map not updated. Most building are not there.

Great A lot of learning place.

With voice I'll give five stars!!

accurate it's accurate but 4 star for popping up ads

Toll I need know which toll road trip and no toll road trip.

Excellent Only just started using this but it does everything I need. It will be my first choice for navigation.

Excellent map Completely different from the usual choices, particularly the default map. Its only drawback is the time it takes to load. Hence 4 stars.

Wish it had a way to just make a list of stops along a route to the final destination

Exelent Its lite and perfect app

Good map app But lagging and too much adverts

Just love it :)

It's good but It's good but it would be better if it had block numbers and it told you your longitude and latitude

Maps! & NAVIGATION! Very narrow on navigation I choose to start from any point to get to point B meaning it can be easier for a person to leave from their idea destination of choice instead of just focusing mainly on leaving from A which is their living quarters?

Not interactive at all. You are stuck with original map no matter how many times you change. No voice. Worse than a paper map that is at least readable

5 stars BUT I would like to see where u can have the traffic app come upwhen u hit button

Is so awesome and I can't stop using it since I downloaded it. It makes my outing so easy. I love it

Very very good I am more satisfied with thid map

No Microphone When your driving and need directions you just want to open the navigation system and say Sacred Grounds Coffee Shop you don't want to be driving and have to type in a street address you just want to say Malnatti's Pizza that's all ... come on Google git with it

Kritik Ic useful but need more information about places and more

Good place consider saving the screen Saving the geolocation screen map as an image would be very useful for research

Very good completely accurate app Only negative is unable to add way points to trip

Bad to the bone Don't waist your time loading this app!!

Super helpful So easy to use and very helpful..

Rate It's nice n helps alot

José A. "280516..kfr..thank's..."300516"

We could not be where it said we were.

Mr p may Very good app

Please update Singapore map!!! Please update!! I really need the map!

Good But not like a built in app

wow its's to more traveling ??

Good.. But how to use without data

My way D end is near

Keyboard doesn't appear to enter

mobile map better than this app

Google map Easy and users friendly

Very useful v.much thanks

Not opening Taking too much time, not opening

Useful and accurate Easier to find routes and leisure places

Great used Download it, its of great will be better if it show us the day to day map..

The Best I will not stop using this gps system

Searching for places produces no results Unless you're located in a hoghlycommercial area, searching for places like restaurants or gas stations Or other type places, you'll get no results. I am located less than 3 miles from places I know exist but search produces zero results. Very disappointing. To change the default range for search results is not clear and is too small of a value. Again, that default range value assumes you are already located right in the same area. Kind of silly if driving in an area not familiar. Uninstalling!

Not bad, but annoying ads. The basic functions are there, it shows different maps of different providers. Annoying are the ads (now also with sound and movie clips) that delay the start of the app, can't be skipped and use up data.

Waste of time Crap app downloaded and it puts my current. Position 25 km from where I am. PLEASE don't wast your time Downloading this app it's a pity I had to give it a stereo so I could write a review

No hate, just disappointment It seems programme designers never talk to experienced users. In a navigation app the maps are most important, on a mobile device the storage is very important. This app jumps right in without asking what maps I want to use and where to store them. That shows a poor understanding of what a user wants. The UI is poor and the ad at the top is intrusive. The only good thing is that the app works with a minimum of permits. Will uninstall asap

Worst ever app Doesnt even let me type the destination.. I deleted google maps to download this...worst decision. Get your act together guys or be second best.

Street view great improvement. Map types good.I think is one of the best map apps.I understand the need for adverts but find the moving ones very detracting, I read the static ones but get put off using the app with the moving ones!stops me using the app!

Not good enough This app is not intuitive to use, for example, where are the settings? The first place I looked for want found. The second was found and the direction were comprehensive. But I need more, I want miles not kilometers, I want to store my home and a list of favourites, etc. Etc

Disappointed Downloaded it for only one reason -- to calculate distances between two points or locations. But it seems totally incapable of such a simple, basic task!

Excellent map Completely different from the usual choices, particularly the default map. Its only drawback is the time it takes to load. Hence 4 stars. I'd be happy to pay for an ad-free app.

Doesn't take into account traffic It doesn't take into account current traffic conditions. Yesterday it wanted to send me right into a major traffic accident. Had to go back to Google maps to redirect.

Google GPS Just checked 2 miles that I'm familiar with. Several errors. Some location of business others wrong busines for location.

First Impressions I've had this app for 5 mins, but so far I think it is a very good app for the price. Easy to use, love the interface, has most of the features I want, doesn't ask for excessive permissions. Unlike other apps I've tried, actually contains adresses I've put in! Only wish it spoke turn-by-turn directions.

Travel alerts are off. Yesterday there was a big accident. No alert. This morning we get an alert for an accident. Only there is no accident. A really late alert is not an alert.

Works better then most Used this app when hiking the North Country Trail. Short section gets lost between two real maps. This kept me right on track.

Helpful APP Great app to travel around Seoul and other places. Very helpful. I gave it 4 stars because the search does not work on my phone. However everything else is super.

Nice app. But.... I love the app, but you all should pls add the rotate feature where one can rotate the map or navigation to any angle, i.e from 90°- 160°and even 360°. Pls do this cost it's missing in this app. Thanks!

Loved it I had a huge problem that I m unable to remember route this application helped me finding aid to my problem

Does not follow me Cannot find a way to get it to keep my location in the center of screen as I travel. Good to have choices of routes.

Very usefull I downloaded this app a week before we came here to El Nido Palawan it's very good and effective for getting around same as I the city of Puerto Princesa good job guys

GPS walking map Unable to input start location. GPS should be able to pick up you location. I was very lost in Boston in the evening.

Great Would like to see an option for imperial units, unless I have missed this somewhere, and an ad free version to purchase. Would then not hesitate to award 5*

Sucks. Won't let me get directions Everyone I try to get driving directions an ad for uber pops up with no way to close. If I was using uber I wouldn't need directions

Too many ads at top of screen. They are distracting and hard to eliminate.

Poor functionality Map works fine, but you can't type in an address. Not useful for an intended purpose of GPS devices.

Worst aap Its sad that such aaps make way to the play store . just doesn't work. Had to depend on the aap as Google apps were not working. Had to ask my way around. Seriously disappointed.

Full page pop up Really?? Why? I see no way to buy it and the full page advert, just ruined a good thing

totally useless over water destinations navigation through islands even when destinationa are located....need a total rethink of your product

Fails to use traffic data when planning to ours - closed roads, v poor use if data between functions

Maps, Destinations I enjoy using this program to get to locations. It gives me a street by street description on how to get where I'm going. It is one heck of a great app.

Help full I really like this app it's very helpful and easy to use but it will be more helpful if internet is not required for using it

Very useful and easy to use. Now is it possible that I could use the same app to track the gadget in case it got lost?

I hate the pop up adverts You can't view your recent maps without internet connection

Wrong gps location Picked neighbor's house as my house, despite our wi-fi

Painful to use in a hurry - add pop ups need to be closed before use - iPhone maps way better!

Good. This map is good when we compares it with others...but it has some drawbacks......However it's fine coz nothing is perfect...

Awesome Shows places in the world like you are standing there physically great for travellers tourists and newcomers who want to visit places for first time

Don't download this waste of time i am in theni, tamilnadu, in India but it shows chennai , tamilnadu in india alomost 450 km far from were i am

Great App simple and gave several options to take for your Destination. ? Maps & Navigation recommend for your Destination's !!! Safe Happy Traveling ✋

Maps This app sucks! A blind,deaf,dumb person could find places better than this pos app. It sucks worse than a vacuum cleaner. And if possible to rate this I would give this app a minus. .000009 percent of zilch,nodda..

Great - I love it! In China Google maps, or anything to so with Google is blocked, and even if you're using VPN the map's don't show traffic congestion. This comes to the rescue; even if it's just rebranded Google it works well.

This is rubbish I hate it this piece of uselessness. How can anybody understand it. I would rather drive around then waste my data on this piece of garbage

Need more work Final destination is KLCC. From KL Sentral to KLCC by Kelena jaya line which is 4 stops only, why take trouble by monorail from KL Sentral to Bukit Nana with 5 stops plus a distance walking to KLCC???????

Frustration The 1st time I try to use this app it won't let me type anything in the location and destination fields. I've tried clearing out and starting over, I've tapped the keyboard until my finger hurts. I've had it. Uninstalling now.

Will not work so I rate this gps as rubbish GPS wont work it tells me I'm in 5streets away when I'm in my own house so this GPS is not reliable

Intrusive ads. Sorry I found no use over Google's offering to put up with a full screen ad on start up and exit as well as an ad banner at the top of the screen. Maps are slow to load as well.

Just started using Noticed immediately that a major street is not labelled. Appears as continuation of a minor street across main road. Hope it isn'the the norm. I love the graphics and search menu.

Why does this app never work? Good app but no good at all when it doesn't work! That's what I find. Google, why will ur app not work more than 10% of the time?

Not intuitive at all Found the place I wanted it to navigate to but couldn't find the button to make it start going....threw it away

Map n Navigation assessment I’d give a near perfect 4.5 score for all aspects. Leaving some room for improvement. Keep up with this good work. Let us know for any future updates.

Absolutely useless!!!!! Don't waste your time!!! I GOT SO LOST, I MISSED AN URGENT APPOINTMENT!

Rate Difficult to use. Have to try several times to get proper info in.

Very slow I takes a lot of time to work.. it's bad

Just downloaded it The first shop I'm looking for, was misplaced on map although the address was right. Unreliable.

Got my home marked wrong on map I looked myself up and you have the wrong house marked for my address. My entire street is wrong.

Would like to be able to delete old addresses, after I make my deliveries. I usually never go back to that same address. No delete on this APP.

Still wrong address should be 13 kings court mungret st. Limerick not 29

Very bad map location n direction. This app will really cheat users.

Lenovo vibe k5 plus It blackened when i touch full screen

Brings up so many other appds not requested Now no unsubscribe on any encluding google maps I want to remore leave app HELP GO

Very useful This app is very useful. It give a detailed route first you to take. The directions are clear and concise. Would recommend it to everyone.

Hated previous version and this seems no better. Slow and no instructions.

It works perfectly well than the other maps I have downloaded',I love it

Weak Can't save favorites to make quick look up easy or find a place you want to go to at a different time

Because is very efficient help me to easy located any addrees show me how many minutes I driving thanks so much

Maps and navigation I am a valuation surveyor and these maps provide me with directlons to properties and distances.I enjoy them

Bad app It takes a lot of time to load

What a GPS app This is a great app. I use more than Google app. Nicely done

Map doesn't locate your exact location it shows your location within 200 - 300 mtrs range.

great maps I like that the bicycling map has the East Coast Greenway

Bad I cant open the street view

Its an excellent app who doesn't know about the places.... useful to use

I need driving directions and don't know how to use your app. So it sucks

Wrong starting point Keeps changing the starting address, and keeps changing the map back to the default version.

Great app. Usefull and quite accurate. Maybe can update the map more often.

Good day at anyway to get rid of advertising crap??

Ulefone future. Annoying ads. Wtf with those ads not recommend it at all its bad

Intresting Makes a journey easy to access. No more big paper maps for direction.

It is very important to me to know where I am going excellent app.